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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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i mean, it feels weird convincing a teenager to not follow their dream. - maybe think of it as convincing a teen mom not to drop out of school. especially for something impossible. - i mean, i do wish impossible things could happen sometimes, but this is the real world. [lights clunking off] - what is going on? [scorpions' "rock you like a hurricane" plays] - i think this might be the closing ceremony. ? ? - only in america. but also only in anywhere else in the world, really. ? ? - ? here i am ?
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- ? here i am ? ? rock you like a hurricane ? [dina laughing] - whoo! helicopter! - ? here i am ? ? rock you like a hurricane ? - hey, glenn! in your face! [laughs] - what? - suck it, glenn!
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next on news 4 new york. >> a little girl found dead in her home. >> so what happened? right now relatives believe the child's death was no accident. and find out when we could see storms this weekend. then a missing dog stranded in the bay.
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a 9-year-old girl found dead. tonight relatives the believe this was no accident. then rush hour wreck. a new jersey transit bus is crushed in a t-bone crash. the one question investigators are now trying to answer. and family pet rescue. a missing dog is spotted struggling to stay afloat in the middle of the bay. news 4 new york at 11:00 starts now. i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibila vargas. that girl was locked in the bathroom for door, they found the child unconscious. >> now police are trying to track down the one person who may know what happened. here's checkey beckford for us in richmond hill. >> reporter: police are not calling this a homicide at this point but family members believe that this little girl was killed, and they believe they know who did it. this area, 112th street is still shut down as investigators comb the house for clues in the death of this child.
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home where his daughter's body was found. the child's uncle and cousin identify the girl as ashdeep kohrer. her father and step mom shared the apartment with another family. that family called the child's father after she was locked inside a bathroom for several sees she already die inside. >> reporter: police say there were no signs of apparent trauma on the girl's body, and they're still investigating how she died. her death has not been ruled a homicide at this point but law enforcement sources tell news 4 they're searching for the girl's stepmother who was supposed to be at home with the girl at the time of her death. detectives want to question her as a person of interest. >> if it's true, why she left?
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said she didn't want to go home. she stayed with her cousin's family for three days up until last night. they feared something like this could happen. >> i know that she's going to do it because she always beat her up. i see her scratches on the arms, yeah. because when she hold her hard and she beat her, you know. >> reporter: he says the girl's father told him to bring her home. >> i bring her here last night, and this is what happened today. >> reporter: and again, we wan point. no one has been arrested or charged in this case. the medical examiner's office will determine the girl's cause of death. in richmond hill, queens, tonight, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. new tonight a murder confession. police are questioning a man who says he killed another man in the bronx. the dead man was found in a fifth floor apartment in morris heights today. police are trying to figure out how the man died. they're looking to the suspect's
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investigators probing a crash that mangled two commuter buses claiming lives and leaving passengers fighting for their lives. two died and 17 were injured when a new jersey transit bus got t-boned. ray villeda is live for us tonight. >> reporter: they're looking for surveillance video from businesses near this intersection. that driver was coming down raymond boulevard. it crashed into a new jersey transit bus making a turn right there. you can see the mangled metal left behind. now more than a dozen people injured, two dead. outside the home of joseph bart had, alis a crowd of family and friends. the 27 year veteran now dead after his bus crashed into a fellow new jersey transit bus early friday morning. smartphone video shows the chaos inside one of those buses. chopper 4 video shows the rapid response outside as paramedics rush to the scene to help the
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riders on one of the buses to hospitals all over the area. >> people screaming, crying, getting up off the bus. >> reporter: along with the driver another passenger was also killed. >> the second bus come just in the middle like this. so when i saw that, i don't know what happened. so i saw myself in the back. >> reporter: now they're working with police to figure out how this crash happened. was it a mechanical they say that he was driving bus 59 wb. witnesses claim he ran the red light slamming into a northbound bus. the impact so violent it lifted that bus off its wheels ending up on its side. >> there's many witnesses, much evidence to be looked at. so at this moment we will not speculate as to the cause. >> reporter: now the new york intersection back open, but an investigation far from being closed. >> whenever tragedy occurs such as this, it strikes at the heart
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safety. >> reporter: both drivers are worried -- as far as the victim still in the hospital their conditions range from good to critical. we're live in newark tonight. ray villedavilleda. >> children who got their hands on matches started this inferno. it injured more than 20 people includinom over their heads. two children ages 6 and 8 were playing with matches on the second floor when that fire started just after 6:00 last night on benz iger avenue in the st. george section. crews spent the day building a fence around three severely damaged homes. the red cross is aiding all the families and the two children are going to be sent to fire prevention class. there's a travel warning you need to know about.
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infected five people with zika. one of them a tourist from new york. it is involving a section of miami beach including much of popular south beach, but the cdc says it's possible homegrown zika could be in other neighborhoods in miami-dade just not detected yet. the tourism industry could take a huge hit. >> the key here is pregnant women. pregnant women are at the greatest risk because of the risk of micro cephaly and serious birth defects. >> they're urging those who visited this area of miami beach to avoid getting pregnant for eight weeks. apology accepted. those are the words from authorities in rio that could put the ryan lochte to rest. he broke his silence admitting he gave a misleading account of being held at gunpoint. he regrets not being more careful in describing what happened. but he still says a security
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this security footage verifies they vandalized a gas station. >> they could have avoided all this problem. what they need to do is tell the truth. >> gunnar bentz and jack conger arrived back in the u.s. this morning after being cleared to leave brazil. jimmy feigen had to pay nearly $11,000 in restitution before he was allowed to get on a plane. the ioc has set up a let ap get to the games. the athlete dubbed the fastest man in the world ended his olympic career with yet another gold. bruce beck is in rio to look at the amazing finish. >> what a legacy he leaves. i'm talking about usain bolt of jamaica who tonight completed his olympic career with another gold medal. that's nine for nine over three different olympic games. not bad for a guy who will be
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sunday about the final race for track's greatest sprinter of all time was the men's 100 meter relay. bolt did his part to make sure jamaica ruled the roost. it was the third consecutive gold medal for jamaica in this event. bolt ran the anchor leg and finished with authority and with a flair that makes him one of the great show men on the planet. >> i needed to win the olympics because sport is going through a back. that's what i did. in that process, i became one of the greatest. >> the united states has not won this race since 2000. what a coronation for bolt. nine gold medals in nine events, three at reach of the three olympics. records that may never be broken. the united states men's basketball team will be chasing
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krzyzewski's final of his career. clippers center deed on ray jordan. >> have fun playing the game. the highest stage of basketball. and to get a gold medal would be amazing. so let's go get one. >> in boxing shakur stevenson fights in the gold medal bout tomorrow. the 19-year-old newark native is oh so close to cpl life-long dream. you're one bout away from a gold medal. tell me what you're thinking right now? >> right now i'm kind of excited but i've been waiting to fight the cuban 2012 gold medal for a while and i'm hyped up. i can't wait. excited, competition. >> tomorrow the u.s. women's basketball team goes for the gold medal against spain. they've won 48 consecutive games and are gunning for a record six consecutive gold medal.
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news 4 new york. and here is a medal count in rio. team usa has more than 100 medals, 38 are gold. china has more medals but fewer gold. russia rounds out the top four with 48 in all. we are your home for all the olympic coverage go to and click on 4 to watch. coming up on news 4 new york, a string of crimes where police say two men have been zapping people with a stun gun, then robbing them. this dog has been reunited with his family after an amazing water rescue. coming up, we'll introduce you to chase, the dog that lives up to his name. and out the window. a suspect ejected from a patrol car in a rollover crash. you won't believe what happened
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police are asking for your help in locating two suspects wanted in stun gun robberies. this is one of the suspects in two rob ris and one attempted robbery in flushing. the latest o occurred on thursday at roosevelt avenue. the robbers stole cell phones and shake-up. chairman paul manafort resigned two days after trump essentially demoted him by bringing in a new management team. trump and manafort did not get along and trump wanted more aggressive leadership. they said that manafort did not want to be a distraction. he's been under scrutiny for his relationship with russia and ukraine. >> trump doesn't seem to listen to anybody. >> meanwhile, a federal judge ruled hillary clinton must
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that filed a lawsuit over her private e-mail server, but she does not have to do it in person or under oath. clinton has 30 days to answer written questions about why she used a private server. a family dog who went missing has quite the tale to tell. actually, the family does, too. the dog may not be talking about it. but that beloved pooch is now home safe after a harrowing ordeal in the bay. here's michael george from coney island. >> reporter: if it looks like happy to be back with his family, it's because he knows he almost didn't make it home. where do you think he went? >> well, she must have had a great adventure. >> reporter: chase's owners were worried sick about him. the 1-year-old dog snuck out of his family's backyard on coney island. they got past two gates to do it. >> he squeezed through the back
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>> reporter: where did chase go? no one knows. but he traveled several miles. a full 24 hours after he vanished someone spotted chase in the middle of graves end bay, a half mile away from land and struggling to stay afloat. >> he is usually way more playful. but i don't know how many hours he was on the water. >> reporter: the nypd scuba team went after chase. he was tired and scared, but they were able to grab him and bring him to safety. what would have >> he would have died. he would have drowned. >> reporter: officers found chase's owners on facebook and now he's back home and relieved to be with his family. francisco and miguel say they're grateful to the nypd scuba team members who put their own safety at risk to reunite an adventurous dog with their family. >> to me they're a hero. >> reporter: chase seems to be in great health but his
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make sure both gates are locked in the future. >> i don't think they're going to need those gates. i don't think chase will ever run away again, he's had enough. >> he looks like he's planning his next adventure. not quite sure. i have to think about it. a wild 24 hours. >> happy ending there. all right. so weather today not too bad. a couple of small showers here and there, but overall the thing you notice most probably was the increase in the humidity. that's going to be the case most of this weekend. but we here's a look at our view from the top of the rock camera. not bad. temperatures the 77 degrees in central park. temperatures will remain mild most of the night although some places are in the 60s. if you're one of them, you're lucky, monticello is one of them. in the 60s in morristown. the closer to the city you get the warmer they are.
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the rest of the country not doing too badly. memphis, houston, 80s, denver is 50 degrees. we're seeing the contrast over the central part of the country by the way of thunderstorms. that cool air colliding with the warm air in the middle producing strong to severe thunderstorms. that's the front that's coming our way on sunday evening. and they produce some strong storms here as well. in the meantime, the weather is going to be typical we may see isolated storms pop up just away from shore as the sea breeze kicks in and that warm air rises. watch out in places like the hudson valley, the city, parts of new jersey tomorrow. one or two big storms can pop up. but we're going to be tracking even stronger storms coming up on sunday. here's a look at future tracker on sunday at around 6:00 a.m. we'll have a few spotty showers here and there.
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then we see that line move in 2:00, 3:00. by 6:00, starting to cross the delaware into the new jersey area north and west. some of the storms could be strong to severe. after that we've got some really refreshing air coming in for us on monday and for about four or five days a nice stretch of temperatures in the low to mid-80s during the day and 50s and 60s at night, that will last for about three or four days. the latest on tropical storm fiona is it's still sitting out in the ocean in the atlantic far from land. as a matter of fact, the hurricane center is expecting it to weaken. we'll keep tracking it for you because what is left may come close to bermuda. mid-80s over the weekend but humid, so we'll feel it. there's the ten-day forecast. then a chance for a couple of storms tomorrow and even more storms coming up sunday afternoon and evening. if you're going to the shore, keep an eye out. but we look forward to monday,
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>> you don't have the week off? >> next week? i wish. how about you? >> well, maybe. we'll be right back. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team call 866-news-244
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we have some dramatic video of a car accident involving a police officer and a suspect picked up for public intoxication. >> he was taken into custody in arkansas and put in the back seat of squad car. he manages to get his handcuffs off and uses them to pound on the security glass. he tried kicking the glass. finally he pulls a lighter out of his pocket. >> wow, that police car crashes hurling the suspect through the back window. the suspect, seemingly unhurt, ran from the scene trying to escape but was caught. the officer driving the car had to be cut out of the seat. his condition is not known. the suspect being held on charges including intoxication and escape, it is not known what
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>> it's extraordinary. almost unscathed going through the window like that.
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controversy. not the starter. that's ryan fitzpatrick's gig. fitz played three uneventful series in preseason game number two then gave away to gino who gave the ball right to washington in the second quarter. throwing into triple coverage. the head coach says gino's the clear number two qb. might not be so clear after tonight. 47 yards and the pick. petty was sharp throwing a of touchdowns including this beauty in the fourth. a 42 yard strike to robbie anderson. petty finished 15 for 24, 232 yard. those two touchdown and no turnovers. there has to be room on the roster with those kind of number. not sure if they carry four quarterbacks. washington wins 22-18. the nfl finally explained why josh brown was only suspended for one game. a lack of evidence.
11:32 pm
after his arrest for domestic violence but brown's now ex-wife wouldn't cooperate with the league and neither would local law enforcement. so it's a one-game ban from the nfl that two years ago boasted new tougher guidelines for domestic violence. the giants will visit the bills in their second preseason game tomorrow. the mets scratch starter steven mats tonight. he had shoulder discomfort. but they easily activated curtis granderson wasting little time getting the mets on the board in the second. his 20th home run. a solo shot. and they can fight over it in the kayaks in mccovey cove there. jostenning with the oars to get that one. >> 4 1/2 games back of st. louis are the mets. the cardinals won tonight. the yankees opening up a trip in anaheim.
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his fifth homer of the year. he would add an rbi sing until the third. that scored a homer and brian mccann homers as well. to hockey, the rangers landed the top college hockey player in the country. hobey baker winner jimmy vesey. interesting to see how that pans out. in rio the u.s. men's basketball team will play for gold on sunday while the u.s. men's relay team was disqualifi. usain bolt took jamaica to gold. they defended their gold. nearly dqed on thursday, they got a rerun. they qualified fastest, on the final leg tori bowie held off a charging shelly-ann fraser-pryce. allyson felix, her fifth gold, most of any u.s. female track star in history.
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you appreciate greatness. he was amazing tonight. >> we'll be right back. i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest.
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