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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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one? >> he flew by me like he was driving on the highway. >> reporter: just after 6:00 a.m., the number 59 bus t-boned the number 13 as it ran northbound on broad street with 17 passengers on board. they all went to the hospital with a variety of injuries. the driver later released. one passenger later died. >> there are many witnesses, much evidence to be looked at, so at this moment we'll not speculate as to the cause >> reporter: the impact sent bus into the air. it landed on its side. this cell phone taken by a passenger shows the chaos and confusion inside. >> people were screaming, crying, getting up off the bus. >> reporter: new jersey transit officials say both drivers have clean records. >> it strikes at the heart of our top priority, which is safety. >> reporter: it shattered the post-dawn quiet of this busy new
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personal belongings strewn across broad street as just another morning commute ended so tragically. >> i was like oh, my god, all these people. yes, it was terrifying. >> reporter: tonight begins a weekend of peace here in newark. the mayor of new jersey's largest city says they all just want to get to the bottom of this to bring closure to the families who lost their lives and the people who were injured in tha residents the bus system is a safe one. life imitated art at the manhattan district attorney's office today. that is where a producer was indicted. he is accused of stealing $165,000 from investors who thought they were buying into a broadway show. turns out the show was fake. michael george is on broadway with the story that sounds a
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sounds like the next broadway heat. it's playing here at the booth theater. there is just one problem with all this. according to prosecutors, none of it was real. the prosecutor is accused of swindling seven investigators out of $160,000. he used that money to buy stocks, pay rent, and pay off his credit card. the play was supposed to be about the singer, kathleen battle. he bought the life rights to kathleen battle's story, he reserved the booth theater, and he signed a deal with netflix to broadcast the play. all lies. >> i would be absolutely down to see it if it was existing. >> i can't believe that. i can't believe they could carry on -- this guy carried on a lie
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the man's defense attorney. he said, quote, mr. scahill has pled not guilty. we're live outside the booth theater. news 4 new york. the nypd is looking for the man who punched a teen and stole his iphone in queens. the surveillance video shows the suspect in the area of astoria boulevard and 44th street last month. police say the man walked up to the 14-year-old victim, punched him in the hand over the phone and $7 cash. 25 years ago today one of new york city's uglier moments erupted in crown heights brooklyn. riots, black residents and orthodox jews turning against each other. andrew siff shows us how much has changed. >> reporter: an african-american crossing guard helping orthodox jews cross the street.
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added meaning. on the same corner where black teens stabbed a jewish teen 25 years ago today. still painful for his brother. >> sense of helplessness, a sense of loss, real loss. >> reporter: for relatives of gavin cato, the 7-year-old crushed by a hasidic driver just before the stabbing. those what some saw new york's low point in the crime-riddled summer of 91. cato's dad told me the healing took time. >> as a father, i wanted to see things better. >> reporter: to get a better understanding of how 25 years has impacted crown heights, we got the perspective of two mayors. the man who is in office now and the man he worked for back then. >> the community does much, much
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years ago. >> reporter: denkins faced criticism police were too passive, but the former mayor insists he ordered the nypd to toughen tactics, something news 4 captured in the wake of the 1991 riots. >> 2,000 cops concentrated in crown heights, prepared once again to use their massive numbers. >> it was so unfair for me to be accused of holding back the police and permitting blacks to attack the jewish community and the state of israel. >> the crown heights community over a quarter century has achieved a miracle. >> reporter: back at the intersection, neighbors say what's truly changed is communication. >> we get together and thank god we have dealt with things very, very different than we dealt with 25 years ago. >> black and white come together as one. >> reporter: a unified message
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still to come here -- >> everybody is worried about the zika virus, but it's the west nile virus that mosquitos are spreading quickly across our area. we'll show you where. plus, why bus drivers and airplane pilots could be on potentially dangerous drugs no one is testing for. it's an i-team exclusive. it's not a washout weekend, but it could be a little stormy from time to time, especially sunday evening, sunday night. we'll track it for you coming up
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there has been a lot of focus on the zika virus, but it is the west nile virus that has doctors in connecticut concerned.
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virus. so far no humans have reported any associated illnesses. last year ten connecticut residents developed symptoms associated with the virus. right now it is peak season for mosquitos. residents are advised to take extra precaution. a long island pet owner is facing charges tonight, accused of leading two dogs trapped on a blazing hot balcony. hempstead police her dogs on the roof on monday. one dog died from the heat. another was taken to the shelter for treatment. already they are charming all the visitors and making them laugh. looks like they were playing even hide and seek. the pups were born in june. they haven't been named yet. sea lions are known for their playful manner and their intelligence. coming up, the 19-year-old
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also ahead -- >> school bus drivers, pilots, you put your life in their hands. why are federal drug tests not screening for many popular drugs?
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold.
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just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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lester holt joins us live from rio with a look at what's ahead. >> a new zika infection zone in miamiro women. we'll have late details on that. does ryan lochte's apology for his false robbery story close the case? we'll tell you where the four american swimmers now all stand. an update on the critical wildfire situation that we're seeing unfold in los angeles. >> thank you. natalie? to tonight's i-team exclusive. the i-team has discovered that
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department of transportation do not check for a range of dangerous drugs. the i-team's pei-sze cheng joins us now with the details. >> the cdc says prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic levels in our country. yet the most popular and widely accepted drug tests doesn't screen for prescription drugs, letting possible abusers fall through the cracks and allow them to get behind the wheel of a bus, a tractor-trailer, or the controls >> any family that suffers the loss of a child does not necessarily go on to be normal. >> reporter: the death of 11-year-old isobel was imcomprehensible for so many reasons. she was killed in a school bus crash. a crash that her triplet sisters survived.
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>> the front of the truck struck the left side of the school bus. >> reporter: piecing together the accident was the job of the ntsb. the bus driver had only been on the job for 13 days. while the initial blood test after the crash showed no trace of major drugs of abuse, they found something else. the report blamed the bus driver's reduced vigilance due effects of prescription medicines. while the bus driver did pass a drug test when he got hired, his use of sedatives was never flagged. he was given the five-panel drug test, which is what the federal department of transportation requires. >> the industry standards need to change. it's not just what the federal government requires. >> reporter: the five-panel test that is accepted as an industry standard only detects the five
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drugs and fails to screen for the most popular abused prescription drugs. >> vicodin. >> reporter: he says most federal agencies or any safety sensitive job will only require the five-panel test. >> motor carriers, truck drivers, airline pilots, coast guard officers, railroad engineers. >> reporter: greer says a 10 or 12-panel drug test would screen for far more drugs, but many private drugs rely on the less comprehensive test. >> there is an assumption among the regulated industry the five-panel is good enough for the federal government, so it ought to in fact cover everything we need to know. >> it is very scary because you are eliminating testing for drugs that a lot of people are
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she was just 14 years old. now she's devoted her life to working with m.a.d.d. and advocating for stricter drunk driving laws. >> are these people driving under the influence of something? they are taing your life in their hands. >> reporter: experts believe it may take up to two years to take the president of the drug testing company we interviewed said for the most part it is private employers who will order the more comprehensive tests. federal agencies mostly go for the five panel and in some cases if they ask for more testing, they might face fines from the dot. looking outside here, tracking your weekend forecast.
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thunderstorms possible on sunday evening, sunday night. we'll be tracking those, show you where they're coming from coming up. outside it's been a relatively quiet day. we can see a dark sky. there are a couple of small showers today. nothing big today, just the heat starting to build again. temperatures rose to the upper 80s to near 90. right now it is 85 in the city. the high today was 88 intr 90 in newark. 86 in bridgeport. humidity is up a bit. you probably felt that if you spent any time outdoors today. 87 in hope well junction. kingston, you're at 83. same in white plains and bridgeport and farmingdale. 83 in long branch. you have that wind coming in off the atlantic and the sound. inland areas have more of a
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so it is pretty hot in parts of new jersey. relative humidity is comfortable in spots. between 45% and 50% north and west. right along the coast it is in the 60% to 70% range. a few spots it feels like it is around 90, like trenton, long branch, and morristown. we had a couple of small showers here and there that popped up in parts of connecticut, long island, interior new jersey. no severe weather today. the bigger storms are there's a pretty powerful cold front back here swinging through the plains with some big storms. that's what's coming our way at sunday's end. not going to see it during the day, but mainly during the afternoon and evening. a stray shower up until about 7:00. most areas will stay dry. then it is dry for the rest of the evening with temperatures in the 70s. if you're going to the shore tomorrow, there is a low risk of rip currents. be careful at the shore as
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just keep an eye out. it is not going to rain all day long and spoil all of your plans. just keep an eye. most of the morning on saturday pretty dry. there will be a couple of showers near the shore here and there. things start to build inland around 3:00. the shore area should be clear by then. we go into sunday and we'll start to see a few isolated showers around 8:00 in the morning, but it is mainly in the evening when we see the bigger storms coming through starting around 6:00, ten-day forecast. it's 85 for the highs, but those 80s will feel like 90 with the humidity this weekend. the break for us comes on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the overnight lows 50s and 60s. those will feel really great. we'll keep you posted on sunday. as the competition winds down at the rio olympics, it is clear the usa is going to be the
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topping 100 now. >> a young boxer from newark is just fantastic. bruce beck has more from rio. hey, bruce? >> reporter: natalie and chuck, mohammed is bringing gold back to queens. the jamaican new york native captured the women's 400 meters last night in dominant moments ago. what was it like last night when you crossed the finish line? >> the first thing was definitely relief, relief that it was over. it didn't hit me until a couple seconds later that i actually won the gold medal. >> reporter: did you feel from the time you got here that things were just falling into place? >> no, i didn't. i felt okay through my first two
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pressure that go into it. >> reporter: do you think this is going to change your life? >> i think so. i think it is the beginning for me. i think i can run so much faster than i did. >> reporter: speaking of gold, the u.s. men's basketball team will be chasing it on sunday. today they dispatched spain in the semifinals, 82-76, thanks to points, 16 rebounds, and 4 blocks. carmelo anthony is one win away medal. in boxing, shakur stevenson fights in the gold medal bout tomorrow. the 19-year-old newark native is oh, so close to completing a lifelong dream. how do you approach this bout against a very good opponent? >> i approach this bout like any other bout. i'm going to be happy. i ain't come here for no bronze. i ain't come here for no silver.
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great fight. >> reporter: stevenson is looking for the first u.s. men's gold in boxing since 2004. andre ward is his idol and friend. floyd mayweather is trying to sign him to a promotional contract as a pro right now. this teenager is keeping pretty good company. live in rio, i'm bruce beck. news 4 new york. what a name for a shakur stevenson? >> "the olympic zone" airs tonight at 7:30. >> we'll be right back with john
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician
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after flirting with a no-hitter on sunday, mats is dealing with another injury. he's not too worried about this. >> it is definit i'm definitely not happy about it. i was feeling good. i felt like i got myself into a good routine. this may set me back a little bit routine-wise, but hopefully just skipping the start and i'll be back to where i was. >> last night the mets blew a 4-0 lead to the giants with degrom on the hill.
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for the second wild card spot. cespedes and cabrera expected back from the dl tonight. yankees are also out west opening up a six-game road trip in anaheim tonight. the nfl finally explained why josh brown was only suspended one game for an incident involving domestic violence. the league spent ten months after his arrest in 2015. his wife wouldn't cooperate and neither would local law enforcement. it is a one-game suspension from the league who two years ago boasted tougher guidelines for domestic violence. in rio, u.s. men's basketball headed to sunday's
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of medal contention. no gold repeat for the stunned burroughs who fought back tears. he is coming back to jersey empty handed. it is back-to-bk the women's water polo team. their head coach calls them a group that just hates to lose, even if it is playing dominos back at their apartments. congratulations to them. >> we learn something every day. they play dominos in their off time. the new travel alert over
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pregnant women are being advised to stay away. that's ahead on ""nightly news." >> don't forget "olympic zone" is at 7:30. have a great night. developing news tonight. zika strikes miami beach. a new alert from the cdc, from one of the busiest tourist areas in the southeast. and lochte says behavior as his robbed in rio story falls apart. but what his fellow swimmers reveal to the police. and paul manafort resigns amid a wave of campaign headaches and questions about ties to russia. tonight the inside story on how it all went down. nothing left, families wiped out by ragesing fires and floods, as first responders race to


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