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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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scandal. new video and new information in the investigation into a robbery in rio that police now say never happened. breaking news -- a man stabbed in riverside park while racing to help out some strangers. how this all unfolded. ground. this is storm ranger 4, a doppler radar on wheels now on the road giving you a closer look at weather across the tri-state. news 4 new york at 5:00 starts right now. we have to start with a scandal developing by the hour all day. good evening, i'm sibila vargas. >> i'm david ushery. it's all made up. that's what police in brazil are saying about the claims of brian lochte and u.s. swimmers they are mugged.
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confrontation with guards at a gas station. shedding some light on perhaps what really happened here. >> we have team coverage of the investigation and the legal side of all this. we start with bruce beck in rio de janeiro. >> reporter: ryan lochte and three other u.s. swimmers were not robbed in rio. that's the statement today by brazilian police. and now they've got new claims to back things up, video. tonight, crystal-clear surveillance video from a brazilian gas station is clearing up the confusion around an incident involving gold medal swimmer ryan lochte and three teammates. 6:00 a.m. sunday morning, lochte along with fellow swimmers stopped at the station in baja, a suburb of rio. the athletes were drunk. police say they vandalized parts of the station, breaking a
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leave the scene in a cab. two armed security guards confronted the swimmers. the gas station manager came over. after a discussion, the swimmers paid him money for the damage. they left before police arrived. the video sinks lochte's claim of a random robbery. >> a guy pulled out a gun, cocked it and put it to my forehead. >> reporter: the chief of civil police h today and said one of the swimmers confirmed the new version of events, no robbery as lochte claimed. perhaps why the athletes appeared loose in the security footage obtained by the daily mail online showing them arriving back at the athletes' village after the incident. lochte is in the u.s. while the other three swimmers are in brazil cooperating with authorities.
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statement. brazilian authorities are not letting up. the police chief has demanded the u.s. athletes apologize for tarnishing the reputation of rio. although none of the athletes have been charged with a crime, it is clear this is a public relations nightmare for the usoc. bruce beck, news 4 new york. back to you. >> absolutely. everyone's talking about it. could the swimmers be punished and could ryan lochte be forced those are some questions roseanne colletti is getting answers to as she diction into the legal side of this scandal. >> reporter: so many holes have been punched in the swimmers' story it's taking on water fast. authorities did not rule out the possibility of criminal charges. a media frenzy amid unfolding international drama. three american olympics swimmers
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gunner bentz and jack connor yanked from their rio home. so far as witnesses, but for how long? we asked an attorney at fordham law school. >> the likelihood is they won't just hold them as a witness. if they hold them, it will be because they are bringing some charges against them. >> reporter: new video shows ryan lochte's original story doesn't hold water. what sorts of charges could any or all o potentially face? >> they could bring charges relating to lying to officials. they could bring charges potentially now it sounds like they could bring charges relating to destruction of property, maybe they said there was a fight, maybe assault charges. they could et poengsly be facing a couple of years in jail. >> reporter: lochte is the only one of the four back in the u.s. leaving brazil before the judge's order. the u.s. does have an extradition treaty with brazil, though it's unlikely the swimmer
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country should charges be filed. >> very unlikely he'll go back. incredibly unlikely the u.s. would extradite him for something like that. >> reporter: international visitors are subject to the laws of the sovereign country, but detentions, especially lengthy ones, can become diplomatically thorny. >> is it j athletes from a plane? >> translator: there was a court order. court orders have to be followed. >> reporter: court orders have to be followed. here is why lochte may have trouble with travel. he could be arrested if he goes
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stay tuned. back to you. >> thanks so much. "nightly news" is on top of every development. a minute by minute account of what's known about the swimmers' action that night. live reports starting at 6:30. we are following breaking news on the upper west side. a man stabbed in riverside park in broad daylight. the nypd says he was just trying to do a good deed. news 4 checkey bedford is at the scene with breaking de often blamed for not stepping in, but police say today when a 46-year-old man tried to do that, he ended up being slashed in the arm. the incident ended here at riverside park. earlier police units were inside the park doing their investigation. trying to locate the suspect. police say it started at 79th and broadway. there were two men involved in some sort of altercation. the good samaritan was walking
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the good sam tried to step in. that's when they say the other man slashed that good samaritan in the arm. the good sam refused medical attention. it was only a minor cut on his arm. we talked with people here who saw the ambulance and the police activity and said this might make them think twice about helping out. >> saw an ambulance and two police cars and a big crowd. i was on the bus so down. it's nice people step up, but then when something happens to them, they question whether they should, you know? >> reporter: the victim was talking to investigators at the 20th precinct. police are still looking for the suspect. this victim only had a minor slash on his arm. checkey beckford, news 4 new york.
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presidential nominees focused on law enforcement today. democrat hillary clinton was here in the city. she meet with police commissioner bill bratton. speaking about recent violence, clinton said the entire nation needs to work to repair the strained relations between the police and communities they serve. >> we need to work together to bridge our divides, not stoke even more devine >> reporter: clinton said everybody is safer when there is respect for the law and everyone is respected by the law. late this afternoon, republican donald trump told members of a fraternal order of police lodge in north carolina, he's on their side 1,000%. he predicted police around the country could vote for him unanimously in november. they also got in target practice at a gun range. we are learning tonight the u.s. withheld the cash payment to iran until the american prisoners were freed. this according to the state
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on the failed arms deal and prisoners were separate, but the u.s. waited to deliver the $400 million payment until the freed americans left iran. both events happened on the same day in january. we have a new force on the storm team 4 team. it's storm ranger 4. >> a doppler radar on wheels, giving us unprecedented access to any storm. let's get more from storm team meteorologist janice huff. >> we can drive it into bad weather to show you what's happening and where it's going, producing realtime life-saving information. no one else in the broadcast business has what we are about to show you. take a look. storm ranger 4 takes tracking fast-moving storms to a whole new level. its red radar sweep shows how it goes inside the storm, where no one else can get.
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wherever we take it. protecting you when it really matters. >> it was pitch black and i saw the rain was just going -- you couldn't tell which way the what is going. >> got real dark and the wind came down like it was a spaceship literally landing on the block. it started shaking. >> raining very heavily. i never majd this. >> reporter: the tri-state area is a storm magnet. tornados, blizzards, hurricanes, thunderstorms, you name it, we get it all. now storm team 4 will see it all better. driving to your neighborhood to protect your family. >> into the heart of the storm faster and with greater detail. a closer look from closer to the ground so we can warn people sooner. >> reporter: take it from one of the world-renowned experts who designed the technology. talk about severe weather and how it plays a role in that if there are storms out there. >> one of the biggest advantages of the mobile aspect is being able to take to it a severe
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thunderstorm. because again right now, you're reliant on the weather service and data and information they provide. >> reporter: with storm ranger 4 -- >> much more accurate data and more timely data. >> here is a look at our radar at work. look to your left. that's it detecting a tornado. see the hook? a signature for a supercell. on the right, that's what the other radars out there were picking up, no hook no clear sign of the tornado danger. that extra expert eye in the sky i spent time with the truck and the technology. this isn't just another storm-chaing vehicle. see how much more it is at 5:30. the truck is at jacob reese park. david price will take us inside the dome and weather command center revealing how it's a new level of storm protection.
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fatalities classified by medical companies as injuries. the fda says it's fine. a joint voges by the i-team and cnbc uncover at 5:30. $150 million going to some of your neighborhood parks. i'll show you how that money will be used and where. >> where is my driver? why some uber customers may be asking that soon.
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anguished family is telling the killer of a jogger in howard beach. >> this as pe new area for clues. >> reporter: you see that traffic right there? that's the belt parkway. police have been focusing their search to the east. now they're looking here to the west. this as katrina vetrano's parents made bold statements today. >> there are a few suspects that are interesting to the police. >> reporter: her mother and father believe police are close to catching her killer.
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a matter of days before this could come to an end. >> reporter: detectives are going through several leads and shifting their search for clues. police believe they have everything they are going to get from the belt to cross bay boulevard. detectives are now looking for surveillance video in the area of fountain avenue and irskin street to see if the killer crossed the belt and took this bike path into the park. >> my little baby brutalized. just imagine that that was your loved one. >> reporter: the family made an impassioned plea to the parents and family of the killer. >> we need for them to come forward. >> grandma, mommy, daughter, you have to do this. >> reporter: karina's more has this message, turn yourself in. >> you might want to run.
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get your [ bleep ] back. >> reporter: i asked the father what will it mean to know his daughter's killer is under arrest? he told me that would mean his hell on earth would begin, in howard beach, mark santia, news 4 new york. a load of laundry turned dangerous in new jersey. a dryer exploded at a home in clark. it blew out windows and burned the homeowner on the arm. he's okay. it's not clear what caused the explosion. the home is being checked to see if there could new at 5:00, a big chunk of change being used to spruce up new york city parks. >> $150 million, to be exact. that money being divied up between all five boroughs.
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delapidated. >> reporter: st. mary's park in the bronx. >> it needs to be clean and they should have security also in the park. >> the green areas should be kept better. more like track for running and more friendly for the youth people of the area. >> reporter: they deserve this investment. the city is responding to the calls for help. mayor bill de blasio announcing da renovating five parks, high bridge in washington heights, st. mary's in the bronx, betsy head in brooklyn, fresh kills on staten island and astoria park in queens. each was selected based on high surrounding population, potential for park development and historical underinvestment. >> we took the question of equality and how do we address it. this became one of the most glaring examples of how resources actually didn't flow
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>> reporter: renovations will include new soccer fields, hiking trails, running tracks and comfort stations. >> great. that will really make a big difference for the community. this community and the youth people for this community need this type of setting. >> reporter: starting in the fall, the parks department will hold regular meeting to see what renovations you want to see the most. the mayor expects all renovations to be complete by 2020. we've been exciting time here at news 4. a few minutes ago we introduced you to storm ranger 4, our new mobile radar. the mobile park is a big deal. up until now we've been relying on radar stuck in one location, usually up on a tower gathering information in the atmosphere, but storm ranger 4's radar beams close to the ground where severe weather happens. giving us access to storms we never had before and giving you a closer look at it all. storm team meteorologist janice huff and the team so
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this could be a life saver, right? >> absolutely we san see much closer information close up on the storms, lower on the ground, that they be key to saving lives, warning people about what's headed your way like damaging winds possibly. the storm ranger right now is located at jacob riis park in queens. whenever we show it on a map, this is what the radar sweep will look like. it will be a red beam that sweeps outwards, 75 miles around the tri-state right now there isn't anything within 75 miles in terms of storms to show you. here is a look at the conventional stand-alone radars that are sitting on those stationary towers. it's a wide beam that scans around the area. we used several of those from the national weather service. there are storms outside our 75-mile range in the catskills and poconos. storm ranger will be able to, if
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more information as it gets closer to us. here is another look at showers way north and west near rockland and thompson back into the poconos right now. some isolated downpours and pop-up thunderstorms. hit or miss shower or storm will stay in that area the rest of this evening. those will dissipate as the sun goes down. it turns hot and muggy over these next several days. a great beach weekend. not a washout even though storms are coming sunday comfortable. low to mid 80s across the industry state. right now we are at 85 in valley stream. i've got sunshine mixed with clouds. 86 in rockaway and 83 in the city. 79 in monticello. 81 in long branch. we'll track what's left of the showers. by 11:00 they are all gone. tomorrow not expecting much in the way of rain.
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the day. a stray shower or storm mainly norse and west. temperatures stay in the 70s in the city. with that humidity showing up now, it will be a little stifling over the next couple of days. saturday a slight chance of shower or storm late in the day. more so sunday night. that's when we are expecting the heavier rain showers. keep an eye in the sky. mid to upper 80s for the highs. muggy conditions but much better weather next week. coming up, d inside and with storm ranger 4 to show you a close-up look. still ahead, uber is ready to roll out self-driving cars. online classes can ease the financial burden of physically going to college. what happens if you pay for a course and can't access it? better get baquero with what you need to know. medical device dangers. >> why did she have to die from
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>> is the fda getting misleading
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? ? ? you live life your way. o. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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uber is getting ready to test its first cars without drivers. several self-driving cars will begin picking up passengers in pittsburgh over the next few weeks. the cars will have human backup drivers just in case. riders can car and these first rides will be free to those willing to try it. special surprise to a boy from the bronx who lived through a horrifying crime. thanks to police officers, he's going to disney world. officers started a fund-raising effort earlier this year for tyrone. he lost both parents last year in a murder/suicide.
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>> they're great. they're awesome. thank you. i love you. thank you for all the stuff that you give to me. i'm so proud of you guys. i love you all. >> well said. he's wearing that officer's cap with style and flair. the precinct raised $5,000 that will be put towards a college fund for tyrone. consumer alert for parents. youth football helmet that may put your kids at risk for head injuries. whether the fda is getting misleading information about medical devices that are supposed to save lives. a shortage of air traffic controllers. >> current staffing levels are at a crisis level.
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right now on news 4 new york, an i-team exclusive. when is a death not a death? it's a surprising question with surprising answer a joi cnbc found medical companies classifying thousands of patient fatalities and injuries. >> the food and drug administration says that is perfectly okay. the companies are referring to death by another name but critics say it could mask real health problems. chris glorioso has the i-team exclusive. >> we're still in shock. it's a never-ending nightmare.


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