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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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take the umbrella with you. in the middle of the day, probably a break in the action late morning to about noon. 80 at noontime. 85 the expected high, but we could see the return of a few scattered showers and storms by the end of the day. lauren scala with look at your morning commute. >> good morning. not too many problems. have an accident on the bqe. two lanes remain closed two. lanes go back past the long island expressway. this is the spot to avoid. the grand after the bqe. so there's a little bit of a delay due to construction. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you very much. this morning questions and controversy surround four swim members who say they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. for now two athletes are stuck in brazil until the police get somances. kerry barren in the newsroom.
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>> yes, ryan lochte and jamie fagan left yesterday. but the two teammates, gunner benz and jack congan were pull off the plane and ordered to stay. lochte didn't want to say exactly where he was in the united states but he did say he and his attorney will cooperate and they will answer any questions and they have questions about what happened teammates were rob at gunpoint. they say lochte and fagan gave contradictory account os whatever happened saying they left at 4:00 in the morning but security video apparently showing them leaving at a different time. lochte also alenl lid told police there was one robber. fagan said there were more. but when speaking with matt lauer about his victim statement, lochte said he was surprised by the process in
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friendly, it was vague, they didn't ask him a lot of questions. they asked him what the gun looked like and what was taken from him. he said he had a home burglary back in the states a while ago and he compared the questioning by police after that home burglary with what he went through here in rio. he said back in the states it was much more thorough, much more intense, and he seemed somewhat surprised by how few questions they asked him here. >> as for the other passports were confiscated when they were pulled off the plane. temporarily confiscated. have them back. they will not be allowed to leave brazil until they testify. they will cooperate. they were seen leaving the airport police station early this morning. they didn't answer any questions. ail of them said nobody told them they needed to stick around when they first gave their victim statements. michael. >> kerry, the two of them are there. they're sort of in limbo.
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>> they can't leave. they have to testify. again, they did get their passports back. they were temporarily confiscated. they've agreed to stick around and their lawyers are going to be with them. 5:03. at the olympics, joe malloy will be competing. in basketball it's the women taking on france. yesterday the men that. i were down early against argentina. it didn't stay that w long. kevin durant, 27 points. they ended up blowing argentina out of the game, 105-78. tomorrow they'll take on another nation spain. three americans ran in the women's 100-meter. brianna rollins took gold, nia
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kristi castlin won the bronze. in both qualifying heats the race came down to him and andre degrasse from canada. they're smiling as they cross the finish line. shaun merritt was to come peat for the u.s. it continues to dominate the medal race, china in second followed by a great britain and russia. >> be sure to check out usain bolt's high light for another. i like the exchange of looks. >> we've got it. 5:04.
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chris, we got this. >> that's the look you and i give when we're going down the hallway. we look at each other. we've got showers out there this morning. into connecticut early on it's cool to 68. fairfield also at 68. in town it's cool. down to 73. a 5-degree drop from where we started. low 70s in most of new jersey. those are the coolest numbers there's our live radar. you see the showers continue to sleed east to the southwest section of fairfield county. all of this moving through the island and portions of connecticut in the next hour or so. take along the umbrella today. you may need it early and again you may need it later in the day. but between noon and a mix of is up and clouds and the scattered storms and clouds return. some changes in the 10-day forecast. let's see if there are any
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what's going on, lauren. >> let's talk about the detours. b6 and others. fast track maintenance wrapped up. alternate side-of-the-street parking rules are in effect. 5:06. new this morning we learned a shooting in the bronx has taken the life of a tge now the gunman responsible is still on the loose. today tracy stray haan is in the clairemont sec of what happens. tracie. >> reporter: they're still not letting anyone down college avenue where two men were shot. one of them, the 17-year-old boy, didn't survive. all of this happened just before 9:30 last night at east 170th street and college avenue. it was a 911 call that brought
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that's where they discovered 17-year-old donte gordon with a gunshot wound to the chest. a 21-year-old man was wounded in the stomach. he's in critical but stable condition. he should survive. 17-year-old donte gordon succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. not a lot of details so far. police told me on the phone they're still area in search of a gunman. back to you. a long island man now faces murder charges after police say he killed his mother at their suffolk county home. police arrested 23-year-old dennis cull len yesterday evening. police say he intentionally drowned his mother inside her own pool. they went to that home after receiving an earlier request for a welfare check. >> the evidence suggested that
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the call indicated. while we were processing the scene, the suspect returned to the home and we placed him under arrest. >> now, police say dennis cullen does not have a criminal history. the man accused of using a police officer's gun to fatally shoot a deli worker in the bronx is in court today. they were removing him last week when he allegedly grabbed a gun from one officer's holster. of them hitting wally camera. he had come over to the deli to warn people there he had just thrown guzman out of his store. police are looking for a would-be thief. we're told the man tried to steal a gold chain from an off-duty police officer. they struggled and then the officer fired a shot at the man. he did run away. it happened on quinton avenue.
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>> it was close by. it was pretty loud. >> every couple of weeks we hear a bullet, but it never been this close in the block, so i was like, wow. >> right now police are asking hospital workers to keep an eye out for anybody who comes in with a gunshot wound. happening today mayor de blasio is expected to dish out plans. "the wall street journal" says include running tracks. these are the parks involved. high bridge park in washington heights and astoria park in queens. topping this story, the money report. at&t are boosting their prices. the wireless phone company promises you're going to get more data in return. at&t will no longer charge you fees for going over your data limit. instead your internet service
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higher speed. black friday still 98 days away but best buy is having a mega deal. it includes a $1 iphone 6 s and includss beats headphones. still ahead, new staff, new start. we've g d reset his campaign live from washington next. and then why some experts believe your height may play a role when you cast your ballot in november. plus, "weather and traffic on the 4s" is coming up.
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with 8 grams of protein, and 8 other nutrients. 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk. moms know kids grow strong when they milk life. four things to know this thursday morning. three swimmers who were ryan lochte the night they were allegedly robbed are expected to
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today. true the athletes were taken off a plane to be questioned. a third still in brazil. ryan lochte, he's already back in the united states. police say a teen was killed and another man shot during a double shooting in the bronx late last night. so far they don't have a suspect in custody. nearly 6,000 student football helmets are being recalled because they could crack and cause some serious head injuries. the recalls include three different kinds from the zenith company and we have on our website today newark boxer fights his way while delilah competes in the women's 400 hurdle. time for weather and traffic. a little damp with showers pushing on through. you can see we're a little above forecasts. 85. the normal high, 83.
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date. sun comes up at 6:09. sets is at 7:49. we're losing daylight. that's this time of the year. down to 71 in mutton town, 73 in massapequa. low 70s in jersey. we're seeing some mid-60s in the catskills to poconos. there are the showers moving on through. there's still a few more sitting back new jersey into places like somerset county. again, we may run into a few more showers, generally light. no thunder or lightning to speak of. then you'll see there's a break in the action. there's another line showing up in the north and west. there's another line that may show up in the afternoon and evening causing a return. so a come of rounds. one early in between. i think we're basically dry. a muggy with a high temperature of 85.
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clouds around. your low temperature in the mid-70s. tomorrow, more sunshine. could be a shower or thunderstorm popping up, mid to late afternoon. 87 the expected high for tomorrow as we move forward in time. we're into the upper 80s over the weekend. more humidity climbing each and every day. i think a better chance later on sunday and sunday afternoon into sunday night, but look at what happens after that. a string of really nice days. see it on the ten-day. we drop the homtd. by the time we get to nd sprinkle. look at the low temperatures, in the very comfortable mid-60s. let's get over to lauren scala and see how the commute is treating us so far. >> the good news is the accident we hadded a the bridge is cleared but we still have roadwork. we'll take a look at the lock island expressway where you can see lanes blocked on the outer roadway in both directions.
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coming off of the parkway trying to get on the l.i.e. that's backed up as well. this is what it looks like out by laguardia airport or just past. you can see on the eastbound lanes. there are two lanes blocked with construction. one lane continues to get by. heading westbound, things are moving along just fine. at the george washington bridge, both levels are moving. similar story at the lincoln tunnel and alternate side parking rules are in effect. 5:17. turning to presidential politics, donald trump is going to be in north carolina trying to sway voters. hillary clinton plans to show she'll be tough on crime. she's got an event here in new york. and nbc's edward lawrence has a look to see if donald trump has a new style.
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back from the primary. he received his first national security briefing. his advisers say it was professional. still, donald trump questioned the people in charge of the information. donald trump hit the campaign reset button again. he shuffled the people at the top of his campaign because of struggling poll number. outside trump tower in new york fresh off her promotion to campaign manager, kellyanne conway urged trump to stick to the issues. >> t is to be authentic because that's what americans appreciate. you see with hillary clinton you see what happens when you're inauthentic. >> that's exactly what trump did last night. he hit hillary clinton on her policies in iraq. >> president obama and hillary clinton, the way they got out was absolutely insane. it will be talked about for many, many years and it really led to the formation of isis.
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he wants from his campaign, they can make him read new words from a teleprompter, but he is still the same man who insults gold star families. >> clinton hopes to continue the momentum she has in recent polls and take advantage of trump's misstep. the trump campaign will buy battleground states, virginia, north carolina, ohio, and pennsylvania. back to you. >> the big story yesterday was donald trump getting the security briefing. when does hillary clinton get hers? >> at this point there's no exact time line for that. we do expect it to happen probably within the next seven to ten days. at this point we do expect the republicans to attack her on her e-mail scandal controversy
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mishandling classified e-mails as secretary of state. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that. there's a new study that suggests that tall people are more likely to listen to conservative views. taller people tend to side with conservative views. researchers say it's most likely due to a height and income. taller people tend for conservative candidates. larry got to meet his favorite cast of characters including quarterback ryan fitzpatrick. he's supposedly a big "seinfeld" fan. he said he didn't watch much of "curb your enthusiasm" but he's all in for an upcoming ninth season.
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bernie sanders. >> they weren't sure when they showed up. 5:20. still to come, many have tried. few have trawly won. now a new jersey lawmaker is going after that claw game. you know the one your kid make use spend $20 on. ? they're making sure the machines play fair.
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you try and you try and you never seem to win the claw games. one wants to make sure the machines aren't rigged. they want more state oversight of the game. the owners can regulate how often you win. they have to, otherwise, no one would win. >> the toys are heavy. >> yes. >> and the claw has no tension.
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>> yes. i've studied this. >> i've never won. nobody here? >> of course, not. >> we'll bring your daughter next time. i want one of those fluffy toys. i don't know what we'll do with it, but it's the act of winning. we've got a round of showers moving on. so if you're heading out early, you may need an umbrella later in the day. then tomorrow, partly cloudy. it's a thursday. it doesn't look terrible scattered around. maybe a pop-up storm later. kind of muggy as well. a change and a nice one finally coming by next week. something to look forward to. >> we're going have to look forward. we don't have any choice. >> lauren, what's going on the. >> the roads are looking good. here's a live look at the brooklyn bridge where things are doing fine in both directions.
5:26 am
smooth sailing. so you're in for a nice ride as you head out the door at 5:26. >> as darlene likes to say it's show time in the bronx. silver cup studios has opened its first production studio in the bronx. there it is. it's the studio's third production facility. the company renovated 115,000 square foot warehouse to accommodate four production studios. have the bronx's location is a huge selling point. it's so close to other parts of the city and this is a great move if the bronx. >> sure. they've been shooting things in manhattan and brooklyn and queens. it th is a great location. >> great news there. 5:26. still ahead, one dangerous robber on the run.
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rape suspect after they say he calls 911 for help. i'm jen maxfield downtown. we'll have more. keep watching "today in new york." download the app on
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water. plus a man arrested for being accuse of killing his own mother. and police arrest a man in a subway jump. good morning. it's thursday, august 18. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm mike. chris, you say humidity back up? >> a few showers back up that's added to the humidity. 75 in key port. monticello, the coolest spot. live radar shows the showers have moving on, but there's some to the north of putnam county. fairfield and connecticut as well and a few sitting off to the west. through the morning hours there will be a few light showers. nothing heavy. and then i think we get a little bit of a break in the action.
5:31 am
spotty showers could return. let's see if there are any issues so far. lauren has the latest on that. >> thanks, chrisset number too many, which is great. northbound after grand street, there is an accident investigation that blocks the right lane. all lanes are subject to closure, so keep that in mind as you're heading out the door. a few moments ago, this was at a standstill. then for c straight commuters, no direct service from hoboken and new j did charter a new york waterway. you'll be able to get to jersey city and hoboken again. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you so much. now to questions surrounding olympian ryan lochte. authorities in brazil are trying to figure out exactly what happened and they're keeping three athletes in the country until they do. today kerry barrett is in the
5:32 am
unfolding. >> gunnar bentz and jack conger pulled off their plane as they were departing rio yesterday. ryan lochte and jimmy feigen left yesterday. they were seen here leaving the airport police station early this morning. they've agreed to stick around in brazil to testify about the robbery. lochte and said they had to stick around. authorities have questions about the robbery lochte and his teammates say happened. they say they were pulled over by men posing as police. one of them had a gun. lochte says it was pointed at him and cash was stolen. for example, that i said they left the club at 4:00 in the morning. security shoes them leaving at a different time. lochte also apparently told
5:33 am
feigen said there were several. when describing the situation, he said it was friendly. they spoke on the phone yesterday. >> never during the questioning did they question his truthfulness. as a matter of fact, they seemed to support everything he said. at one point, bob, they said thank you and congratulated him on his performance here at the games. >> lochte's lawyer notes he believes there was a b large barrier so that may account for the alleged difference in the stories. lochte said the reason they didn't initially report this incident to police is because they were worried they had broken some team rules by being out and drinking. once they found they were not, they decided to speak up. >> thank you. it's 5:33. at the olympics the u.s. olympic
5:34 am
>> delilah from queens goes for the hurdle. the men were taking argentina yesterday. carmelo anthony and company poured it on and never looked back. tomorrow they'll take on spain. that will be in semifinals. then in track and field the u.s. women made olympic history. they dominated the 100 hurdles for the first time. the women went 1, 2, and 3. first time a nation ever did gold, nia ali with the silver, the bronze going to kristi castlin. on the men's side, the men did not meddle for the first time in the nonboycotted games. >> on the beach, a little redemption for the volleyball team members, kerri walsh-jennings and april ross. with the bronze medal with ross
5:35 am
with christy may treanor, walsh-jennings became the most decorated player in women's history. u.s. leads followed by china, great brittain, and then russia. follow on usain bolt's bid for i want to talk with lauren more about it. she was an accomplished volleyball player. >> she should be giving commentary. i'd like to hear from her. >> she tries to spike her traffic clicker off my head. >> successfully, too, huh? >> we're talking temperatures in the mid-70s. it's been rain cooled. a couple of light showers.
5:36 am
going anywhere in the course of the day. upper 60s. now, west hampton, you're doing to 69. there are the showers. portions of k and then you see a broken area of showers coming out of pennsylvania. be on the lookout for lighter showers this morning. nothing really heavy-duty, but we get a break in the action from late morning to the after noon. nd showers early in the mid. breaks of sunshine. and then we look for the threat of scattered showers and storms and high temperatures in the 80s. here's volleyball player right now, lauren. >> i'm going to spike my remote at you. we'll talk about that during commercial break because we have traffic to get to.
5:37 am
we'll take a live look outside at the roads. here's the new jersey turnpike. you can see they're glistening a bit. they're wet but we don't have any accidents to report on right here. the turnpike's in great shape. alternate side street parking rules are in effect. >> thank you very much. it's 5:37. new this morning we learned a teenager was killed and another man shot during an attack in the bronx last night. tr s >> reporter: early this morning the 17-year-old who died here was identified as donte gordon. he was discovered here after a 911 call of him being shot as well as another man who remained hospitalized at this hour. we're going to show you this area twhaus flooded. just before 9:30 last night. now, they found gordon with a gunshot wound to the chest. that 21-year-old man he was with
5:38 am
stomach. both were transported to lynn connell hospital where gordon was later pronounced dead. the 21-year-old man is in critical but stable condition. now, michael, even more emotions right now because people don't know who did this. police still on the hunt for a gunman in all of this. they tell me so far they don't have a description and they don't know exactly who could be behind this. back to you. >> okay, thank you. a long island man faces charges after police say he killed his mother at their suffolk county home. police arrested 23-year-old dennis cullen. he intentionally droined 63-year-old elizabeth cullen in her pool. the police found her around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. they had gone to the home after receiving an earlier request for a welfare check. new this morning we learn
5:39 am
police say a man with a knife assaulted a woman near a subway stochlt jen maxfield has more this morning. jen. >> reporter: the suspect in this case is a registered sex offender and he's wanted for sexually assaulting and robbing a 27-year-old woman earlier this week. but it's how he was identified that has the nypd praising their officers. we're going to show you the tweets now that the 83rd precinct tweeted out last night. a call from, get this, wanted rapist. they spoke with king and got the perp. get this. the perp called to get a ride. we gave him one. thanks, svu. the suspect is a 52-year-old man. he sexually assaulted a 27-year-old woman at knifepoint in brooklyn. police have also charged him
5:40 am
it is unclear why mann called police in the first place. he's here expected to be arraigned later. that's the latest live from downtown brooklyn. back to you. >> jen maxfield in downtown brooklyn. thank you very much, jen. right now two robbery respondents are on the run in queens. police say they used some kind of taser victims. while we don't get a great view of his face, police say he and his men are responsible for three robberies. in some cases they approached the victim from behind and used something that contained a strong electrical current right on their back. a violent attack in the bronx and police say the thief was not after the money. it's the fried foods at the texas state fair that will
5:41 am
they may turn your stomach. >> depending on what you're in the mood for. "weather and traffic on the 4s" is coming up. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back, looking at the belt parkway, 73 degrees. >> looking at the heartbreaking floods in louisiana. "today" jeh johnson will be in baton rouge. heal get an update on how the emergency is being handled. we're told the high water is receding slowly because it has nowhere to go and rivers in some areas still have not crested. the floods have taken a toll 136789 people have been killed, 40,000 homes damaged. all right. 5:44. devastating scenario down there. for us today, we're going to take on a little more humidity. one came on through early this morning. still more. starting off damp in some spots. then some spotty showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow it's still a chance for isolated thunderstorms over the weekend and an increasing threat as we get deep sbeer the weekend. right now, 72 in sayreville. generally speaking out across
5:45 am
mid-70s. we were knocked down a little bit by the rain. 70 in morristown. so suburbs to the north and west, you see some upper 60s at least. a little more comfortable. there are the showers kind of weakening, falling apart. off fairfield county. seeing some through the hudson valley. there are still a few more out to the west. into central new jersey you may run into a shower. there's batch of showers here. this will probably fall apart and refire up again later on in the afternoon and that could produce showers and thunderstorms later on. notice thin spots. breaks of sunshine. you see showers peppering the area. dissipate overnight. tomorrow morning we start back out in the low 70s again with some clouds and sunshine peeking through but by tomorrow
5:46 am
popping up. temperatures well into the 80s and that shower/thunderstorm threat lingers into the evening hours. at the short with a southeast to easterly breeze. 79, sea bright. water temps in the 80s. there are no advisories posted. lightning risk is possible. maybe a late storm or two tomorrow. 87. better chance for showers and storms sunday and then a change in the low to middle 80s with lower humidity and nighttime lows finally back down into the 60s. it's almost 5:47. if you're heading out the door, what's the traffic look like, lauren? >> right now d-trains are run i locally. many of you are getting on the roads. gramd central parkway, just before you get in the left lane, delays aren't too bad.
5:47 am
roadway because one lane is blocked with roadwork. heading over to new jersey, this just came in. there was an extension auto by the newark bay bridge. it's causing delays through this area. then alternate side-of-the-street parking rules. don't forget to move your car because they're in effect today. >> thank you very much. 5:47. police were hoping new surveillance video them to a man attacked in the bronx all over his elevator pass card. police say the man grabbed the 50-year-old victim from behind and threw him to the ground. he then stole his elevator pass from his wallet and took off. it's not clear what he was going to do. happening today a man is expected to be arraigned. prosecutors say he shot and
5:48 am
saturday night. last night members of the islamic community in queens gathered to discuss the crime as well as the fight for justice. they want the incident to be considered a hate crime. >> we want to make sure they are -- they want the man to be bro tout justice. the man we watched scale trump tower had nothing to say during his arraign humanitarian. he's undergoing a psychiatric evaluation there. prosecutors say his stunt to climb the tower was well planned and he bought the equipment off am zachblt regatta is charged with base jumping, trespassing and wreckness behavior. he wanted to meet with donald trump. a little girl and her grandmother died in a fire yesterday.
5:49 am
explosions in the garage of the multi-family home. the 5-year-old and her grandmother were trapped by flames on the third floor of the home. they were both ruriked to the hospital. firefighters say it's a monster fire in southern california, none like any other they've ever seen. 80,000 people have been told to leave their homes. this is the so-called blue cut fire. it started tuesday. offis situation as explosive and they warned the number of homes burned could be high. the flames have spread to about 40 square miles. and two dozen ferry passengers are in the hospital this morning in puerto rico because of a smoky scare on their ferry. yet in san juan a fire broke out in the engine room and quickly spread. 500 passengers had to be evacuated, some of them hurt. they had just begun their voyage to the dominican republic when they fire broke out.
5:50 am
still ahead, the new technology at one local airport that makes sure.
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harbor and the statue of liberty. check this out. a blimp-shaped airship made a historic flight in england. it's filled with helium. it's considered to be the largest. it's a plane. 200 feet long. as opposed to a balloon. it flew for a half hour. named the airlander 10. it's a helicopter all rolled into air. here's the thing. it can stay in the air for days at a time. >> i'm going to wait on that. take a little break and hold off. in today's raccoon news, a raccoon found himself in a truly tight spot in massachusetts. >> the poor little guy got stuck in a sewer andre. pictures posted online. look at his little hecht sticking out. it shows his head sticking out. the officers were able to safely
5:54 am
grease. >> how terrifying. >> of course. fried fair food. eight concoctions are competing. so they include deep-fried pulled pork funyun dings. a funyun. you get them in a bag. pulled park and pineapple, cheese and bacon. on a stick is exactly what the name says. and fried jell-o. the wiggly treat rolled in dough and deep-fried. i think that was the red thing we showed. >> the texas state fair, do they just line up the ambulances. >> cardiologists on standby? >> and those were cookie fries at the end? those might have a chance. >> look at that. >> let's take nook loot.
5:55 am
>> it's funyun going in, but i don't know if i -- i don't know about that one. let's shift gears. we've got humidity a lit bit later on. temperatures in the middle 80s. could be a shower or two this morning. you get a break in the middle of the day and a thunderstorm scattered around. and then tonight is pretty quiet. a low temperature of 74. but it stays we heat it up and stay sticky for the weekend. much more coming up. >> the funyuns are actually pretty good. >> what's happening, lauren? >> we do have some service changes on the -- i've had funnions too. if you're heading on your mayor commuter lines, they look good. they're all running without delays or service changes. >> all right, lauren. thank you. 5:55 right now.
5:56 am
something new to make sure you and your bags end up at the same destination. a pilot program is under way at newark liberty. airlines are testing something new. a little chip is embedded on your luggage bag. it ensures workers track your bag and make sure it gets onto your flight. >> you'll have a less chance of lost baggage and for security reasons it helps us identify a bag. >> it turns out your bag gets then it's directed to your flight. an estimated 23,000 got lost somewhere along the way. coming up next at 6:00, two u.s. olympic swimmers are pulled off plane in brazil, this as new questions arise in the alleged robbery of ryan lochte and his teammates. >> help for path train riders. what's being done. and if you're about to head
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york." download the app. we'll be back in two minutes. you're watching "today in new
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now at 6:00, a mother murdered and police say her son is the person responsible. rape arrest. you may not believe how officers captured him. plus, olympic drama for the u.s. men's two men are pulled off a plane amid a robbery in rio. good morning. it's thursday, august 18. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm mike garguilo. chris cimino here with the weather forecast. look at that. 73. >> this is the lowest it's been. the rain did cool it down a little bit. the humidity is going to come back up, so it gets uncomfortable. we're looking at 60s.
6:00 am
city. mainly 70s across long island. central new jersey as well in the lower 70s. the difference about today, a little more humidity in the mix. you see the showers that did come on through. still a few more showers entered the western sections of new jersey. if you're out there, you may want to take along the lightweight umbrella. you can see the back edge of those showers getting closer. there's a break, another line of showers that may trigger a couple of thust this afternoon, we get some sun. forecasting a high of 85. you've got to watch for storms later in the day. what have we got commute-wise? lauren's got the answer to that. >> you do have an accident on the westbound. it's not really causing a delay. where we do have delays is on the service road of the l.i.e. because of construction. that's westbound near the grand
6:01 am
jersey turnpike, there's an accident on the shoulder, it is causing some delay, so keep that in mind as you're heading out the door. it's right before the new york bay extension bridge. we'll have more "weather and traffic on the 4s" coming up. three members of team usa are now stuck in rio as new questions are raised about the alleged armed robbery of swimmer ryan lochte and his teammates. new york today's kerry barrett is watching all of this from our newsroom. jack conger and gunnar bentz were pull off of their plane yesterday. they have their passported temporarily confiscated. they agreed to stick around. ryan lochte, he had already left on his prebooked flight. jimmy feigen, he's still in brazil. all of them have agreed to answer any questions. as to what happened. matt lauer talked to ryan lochte on the phone. he said they were in a cab on
6:02 am
when they got back in, they told the cab driver to continue. he didn't. they told him to go again. he still didn't. lochte said that's when two men approached the car with badges and guns and ordered them to the ground. lochte said the three other swimmers did. he did not. then he changes his story slightly. >> when he talked to billy bush, you'll remember, on sunday, bob, he said, that's when the guy took the gun, put when he talked to me tonight he said that's when the guy pointed the gun in my direction and cob cocked it. i said before you said it was placed your forehead. he said, no, that's not what happened. >> he said perhaps it did feel like the gun was on his forehead in the moment, others are going
6:03 am
there are other alleged inconsistencies. they said they left at 4:00 in the morning. cameras show otherways. their lawyer i say a lot of the inconsistencies or alleged inconsistencies could be contributed to a language bare year between them and the police when they gave their individual tim statements. certainly there will be questions about six medals in a span of just about 60 minutes. three of those medals came in the women's 100 meter hurdles. . brianna rollins taking the gold, nia ali taking the silver and kristi castlin taking the bronze.
6:04 am
unfortunately that didn't last. kevin durant took the lead, didn't look back. they won 1rks 05-78. tomorrow u.s. against spain in the semifinals and the u.s. women are going to play france today. in women's volleyball, carey walsh-jennings added a bronze medal to become the most decorated woman player in the spart. she and april ross took on a team in brazil for the bronze medal. walsh jennings turned 38 this past week, she's not ruled out playing in the 2020 games. right now usa is in first place followed by china, great brittain, and russia. you can read up on the highlights and get details on
6:05 am
time for a check of "weather and traffic on the 4s." chris, you're saying a little break in the temperatures here not going to last. >> not going to last. we're going to be above normal. the next few days averaging above normal and so we add in more humidity. we've had a few showers around the area. this morning the skies are rather gray too. we'll get breaks of sunshine early afternoon and spotty showers and thunderstorms could return again later on. a little more sunshine in the mix. still a chance for isolated thunderstorms into t generally low to mid-70s. 76 seems to be a popular number. meantime for the north and west, seeing some 60s. 66 in sussex, 69 in white plains, so a little bit cooler to start in some of the burbs. that will lead to a couple of scattered storms. ten-day forecast, your weekend outlook just ahead. right now lauren scala with your
6:06 am
we have some detours. we added some. what's still left out is q33 and q 47. all buses running back on their regular routes and schedules. b camp running along just fine. the ferry, seastreak still the same. they did charter a new york waterway to provide free service from new jersey to hoboken. that will connect others to the highlands. that will cake around somewhat. alternate side-of-the-street parking rules are in effect and we'll have your next update on "weather and traffic on the 4s." this morning one teenager is dead and another in the hospital. it comes after a shooting in the bronx. the search is on for the gunman. this happened on college avenue in clair management. police say 17-year-old donte gordon was shot in the chest.
6:07 am
stomach. traie strahan will have his condition coming up. police say man killed his mother at her suffolk county home. police arrested 23-year-old dennis cullen yesterday evening. police say he intentionally drowned 63-year-old elizabeth cullen in her own pool. police found her bob outside her sprawling home yesterday. they went to the home after receiving an earlier request for a welfare was intentionally drowned as the call indicate. while we were processing the scene, the suspect returned to the home and we placed him under arrest. >> police say dennis cullen does not have a criminal history. new this morning man is facing charges for a frightening attack on a woman near a brooklyn subway stop and police say the suspect has a long criminal past. jen maxfield is downtown where
6:08 am
jen. >> that's right, michael. in addition to many other offenses he's also being charged with not registering as a sex offender as he was supposed to do on a prior conviction. this time the man is charged with sexually assaulting a man at knifepoint. but it's how he was identified that really has everybody talking. the nypd tweeted out last night from the 83rd precinct. great job by the officers last night, when they rapist. get this. the perp called to get a ride. we gave him one. thanks, svu. thee rapist is 52-year-old mann. he aseattled a 27-year-old woman at knifepoint. police have also charged h imwith robbery and other offenses after they say he
6:09 am
right now at central booking in the downtown brooklyn section of brooklyn, but, again, police saying that it's the way he was identified that makes this remarkable. that's the latest live from downtown brooklyn. back to you. >> thanks very much, jen. 6:09. right now police are looking for two robbery suspects in queens who may be using tasers. this surveillance video shows one suspect. it's not the best view, but police say he and are responsible for three robberies over the past month. on two occasions police say the suspect approached the victims from behind. there was this scene as well. the governor wants to use the experience to figure out,000 improve the emergency response.
6:10 am
looks like it was travelers who were celebrating usain bolt's gold medal at the olympics that may have prompted the unfounded reports of gunfire. happening today mayor de blasio is outlining plans to dish out $100 million to um prove five new york city parks. the improvements will include new running tracks. they include st. mary's. astoria park in queens. the major packet train changes. what the agency is doing now to help you get around. coming up next, donald trump hits the road for the first time with his new campaign team as rival hillary clinton sounds off about the shakeup. and we're going to have "weather and traffic on the 4s" coming up.
6:11 am
you're watching "today in new york."
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it's 6:134. here's four things to know this morning. three swimmers who were allegedly robbed are expected to speak with brazil today. two of them were taken off a plane to be questioned. a third is still in brazil at the time. lochte is already back in the u.s. a 17-year-old boy is dead following a double shooting in the bronx. a 21-year-old man but stable condition and so far there are no arrests. >> nearly 6,000 youth football helmets are being recalled because they can crack and cause head injuries. the helmets involved are from the zenith company. mcdonald's is recalling the tracker toys from kids' happy meals because it can cause skin irtag. no word on how many have been affected. if you're heading out, you
6:15 am
of things. gusts peeking near 60. moved to the west/northwest at 16 miles an hour. here's a protracted look. notice the inteniintensificatio. not expected to make land fall. we'll keep a careful eye on it. just an indication of where we're headed. august and where it peaks. a few more lighter showers. these are kind of weakening, too, in their approach. things should dry out after that. you can see drier air and clearing. you'll see right in this wedge here. we'll get into sunshine and we'll watch this little line approach us that could trigger another shower or thunderstorm. temperatures climbing through
6:16 am
afternoon. it should top off to about 856789 take the umbrella along with you. you may not need it this morning. by afternoon and evening, we're talking heavier showers and thunderstorms that could pop up. leftover clouds. kind of muggy and a fairly humid day. it could be an isolated day. into the weekend we go, we're still in the upper 80s. still above normal. normal high is 83. saturday looks good. there could be aho a chance of storms later sunday and next week monday through wednesday looks fantastic. there may be leftover clouds. look at the temperatures. 84, monday, 84, tuesday, and again 84 wednesday. look at the nighttime lows down into the 60s. that's going to feel good by next week. in the meantime let's see how the commute is treating us so far. lauren. >> this just came in. an accident inbound. so eastbound just off the
6:17 am
out two lanes. delays are starting to build around the bend and i'll keep a close eye on that for you. we could show you a live look at the lincoln tunnel. same at the holland tunnel and the george washington bridge has no delay. no delays on the garden state park either. here's what it looks like on 135. smooth sailing and this is what it looks like on 96th street. no construction getting in your way for a alternate side street parking rules in effect and we'll have more coming up with your "weather and traffic on the 4s." a ferocious wildfire has raged across 40 square miles. the blue cut fire started east
6:18 am
homeland security secretary jeh johnson will go to louisiana to see how the emergency is being handled. then he'll talk to reporters. forecasters say the floodwaters are slowly receding. meanwhile rivers in some areas still have not crested. the floods have kill 13d people and damaged 40,000 homes. >> donald trump heads tonight to north carolina. this is the state where the polls show his campaign has been struggling. yesterday he got his first manhattan in a secure location and then donald trump sat down with his advisers to look for ways to fight terrorism. >> they can make him read new words from a teleprompter.
6:19 am
>> they still talk about him not releasing his tax returns. >> find out which cell phone company is about to hike the price of its data plans. >> and how you can keep track of the luggage and keep you safe at the same time when you're flying. >> don't forget. follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. you're watching "today in new
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6:23 am
there's a look at the brooklyn bridge. path is looking to make things easier on the 33rd street line. shuttle buses are already being offered along the avenue each weekend to take commuters. starting saturday people will be able to use their metro carts or smart link cds buses. in the past two weekends they only got to ride if they got special vouchers. at&t is boosting its prices promising to drop an expensive fee. calling plans will cost more but you'll get more data. if you go over your limit, you won't get charged but your speed will slow down. >> they do tell you when you get to a certain point that they're going to slow it down.
6:24 am
i went on vacation and i used a lot of data and they said, you're grounded. you can't use it right now. >> like the old days. >> line by line, you wait, go out, it's halfway through the screen. all right. we're still in the muggy weather and it looks like it's going stick around for the next couple of days. we dropped the humidity briefly yesterday. kind of gray start. breaking up for sunshine. 85 this afternoon. a couple of lightho another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms. tonight's low, 74, but rather muggy with the humidity back up. kind of a very warm uncomfortable day with an isolated storm or two. into the weekend it continues into that vein. so saturday looks to be the slightly bet ore f the two. but neither day will wash out. >> all right. what's happening, lauren?
6:25 am
there's an accident out by junction boulevard in queens, exit 20, in the right lane, so it's a bit of a slow right through here. in much better news, the rails all in great shape that. includes your subways and great commuter lines. you're not seeing any major changes at the moment. >> thanks very much. 6:25. coming up, olympic swimmers in hot water as two members of team usa are pulled off the plane by police. a gunman who shot and killed a teenager, leaving another man wounded. i've tracie strahan in clairemont. coming up. download the app on news 4
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6:28 am
now at 6:30, olympic drama. two olympic swimmers pulled off a plane in brazil as new questions arise with ryan lochte and his teammates. a teenager gunned down and another fighting for his life.
6:29 am
officer. news 4 today starts right now. good morning. it's thursday, august 18th, and i'm michael garguilo. >> and i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino has the forecast. >> take along the umbrella to play it safe because there will be another round of scattered showered and thunderstorms. high humidity. good hair spray day sticky out there. this is all due moving eastwardbound. no thunder or lightning. 3 right now. winds are generally calm. clouds break through by noon. 80. 85 at 3:00. that should be the high for today. but later on we have to watch for showers and thunderstorms.
6:30 am
lauren has got her eyes peeled for that. >> we have two trouble spots. we'll look live outside at the gowanus expressway. you can see it's a slow ride around the bend on the gowanus. that takes out two lanes. on the outer roadway here, we had a report of an accident by junction boulevard. that cleared out. but on the ramp coming on the outer roadway, there's an accident causing some we'll have administrator "weather and traffic on the 4s." >> thank you. right now three members of team usa are being detained in brazil. it's amid new questions over the robbery of ryan lochte and his teammates. kerry barrett has more from the newsroom. >> there's a lot of contradictory information. we'll get to that in a moment. first, ryan lochte is back in
6:31 am
we know he left yesterday on his previously scheduled flight. as for the other three teammates, jimmy feigen as well as gunnar bentz and jack conger were pulled off their plane. all have been questioned. when they gave their victim statements initially nobody told them they needed to stick around in case authorities have more questions and there are aot teammates and what they're saying about being robbed by men with guns posing as police. the brazilian judge says there's been inconsistency in their stories from the time they left the club, how many robbed them, and how the gun was used during the robbery. lochte said it was placed on his forehead. later on he said it was aimed in his direction. matt lauer spoke to him on the
6:32 am
was he covering up for being somewhere where he shouldn'tsto. he said it absolutely is not the case. he said we're victims in this and we're happy that we're safe. >> lochte also the questions were vague, weren't detailed. he said after a home burglary here in the united states a couple of years back the police were much more thorough in detail. his lawyers also say a lot of these alleged inconsistencies may be contributed to a language barrier when they gave the statements.
6:33 am
they didn't come forward first because they broke some team rules by being out, drinking. once they realized they had not, that's when they decided to come forward and talk to police. >> just to be clear, the swimmers who were detained aet the airport, they have been returned but they're still being asked to speak with the police. >> yes. >> thank you very much. usain bolt will be back on the track looking to add a second gold to his meanwhile shakur stevenson in boxing. in basketball they quickly dominated the team. kevin durant led the charge with 27 points. they bead argentina, 105-78. they'll play spain on friday. the game is a rematch from the
6:34 am
a new jersey runner, nia ali from pleasantville, she won the silver. her two teammates took the gold and bronze respectively and it's the first time the women swept the podium in a track event at the olympics. it is being dubbed awesome hour. the track and field won six medals. and on copacabana beach volleyball team of kerri walsh-jennings and april ross. walsh-jennings had a pair of blocks to finish the game, so with the bronze and three gold medals, walsh jennings is now the most decorated beach volleyball player ever in history. a runner who made headlines by helping another will not be in the final. she helped the other after they
6:35 am
while both were moved into the final, dagg see know won't be running because she tore a ligament in her knee. we saw she was so hurt. the two runners are vowing to keep in touch. hear what abby has to say about her selfless action coming up on the "today" show. that was a moment that gave us all goosebumps. true olympic spirit at its bechlt we we're not talking about a
6:36 am
it gets a little more uncomfortable. had a few showers come on by early this morning. there's a few more left to the west but notice how widespread they are. be on the lookout, there could be a shower on the morning come pollute and it dries out in the middle of the morning. what happens later on, though, after the clouds break for sunshine, they get unstable. by late afternoon and evening. the rest of your forecast coming upton 4s. update on the commute coming up. there are still detours. for c street commuters, heads-up. this is happening again. no direct service from hoboken to new jersey. so seastreak has chartered free service. otherwise ferries look good. alternate side parking is in effect. more coming up on "weather and traffic on the 4s."
6:37 am
tims of a double shooting in the bronx. this morning tracie strahan is in the clair month section where police remain on the scene at this hour. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. you can see over my shoulder, they're still blocking access to college avenue where all of this went down last night. that 17-year-old victim lived just about a block away, still no word on who could be behind this. we're going to show you the video of the memorial that's taking place in front of that overnight he was identified as donte gordon. it was a large police response when they arrived on east 170th street around 9:30 last night. they found gordon along with a 21-year-old man both shot. gordon had a gunshot wound to the chest. that 21-year-old man, a gunshot wound to the stomach after both being rushed to lincoln hospital, gordon was pronounced dead. now we learned that that
6:38 am
but stable condition. police tell me the 21-year-old is expected to survive. as you've seen all morning there was an emotional response learning about the death of the 17-year-old. again, no word yet on who could be behind this or a motive in the shooting. back to you. >> tracie strahan in the bronx. thank you. police are canvassing the bronx. we're told a man tried officer. they struggled and the officer shot at the man and he ran away. it happened near a park that's filled with children. >> it was close by. it was pretty loud. >> every couple of weeks we hear a bullet, but it never been this close in the block. so i was like, wow. >> well, right now police are asking hospital workers keep an eye out with anyone who comes in with a gunshot wound.
6:39 am
expected to face a judge. oscar morale is being arraigneded on murder charges. he shot and killed two in ozone park on saturday. last night members of the islamic community in queens gathered to discuss the crime as well as the fight for justice. they want the incident to be considered a hate crime. >> we wanted to make sure they are -- the perpetrator is brought to justice and the full him. >> he denies the allegations. police still don't have a motive for the murders. >> 6:39. a tragic update to a fire in new jersey we reported yesterday morning. a little girl and her grandmother have died as a result. the fire began with series of explosions in a garage of a multi-family home in ferry. the 5-year-old girl and her grandmother were trapped on the
6:40 am
steven regatta did not enter a plea. he's undergoing a psychological eval jags. he said he wanted to meet with donald trump. governor christie is now ordering that money be made available for absolutely essential roadwork. this comes after he shut down st prujs. christie and the democrats have beened a odds over how to replenish the fund. he wants to maintain federal funding for the state road projects. 6:40. up next, new, technology, why your luggage may never get lost again. >> wouldn't that be nice?
6:41 am
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6:44. the temperatures today, still above the normal high. 85 is what we're forecasting. record set back in 202 was 9d 4. you can see the temperature is above the norm. the sun came up at 6:04. it's starting to set earlier and earlier.
6:45 am
sipny and belvedere. meantime in the city, 73. mid-70s across long island. the radar has shown a few showers. most of the activity in the valley and eastern connecticut and long island. weakening somewhat hopping over here. you may see a shower in somerset county and middlesex county. you can see a nice break ofhe line to the north and west. that's what may trigger a couple of showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. by 2:00 you could see a refiring up of the showers into the evening. maybe sagging a little bit further to the south. overnight things will quiet down. some breaks of sun. watch what happens. we pop up a few showers and thunderstorms as well. then we get rid of those later tomorrow night and into saturday
6:46 am
85. we'll see upper 80s through the mid and upper valley. south facing shorelines, closer to 80. a little cooler. it's a muggier day out there. humid into the weekend. upper 80s both saturday and sunday. a better chance of numerous showers and storms and finally a significant change. in fact, by monday night to tuesday, temperatures will drop into the 60s at night. look at the low temperatur 66. a lot of sun for the afternoon. the humidity stays down through the middle toward the end of next week. let's see what the news is like for commuters. lauren? >> we do have an accident on the ramp. that's out by exit 142. you can see some delays here and we'll take a live look at the george washington bridge where just a few minutes ago an accident cleared. it was on the lower level just
6:47 am
20 at the lincoln. 20 at the holland as well and problems on the gowanus. kai simonsen is next. delays are extensive. they go all the way back past the belt merge. leave yourself plenty of time. here's your all are operating without major delays and change in service. happening today a news conference is being held over plans to add commercial anchoring sides along the hudson river. officials are calling for more studies. the move would give commercial vessels more spots to wait for space and create better travel conditions but residents say it
6:48 am
riverfront view. >> the airlines are involved in a pilot program at newark liberty airport and they're using it in other cities as well. a small chip is embedded onto your bag. it allows workers to track your bag and make sure it gets on the right flight. >> you'll have a chance of less loss of luggage and it will help us identify a bag. >> port the agony of starting your vacation without your luggage and your clothes. 23 million bags were lost last year and for security purposes because you want the passenger to be with their bags at all times. >> coming up next, new details for a possible fair hike. don't forget to follow us on twitter. you're watching "today in new
6:49 am
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6:52 am
brooklyn bridge. new information on the fare hike in connecticut. we know how much commuters are going to pay. if approved the fares will go up 6% in december. the bus fares in connecticut would go up 25 cents from $1.50 to $1.75 and several public hearings will be held next month before the fare hikes are approved. the "today" show is coming up let's check in with matt and hoda in rio to see what's ahead. good morning. >> hello, darlene and michael. good to see you both. coming up from here on the beach, how about the new twist of the saga over the four u.s. swimmers including ryan lochte. we'll tell you what lochte had to say to us in an exclusive conversation. also up next, kerri
6:53 am
and the most dominant women's gymnastics team ever. what's next for the final five after taking rio by storm. you know a good way to find out? we'll ask them. they're sitting by us. >> i'm going ore there. i'm going over there. hey. this is where i feel comfy right here. >> we're going to have more with them and hoda will return to her seat when we get started. >> you never know. you ne >> matt, hard to keep her in one place, isn't it? >> it's hard to keep her standing still. this girl has energy. >> she does. all right, guys. looking forward to it. >> looking forward to it. congratulations to the five. up next -- oh, she's still going on. we'll tell you how long we're going to need the umbrellas today. >> you're watching "today in new york."
6:54 am
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celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. welcome ba dead following a double shooting in the bronx. tracie strahan is live where police are still on the scene. tracie. >> reporter: officers are still blocking the avenue where donte was shot and killed. overnight there was a large response as shots were fired around 9:30. it was a 911 call that brought officers here. a 21-year-old man suffered a
6:57 am
both of them were transported to lincoln hospital where gordon was pronounced dead. he lives just a block away wu the search continues for a gunman this morning and also police say they don't have a motive in this case. back to you. >> tracie, thanks very much. a long island man faces charges after police say he killed his mother at her home. dennis cullen intentionally drowned 63-year-old elizabeth cullen in her own receiving an earlier request for a welfare check thafrm i say he does not have a criminal history. governor cuomo wants to use the experience to figure out how to improve emergency response. investigators say right now it looks like travelers celebrating usain bolt's gold medal when may
6:58 am
gunfire. path will make things easier for commuters after the suspension on the 33rd street line. the shuttle buses are being offered to take commuters down to the path station. for the past two weekends the path customers would only ride the buss if they had a special voucher. >> one more check weather, lauren. >> we have an accident. kai simonsen is live overit. this is after the prospect expressway on the inbound side. you can see truck versus car out there. you'll see by the delays it goes back to the verrazano bridge. leave yourself extra time. otherwise, the roads, there's no other major issue that they're trying to make it easier for
6:59 am
voucher, hopefully you can use the card you carry with you. >> that's right. train suspensions are tough. it's nice they're trying something. >> there you go. >> approval from lauren. >> that's what we need this morning. >> that's right. we're stuck in some cloud this morning. i think the clouds break up. a couple of showers early this morning and then the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm returning. more humiditied in the air. it's a muggy night tonight. tomorrow, sun and clouds expect. it could be evening. same thing happens on saturday. notice it's getting steamier with more numerous showers. afternoon and evening, the best chance for that, and then we get the big challenge. 84, the high, look at the high, 82. more importantly look at it. 60s. i haven't seen it in a long time. we get natural air conditioning finally by next week. not a couple of days.
7:00 am
updates every 30 minutes throughout the morning and the "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. clean sweep. team usa takes gold, silver and bronze in the women's 100 meter hurdles. a first in olympic history. kerri walsh jennings and volleyball. and hot water? two of ryan lochte's teammates abruptly pulled from a plane as they were on their way home from rio. detained for hours before being released overnight. officials now questioning the accounts of four swimmers who claim they were victims of a robbery. does their story hold up? what ryan told me in an exclusive conversation, "today,"


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