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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now olympic swimmers in hot water, two of them detained in brazil as police question their robbery claims. plus, accused this morning a son is mother. and a rescue attempt from a subway stop. good morning, everyone. 4:30 a.m. on this thursday morning. >> chris has the weather. >> the temperatures are up in the 80s.
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coolest spot, monticello, you're down to 64. there's a little shower activity working its way through here. there's one pocket that's moving out toward the city. later on this afternoon we may fire up a few more showers and storms. take along the umbrella. you may need it. later on today, a few breaks of sun before going back into the here's lauryn. >> delays do go back. if you're traveling through manhattan, there's a missing manhole cover on west 36th street, so that's closed between seventh avenue and broadway and that's one of the streets that's the tunnel street. if you have to head to the
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>> thanks so much, lauren. 4:31. we begin with the story people are talking about worldwide. questions around ryan lochte's claims of an armed robbery. authorities in brazil are trying to figure out exactly what happen and they're not letting some of the athletes out of the country until they do. before we do, kerry barren has more. >> this story pretty others. lochte is back in the united states, we're not quite sure where. two of the others both of whom say they were with rockty when they were robbed in rio were pulled off of the plane yesterday. their passports were confiscated. they were released, though, provided the understanding they would answer more questions. they were seen leaving the airport police station early
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ordered lochte and jimmy fegan to stay. lochte had already left but he talked with matt lauer over the phone. >> he said, hey, it would be a good idea for you to stick around, we might want to talk with you. >> as to where all the skepticism arises, the judge said they gave they say it took place after they left the club at 4:00 a.m. according to the judge there's video showing them leaving at a different time. lochte said there was one robber. fagan said there was more than one. they initially didn't want to tell the story because they were worried they had broken some swim team rules. once he realized he hadn't
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that's why he didn't originally call the police. we'll have updates throughout the morning. >> kerry barren. thank you. newark boxer is back in the match. >> she's going to be racing for the meddle and the u.s. women's basketball team. they take on france. yesterday was the men taking on argentina. early in the game and company rode back. they won 105-78. tomorrow they take on spain in the semifinals. meanwhile the u.s. made olympic history in the hurdles. clean sweep. the medals came during what's being dubbed now awesome hour in a span of 60 minutes the u.s. track and field team won six
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volleyball the u.s. team kerri walsh-jennings and april took it on. she's now the oldest medal winner in team history. team usa getting close to 100 medals, 30 of them gold as they continue to dominate the great britain and russia. be sure to check out the website. usain bolt going after another. hurdles are always terrifying to me. sometimes they catch their foot. >> sometimes they do.
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now time for weather and traffic. >> we try to keep michael away from the hurdles. >> it's not his strongest thing. >> temperatures are a little cooler north and west of town. 70 in sparta. 6 7 around blairstown. 78 degrees. pretty much the same starting point we've been the last several mornings. humidity not terrible but it started to creep back up which made it a little more cota right around the city into union essex county. now moving off to the east pretty quickly, so a couple of showers coming on early. i think we get a break in the action. right now, 78 degrees out of the south and east. again, a morning shower or two, peaks of sunshine by noon. it turns more unsettled with showers and storms popping up, 85 degrees.
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right now a check on the commute. here's lauren. >> thanks a lot chris. at 5:00 a.m. this will wrap up. in the meantime no service between broadway junction and lore more street. there are shuttle buses get you around. as far as other overnight track work, 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, e, d, f, and shuttle. the altered in side parking rules are in effect. new this morning was shot. tracie strahan has more. >> reporter: this stretch of the street still blocked off by police. this is where donte gordon lost his life. another man recoveringing from gunshot wounds at a local hospital. there was a report of shots that
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the 1300 block of college avenue. two men were shot right in front of a building. when the officers arrived they found 17-year-old donte gordon with a gunshot wound to his chest, a 21-year-old shot in the stomach. gordon was pronounced dead. the other man is in critical and stable condition but all of this prompted a very emotional response who as you see from the scene likely knew both of them. the police say they don't point. they don't have any description of the suspect and so far no motive. back to you. >> no motive. thanks so much. a long island man faces murder charges after police say he killed his mother at their suffolk county home. they arrested him. they say he intentionally drowned 63-year-old elizabeth cohen in her own pool.
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they went to her house after receiving an earlier request for a welfare check. >> the evidence suggest thad she was intentionally drowned as the call indicated. while we were processing the scene, the suspect returned to the home and we placed him under arrest. >> police say dennis cohen does not have a criminal history. police say a victim told them a man knife at a subway bush. today jen has new details. >> they say this is where the suspected rapist is being held but the nypd is praising its officers saying they were very observant than that a man who called 911 was actually the suspected rapist.
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when they got a call for help from, get this, a wanted rapist. they quickly spoke to sergeant king and confirmed the perp's description. get this. the perp wanted a ride. at about 2:30 in the morning he sexually assaulted a woman at knife point at the corner of dekalb the victim is a 27-year-old woman. she was walking home when police say she was sexually assaulted at knife point. the suspect is being held at central booking in the downtown section of brooklyn and he's expected to be arraigned later today. that's the latest from downtown. back to you. >> jen maxfield, we appreciate that. thank you, jen. right now two robbery suspects are on the run in
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police say he and another man are response for three robberies in flushing ore the last month. in two cases the men approached the victims from behind and used an object to discharge a strong electric current into their backs. 4:41. still to come, a violent attack in the bronx. wait till you hear what the police say the thief was after. and an explosive situation in california. we're going to show y against. and we're going to have weather and traffic coming up. there's a look at the george washington bridge there. >> don't forget to twitter us. you're watching "today in new york." from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships,
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it's 4:44. three things you need to know. jack conner and gunner benz were pulled off their plane before they left for the united states. their lawyers say they cannot leave brazil until they give testimony about the alleged robbery. police say a t bronx last night. so far they don't have anyone in custody. thousands of youth football helmets are being recalled because of cracks that could cause head trauma. today, new york's own cukor fights his way in boxing. we'll have coverage all day long
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>> all right. 4:44. a bit of rain. lighter showers for the most part. you see the streets wet a little bit. that's the way it's going to play out early on. i think we'll get a break in the action before we have to watch later for scattered showers and thunderstorms. it's a little more humid. the humidity is back. we had a break in the afternoon. we're at 78 degrees right now. it starts off today and then spotty showers and storms later more sunshine to finish off the week, but there still could be a shower even tomorrow and a chance for isolated showers as we go on into the weekend. upper 70s. central park, 78. 77 in mill base unand 77 in statin island. it's kind of the same tune. the temperatures mid and upper 70s around the city and low 70s, a few 60s. here's our radar picture.
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over to the east. out across long island you'll see a few showers during your morning commute and a break in action to the west and lighter showers sitting out here. but a bigger picture shows there's a break of showers. this is a frontal boundary that will approach later on and that will fire up scattered thunderstorms. kind of a mixed bag coming up for us today. this is noon. a couple of spotty showers but also breaks aligning for a little bit of sunshine this is 4:00 in and around the city. into the evening commute, kind of speckling the area through about 7:00. then it dies down overnight, but tomorrow we'll refire up a few more in the afternoon. again, you can see scattered showers and thunderstorms hit or miss. a good part of the area not seeing any rain of consequence either but some areas might. 85 should do it for today. not quite as it might have been.
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with a southeast wind around 83. here's a 10-day forecast. we've got changes in the works here. a late afternoon or evening thunderstorm today. could be a passing thunderstorm. late thunderstorm on saturday. a good part of that day is 88. better chance of showers and thunderstorms on sunday. a brief sprinkle but look at the temperatures by tuesday. 84 tuesday and wednesday. look at those lows in the 60s. we haven't seen that in a long time. let's get about seastreak. >> they charter a new york waterway boat so you'll have free service at 6:45 and 8:20. check in with seastreak if this is part of your commuter. heading over to the roads there's an accident blocking two lanes causing some delays. we also have some on the grand
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this is because of roadwork. on route 17, all lanes shut down between midland avenue and century road. actually it's not closed. it's two lanes this morning. you should be in for a nicer ride yesterday because it was closed. and the outer roadway is shut down from 15 e to exit 8. alternate side street parking rules are in effect and we'll have mrl ahead on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you very much. police get more information. police say a man grabbed a 50-year-old victim from behind and threw him to the ground. he then stole an elevator card from the victim's wallet. it's not clear what exactly he was planning to use that for. happening today, a man accused of killing, say he shot
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saturday. last night members of the islamic community in queens gathered to discuss the crime as well as the fight for justice. they want the incident to be considered a hate crime. we wanted to make sure they are -- the perpetrator is brought to justice and the full force of the law is apliered to him. >> morrell denies the allegations. police still don't have the motive for the murders. trump towers will enter an arraignment. he's still undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. prosecutors say his stunt was well plannded and he bought the equipment off of amazon. the charges include trespassing and reckless endangerment. he said he wanted to meet donald trump. a tragic story. a little girl and her grandmother have died.
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multi-family home in little ferry. the 5-year-old and her grandmother were trapped by flames on the third floor. they were both rushed to the hospital but they died a short time later. five others jumped to safety. firefighters say the monster fire in southern california is unlike anything they have ever seen. more than 1,500 crews are on the scene. more than 80,000 people have had to leave their homes. the flames have sd officials say the situation is explosive. as of last night this wildfire was only 4% contained. today homeland security secretary jeh johnson will go to louisiana. he'll get an update on how that state is handling its flood emergency. right now the high water is receding but very slowly. forecasters say there's nowhere for it to go. 13 people have been killed, 40,000 homes damaged.
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crested in some areas. two dozen passengers remain hospitalized in puerto rico because a fire broke out on their ferry. the smoky blaze spread from the engine room to other compartments right near san juan. five other passengers had to be quickly evacuated. the american cruz ferry ship had begun sailing to the dominican republic when that fire began. all right. 4:51. still to come, we're going to show you new technology to keep your bags where they belong. you're watching "today in new
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tappan zee bridge. >> it's 78 degrees out. i brought an umbrella in with me because it was raining on the way and our security said why did i have one. i didn't understand how i made a mistake. >>'ll have to speak with pierre. i don't know who he's watching but apparently it wasn't us. you do need the umbrella early on and you may need it again later in the afternoon and evening. in between noon, sans umbr. more. as we go through the day, you'll notice that. it's a muggier day, breaking with sun. then tonight partly cloudy sky. 74 should do it in the city. tomorrow, very warm day and then into the weekend kind of continues in that vain unfortunately. i think the better start to the day is saturday. maybe a shower, thunderstorm, late upper 80s. upper 80s on sunday. kind of muggy, and that's the day we'll see a few more showers and storms. again, sunday has a better
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outdoor, it will probably be safer. lauren, what's going on? >> not too much for the commute. no service in both directions between broadway junction and lorimer street. we'll take a live look outside at the gowanus expressway where things are so quiet. you're in for a nice ride all the way up to your lower east river crossings. >> thank you. more than a year after a sinkhole opened repairs are they want to figure out why a sinkhole caused a 20 x 20 foot section to collapse. today construction is still going on. now, the dep says extensive work replacing the water main and reinforcing the waterline. but people who work and live in the neighborhood nearby are frustrated. >> it's been a pain, a pain in the behind because, you know, it
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>> we're disgusted with it. we are fed up. >> new utility lines including gas and electric are installed now. it's anticipated that the roadway will be reopened within the next few weeks. in connecticut we have new information about a proposed fare hike. fares could increase by 6% in december. if approved also go up. several meetings will be held before the fare hikes are approved. the airlines are involved in a pilot program at newark liberty airport. it's being used in other cities. a little chip is embedded onto your luggage bag. it's tracked to make sure it gets onto your flight. >> you'll have a less chance of
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bag. >> while it turns out your bag gets screened after it's been tracted, one industry group says 23 million bags were lost last year somewhere along the way. >> we know it. all right, happening today in connecticut, crews are expected to condition duct more tests on the bacteria levels of two swimming areas that are now off limits. several tests show bacteria. the bacteria doesn't cause it but they're used as a way to measure potential contamination in the water. the state says no swimming. >> in new jersey some seventh and eighth graders will ubds go random alcohol and drug testing. they tell us it's voluntary and it requires a parent's permission. testing will be involved in students who take part in sports and after school activities. anyone who tests positive will
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discipline. there's a report in the nerngd journal of medicine that looks at an increase in thyroid capser. new technology is better at detecting those growths but aggressive treatment not always needed. it didn't take long for mcdonald's to replace the kid fitnes meal toy. they're going replace it with a step-it activity. they say children wear the bands may suffer skin irritation. no word on how many were affected. >> they protested. they want the toy. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching on your mobile
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three olympians made to stay in brazil as authorities question their claims of a robbery in rio. plus a teenager killed during a double shooting in the bronx. and a warning for all at&t customers. your prices are about to go up. "today in new york" starts now and good morning. 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, august 18th. i'm my cal gargiulo. >> and i'm darlene hey, chris. >> up to the north, even cooler yet. 60s this morning. bels gate, 6 9. in hopewell junction. again, mid-70s, long island, low 70s. the shores. here you see a little area of light shower tichkt, nothing really heavy embedded in here. there's a couple of renegade
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take the umbrella with you. in the middle of the day, probably a break in the action late morning to about noon. 80 at noontime. 85 the expected high, but we could see the return of a few scattered showers and storms by the end of the day. lauren scala with look at your morning commute. >> good morning. not too many problems. have an accident on the bqe. two lanes remain closed two. lanes go back past the long island expressway. this is the spot to avoid. the grand after the bqe. so there's a little bit of a delay due to construction. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you very much. this morning questions and controversy surround four swim members who say they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. for now two athletes are stuck in brazil until the police get somances. kerry barren in the newsroom.


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