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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 18, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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high level. >> no man has ever won a global championship 400 out of lane 8. >> in world record time! >> this is going to be the most successful women's team in olympic history. >> usain bolt still invincible! >> it's not supposed to be that easy, tom. >> the united states has w bronze. >> american michelle carter. >> the first sweep in olympic
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an upscale neighborhood rocked by murder. >> a mother found dead, a multimillion dollar home roped off by police combing for clues. >> when the humidity returns, along with showers. >> then a look at the new
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murder on white hill road. a mother found dead. a multimillion dollar home roped off, and a rit zi neighborhood a crime scene right now. >> then sidewalk gunfire. the struggle ahead an offduty nypd officer drawing his gun. olympic drama. two u.s. swimmers with ryan lochte the night they are allegedly robbed are a plane in rio. news 4 new york starts now. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> what really happened, that's what brazilian authorities are trying to figure out right now, an olympic scandal making waves worldwide. >> a judge ordered the passports seized from lochte and jimmy feigen. tonight two other teammates with them were detained by police as they tried to board a flight back to the u.s. >> bruce beck is live in rio with more on the stunning
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we go from the sublime to the ridiculous, or did we go from the subplot to the lead story? yes, the ryan lochte robbery saga is adding a new chapter several times a day. this story is turning into the bizarre. 12-time olympic medalist ryan lochte is back on american soil, but it's been far from a welcome party. back in rio, a brazilian judge ordered that his pass, passport be seized so police could further investigate claims that four americans were robbed at gunpoint early sunday morning by thieves posing as police officers. meanwhile tonight, jimmy feigen's whereabouts are unknown, while the usoc issued this statement regarding the other two american swimmers involved in the investigation. "we can confirm that jack conger and gunner bentz were removed
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we are gathering further information." there are so many facts in question regarding the alleged incident on sunday morning, and it's been fuelled by this surveillance video obtained by, which shows the swimmers clearing security at the athletes village later than the time initially reported. also up in the air, the color of the taxi taken by the swimmers from club france back to the village, and the exact location where the that night. ryan lochte talked exclusively to matt lauer this evening and said there is no coverup and he sticks to his story, and he said that that story about those guys being at the surveillance site acting like they were having a good time is untrue. he said they were afraid and in shock, and as far as the joking around concerned, that is the
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continues, and it will continue perhaps for several days here in rio and back in the states. oh, by the way, there was some athletic competition at the olympics today in rio. here's a few of the highlights. it was a mixed bag on the track. justin gatlin, the silver medalist in the 100 meters will not compete for a medal in the 200. a quick glance at tonight's semifinal knocked him out of tomorrow's final, but for the first clean sweep for the american women in the 100-meter hurdles. pleasantville, new jersey's nia ali captured the silver. on the hardwood, after trailing by 10 points early, carmelo anthony and company smoked argentina 105-78. next up for team usa, a game with spain in the semifinals. usain bolt will headline tomorrow night's 200 meters, as
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and the eighth gold medal of his olympic career. and mohammed of jamaica, new york, that is, will be going for gold in the women's 400-meter hurdles. she's terrific right now and is the favorite. live in rio, i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. chuck and sibila, back to you. >> all right, bruce, thank you very much. team usa is getting very close now to 100 medals. 300 of them gold as they continue race. china is far mind with 19 golds, great britain also 19. slightly fewer medals overall. rounding out the top four is russia with 41 total medals. we are your home for all the olympic coverage, go to and click on four to watch. read up on the athletes, game highlights, and must see matchups ahead. now to another big story tonight, murder rocks an upscale neighborhood. a mother is found dead and right now police are trying to figure out who killed her.
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police could be combing for clues all night long. >> reporter: and that home where the woman's body was found is located here on white hill road. this is how far police are keeping us back from the scene. now, the home is located in an area known as lloyd harbor, dotted with multimillion dollar homes. violent crime in this neighborhood is basically unheard of, but today police say a woman was murdered at her own home. suffolk county investigation units descended on white h road, driving past the yellow tape blocking off the dark street leading to the home that's now become a crime scene. a homicide scene, where police believe 63-year-old elizabeth cullen was intentionally drowned in her own pool. an aerial view of the home shows a pool on the sprawling property. police say they found cullen's lifeless body in her backyard around 4:00 p.m. when they went there to look in on the victim. they had received an earlier request to do a welfare check.
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investigators combed the area for clues. police have not given any information at this point about a possible suspect. we expect to hear more in the morning. in lloyd harbor, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. in the bronx tonight, an attempted mugging ended in gunfire when the crook messed with the wrong guy. ray villeda explains the mugger's target was an offduty nypd officer. >> reporter: right now east 175th and clinton avenue is blocked off by yellow an investigation unfolding. you can see the evidence markers on the ground. just past the yellow tape on the other side, a park. shots fired as children played outside. >> i was close by. it was pretty loud. >> reporter: children's play disrupted in the early evening hours near the park by the sound of gunfire. law enforcement sources tell news 4 around 7:45 tonight a suspect tried to snatch a chain off an offduty officer. a struggle took place.
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bullets. it never been this close. i was like, wow. >> reporter: that's when neighbors heard the gunshot. sources say during that struggle the offduty officer fired a shot. the suspect ran off, still on the loose. an investigation unfolding on the street where it all happened. >> my neighbor, one of the grand kids came over, you heard that? i was like, yeah. somebody shot somebody. i'm like, i don't see nobody shot. >> reporter: she's not the only one wonderi i shot. in fact, at this hour there is a citywide hospital canvas to see if a suspect walks in with injuries because it's unclear if the suspect was injured. if you know anything about the situation, give police a call. reporting from the bronx, ray villeda, news 4 new york. tonight, a neighborhood is coming together to make sure the murder of an islamic leader is considered a hate crime. oscar morel is charged with
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saturday. tonight members gathered to discuss the crime and fight for justice. >> we want to make sure the perpetrator is brought to justice and a full force of the law is applied to him. >> he denies the murder allegations and police are still trying to figure out the motive for the murder. new tonight, police want your help finding a mugger willing to attack and rob a man just to get an elevator key card. it happened two weeks ago. ca 50-year-old victim from behind, then throw him to the ground, then grabs the man's wallet, steals the elevator key card out of it, and takes off. it's not clear what he planned to use the card for or if this was a targeted attack. a man who climbed the trump tower in midtown exactly one week ago did not enter a plea today. steven regatta is still under going psychiatric evaluation. prosecutors say he planned his
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from the side of the building. regatta, who said he wanted to meet the republican presidential nominee is facing charges for base jumping, trespassing, and reckless endangerment. his next court date is in october. republican presidential nominee donald trump got his first classified intelligence briefing today after apparently questioning the accuracy of that information. >> do you trust intelligence? >> not so much from the people that had been doing it for our country. >> trump made those comments yesterday before he got the briefing. we're told that he got information that's not been made public about global threats, but not information about covert operations, nuclear weapons, or espionage. earlier in the day the trump campaign announced a personnel shakeup. steve bannon taking on the role as campaign ceo and kelly ann conway appointed campaign manager. when asked about the changes, hillary clinton said they don't
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>> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. they can make him read new words from a teleprompter. but he is still the same man. >> clinton campaign today in the key battleground state of ohio. coming up on news 4 new york, she may never get behind the wheel again. an suv slams into an apartment building and wait until what the crash. losing your bags is just about every traveler's worst nightmare, but there's a new device some airports are using that might save your vacation. that's coming up. and the tiny victim of a dog napping is safe tonight, but the mystery over where this yorkie
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progress tonight in the fight against one of those wildfires in california. evacuations are being lifted just north that fire there destroyed a small town, but firefighters have gained the upper hand. one person is under arrest for that one. the cajon pass fire is still raging. several homes there have been destroyed. a little girl and her grandmother died after a fast moving fire trapped them in their new jersey home overnight. the fire began with a series of explosions in the garage just before midnight. the 5-year-old girl and her grandmother were trapped by the
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they were both rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. five others, including the girl's mother and family jumped to safety. they are being treated at the hospital tonight. ten families are shaken up but back in their homes tonight after a car slammed into their apartment building in new jersey. this happened this afternoon in paterson, the driver is 53, but her family says she just started driving. they say she confused the gas for the brakes and accelerated by mistake. she suffered minor inspectors surveyed the building and allowed families to return after the damage was temporarily repaired. a mechanic says a burst fuel hose caused a fire off the northern coast of puerto rico. more than 500 passengers had to abandon that cruise ship and ferry as it burned. taking emergency slides to coast guard boats and other vessels. the fire started in the engine room and apparently had been
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if you've ever lost your bags while flying, you know how annoying it can be, but that could be a thing of the past. right now newark airport is testing technology to keep track of your luggage and keep you safe at the same time. news 4's michael george got a first hand look at how this works. >> reporter: olivia and johan are taking a family vacation to rome. the kids can't wait. about the only thing that could ruin this trip is if their bags get lost. >> it's roh traveling to a place and don't have anything. >> reporter: lost baggage is a huge problem. 23 million bags are mishandled worldwide last year. the court authority hope to cut down on the number with a new pilot program, the first of its kind in the area. it's tracking devices so small you probably haven't noticed it. it's on the back of your baggage
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reasons it also helps us identify a bag. >> so now when olivia and johan check in their bag, the chip keeps track of its location. first, the bag is scanned for explosives. any bags that have items that can't be identified are automatically set aside. while the approved bags keep moving. a tsa worker opens any flagged bags and searches them by hand. once the bags get the final okay, they are sent off to their ends up on the right plane, making sure when olivia and johan take off, their bags are with them. >> i think it's great. i mean, if it works, it's awesome. >> reporter: for now the program is only in use on certain international flights at newark international airport, but the program is expanding and now other airports are looking at it, too. in newark, michael george, news 4 new york.
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>> probably going to be an app for that. >> they are working on it. >> somebody is, i'm sure. all right, we had a great break from the heat and humidity earlier today, but now it looks like for the thursday you're going to see the humidity coming back. right now we're tracking a few thunderstorms moving across southern new jersey right now. we'll show you a closer look in a second. nothing in the city, very quiet right now and expected that way overnight. could be a sprinkle here and there, but not talking about big storms area, just one or two showers here and there. they will be very isolated later on today. definitely going to see the mugginess return, that starts to show up later today, but especially into the weekend. back up towards 90 and high humidity, but not the incredibly stifling heat from the last week. there will be storms on sunday night, but it is not a wash out weekend by any stretch of the imagination. most of sunday should be fine, as well as saturday.
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tuesday. the weekend, hazy, hot, humid conditions, upper 80s to near 90. beach weekend, there will be some storms on sunday night as i mentioned and that passes through. some dry canadian air coming in on tuesday, high of 82, doesn't get more perfect than that with low humidity and nice comfortable breeze. that means at night we may see 50-degree temperatures. 50s in redding, stanford, 70 in fairfield right now, west hampton, too, most tem 80 in the city and 84 in monticello. nice and cool for you. as i mentioned, tracking a few showers, sprinkles mainly across the area, but down to the south there are some stronger thunderstorms, and there's a severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now for cape may and atlantic city, but some of these may hold together as they move towards barnegat and southern ocean county. watch out there, rumbles of thunder and lightning show tonight, be aware of that.
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morning, cloudy in most spots, sun breaks out in the afternoon, that may fire up a couple storms, but they'll be few and far between. most locations should stay dry through the evening and most clears out towards midnight on friday. highs today mid to upper 80s. if you're at the shore, enjoy. just keep a watch in case a storm pops up. moderate risk of rip currents, temperatures 70s to the low 80s. not bad at all. high of 87 for the city. your ten-day forecast shows 90 on friday. yeah, hot and muggy for the weekend, but it should be mainly dry until sunday night, then we get to tuesday and we can breathe a sigh of relief as we get a big break for four or five days from the heat. that's it. >> thank you, janice. sometimes no matter what the records say, a team just has your number and there's no way around it. mets are finding that out the hard way. trying to solve the puzzle that has been the arizona
12:23 am
they could plug in their most important piece in their lineup. they soon will. plus, victor cruz was at practice, just wasn't taking part in practice. frustrating, yes, but the giants see signs of progress. that's just ahead in sports. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail
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it's always nice to be able to report a happy ending to a sad story. >> last month we told you about little linda, a yorkie dog napped. well, tonight we're happy to report that linda has been found. >> she was spotted at flushing meadows corona park by a missing dog flyer. police are still looking for the woman caught on camera stealing linda and it's not clear when the dog was left to wander in the park. linda's owners are planning to fly up from florida for a joyous reunion. >> bet they are thrilled.
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12:30 am
tonight she returned to form. the 48-year-old legend and her teammate april ross outlasted them in three sets. walsh jennings becomes the oldest female medal winner in beach volleyball history and she said afterwards she's unsure about the 2020 games. a lot of people hope she does end up playing in those. the yankees are flirting with a playoff spot, ironically because they opted to take a look at their prospects, like gary sanchez. behind the plate this afternoon. toronto went to work in the second, up 1-0 when barney plates two more with a double down the left field line. now to sanchez at the plate. he just destroys this offering, launching it 430 feet. the rookie catcher just the sixth yankee since 1913 to homer at least four times in his first 15 games. this was a 4-2 game when things
12:31 am
melvin upton torches a three-run homer and that proved to be the difference. sabathia was perplexing, gave up seven runs in six innings, despite striking out 12. that's the most batters he's fanned in four years. all in all yankees fall 7-4, losing 2 of 3 to toronto. drops them five and a half games back in the wild card, and they need to leapfrog three teams ahead of them. yoenis cespedes and cabrera closer to returning this weekend, both playing six ni zach wheeler with a muscle strain as he tries to rehab from tommy johns surgery. good news, though, no further ligament damage for wheeler. okay, now the bad news for the mets. making his first start since returning, that was fine until the fourth. rickie weeks smacks a two-run homer to left, giving the diamondbacks a 2-1 lead. then in the fifth, weeks adds to it, this time with two runners
12:32 am
arizona right now leading this game 13-5 with two outs in the ninth. arizona is last place in the n.l. west, but on track to win 5 of 6 this year against the mets. sometimes a team just has your number. matt forte was a welcome sight, practicing for the first time. he says he will be ready for the season opener. the nfl suspended giants kicker josh brown for the season opener over a incident in 2015. he doesn't agree with the suspension but will accept it. victor cruz didn't practice with the giants today, he just worked to the side as he recovers from the injured groin. buffalo seems doubtful this week, ben mcadoo called this a bounceback day for the wide receiver. victor tells skeptics who think he's done to tune in. >> i just want to play.
12:33 am
whatever that number is. i'm not, you know, trying to eye any specific number. i just want to go out there and play and go out there and prove that i can play, that i can still play at a high level, that i can still play this game and go from there. >> victor has already been through so much with so many injuries. lot of people rooting for him to get back. important thing is to take it slow. no pressure on this. eventually he'll get back out
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