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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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now at 5:00, fake story. the investigation into swimmer ryan lochte's claims that he was mugged in rio. what he's being ordered to do now. it's a stunt that shut down part of what the trump tower climber may have done to prepare for this. and a fire on a ferry. flames break out in puerto rico with hundreds of passengers on board. "news 4 new york at 5:00" starts right now. a sad development in a fire in new jersey. good evening, everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm sibila vargas. flames tore through a home in little ferry. a 5-year-old little girl has
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>> reporter: it's very sad. it really is. right now, work crews are boarding up the house. investigators have been here all day, and a small memorial is growing on the front steps of the building. there were some very frantic moments here last night as emergency responders tried desperately to save the child. >> i'm coming out with the victim. >> reporter: flames erupted around 11:30 last night followed by an explosion. didn't really pay mind to it. then i heard another explosion. i could see the front of the house in between the suv. between the suv and the gate was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: he pulled the fire alarm and ran across the street to what had become an inferno in the three-family rental. one was inside the inferno trapped on the second floor along with her parents and two sisters.
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they got out by jumping through a bathroom window. >> you heard all the explosions and everything. i thought the whole house was just going to explode, but we got out. >> reporter: her father broke his collarbone and ribs in the fall. >> headquarters to ems/paramedics. i have an officer doing cpr in progress on a 5-year-old. >> reporter: the grandmother of the girl killed is in the hospital in critical condition. she was hanging out a window on the third floor when she was rescued. three police officers called heros for helping to save the jumpers. >> very proud of them. they do a good job every day. >> reporter: now we do know investigators have said they believe the fire started in the garage and it was preceded by loud popping noises. that seems to be agreed upon by everyone. they also tell us they have spoken to the building's owner. in little ferry, i'm roseanne colletti.
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spectacle? prosecutors say this was all planned and they can prove it. ray villeda is standing by. >> reporter: he's still here at bellevue hospital facing psychiatric evaluation. he did not enter a plea. side of the building on the 21st floor. he said he wanted to meet with trump and that was his reason for doing it. he faces charges of base jumping, trespassing, and reckless endangerment. prosecutors say he ordered equipment and practiced ahead of time. court papers said he risked others getting hurt by climbing
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a laptop. we did reach out to his attorney. we have not heard back. he is undergoing psychiatric evaluations and can't check himself out. i'm ray villeda. a brooklyn woman claims he was held at knife point and rape ed just after getting off if -- the subway. >> reporter: we're at the 83rd say they have a 52-year-old man in custody. the man they believe raped that 27-year-old woman a half a mile from where we were standing. the woman was walking from the subway when that man came up behind her at the bushwick avenue intersection early yesterday morning. the man with the knife told her he would stab and kill her.
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off with her cell phone. no details on how police were able to find the suspect, but right now he is in custody we're told by police. he is being questioned. no charges at this time. back out here live, this latest attack a scare for women here in brooklyn. you may remember similar attacks in recent months. just last month, a woman was raped inside her apartment after a man broke in. in june, a woman evaded being raped, but was slashed in the neck. we're live in brooklyn checkey beckford, news 4 new york. a driver is recovering from minor injuries after a car slammed into an apartment complex in new jersey. police say that driver lost control, crashing through the column and the front windows of a home. right now officials inspecting the damaged area. no word yet on what exactly caused the driver to lose control. police are still trying to determine what motivated the
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associate. today, nypd's chief of detectives say morrell's cell phone and social media accounts don't hold any clues about the motives. they talked to morrell's family and friends who say they are baffled by the allegations. decision 2016. now a shakeup in leadership of the trump campaign. also new this afternoon trump classified intelligence briefing. natalie pasquarella joins us in the studio with more on that. >> donald trump just sat down for that briefing in the past hour. trump rearranged his staff. hillary clinton pounced. she said that trump changing staffers cannot change who he is, a man, who she said, thinks he knows more about isis than
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>> reporter: trump told fox. >> not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. look what's happened over the last ten years. look what's happened over the years. it's been catastrophic. >> reporter: earlier today came the campaign shuffle. trump named a new campaign chief who ran breitbart news. >> trump wants hostile takeover of the whole gop. >> reporter: trump promoted a pollster to a campaign manager. >> this is like a tennis match. you look across the net and you keep lobbing with her. >> reporter: meanwhile in ohio, clinton talked taxes and commented on the campaign shakeup saying he can change advisers all he likes.
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demeans women, mocks people with disabilities, and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals. >> reporter: hillary clinton will get the same intelligence briefings as trump. these are big picture meetings. a source tells nbc nothing on covert operations, nuclear weapons, or espionage. we asked bill bratton, who has been critical about trump's immigration policies, about the briefing. >> as to the capabilities of mr. trump to security briefing, i'll leave that to the federal government to determine what they feel they can give him comfortably. >> that briefing under way right now. trump was set to have chris christie and his foreign policy adviser lieutenant general mike flynn with him. these briefings began back in 1952. for the first 15 years, the cia gave the briefings. now the director of national intelligence handles the task.
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for improper use of space at trump tower. the tower includes public space on the lobby level. yet trump has repeatedly closed off the public area for campaign events and business purposes. no public reaction yet to the fine yet from trump or his lawyers. he dedicated his life to fighting crime and his no nonsense face mighte john timoney has died. he rose to the ranks to eventually become bill bratton's deputy commissioner back in 1985. he went on to head the philadelphia police force as well as the force in miami. john timoney was only 68 years old. did it really happen?
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held up in rio. wait until you hear what police say they discovered in the backseat of a vehicle. tainted sushi? the virus spreading through hawaii linked to a popular restaurant chain. that's coming up. it's a lot more comfortable today. temperatures are in the 80s. we're talking low 80s out there right now, but you know it's not going to last because it is still august. i'll let you know what to expect
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while the competition rolls on in le states today. he landed in phoenix with his fiancee nicole and his son boomer. phelps has maintained he will retire. next up, he plans to spend time as a volunteer coach for the arizona state swim team. >> bruce beck is into rio where the focus is on ryan lochte. what's the latest? >> reporter: all right. this is getting crazier by the day. a brazilian judge ordered the
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teammate jimmy fegan to be seized so police could further investigate claims they were robbed at gunpoint on sunday. lochte is already back in the united states. >> a guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead. he said get down. >> reporter: the ryan lochte robbery story took another dramatic turn today. lochte claims he and three teammates were robbed at officers while returning from a party at club france, but the judge found contradictions in the swimmers' statements and issued an order to keep lochte and fagan in the country. police went to the athletes village today looking for them, but the swim team had already moved out. the u.s. olympic committee said, as part of our standard security
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travel plans public and therefore cannot confirm the athletes' current location. we'll continue to cooperate with brazilian authorities. ryan lochte's father steve told the associated press his son texted him after arriving back in the u.s., saying he was headed to buy a new wallet to replace the one that was stolen. the men who also said they were intoxicated when leaving the party could not remember the color of the taxi or the e assault took place. investigators have been unable to find the taxi driver who delivered the swimmers back to the athletes village. file this whole story under one word -- bizarre. live in rio, i'm bruce beck. news 4 new york. david and sibila, i'm trying to make something of this situation. >> many are. here a look at the latest medal count from rio.
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second place tight race between china and great britain. >> go to and click on 4 to watch. read up on the athletes and the must-see matchups ahead. let's check in with janice huff. >> it was fantastic, but were you around for all that lightning last night? >> we heard it too. >> we tell everybody of course how dangerous lightning it is because it is. it can be deadly. this is electricity at five the sun, but it is a beautiful sight when you're at a distance. these pictures were sent in by jennifer. she's a viewer in jersey city. she has a beautiful instagram page of lots of lightning and beautiful shots. this was taken last night after that first line came through around 8:00. this is over manhattan. this is another one from jennifer. that building of course taller than all the buildings around.
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if you're that in the middle of a field, it can strike you. highly dangerous, but certainly beautiful pictures when they're taken from far, far, far away. this is the line that came through that most of us saw last night. it moved over the city, yonkers, and the bronx. these storms have been highly electrified partially due to all the heat that's been building in the area the last couple of weeks. today though quiet. beautiful, fantastic. we are tracking some rain south of pittsburgh, and another line moving through the detroit area which may bring us some showers late tonight or early in the morning. 82 degrees right now in the city. temperatures in general are about five to ten degrees cooler than what we've seen in the last 24 hours. the humidity was not as high today. it's around, but mainly because of a north to northwest wind. it's a dry direction. we haven't seen much of a factor in that today.
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the dew point is a measure of the moisture in the atmosphere. all in the 60s, which is muggy to sticky, but not tropical or truly uncomfortable. the feels like temperatures a few spots mid to upper 80s. feels like 88 in the city. 90 in long branch. gone are the 100-degree feels like temperatures for a while. we'll dip down to the upper 70s by midnight. there will be some storms showing up overnight before the sun comes up mainly south of around the city as well. lows tonight 60s and 70s, so it is very comfortable, but lots of clouds. 62 in monticello. enjoy that. tomorrow you're up to 81. 87 in midtown. 85 in andover. there will be a southwest wind kicking in tomorrow. going into the weekend, we definitely have the humidity back. saturday looks great. it's a great beach day on saturday.
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some storms. next week we get another break from the heat. more northwesterly winds. very comfortable. temperatures in the low 80s most of next week. here's our ten-day extended forecast. we're back up to 90 on friday. close to that on saturday with a bit of humidity. a few thunderstorms mainly at night on sunday with highs in the mid 80s. a great stretch of weather next week. perfection from monday, tuesday, all the way into saturday of the following atlantic, another one. i'll tell you more about that and show you the pictures in just a few minutes. keeping our eye on some breaking news in astoria. a water main break. chopper 4 sending us live pictures here. this is the area of 30th avenue and 12th street. crews on the scene working to get control of it. we don't know what caused it, but we'll keep an eye on this for you. the next time your cell phone battery runs low in new rochelle you won't have to run
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>> park benches are now equipped with solar-powered charging stations. officials say the stations are part of a new effort to modernize the downtown area. residents love the convenience. >> charges really fast. within less than 20 minutes, you can get it to 100 for real. >> it's already installed at several parks and emergency. fire erupts on a boat carrying 500 passengers from puerto rico. tonight, 4 investigates why this gaping crater in brooklyn still hasn't been fixed and why it could happen on your block next. i have never heard of roads that had tolls that you couldn't pay. >> toll trouble for a new jersey
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pretty scary situation as a fire broke out on board a passenger ferry off the coast of from the caribbean "fantasy." crews rescued more than 50 people. many suffered broken bones and dehydration. a hose carrying fuel burst open and caught fire. and floodwaters could rise even higher in parts of louisiana tonight. at least 11 people have died since that historic flooding.
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are still staying in shelters. the water seems to be receding in some areas around baton rouge, but it is rising in other communities downstream. several celebrities are pitching in with relief efforts. taylor swift donated $1 million. despite a government mandate, a new report finds many railroads are making little progress installing new safety technology. that technology known as positive train control can automatically slow a train that is going over the sed have been prevented crashes like this one, the one that killed eight amtrak passengers outside of philadelphia last year. some railroads have yet to equip any trains with the technology. if you have some vacation plans taking you to hawaii soon, take note. nearly a dozen sushi restaurants are closed amidst a hepatitis a outbreak. it is likely due to the imported
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at least 168 people have gotten sick. restaurants will remain closed until health officials finish their investigation. parents, getting a mcdonald's happy might encourage your kids to be more active. instead of a toy that usually comes in the happy meal, there will be a kid friendly fitness tracker. the device is like a watch and will come in six colors, count steps, and blinks according to how quickly or is moving wearing it. the front line in the battle to fight drug abuse now a middle school classroom. >> up next, where seventh and eighth graders could soon be drug tested. a tourist pulled over by police for some dangerous driving, but it is what officers found in the backseat that will give you chills. exclusive video of the arrest
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right now, backseat arsenal. eagle-eyed police officers say
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according to the officers, inside the suspect's suv a double barrel shotgun and an ak-47. investigators want to know what was the person doing with all that fire power. >> the driver from south carolina is under arrest. marc santia has video of that bus you'll see on just one station. >> reporter: keep your eyes on the red dodge durango. exclusive video obtained by news 4 shows the suv pulling into a washington heights gas station. the durango followed closely by nypd anti-crime officers. li weaving in and out of traffic here at 173 and broadway without using a turn signal. inside the suv, cortez from south carolina. he gets out at the gas pump and is immediately ordered back into the suv. officers smell marijuana, patting down the driver, something in the backseat catches their eye. this tourist didn't have luggage in the backseat but a rifle case. inside police found an ak-47


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