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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 17, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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pass it off. walsh jennings tapping. still alive. make it 20-18. now, the second match point. right now for the brazilians. they can win it here. agatha. puts it away! that's it! brazil h states.
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>> incredible play by agatha and barbara. and heartbreak for the americans. technically, it's really not an upset. brazil ranked number two. united states, number three. but we all know the truth. first match loss in olympic play. so agatha and barbara, they will play for the gold medal against germany. the united states, meanwhile, will play for the bronze. wow. that had everything.
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atmosphere. kerri walsh jennings had been 26-0 in olympic competition. her first ever defeat. what a setting for it to happen. it's possible that brazil could occupy two of the three places on the podium in this event. they will play the americans for the bronze, and they will play germany for the gold. and we'll come back here to wrap things up on this tuesday night in rio after this.
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this broadcast is presented by authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the express written consent of the international olympic committee. wednesday, the games of the xxxi olympiad continue from rio de janeiro. in daytime on nbc, the u.s. men's volleyball team squares off with champions women collide with hungary. in prime time, the world's fastest man, usain bolt, returns for the 200-meter semifinals, sprinting one step closer to another historic three-peat. in the final of the women's 200 american tori bowie takes on a powerful jamaican contingent. in the 100-meter hurdles, a deep american team looks to over power the field.
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under way. an nbcsn, kevin durant and the usa tip off against argentina. on the golf channel, the women take to the links following a sterling finish to the men's tournament. you can watch the olympics in spanish on telemundo and nbc universo and on and nbc sports app. as the games of the xxxi olympi okay. here is a look now at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journeys. the u.s. has opened up a wide gap. more than 30 medals ahead of china and great britain. not pictured here is argentina. brazil's sports arch rival. they collected their second rio
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olympian. last year longa was diagnosed with lung cancer and had his left lung removed. as he came to shore his sons, who also competed in rio, jumped into the water to greet their dad. longa said afterwards that rio was a very emotional games for him. he said watching the racing of my sons and my sons watching my racing and then celebrating today with them, it's just been too much for me. well, as medal ceremony for the women's floor exercise earlier today. simone biles capped her impressive olympic debut with her fourth gold medal of the games while aly raisman collected the silver. her sixth over all. joining them was amy tinkler of great britain who took the bronze. and that smile from simone
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americans who only a few months ago might not have known who simone biles was are more than familiar with that beaming smile. and she has had ample reason to show it to us time after time here. five medals, four of them gold. and already, by acclamation, the greatest female gymnast in history. aly raisman with six career golds one behind the american record of s gymnastics held by shannon miller. here they are on the podium awaiting their national anthem. ?? ??
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] coming up in a bit, it's late night on copacabana with ryan seacrest.
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april ross, right after their defeat a few moments ago. just up the beach in the morning, it's the "today" show with matt and hoda. good night. since it's past 1:00 a.m. here in rio, technically perhaps good morning as well from brazil.
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hundreds walk the path of a jogger murdered in queens as the victim's father makes a surprising offer to her killer. "news 4 new york" starts now. good evening, everyone, i'm sibila vargas. >> i'm chuck scarborough. the pressure is on a killer to turn himself in. two weeks after a jogger was found murdered. >> tears mixed with anger as hundreds walk the final path. michael george is live in howard beach with michael? >> reporter: sibila, chuck, she went for a jog on this trail behind me. she never came home. despite national attention, police have very few leads so tojt korrina's parents made a plea to the murder saying he can get the reward murder. >> turn yourself in. i will make sure that reward money goes to the person of your choice. your sister, your brother, your mother.
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you will be caught so take advantage of that. >> reporter: phil and kathy are speaking to the killer of 30-year-old karina, a man who is still on the loose. >> we will get you. it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: on the two-week anniversary of karina's death, her parents organized a march along the park where she was attacked. >> what do we all want? >> justice for karina! >> reporter: more than 1,000 people showed up and leading the group kathy va traun know, un unimaginable grief. >> it's evident to everyone the power that my daughter had. >> reporter: karina's parents have made this her mission, keeping public attention on the case ajd and hoping someone, anyone can give them answers. in howard beach there are reminders everywhere how much the murder has affected everyone. white ribbons and posters offer a reward, now at $100,000.
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thought who it might be, you are equally as guilty of harboring him. don't protect him. he is of no use to anyone. he's a weak, evil piece of [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a lot of passion from karina's parents. now, their goal is to raise $100,000 for the reward. so far, they've raised more than $245,000. given to a scholarship fund in karina's honor. we also want to mention the nypd has a separate $25,000 reward for any information leading to the killer. we're live in howard beach, michael george, "news 4 new york." it will likely be a while before a long island family gets a good night's rest. a family still rattled by intruders who broke into their home as they slept. tonight we have exclusive details and video of what
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>> reporter: a north woodmere family woke up to this creepy surveillance video and to the discovery that not only had their neighborhood been invaded but their home while they were sleeping. >> i'm ready for gates. i'm so scared for my kids especially. >> reporter: exclusive news4 video shows four suspects casing a home on koufax place, testing the lock on the front door. watch as the burglar throws a brick through a basement window. he's later joined by his crew covering their heads with sweatshirts. two of them hanging back as lookouts as it appears two make their way into the home. >> no security. like how can they violate you like that? >> reporter: it happened early monday morning. the homeowner scared for her safety wanted to remain anonymous. she tells us her 11-year-old daughter first heard sounds. >> i thought she was just being a kid. anything could have happened. but thank god it didn't. >> reporter: then the homeowner noticed the lights turned on downstairs.
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walking into the kitchen. when the mom yelled out to make sure her other daughter was okay, the burglar bolted, running out of the house. >> i saw footage of them across the street walking back and forth rfrmgts so do you think your house was targeted? >> no. i just think it was -- i think it was just being knuckleheads. >> reporter: in the end, the suspects took nothing, scared away by the homeowner's voice. you can see the four running away, jumping a fence. the family feeling unsafe in their own home. >> they can security. >> yes. that's it. >> reporter: that family now looking into alarm systems and warning neighbors. if you know anything, give nassau county police a call. reporting from north woodmere, long island, "news 4 new york." new tonight, fire at the marina. take a look at the bright orange flames that ingulfed several boats on long island around 7:00 this evening in east pa chalk.
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mother nature put on quite a show over the skies in our area tonight. lightning streaking through the sky, heavy rain swamping fans and players at yankee stadium. we're in new jersey with a closer look at the damage. >> reporter: the hum of generators pretty much all you'll here in this teaneck neighborhood left in the dark by a power outage. >> i prioritize, a/c, tv and network. extra sticky night thanks to the storm, no power also means no air conditioning. >> the humidity is unbelievable. absolutely. >> reporter: earlier in the evening, the fast-moving storm dumped buckets of rain on northern new jersey. and spawned this stunning show over manhattan as tend rals of lightning appeared to reach down to the sky to touch towering buildings. but just 20 miles north ever the city, there was nothing pretty
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catching it on fire. fortunately, no one was hurt. in teaneck, new jersey, checkey beckford, "news 4 new york." >> is there more nasty weather ahead? >> sibila, we are tracking a few more that have sparked a lot parts of snj new jersey, moving out of pennsylvania, a few thunderstorms with lightning as well that could cause some problems across parts of the tri-state area was we go through the overni lightning strikes over 100 in the last 15 minutes. this cell moving out of pennsylvania toward ewing, hillsborough and franklin will eventually moving there in the next half hour to 45 minutes. we have downpours around west milford, montebello as well as mahwah. you're likely to see heavy wrain. no lightning with that right now but watch out because these storms can intensify. there's still a lot of heat out there so the lightning strikes
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through the overnight. it's starting to calm down around 2:00 a.m. look at what feels like right now. still right around 90 in the city and 93 in trenton. so it's pretty miserable still in spots but that changes tomorrow as the humidity drops for us. i'll talk more about that in the forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. >> janice, thank you. new together, investigators are working into whether gusty winds caused this gasoline collapse in brooklyn. the structure crashed down on a sidewalk around 8:30 in prospect it's not clear how long it will take crews to clean up the mess. the power is back on in terminal 8 in jfk. it was breaking news earlier at 5:00, a partial power outage hit the american airlines terminal. the baggage claim area descended into chaos as luggage piled up. the lights came back on and there's no word on what knocked that power out. yes, that is the same terminal 8
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panic two nights ago, a false alarm of gun fire triggered a police response. the law enforcement told us the whole thing may have been started with people wildly cheering during usain bolt's olympic run. prosecutors say the gun found inside the home of a man accused of killing an iman and his friend. in the arraignment today, prosecutors call the shooting death saturday a cold-blooded assassination. morell's lawyer says his client denies butting the trigger. new tonight in new jersey, infuriated residents packed the city council meeting where lawmakers are awaiting a luj e budget fan. mayor torres was on vacation as not at the meeting. weeks of fighting over of a tax levy and financial troubles have led to a proposal that includes
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nonessential workers. the plan also proposes generating thousands of dollars by ordering police to issue 30,000 additional traffic tickets a year. women's gymnastics wrapped up in rio tonight with another gold for team usa. as another local athlete continue onz his quest to top the medal stand. >> we're live in rio with highlights. hello, bruce. >> reporter: chuck and sibila, the expectations of off at the rio olympics. but michael phelps and katie ledecky lived up to expectations, actually, they exceeded them. and imone biles, the queen of american gymnastics did pretty well herself. simone biles was as good as gold on the final day of gymnastics in rio. the 19-year-old superstar won the gold medal in the floor
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>> it's been an amazing experience for me and the whole entire team. we couldn't be more proud of ourselves with how we handled the whole situation. we're very excited. >> reporter: on the track, the rio experience came to an end for 17-year-old sydney mclaughlin. the prodigy from union catholic high school in new jersey was eliminated in the semifinals of the 400-meter hurdles. the future burns brightly for the talented teenager but tonight was a reality check. >> there's no excuse. i just didn't run my race. i'm happy i got to be here. i'm happy now i can say i'm olympian. >> reporter: in the same event, queens native mohammad was dominant winning her heat and postion the fastest time of the day by over half a second. your form has been outstanding here in rio. what dao you think? >> i'm feeling prepared, i'm feeling good, ready. i just want to go out there thursday and execute. >> reporter: mohammad went to cardoza high school in bayside.
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in her 200-meter semifinal. she's headed to the finals tomorrowing evening. stevenson assured himself of no worse than a bronze medal with floyd mayweather watching, the 19-year-old won his second stlait fight by unanimous decision. he'll fight in the semifinals on thursday. >> i'm still living up to my potential and living up to everybody is saying right now. so now i've got to get back focused and >> reporter: how about benjamin cardoza, that terrific high school in bayside queens. they have two graduates who are in the finals of two track and field events at the olympics. that's great stuff from the judges. live in rio, bruce beck, "news 4 new york." chuck and sibila, back to you. >> thanks so much. here's a look at the updated
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the most gold, silver and bronze of all the countries. china is next with 51, great britain with 50 and russia 38. we're your home for all the olympic coverage. go to and click on 4 to watch. coming up on "news 4 new york," a serial sinner in a new jersey town. one man wanted in two dozen crimes but it's what police say he waes taking out of yards that local firefighters in the middle of a fight over the american flag. why they have to remove them from their fire trucks. and nypd officers help make a wish come true. why they spent part of their day
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at least 11 deaths from the torrential rains and historic flooding in southern louisiana. another eight parishes are now on the federal disaster declaration list 36,000 have registered with fema and the flooding is not over yet. forecasters say it will be moving south. in new jersey someone is stealing religious statutes from front yards in nuttley. take a look at this picture. police believe that guy is behind at least 24 thefts all taking place over the past year. everything from virgin mary and jesus statute and angel figurines. police say he's also set off
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grills and u.p.s. packages. on the eve of his first national -- billed as a law and order speech in the suburb of milwaukee, wisconsin. >> the war on our police must end, and it must end now. >> trump accused democrats and the media of rushing to judgment and creating in his boreds false facts and mare actives about polices-involved deaths missouri. he once again accused his democratic opponent hillary clinton of lying to congress about her handling of classified e-mails. earlier in the day, the fbi sent congress notes from its clinton investigation and some of her e-mails as well. her running mate says the clinton campaign wants to go even further to show they have nothing to hide. >> let the public see what the fbi decides to let congress see. >> even though the fbi cleared her of criminal wrong doing, the ongoing controversy continues to
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only 11% of americans say they consider her honest and trustworthy in the latest nbc news surveymonkey online poll. despite that, clinton's lead over trump continues to hold steady. an increase for congress to pass zika funding spreads. >> there's a lot of fear and kirn. we all now we need that federal help to be able to do all that we can do to fight zika. >> mayore leaders want to fight the virus nationwide. the house and senate passed zika funding measures. so far, new york city has confirmed nearly 500 zika cases, including 49 pregnant women who have tested positive. in duchess county, american flags once waving proudly on the back of arlington district trucks are gone.
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fire commissioners thought the flags were a distraction to drivers so they ordered them to be removed. the board also said it they weren't consulted before the flags were mounted. the fire union says they purchased the flagging because of the love of our country and called it a disappointing day for the firefighter thz close to 9/11. janice, is the worst past? >> i would say most of the worst has passed. we stillav as plentiful as earlier this evening. we're tracking areas with intense lightning once again across interior new jersey. you have to watch out, a cluster here about 127 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes and another cluster has developed here over northern somerset county. this is moved toward newark airport and new york city. then in the north it stretches
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patterson, clifton, greenberg and yonkers probably after 1:00 a.m. you'll get it there. notice in and around the city if you've been outside and you live in the urban areas it still feels stifling. the heat index is still around 90, astoria, passaic. but to the north and west, we're seeing a little cooler conditions here, drier air slowly starting to work its way in. 91 is what it feels like in the city right now. the actual temperature is about 85. humid tomorrow. not so much tonight and the morning. it will still be around by tomorrow afternoon, we'll get a breeze, it is much drier. the humidity plunges. temperatures will be in the upper 80s to around 90 so still pretty toasty in spots. but a wind makes it feel more comfortable. sunshine and no risk for thunderstorms. watch out, though, if you're going to the shore areas because
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currents. don't go out too far. uv index of course very high tomorrow, temperatures in the 80s to near 90. no risk of storms tomorrow, but we might see a couple showing up thursday morning in some spots. storm spot storms here, humidity creeps up ail a little bit going into the weekend but not nearly as what we saw last weekend. we're in the 80s through 90 saturday. sunday there could be a few storms around with but even worse on monday with stormy weather. after that we have a dry stretch tuesday into friday of next week. >> we get a break. >> yeah, we do. >> thanks, janice. >> we'll be right back. ???
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??? ??? ??? one journey. two teams.
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. an police operation in brooklyn today. officers from the brooklyn precinct mobilized to collect birthday cards for jacob priestley. he has a disease. with his 14th birthday approaching he asked for birthday parts. he felt 10,000 would do the trick. the officers saw his story online and today they shipped boxes full of cards to jacob and


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