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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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land is sitting right on the banks of the hudson and bergen county is considered to be one of the most contaminated land in the country. here's natalie pasquarella. >> reporter: on bustling river road in edgewater, new jersey, amid the towers and new development, it's the fence that first catches your eye. behind it an empty swath of land with a for years. the quanta super site, land poisoned by companies back to the late 1800s. it's an underground stew that stretches from under river road to the hudson. >> now you have people passing through. we have so many cars that go through here. >> reporter: what's most concerning to many residents is
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happen. >> reporter: after a decade of research and testing, the epa has approved a plan to leave the toxins in the ground and solidify them in a mix of concrete. one of the big concerns is to do the solidifying with concrete. >> you're going to be removing hazardous ma residents relatively close by. >> reporter: the epa has plenty of documentation saying the solidifying is safe, but not everyone is convinced. one did consulting work on the edgewater site. >> this process has been used in the past, but not this deep. this process has been used in
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are warmer and not in the immediate vicinity to a freshwater/saltwater interface. >> reporter: gill hawkins is the president of the hudson river fishermen's association. >> we're concerned about the river. >> reporter: dealing with the river is part two of the epa's plan. it involves installing a underground to filter toxins from ground water flowing into the hudson. the epa clean up of this site is scheduled to start this fall, and it is expected to take almost two years. here on the perimeter we found this sign with an artist's rendering. plans to build on the site once the toxins are solidified in cement are well under way. back at the way, residents were told the site would be monitored
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after that. >> it's still concerning to know that it is still there and our children or maybe our children's children if we decide to stay here could be exposed to this again. >> reporter: now the epa stressed solidifying is a tried and true technology. honeywell has applied this to other locations. those implementing cleanup are experts in the field. >> you have something you think 4 investigates should look into, call us at 866-639-7244. we have a disgusting act to tell you about the bronx. a man groped an 8-year-old as she walked with her mother. police have released this sketch of the man they want to talk to. the suspect allegedly squeezed the girl's buttocks as she walked up the stairs at the
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here is surveillance video given to us by police. he has been targeting metro pcs and boost mobile stores since june 18th. his latest heist was sunday at a boost store in east new york. in each incident, he holds up employees at gunpoint and demands cash. on long island, detectives are looking into whether graffiti painted all over one neighborhood could be gang residents in amityville woke up to the letters "ms" sprayed on cars and homes. it stands for the gang ms-13. it shows a man caught on camera breaking into a brooklyn restaurant. this happened last thursday around 3:30 a.m. in prospect
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with the word r-e-s-p-e-c-k on it. another police department in our area embracing the use of drones. new rochelle will use a drone to expand the department's capabilities. it will use it in missing persons cases and tactical squads and taking accident and crime scene photos. nb terrytown looking to buy one. hotels possibly hit by hackers. >> the vacation destinations where your data may have been stolen. a quiet family party turns deadly. what we know about the victims and the connection to a former nypd officer. a break from the humidity today, but it doesn't last long. as a matter of fact, it is back
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conditions. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. we're covering two major disasters at home. the death toll and misery rise in flood ravaged louisiana. and wildfires in california. why trying to save it has become a dangerous and deadly pursuit. usain bolt's remarkable dash into history. it's alln "nightly news" live tonight from
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new information this evening in a shooting at a family party on long island that ended with one person dead. >> a retired nypd officer was the one who pulled the trigger shooting his two sons before taking his own life. rana novini has m this tragedy unfolded. >> reporter: a backyard party that went horribly wrong. >> i'm still shaking from it. my family was here. >> reporter: police say the family gathering took an unexpected turn when the 61-year-old retired cop went in to get a gun. he shot two of his sons before he turned the gun on himself. >> i told them to lock the doors. close the windows. >> reporter: her kids called her in a panic.
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my daughter said she heard a gunshot. she said, mom, i think it's right across the street from us. >> reporter: the two sons are in critical condition. their father dead. outside the home, a family friend here to pick up the pieces of the party. >> i talked to the dad. the dad was happy yesterday. everybody just seemed happy. >> reporter: wilson says looking back to when he set up the tent he never now only hope he sees the brothers recover. >> it's upsetting, very. hate to see something like this happen. >> reporter: there were other family members inside the house at the time of the shooting, but no one else was hurt. the officer was appointed to the nypd in 1982 and retired in 2009. news 4 new york. coming up, retirement is a major milestone for many, but how do you make sure your family is taken care of if something should happen to you.
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this memorial honoring fallen soldiers now the focus of a new battle. why some say this cross is offensive. and the extreme heat and humidity have backed off a bit today, but tomorrow could be steamy and stormy. janice huff has a look in her
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the city of yonkers is scoping out land to build two elementary schools even though it doesn't have the money or the approval to build them. the city is in negotiations to
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now known as grant park, but the schools haven't even been designed yet and there is no money in the budget yet to pay for them. the mayor has asked the state for $2 billion to rebuild the city's public schools. hundreds stood outside in manhattan's heat. they lined up outside the carpenters union. there are onl available. >> i need a job. i just graduated from high school. yeah, looking to get a job. >> i would wait out here in the heat, hail, a hurricane for a chance to become a card carrying member of the carpenters union. >> the recruitment period runs until august 26th, but applications are usually gone within minutes of being handed out. it does look like they tried to make the best of it.
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the feels like temperatures were below 100. but this is what it feels like out there right now. it is not that far off the actual temperatures. there are spots where it feels like the mid 90s like morristown, bridgewater, and trenton. the city feels like 93. basically, it feels relatively comfortable based on the last few days when the humidity was so high. today the humidity is not, but it does return tomorrow tracking right now towards washington, d.c. they're getting those big lightning storms now. so that line moves eastward, and there's a chance for some severe weather from the city north and east to the area shaded in yellow. all right. let's track all of that. it's quiet overnight. there might be a couple of isolated showers or storms up over parts of the hudson valley
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by noontime, that's when a few storms could pop up. things could get severe around 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon as that line moves in from eastern pennsylvania, slides over the city. it may weaken a bit, but then fire up offshore. be aware that there could be some isolated severe storms in the area tomorrow with lightning and hail and damaging winds. in the meantime, the heat index goes back up to near 100 again because of that rise in the 4:00 in the afternoon. it is another miserable today tomorrow even though the actual temperatures may not make it to 90 in some spots. on wednesday, even better. we start to slowly dry out. in the meantime, we don't have warnings in effect for the heat, but we have an advisory from ocean county north through the city and bergen county. that's from noon tomorrow until 10:00 tomorrow night. then wednesday a dry day. maybe some storms north and west, but below 90 degrees.
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mix of sun and clouds. delightful. we will embrace that change. coming up thursday, friday, saturday's high 85. sunday a slight chance, but not a washout. 87. more storms on monday. then really nice weather next week. it is cooler with highs in the low to mid 80s. low humidity. we'll finally get the relief we've been looking for. back to you. and now to consumer alert about a product that could be in your cabinet. a recall of may contain some lead. oriental packing companying is recalling the product. it was sold to new york and online nationwide under several brand names including blue mountain, jamaica choice, oriental, and grace. for more information, head over to our website, we have a consumer alert for travelers. hackers may have used malware to
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information from hotels around the country. it was from last december to early june. none of the hotels in our area, but they include hyatt, marriott hotels in washington and other states. you can find a full list by going to and searching the words hotel hack. the loss of a loved one is always difficult, especially wh his family thought they would receive survivor benefits through his union. they seemed to be enrolled. >> the brooklyn father's death happened just weeks after marking a major milestone. his retirement after decades of helping patients at a local hospital. he's always been a family man and for 33 years he was also a devoted worker at coney island hospital until retiring officially this past january.
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discovered a mass in his intestine. >> he retired and then he got sick. out of nowhere he just passed away. >> reporter: he leaves behind a family. to cover medical expenses, the family believed they had survivor benefits through alan's union. >> my mom was supposed to get benefits for vision, dental, and medicine. enrolled. >> what information do you have about whether he was enrolled or not? >> they sent us to the health benefits office in manhattan. they told me my dad was enrolled and my mom should be getting the benefits. >> reporter: armed with that form, the ungers tried to straighten out the mixup.
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insurance, billing. he'll go visit patients in their rooms, sit down and speak to them, to find how he could help them. he loved helping people. >> now he needs help. >> reporter: it's been a difficult six months while they fight for benefits while they mourn alan's loss. >> it's tough. we should not be put through this. it is just not fair. >> so we reached out to dc 37. they immediately got to work contacting the family. just a few days later, solved. richard says his family received a lump sum payment of $2,000 plus survivor benefits which includes prescription drug coverage, dental, and vision insurance. here's the reaction. >> without you, i don't know where we would be right now. my sister is not here and she would like to thank you also. >> i would like to thank you very much. >> so happy to help. >> what are the lessons for the
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ask. as our loved ones get older, it is important to ask about estate planning, including survivor benefits. find out where all the information is kept, who are the beneficiaries, how do you file a claim. these are difficult questions. you don't want to ask these questions, but they are essential. they will come in handy when necessary. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, log on to call us at 866-639-7244. a controversy has been brewing over something you might not expect. why some think this display meant to honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice is offensive. chuck is here with a look at what's coming new tonight at 6:00. the panic at jfk airport. the i-team investigates problems accessing the surveillance cameras that could be called a dangerous security glitch.
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an organization that helps protect victims of violence and abuse falls victim to identity theft. how did the happen? those stories and much more all
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liberty mutual insurance. there is a growing controversy in one new jersey community over a memorial meant to honor fallen soldiers. >> an atheist group is upset
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soldier kneeling over an open grave has led to a battle at the veterans memorial library. it's this cross that has some people upset. >> you have a monument that singles out one religion and ignores everyone else. >> reporter: he tried to get the mayor to remove the memorial, but after several unsuccessful attempts contacted the american humanist association. the group advocates for separation of church it wrote this letter to the mayor threatening legal action if the tribute isn't taken down. >> what you have here is is a basic constitutional issue of government endorsement of a religion. no one is against the veterans. >> reporter: the religious controversy not the first for this borough. last year the mayor renamed the annual holiday tree lighting to the christmas tree lighting.
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the tribute honors service of all soldiers. the borough is now reviewing the matter. meantime, most here at the library not reading too much into any religious symbols. >> absolutely not am i offended by it. >> there's a cross there, but that's not the main part of the whole display there. >> until the constituents in town are asked if they want it down, i think it should remain . thank you for watching. >> stay with us as the news continues. now at 6:00, new information in the fatal shooting of an imam and his friend in queens. an update from police expected at this hour. plus, airport panic. is there a dangerous security glitch at jfk. and hot, humid, and uncomfortable and getting worse. when will this heat wave finally end?
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scarborough. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. we're expecting an update on the fatal shooting of an imam and his associate. >> police are questioning a person of interest in these murders. this afternoon hundreds of family, friends, and community members gathered a few blocks from the crime scene for funerals. >> reporter: well, chuck, from what we understand, that police update in just a few moments will not be to detail an arrest, but to provide some clarity ab a police precinct at this hour. all of this only a couple of hours after that parking lot behind me was filled to the brim with mourners who are demanding answers. they lined up shoulder to shoulder in prayer, thousands from the city's muslim community, many also carried signs of protest. the outpouring in a brooklyn parking lot only a few blocks
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where surveillance video shows the gunman casually walking up to and executing imam akonjee and uddin. >> who shoots two innocent men from behind? >> reporter: those here demanded action from police after what appeared to friends and family as a hate crime. police have yet to determine a motive. the imam's son-in-law -- >> what we want is justice. that's it. thank you very much. >> we >> it pulls at all our hearts and souls. we want justice too with you and we will get justice for this community. >> reporter: as the mayor spoke, police continued to question a suspect inside the 107th precinct station house. law enforcement sources say the man in custody matches a sketch and description of the gunman and that police found him after running a plate on his car.


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