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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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mount eden. what do we know. >> reporter: the woman was standing inside the door, in the hallway, when the bullet pierced the door and struck her in the calf. i'll wait until this gentleman closes the door, you can see the bullet hole. the 58-year-old woman was here on grand concourse, she was taken to the hospital in serious, but again, no word on suspects. this shooting, not far from another shooting, just a few days ago off the grand concourse, where two innocent bystanders were shot a young woman and man, running a fruit stand. those people were also listed in stable but serious condition. we're live in the mount eden section, news 4 new york. well, it is a house in new jersey thrust into the spotlight because of an alleged stalker.
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battled out in court. a judge dismissed consumer fraud charges against cold well bankers, they knew about an alleged stalker that would use disturbing letters, the writer would sign them as the watcher, making cryptic messages. >> what you put on your dinner table is safe, while creating jobs at the same time. ve program, grown and certified, it will create a $20 million distribution hub in the bronx that will create 45 new jobs. the program gives special labels to foods that are grown in new york and adhere to the state's safety standards. an historic day against the fight against aids. on this day in 1981, a group of men gathered in a living of
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raised $7,000. the meeting laid the foundation what would be become the gay men's health crisis. it has grown through the decades. they provided services and meals to 10,000 people affected by hiv and aids. new at 5:00, a dramatic rescue at sea. one by one, a coast guard hoisted the women to safety. a tried to help them. coast guard said it helped them get to them faster. beaches across the tri-state, high risk of rip currents on queens, long island. new jersey isn't fairing better. dave price has a closer look, dave. >> reporter: we are actually on the beach, and it is a crowded beach here on long beach island in new jersey.
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feels like it is 103. and these conditions, as we've talked about and janice will go into detail on, will stay this way as we head through the weekend. that's why we have a rip current statement out for long island, extended through 9:00 p.m. as the graphic we're putting up, extended through 9:00 p.m. on friday night. i wouldn't be surprised if these were extended through the weekend or expanded. but rip current risks in new jersey are moderate, and with miles per hour and gusting to 21 right here, it is that danger of the winds that create these rip currents. dangerous conditions along the shore lines, as we surveyed the situation earlier, certainly beautiful, but the winds and waves were obvious. to everyone who a season pro or season visitor, they know, rip currents mean business. >> everyone always comes here to have a good time, just be aware
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feel free to come talk to us and we'll be happy to educate you about the water, the ocean. >> i'm looking at the current, the waves, the conditions. how cold it is. everything. come on, you're a swimmer, you go in the water, knowing what you're going into it. you don't just go. >> reporter: now, back live, we are right along long beach island, and the beach, of course, plenty of children, plenty of adults, everyone is enjoying the beach. here is what you need to know. if you get caught if a rip current. let's put up the pick due. if you wind up in that situation, don't fight the current. that will exhaust you. relax and float to conserve energy. call or waive calmly for help. again, know what you're getting into before you go in, and if you're going to the beach, keep an eye on everybody who leaves the sand and heads to the water. back to you from long beach island, enjoying the sunshine here. >> all right, dave price reporting. in addition to the rip
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all. >> that's right. as you can see, the shore where dave is, it is nice and sunny there. but north and west of the city, big thunderstorms have popped up, and some flash flooding is happening right now in new jersey. i'll have the details, coming up next. not yet ready for motherhood, but don't think you can afford to freeze your eggs for later. i'm rose san colletti and i'll tell you about a brand new service right here in new york city to preserve your options. l what he is wouldinging on. >> good afternoon. we're live from rio from team usa, two words, simone biles. also, road debris, what a new study says about the deadly and costly toll it is taking in america's highways, and yet another frightening amusement park accident involving a child.
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it has been called insurance policy for the modern woman, freezing eggs can give career driven women a piece of mind. >> it can come at a big cost, adding up to $10,000 plus an extra $500 or more for storage. roseanne colletti shows us a clinic. >> reporter: this ultrasound shows it all.
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frozen for later use. 33-year-old woman started making inquiries about the process, after learning she had one of the leading causes of infertility. >> i got diagnosed with poly cystic ovary syndrome. >> she is being treated by a brand new medical practice, right here in new york city, devoted exclusively to freezing eggs. it is different from fertility clinics, which also offer other >> i wanted someone who was just focused on preserve fertility for young women. >> founder and endocrinologist says it reduces the operating overhead, and that allows them to charge women less. he says, by half. >> to freeze the eggs is just under $5,000. that comes with a reassurance
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have a baby if you so choose later in life. >> a single female who owns their own business, like any amount of money is a lot. >> the patients are guaranteed freezing of 12 eggs, from up to four cycles. for rinan, assurance. >> i can make the decision when i want to. >> roseanne colletti, news 4 new york. lesson we can learn. nutritional supplements. 4 investigates what some doctors call a dangerous mix. capable full-sized pickup on the road today. and, the ram 1500 is the most fuel-efficient, full-sized pickup. ever. so what does that mean? it means ram trucks give you the best of both worlds.
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marijuana has no accepted medical use. not according to the drug enforcement administration. which rejected petitions to reclassify the drug. 25 states and washington dc has legalized it, despite it being illegal under federal law. all drugs legal and illegal are placed into categories by the feds known as schedules. marijuana falls under the most restrictive 1, along with lsd and herowin. take a look what is on the list. opium, cocaine and meth. dea says marijuana has a hypo ten shall for abuse. but the agency announced it will allow more research into possible medical benefits. let's talk about the weather. i know, janice, you have been trying to prepare us for the dog
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you just need to know what to do to cool down. make sure you are hydrated at all times. lots and lots of water, and make sure you check on your elderly neighbors and make sure they're cool. stay in air-conditioning if you have it or likely there are cooling centers or a mall or someplace like that. in the meantime, thunderstorms out there. flash flood warnings in effect in dumping a lot of heavy rain. we've seen estimates up to 4.35 inches just west of north amwell. flash flooding, if it isn't happening, there it is moving over hopewell, and the brun wicks, it is moving in your direction. a lot of lightning and possible flash flooding. remember, don't drive your car over a flooded road. this cell over staten island may
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parts of brooklyn, so watch out for that. here is the wider view. you can see the storms, like yesterday, have popped up. not so much long island today. the jersey shore is clear for now, but keep an eye on the sky. in the meantime, we have the watches and advisories in effect for the excessive heat that conditions through saturday. no changes there. the big heat is going to stay with us. temperatures out there right now are gwen greenich, ocean temperatures are in the 80s off of sandy hook and the moisture in the atmosphere is extremely high. tropical. these numbers in the 70s indicate tropical moisture, dew points and it feels even worst.
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just below 100 in the city up to bridgeport. 102 in morristown, even long branch. we trend down but stay in the 80s in the city. all night long. most of the night, until about mid knit, we're still at 82. could be a pop up shower or thunderstorm even this evening. keep an eye on the sky. 90s again tomorrow with a southwest wind and it will feel hotter. at the shore, moderate to high risk of rip currents, you earlier. so make sure you either swim near a lifeguard or stay right on the beach, like knee deep. don't try to get too far in there. the heat continues with the humidity. and the thunderstorms through sunday and we still have a chance for thunderstorms for thursday of next week. the temperatures aren't quite as hot. still muggy, though. biggest relief doesn't come until maybe friday when it dries out, friday of next week, not tomorrow.
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hours to solve a consumer problem. sometimes it could take more than a year, but persistence can pay off. here's news 4 consumer reporter. >> consumer professional squash player checked his health insurance information before under going expensive hip replacement surgery. we first aired his story back in january with details on why his claims were denied and now we have a happy update. among these pro squash is queen's residents, chris walker. he needed surgery. >> i was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right hip and basically the pain just became too much that i knew i had to have something done about it. >> chris found a hip replacement procedure that promised to be minimally invasive with a faster recovery period. he says he asked his insurer, united health care about coverage, but a few days before the surgery.
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covered for the insurance, but the hospital bills and the anesthist. >> he went ahead with the surgery. then, he faced nearly $30,000 in medical bills. asked news 4 for advice. >> i'm desperate for some where to go. i'm running out of ideas. >> we contacted united health care and after a lengthy told the member was told on several occasions that the hospital was not in his plan's network. but after our story aired, chris appealed once more, and this time, he says, he was asked to provide more detailed documents. >> what she wanted was to show that i had a referral from my pcp, and that the surgery was medically necessary. >> and when he did, problem solved. >> we're pleased to tell you based on the documentation
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services are covered under your benefit plan. it also says that we made this decision on a one time basis, because new york state law requires that we reverse initial decision if we do not meet state processing requirements. so i am a happy bunny. >> happy bunny, i like that. i've never had happy bunnies on the segments. we're so happy. it seems the root of the problem is to check not just whether the procedure, the surgeon or hospital is in your network, but to confirm what is covered under your particular policy. sometimes it varies. chris is thrilled that he is now being reimbursed, the $10,000 that he paid up front and that insurance will now pay that surgery bill of $27,500. more happy bunnies, right? >> that's right. so let's show them how. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, log
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remember, everyone who reaches out will get a response from our team. >> i remember when a happy bunny meant something else. selling kids on supplements. tonight, 4 investigates how student athletes are being influenced into popping legal pills and powders to boost their performance. >> chuck is here with a look at what's new at 6:00. yeah, yeah, that's all right. let it go, uc
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staggering number of teenage athletes looking for an edge, thinking they'll find it in a plastic bottle. >> companies selling kids on supplements could be doing more harm than good. why parents should step in and stop it. here is news 4 stefan holt. >> reporter: at high school, young players are on a mission. >> kids our age, you need to put on weight for a sport like football, but all sports. >> for many, that means reaching beyond the weight room. dietary supplements. >> i take protein shakes twice a day. >> so do millions of kids. 39% of high schoolboys and 18% of girls. that's according to the american
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to help build muscle or lose weight, while most protein shake can be safe, doctors say it can be dangerous. >> it can cause dehydration, muscle cramping and even kidney and liver damage and failure. >> dr. eric small is a pediatric sports medicine specialist. >> the supplements in general do not work. but it is times about one-third of the have impuriies in them, such as caffeine, growth hormone, testosterone. you don't know exactly what you're getting when you're purchasing these supplements. >> that can happen, because supplements are not subject to fda approval. the agency does issue alerts when it finds mystery or illegal ingredients. all of this has steve timco, the director of the new jersey high school athletic association, sounding the alarm. >> we keep saying supplements
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stay away. stay away from supplements. >> it is a bigger problem, he says, than steroid abuse, by young athletes. >> because they're so accessible, and they can walk into any type of health food store and get almost anything that they're looking for. that's scary to me. >> so what is the best prescription? >> we can make a lot of headway is working through coaches and working through sporting organizations. >> that's exactly what is happening at bergen research and help educate students. >> absolutely. first thing we do is tell them if they're thinking about taking anything, they have to bring it to inn to see our trainer. we want to make sure our kids are safe and anything they put in their body will be something that helps enhance their performance, not put them at risk for injury or any type of health risk. >> the leading trade group for the supplements saying teens should be smart about it. the council for responsible
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legitimate products that can be beneficial beneficial. they should be used together with parents, coaches. appropriate exercise and hard work. that's a lot for parents and students athletes to think about. david sibila. thank you, stefan. if you have something you think 4 investigates should look into it. call >> that's it for us. >> thanks for watching. you can leave. you can leave. out! >> now at 6:00, what news 4 eye team uncovered that got the governor of new jersey so upset. >> plus, horrible heat wave. the next several days will feel well over 100 degrees.
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abandoning millions of dollars it is owed. i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm notally pasquarella. an i-team exclusive. >> the mayor threw us out of his office, and why city workers were doing jobs at his house. chief investigative reporter is here with another report, raising more questions of corruption, jonathan. >> chuck, we've records and have more video to show you of alleged overtime abuse in the third largest city of new jersey. the mayor still won't sit for an an interview to answer the corruption allegations. >> good afternoon, citizens of patterson. >> joey torres is happy to talk about overtime. >> overtime is the lowest it has been historically. >> just don't ask him about overtime that was build when city workers were seen doing
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and at his nephew's would be beer distribution business. >> you've not addressed our questions -- >> like i said, that's off topic, so now you can leave. you could leave. you could leave. out. >> the mayor did not want to talk about i-team reports about patterson workers at his house and a would be beer distribution, billing taxpayers for doing private job. now we've obtained new fellow workers identify on tape here, at the work site, linked to the mayor's nephew on saturday, december 6, 2014, he billed seven hours of overtime, saying he removed sewers between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. but they show him at beer business at 11:00 a.m. he did not return repeated calls for comment.


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