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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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parks. 4 investigates digs deeper, why some parks are becoming dangerous and what's being done to keep new yorkers safe. >> last night we told you while overall crime is down, there has been a 23% spike in violent crime at other parks across the city. we found out the problem is law enforcement or lack there of. tonight, 4 investigates why.
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she is in the bad old days. >> we see hypodermic needles. >> hately, lisa thompson said claremont park shows no sign of being a magnet for crime. >> i feel pretty safe in this park. >> the numbers tell a different story. 14 violent crimes in a recent nine-month stretch, up from 4 the previous year. that's why fernandoz >> they're always around. >> every time. >> mostly in the night. >> what's behind an apparent spike? >> certainly unfair. >> jeffrey croft told 4 investigates, the problem is resources. >> we don't have enough enforcement. >> he said by comparison,
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zero violent crime to 2. >> they allocate a fraction of the funds needed to protect our park. >> but a park in a neighborhood like the flat iron district has a private conservancy. that means wealthy donors can pay for clean-up and protection. >> it feels pretty safe. that's nice to know that they are concerned with the safety of it. >> while at parks and less affluent neigh nighttime patrol. not a single one. >> but the nypd said it has picked up the shack when parks officers aren't available. that any uptick in crime is small. meanwhile in the bronx -- parkgoers warily appreciate the presence. >> for the safety. at nighttime so it doesn't get crazy around here. >> while continuing to take their own precautions. >> i never come at night.
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little dangerous. >> andrew siff, news4 new york. following some breaking news on long island where several pedestrians have been hit by a car in new hyde park. dennis? >> reporter: that's right. pretty serious accident. we'll let you know exactly where this went down. new hyde park. the 1,400 block of the turnpike. in front shopping central, somehow just around 5:00 this afternoon. the vehicle traveling eastbound on union turf. somehow i lost control. jumped the curb, hit the us about stop. at least three people were struck by the vehicle. also the driver of the car injured as well. all taken from the scene on ambulances. we understand no severe injuries. nothing reported as life threatening. that's the good news. obviously a big scene here.
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luckily as it stands, we have the left lane here. only a brief delay approaching the scene. david and sibila. >> a deadly hit and run at the jersey shore. a crash that devastated a family even more because the husband heard it over the phone. the 27-year-old driver cassie hanson is now facing charges. police say she hit marie thorn yesterday and never thorn was walking down the street on the phone with her husband when the suv hit her. according to police. and a tipster helped them track down hanson. police appear to be closing in on a violent home invasion in connecticut and they know who they're looking for. an elderly couple was tied up and robbed by a man with a shotgun in their bridgewater home. the police found a stolen car with new york plates. they tracked it back to duchess county, new york.
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one suspect. >> a new jersey man says he was attacked with a crowbar because he was wearing a donald trump t-shirt. peter said he was walking in bloomfield when a man pulled up in a car and questioned his shirt. the 62-year-old xlams same person followed him into a restaurant parking lot, had a crowbar and hit him several times. a waitress at the restaurant has a different version of the story. she said he shouted racial slurs at the person inside the restaurant and >> i believe it was all the white man's fault. the poor kid walked in. he was trying to order ice cream. >> he called me white trash. cursed' me. i called him a few choice names. 15 minutes later he came back a lo jack. the man suffered injuries to his arms, hands and thighs. the other man took off before officers arrived.
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this morning, there was maketure of a broken crosswalk sign asking the department of transportation to take care of it. they said the fastest way to get a response was to report to it 311. mark fired back, i'm sorry, what? asking if it was a joke or an automated response saying that's not how they should respond to an elected official. they slammed him for seemingly demanding special treatment. one wrote, you're nobody special, princess. what it's like to be treated like us. another tweeted, the egotistical the person forgot that being a city councilwoman means she is a public servant and not god. enjoy your humble pie. she tweeted saying she is just doing her job facilitating requests through agencies. hundreds of people set to do their jobs. where those jobs are headed.
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debate, a plan to convert a line into a liking trail takes big step forward. coming up, we'll tell you why this project has taken so long the get done. the heat and humidity are starting to build. we felt it a little today but it only gets worse from here. how high the temperatures and the humidity will go. a chance for storms in your ten
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poor immigrant cancer patient small muslim
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a long island railroad track will get new life as a walking and biking trail. this is more than a decade after it was first proposed. >> we now know when it should be ready to open. >> there was a railroad line that came right down this right-of-way here. >> bruce can still picture the lirr track that's once ran through here. the civic leader has long had a vision for the future trail. >> we gather here to announce that this project is now scheduled for completion in 2018. >> after more than a decade of false starts, local officials are finally pledging the more than $9 million needed for this project. the trail will run from port jefferson to wading river. one lawmaker calls it a linear park that will be a haven for bikers who say it is very
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roads. >> there are very few and far between places to ride in suffolk county where you can feel safe. >> the lirr trains ran through here in the 1930s. they once carried material to the shore, a famed inventor, nikola tesla. they hope it will draw tourists. >> you wouldn't think that a man to convert an line to a liking trail would be controversial but this has been stalled for years because of opposition from home own here's live alongside. >> do i think it will happen? i certainly hope so. until there are shovels in the ground -- >> reporter: right now there is no date for the start of the work. news4 new york. the weather has been great for a bike ride. what happens if you buy one online and it arrives broken?
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brewing. right here on the hudson river. i'll tell you why there is rough
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men wanted for a violent gunpoint robbery on the upper east side. police say thieves approached a victim and hit him in the eye and demanded his property. it happened just before 6:00 a.m. they made off with his happen top and camera. he was treated and released from the hospital. now 4 investigates looked into the crime statistics. we found crime is down 70% compared to the same period last
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we have a big spoiler alert. some big news out of the olympics. if you don't want thirt, mute your television and turn away now. i mean it, i'm going to wait. okay. the u.s. women's gymnastics team has won gold for the second consecutive olympics. the team scored more than 8 points ahead of silver medallist russia. if you want to see how they did it, relive the action, you can watch it tonight on prime time >> not muted. look now. hey! >> there we go. >> you're back with us. let's talk about the weather. >> weather now is nice. a south wind has kicked in so the temperatures calm down from the high of 87. 83 in midtown with a south wind at 15. that south to southwest wind over the next several days. not going to make us feel so
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the skies remain cheer. ranging from 82 in fairfield to 87 in greenwich. 80 along that south facing shore. you cool down a bit. mob talking, same there's a look at the wind direction and speeds. it will start to chime. for the 65, 70, maybe even 75 degree temperatures. or dew points will make it feel
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we're down to 73 in the city. it starts to get a little murky and uncomfortable. up to 86 tomorrow. the high temperature is not as warm. it is going to feel as hot. and there will be some thunderstorms. heavy down pours. this air mass is tropical. the 90s showing up thursday, friday, saturday, single. this is when it will feel like it is 100 degrees in the area. stifling heat and humidity. five burroughs through thursday. back to you. >> thank you. in new jersey, governor christie has signed a bill that requires the state to develop cultural diversity training for law enforcement agencies. however the new law stopped short of making that training mandatory. back in june, christie vetoed a bill saying it would have been an unconstitutional, unfunded
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optimum are getting pink slips. they are closing two offices in fairfield county. one in shelton. the other in stratford. a spokesperson speaks all the affected work letters get severance packages and can apply for the other jobs in new york city, long island and new jersey. tonight shipper said no pr replacement. why did the brooklyn customer say better get baquero? what happened? >> she contacted us because this problem has been dragging on for nearly two years. there's a reason why angie chose to move to a particular burrough in the big apple and it has to do with this method of transportation. >> brooklyn is a great place to bike. there are bike lanes all over and they wanted to get around without having to take the
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invest in a single speed ride if a california based company. >> they make glow in the dark bikes just for new york city. you thought it would be great to have one. >> she paid $250 and the bike arrived soon after placing her order in 2014. >> i unpackaged the box, everything was in parts like it is now. both wheels were danged. one, the spoke is completely rimm >> she called right away. >> and she said no problem. go ahead and e-mail us pictures and we'll send you new wheels. so i thought it was taken care of until i didn't hear back. >> she e-mailed photos and then followed up a week later. they said we got your e-mails. we will get it done right away. >> but she said she still hasn't received replacement parts. nor a refund. and it is going on two years. >> was there any explanation for
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time i can get them on the phone. for recent delays they'll say, we have new wheels coming in stock. we'll ship them to you as soon as we get that model in. >> fed up, she said better get baquero. >> so someone told me about the show. i figured it was good last-ditch effort. >> so we contacted arrow fix cycles and they admitted they were supposed to send out a new pair of wheels and tires and they smanld there was a recent turnover at the company. employees didn't have access to the customer database. they say they've been trying keep from shutting the doors. they apologized for the lag of service she received and problem solved. they offered a set of replacement wheels and tires which she has already received. here is her reaction. >> it's angie. i wanted to give you a quick thank you for solving the bike wheel problem. i couldn't solve in it two years and you were able to solve it
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news. they add, it will ship out a brand new bike to make things right. and she should be receiving that any day now. i'm sure that will make her even happier. >> good job. >> well, trouble up and down the hudson. the man that some say could turn the river into a parking lot. and the fight to keep it from happening. >> now, a look at what's coming up. >> thank you so much. a crazy struggle that ended with an innocent man dead. how a good samaritan t about a troublemaker, ended up shot with a gun that belonged to an nypd officer. plus the communitier what young jogger was killed last week wants to cut down high brush and weeds that her killer might have hidden in. why is the park service saying that's not a good idea?
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there is a big fight being waged over a plaha parking lot. >> would it allow dozens of barges. there's a list of reason ideas some are saying no way. >> the hudson have i ever a scenic wonder and a source of recreation. it is also a commercial highway, transporting more than 17 million tons of cargo a year. most of it oil. the coast guard's plan to add
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sounding a distress call for some enjoying the river front view. >> i don't think we should have barges. we have the water. we want to see the water. >> yonkers has invested hundreds of millions to renovate the waterfront. 2,000 new apartments are currently under construction. the idea of seeing the city's barge anchor drops increase from 2 to 16, by far the largest number in the coast guard's plan, has the mayor furious and frustrated over the potential impact. >> what the federal government is going to do is reindustrialize that water front. and that is completely counter productive to what we're trying to do. >> coast guard says would it improve zpishs navigation. the proposal comes at the request of several commercial maritime organizations. they maintain the designated berths will legitimize what they're already doing and allowing them to drop anchor when needed to wait out a storm or await a delivery.
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this is about safety. >> environmental groups such as river keeper stay anchorages could scar the river bottom, threatening the sturgeon and create light and sound pollution. not a selling point for this apartment hunter looking for a place with a river view. >> that would really turn me off. >> the public comment period runs out september 7. news4 new york. >> that does it for us. thank you for watching. stay with us as the news with a cop's weapon. how they're trying to warn about a troublemaker. >> plus, bike ring bust. a group of teenage thieves go on a brazen bicycle robbery spree. >> and a jogger murdered. the community where carina died.
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staged a mass robbery in hoboken. the target, bicycles. >> yeah. on these exclusive pictures you'll see in a moment, they did have bolt cutters and there were ten juveniles from the bronx to union city. this, a big haul for hoboken police. >> quite a haul. eight stolen sgik likely more. >> it was like they owned the place. >> they're working in through a parking lot. cutting the chain on this gate. that gave them access to the garage. a target rich buffet of bikes. an offduty officer injured in
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shoved into a moving car. >> outside police headquarters, family members as young as 13 declined to talk. >> no comment. >> the other adult, jorge, talked with me exclusively to proclaim his innocence. >> we saw a group of kids which we knew. what are you doing? i'm not trying to get locked up. >> police didn't buy that argument charging both men with using the teens to pull off the thefts. the bikes will be returned to the owners. police said to store them inside. >> this is just the start of us getting them. >> reporter: a second officer


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