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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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imminent this from law enforcement sources as well as the mayor's office. i will give you a live look at the scene. a 13-month-old girl found dead, her body stuffed in a freezer. we are told an arrest is imminent. police are on the scene on south fulton and washington street. police crime scene unit here processing the scene. our photographer has watched investigators coming innd with cameras looking for evidence here. there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered at this moment. what was the 13-month-old girl's cause of death? we are told an arrest is imminent in this case. the 13-month-old girl her body found inside of a freezer. police on the scene working this
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you. >> thank you very much. family and friends will gather today for 30-year-old karina vet rano. her father found her body in a marsh. police say they are not any closer to finding her killer. lori bordonaro has more. >> reporter: police have set up a command center here behind me. they brought in a bloodhound to assist in the search f around the neighborhood offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the killer. police say it appears that a stranger randomly targeted karina vetrino. her dad found her body. she had been beaten, strangled and sexual assaulted. police had been combing the area
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threat to this area. neighbors tell us they are being vigilant. some tell us they are running and walking in pairs. others offering sympathy as they prepare to say final good byes later today. >> i have friends to the family. >> she was a beautiful girl, very intelligent, just got her masters degree. just very, very later today from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 tonight. a public meeting will be held on monday night 7:00 for any concerned community members. we are live in howard beach. new information in the deadly shooting at a brooklyn auto zone. police say the victim gave details about the person who
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>> reporter: police say they may be a little closer to nabbing the suspect in the active investigation all because of the dying words of a 28-year-old man who was shot and killed here. we watched crime scene detectives scouring for evidence. it is an auto zone parking lot where they say a 28-year-old man got into a dispute with another man just before 8:00 last night. according to witnesses both men hang out to kill time. evidence markers mark the spots where bullets flew. the 28-year-old man was shot in the chest here he actually drove himself to the station house. according to police before that 28-year-old man died he was able to give officers some information about what happened
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trigger. so far police have not yet released the identity of the victim that died here. >> thank you. the nypd wants men in connection with a home invasion. police say they forced their way into the home, tied up an elderly couple and ransacked the place. neighbors are on edge. >> it worries me because i have years. basically you don't hear of anything like that. to hear that happen worries me. >> that elderly couple was not seriously hurt and refused medical treatment. investigators ask if you have information call crime stoppers at the number on your screen. you can also leave a tip online at an nypd captain received a
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the latest one tuesday night. in both cases the voice on the police radio taunted the mid town south captain saying he would put a bullet in the captain's head. police are looking into whether the suspect is using a lost or stolen police radio or device modified. take a look at this video. police are trying to find the driver of this red ford f 150 truck. they say the person behind the wheel h lot of bronx supermarket and kept going. >> reporter: that hit-and-run happened here tuesday 5:00 p.m. in this parking lot. witnesses tell me you can still faintly see the tire marks. the red truck sped through here and hit the person turning right. we want to show you the video police want you to see.
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is a man standing next to the driver side door of that white van. the red pickup truck sped through and hit him. he is now in serious condition. the other man behind the vand was not injured. police are looking for the red ford f 150. we spoke with the people here at the supermarket when it happened. >> i was standing right th >> when you saw it what was your reaction? >> i thought the guy was dead. i was scared so i started to look and he was like on the ground. >> and if you have information you asked to call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. >> thank you very much.
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wanted for an attack near union square. the man in the video allegedly walked up to a woman near 10th street and 5th avenue last weekend and puts her in a bear hug. john hinkley jr., the man who shot president reagan could be released from a psychiatricrupt. a court declared him legally insane after the 1981 shooting. a federal judge that he no longer poses a threat to himself or others. he will now live with his elderly mother in virginia with several restrictions. now to the race for president. donald trump is making a rare admission that he was wrong. trump claimed he had seen a video of the u.s. cash payment going to iran. this morning he tweeted, quote,
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not the plane going to iran. trump expressed outrage over the payment u.s. made to iran last january on the same day iran released four americans. obama administration maintains the money was legally owed to iran and not ransom. hillary clinton in washington where she is speaking at a convention for national association of black and hispanic journalists. ourew widening her lead ahead by nine points, 47% to 38%. in rio a mu rocken boxer is facing sexual assault charges accused of attacking two brazilian maids. he was set to compete tomorrow and instead a judge ordered the athlete held behind bars for 15
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skidded off a run way. the accident happened at the airport. the boeing 737 overshot the run way. the nose went through a fence, in fact. it ended with the plane partially on a local highway. the cause under investigation. still ahead on news 4 new york at noon. it is olympics time. the opening ceremony tonight. all the rio flavor is next. gone in an int, instant messaging for one pretty famous internet company. we will tell you why in our money report. it is 80 degrees out, sunny, summer time. what do you do? you get in the car and come to the jersey shore. that is where we are at the amusement park celebrating with friends tonight. we have your full forecast coming up in just a little while. stay with us live from the
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how about that? that is a look before the big party. live view of rio. folks ready to samba the night away to >> brazil will showcase great traditions and vast diversity in the ceremony. in olympic park in rio with a preview. >> reporter: as crews rush to finish last minute touch ups and clean ups around the venues and inside olympic stadium overnight rehearsals provide a flash of what to expect from tonight's opening ceremony. brazil is keeping the specifics
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the scale of beijing or other ceremonies, instead, we are told it will be more personal, sharing the story of brazil. a big part the music, moves and flare of the first south american country to host the games. michael phelps will join in opening ceremony carrying the flag for team usa. >> this has to be one of the coolest things i have ever done. >> reporter: phelps, the words most pretty cool things at the summer games. >> also, the woman who inspired the famous song in the '60s will carry the torch. >> she is 71 years old and she says supermodel will play her during the performance of that song tonight. that makes sense. you can see opening ceremony
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today's money report the latest jobs report is out. pretty strong. >> no more instant messaging on the search engine that created instant messaging. bill griffin joins us with that. >> it's like carnival on wall street. we have a good old fashioned strong jobs report. the nasdaq and standard and poorz in record territory. a healthy gain of 164 points as we go into the afternoon. let me tell you about the jobs report. the labor department said the economy added 255,000 jobs to the pay rolls in the month of july much bigger than expected and importantly job growth was
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industries, not concentrated in one particular area. the unemployment rate itself remained at a low of 4.9%. so a very good report to start the day. yahoo shut down instant messaging service. back in the '90s yahoo introduced the world to instant messenger. as a result yahoo shrank, lost market share and became a small specialized service used mainly by oil traders of all people. as yahoo becomes part of verizon the pioneering messenger shuts down as of today. i guess they call that progress.
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that was the oil trader. >> that's what that was. >> thanks, bill. >> nice to see you. the national weather service confirmed that a tornado did hit new orleans thursday afternoon. the tornado accompanied powerful storms that ripped through the city. four buildings sustained moderate to severe storm damage and two people suffered minor injuries. we are having a great day outside. maybe a bit >> dave price enjoying the amusement park. >> i am with a new group of friends here having a great time. are we today? this area so heavily damaged, battered and bruised during superstorm sandy and the recovery has been remarkable. we wanted to get on the road and
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of our new friends here. we have great people who we have met all morning long. we are going to be here through the afternoon and will do weather tonight for our 4:00 p.m. show here. of course, we have very big vips here, the mayor and this amusement park has been in the same family for close to 100 years. we are so happy to be spending time in this area. we are going to be traveling around getting out into the community andel area. on a day like today we are celebrating the weather. let's take a look and see what is going on. we begin with 80-degree temperatures as we say hello to a gorgeous afternoon. we have winds at about 3 miles per hour. eight miles worth of visibility. let's take a look and see what we can expect as we head through the rest of the day. increasing clouds and humidity is going to be a story.
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when the rain starts working in our direction. still dry through the evening. current temperatures around the area very comfortable. lovely from north to south to east to west, not a lot of change. a little warmer inland. maybe by a degree or two. that is about all. as far as live doppler radar you can see shower activity to the west and clouds beginning to encroach from the south and west. they are not going to bother us today. as we get into by the time we wake up tomorrow many areas under relatively significant cloud cover maybe with earlier showers. heading into noon time we could see significant rains, some intense shower activity. and then even into the evening by the jersey shore you may see showers. that will push off into the atlantic. for tonight we are calling for a low of 73 degrees.
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winds out of the south southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. over the weekend the thermometer jumps up 88 degrees and we dry out. unsteady beginning to the weekend. things get better. into the mid 80s and the ten-day forecast looks oh so nice. not bad at all. temperatures about where they should be. we stay dry as we head into the majority of next week as we see we will see you again at 4:00 from the amusement park on the jersey shore. everyone having a good time? [ cheers and applause ] we are, too. you missing out. >> we are. we are stuck here. >> save us some tickets. new york live coming up next at 12:30. >> here are sarah and jackie with what is ahead. beautiful ladies. nice to see you. >> good to see you.
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nations can ben find represented on a single new york street? who makes the most gold medal worthy burger in new york? we have a preview of this year's battle of the burger. jack houston will be here, ben herr. >> looking forward to that. still ahead on news 4 at noon we take it to the streets
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nchlts it is the perfect day to work outside and one brooklyn park is the place to do so hosting the work from the park day. it's at pier 1. at&t chipped in free wifi and charging stations. tables, benches and tented areas
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a few local food vendors are serving up free food and drinks. why are we here? >> everyone can take part in streets. traffic is cleared for people to run, back and walk zip lining and huge water slide. summer streets extends from brooklyn bridge to central park right up park avenue. all the activities are free of charge. and 1 p.m. still ahead we are off to the races. big kids. before dress up turns to make-up. and tag becomes, hashtag and don't miss our brand new show, the magic of art, featuring abby cadabby. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit only at sesame place dot com
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get time warner cable. a colorful tradition returns to >> more than 100 dragon boat teams will meet tomorrow. the event features traditional chinese food and performances. lauren scala will be there. event runs through sunday. coming up at 4:00, spies on the ground. details about how the u.s. is helping secure the olympic games. a new bill that could change how we think of distracted
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illegal on the road today at 4:00.
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happy friday. >> are you guys excited as we are for tonight's opening we have a great show. it may not be the olympics but one intense competition, we are previewing this year's battle of the burger to find out who makes the city's best. if chariot racing were an olympic sport he would be a gold medal winner. we have a sneak peek of ben-hur with jack houston in the house. >> can't wait to talk about that.


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