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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he was walking, he heard the running coming behind him and
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>> now at 6:00, a mother's anguish. her teenage son attacked by a trio who were armed with a metal pipe and a bat and yelling racial slurs. bridge breach. two boys busted climbing the brooklyn bridge, trying to get the perfect picture. a path of death and destruction, killing a woman and her four grandchildren. i'm rob schmitt. we begin with the terrorist attack on a teen. three men yelled "arab" and "isis" and then attacked. that attack could have been worse had a neighbor not scared these three off. this happened on 10th street in queens. >> he was walking home from school when police say out of nowhere a group of teenagers attacked and started using racial slurs.
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camera right here in the neighborhood. >> he's doing better. he's a little shaken up by the whole scenario, getting bombarded and hit out of nowhere. >> reporter: here is where charlotte bissam raised her family. here is where she always felt safe. her oldest son was blindsided, attacked with fists and racial slurs. >> here we are trying to focus and do something good and here you have some of these kids who don't take anything seriously. >> reporter: these are the three teenagers police believe to be behind the attack. you can see one of them take out a metal pipe from underneath his sweatshirt. has he ever seen these kids before? >> no, not ever. that's what alarmed him, when he turned around and heard the running coming after him. >> reporter: it happened wednesday afternoon just before 1:30. the 19-year-old was walking near the corner of 133rd and 10th street in astoria. the three teens ran up behind him. one punched him and called him an arab. he noticed two other guys.
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>> they swung a rod at him. that's when i knew it was serious. i thought, why would friends hit each other with a stick? >> reporter: the group ran off when they saw a witness. that witness was the victim's neighbor, ron garcia. the nypd is looking at it as a bias-related incident. the victim's family looks at it as a scare, way too close to home. >> we've taken some other security, different routes and different steps until they're caught. >> reporter: police say those suspects, those teenagers, are anywhere between 17 and 19 years old. if you know anything about them, give the nypd a call. reporting from astoria, i'm ray vioto, news4 new york. two men got into an argument on the northbound 4 train. that spilled out onto the platform at the 126th street lexington avenue station. that's when one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed the other. the stabbing victim then punched
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the hospital, and they will both face charges, according to police. two men wanting a great picture of the sunrise were arrested while trying to scale the brooklyn bridge. this is not the first time that we have seen this stunt. remember this picture that went viral last summer? this landed a tourist in a lot of trouble. news4's michael george is live in downtown brooklyn where today's daredevils are set to face a j. udge. michael? >> reporter: police climb the bridge trying to get that perfect selfie. two guys from connecticut are now getting a tour of another new york landmark, the brooklyn courthouse. these two tourists left the brooklyn bridge in handcuffs. police said they were caught scaling the brooklyn bridge, all to get the perfect photo of the sunrise. >> we want to document everything. it's the culture we're in right now. >> reporter: police say shawn cody and scott lockett, both
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beams of the brooklyn bridge, standing right over traffic. can you imagine going to these lengths to get a good picture? >> no. my life is way too precious. >> reporter: when the officer asked the two men to come down, they did, and they ended up getting charged with trespassing and public endangerment. the nypd takes action like this seriously. >> they said. strange stuff happens in the city. >> it's scary. you could get hurt. >> reporter: these stunts have become a recurring problem. there was a russian climber last year, and a man from tennessee snapped this photo for his instagram and he was later arrested. and there was this french tourist in 2014. believe it or not, when we asked tourists, several told us they wanted to try it, too, even though it's illegal. >> if i could, i would. >> reporter: you would? >> yeah. >> reporter: so it's clear the nypd's message hasn't reached everyone.
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morning could be arraigned later tonight. we're live in downtown brooklyn, michael george, news4 new york. tonight four people are hospitalized after surviving a fiery crash in clifton. the car crashed and burst into flames in a wooden area on collier road. responding officers saved the four, pulling them out of that burning vehicle when they couldn't do it themselves. that crash took down a utility pole. cg and e crews fix took the morning fixing that power line. the storms are making record-setting totals, even hail. 25 million americans are affected. one of the hardest hit cities is palestine, texas. it's about 120 miles south of dallas. >> reporter: more than 7 inches of rain overnight inundated the southeastern town of palestine,
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great-grandmother pho to their deaths. neighbors say she was trying to get the children out of the house in the middle of the night. one neighbor saw her with a child on their shoulders. their bodies were discovered in nearby yards once the floodwater subsided. the children were 6, 7, 8 and 9 years old. >> she had all four kids trying to lift them out of the water. i don't know how she was doing it, but four kids and trying to lift them out of the water. they say she was trying, and the water got too strong for her. >> reporter: cleanup is under way in other parts of the lone star state after suspended tornadoes blew threw. a sporting goods store in lindale took a direct hit. customers and store personnel took cover in a fitting room. >> moments later the wall and the roof collapsed on the building. but everybody got out alive and everybody is okay. >> reporter: the storm stretched from texas to alabama, knocking out power. large hail damaging cars and roofs. another round of wild spring
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people are still picking up from floods. the forecast over the next couple of days isn't better. more rain and more potential for tornadoes from oklahoma to the gulf coast. break. a state of emergency in baghdad after protesters stormed it rack the iraqi capitol's green zone. thousands of protesters angry at corruption climbed over the blast walls that surround that green zone. that breach marked a major corruption in the political crisis following months of anti-government protests, sit-ins, demonstrations. iraq's prime minister says this situation for now is under control. now to decision 2016, another key endorsement for senator ted cruz, this time from a former california governor. >> i am here today to announce
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endorsement and my wholehearted support of that winning republican leader who will be the next president of the united states, ted cruz! [ cheers and applause ] >> former governor pete wilson from back in the '90s announced his endorsement at the state republican convention. wilson is regarded as a moderate who could help cruz gather support from the public middle. when asked when john kasich was asked what he would do in his first 100 days as president, he said he would collect back taxes and fines from illegal immigrants who came into the country rather than deporting. today teaneck said goodbye
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serve as mayor in the county. she was just 44 years old. >> it has left a hole in all of our hearts in the community and the township of teaneck. mayor parker was truly loved by all of us. >> deputy mayor elly katz will fill in as mayor until they decide how to fill that vacancy. police divers race to save a man in sinking kayak about a mile off of our coast. you'll hear from the rescuers, coming up. plus, kennedy airport getting pet friendlier. new accommodations to make it safer for your pooch and for him. we had a beautiful day today, but the weather is just going to be a complete opposite
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a big scare for a kayaker. the man in his kayak, the kayak started taking on water about a mile off the coast of coney island. he called 911 for help pretty far out. an nypd helicopter spotted the man in the kayak from the air, and two police scuba divers raced out in a boat to bring him to shore. he told police he had hooked quite a big fish and was struggling to reel it in. >> he probably got caught up in catching the fish, and the currents and the winds, he
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where he was, and before he knew it, he was now 2 miles out. i wouldn't really say the fish pulled him for a conduct, public drinking, littering, marijuana possession, smaller crimes. the defendants face a judge, and in most cases if they stay out of trouble for six months, their record is wiped clean. >> we simply can't spend resources so old cases that are not a public safety threat. when we have to spend money, which are limited dollars, on more serious cases in court. >> among the cases cleared today was a 35-year warrant, and more warrant-for giving events are
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the tappan zee bridge is back in business. all the northbound lane closures that were planned for tonight and tomorrow are now canceled. you're good to go. the thruway authority opened it back up at 10:00 this morning. the temperatures are going to drop
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ni tl grandchildren. bar patrons get a look of what it could look like to be behind bars if they get behind
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helping kids in the hospital get through some tough times. that's man 70-square-foot area covered in astroturf. it comes complete with that red fire hydrant. pet owners will no august first. the city's tour agency named
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the reins. we did get into the 60s today, but yeah, a big, big change tomorrow. clouds build in overnight tonight and the showers arrive tomorrow morning. but right now we're taking a live look outside at times square where it's still pleasant out there. clear skies, 57 degrees. as the sun gets lower in the sky, the cool air starts to move in. as we head to overnight hours, we will watch cloud cover increase. it will still be pleasant tonight. you'll need a light jacket but that's all. you'll need an umbrella tomorrow and a heavier jacket as it will be wet and chilly on sunday. much cooler than our seasonal average which is in the upper 60s right now. it's 59 in bridgewater, 57 in central park and 52 in farmingdale and islip. we're start to go bring in that influence. you can see the clouds start to go form on stormtracker. there are those early evening showers in places like
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right now. we'll track their arrival for you on future tracker. we'll give you an is dry. by noon thatchanges, and you'll definitely want to princeton. even in the evening, the rain continues and could intensify in spots. look at the yellow shading moving into westchester and fairfax counties. that's an indication we could get some heavy rain and even a down pour. some brief clearing on monday morning, and that's it, it's going to be brief. here's a look at the 7-day forecast. it's a soggy 7-day. we'll see temperatures way below average on sunday, high of 52. 62 on monday, but it won't feel
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conditions and a few more showers. we might be able to stay dry on tuesday, rob, i just can't rule out a shower, and i cannot rule out a shower any day in the entire 7-day forecast. >> we're whipped right now. >> it's a rough one. we'll be right back with
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huh? >> yeah, we kind of expected th is tampa bay. round 2, game 2, tampa bay up 1-0 in the first. terry palupa, reeling and feeding. the late in the first, they convert
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blast on net. see it again. nicolai hooliman pulling it in 2-1. second period, the lightning convert on their own power play. johnson sends it in net a foot wide, and that pretty much sums up the afternoon for the isles. the breaks just not1. puck. >> some games might be more,
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12 runs. back at off the top of the wall, a two-run double. that's a sixth consecutive game that ties a record. his swing is so sweet. in the fifth it is deep and it's gone. fourth the red sox. the giants didn't address the
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a starting fitzpatrick is in their discussions. there have been plenty of rumors about nick foles.
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1-1. this is just a brilliant finish for via.
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sojourner high school. they did everything from planting flower boxes to painting tal guess. city of new york served as our official event partner and we weren't alone on this project in new york city. it happened all over the country today. >> very tight shots of me there. >> i still have pain from it. >> me, too, i was scrubbing. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a good night. on this saturday night, deadly storms. the tornados and the flash floods and the scenes of destruction in the south where five people are dead and it's not over yet. state of emergency. chaotic scenes in


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