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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  November 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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two people shot and a 9-year-old girl. first, open water search. the coast guard and the nypd are scouring the ocean right now after a small plane crashes. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. witnesses reported seeing the plane plunge from the sky and explode on impact. >> news 4's ray villeda is live with a closer look for us. ray? >> reporter: a plane crashing into the beach here in breezy point. take a look behind me. you can see how the scene has intensified since the nine within one call. around 8:30, the nypd team recovered plane debris. as of right now, they still have not recovered any bodies or any survivors. and you can see that is why there are so many first responders out here there are choppers in the air, spotting the water, looking for anyone they can recover as well as any debris.
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we know this is a small plane, according to police. news 4 obtained radio transmission from one police who discovered this debris in the water just moments ago. >> we just recovered part of the wings, and we are still searching for more. >> if we can get more harbor boats, we're almost 90% sure it's usually four to six passenger plane. >> take a look at what the scene looks like. choppers in the air, combing the water. the nypd says it got calls about a plane down around 7:50 tonight. the special opes team recovered plane debris. what appears to be a fuselage in a four to six passenger aircraft. no one has been recovered. the faa tells me it hasn't gotten reports of missing planes yet. it is investigating. but you can see police along with fire department officials are out here.
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coast guard, looking for any bodies or any survivors. as a result of this plane crash. again, what we know right now is that around 7:50, 911 call got calls about a plane crashing here in breezy point in the water. to give you an idea where we are, we are on beach 219 street near breezy point boulevard. the mile is about a half mile from where i'm standing. right now i'm told no bodies have been recovered. just plane debris. that's why you see the massive response out here. we're going stay on top and let you know about any developments. i'm ray villeda, news 4, new york. >> we'll check back with you. more breaking news, this time in new jersey where a 9-year-old is among two people shot. police are at two separate crime scenes just blocks apart. news 4's checkey beckford is live in asbury park with the latest. >> reporter: sibila, you can tell by the flashing light through the fog behind me this is still a very active investigation. we're still waiting for information from the police
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department and the monmouth prosecutors office who is handling this case. at this point two people were shot here in the area near springwood avenue around 7:30 tonight. we've heard from the sister of one of the people shot, a 20-year-old man who was being chased by police. and the pastor of the family of the little girl, a 9-year-old girl that was struck by a stray bullet. now that pastor tells us that the 9-year-old named casey was inside her home when she was hit. the pastor and other neighbors say police were chasing a suspect identified as 20-year-old dante allen when the gunfire erupted near avenue a and adams street. the suspect was hit and one of the bullets struck the girl. the two are being treated at jersey shore medical center. casey, who was grazed by the bullet, is expected to be okay. >> a little girl is in a hospital, and they're working on her. our hearts and our prayers go
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know the family. we don't want to see something like this happen in asbury park. >> reporter: and we've just learned that that little 9-year-old girl casey has been released from the hospital. the sister of the suspect says that he is still at the hospital, that he is also expected to be okay. she says, though, that he is under arrest. and when she asked police, they told her that it was because he shot at police officers. again, still waiting for confirmation of all of this from the monmouth county prosecutors office as this case unfolds. we're live in asbury park >> thank you. we're working to gather more information on both of these breaking stories. we'll have another update in just a few minutes. and you can wake up with today in new york beginning at 4:30 a.m. for overnight developments. new cell phone video just released that was taken a short time after the russian airbus peninsula. according to a russian news
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the russian military. the jet exploded shortly after taking off. here is steve handelsman from washington. >> reporter: national security officials telling nbc news there are indications now that this was isis terrorism. but there is no proof, they say that a bomb inside brought down the metrojet airbus 320, killing 220 people, mostly russians. british investigators say it's a significant possibility. >> as f that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> reporter: russian doctors say the bodies of passengers who sat in the rear of the plane showed signs of an explosion. but experts say that could have come from a mechanical failure that blew up a fuel tank, and that has not been ruled out. at sharm el sheikh airport where the plane took off, three officials were fired for lack security, too easy access to planes parked there. and there is a suspicion that a
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could have been put aboard at that airport that is not used by any u.s. airlines. isis now under attack by the russian military in syria claims it brought down the plane. the russians have been dismissing that. but now there is the suspicion here that isis did bomb this plane and escalate its war. in washington, steve handelsman, nbc news. and now to a news 4 exclusive. a man walk do you think the street in brooklyn attack and severely beaten for his iphone. >> 37-year-old gary weingarten suffered severe cuts and bruises to his head and face on monday's attack. police say that he was jumped by three men on the corner of fulton and schenectady avenue not far from his apartment. the suspects punched and kicked weingarten and then stole his iphone 6. the victim spoke exclusively with news 4 tonight. >> did you think you were going to die at this point?
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i just knew -- i was like wow, you're getting your butt whupped right now. like you're getting beaten hard. i had never been -- i had never been beaten like that before, in the head. it was so -- it was just one blow after another. >> well, as you can see, weingarten needed stitches to close the wounds on his head and underwent ct scans. no arrests have been made. an mta bus driver has been arraigned on charges he hit and killed an elderly woman in brooklyn and fled the scene. paul roper contested the claims and said the bus his client was driving has a blind spot saying he was behind the wheel of a bus captured on surveillance video hitting 70-year-old carol bell on tuesday morning. after hitting bell the bus stopped for less than five seconds before driving off. roper's family says he is not a monster. >> maybe she was crossing the street on the blind side. he was hurt. really hurt. >> in shock?
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>> roper has been driving an mta bus for 15 years. the mta suspended him without pay pending the outcome of the investigation. police arrested dozens of protesters tonight rallying for a contract for faculty and staff at the city of and university of new york. workers say they have been working without one for five years and they haven't had a raise in that time. officers handcuffed protesters who blocked the headquarters in midtown. the university says it has offered a new contract with 56% a 6% raise but the union would not accept. testimony under way in sheldon silver. the first to take the stand a doctor who said he referred cases to silver's law firm in order to get funding from albany. he told a jury that silver helped his children get jobs. silver is accused of accepting nearly $4 million in payoffs and kickbacks then disguising the payments as legal fees. the long-time democrat insists
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the opposition to donald trump's hosting gig on "saturday night live" drew a small protest outside our studios tonight. dozens gathered who deliver a petition demanding the network drop the gop presidential candidate as its guest host. they object to his comments made about mexicans and his plans to deport millions who entered this country illegally. >> when donald trump says he plans on deporting 11 million people, he means that. when he said they're rapist murderers, he meant that. there is no way to repassage him and pass it off as comedy. >> reporter: the spokesperson for nbc declined to comment on the petition or the protests. is coming up on news 4 new york, secrets of new york uncovered. a burial site found during a construct project in washington square park. the story behind it. plus, this gives new meaning to dropping in for dinner.
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what a man was doing crawling above a restaurant's ceiling. and we are following that breaking news that we told you about at the top of the newscast. the plane plane crashes in the waters off breezy point. we'll have a live update right
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we have an update for you now on that breaking news we told you about at the top of the broadcast. >> crews searching the waters off queens after a small plane crash there. ray villeda is live at breezy point. ray? >> reporter: sibila, chuck, since we last saw you we have learned crews have recovered one male body as a result of this plane crash in the water off of breezy point. at this point they are still out there. they're still looking for any other bodies, because keep in mind this was a small jet, four to six-passenger plane.
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take a look behind me. you can see the crews are out here. the fdny, nypd and coast guard all out in the water. we're about a half a mile away from the water. this is at beach 219 street near breezy point boulevard. let's go to the video so you can see the intense search scene. we were right over the water when this was going on. you can see that crews were out there. here is what we know. the first 911 call came in around 7:50 tonight. at around 8:30, the nypd special ops team recovered what appeared to be a fuselage and a wing of a small passenger plane. four to six-passenger plane. we know now they recovered one male body, but they continue to search for the rest of that aircraft and any other bodies that have been in that water as a result of this crash. and that's how you can see a massive scene here. again, it's about a half mile from where we're standing to where the water is and where that search is under way. again, a plane crashed in the
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water off breezy point around 7:50 tonight. the faa and all the crews out here continue to investigate. ray villeda, news 4, new york. >> thank you. the hunt is on tonight for three masked robbers who stole prescription pills from a pharmacy. police released this security video. you can see the men walking into the trinity pharmacy in glendale yesterday afternoon. one of the robbers flashed his gun as two other thieves jumped over the counter, grabbed drugs and stole the workers' wallets after tying them up. denouncing a pair of attacks on jewish men, and investigators are denouncing both as hate crimes. the first attack was breaking news last night at 11:00. a man in a hockey mask slashed a ems worker at crown heights. hours later an hassidic man was attacked in the same neighborhood, both men apparently singled out because of their religion. any hate crime is a crime against everyone. >> this is not a jewish issue. this is a new york issue. this is a human issue. >> the man wanted for last
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night's attack is sti on the loose. the anti-defamation league and the crown heights jewish community council are both offering $5,000 rewards for information leading to his arrest and conviction. from fallen hero to crooked cop, police in illinois now say an officer believed to have died in the line of duty actually took his own life in an elaborately staged suicide. investigators believe fox lake officer joe glenwicz killed himself to cover up years of stealing for from a program that mentored young people. police call his actions the ultimate betrayal. >> unbelievable. my gosh, gi gentlemen joe went from a hero to a criminal. it's sad. i can imagine how his family feels right now. you think they have my sympathy? >> well, today officials
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manhunt for the three men. glencizc claimed he was pursuing. his widow is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. in other news, a surprising discovery underneath one of the city's parks. a construction crew unearthed a burial vault and bones. >> brynn gingras is live with pictures and details. brynn? >> reporter: very interesting, guys. we're at the northeast corner of washington square park. i'm going to get out of the way so we can show you a better view of what it looks like down there. within the next few days we're hearing from archaeologists that they should be able to know which church this burial site belongs to. a discovery really humbles new yorker, reminding us how old this city really is. at street level, this looked like any typical new york city construction site. several feet below the concrete and dirt, though, an incredible discovery. a burial site dating back to the
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>> we always get excited to find pieces of history. >> reporter: elisa lauria is the lead architect for this dig. she told us via skype that she was on scene when workers were replacing the water main and came across two burial vaults. there. >> are several impact coffins. and on the top of the coffins are coffin plates. and those are metal plates that are inscribed with the name and the date of the person who is interred in the coffin. >> reporter: burial grounds have been found underneath new york city streets before. in 1991 this site in lower manhattan uncovered the remains of more than 400 african americans. that area then became hallowed ground. washington square was a potters field so it's not rare that this vault was found right next to it. but the history that can be learned from this is just as fascinating. >> we can hopefully reach out to the descendant church and the descendants and start to put the story of it together. >> reporter: we talked to new
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yorkers, many who live close by who were intrigued that this normal construction site can tell a very historical story. >> new york is full of history. i guess it makes it even more rich. >> it's new york and underground. it makes a construction site a little more interesting, i guess. >> reporter: so what are they going to do with the coffins and remains? we're told they're actually just going to stay right there. archaeologists are going to collect their information, and then they're going to be continuing thai piping, but around this historical site. live near gingrich village tonight, brynn gingras, new york. >> fascinating. eve y so often. we think we know everything about new york but every so often the city does give up secrets. >> so much to be discovered. let's talk about our weather. >> stunning today. every day since the start of the week, we've had unbelievably warm and fantastic weather. and we've still got a couple more days to go with the 70-degree temperatures. just a slight change tomorrow
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that is coming our way. right now, though it's not here yet. except a few clouds have moved in, and you're seeing some patchy fog near the jersey shore. temperatures across the area right now are in the 50s and 60, or mainly the 50s. it's just below 60 degrees in the city right now. a little cooler, a little bit of a breeze tonight coming in. but still mild overall compared the to what the averages are. some patchy dense fog at the jersey shore. you may see that continue for the rest of the night and early in the morning. the changes that are coming are not really with the temperatures. it's with the moisture there is a little bit of a rain coming our way for tomorrow and into friday morning. and record-breaking temperatures possible on friday. we're still expecting that around the area. as a warm front lifts north and a southwest breeze kicks in, and the temperatures go into the 70s, maybe even come close to 80 in some areas inland on friday. but then a cold front comes through friday night and then the temperatures are back to average. back to november weather coming this weekend. but still nice.
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the low 50s across much of long island from the hamptons, over towards farmingdale. you're in the 40s right now. 52 in bridgeport. 54 in long branch. and that's where we're seeing the low visibility towards belmar at zero right now. a quarter mile in trenton. this area where we're seeing the moisture bubble up from, from the south with the system that is over the midatlantic tonight. not a lot of heavy rain with it. but we can see those sprinkles just moving past d.c., up towards baltimore and towards our area. so we're not talking about heavy rain, but just a slight chance. you may not even need an umbrella tomorrow. but you may want the take one along just in case. you can see it clouds over pretty well by tomorrow morning. and the sprinkles and light showers come through around midday. and they're really spotty. it's mainly the clouds that are here. we may see some heavier showers on friday morning. those move out. and then we get a break. and that's when it really warms up around 3:00, 4:00 on friday afternoon is when the temperatures are expected to soar across the area. so we'll be watching that carefully.
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in the meantime, tomorrow we're still expecting 70 or higher. there will be more clouds around. and like i said, one or two showers. but the air mass itself is still the same air mass that is with us. and then friday the record high is 74. and we'll be very, very close in central park. cooler by the weekend. >> thank you, janice. >> janice is bringing the heat. >> the knicks travel to cleveland to try to make it three in a reon the road. but the king had other ideas. we've got some amazing lebron highlights just ahead. and don't be surprised if jason pierre-paul is on the field sunday to help a desperate giants defense. we'll hear from jpp in just a
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internet plan for us. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month and ask about free installation. call 1-855-want twc. well, dramatic video tonight out of florida that shows a brawl on a school bus. this happened monday when the driver pulled over and called fight. when police showed up, as they were confronted by two sisters who started fighting with them. police say the girls began yelling obscenities at them and them. the teens were taken into custody and charged with battery on an officer. the officers suffered minor injuries. well, an unwelcome guest dropped in to dinner at a florida restaurant. the suspected burglar fell through the court of appealing of this daytona beach eatery. police say 32-year-old justin grimes climbed into the court of appealing in the bathroom and dropped into the dining room as he tried the make his way into
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the office to steal money. he tried to run but customers officers arrived. him.
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the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios. leave slow internet behind. get fios. >> the knicks are winless at the garden, but the road warriors were in cleveland tonight, trying to keep their record perfect away from the world's most famous arena. and i guess porzingis' neck just fine. over kevin love. in the second quarter, he had 13 and the knicks led by eight at the half. but lebron james came alive in the fourth with cleveland lead big two. he picks off jose calderon and guess the other way for the one-handed throwdown. lebron had 11 of his 23 in the fourth quarter. and this slam was pretty good too. call a thunderous jam for the king. the cavs pull away to win it, 96-86. in atlanta, the hawks pull away from the nets in the fourth quarter. off the brooklyn turnover, paul millsap glides in for the easy flush. atlanta wins it 101-87.
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season. in football, the giants are gearing up to face the tampa bay buccaneers on sunday. and jason pierre-paul is hoping to get on the field and provide a spark for a defense that ranks last in the nfl. jpp has practiced with his teammates over the past couple of weeks and is chomping at the bit. pierre-paul spoke to reporters after practice today. >> do you want the play on sunday? >> it depends. >> what do you mean it depends? >> i am going to play on sunday. >> you are? >> yeah, maybe. >> you got to convince the coach? >> yeah, i got to convince him. it's up to the medical staff. they're taking me slowly. it's just a big adjustment. but i'm okay. i'm doing pretty good. my skill set hasn't lost it. i haven't lost it. so i'm out there doing what i can and hopefully i'll be out there sunday. >> over at jets camp, there was a surprise sighting.
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quarterback ryan fitzpatrick was back on the practice field, despite tearing a ligament in his left thumb. head coach bowles said fitzpatrick will started on sunday against the jaguars at metlife stadium. geno smith also practiced, but he is headed back to the bench. here is fitzpatrick late this afternoon. >> i want to go out there and help the team. so if i can do that without putting me or the team in a compromising position, then i will. i think i'm going to be able to do that. >> and finally, it's been a listening, exciting, and pressurized run for the new york mets. so much so that gm sandy alderson fainted at today's season-ending press conference. don't worry, sandy is doing fine. he didn't eat breakfast and was simply light-headed. meanwhile, manager terry collins is fired up after signing a two-year contract extension. >> when i walked in that clubhouse the other night after game five and you saw the disappointment on their faces, i don't think there is any question that there is going to
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return and to use that feeling experience this again as a motivational factor. well-deserved. and now the stakes are higher than ever. that's what winning does for you. >> this is exciting. >> the pressure comes with winning. >> that's true. all right, bruce. thank you.
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