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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> my goodness, what message are we setting to the world tonight? kimberly: backlash across the country, and virginia governor calling for action as lawyers flood a local airport. and breaking new developments in a gruesome scene in mclean. the police identify victims and what is inside that left three people dead. and it's about to feel like winter again. josh tells us when and for how long. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. kimberly: good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. chaos and confusion over president trump's executive limiting and ba
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immigration. overseas, airlines are turning away passengers heading to the u.s. those already on airplanes when the order went into effect have been detained. with ties toaqis the military were detained but have since been released. i work with the u.s. government. but when i came here, they said, nope. out like i was breaking the rules or did something wrong. kimberly: the executive order bans all refugees from the u.s. syrian days, and refugees indefinitely, and blocks anyone from seven majority muslim countries, including iraq, from coming to the u.s. for the next 90 days. we learned one family was detained at dulles international airport. that news coming from emotional virginia governor
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terry mcauliffe. cheryl conner has more of the developing story. that's right, we heard from the governor an hour ago. one family, according to them, has been detained, including two children. protesters continue to gather. we are at the international gate at dulles international airport. they are holding signs saying that refugees are welcome, protesting the executive order signed yesterday by president donald trump to ban citizens from seven muslim majority countries. we heard from the governor earlier this evening. he was here with the attorney general as well. he said we are a land of immigrants, the commonwealth is a welcoming state, and they are here to determine what can be done to make sure people are able to get back into the country legally. this is theuliffe: united states of america
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order, as you can see from the folks here, discriminatory actions breed hatred towards america. we don't need this, it's not our value system. everybody came here from somewhere else. we are a land of immigrants. cheryl: so many people gathered here, including a group of volunteer attorneys. how many families are you hearing are affected and being detained? >> we have heard about three families, and we have heard there are many more being detained inside. we came with proper representation documents, and we are not allowed in to see them. noter patrol said they will be allowed entry to the united states and we have no right to access them and they have no right to access us, so the families are very concerned, but we are here to represent them. cheryl: any idea where they are coming from? >> map, syria,
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we are not at liberty to discuss, but it's all over the map. they are not letting lawyers in to talk with them or going to regular court proceedings. cheryl: we will be here to see how this develops. i want to say we talked with another woman waiting on her mom, supposed to be visiting. she lives in silver spring, her mom coming from iran. the plane landed over three hours ago and she has not been able to see her mom, so i a lot of stories developing here. we will gather them and bring you the latest at 11:00. kimberly: cheryl, thank you. more details on the entry band. it includes people even with green cards returning from the seven majority muslim countries, iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, and yemen. there are conflicting reports as to whether they will be allowed back on a case-by-case basis. people with a dual
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from many of those countries are also banned from entering the u.s. threeent trump signed more executive orders, including an expanded lobbying ban and changes to the national security council. earlier today he spoke with vladimir putin of russia. the white house said they agreed on the need to unify efforts to fight isis and the status of sanctions. the white house said they also discussed the importance of nato with the german chancellor angela merkel and invited japan's prime minister to the white house next month. it's about to feel like january again, some snow could be around the corner. josh knight has the first look at the forecast. josh: that's right, and we are talking about temperatures getting colder. it will last for a while. if you look off to the left hand side the screen, still a little bit of daylight on the horizon. sunset tonight was 5:25. really starting to notice the days getting longer.
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the temperatures not too bad, a lot of us close to 50 degrees because of the extra sunshine. we have snow moving in sunday night, but first, the good news, the wind is calling down. 10 miles per hour d.c., 12 miles per hour winchester, but it's getting better. overnight, clouds build back in, setting up for a cloudy sunday. even midnight tonight, still in the mid 30's. overnight lows settle down to around freezing. getting into tomorrow, back to 45. late sunday night into monday we could see some rain and snow showers. not expecting much. i will outline the timing and how much coming up. kimberly: we will see you then. new developments in fairfax county, a neighborhood desperate for answers after three people were found dead by a family member friday afternoon in mclean.
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the details of those who died and what they are calling a double murder suicide. ryan hughes is live in mclean with the new developments. i know people in the neighborhood are devastated by this news. kimberly, a sad and tragic story all the way around. this family very well liked in the neighborhood, and the police now say tom chen fatally shot his wife shirley and shot his son, james, before killing himself. the police are still working the scene nearly 30 hours later for stop today, his classmates stopping by, dropping off flowers as the memorial continues to grow. a quiet community in mclean still shaken more than 24 hours after three people were found dead inside this home. family friends breaking down in tears today. they tell us 48-year-old shirley, her husband
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sophomore at langley high school, lived here about six years. >> you just don't want to believe something like this would happen to anyone, let alone friends. ryan: classmates dropped off flowers. they said he was exceptionally bright, finishing fifth in a science turn them it last month that yale university. >> he was very involved in the color guard marching band at langley high school and an outstanding student. >> it's really hard to comprehend that something so terrible could happen to someone so wonderful. ryan: fairfax county police are blocking the driveway to the home on windy hill road. vesta gators working through the night, collecting evidence after a family member spotted a body through the window yesterday afternoon. >> it's hard to accept. wonderful people. aan: the police calling it double murder suicide,
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husband shot his wife and son, then took his own life. >> we are just hoping and praying for the family. it's very sad. the one bouquet of flowers with the word "love." the community is heartbroken. has as tell us the couple daughter, but she is away at college and not at home at the time. fairfax county police say the investigation is not over and are asking anyone with information regarding the double murder suicide to give them a call. live in fairfax, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kimberly: a terrible tragedy all the way around, thank you, ryan. coming -- new rental options in airbnbon to bring in options to the neighborhood. >> and monday, we are keeping an eye on the slight chance of snow. and from childcare to homicide just, make your life easier. >>
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weather every 10 minutes. 
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kimberly: a crime alert in the district where the police and fbi hope this very good surveillance video leads to a bank robber. the man robbed a capital one branch at 12 and f streets in northwest d.c. take a good look. this happened thursday morning. the man was not armed, but he handed the teller a note demanding cash. in the robbery. call the police if you recognize him. a person responsible for a number of robberies at pharmacies in montgomery county is like to three moore's in anne arundel county. the robber hit more than seven pharmacies in seven distant -- five different cities. in every robbery, investigators say the suspect hit in the early
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demanding money before leaving. the police want to find him before he becomes more violent. a live look outside come a chance of flurries coming up in the forecast.
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for shady brook farms. kimberly: renters in arlington county can now use their homes for services like airbnb after the county board approved amend amendment that gives renters and landowners a right to stay in their home less than 30 days. to qualify, you have to live here at least 185 days per year. ,rlington national cemetery this marks the conclusion of the wreaths across america. volunteers are picking up about 245,000
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thousands ofi keep people out of the water at sandy spring park. the polar plunge was held at the chesapeake with the goal of raising $2.5 million for special olympics. party service members took . today's plunge was open to everyone. people where wetsuits, but people were wearing shorts and shirts. josh: look at the flags whipping in the wind. kimberly: not too bad for january, mild. josh: not too bad. almost 50 degrees for a lot of us today. mid 40's, not much to complain about. we are still at 46 at reagan national, the breeze out of the south, southwest. that's one reason the temperatures are more mild. the rest of the evening, before going to bed, it's still not too bad, 38 at 11 p.m. the
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the wind is finally letting up. , satellite and radar, some snow showers coming off the lake, still picking up snow on the western facing slopes. hisp, picking up four inches in the past 44 hours. around the sea, still quiet, not too much cloud cover. that builds an overnight. we could see flurries further north, closer to the mason-dixon line tonight, but it will be quiet. evening,, saturday nothing really going on. tomorrow would stays pretty quiet as well. cloud cover builds in through the day, but that is about it. until close to sunset. that is when we track the next round of moisture heading this way. we get a little bit of blue and pink and green. this could start off as rain before changes over to snow, but that is sunday
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early monday morning. that is the best chance of snow showers. i know the dark blue looks impressive, but they are not. if you are looking for a snow day monday morning, i would not count on it. for most of us, this will be a dusting and that is about it. throughout the majority of the day monday, expecting things to stay pretty quiet. most of this sunday night into really early monday morning. tonight, just a few flurries. the temperatures right around freezing. 45 tomorrow with the clouds building through the day. a chance of flurries late in the afternoon, most of us waiting until sunday night. a few afternoon snow showers, sunday night most likely scattered. during the day monday, can still pick up a few, but we will see rain mixing and monday. as far as the roads, not a problem sunday afternoon, sunday night. monday morning as the likely timeframe for slick spots.
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late snow showers sunday, sunday night the best chance. monday if you hang on, but that is about it. the temperatures warming up tuesday, close to 50 degrees, staying mild through thursday. heading into next weekend, we cool off. after sunday night, the next chance of snow hold off until next sunday and monday. kimberly: some of us will take any chance we can get. josh: the chance for the day off of school gets everyone excited. kimberly: sister rivalry or sisterly love? robert: i don't know, they love each other, but they hate each other on the court. kimberly: i don't know about that. robert: the terps rocking the big ten, and another episode of
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the terps showing why they deserve to be ranked 22nd in the country, a solid win in the big ten against minnesota. ireland trailed by as many as 12, coming all the way back. -- maryland trailed by as many as 12. mark turgeon is happy. less than two minutes to go, tied up, melo trimble kicks it to the shooter in the corner, string music. terps win, 85-78. gw-st. louis. second half, the colonials down by two. cavanaugh with a spin move and the bucket. tied up. the game,s left in still tied at 53-53, draining the three, giving the colonials the lead. gw goes on to win, its thirs
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straight, 63-55. the sibling rivalry never stops with williams sisters, venus and serena battling it out at the australian open. venus had serena nervous early, but once that wore off, she took the match. first set, goes on to win. in the second set, the same from serena, matchpoint. and, goes the back wide. there is the winner, serena beating big sis for her 23rd grand slam title, the most in the open era. been an awesome your wins have always been my wins, and all the times i cannot be there or get there, you were there. >> she is the only reason i'm standing here today and the only reason the williams sisters
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inspiring me to be the best player i could be an inspiring me to work hard. every time you won this week, i felt like i won, too. four all, super bowl week, the ,atriots taking on -- football super bowl week, the patriots taking on the falcons. ryan, who behind tom brady, played like the best quarterback in the nfl. either way, they cannot wait to go up against each other. >> he has played really good football. he has been so consistent through his career, such a great player, such a great competitor. and he certainly had a great year, and he has been a friend for a long time, too. i've gotten to know him a little bit since i came into the league and he is a good person and a good guy to talk to. robert: and georgetown will have a tough task
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upset a limited ranked butler. those highlights tonight at 11 p.m. kimberly: robert: that should be a game. robert:a tough one. kimberly: i got a little teary-eyed watching the sisters praise each other. robert: a little choked up.
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kimberly: happy new year to china. marched thew year spring festival in china, the biggest holiday of the year, celebrated with a parade, vibrant costumes. the rooster is supposed to be the definition of fidelity and punctuality. roosters aremous bob marley, jennifer aniston, je
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robert: and all that good music, too. josh: sounds like a party. millions and millions of people. kimberly: a big celebration. talk about the snowflakes. josh: we won't see too much. i think we will have a dusting when we wake up monday morning. tomorrow is 45 degrees. snowflakes will just melt before they are able to build anything. the chance of the dusting monday morning, but that's about it. that is also the coldest day this week, 39 degrees. we warm up tuesday, and then we come back down wednesday and thursday. generally still a mild week. tomorrow, then late sunday, sunday night into early monday morning, the chance of snow showers. quiet the rest of the work week. not until next sunday into monday that we are tracking the next chance of a little wintry mix. kimberly: snowy sundaes, i like it. ask for joining us.
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the basketball game.
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tonight, breaking news. president trump's extreme vetting causes panic and chaos. that sweeping executive order slamming u.s. borders shut, temporarily barring refugees. families stranded. >> i don't know what to do. tomorrow i'm going back to iraq. >> at airports here at home and around the world, mass confusion. tonight, the growing protests. >> no hate, no fear. refugees are welcome here. >> and the question, why some countries and not others? inside the oval office. the president on the phone with the kremlin, what he said to russia's vladimir putin. on the streets of chicago, a deadly shootout. the police bodycam footage just released. a new warning tonight from the cdc about a fast-spreading flu epidemic


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