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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  January 16, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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in asia this morning. officials say a 747 jet crashed down into a neighborhood in kyrgyzstan overngight. it happened near the country's main airport. officials say the turkish cargo plane was attempting to land-- when it crashed right on top of several homes. the impact created a huge fireball-- setting the neighborhood ablaze. right now-- officials say at least 37 people are dead-- incuding more than a dozen people on the ground. we continue to follow this story and will bring you more details as they become available. and more breaking news overnight. nearly a dozen prisoners were transfe
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government officials in oman say the country has accepted 10 inmates from the facility at the request of president obama. last week-- u-s authorities announced that 19 of the remaining 55 prisoners at the u.s. military base in cuba were cleared for release, as president obama prepares to leave office. president-elect trump says he will keep the facility open. four days left until the presidential inauguration. and preparations underway right now to make sure the event goes smoothly. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the ceremony... and trump supporters and protesters will be among them. anna-lysa gayle talked to groups on both sides, as they prepare for friday. d-c resident will see a big impact--
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attend the expect the inauguration or not. road blocks, delayed mail delivery, and increased security because of the inaugural ceremonies. for more on the road closures... the inaugural programs and events leading up to the big day-- go to wjla dot com. in this last weekend before assuming office, president-elect trump was swinging against criticsm from all corners-- fighting with intelligence chiefs, a tv show, and even a civil rights icon. abc's la-nuh zak breaks it all down.
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king day and the president elect is fighting with a civil rights leader: "that's not right." congressman john lewis told meet the press he didn't see president elect donald trump as - quote "a legitimate president." "i don't plan to attend inauguration. it would be the first one that i miss since i been in the congress." mr trump called lewis, quote "all talk, talk, talk -no action or results." but lewis risked life and limb to bring civil rights change to america--and now at least 24 democratic members of congress say they will not attend inauguration, many citing mr. trump's words against lewis as a motivation. but lewis is just one of several targets of mr. trump's ire over the weekend: "i think mr. trump has to understand is that this is more than being about him and it's about the united states and our national security." after cia director john brennan's critiques on fox, mr. trump tweeted -quote- "was this the leaker of fake news?" and after another snl skit poked fun at the president elect, "20-million people could
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going to be president, we're all going to die. [laughs]" mr trump tweeted- "saturday night live is the worst of nbc." and as the inauguration team is rehearsing for friday.... so are protestors with rallies for obamacare spreading across the nation. dc is preparing for bigger protests on saturday...upping the inital estimate from 200-thousand to 400-thousand protestors... lana zak, abcn, washington an update now on the devastating fire in baltimore that claimed the lives of six children killed, in critically injured their mother. family and friends gathered outside the malone family's home last night for a candle-light vigil. katie malone and her nine children were home sleeping when the fire broke out early thursday morning. malone and two of her ch
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critically injured. the five year old boy and four year old girl have now been upgraded to good condition. malone's 8 year old daughter helped rescue them. she was treated and released from the hospital. democrats rallied thousands of people across several states over the weekend-- in support of the affordable care act. one of those rallies-- happening in alexandria. senator mark warner and congressman gerry connolly hosted a rally at the charles houston rec center. hundreds also joined senator tim kaine and governor terry mcauliffe in richmond... to urge republicans to save obamacare. about eight-thousand people attended a rally in warren, michigan to hear senator bernie sanders speak. happening today..
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national day of service... president obama and the first family will help out at the jobs have priority naylor road program' in southeast d-c. the family shelter received the obama girls' old white house swing set. the president offered the swing set to trump's 10-year-old son, barron... but the president-elect declined. and -- for the second year in row, newschannel 8 is proud to offer live coverage of the martin luther king jr. day parade. d-c bureau chief sam ford will serve as parade emcee and host for our coverage... which begins at noon on newschannel 8. "thought our defense did a good job making some plays. but in the end, it wasn't enough." coming up. the nfl title games are set.. after a weekend of thrilling playoff games. and dallas and green bay played down to the very last second. we have highlights and post game reaction.. comng up.
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- showers tomorrow - rain for inauguration? today: cloudy. seasonable. highs: 42-46 winds: s 5 mph tonight: cloudy. lows: 36-41 winds: se 5 mph tuesday: cloudy with showers. milder. highs: 52-57 winds: sw 5-10 mph " the person she called dad for 18 years.. is not her
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"it's a shock to me.. it's a bigger shock to her." coming up. a shocking kidnapping-- uncovered after 18 years.
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are reeling.. and one woman is facing felony charges. the details.. coming up. plus, the circus is leaving town.. for good. an iconic show announces it's closing up shop.. the details.. coming up.
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and freezing rain to parts of oklahoma, kansas and missouri this weekend. an ice covered highway in kansas is being blamed for a man's death in southwest kansas. two kansas state troopers escaped injury when their cars were hit while they responded to a crash on the interstate. more than 11-thousand customers are without power in oklahoma. a nearly two decade mystery is solved in florida. an 18-year-old girl abducted just hours after being born-- is found. back in 1998, charles manigo says his then girlfriend gloria williams told him she gave birth to their daughter alexis while he was away. the couple raised her from the time she was a newborn and shared custody after splitting in 2003. but dna testing showed alexis was actually baby kamiyah, who was snatched from a florida hospital in 1998, leading to a massive search. turns out, williams posed as a nurse and took her away. the truth-- coming as a shock to manigo.
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51-year-old gloria williams was arrested and charged with kidnapping. she could face life in prison.. if convicted. now to what many consider the best weekend in football. the divisional round of the nfl playoffs.. this weekend's game's not really living up to expectations but yesterday's nfc match up between dallas and the red hot packers went down to the final seconds. the cowboys climbed out of a 15 point deficit to tie it at 31 with 35 seconds left in the game. but even that was too much time for aaron rodgers. with 12 seconds left, on a third and 20, rodgers rolls to his left and finds jared cook who makes the catch on the sideline and keeps his feet in! and with just 3 seconds left, mason crosby nails a 51 yard field goal to
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green bay will travel to atlanta sunday to face another red hot offense in the falcons. that game--likely to be a shootout. now to the match up on the afc side. the pittsburgh steelers on the road facing the kansas city chiefs. chiefs were trailing by 8 in the fourth quarter when spencer ware punches it in from one yard out. now here comes the drama, chiefs going for two to tie it at 18. alex smith completes it to demetrius harris but its called back. a hold on kansas city..they would try again and fail.
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foxboro with a match up with the patriots. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen - cloudy & seasonable for this mlk holiday - milder rest of the week (50s) - showers tomorrow - rain for inauguration? today: cloudy. seasonable. highs: 42-46 winds: s 5 mph tonight: cloudy. lows: 36-41 winds: se 5 mph tuesday: cloudy with showers. milder. highs: 52-57 winds: sw 5-10 mph
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ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus is ending. marci gonzalez explains why. there is much more ahead on good morning
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john gonzalez.. what are you working on?
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crash overseas. a plane - landing right in the middle of a neighborhood.. killing dozens. the new developments out of kyrgyzstan. plus - president-elect donald trump, escalating a war of words with a civil rights icon. the inauguration boycott in response. and a cloudy but warmer start to the week. stormwatch seven is tracking your martin luther king day forecast, still ahead.


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