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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 2, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, hostage raid, a ten-hour standoff. heavily armed attackers holding dozens of foreigners hostage in bangladesh, just a mile from the u.s. embassy, the intense gunfire. at least 20 people killed, the claims of responsibility this morning. the great getaway. 43 million americans are on the move this holiday weekend, on the road and in the air. you won't be alone. will the fourth be a weather washout? the holiday forecast you need to hear. the attorney general's regrets. loretta lynch admitting she made a big mistake meeting privately with bill clinton. >> i
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again. >> donald trump weighing in. >> just a coincidence. >> as we await hillary clinton's long-awaited interview with the fbi. when that meeting could take place. tiny speed demon, the 12-year-old girl cops say led them on a 40-mile chase topping 100 miles per hour. >> it's one of the most serious chases i've ever seen. >> veering into oncoming traffic, in a scene trastraightt of an action movie. how this crazy chase finally ended. good morning and let's get right to the breaking news. the deadly end to a standoff with terrorists holding dozens of hostages. >> and you can see the tanks being sent in hours ago as troops stormed a restaurant in bangladesh that's very popular among foreigners. armed terrorists raided the place, killing many of the people inside. >> the pictures show anguished friends and family waiti
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news of their loved ones inside the restaurant as troops keep people away from the scene. >> now that the standoff is over officials are counting the dead and asking the question, was this yet another attack from isis. >> that is the question and abc's jennifer eccleston is on the story from our london bureau. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: dan, this morning more horrific details about that terror attack in bangladesh. authorities now confirm that 20 hostages were killed inside that restaurant before anti-terror forces stormed the building just a few hours ago. all. dead hostages are foreigners. authorities also outlining how the tragedy unfolded. at least seven gunmen heavily harmed armed the upscale restaurant popular with locals and foreign diners in the diplomatic area of dhaka, just one mile from the u.s. embassy. at the start of the siege police exchanged gunfire with the terrorists. two police were killed. nearly 12 hours later, they stormed the restaurant and a bloody and terrifying scene
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remarkably two hostages escaped, and 13 others rescued. one of the attackers was arrested. late friday isis claimed responsibility, but u.s. officials still assessing the information say al qaeda cannot be ruled out. we don't yet know the nationalities of the dead but the u.s. embassy said last night that all of their employees were safe. bangladesh is increasing a rapid increase in violence. most of them minorities and secular. >> with the holiday weekend and the islamic states urging martyrdom during ramadan, terror threats are a huge threat here in the u.s. we got a rare look behind the scenes of new york city's counter-terror command center, patrolling from the air, weight, and street, and abc's brian ross reports. >> reporter: roll call for the new york police department
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counter-terrorism squad. >> be cognizant of perps wearing explosive. >> reporter: these are the specially trained officers who will respond. extra security precautions across the country will be in place for the july 4th weekend, but new york city is deploying a 24/7 force that no city in the world could match. from the air -- >> see a lot of potential targets, don't you? >> you sure do. >> reporter: from the sea. >> they're looking for components of a dirty bomb. >> reporter: and with the 525 officers, the newly formed critical response team on the treat. officers with radio detectors. dogs userd to sniff chemicals used by isis. all coordinated in a counter-terror center that monitors some 9,000 video feeds from cameras across the
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can move from camera to camera. >> reporter: from the brooklyn bridge to times square, cameras picked me up and showed just how clearly they can identify a face in the crowd. >> it's been referred to as a ring of steel, a coordination center. it's our way of protecting new york. >> reporter: plus 3 million vehicle license plates read every day stored for five years. >> you're essentially prepared to go to war with terrorists. >> yes. it's inevitable that there will be another attack in this country but we are well prepared to response to that. >> reporter: the one threat that remains the hardest to fight is the single individual not on the radar who decides today is the day he will strike. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> brian ross, thank you. the other pressing question looming over the holiday weekend, the weather. millions of people in the northeast got hit with severe weather overnight. what's next? rob is of course tracking it all. hey, rob. >> some of those results from the severe weather overnight, a lot of reports like this across the northeast. here's wha
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during the height of the event, winds 60, 70 miles per hour in poughkeepsie. over five inches of rain in southern new jersey. most of that rain has moved off shore thankfully so it looks like we're getting into some dryer weather, a lovely air mass the next couple of days. as we get into the july 4th holiday, a slow moving system will likely bring rain. d.c. through memphis looks to be wet. >> rob, thank you. we want to move now to the great escape this holiday weekend. millions will be on the road if they aren't already and traffic is expected to thicken throughout the morning. marci gonzalez is joining the road trippers. good morning to you and how are things looking so far? >> reporter: so far smooth sailing. check it out, not too much traffic so far. on so many roads across the country this weekend this won't last long. befo t
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fireworks, today the bright flow of taillights. of the record 43 million americans traveling this holiday weekend, 36 million will be on the roads. their getaway plan, driven by the prices at the pump. >> prices are low and i figured i would give it a shot, travel. >> reporter: gas prices at their lowest in more than a decade, the average gallon p 50 cents cheaper than this time last year. >> perfect storm. gas prices are low. you've got a three-day weekend and you get americans feeling pretty good about the economy. >> reporter: airfare prices are down this year, too. average airfares for the top 40 flight routes will cost 9% less this independence day, meaning more people flying and longer lines. >> ladies and gentlemen, hawaiian airlines -- >> reporter: to get through security. >> i'm glad i'm here early. >> reporter: and experts say the best time to travel this weekend is actually
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they say try to leave before 11:00 this morning or after 1:00 this afternoon and you'll have a better chance of finding open roads like this. dan. >> thank you, marci. now to the race for the white house and new developments in the e-mail scandal that has been dogging hillary clinton's campaign. abc news has learned that the fbi may interview the candidate herself very soon, this as the u.s. attorney general is now scrambling to deal with the fallout with a meeting with bill clinton. donald trump has been crying foul about that and abc's mary bruce is on the story. >> reporter: that private huddle between bill clinton and the attorney general has become a self- self- self- self-inflicted wound for the clinton campaign. this morning sources tell abc news the fbi's long awaited interview with hillary clinton could take place within
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whether to file charges against the former secretary of state. >> certainly my meeting with him raises questions and concerns. >> reporter: but the attorney general who has final say over that decision admits she made a big mistake meeting privately with bill clinton earlier this year. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again, but it really was a social meeting. >> reporter: hoping to quiet the firestorm, lynch says she'll follow any recommendations made by the lawyers and fbi agents investigating clintons use of a private e-mail server during her time at the state department. >> the fact that the meeting that i had is now casting a shadow is something that i take seriously and deeply and painfully. >> reporter: as for clinton and lynch's explanation of the tarmac encounter, unplanned and purely social, discussing their grandchildren, not the investigation. >> oh, just a coincidence. he just happened at the airport at this point. >> reporter: donald trump is not buying it. >> i love my grandchildren so much, but if i talk about them
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seconds, what are we -- >> reporter: mocking the description of their discussion. >> i love that one, i love, love, love that one. look at the beautiful, i love these kids. after that what are you going to say, right? >> reporter: this morning still no word from hillary clinton or her campaign about that meeting between her husband and the attorney general. paula? >> mary, thank you very much. we want to bring in abc's political analyst matt dowd. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> we learned that hillary clinton will be interviewed by the fbi very soon, possibly over the weekend, but how bad do these optics look for her campaign? >> really bad, paula. i think this is a case of reemphasizing and confirming a certain bias and a thought people already have of her which is you can't trust her, you don't trust the situation and that's what a majority of americans already feel. it just reemphasizes it in the course of this. i think this is, as was said, a self-inflicted wound. it's only going to be recovered on the outcome of whatever happens
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>> trump is pouncing, saying that bill clinton opened up a pandora's box by meeting with loretta lynch. does he have a point and do you think this could help him? >> he absolutely has a point. i think it's an interesting use of greek mythology. pandora was the first woman on earth and hillary clinton is the first woman running on a major party ticket. this is the difference between the airport movies and the airplane movies. the airport movies they say this is a total disaster. the democrats say i picked a bad day to have a meeting on a tarmac. >> you are a master at metaphors and analogies. how is clinton's champ pushing back and do you think bill will remain on the trail with her? >> i don't think they're pushing back very well and they're in a bad situation where they can't really push back very well. they have to get through this. i said, as you know, paula, i thought bill should be sidelined. i think
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better off running her own campaign. but the fact that bill clinton is constantly in the source of these making mistakes, he's a much better campaigner for himself than he is for his wife. >> great explainers, matt. thank you for explaining to all of us the origination of pandora's box. >> i was more in the airport/airplane combo. thank you very much. we appreciate it. a lot of other news. let's get over to r.c. >> good morning to you, dan, paula, sara, robert. we begin with the pentagon saying the two senior isis military commanders were killed in separate air strikes in iraq earlier this week, and the white house is reported 2500 terrorists have been killed in u.s. air strikes since 2009 but the report also said as many as 116 civilian bystanders also died in u.s. drone strikes and vaults, most of them in tribal areas
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some are questioning the accuracy of that new pentagon figure. a massive gas line explosion forces several homes to be evacuated in the suburbs of detroit. a car plowing through a fence striking a natural gas main outside of detroit and igniting a fire. the driver was injured in that blast. a wild scene at tampa bay's busch gardens. an orangutan escaped and was sitting in the trees nearby. she was eventually tranquilized and returned to her habitat. she escaped once before in 2008. >> she needs an ankle bracelet. >> they lured her back with apples and ice cream. >> food always works. >> over to wimbledon, the tennis matches there, some fiery moments from serena williams, the top seed becoming frustrated after dropping the first set to
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mchale. she hammers her racket onto the court several times. there she is. >> she's fixing a problem there. >> she tossed it behind her into the lap of a cameraman. she battled back and won in the third round. a pilot got her skills tested when she had to make an emergency landing on a golf course. she was 17-year-old sarah loon and her single engine cessna sputtered. she was able to put the aircraft down near the 11th tee of that golf course. >> the lake or the golf course and i didn't really want to go swimming so i decided the golf course is the better bet. i tried not to hit any trees or people on my way down. >> she didn't hit any people, fortunately. >> did she scream four? >> four! >> her parents are crediting her flight instructor with
7:15 am
power. >> calm under pressure. >> yeah. 17 years old, too. >> they should talk to that flight instructor about getting her a better plane. >> a new plane. >> impressive. >> thank you, rob. we do have a much more serious and also seriously bizarre motor vehicle story for you now. a high speed chase with a 12-year-old girl. police say the girl took her grandmother's car out for a joy ride with her little sister in the passenger seat and all of it right in the middle of rush hour. >> reporter: watch as police dash cam captures this high speed chase near houston, the cops in hot pursuit. behind the wheel, a 12-year-old girl. her 5-year-old sister in the back seat. >> it's one of the most serious chases i've ever seen. >> reporter: speeds of over 100 miles per hour. reckless on the road during the evening rush, putting so many at risk. look as the car veers into i don't know coming traffic, other po
7:16 am
straight out of an action movie. >> i'd say at least 15 police cars coming by. >> reporter: the young girl weaving between cars on the wrong side of the road. near misses during the chase that lasted more than 40 miles. >> there was quite a bit of cars on the highway here, so it was lucky that it was not worse than it was. >> reporter: the incredible scene began when police say the girls took their grandmother's car, prompting her to call 911, thinking her grandchildren were kidnapped. onstar was activated, stalling the careening car. police catching up with the girls, taking the 12-year-old into custody where she will remain for at least the next few days. >> some serious close calls there. the 12-year-old will likely face multiple charges including evading police and stealing property. she faces a judge on tuesday. it makes you think immediately what you were like at 12 years old and if you would have had the gull to get behind the wheel of your grandmother's car. >> i would have been grounded until i was 20.
7:17 am
to reach the pedals but that's another issue. >> are they now? >> they may not be still. anyway, let's get somebody to save me. maybe rob marciano. what's going on in the weather? >> if you're driving, slow down. it's been pouring and the monsoon really in overdrive so to speak the last few days. it became the second wettest june on record for the tucson area. another .8 inches yesterday. that's what it did to the streets down there. even some trash cans floating down the way. a couple of showers across nevada and parts of arizona. generally speaking we're drying out somewhat here and temperatures will rebound to where they should be. phoenix getting closer to 110 by monday. a lot of moisture rolling into the central plains and we've got flood watches from wichita, kansas city, st. louis and probably extended further to the east. six
7:18 am
kansas. hot and steamy down across parts of the southeast and as mentioned dry and lovely across the 82 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. so get up-to-date. four clouds tomorrow. an isolated shower tomorrow. there could be an isolated thunderstorm and temperatures in the upper 70's. stay with the stormwatch 7 >> it's the holiday weekend. that means we have to have the beach forecast which is ron claiborne's favorite part of the weather broadcast. that's in about ten minutes. >> we got to wait? >> all for you. it's a tease. >> everything's for you. speaking of ron, we want to
7:19 am
news hero on his 30th anniversary here at abc news. ron claiborne, congratulations, and thank you for all those years of hard work, reporting on the front line. this is for you. >> we go first to abc's ron claiborne. >> understate law, the city can seek a back to work court order for the sanitation workers if there is a danger to the public health. >> the captain initially reported that the vessel was taking on water at the rate of 100 gallons a minute. >> i think in some people's hearts they knew then that once el yan was back with his father in washington d.c. it was only a matter of time before the family, including elian, would be going back to cuba. >> governor bush campaigned in five cities in the state of florida on sunday. >> with earnhardt's death, stock car racing has lost its greatest champion and to some even more it has lost the very soul of the sport. they're looking for the insurgents who
7:20 am
improvised bomb on this road on january 2nd, killing two of their own. >> the world champion red sox, you can say it now for the first time in 86 years. >> i'm outside of the private hospital where we believe that nelson mandela has been since he was hospitalized. >> american farrow can win in these conditions. >> ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> how about that. [ applause ] >> starting when i was 15 it looks like. >> 30 years of "this is your life." how does it feel to see your career encapsulated like that? >> it feels like an obituary. i'm still alive, still going. really, i'm honored by that tribute right there and 30 years at a great organization. it's great to be with you guys. >> you've covered presidential campaigns. you've been in war zones. but you've also had to show your versatility and by versatility i mean the softer side of ron claiborne. >> oh,
7:21 am
no! no! no! at least it's not the kanye west. >> that may be coming. >> don't do it. >> wait, do we have kim and kanye? >> no! >> how is that for versatility. >> that was one of our finest moments, ron and i, kim and kanye. >> i would think you would have gone upwards in 30 years. >> ron, having worked with you here at this desk for years and many more before that, you represent the absolutely best at abc news. your journalistic integrity and chops are unimpeachable. and i have a picture that i wanted to show here because after 30 years, damn, you still look good. that is the international delight. >> look the ron. >> love it. >> love
7:22 am
>> we wanted to start you up high and bring you down a notch, ron. >> we love you so much. >> thank you, ron. congratulations. much more to come here on "gma" this morning including a huge twist in a murder case that millions of people have been following because of the popular podcast "serial." the car had auto pilot technology but the driver died. what we're learning in that fatal cash in these auto pilot vehicles.
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>> sunshine and low humidity a great way to start the holiday weekend. cooler than average. 715, temperatures in the low 80's, falling to the mid-seventies. a night for baseball with humidity in the lowest. we will have clouds on sunday, as well as on the fourth of july. timing
7:28 am
be dry in the morning, but rain more likely in the late afternoon. some rain could be heavy at times, so you might want to have the jacket with you if you're heading out to the national mall at 9:45. florida fireworks themselves, they have never been canceled, but they made this year because of the rain. the show starts at 9:09 at the mall. you can log onto our website for more information and to state updated with your stormwatch 7 forecast.
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we want to welcome you back to "gma" on this saturday morning. right now sources tell abc news that the fbi will interview hillary clinton in the next couple of days. the agency is investigating clinton's use of personal e-mail while serving as secretary of state. also happening right now, a state of emergency along florida's treasure coast. a massive toxic algae bloom forcing beaches and businesses to close during this busy holiday weekend and putting wildlife at risk. and the mega millions jackpot keeps growing. nobody matched the winning numbers. the next shot is tuesday when the jackpot is expected to reach $449 million. >> half a billion, not too shabby. also coming up, the federal government is looking into a deadly crash involving a tesla
7:31 am
the question, is this technology really ready for the road? what the car maker and what experts are saying this morning. first here the sensational twist in a murder case followed by millions of people, a convicted killer behind bars for 16 years now. he has now been granted a new trial. >> you may be one of the millions that learned about adnan syed through the popular podcast called "serial." now the family of the woman he's convicted of killing is reacting. eva pilgrim joins us. >> reporter: the man at the center of the business online knows his big news. a judge ordering a new trial on a nonphone day at the jail. he had to wait to find out that after years of fighting he is one step closer to getting a new trial. this morning adnan syed finally knows he is getting another chance to win his freedom after 16 years behind bars. >> as of this day he's not convicted anymore. >> reporter: at7
7:32 am
syed was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for murdering his high school ex-girlfriend, hae min lee. this week a baltimore judge vacating the conviction and granting a new trial to the now 35-year-old man who has maintained his innocence all along. >> i was shocked. i didn't think it was real. >> reporter: asia mcclain says she was with him at the time of the crime but the lawyer never spoke to her. >> i want to do what i feel is the right thing too do. >> reporter: the popular podcast "serial" thrusting the story into the spotlight. >> if someone believes me or not, i have no control over it. >> reporter: which raises questions about his arrest, prosecution and imprisonment. >> the podcast has helped us. >> reporter: the judge citing the reliability of cell tower evidence that place syed at the murder scene. >> the prosecution will a
7:33 am
the ruling and i think they will continue to fight very vigorously to ensure that syed is not released from prison or goes free for this murder. >> reporter: the fight for a new trial opening old wounds for victim hae min lee's family who released a statement saying, we continue to believe justice was done when mr. syed was convicted of killing hae. prosecutors have 30 days to appeal the judge's order for a new trial, something experts say seems likely. syed's lawyer telling abc news that he is considering asking for a bail hearing, saying he's neither a flight risk nor a danger to anyone that likely will also be challenged. >> huge developments. this is a case so many people will continue to watch. let's take another look at the weather now and get the promised beach forecast from mr. rob marciano. what's happening, rob? >> here it is. bouncing ball and all. we start you off in the east coast, temperatures in the 80s in daytona. water temperatures warming up as well. be aware
7:34 am
if there's an algae issue follow the signs there. out west, rip currents, rough from san francisco to san diego. be aware of that if you're dipping your toes into the ocean. close to 100 in dallas today, this does not include the humidity. steamy there for the next few days it looks like. today lovely weather across the northeast. dryer there. as far as the forecast for the fourth of july, we have rain across the midsection today and that's going to slowly stretch its way across the mississippi river, across the ohio river and getting into our nation's capital i think looks to be wet for monday. some of this is getting up into the northeast. this is a broad >> lots of sunshine today and lower humidity. lower th
7:35 am
>> this weather report is brought to you by car max. if you are traveling by car on this holiday weekend, drive safely. >> thank you very much for the beach forecast, rob. we can always depend on you. >> you know, it's for you. my gift. >> and for the driving advice. >> come on. coming up here on "gma," the new questions -- speaking of driving -- about the safety of tesla's cars with auto pilot technology after a deadly crash. and oops, he's done it again. justin bieber wiping out on stage. sara will have his condition straight ahead in pop news. he's okay, right? >> yes. technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you...
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we have new questions this morning about tesla motors cutting edge technology that lets drivers put their cars on auto pilot. >> the feds are investigating a deadly crash and the circumstances that led up to it. abc's lauren lyster has the story for us from los angeles. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. tesla's auto pilot feature has been hailed as a breakthrough by tech reviewers but now it's the focus of regulator scrutiny in the wake of the may crash that killed a tesla enthusiast. this mor
7:40 am
caused joshua brown's tesla model s in auto pilot mode to slam into the side of a semi, killing brown. >> oh, geeze. >> reporter: brown, seen in this 2015 youtube video in what appears to be a tesla with its assisted driving feature activated. >> i don't know what i'm going to do with my hands down here. >> reporter: on its website tesla mourns the loss but points out it's the first fatality in over 130 million miles. they say while the feature is called auto pilot, each time owners activate it, they're reminded that it is only an assist feature that requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. >> we are nowhere close to letting the vehicle do its own thing. >> reporter: investigators say they're still determining if and to what extent auto pilot played a role in the crash. officials confirming that brown had a history of speeding violations, and a witness could reportedly hear a movie
7:41 am
in brown's car moments after the crash. nine states have now passed laws allowing some form of computer-guided autos to hit the roads and over 20 auto makers have announced or released models with driver assisted features. but for now, the insurance institute for highway safety says humans will need to stay put in the driver's seat. >> technology is going to have to go a long way before we're going to be able to buy a fully autonomous vehicle. >> reporter: brown's family in a statement says its committed to cooperating with the crash investigation. hoping the information learned from the crash will trigger more innovation, making the road safer for everyone. >> lauren, thank you. a lot of questions about this. there are those who believe this is the future. >> as uncertain as that future may be right now. >> absolutely. coming up here on "gma," we're going to switch gears a little bit. it's a burger battle extraordinary
7:42 am
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hey nithanks. today. juicy fruit? sure i'll try a piec.... juicy fruit. so sweet you can't help but chew.
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lots of burger flipping going on this weekend. >> i have one question before we do this story. are we going to have burgers on set? >> sadly i think the answer is no. >> puppies. we do have puppies. tonight on "people's list" jerry o'connell takes on food network's kids championship for a burger cookoff. >> 7th grader,
7:46 am
signature dish, stuffed hamburger. >> jerry o'connell, signature dish, boiled water. >> josie, you're going down. you're going down. you better be scared. >> bring it down, josie. >> are you guys ready to start? >> yes. >> i am ready. >> and the challenge starts now! >> okay. here we go. i want to see where you're going first. you're doing lamb, okay. i'm going chuck. josie is putting in a little pepper. >> am i allowed to help you? >> that may have been a little too much. we're all good, okay. >> josie, how are we on time? >> are we already putting cheese on this there? >> what are you going to do? >> i'm going to stuff it. >> this is not stuffed. look at josie like, hmm, what is he doing. here we go, what do you call that, the presentation. >> the presentation, very important. >> okay, okay. amazing right, lik
7:47 am
>> i have no words for it. amazing. >> here's josie's. whoa. what do you think? who wins? >> the drama. who do you think wins? >> the suspense. >> anyone but jerry? >> yeah, yeah. >> guys, sometimes it's not what's on the outside that counts. it's what's on the inside. >> maybe he put something inside when we didn't see it. >> tune in for the answer tonight at 8:00 eastern on people's list. that judge is camila alves, model, mom and founder of mommy's spoon fulls. they don't serve burgers to babies by the way. >> i have done that in my house. >> a little protein for the little guy. coming up, is it really so long, paul simon. >> the surprising comments from the legendary singer coming up in pop news. who does pop news around here? >> me. >> that voice, sara, that voice. on my long-term control medicine.
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in ron's 30 years here at abc news he has never seen a pop news as good as the one we're about to see right now. >> no pressure. >> oh, my gosh, ron, following his 30 years i'm like a wee little ad. paul simon wowed the crowd in his hometown overnight. the 74-year-old singer played in queens, new york and the crowd loved it despite an hour long rain delay. thanks, rob. ♪ ♪ call me al >> but could this concert be his last in the u.s.? simon fans buzzing after his comments to the "new york times" that showbiz no longer holds nis interest for him, but any sound of silence not coming just yet. did you see that, guys? >> well done. >> thank you. he's got a european tour
7:53 am
that's a good song. >> yes, we don't want silence now though. >> better when paula doesn't sing it. >> i heard her going and thought, less of that. >> bad idea, wasn't it? >> you actually sound good. >> she does have a good voice. >> i wasn't trying there. >> i wasn't trying there? >> i wasn't trying. >> justin biebs, his battle with gravity continues. that is a line from mike millhaven. the biebs has fallen once again, this time while performing his hit song "sorry" in florida. the singer seen playfully splashing around during his "purpose" tour when he suddenly goes crashing again. >> is he slipping over and over? >> no, no, this is a repeat. we've got one fall there. this isn't the first time justin suffered a nasty fall while performing. this fan video taken in canada last month shows justin walking down the stage and then tumbling off the edge. i think falling is his new thing, kind of like the jennifer lawrence
7:54 am
i feel lick he finds a place in every performance to slip. >> this is better than leave -- >> that's bad boy. this is like, we feel sorry for you. you're falling. >> it's more of a gerald ford stage. >> that's bad. all right, all right, all right, you know where that comes from. students at the university of texas at austin have plenty to look forward to this fall. matthew mcconaughey is returning to his alma mater to teach a film class. the class will give 30 very lucky students a behind the scenes glimpse of state of jones where he plays newton knight. he frequently returns to the campus for football games and this is actually his second time teaching this course. what a cool thing to get a film class from matthew mcconaughey. >> yeah. i bet his lectures will be incomprehensible. >> he's only one part of the lecture. >> translated to glaeenglish. >> in
7:55 am
>> deep thoughts right out the we. the part you've all been waiting for. what better way to let your star spangled pay tree tichl -- >> i thought that was funny. >> you guys are awful. you can start by adopting one out of the 10 million pets in u.s. shelters every year. these cuties are -- i don't know which order -- charlie, riley, miley and slugger, courtesy of north shore animal league that's doing something special for independence day, offering all its pets for $17.76. we got to get you out here, rose marie. shelters are a huge way -- this is the best way for people to get a pet. >> yes, yes, adopting, not shopping, is definitely what we recommend. millions of animals, companion animals, that would probably been in homes before are left at shelters. a lot of these
7:56 am
euthanize just for the lack of space. it's super unfortunately, but if you rescue, you save two lives. you save the one you rescue and then you save the next one. >> thank you so much. you're doing great work. we appreciate it. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. >> from abc 7, this is a "good morning washington" update. autria: thanks for waking up with us on abc 7. i am a autria godfrey. a man was shot and killed in southeast just after midnight in of 18th street. investigators tell us the man died after being shot in the chest.
7:57 am
arrests and are asking anyone with any information to contact them immediately. police an in alexandria are investigating a shooting in the 1000 block of first street. an area transported to hospital where he later died. this is the fourth homicide in alexandria this year. they want of a long holiday weekend from any of you. what will the weather be like? meteorologist eileen whelan joins us now with more. [inaudible] au
7:58 am
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