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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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alarms were sounding when they arrived. licenses and inspections tells nbc 10 this building isn't a high rise so it falls into a gray area on enforcement. >> the fire department got here very quickly, so i'm appreciative of that. >> reporter: local marshal says it could have been faster if the city had an engine base there. firefighters constantly battle those critical last moments and renovations of century old buildings. >> some of the older buildings don't have fire stops. basically a designated wall that goes all the way up through to the roof so that the fire doesn't pass from building to building. >> reporter: and the fire did spread to at least two adjacent buildings this morning. i just hung up with fire commissioner thiel. he did not comment if a fire wall would have made a critical difference here. he said structuring of any apparatus would fall directly on the mayor's office as it is a city budget issue.
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for now the residents will be displaced for days if not weeks. live in old city, cydney long, nbc 10 news. bucks county investigators say an extreme case of hoarding fueled the flames inside this house fire in bensalem. the fire killed an elderly woman and left a man in critical condition. it burned for hours before crews got the upper hand on it. they have identified the woman killed as 92-year-old julia pachupi. no detaew details on presid trump's travel ban. families say their loved ones are being kept out of the country and they're ready to fight. lauren mayk spoke with them today. one family is even taking the president or the administration to court? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. you know, i asked the aclu attorney about this today, are there really any other options? and they told me they would always try other av news before filing a lawsuit.
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this is sort of a last resort. now there's another family that hasn't gotten there yet but they're all fighting the same issue, all trying to get loved ones who were sent back to one of those seven countries on the list to be able to come into the u.s. >> i'm praying. and i want to keep faith in the american system. >> reporter: her family now taking their case to the american justice system. the family's attorney filed this lawsuit naming the president and homeland security secretary over the executive order that sent her brothers-in-law and their families back to syria. turned back, the lawsuit says, despite having visas when they reached philadelphia international. >> it was a shock to hear that they were sent back the way they were. it's un-american. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims the executive order violates the equal protection clause of the constitution. discriminating on nationality and religion. and using president trump's own words against him. citing this -- >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete
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shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: the president, though, has said the executive order is not a muslim ban. the asali family today joining attorneys, philadelphia's mayor and two students, daughters of an iranian woman also turned away. university of delaware student has been waiting at the airport for her mom who the aclu says had a visa. >> all the time i was imagining her. i see her over there. i cannot see her. >> reporter: attorneys for both families now working to bring them back. >> what message are you sending out by preventing us to see our families? >> reporter: we're going to have more on those sisters and their story coming up at 6:00. now i also reached out to the trump administration to get their response to this lawsuit.
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i haven't heard back yet, but i'll keep you updated. live in center city, i'm lauren make, nbc 10 news. we learned today that nearly 900 refugees will be allowed into the u.s. this week despite president trump's executive order on immigration. a senior u.s. official says this group of refugees had been cleared before the order was signed. meanwhile, homeland security chief john kelly is defending the order. today he denied reports that he wasn't given details on the order until around the time the president signed it. that order temporarily halts the u.s. refugee program and bans citizens of seven muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days but today the white house press secretary did i puted the word "ban." >> this is not a muslim ban. it's not a travel ban. it's a vetting system to keep america safe. that's it, plain and simple. and all of the facts and the reading of it clearly show that that's what it is. >> today's comments follow a tweet from the president himself on monday that read, if the ban
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were announced with a one week notice, the bad would rush into our country during that week. a lot of bad dudes out there, he said. also tonight pennsylvania lawmakers are considering a bill that would strip money from philadelphia and other sanctuary cities in the state under what's called sb-10. grant money would be cut off to more than a dozen municipalities in the commonwealth that don't cooperate with federal immigration officials. mayor kenney said programs funded by those state grants have helped drive down crime in cities like philadelphia. to the weather now. another afternoon of light snow for some folks in our area. this was the scene earlier this afternoon along germantown avenue in chestnut hill. many of you also saw rain today. let's get an update on your most accurate neighborhood forecast. here's first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> everything today was on the light side. we didn't see anything too terribly impressive. it has since moved out. a live look outside philadelphia showing us camera is wobbling
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around a bit but now clouds and sunshine that we're dealing with as the sun starts to set. we did have some rain in parts of new jersey and some flakes falling in philadelphia. it's all out now. clouds built in across the area. as we pull this radar out, you can see that there's still a lot of action to be had to the north of us and even to the north and west of us. most of that not going to be able to make it to us. so that northern edge tracking parts of the lehigh valley, berks county and the poconos, we did see a good amount of snow falling throughout the day. those areas could still see spot flurries. everywhere else we're starting to dry out and really stay dry for quite a few days now as we move forward. temperature wise here's what we're looking at currently, 37 in mount holly, philadelphia 40 degrees and mt. pocono where we saw that snow throughout the first half of the day only at 21. look at this huge rain from 20 to mid-40s, atlantic city at 46 and dover at 48 degrees. that's the actual temperature.
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we would look in comparison to what are the differences and how it feels outside, just a little cooler out there currently. what's going to happen, though, by tomorrow, temperatures really start to pick up as we extend through the rest into your weekend, temperatures really start to fall. so we'll compare the roller coaster temps ahead for us in just a few minutes. now breaking news just in to nbc 10. a jury has reached a verdict in the civil trial involving this deadly collapse along philadelphia's market street. relatives and survivors filed that lawsuit. seven people died, 12 others were hurt when a building being demolished fell on to a salvation army store back in 2013. among those they're suing are the building's owner, the demolition crew and the salvation army. again, a verdict has been reached in this case. it could be read soon. as soon as we find out, we'll, of course, bring it to you. keep it right here on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of this breaking story.
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new at 5:00, this 42-year-old burlington county woman's accused of killing her husband yesterday with a fire extinguisher. she faced a judge today. investigators say she beat douglas tinsley to death with the fire extinguisher in the couple's mt. holly home. the motive is still not clear. governor wolf is taking steps to fight the state's opioid crisis. he announced plans to ask lawmakers for another $10 million and that money would be used to help first responders buy the antidote naloxodone. >> they may have been breached. a criminal investigation is now under way. city solicitor said they're taking steps to to clear the system. not sure if personal information was involved. new jobs are available at
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the marcus hook industrial complex, delaware county council and sunoco although gist ibs announced full-time operator positions this morning. interested applicants can submit applications right now. this is catholic schools week. and padua academy where their mascot is a panda. today teachers held a cake decorating contest with a panda theme. they had to buy chances to get on a team. the money raised goes to the st. patrick center which provides services to less fortunate families in wilmington. new jersey state police arrest one of its own workers, that led to charges of sexual assault and child pornography. that's coming up all new at 5:00. chris christie, why he's criticizing the trump administration and its handling of the immigration ban.
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no secret new jersey governor chris christie has been a big supporter of president donald trump. >> the governor has remained quiet about the rollout of the new travel restrictions until now. today governor christie criticized the way the trump administration implemented the restriction of refugees and travelers from seven majority muslim country. christie said mr. trump was,
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quote, ill served by his staff and said the rollout was terrible. but he insisted the president's intentions are in the right place. >> his intention is to try to protect our country from terrorist attacks on people who mean to do us harm. however, i've always believed you need to make those decisions based upon intelligence, not only generalizations. >> the president's executive order has led to confusion and massive protests at airports around the country. the trump administration insists the changes have been going smoothly. a mixed bag for president trump's top cabinet picks today. democrats delayed the vote on jeff sessions until at least tomorrow. senate democrats are also holding up president trump's nominees for health and human service secretary tom price and treasury secretary steve mnuchin. they were set to vote to confirm them today but democrats say they want more information. four of mr. trump's cabinet picks made it out of committee. the secretaries for transportation, education,
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energy and secretary of the interior. they still need to be confirmed by the full senate. here first alert weather now. some parts of the area saw rain and snow earlier today. margate atlantic county where it looks like the wet weather moved out just in time for the crews to continue rebuilding the dunes. now, you might notice things warming up in your neighborhood. >> first alert meteorologist krystal klei is here with the details in your most accurate forecast. >> we're going to look at it for the next several days. a pickup, then a quick drop, then another pickup on the extended forecast. here's a look at radar and satellite. earlier today we did see snow flurries passing by, mostly the northern edge of our viewing area, then very light rain moving in philadelphia, new jersey, but all that's moved off to the east of us. you see a little action off to the west of us. a rain/snow mix. if anything we're talking very light activity along the lehigh valley and pocono and berks
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county. we start to dry out, then we stay dry as we extend that forecast. take a look at the temperatures, areas that didn't see a lot of moisture today, temperatures also really picked up and warmer air shifting in. 47 where we are right now at cape may courthouse. earlier today we had a little more 50s on the board. 50 in woodbine still, though, mays landing 43 and atlantic city at 47 degrees. compare that to areas farther north. what a difference. 30 below freezing compared to the 50 we just looked at at the shore, 35 in reading and fleetwood sitting at 33 degrees for the current temperature. over the lehigh valley, about the same. bath here 29, and whitehall sitting at 32. right at freezing again. flakes still falling in these area. track that out, our hour by hour forecast. the model is showing us currently we sue see a few flake. but not anything that we're picking up on moving through.
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the potential will linger through the 6:00 hour, by seven:00, it's completely moving out. just some clouds starting to build in from the south. for wednesday we are mostly dry. we're also partly to mostly cloudy for your wednesday here. 2:30 in the afternoon a few sprinkles making it to the ground but otherwise we stay clear through the rest of your wednesday as well. let's talk temperatures for your wednesday. looking at highs that creep up a little higher than today. we're at 50 degrees, the forecast in fairmount. tackeno 48, way warmer than average this time of year. schwenksville at 47. reading at 45 and allentown even up to 44 degrees. we're showing the clouds mixing with peaks of as much. robbinsville, 47, egg harbor township 48, a few spots back to the 50s. newark at 52 degrees and dover at 48 for the forecast high
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temperature as we get into the afternoon tomorrow. plus season snow totals. comparing 2015/2016 season to this season so far. nearly 23 inches in philadelphia this time last year. currently 6 inches. obviously hasn't been quite as impressive even if it came with one storm. 32 inches in allentown. under 3 inches so far this year. in wilmington, almost 17 inches this year. just under 5 inches. and looking at atlantic city, interestingly enough, because of that last system that we had, looking at number 16 last year but up to 7. so numbers not too impressive, but we are talking snow chances on the extended ten-day on ten. so we have the roller coaster of temperatures. tomorrow 50, thursday down to 40, but windy as well. then drop mid30s, but take a look at this. we pick up next week to 57 and
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60 and there's those chances of snow/rain mix on sunday and again into your next work week. president trump will make a big announcement tonight. his choice for the supreme court. >> joining us with a closer look at this is mark murray, senior political editor for nbc news. thanks for being here again this afternoon. lots to talk about. we've been reporting, as far as the supreme court pick goes, down to two finalists. any thoughts on which way the president could go? >> well, our reporting is that there are two finalists and they are neil gorsuch of the tenth circuit court of appeals from the denver area, someone whose admirers and observers of his record can kind of see him as an antonin scalia 2.0. scalia's death has created this vacancy for the supreme court pick. the other finalist is thomas hardiman. he hails from the pittsburgh area. another person who seems to have a conservative record. i think republicans realize that either man would really kind of
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fit that conservative niche that they're hoping for to return the court back to a 5-4 conservative majority on many cases. >> so mark, whoever gets this spot will no doubt be involved in some pretty big cases. what kind of controversial topics could we see go before the court in the coming months? >> well, of course, some of the biggest ones having to do with labor rights, abortion, religion, so all the gamut of big, big rulings and issues, but it is worth noting again that what you would end up having a conservative judge on this court kind of creates the status quo. it goes back to where the court was when antonin scalia was on the court and when he was alive. democrats had a very big opportunity to reshape the court and have a 5-4 liberal majority, but barack obama, his pick, merrick garland, was blocked by senate republicans in the last year of obama's presidency and
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the winner ended up getting this pick in the presidential contest and donald trump won, now he's putting his pick on the 12th day of his presidency. >> what can we expect the democrats to do at this point, do you think? >> i think they're going to end up trying to block it as much as they can. of course, there is the filibuster still in the senate which would require a 60-vote threshold. but senate republicans who are in control of the senate can decide to eliminate the filibuster if they want, to go back to a simple majority. i think all indications are that donald trump's pick will get confirm unless something crazy ends up happening. that said, i do think there will be a fight. and one of the reasons that democrats will want to fight back is they feel like this supreme court pick was taken from them. >> all right, mark murray reporting for us. thank you. >> thank you. >> and for more on the candidates and the impact they could have on the court, be sure to join nbc nightly news with lester holt at 6:30, then you
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can watch the president's official announcement tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 10 and because of this, there will be a change to tonight's programming lineup. a new episode of "the wall" will air starting at 9:00 followed by "this is us." "chicago fire" will not air tonight. the highest ranking member of the delaware national guard has now retired. at the beau biden national guard reserve center in new castle where members of the military old and new celebrated major general frank vavala. >> it's just hard to believe. i can't believe, number one, that it's been 50 years. i mean, that's just incredible to me. 18 years as general, it's so surreal. >> a lot of friend, family and colleagues were at today's event including delaware governor john kearney. from the win
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. the philadelphia 76ers raise raise the cat movement continues to gain momentum at their home game against the sacramento kings, they debuted the raise
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the cat cam. it superimposes the image of a cat in sixers fans in the crowd all set to "the circle of life" from "the lion king." the rookie began posting picture z of him holding up his cats after every sixers win. it's going across the country. everybody is doing it. take a look at the newest additions to the elmwood park zoo in norristown. these two jaguar cubs were born one week ago today. that's beautiful. the cubs and their moem,m, inca are doing well. >> go back to the two shot? beautiful. also tonight, paying the price. >> how president trump is vowing to reduce the cost of your prescription drugs. that's next. by peggy lee playing ]
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[ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. ♪ strummed guitar
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you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. an employee of the new jersey state police is in jail tonight. . he's locked up on sexual assault and child pornography charges. new at 5:00, jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg went to his house and found out what the suspect's girlfriend thinks of these charges. >> she was very quiet. you would never think anything. >> but authorities say milton
5:29 pm
cortina sexually assaulted a child and also produced child pornography. >> it's disgusting. >> reporter: adrian romero lives across the street from him in little egg harbor township. she was arrested yesterday on numerous charges involving a female victim. >> all the els are 100% false and the attorney's never going allow it. >> reporter: a woman who identified herself as cortina's fiancee came to his defense but would not elaborate. >> you need to leave. >> reporter: police confirm he's been a civilian employee of the agency for three years working in the repair unit of the state police marine services bureau. in addition to allegedly making child porn, cortina is also charged with possessing it. >> makes you sick. >> reporter: in court today a judge ruled cortina must stay in jail until a detention hearing later this week on whether he should be released or remain
5:30 pm
locked up as the case moves forward. in little egg harbor township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now to your first alert weather. after rainy and snowy start, the sun eventually peeked out today. nbc 10 in norristown, montgomery county, where it is still chilly despite the sunshine out there. yeah, my hands were cold walking the dog today. >> absolutely. let's get an update on what's happening in your neighborhood. here's meteorologist krystal klei. >> we get one day where the temperatures boost up tomorrow before you are back to the cold hands when you walk the dog. here's a live look outside philadelphia. we have sunshine but clouds are starting to build across the region. i looked at this camera a few hours ago, completely sunny. we've seen quite a few changes throughout the day, and the entire region, from rain to snow and now to much of nothing. we're looking at just some clouds out there. you see on our radar returning maybe berks county moving to the lehigh valley, light flurries trying to fall but spotty at
5:31 pm
best. this is not much action we're getting. instead we'll start drying out. then we'll see those temperatures climb as we move in to your wednesday. the wider view on radar shows the bulk of the snow that's still in pennsylvania and north of our viewing area. let's talk temperatures as we go through tonight. we're in the upper 30s, but we really kind of stay there into tomorrow morning with those clouds hanging overhead. and 30s for temperatures. chilly but not terribly cold. we'll see colder on the extended forecast. look at the suburbs right around the mid-30s. not seeing much of a dip overnight which helps to show if we're not starting low in the morning we'll have the ability to warm up later in the afternoon. there's the lehigh valley, low to mid-30s and delaware and new jersey and the shore, some areas still in the 40s overnight. we'll talk about how warm we get into tomorrow afternoon, then the big drop for your weekend coming up. here's some of the other top stories we're following at 5:00. bucks county investigators say an extreme case of hoarding
5:32 pm
fueled the flames inside this house fire in bensalem. the fire killed an elderly woman and left a man in critical condition. residents of this old city apartment building say they never heard fire alarms when the building went up in flame last night. fire department says it's looking into the matter but nbc 10 found the building along market street has no violations in the past. no one was hurt in last night's fire, and investigators are trying to figure out how it started. >> lawyers for an allentown family whose loved ones from syria were turned away at philadelphia international airport this weekend are now filing a federal lawsuit. the suit claims that the president's executive order violating the equal protection clause of the constitution by discriminating based on both nationality and religion. today is the last day to sign up for the affordable care act. today hundreds of demonstrators descended on washington in a protest that got a bit heated.
5:33 pm
demonstrators came from across the country. they want lawmakers to hear how repealing the aca without an acceptable replacement would affect millions of families. denise major from philadelphia says she wants lawmakers to listen. >> these are people that we voted for. i know you're a busy man. i know you have things to do. but you need to come off the mountaintop for five minutes and come and at least see the people and allow them to show you their actual faces, their actual pain, their actual issues. >> people united will never be defeated. >> in center city a rally in favor of the affordable care act outside of republican pat toomey's office. demonstrators here want toomey to oppose any repeal of the aca without a viable replacement. senator toomey who is in washington today promised to keep their concerns in mind. >> so what happens if the aca is
5:34 pm
repealed? on his first day in office president trump signed an executive order aimed at repealing the health care law. if that happens there would be a lengthy transition period. lawmakers haven't reached an agreement on replacing what's known as obamacare. >> if they sticks by his promise that he wants health insurance for everybody, i think it will probably look a lot like obamacare. and if he wants to call it trumpcare, it's fine with me. >> you have until midnight tonight to sign up for health insurance through the aca exchanges. president trump met with executives of top pharmaceutical companies this morning. he wants drug prices to come down especially for those on medicare and medicaid. he promised to slash regulations and fda approval so drugs can get to market faster and more pharmaceutical companies will return to the u.s. president trump held a listening session today on internet security. the president has tapped former new york city mayor rudy
5:35 pm
giuliani to head a cyber -- or council on cyber security. the council will protect and improve infrastructure critical to the country. president trump says all agencies will be empowered to modernize their i.t. systems as will the military. in just a few hours president trump is set to announce his choice to fill the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. this comes after the firing of the government's top law enforcement officials for refusing to back his controversial travel ban. >> we'll see in a little while. >> the talk in washington today was the firing of sally yates. yates refused to defend trump's temporary travel ban and questioned whether restricting travel from majority muslim countries is legal. >> for the attorney general to turn around and say i'm not going to uphold this lawful executive order is clearly a dereliction of duty and she should be removed and she was. >> democrats applaud yates for standing up to the president.
5:36 pm
>> she said she would and she did. i admire her. >> reporter: -- >> he needs to be able to say no to the president. >> i have no confidence that senator sessions will do that. >> democrats delayed action on sessions today. republicans reset the vote for tomorrow. >> is question is is he qualified? >> we know that he will uphold and enforce all laws equally. >> homeland security today asked if the agency got a full briefing before the travel ban went into effect. secretary kelly says he read two drofts. >> so we knew it was coming. it wasn't a surprise it was coming. >> still coming from the white house tonight, president trump expected to nominate one of these two appeal judges as the next justice to the u.s. supreme court. dangerously behind. one of our states has gotten a failing grade for its roads. why a safety group says it's putting lives at risk. and from a $2 billion casino
5:37 pm
to a stop on the underground railroad, why the future of both buildings is in question tonight.
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5:39 pm
a setback for the developer who wants to reopen the old revel casino. the casino commission ruled that glen straub has to be licensed even though he plans to have a different company run the property.
5:40 pm
straub purchased it two years ago for $82 million. he says he plans to reopen the property as a hotel on february 20th. in montgomery county residents are expected to pack a supervisor's meeting in whitemarsh township. they're fighting to protect three historic buildings that include part of the underground railroad. developers want to tear down some of the buildings and replace them with townhomes. new details on legislation that would have you paying an extra $2 a night to stay in a hotel in atlantic city. the bill has advanced in the new jersey legislature. it would add the surcharge to each hotel room bill. the money would be used to fund police and firefighter operations. and we're tracking a brief warm-up for your wednesday, but then that colder air is settling in just in time for your weekend. we'll track those roller coaster temperatures and what they might do as we go into your next work week all coming up. and coming up new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, an apparent nazi
5:41 pm
tattoo on a philadelphia police officer's arm. we learn the officer's fate with the department and how it's leading to changes for all officers.
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5:43 pm
new video into nbc 10 of a school bus fire in gloucester county. a viewer sent us this cell phone video showing the smoky scene on route 295 near west defford earlier today. no passengers were on the bus a t the time and no one was hurt. pennsylvania is dangerously behind when it comes to highway safety laws. >> that's from a new report for advocates for highway safety. new jersey needs improvement and delaware has made significant advancements. >> the report recommends
5:44 pm
pennsylvania add front and rear seat belt laws in addition to booster seat laws up to age 8 and a helmet law for motorcyclists. in 2015, 1200 people died in accidents in pennsylvania. the report suggests new jersey add the ignition interlock system for all offenders. the device keeps cars from starting if the driver is drunk. and it suggests delaware add an open container law. new details in the case of an ocean county pediatrician who allegedly failed to store vaccinations properly. the state today suspended the office of michael blyman from participating in the medicaid program. they found his office in manna hocken didn't refrigerate vaccinations properly. the parents of some 900 children were notified their kids may need to be revaccinated. chester county unveiled its new smart 911 system that allows you to make a safety profile online that stores information
5:45 pm
to help first responders. it will allow for faster response times. the service is free. all right, runners, get ready. the registration lottery opens tomorrow for the blue cross broad street run. it runs through february 13th. the registration fee, $50. lottery selections are random, so you'll have an equal chance no matter when you sign up. registration information is available on the nbc 10 app. and remember, if you're not running, you can watch the race live on may 7th right here on nbc 10. delaware native wnba star elena delle donne could be playing closer to home. she's been tried from the sky to mystics. she led the sky to the wnba finals but had to sit out the final with a thumb injury. five days from today chester county's own matt ryan will lead
5:46 pm
the falcons on to the field for super bowl li. >> today the kids at ryan's old grade school paid him a special tribute. skyforce 10 was overhead as 300 students at st. phillips and james school in exton formed a giant number 2. ryan wears number 2 for the falcons. he graduated from the school back in 1999. he's in houston right now getting set for super bowl sunday. and he says he's ready. >> you know, it's going to come down to execution and those thins. and we'll feel really confident and really good about ourselves and our game plan going into it. >> ryan is in his tenth season with the falcons. this will be his first trip to the super bowl where he'll face tom brady. >> and you're weighing in on your pick. >> wearing my red. >> there you go. to our weather now, doesn't feel like it right now, but it's about to warm up in your neighborhood. let's get the forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> a warm-up, then a cooldown,
5:47 pm
then another warm-up. we're back and forth. here's a look at radar. we'll be drying out. we currently have clouds. but you see on the radar view that all we've got to track here in berks county is a rain/snow mix. i just checked ground oaks at reading, nothing making it to the surface at of yet. it could clip upper bucks county and the lehigh valley, otherwise not a lot of activity to track on raidary. if we pull that out, you will see that most of the snow is going to miss us. our delaware temperatures certainly got warmer than areas like the lehigh valley and berks county. right now 43 in marton and glasgow. we go farther south. we're still nearly 50 harrington, bridgeville at 49, georgetown at 49 and our delaware beaches right in the mid to upper 40s. lewis beach, rehoboth beach.
5:48 pm
these temperatures are rather nice for this time of year. philadelphia a little bit cooler. we're at 35 chestnut hill. right now center city and society hill all sitting at 40 degrees currently. we might see these numbers drop into the 30s tonight. still chilly this evening. but they won't take a big overnight plummet because we're starting to track warmer air spreading from southern delaware farther north. meaning that temperatures tomorrow will be pretty pleasant across the board. these are roller coaster temperatures. right now the cool air that's settled in, mild to the south and then farther north colder air. we start to track some of the more mild air that will be coming in after the cold spell. as we go through the friday and your weekend, the temperatures are going to be right in the 30s, overnight in the 20s. some areas try to make it into the teens. watch this, into next week, tuesday we're pulling in more mild air. so we go from cold to mild and
5:49 pm
then knock that out right back to cold conditions by next friday. so we're talking on that ten-day forecast really extending out. a lot of ups and downs. let's track the ups and downs. 50 degrees the temperature for your wednesday in philadelphia. then we fall to 40 which is right around average for this time of year. and then by friday 34 degrees. there's the big drop-off. into the 30s for highs. lows in the low 20s for the overnight. also notice the icons we're not tracking any rain over the next three days. staying on the dry side. 38 thursday, then down to freezing for a high temperature by friday. lehigh valley even colder. 29 degrees by your friday. as we good into new jersey, not bad at all. wednesday 50 degrees, shore at 52 degrees and the same in delaware for tomorrow, 52 degrees. some spots today actually made it to the 50s. we go to thursday, low 40s an average day, then friday cooler than average in the mid to upper 40s for forecast high. we do see sunshine mixing in
5:50 pm
with the clouds. nice and kind of dry. then we go to the weekend forecast. saturday still sunny but we're cold. 34 for a high in philly, 32 in the suburbs, 37 the jersey shore, then look at sunday here. staying in the 30s. we've got a rain/snow mix for areas like philly and new jersey. the suburbs, lehigh valley, a light snow and the possibility of rain for delaware and the jersey shore. we extend that ten-day on 10. we talk about the cooldown tomorrow, the warm-up for the weekend. next week, 47 monday, 57 tuesday, we even make it to 60. an update on that breaking news we told you about at the top of nbc 10 news at 5:00, a jury has found that all the defendants are liable in the civil trial about this building collapse. they filed that suit when a building being demolished fell on to a salvation army store
5:51 pm
back in 2013. the building's owner, the demolition crew and the salvation army again all found liable in the verdict that was just announced. now the jury has to determine damages, how much each defendant has to pay. now, much more on this breaking story. we're going to be following this. that be coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00. right here right now pennsylvania state police are easing up on the college requirements needed to be hired as a cadet. incoming cadets no longer have to on stain an associate's degree or have 60 hours of college credit before they apply. they still have to meet those requirements after they apply. the school announced that the u.s. senator from new jersey will give the commencement address at graduation. cory booker will also receive an honorary doctor of law degree. bullying is one of the biggest challenges in our schools. >> now delaware is calling on
5:52 pm
its own students to help stop it. the new program that gives them a hands-on role. that's next at 5:00. and coming on on nbc 10 news at 6:00, anne employee fights back when a man robs a germantown carry-out.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
welcome back. lester holt joining us from the
5:55 pm
n brks krrkbc studios in new yo. >> jim and erin, good to see both of you. jim, i saw you in philly earlier. erin i'm sorry i missed you at my visit there at the studios. president trump turning his pick for the supreme court into a primetime tv event. what we know about the two finalists. we have details emerging of a mission gone wrong and about a navy s.e.a.l. killeded in a covert operation overseases. what we've learned and a warning about self-medicating for sleep problems. for now back to you in philly. >> lester, glad you made your train. >> me, too. to this now, a no bullying campaign under way in delaware. they're teaming up with a nonprofit designed to work with students to stop bullying. the goal is to implement the program in ten of the state's schools by next fall. people here at this meeting told their own stories of being
5:56 pm
bullied. >> j.d., i'll never forget. for a while it happened on a daily basis. like i said, it creates such an impression on a person that it does last a lifetime. >> students from three delaware counties will sit on an advisory board to lend their voices and he leadership to the program. >> philadelphia's top schools were honored today. and they were recognized for achievements on the school progress report. it evaluates schools on student achievement, dwroet, school climate and college and career readiness. congrats to them. >> yes. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. coming up next, police tattoo controversy. we learn the fate of this officer whose body art some say is in support of nazis. plus how it's bringing change
5:57 pm
for the philly police department. plus feeling fatigued by all the political bickering on facebook lately? we talk to a mental expert about how to keep a clear head when you're scrolling through your feed. and i'm tracking a warm-up for tomorrow. how high temperatures are going to get and when it's going to start feeling cold again. my first alert neighborhood forecast.
5:58 pm
right now at 6:00, breaking news in the case of the deadly
5:59 pm
building collapse on market street. we're live with a breakdown of whom jurors are blaming tonight. and a nazi tattoo on a philadelphia police officer's arm. how this body art is prompting a department-wide change tonight. plus deadly hoarding. mounds of clothing and trash hinders firefighters as they try to put out these flames. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, suing the president. >> it was a shock to hear that they were sent back the way they were. it's un-american. >> families are fighting to get their relatives back to the u.s. >> this is extremely unfair and inhuman to stop a mother from seeing her daughters. >> tonight they tell nbc 10 how the president's immigration order is hurting them. >> good evening, i'm jacqueline
6:00 pm
london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. one family filed the lawsuit today saying the president's order violates the constitution. >> lauren mayk spent the day with the family at philadelphia city hall. she joins us from there now with more live. >> reporter: the one family we're talking about, they're from allentown. we told you their story. their family members had been working for years to get here to live, and they are the ones who have just filed this lawsuit. now, today we learned about another family not looking to move here, though, just to visit. a visit between a mother and two daughters that didn't happen. >> i saw my mom. she said that would be good that would let me to meet you for just a few minutes. >> reporter: she said she was waiting for her mom at the airport when she got word that her mother would have to go back to iran because of the president's executive order. how long h


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