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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 31, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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old city fire. new details on the investigation into this early morning fire t a an apartment building in one of philadelphia's most historic areas. international outcry. the growing number of nations taking a stand against president trump's immigration travel ban. and surprise! it's twins. the new arrivals that are giving the local zoo something to roar about. right now at 11:00, a huge firefight in old city this morning, as firefighters work to save lives and put out intense flames in this six-story building that caught on fire. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. the red cross is helping the victims after the flames forced them out into the cold early this morning. nbc 10's pamela osborn talked to some of the residents that escaped with their lives.
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they have quite a story to tell. she joins us live from old city. pamela? >> reporter: they certainly do, tracy. investigators are still trying to determine a cause for that fire. but take a look, you can see where it started, on the upper level right by that roof, we talked to the woman who lives just below the roof. the says fire was stripping from her ceiling. david moran says he was sound asleep at 4:30 this morning when -- >> all of a sudden i heard a young lady out in the hallway yelling "fire," banging on doors. >> reporter: as soon as he got up, he started knocking on his neighbors doors on the fourth floor. everyone was trying to help. >> a gentleman on my floor was trying to pull the pull station, but no alarm ever went off. >> reporter: the fire was burning on the roof where just below jung park and her boyfriend who had been up early this morning became very aware of the danger. >> i saw the smoke coming under
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the door, and i saw this orange flashing, and the smoke turns into fireballs into our living room. >> reporter: her boyfriend was burned on his arms by melting plastic as he tried to put that fire out with an extinguisher. more than 60 firefighters and medics responded to the growing flames. >> it spread through multiple locations in multiple buildings. >> reporter: after an hour-throng firefight, the fire was under control and firefighters worked to put out hot spots throughout the apartment building and adjacent building. >> the fire department got here very quickly, so i'm appreciative of that. >> reporter: as we come back out here live, you can see firefighters did good work this morning. they kept this fire from being much worse, from spreading all the way down the road here. only four people from two floors of the building where that fire broke out were evacuated. we talked to the president of the firefighter's union, as well as some of the first responders here. he has concerns about some of the available resources in the area. you'll hear that part of the
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story when i see you again at 11:30. reporting live for now in old city, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pam, thank you. in bucks county, firefighters say hoarding made this fire especially hard to fight. the fire burned for hours at a home on buyberry road in ben salem before crews got the upper hand. an elderly woman was rescued out of the window. a man in his 50s managed to get out on his own. they both wept to the hospital. fire crews had to pull out of the home payoff all the debris. >> the fire department had extreme problems fighting the fire. it was a hoarding issue here. the house is full with debris, trash, trash bags, clothes, stuff for years and years and years just piled. every room, in the hallways and the kitchen, basement, first, second floor, anything you can think of, there's debris everywhere. >> firefighters said the fire started in the basement. the cause is still under investigation. and now to the latest on the president's travel ban for immigrants. >> in about an hour, the head of homeland security will give an update on how the president's
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executive order is being implemented. john kelly will answer questions about the new policy and how it's working. also today, the president of the european union is calling the u.s. a threat. he says the move by the new president are helping make the future of the eu, quote, highly unpredictable. and this morning, there is a new acting attorney general. last night, president trump fired acting ag, sally yates. the move came hours after yates refused to defend the president's controversial refugee ban in court. the president said that yates betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the united states. president trump named dana binty as acting attorney general. he'd been the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia. chuck schumer spoke out on the senate floor last night about the firing of sally yates. >> please, mr. president, reconsider. really think about this. don't just tweet, don't just get mad, don't just call names.
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think about it. change it. repeal it. it's too far gone to change. got to repeal it. >> in addition to firing the acting ag, the president also replaced the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement. no explanation given for why daniel ragsdale was removed from that position. he was replaced with thomas hommen, who was an executive director with i.c.e. and paul ryan is defending the president's executive order to restrict immigration from seven majority muslim countries. he says the order is in keeping with the president's authority. >> there is nothing wrong with taking a pause and making sure that we have the proper vetting standards in place, so that we do not have a problem like france had with paris. >> speaker ryan said the order was similar to legislation that the house passed after the paris terror attacks. and new this morning, an allentown family is filing a federal lawsuit against a trump administration over the travel ban.
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the family and lawyers are holding a news conference right now in center city, about the lawsuit. here's a live look at it. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is speaking right now. he opposed president trump's immigration travel ban. authorities for the -- attorneys for the family are filing a lawsuit on their relatives. let's take a moment here and listen in. >> we have some updates today for you. so i'm going to turn this microphone over to them shortly. but before i do, i really just want to say thank you. there's been a lot of folks taking credit for what has happened, but it was really these lawyers, the philadelphia chapter of the immigration lawyers association, and the aclu of pennsylvania and all the other folks who were not lawyers, who came down to protest and have their voices heard, both saturday night and sunday afternoon, and it happened around the country in every major airport in america. and i have said this before, and
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i'll say it again. and i'm sorry you're getting tired of hearing it. that this president -- >> members of the family your denied entry to the united states from syria hours after they landed friday. those relatives were sent on to the next flight back, despite having immigration visas that they worked 13 years to get. last night in easton, there was a rally to end -- put an end to president trump's immigration ban. president trump will announce his pick for the supreme court at 8:00 tonight. >> nbc 10 national recorder edward lawrence tells us the new supreme court justice could tip the scales on the bench for big issues like abortion and immigration. >> reporter: president trump has two names at the top of his supreme court list. thomas hardiman and nio gourd itch. >> a person who is unbelievably highly respected and i think you will be very impressed with this person. >> reporter: democrats say they will look at the nominees'
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positions and fight if needed. >> if they're fire breathers from the right or left, day need not apply as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: the president is making his selection as he fires the acting attorney general, sally yates sent a letter to the justice department, saying she's not convinced the executive order instituting a limited travel ban is legal. hours after sending the letter, president trump fired her, elevating another lawyer, who he says will uphold the ban. >> he's made sure that every way possible we get down the path of securing this country. >> reporter: the travel ban may be one of the big cases the supreme court could decide. the new justice could swing the court to the right. >> judging is about, ultimately, the law as it is, and not the law as it should be, according to the subjective beliefs of the judge. >> reporter: house and senate democrats kept that in mind, as they protested the president's travel ban on the steps of the supreme court. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> and stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for up to the minute
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developments on the immigration travel ban in our area and across the country. meanwhile, snow is falling in the poconos right now, as we give you a live look at camelback mountain resort, in tannersville, in the poconos. we're tracking showers for the rest of our area this afternoon, as we give you a live look at the first alert radar. you can see what's heading our way. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei is here now with our most accurate forecast. hey, krystal. >> reporter: hi, vai and tracy. actually, it's hard to tell on this camera looking out at center city, but we have a few flakes falling as well through philadelphia right now. so what we're looking at here is some light snow that's been falling throughout our morning hours. it's mostly been along the northern edge of our viewing area. and if we take a look through parts of the suburbs, parts of the lehigh valley, berks county, you see the best round of snow is starting to move on off to the east, but still some light activity making its way down through chester county and bucks county. it's not the only snow passing through.
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you can see that small line making its way across parts of new jersey now, to burlington county, and soon enough, into ocean county. that will also start to move offshore, just light snow. and if we pull this out even more, you can see that the area of snow, the system itself, is still actually centered a little farther to our west. so this is going to continue to press along as we go through your afternoon and as temperatures rise some, we're going to see a little mix of snow and rain that you already see occurring. we're going to track that out hour by hour and talk more about those temperatures, coming up. >> krystal, thank you. new video shows four men attacking and trying to rob a victim as he's walking down broad street in south philadelphia. a group came up behind him around 8:00 on january 10th. they knocked him to the ground, started punching andic c ii iic him. they tried to take his cell phone, but couldn't. they ran off. if you recognize any of these attackers, call police. investigators say a villanova professor committed suicide just two days before he was to report to prison. 60-year-old christopher haas was found dead saturday.
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haas pleaded guilty in september to use a computer on campus to search for child porn. jessica, what are you seeing on the roads? >> we're watching a few different points of construction. one that's ongoing right here. structural repairs on that delaware river bridge, the new jersey turnpike and p.a. turnpike connector bridge, still closed for some of those repairs. there's pothole repairs. watch for some lane restrictions there. also on the 42 freeway, between there, because of that, the left lane is still getting by. that's right before the 295 interchange. other than that, traffic's doing great. southbound towards center city, no problems. vai and tracy, back to you guys. >> one step closer. more of president trump's cabinet picks could soon be
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approved for the job. ahead, a look at the senators peaking for and against the president's nominee for attorney general. and later, big changes for the boy scouts. the long-standing policy that was just reversed and the impact a child from new jersey had on that decision. and a live look in the poconos. camelback mountain, the snow coming down. we're going to track when we could see snow and rain over more of our viewing area, coming up.
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the u.s. senate this morning has moved some of president trump's cabinet picks closer to final confirmation. >> the senate judiciary committee this morning is scheduled to vote on the nomination of fellow senator jeff sessions to be attorney general. the panel is scheduled to confirm him mostly along party lines. his nomination would then go to the full senate for final vote, but the top democrat on the committee, california senator dianne feinstein, says she will vote against sessions. another senate committee is supposed to vote today on betsy devos as education secretary. if that committee approves her,s that will go on to the full senate, where she's expected to face a tough fight. and the senate finance committee was supposed to vote this morning on steve mnuchin as treasury secretary and tom price as health and human services secretary, but both votes are being indefinitely postponed after democrats boycotted those meetings. democrats are demanding more information about the two nominees. finance committee chair, orrin hatch, said he planned to reschedule the votes, but not say when that would be. he said democrats, quote, ought to stop posturing and acting
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like idiots. the senate energy committee this morning approved the nomination for rick perry to be energy secretary and congressman ryan zinke to be interior secretary. their nominations will go to the entire senate for a final vote now. and again with a look at that radar and satellite, still tracking some snow out there. day two that we've been tracking some snow. and what we're looking at is pretty much very light, spotty activity. we saw a little better, more steady snow passing earlier this morning to parts of the lehigh valley, berks county and the poconos where it is still falling. take a look at new jersey, what you're seeing is activity moving from west to east. and the new jersey area is very light. some of it not making to the ground. but we saw a report over at mcguire air force base and a few flakes tracking down to the surface. a little farther into pennsylvania, through parts of montgomery and bucks county, we are seeing some of that light snow as well tracking along. and again, we still see snow that's coming down more steadily
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through the poconos. so, this isn't anything to write home about, but we've got some flakes that are making it down to the surface. if you really pull this radar out, what you're going to see is the storm center is a little off to the west of us, and there's much more snow to be had in central pennsylvania and farther to western pennsylvania near pittsburgh, you can actually see the rain/snow mix, because temperatures are starting to boost above freezing. that's what we're looking at as we get into the afternoon. at least some spotty rain showers to pass through, mixing in with some snow. temperatures are going to be important. berks county more likely to see snow showers this afternoon. 28 in reading. fleetwood's at 26. so these nurse are low enough that even in the afternoon, we'll be on the border between those freezing conditions. and then we look over to the lehigh valley, about the same. allentown at 27 degrees. and bath, only at 23 right now. cold conditions out there. even as we go into the afternoon. temperatures are a little warmer throughout the philadelphia
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neighborhood. and i do suspect we're going to get into the upper 30s to low 40s for high temperatures by this afternoon. rittenhouse at 31. center city, the same. 31 in west mt. ari. bustleton, you're sitting at 32 degrees. so we still have some warming to go through the afternoon, through our philly neighborhoods. but it's more likely to be a bit of a rain and snow mixture that we do track. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. as we get into the afternoon, just some of those scattered snow showers and rain moving through. you can see better chances over the poconos. more scattered in nature as you drop farther south, especially philly to the poconos, the best shot here that we're going to see. but what you're looking at is just green showing up on the radar. i actually think it could be a little mix of some rain and snow. and a then that moves off as we get into the overnight. by 7:30 and 8:00 p.m., we're left with scattered cloud coverage and that builds up from the south as we go into your wednesday morning. wednesday should be dry, and temperatures are going to be a bit warmer than they will be for today. let's talk temperatures today.
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like i mentioned with, some low 40s possible. maybe some areas in the mid-40s, but we've been slow to warm. this is going to be difficult, depending on how much the clouds start to clear. summerton in the mid-40s, lansdale in the upper 30s and also upper 30s for the lehigh valley, where you see that snow-to-rain snow mix in the afternoon. this is just scattered activity. in new jersey, we may also be near trenton to see some of those flakes mixing in later today. 40 in the afternoon and we're looking at warmer temperatures near the new jersey. already in the upper 30s to 40 there. 39 for ocean city and about 45 for wilmington later today. here's a look at your ten-day on 10. we're tracking these temperatures, do a little pickup, and a nice big drop. 43 for us today. again, some spots will be a little cooler than this in philadelphia due to the snow that's near our area. 48, though, by your wednesday. more sunshine as we get into the afternoon on wednesday. although you saw the mix of clouds. and look at that drop. upper and mid-30s for highs.
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sunday, we could see our next round of snow. >> krystal, thank you. deadline day. we'll break down the battle over the affordable care act and explain why experts say you should still sign up, despite the uncertainty in washington. plus, heart smart. the time of day doctors say you should eat to prevent heart problems.
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changes coming to the boy scouts of america. the organization is opening up its programs to transgender children who identify as boys. enrollment will now be based on the gender listed on the scout application form, and not on the child's birth certificate. a recent case in new jersey factored into that decision. last year, an 8-year-old scout member was kicked out of his troop after parents and leaders found out he is transgender. today is the last day to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act for coverage in 2017. > >> the fate of obamacare is
11:24 am
still up in the air. erika edwards reports there is confusion over what a possible repeal would mean. >> reporter: in austin, texas, people continue to purchase health insurance plans through the affordable care act market places. organizers there say signup numbers appear to be down slightly compared to last year. they believe there may be some confusion, with some folks assuming the aca has already gone away. it has not. >> pretty much's everyone in agreement, people who sign up for health insurance in 2017 will have a contract in place and will be able to keep and use their insurance for 2017. >> reporter: on his first day in office, president trump signed an executive order aimed at repealing the health care law. if that happens, experts say there would be a lengthy transition period. meanwhile, lawmakers have not reached an agreement about what could replace what's known as obamacare. >> if president trump sticks by his promise that he wants insurance for everybody, i think it probably will look at like
11:25 am
obamacare and if he wants to call it trump care, it's fine with me. >> reporter: so far, about 11.5 million people nationwide have signed up for coverage in 2017, through the aca public exchanges. erika edwards, nbc 10 news. when you eat may be as important as what you eat. and you may want to make sure breakfast is on your list. researchers at columbia university say people who eat breakfast are less likely to have high blood pressure and cholesterol, while skipping it increases the risk for diabetes. experts say planning out meals and snacks can prevent overeating, triggered by emotions instead of hunger. we continue to follow new developments in an old city apartment fire. how the quick thinking of some neighbors helped save lives, as this apartment building went up in flames. and international outcries. the renewed calls to keep
11:26 am
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crews are assessing the damage and trying to determine the cause of this fire in one of philadelphia's most historic neighborhoods early this morning. alert neighbors helped the get residents to safety. nbc 10's pamela osborne talked to some of those people who escaped with their lives. she's also learning more about the fire department's response. she joins us live from old city. pamela? >> reporter: tracy, as you said, the fire marshal has been here on scene today, working to determine a cause for that fire. lni has also been here, too, to check on the building itself, as residents awakened earlier this morning hearing no alarms. >> reporter: jung park was up sending e-mails for work at 4:30 this morning when she realized
11:30 am
something was wrong. >> i saw the smoke come in underneath the skylight and there was this orange flashing. i thought my night lamp was bad, but it's the fire above our roof. and the next -- you know, the turn just turns into fireballs dripping down into our living room. >> reporter: down bloat on the fourth floor -- >> no alarm ever went off. >> reporter: so neighbors sprung into action themselves. >> i'm a sound sleeper and i -- the neighbor's banging on the door, got me up. i banged on my neighbor's door. >> reporter: firefighters quickly arrived to the scene. by then, the fire commissioner, adam thiel tells me, the alarms were sounding. after an hour-long firefight, the fire was under control, although some fire did spread to adjacent buildings. more than 60 firefighters and first responders were on scene. their union president, andrew thomas, tells me he has concerns with the surge development and the resources nearby. >> currently, there is no fire engine at 4th and arch street.
11:31 am
>> reporter: thomas says this morning, crews were able the to access a high pressure hydrant at front and market, while engines with the capability to carry water onboard arrived from other parts of the city. in his opinion, it's not enough. >> to have a engine company so many blocks away with all the new construction in the area, it's sad. but we don't have the resources in this area to fulfill the need. >> reporter: and i asked thomas what the next steps are making that happen. he tells me, he's working with the administration to get an engine company back on fourth and arch, although the response was quick, he says, every second, every single block matters when you're fighting a high-rise apartment fire like this. reporting live in old city, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pam, thank you. president trump will announce his pick for the vacant supreme court seat tonight in a prime-time address. >> the president also taking action overnight, dealing with backlash to his controversial
11:32 am
travel ban by firing the acting attorney general. this morning, the president tweeted this. quote, when will the democrats give us our attorney general? and rest of cabinet? they should be ashamed of themselves. no wonder d.c. doesn't work. nbc's kristen welker has more from washington. >> reporter: a major shake up overnight. president trump firing acting attorney general sally yates after the obama appointee refused to defend mr. trump's travel ban and questioned its legality. in a statement, the president blasted yates, saying she has betrayed the department of justice. her replacement, dana boente, quickly sworn in. a temporary placeholder until mr. trump's pick for attorney general, jeff sessions, is concerned, expected in a matter of days. the ouster of yates drew sharp reaction. >> of course, we had a monday night massacre. >> reporter: meanwhile, protesters erupted in major
11:33 am
cities again overnight. police in columbus, ohio, using pepper spray to disperse a crowd. with man calling the president's immigration action a muslim ban by another name. something the trump administration has vehemently denied. democratic lawmakers staged a protest on the steps of the supreme court. >> it is reckless and rash. >> and on the senate floor -- >> we will not be divided by hate and fear. >> reporter: former president obama even weighing in for the first time, his spokesperson saying, the president facultiy l fundamentifundamen fundamentyally disagrees with the notion of discriminating based on faith or religion. there was backlash at the state department, where diplomats circulated a memo slamming the man. such a policy runs counter to core american values of n nondiscrimination. in response, the white house releasing this stern warning. >> these bureaucrats have a problem with it, i think they should either get with the program or they can go. >> and this morning, president
11:34 am
trump aiming to turn the page, just hours away from announcing his pick to replace the late justice, antonin scalia on the supreme court. on the top of the list, neil gorsuch, a federal appeals judge for the tenth circuit. gorsuch is viewed as conservative, his mother picked by president reagan as the first woman to head the environmental protection agency, where she had a short and rocky tenure. another top contender, thomas hardiman, an appeals court judge on the third circuit, also appointed by bush. hardiman is the first member of his family to go to college and also has a reputation for being conservative without being too controversial. kristen welker, nbc 10 news. >> the president of the european union reacted to the trump administration's restrictions by calling the u.s. a threat. he says the moves by the new president are making the future of the eu highly unpredictable.
11:35 am
the united nations refugee agency and the international organization for migration says the u.s. resettlement program is one of the most important in the world. they respect the right of any country to look to its security issues and hope the restrictions are only temporary. thousands of people protested in london and other british cities against a planned state visit by president trump. >> nbc's keir simmons reports from london. >> reporter: opposition gathering in britain. protests in many major cities, including in manchester, in cardiff, in london. even outside downing street, with protesters shouting, shame on may, shame on the british prime minister, theresa may, who met with president trump last week. now there is a petition, 1.5 million people have signed it so far, calling on downing street not to allow president trump to visit the uk and meet with the queen, as had been planned,
11:36 am
though a date has not been set. >> our prime minister, miss may, to make it really clear that to president trump, there is a special relationship. use that special relationship to say that this must stop. the decisions that he's taken must be reversed. >> reporter: meanwhile, britain's foreign secretary, the equivalent of the secretary of state, calling on people not to demonize president trump whilst calling the executive order on immigration divisive. back to you. >> iran's foreign minister is repeating today that americans will no longer be able to visit iran. the country will not issue visas as a counteraction to donald trump's executive order. about 5 million tourists visit iran each year, but americans only represent 1% of the total. iran officials did say if you already have a valid visa, you are still welcome to visit. s a oscar-winning filmmaker from iran will boycott this year's ceremony in protest of the travel ban. he's nominated for the best
11:37 am
foreign language film award. the female lead of that film is also boycotting the oscars. the director compared trump to hardliners in iran who use the fear of outsiders to justify extremist behavior. nbc 10 will stay on top the travel ban and ongoing demonstrations. make sure you have the nbc 10 app and follow us on facebook and twitter for instant updates on what's happening here at home and across the country. meantime, president trump continued his first 100 days by meeting with leaders of several pharmaceutical companies. he said he wants to lower drug prices and bring pharmaceutical companies back to the united states. the president is promising the group he will soon name a, quote, fantastic person, to head the fda. well, we've seen some snow falling in parts of our area already. we may see some rain and snow this afternoon, a live look at our radar showing what's coming down now and what's to come. let's get details on that with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> the radar looks a little scary, but not a lot of it is
11:38 am
making it to our area. light flakes falling in parts of the lehigh valley, up through the poconos, and as we drop down farther south as well, through part of montgomery, bucks county, and tracking just into mercer county, you can see this little line of snow. so some light snow making it to the ground with this area. as we go to new jersey, what we were seeing about a half hour ago, that's already started to weaken and break apart. there's not a ton currently in our viewing zone to track. we pull this out, and you can see, putting it into motion, it's all moving from west to east. if we really pull this out, you can tell where the bulk of the snow still is, we're talking pennsylvania and a rain/snow mix into western pennsylvania. this is going to continue tracking our direction. we're not completely done with this system. we'll see the potential for some rain and snow as we get into the afternoon. here's a look at our temperatures right now. some of us are still right around freezing. mt. holly, philadelphia, coatesville, then you go through delaware and new jersey and wow, those temperatures have really boosted up already. 39, vineland, atlantic city, and dover. those are your actual temperatures. take a look at what it feels
11:39 am
like outside, considerably cooler. only 4 degrees for mt. pocono, where we're still seeing snow. 19 in allentown, and 22 degrees in philadelphia. so, it's a cold day for us, although temperatures in the afternoon are going to boost up in some spots to the 40s. and what we're looking at in philadelphia through the next several hours, getting to near 40 as well by 1:00 p.m. some spots even making it below mid-40s. we still have some climbing to go and still have to track out that potential for some rain and some snow in your afternoon. coming up in a few minutes, we'll take a closer look at the hour-by-hour forecast for that. we'll also talking about the ups and downs of our temperatures as we get into that super bowl sunday weekend. >> thank you, krystal. the suspect in that canadian mosque attack made a brief court appearance last night. alexandre did not make an appearance. his next court date is scheduled for february 21st. happening in and out at the jersey shore, new jersey's
11:40 am
control commission is holding a hearing for the owner of the former revel in atlantic city. glenn straub plans to reopen the revel as the new 10 casino next month. state officials say he needs the necessary license to do so. straub says he doesn't need the license since the casino is leased to a third party. he bought the bankrupt revel in 2015. the state granted him a temporary occupancy permit in october. and dupont says it will sell the historic wilmington hotel that carries its name. a wilmington real estate company has agreed to buy the hotel, which will continue to be called the hotel dupont. the hotel opened in the 19139 a and its guests have included presidents and other world leaders. take a look at this. a police chase last night in los angeles. officers say they tried to pull over a woman for reckless driving. she took off. the chase ended ten minutes later when she slammed into two cars that you can see there. no one was seriously hurt. an airplane mechanic made quite a discovery if the nose of an american airlines plane. take a look at this.
11:41 am
he found 31 pounds of cocaine. authorities think the drugs are worth more than 430 grand on the street. the mechanic found the cocaine bricks in a plane that flew from bogota, colombia, to miami and then on to tulsa, oklahoma. the dea is now investigating. an idaho family got quite a surprise over the weekend, when they woke up to find a moose in their basement. mm-hmm. they say the big guy fell through the window and into the basement late saturday, and then officers tried to coax the animal out of the basement, but when the moose charged at them, they had to tranquilize it. once they got the moose out, they then set it free. how about this? wait until you see this. cuteness alert! meet the two newest residents of the elmwood park zoo and why their arrivals were a big surprise to everyone there. and we're a bit chilly today, but as we go through the next several days, we'll watch a pickup and a quick drop of cold conditions for your weekend. the details on your roller coaster temps are coming up.
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a bucks county optometrist is trying his hand at a new occupation. novelist. louis manco has just published his first book. "crystal carousel" tells the story of a former pro quarterback who makes an unlikely comeback with the help of a world renowned medical researcher. louis manco is here this morning, welcome. you graduate from st. joe's prep
11:45 am
and penn state, you're a local guy. a bucks county optometrist who wanted to be a sports writer. tell me how you came up with the idea for this book? >> vai, when i was in high school, i always wanted to be a sports writer. and you know, i got involved in health care, built that career, but i never lost my joy for this. a football fan all any life. watched you play. and i decided that, you know, it was time to combine my love of football, combine my biomedical background, and my love for romantic, tragedy, comedy stories, combine them into a saga, into a novel. where we can appreciate what happens to an at least who suffers repeated concussions and injuries and has their personality affected. this man had to overcome so many obstacles and finally found this researcher, by accident, to a magazine article, and found him
11:46 am
and employed his help, and eventually started to make his comeback. in his comeback, he faces countless setbacks, physically. he faces sabotage, conspiracy from others. and in the end, that's what i can't tell you. but it has a dramatic twist. >> we don't want you to break it for us, so those who want to read it can do that. but by my estimate, it took you 12 years, maybe a little bit longer to write this book. how tough was that? >> it was very tough. i'm not an author by profession and i don't have a lot of time. i ran two practices for many, many years, raised four children. so there wasn't a whole lot of free time. as my career got better, i had more free time to take vacations and i spent a lot of time writing this on beaches and cruise ships. and i actually had to retype it. i don't type and nobody can read my writer, so i actually typed this one finger at a time. >> that's why it -- maybe it should have taken two years, but it took -- >> right, 12 years because i was
11:47 am
concentrating all my time -- it took me 12 years, because i had little time and little computer skills. >> let me ask you this, louis, will the success of this book determine whether there'll be other books in the offing or have you already -- are you already working on some -- >> well, i didn't really decide to become an author. i never did. i'm an optometrist. this was just a passion inside me. i consider it a one-time deal, unless, it would become so successful that a sequel would be in demand. but there's no real -- this is just part of me, rather than me becoming an author. >> sequel, movie rights, all kinds of opportunities there. >> this is a labor of love. >> good for you. i'm glad you did that, and proud of you, and i look forward to reading it. >> i can't wait to get your feedback. >> once again, "crystal carousel." where is it available? online? bookstores? >> it is available on amazon, google, barnes & noble, and eventually, hopefully, i'm going to get it to the libraries.
11:48 am
i'm going to do some book signings. >> thanks, vai. appreciate it so much. >> okay. well, the boston celtics came away with a win last night, but it was the halftime show that stole the hearts of fans. staff sergeant matthew noel of the air national guard surprised his family at the game. his mother's face tells the story. she couldn't believe she was seeing her son in person. even the celtics' point guard loved the heartwarming moment. definitely a night to remember. talk about a surprise! look at these two cuties, born unexpectedly at the elmwood park zoo. the zoo today announced the birth of these two baby jaguars. the cubs were born a week ago today. it was a surprise, because the mom and dad have never produced babies before. a new jaguar exhibit opens in the spring and that's when these cubs could be seen by the public. their names and sex will be announced on friday. all right. let's start by looking at our
11:49 am
satellite map. what you're seeing is some of the lighter snow we saw earlier this morning, over the northern parts of our advisorying area, mostly started to move off. we still have lingering snow showers out near the poconos and lying stuff that's trying to make it to the ground in parts of bucks county. take a closer look here. so we look at bucs, mercer county area, the light purples, maybe a few flakes making to it ground, but this is nothing too extreme, nothing like we saw yesterday when we had a few squalls pass through. that's not the case right now, this is just part of a system that's just clipping our viewing area. and if we pull this out all the way, you can see where the bulk of the snow is. the deeper purples on the board and greens we're seeing out near pittsburgh. that's where the more steady snow and rain is falling, where temperatures are starting to turn over a little too warm for snow to be supported. this is going to continue tracking from west/east. so we still have the potential for some activity, especially in our northern zones, as we get into your afternoon. let's start to talk about that. starting with how important the temperatures are going to be, because if we're above freezing or below, especially at the
11:50 am
ground, that's why we're looking at the potential for snow versus rain. in the suburbs, i think a little rain/snow mix is possible in the afternoon. this will be scattered activity we see. 28 degrees, the temperature. these will start to bump up just a tad. but we haven't seen them warm much yet. we continue to track farther along, north wales at 29. warrington, you're at 28 degrees. still, obviously, below freezing. quite a few degrees to even get at freezing. but you look at areas like the jersey shore and any moisture that makes it farther south, obviously going to be rain. 46 degrees right now, cape may courthouse. 45, upper township. atlantic city, you're at 42 degrees already. way above freezing here. may's landing at 39 degrees. so we're going to see some variation as the system starts to pass near our area. and it's going to be scattered in nature as it passes through our area. there's 11:30 in the morning. and it's showing most of the snow has moved off, which is what we're experiencing. then we go into the afternoon, 1:30, and you can see that scattered snow showers again
11:51 am
through berks county, the lehigh valley, and farther north. spotty rain showers as well extending through philadelphia and very isolated as we stretch into new jersey, where we'll see even maybe a little sun through the afternoon. but these rain showers may have some snowflakes mixing in, because temperatures right now are border line, and even into the afternoon. they're not going to boost up a ton more, looking at mid- to upper 30s, and some spots philly, right around the low 40s. but everything starts to move out overnight. we thicken up those clouds out farther south. and in and out clouds will linger through the rest of your day on your wednesday, but wednesday should be a dry forecast. and that will start a bit of a dry spell for us. here's the three-day outlook. here we cap around the low 40s, through parts of philly. tomorrow, mid- to upper 40s. and then we drop back down thursday, 38 degrees. this is what i was talking about early with roller coaster temps. a climb and a drop as we get to your thursday. 45 tomorrow. and back down to the mid-30s. and even cooler for the lehigh
11:52 am
valley over the next several days. in new jersey, 45 for today, we could see a few flakes mixing in near mercer county, but everywhere else will mostly be dry as we go through the next several days, up to 49, down to 39, and look at those morning lows, considerably colder as well. areas like the shore and delaware, though, tomorrow, looking at some spots around 50 degrees. then we talk your weekend high temps. so remember, i said this is a roller coaster. we climb tomorrow, start to drop thursday. by friday, a lot colder. 34 degrees for a high, only 32 in the suburbs. and a high of 29 degrees in the lehigh valley. we stay about the same for your saturday, as well, across the board. with a mix of clouds and sun, and then your super bowl sunday, that's when we're looking at the next chance of some rain and snow mixing across the region.
11:53 am
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11:55 am
a piece of american history is now in its new home in old city, philadelphia. we got a sneak peek this morning at the tent george washington used as his headquarters during the revolutionary war. it has been installed at the new museum of the american revolution. the museum opens in april. the tent is the centerpiece of the museum's collection. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, ellen hosts actor jamie dornan and nfl quarterback drew brees. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, back and forth
11:56 am
bickering over politics on facebook and twitter. does it have you defriending some of your followers. how the political climate is changing the conversation on social media. that's this afternoon at 4:00. now to an update on our top story. the fire marshal and officials from philadelphia's department of licenses and inspections are trying to determine the cause of a fire in an old city apartment building. the flames started at about 4:30 this morning near front and market. investigators think the fire started on the buildings' roof deck and spread to an adjacent building. only four people from two floors had to evacuate. the fire department said alarms were going off when they responded, but the residents said they didn't hear them, and they had to help each other get out. rescuers treated one man for minor burns. >> meteorologist krystal klei here with the most accurate forecast for this afternoon. >> and we're looking at some lingering snow showers, really into the poconos, a little rain/snow mix is possible. a few flakes near philly, more likely for that mix near the suburbs, and lehigh valley and
11:57 am
berks county. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm tracy david. >> and i'm vai sikahema, for krystal klei and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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[gentle music] ♪ >> rafe: you hang in there. we're getting close. as soon as we find stefano, you'll be free. we'll be together again. >> eric: hey. welcome back. you feeling any better? >> hope: not really. >> eric: well, your fever was down for a bit. >> hope: was? past tense? >> eric: the antibiotics helped, but it seems like there's something that's making it spike all over again. >> hope: what? >> eric: if i had my guess,


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