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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> that's our news at 6:00. thanks for watching. >> i'm jacqueline london. up nooeks "nightly news." tonight's stunning reversal. house republicans retreat after voting in secret to gut an independent ethics office that investigates lawmakers accused of misconduct. president-elect trump weighing in. family poisons. four children die, four others hospitalized. aher now in critical condition. the fatal mistakes that ended in tragedy. school uproar. outrage after an officer is sign slamming a girl to the ground. what happened? caught on camera. a dresser falls over onto twin boys. one toddler leaps to rescue the other. tonight warning, the heart stopping video this family wants you to see. sweet dreams. the scoop on a teenage business tycoon who is inspiring america with
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a secret of her success. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york. this is "nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. the best laid plans of republicans are the head of steam and an ambitious to do list went off the rails this opening day of the new congress after a tweet from donald trump. trump calling out some of his fellow republicans after they quietly voted last night to strip power from the officer of congressional ethics. the president-elect tweet sent gop lawmakers in full retreat and damage repair mode. overshadowing day they intend eed showcase a new agenda in washington politics. kasie hunt has details. >> reporter: the first day of new congress was supposed to be a show of force for republicans ready to remake government with incoming president, donald trump. it was an embarrassing
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start dawning with these headlines directly at odds drain the swamp campaign promise. late monday night, the house gop voted to gut the office of congressional ethics. the outcry was fierce with republican leadership on defense all morning. >> the reforms do not change the entity. >> reporter: until donald trump tweeted with all that congress has to work on, do they have to make the weakens of the ethics watchdog their number one act. it was created in 2008 after a series of scandals sent republicans to jail for fraud and bribery. >> why is this the most important thing for congress to be focused on right now? >> it isn't. that's the whole thing. it's not. >> reporter: by noon republicans were in emergency meeting. >> it's been withdrawn. >> reporter: the changes were reversed. it was damaging distraction from what republicans say are their top priorities, repealing obama care, reforming the tax code and approving a conservative justice
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for the supreme court. >> we hear you. we will do right by you and we will deliver. >> reporter: trying to stand in the way is senator chuck schumer, democrats new leader in the senate who vowed he's ready for the fight. >> mr. president it's not our job to be a rubber stamp. it's our job to do what's best for the american people, the middle class and those struggling to get there. >> reporter: tonight we're learning that paul ryan and president-elect trump spoke by phone after that ethics flap. the goal is to move forward. republicans in the senate will start tomorrow to try to dismantle the president's health care law and president obama will be up here on capitol hill meeting with democrats to try to plan how to protect it. >> thank you. president-elect trump is once again taking shots at one of his favorite targets during the campaign. american automakers. he took to social media to blast general motors over its production in mexico right before another
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competitor made a big announcement of its own. kristen we kristen welker has more. >> reporter: donald trump taking on the car manufacturers. this morning, gm. make in usa or pay big border tax. tweet sent gm stocks plummeting temporarily and the company fired back noting their sedans are made in ohio with only a small number made in mexico. that tweet came before ford announced its now scrapping plans to mover plant to mexico creating 700 new jobs in the u.s. as a candidate trump railed against them. >> ford announced they're moving its small car production to mexico also. not good. not good. >> reporter: today ford ceo insisting he didn't cut a deal with the president-elect but acknowledged.
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>> the policies he's been talking about and says he will pursue did play a factor. >> reporter: trump tried to take come credit by retweeting headlines about the news he's showing tho sign of letting up on social media even as his inauguration is coming close. it won't happen he tweeted about north korea's ability to create a nuclear weapon while slamming china for failing to work with the u.s. >> over the course of the coming days, the president-elect will be receiving more information about that and other to ticks on the world stage. >> reporter: tonight we learned mr. trump's former rival, hillary clinton will attend his inauguration with her husband. another former president george w. bush and wife will also be there. all setting for the stage for a dramatic backdrop for the historic day. thank you very much. five people have been killed after a series of powerful storms tore across the south. some of the victims seem sgly did
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everything right to protect themselves. huddling together in the safest part of their home. still no match for this violent weather. gabe is in hard hit alabama. >> reporter: tonight alabama is torn apart. >> it's crazy. really powerful. >> reporter: j.p. kellie live next door to the mobile home where last night four women include, 27-year-old amanda blare and her hunt were killed. >> they did wa thhat they were supposed to be doing? >> they did. they went to a safe area. one was in the tub. that's the area with tree went down on. >> reporter: three others barely escaped. they gathered to watch the sugar bowl before the night turned tragic. across the south a dozen reported tornadoes, storms cutting a path of destruction from louisiana to florida where one man drowned near a submerged car.
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in mississippi, flash floods stranded drivers. all the tornadoes are unusual across the northern two-thirds of the country in january. here in the south the gulf of mexico provides warm and humid air. two of the necessary developments for the storms and twisters the national weather service is still surveying this destruction to see how many tornadoes touched down. alabama's governor is set to tour tomorrow. thank you. there's been a terrible tragedy in texas where an entire family was accidentally poisoned by a powerful pesticide. four children have died. four other children are now hospitalized along with their parents. their mother clinging to life. nbc jacob rascon tells us about the deadly mistakes made at their home. >> reporter: veteran firefighters in amarillo had never seen an accident like this. all ten members of the family poisoned after misusing a commercial grade pesticide meant
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to kill rodents. >> two kids that are not awake and a bunch of others that are having a hard time. >> reporter: when emergency crews arrived, 17-year-old yasmine was already dead. her three brothers died later at the hospital. four other children and their parents remain hospitalized. their neighbors in shock. >> just like losing part of your family almost. they're around you just about every day. >> reporter: the fire department says the father got the pesticide from a friend and spread it under the house to get rid of rats. family members complained about the smell so he used a garden hose to try to wash the chemicals away. >> the pellets created this poison gas after he sprayed with water. >> reporter: last year there were 82,000 poison, 76 for al
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aluminum phosphate. >> it's very, very lethal. >> reporter: the neighborhood was never evacuated but the city says they are working on a decontamination plan for the home. they emphasize all signs point to tragic accident. let's turn now to a video triggering an uproar on social a.ime an officer seen slamming a female student to the ground as other students look on. there are lots of questions about the ve events leading up. we get details. >> reporter: posted by a high school student to twitter with the title, this is not okay. a uniformed resource officer in roseville, north carolina hoists a student in the air and tosses her to the ground. that video lasts only nine seconds but just as that video was going viral, another longer video was
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posted online. it appears to have been recorded before the officer body slammed the female student. that video appears to show a fight betenwe two other female students. the mayor in roseville telling nbc news the school resource officer involved in the incident is now on paid administrative leave. city officials say the officer who worked at the school for four years was wearing a body camera. whatever was recorded will not be released until an investigation is completed. more than a year ago someone claiming to be a teacher at the school posted a complaint on the web. the vast majority of students are disrespectful to teachers and do not come to school to learn. tonight a disturbing snippet of a chaotic moment asking could force like this in a school be justified. now to the chilling new images from the trail of terror left by the
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target of an you aurgent man hunt in turkey. we're seeing inside the nightclub where he's accused of killing 39 people as they rang in the new year. we get more from richard engel. >> reporter: it's just before midnight new year's eve. media says this is the gunman on his way by tax key to the nightclub with a backpack full of guns and ammo. just over an hour later he runs through the club killing 39 people. minutes after that, police say he shows up again being thrown out of a cab, reportedly because he didn't have any money. he goes on the to hail another and disappears. tonight we're getting our first look at what he left behind. a party that turned into a massacre frozen in time. people have been coming to pay their respects outside the club all day. there's grief here but no longer any shock. there's been nearly 30 terrorist attacks in turkey in the past
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year. the mood is more one of anger and fear of what could come next. turkish police have cast a dragnet. state run media are blanketing the air waves. tight security there at the airport would make it difficult for him to escape by air. turkey has a long border with syria and analysts think he might try to cross it for sanctuary in isis territory. that's exactly what the wife and suspected accomplice of the isis terrorist who killed four people at a kosher grocery store did in paris two years ago. she was never caught. >> reporter: officials say the gunman likely spent time in syria fighting with isis. as the man hunt is still under way, they are releasing few details about the investigation. >> thank you. still ahead, keeping that new year's resolution. running, spinning, getting a personal
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works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. back now with a question millions of americans are asking as the calendar turns to a new year. which type of exercise works best for melting the pounds?
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here is nbc investigator with tonight's rossen report. >> reporter: it's the new year, so many work outs to choose from. what really burns the most calories? to find out wooe're recruiting help. a reporter for our nbc station in boston. >> how did you draw this? >> reporter: she's a mother of two, including a new baby. it's the new year. what are the goals? >> six months after having a baby, i'd like to lose the last 10 or 15 pounds. >> reporter: this doctor hooks her up to a high-tech monitor. she will do each exercise for 45 minutes. >> ready to go. >> reporter: she starts with an early morning jog. >> i've always wondered is it better to jog or do you have to run to lose weight or just walk? >> jogging will be a great way for a slow fat burn. if you're really trying to get a big calorie burn, you want to add a little interval training to get your heart rate up. >> run for five
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minutes and then jog and walk? >> right. >> done. >> the results are in. >> 394 calories. >> that's quite a bit for 45 minutes. >> and jogging is free. >> that's true. >> reporter: how much will she burn at spin? kn know tor rosly intense. >> her heart rate is up high. it's 220 minus your age. for her it's about 184. >> reporter: time for the calorie count. >> you burned 424 calories. >> that's a lot of calories for riding a bike. >> reporter: spin is in the lead by just hair. will personal training be the biggest calorie burn of all. >> harder. throw. >> three, two, one. >> you burned 448 calories. >> wow. i believe it. this was the hardest work out by far. >> reporter: score for the personal trainer, but in the end, all three work outs come
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eat well for less. my giant. we're back now with a disturbing home video of a bedroom dresser crashing down onto a toddler and his brother coming to his rescue. a warning, it's difficult to watch. it's been shared by their parents to serve as a warning to the dangers in the home. >> reporter: they were climbing on the bedroom dresser when it tumbled over. brock pinned beneath the 155 pound unit. the parents were upstairs and had no idea what was happening. after nearly two minutes he tries but can't lift the dresser
6:52 pm
and somehow the toddler manages to push it off his brother who suffered no serious injuries. >> it could be even terri terrifying. it could have been ugly, scary. it could have changed our whole life. >> reporter: every 15 minutes someone is injured when furniture topples over. every two weeks falling furniture or tvs is the cause of a child's death. in june, ikea recalled 29 million chest and dressers after three accidental tip over deaths but many of the recalled units were never returned. in a statement, ikea says it includes restraints with its products. the fix is easy and takes only minutes. >> companies have to start making much more stable furniture. our children deserve no less. >> reporter: the family says their dresser is ikea but not part of the recall. tonight they bolted it to the wall. >> we took all the handles off. >> reporter: body and
6:53 pm
brock are safe doing what toddlers do. this mom hoping parents who see this video will secure their own dressers before it's too late. >> lesson learned. a wildly popular live streaming cam has made them a hit across the nation. now there's growing concerns that the second eagle egg ma never hatch. tens of millions have viewed the eagle cam captured first hatching this weekend. the remaining is several days past the hatching time. megyn kelly will join nbc. she will start later this year. kelly says she delighted to be taking on a new challenge and we're delighted to welcome her to the nbc news family. when we come back, she started her own booming business and boost it's about moving forward
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onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. finally, one of the sweetest stories we've seen in a while. boston's grace connor overcame a major obstacle as force to
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be reckonned with in the soup market frozen aisle. at 17 she's giving back. we learn about a bean budding tycoon. >> reporter: by any measure grace connor is an extraordinary 17-year-old. >> i'm the cfo, coo, ceo, i pretty much do everything. >> reporter: everything in her own ice cream company. >> i put a lot of stuff in. >> reporter: churned this boston's commonwealth kitchen where start ups launch, her made from scratch streets born out of a difficult time two years ago. >> she was diagnosed with a tumor at the base of her brain that was operated on and had it not been treated, she would have died. >> when she was lying there, she was seeing this business. >> reporter: after just a year, grace's turning a profit selling nationwide online and in eight boston area grocery stores. as many as 1500 pints a week.
6:58 pm
is this how you lea learned to cook? >> from cookbook, the internet and cooking shows. >> reporter: shy about telling her own story, she shares the ice cream that helped her heal with patients in boston hospitals. >> i usually let the ice cream do the talking. >> it's pretty good medicine. >> reporter: with mom at the wheel for delivery so grace can work. >> they want five sugar. >> reporter: this is a quasi family business. >> have you had to fire anybody? >> my grand grandfather. >> you fired your grandfather? >> he's used to being the boss and i have to be the boss in the kitchen. >> reporter: she plans to go to college after an ambitious gap year. >> i want it to be in stores. >> reporter: you got to scoop here first. >> yum indeed. we want to give warm hello to the viewers
6:59 pm
watching on the new nbc boston and the folks working hard, welcome to the family. that's going to do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. thank you for watching and good night. megyn kelly leaving fox news for nbc. >> her first words about her high-profile new job now on "extra." the queen of fox news jumping ship. megyn kelly confirms she's headed to nbc. >> why the new gig is being
7:00 pm
described as a, quote, triple role. >> and did she land one of the biggest paychecks in tv news history? the most sex-crazed season of "the bachelor" ever? >> i'm going to have sex with him. my heart is gold, but my [ bleep ] is platinum. >> topless women, a shocking one-night stand, new batchelor nick is here hours after the racy premiere. >> the bombshell, he already slept with one of the women. is he secretly engaged and can he handle this season's crop of crazy? few photos, mariah and her man after the scandal, where she's hiding out as the new year's blame game continues to erupt. ryan gosling, natal portman, nicole kidman gearing up for award season 2017. who nicole calls her red carpet fashion police. plus, you've seen "magic mike." now get ready for -- >> vivica'sla


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