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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to come with us. at the last minute they changed and i ended upbringing a different couple with me. >> reporter: isador and helen died in the crash along with four others. police say they're investigating whether 26-year-old carmelo pinales was speeding when he lost control of his car and went of the l.i.e. striking two cars heading in the other direction. pinales' sister died, as well as his 10-year-old son. also killed, 29-year-old scott martela. he had just assumed a role as communications director for suffolk county executive steve balon. he served as an aide to governor cuomo for several years prior. >> he worked for me for a number of years.
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loved public service. he loved helping people. >> reporter: martela's fianci shelby walked away with only cuts and bruises. the childhood sweethearts were set to be married in april. >> he was a very special person. big smile and a big heart. >> at least three people remain hospitalized this evening, including a 3-year-old girl. that stretch of the l.i.e. it's in manorville. there are steel plates there and some people are concerned that maybe the steel plates helped propel pinales' car over the median. the state d.o.t. says they are working with law enforcement. we're live in west hampton beach, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. an x-ray technician now facing charges of sexually assaulting two women. it happened inside kings county hospital. the alleged assaults happened on
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57-year-old woman and 83-year-old woman were in the hospital to receive x-rays when they were assaulted. the technician, a 65-year-old man named larry jones. he was arraigned yesterday. the hospital released a statement tonight saying, quoting now, we're committed to the safety of our patients, have zero tolerance for such behavior and consider this a very serious allegation. continuing, our hospital police acted swiftly in response to the patient's complaint and we immediately terminated the individual. end quote. > today indicting a college janitor for first degree murder in the fatal shootings of an imam and his associate in queens. 35-year-old oscar morel continues to be held without bail. both victims shot in the head as they walked home from a mosque. happened august 13th in ozone park. prosecutors haven't given any possible motive. morel does not face hate crime charges though many in the community blame islamophobia for the killings.
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their 10-year-old son was stopped by police officers with a gun pointed right at him. the boy, who is tall for his age, was videotaped by his mom. he was stopped by police while they were searching for that robbery suspect. new jersey reporter anthony johnson has the exclusive story. he's in newark tonight. >> newark police internal affairs are investigating this case. they have been actually for the past couple of weeks and they tell me they're getting a lot more information about exactly what happened but they do s a prime example of what happens when armed robbery suspects are out there putting a whole lot of people in danger. >> reporter: no doubt legend preston is big for his age. this shy 10-year-old 5th grader was terrified when cops chased him down with their guns out and in to this alley because they thought he was a suspect in an armed robbery. >> some police started coming from this way with guns pointing right at me and then like i ran in to the backyard.
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moments before legend was shooting hoops at the basketball rim when the ball rolled in to the street. he chased after it and thought the cops chased him for running out in to the street without looking. >> i ran because they thought i rolled the ball in the street on purpose and they were holding their shotguns at me like this trying to shoot me. >> reporter: police officials say the cops did have their guns out, never pointed them at the 10-year-old while they were in the alley. the cops the person they were detaining was a 10-year-old. >> why you all chasing him? you got guns out here drawn chasing him, he only a kid. that's messed up. >> it's all right. you feel nervous? >> reporter: his mom posted this video of legend on facebook right after the incident which took place on august 10th. he was still scared. his mom was in the house when the incident happened and knows
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>> they did have the guns pointed directly at him as they assumed, quote, he fits the description. >> reporter: police caught this man in the chase. he's 20-year-old casey joseph robinson who was charged with armed robbery. there may be similarities between the two, but no doubt legend is a 10-year-old. >> little boy ran this way and the cop ran this way. >> with the gun out? >> with the gun out. i saw yes. shotguns. big shotguns they had. >> reporter: this evening legend's mom tells me she'd like to get newark police department. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. also in newark, a panel of experts say if the city continues to show progress in how it runs its schools, it could regain control of the schools next year. that's for the first time in two decades. the panel created by the city and the state found newark has earned control in some key areas
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says more progress needs to be made in the areas of governance and instruction. a storied relationship between dwight gooden and darryl strawberry taking another turn over speculation over gooden's drug battle. the former mets teammates were scheduled to make a joint appearance last week but gooden was a no-show. that's after comments from strawberry saying he relapsed. a complete junky addict, his words, and that his son reached out to him, asking him for help before his father dies. gooden insists he does not have a drug problem. >> i'm healthy. i don't have a drug problem. i am an addict, that don't mean i'm an active addict. i know i'm not perfect but at the same time it hurts me more now because i have kids. i have kids that are older. i have grown kids that read this
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careers derailed due to drug addiction. ryan lochte's sponsorships are starting to dwindle away. four sponsors announced they were dumping the olympic gold medalist. swimsuit company speedo, clothing giant ralph lauren and skin care firm sinneron condella dropped lochte. air weave has followed suit, from the pool. a flip-flopping on his controversial immigration stance, donald trump delaying a speech on immigration he planned to give this thursday. the change in schedule comes after trump said the u.s. needs to be, quote, fair but firm when dealing with illegal immigrants. trump you'll recall had previously proposed using a deportation force to remove the 11 million people living in the u.s. illegally. his new campaign manager says that proposal is now to be determined. her words.
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dawned by her e-mail scandal while secretary of state. the fbi has recovered 15,000 additional e-mails not previously disclosed. meanwhile former secretary of state colin powell pushing back suggesting he gave secretary clinton the idea to use a private account. quoting, her people have been trying to pin it on me. we're following breaking news right now. fire crews have rescued several members of a family from a burning home in sayreville, new jersey. pictures from newscopter7. shannon sohn is over the scene with all the details. >> you can see this hope was completely destroyed at 11 jacobson street in sayreville. it sits right between mcarthur and hinton street. what we can tell you at this point is this fire broke out at about 1:30 this afternoon. clearly the upper floors were fully engulfed in this fire but there were people home at the time that the blaze started. we have pictures that we can
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raging. this was about 1:30 this afternoon. as it happens, there were three kids between the ages of 7 and 10 that had to jump from the second story of the house right in to the arms of the waiting policemen. the mother was the last person to try to exit the house. she too had to jump out the second floor window. the police catching four people that were trapped inside this blaze. of course the fire is now completely under control but not before it completely destroyed this home in sayreville. reporting live over middlesex county, shannon channel 7 eyewitness news. some encouraging news today for rail riders. the mta's e-ticket app is now available system wide. passengers can now download the app on their smart phones. they can buy tickets directly on their phones. customers can use the app to check schedules and get updates on train service disruptions. taking a quick look right now at wall street where it was a mixed day for stocks. the dow lost 23 points. s&p 500 was down more than a
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nasdaq gained 6 points. a warning to parents as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 for this monday night. the new york fire department with life saving advice after several recent fires accidentally started by kids. >> plus, an outpouring of help for people forced out of their homes by a massive fire last week. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. a beautiful day today, refreshing for a change. upper 70s, lower 80s. a little below average. a great week to tell you about. headed out this evening, m clear and breezy. 72 degrees about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. tropical atlantic getting action there. we have fiona and a couple other
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the fdny tonight urging parents to educate their children about fire safety after a string of destructive fires accidentally set by with fire. three fires damaged or destroyed at least 14 homes. fire commissioner at a summer camp in queens today with a strong message for parents. >> parents should ensure that children have no access to lighters or matches or don't play with the stove or other sources of fire. >> at least 100 people have been displaced by those fires including more than 40 people
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speaking of the victims of that fire, an outpouring of generosity tonight from new yorkers trying to help those displaced in the blaze. >> dozens of people affected by this fire, half of them kids. can you imagine what they've lost? but what they've been given, well, that's the story. >> here's eyewitness news reporter lucy yang. >> most of these things are brand new. there are not too many hand-me-downs here. they're going out and buying all types of stuff. >> reporter: what you're seeing is not just an overly ctt it's actually a mountain of generosity. all these bags of clothes, toiletries, diapers and toys, all donate today the victims of the staten island fire. last thursday a six-alarm blaze broke out on bensinger avenue, leaving 42 residents homeless, half of them children. from this heap of ashes and despair rises an even larger outpouring of compassion.
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>> donations are now being collected and distributed by the national action network staten island office on jersey street. they're coming in faster than families can pick them up. >> where's your desk? walk me through this office. >> i tried to make a spot before you got here. >> reporter: officials believe the fire was started by two little boys playing with matches. what began as a devastating accident has resulted in tremendous kindness. i'm told all until they can find new homes. in staten island, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you saw this fire on eyewitness news thursday at 6:00. devastating. but what any coincidence that you come back after the yuckiest weather of the week and you come back to perfect weather? lee can say the same thing.
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it's so strange, there's no humidity out there. >> should have been here last year. both of you guys. >> i felt terrible. >> we can tell. [ laughter ] we felt terrible. so bad. >> such compassion. [ laughter ] >> we had avoided it all summer long. so here's a look at central park. central park film festival going on. you get to go thursday night. he's going to do his l dorsey and get out there. remember that great line? how far can you pull back that camera to make her look attractive? how do you feel about cleveland? 76 degrees our temperature right now. humidity at 38%. northwest wind around 20. barometer is on the rise and high today beautiful at 78 degrees. a few degrees below average. sunset at 7:43. so this will be the coolest night since july 3rd. we go in to the low 60s tonight.
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week. then it will come back. won't be too oppressive though. then we'll get it out of the way. a front comes through thursday night in to friday. fantastic final weekend of august. only issue we have to watch is the tropics which is starting to heat up. it's cool at 73. 76 in teaneck. 78 in islip. same in belmar. only 66 in monticello. probably dip in to the upper 40s later tonight. wind is still miles per hour in many spots. really nice refreshing breeze. it will stay breezy through the early evening and back off later tonight. look at the dew points. that's really a september feel. we're around 70 last couple weeks and now the humidity is way low and dew points are around 50 degrees or so next couple of days. 75 this evening. clear skies overnight. wall to wall sunshine tomorrow. wind not as gusty. a high around 80 degrees with the low humidity. satellite nice and clear. there's our front that gives us the big rain.
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this low over the pacific northwest, this moisture over the south, that will team up and a weak front tries to limp through the area thursday night and friday, there could be an isolated thunderstorm. during that time period there will be many spots that don't see a drop of rain. continued comfy tomorrow. high pressure around. another beauty as we go in to wednesday. there's the front that could bring a shower or storm. so a refreshing breeze. clear and comfortable. 63 in the city. tomorrow it's a high of 80. lots of sun and low humidity. comfy. your 7-day accuweather forecast. add 5 degrees on wednesday. still low in terms of the humidity. thursday the humidity is coming up in the afternoon. we're around 86. a thunderstorm could reach the catskills, northwest jersey by late day. there's a better chance of seeing a scattered storm through the first part of friday. maybe early afternoon. late day should dry out. weekend looks great. middle 80s. lots of sunshine. maybe humidity on monday. fiona is not a threat to land. we may have gaston later on
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become a hurricane. in about a week there might be a storm off the carolina coast so we'll watch that closely. laura is up next with sports. >> just as the mets now head in to a very crucial series for their wildcard playoff hopes, the team is losing another key player. steven matz the latest casualty of the disabled list as the mets try to give him rest as the pitcher's injuries mount. there's always some kind of quarterback battle when it comes
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the mets like general hospital. >> i like that cross plugging. they are a bit of a soap opera today. the injury report doesn't rest, and this evening amazings have
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the disabled list. the team placing steven matz on the dl today with a shoulder strain. it's retroactive to august 15th. the good news for the mets, there's no structural damage. matz will still miss one start as he rests his tight shoulder. he's already dealing with a bone spur in his elbow as well. yoenis cespedes is back to his old ways. runs in san francisco, two on saturday, and another yesterday. that one accounting for the only run scored on the day. both days ended up as mets wins as they split their series against the giants. the yankees begin a crucial series against seattle. they'll hope for more of the same for gary sanchez. the rookie named american league player of the week this week for his four homer performance last
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work. outfielders were robbing opposing hitters. brett gardner snatching back the home run. ellsbury also in on the action as yanks took 2-3 from the angels in anaheim. it's now game week for the most important outing of the nfl preseason. game number 3, that's when the starters played the longest. the jets and giants are going to go head to head. they clash saturday night. as for big blue, rookie starting safety thompson week to week with a shoulder injury. signing kicker randy bullock. in florin park, the jets' focus is once again on the quarterbacks but not who will start. we know that is ryan fitzpatrick's job. geno smith took the most snaps of the backups but rookie christian hackenberg was more active this time than bryce petty. >> normal practice, i can tell by the film but i didn't really
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fall-out continues for ryan lochte. not only has he lost endorsements today but the olympic committee says it will discipline the swimmer for lying to police. carmelo anthony retired a winner after the national team won a third straight gold medal beating serbia in the title game. >> we came together and said we was going to do this as one. we showed that and proved that. with the olympics now wrapped up, here are a couple th may have missed. slipping on the wet pavement at the finish line. look at that, doing some pushups first. the 41-year-old finished 33rd. while the most bizarre moment of the games happened on the mat, during the bronze medal wrestling match, the mongolia coaches did not like a last second penalty that cost them their medal. one stripped off his shirt. the other his shirt and pants in protest before they were
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now over, the pga is back on track as the fedex cup playoffs. first up, the first round on thursday. the fun began today. jordan spieth at the empire state building. the reining fedex champion got to flip the switch tonight. it will shine in green, orange, and purple all for the fedex cup. >> nice. let's take a look at some of the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. for that, sade baderinwa is >> new at 11:00, a terrifying scene caught on nanny cam. a man armed with an assault rifle breaks in to a home. what police say the man did minutes before the incident. >> new sugar recommendations for kids. the shocking amount health experts say kids should eat in a day. we'll have those stories and more on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> should be, like zero. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. i guess you don't agree. >> i'm just trying to explain that to my kids at home. world news tonight with david
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. drm drm, suddenly putting his big speech on hold. is he about to change course on immigration? and any plans for a deportation force for 11 million? and hillary clinton tonight, thousands of e-mails under the microscope. he under investigation at this hour. a young unarmed father who is deaf, pulled over. was he trying to use sign language when shots were fired? the new wildfire in the west. out of control right now. and the tornado now confirmed in the east. the stunning image tonight. the child suicide bomber stopped. our chief foreign correspondent on the father who sent his boy. and the million dollar mistake. ryan lochte's sponsorships take a dive tonight.


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