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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  October 16, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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store, going to work, et cetera. and they deserve to feel safe using market street either walking or biking and this project is way overdue and needs to be done sooner rather than later. so thank you very much. we are supportive. >> thank you. >> steven sears, neil patell. pete you are strauss, hiedi pettersson. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is neil patel and on behalf of lyft i'm here to support this project. these safety permits are long overdue. this project aligns with lyft's vision to provide for market street as a corridor that provides safety and inviting mobility for all. we encourage to you a improve this project but act fast and start its limitations as farther as you can. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please. >> stephen sears, is mr. sears here?
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peter strauss, hiedi peterson, rowen, cindy baker, jordan wang. >> welcome back. >> good afternoon. peter strauss on the board of san francisco transit riders. i've also been working on this for eight years. i hate to not be part of the chorus but we have a number of concerns, however, we do fully support the traffic changes and very much look forward to the quick build. we also support the separated bike lanes. however, we have a number of physical concerns primarily related to stops. we note that with respect to accessibility it only creates full accessibility by removing. >> take your hand off the mic. >> sorry. >> it only provides full accessibility by removing all of the non accessible stops. we're very concerned about the half mile spacing. according to the data provided by staff, speed still remain only seven and a half miles per hour or so and and -- seven
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miles an hour or so and travel savings are only one or two minutes which we don't feel justified the removal of all those stops. thank you. >> if you have more concerns, feel free to put them in writing to us. >> you have a letter and our comments on the e.i.r. >> hider peterson, rowen, cindy baker, jordan wing, dianne shang. are any of those people here? i will read the next group. giles hollbrow, he had perion, greg rosemary, rick girling, jody maderos. are any of those people here. >> please come forward, sir. jody, please come forward. if you hear your name called and
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you are in the overflow room, the light court, please let our deputy sheriff, come back to the room and let the deputy sheriff know your name has been called. >> good afternoon. i hope that this is one of the happiest days of my life. my name is jody and i'm the executive director of walk san francisco and i want to thank our city's team for create ago project we can broad of. this project also is your chance to not only make san francisco one of the words leading cities, in terms of creating car-fro space but to do a massive and much needed safety improvements. in line with our vision zero goals. i do want to ask you approve the western variance that extends vehicle restrictions as far as west as possible. ensuring we have planning for the future. and i also urge you to pair removal of cars off market street with the sfpd and major changes to track patterns will not only be easy but require for a small and safe transition.
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please move forward today. for a car-fro market street and let's get this in the ground this year. the quick bill part. let's build bold transformative solutions in san francisco. >> hiedi peterson, rowen, cindy baker, jordan wing and dianne chang. >> i want to support this project. i'm a cyclist and sometimes a pedestrian and sometimes i take the scooters and i've driven on market street. it's not great for any of those users right now. my mom 55 one year she drove up to visit me from southern california her first car accident in her life was market and van ness. it's not -- let's extend it as far as we can and make it as good as possible and people put a lot of time and effort into it. thank you for doing this. i really support the project. >> thank you, very much. >> cindy baker, jordan wing,
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dianne chang. jill hollbrow. >> good afternoon, board of directors. my name is ron. i keep it short. this is the project of the decade and it's one of the most amazing projects i've seen come out of the staff so i'm happy about that and i urge you to approve it. i think that this can be your 14th street bus way and manhattan just launched a very successful project on 14th street where they basically only allow buses on the street. the reason it is successful in manhattan is because they have traffic hops everywhere and enforcing that all the time. it remains to be scene how successful it's going to be when traffic crops go away but i urge you to do the same thing. we've seen with previously terms restrictions on market street they're not respected and they're not going to be unless there's a lot of enforcement and that includes traffic hops and cameras and that includes a lot of things. thank you and please vote yes. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please. >> cindy baker, jordan wing, i do an chang, jill hollbrow.
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>> my name is cindy. i haven't had a car for almost 20 years now and i've done a lot of biking on market street. i was force off-the-record my o. i've witnessed the improvements from the painted white line giving a bike lane to then a painted barrier, green lane, a physical barrier, i mean, biking in those bike lanes is golden. however, as a pedestrian, the sidewalks are super crowded. the auto drivers seem to be in a rush and there's just, you can't put up physical barriers for the pedestrians and we've reached the limits of our engineering for safety and i think the enforcement is lacking but anyway, pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable for failing to yield and crosswalks right turns we need to snip the problem at the root and remove private vehicles from market street. everybody walks. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please.
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>> jordan wing. >> good afternoon mta board. i wrote myself a lengthy message before this. in support the better market street project. i'm happy to hear i won't need to read that today. so i will keep it brief. i want to applaud the board for their incredible work on the better market street project and everyone at the mta, i sincerely hope this is the beginning of something new for the city for substantially improving bike infrastructure in the city and as someone who just started biking down market street a month ago, i did it for three weeks and got tired of fears their my life every morning and evening. i hope this happens as soon as possible. i'd lick to encourage to you do this as quickly as you can. and follow-up with as much better pedestrian and bike infrastructure as you can.
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thank you again. and i hope this project passes today. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> dianne chang, jill holebrow, ed, greg rose marin, charles debarge. >> good afternoon, my name is dianne and i'm a regular bike riders in san francisco and i've had so many close calls that would have been prevented by protected bike lanes and so and i'd like to say and working i'm excited to and as previous commented as mentioned try to increase enforcement to make sure that cars are abiding by what the vision is so that we can have a safer place for people first on market street. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> clerk: is mr. hollbrown there. no. all right.
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stephen sears, man deep, ed perion -- >> my name is ed. i've been biking in san francisco since i moved here about 11 years ago or almost 12 years ago and i'm excited to see these changes happening. i've been biking on market street that whole time and it's been amazing to see the increase in cycling that happened even with the safety improvement that's have been made and use of these new facilities and the only thing i would ask is that this be happen faster in the future and happen in more parts of the city. >> i'm a frequent cycle list in
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the city and i'm here today because i tell my friends a lot they should bike and i'm afraid one of them will listen to me and what the consequences might be. i'm thankful for all the hard work on this project and i urge you to move it forward and implement similar elsewhere in the city. >> next speaker. >> rick girling, charles, daryl, tom and shannon dodge. >> good afternoon. i want to say thank you for bringing this forward and moving it as quickly as possible. i want to speak to two issues. safety and tourism. first of all, i'm a victim of being run over by muni bus, it happened to me 15 years ago and i'll never forget that day. that cost the city a lot of money and not only that, it's crazy the number of people that get killed on our streets. i think it's 16 this year. it's crazy. crazy, and it has nothing to do
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with vision zero. so this is the first step of many steps. the other thing i want to say is my wife and i travel to europe because we like to cycle. we've cycled 1,000 miles and like 90% of it is without cars. 90% of it is without cars. san francisco should be the tourist destination of cyclists in the united states. >> thank you, very much. next speaker. >> charles, daren, tom, and shannon dodge. >> good afternoon, directors. charles, senior community organizers on staff at san francisco bicycle coalition. vice-chair of the better market street community working group and on behalf of our commerce please approve this project today. also out front on the steps and filled with hope for the future of the market street. not an hour ago we had 300
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people san franciscans and all demanding change on market street. this is the time to reimagine our boulevard but also the time to put our city on the path of prioritizing people over cars. i get asked what will it take to achieve vision zero. what will it take to hit our gomes. how do we get people out of their cars and i've asked of this board bold action, time and time again, and today we're looking at bold action. better market street is how we get to zero. let's get cars off this year and get these bike lanes built and if we don't we're not going to reach our goals. we're behind and this is the type of project we need. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please. >> daren fuel, tom, shannon dodge, two mark, ben chambers, shirley johnson. >> hi, good afternoon. my name is daren null. i'm here today to urge that this body not only approve better
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market street but implement it as soon as possible. taking cars off market clearly going to save lives. i've been out flyering to the public to notify people about this historic opportunity and ace talked to people about cars restrictions on market street. the only thing i heard was, it's about time. i hope you approve this plan and push firmly for each phase to take place. put in the auto restrictions by this year, break ground on phase one of the project by the end of the year and 10 years of delays has been enough. so thank you. next speaker, please. shannon dodge. two mark and chambers shirley johnson, paul valdez. >> good
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>> i live in the castro and i bike down market street. i just want to express a lot of
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gratitude for making this happen. i know a lot of hard work has gone into this and i hope that this can be replicated across the whole city. we can use this as a blue print and really take this and replicate it in many places. both for safety, one of my colleagues was injured when he was hit by a bike two weeks ago. so this hits very close to home. and also since we're in the midst of a full-blown climate crisis, i really hope this is something we can show leadership with at the municipal level and do more than is being done everywhere around the country. thank you, very much. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> shirley johnson, paul valdez, patrick lineahan, matthew sheffield. >> i spoke for everybody when i speak -- >> give us your name. >> my name is mark. >> thank you. >> i speak for everyone and i mean, that means animals in
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like. we all need more air and it's fresh environment and market street is just a beginning and i just got in an accident on poll being street and i hope you have two lanes for the kids to get to school on polk street. i talked about it as a emergency lane and when we were takin than they wermaking thebasketball stt somewhere with the emergency lanes because we need them.
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>> good afternoon, i fully support this project and i'm excited you are the board that is going to approve it. i ride by mike i don't own a car. i was in the east bay talk to go another cyclist and he said you are from san francisco, you ride your bike in san francisco and i said yes, i do, he said that's playing with the varsity team. it won't people play enough to brave with the varsity team so thank you very much for all your work and your service on the board and we really appreciate it and we look forward to an exciting and welcoming market street. my name is paul valdez residing in the mission with the bike
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commute down market street for the last 10 years. for me, the approval of this project and the possibility of a quick build safety solution at the intersection of market and sut ser what i desire and i'm sure others here feel the same. you all understand the benefits of restricting private vehicles and protected sidewalk level bike way when not only providing the comfort and enjoy ability for those biking on market street but my chances of not being killed by someone driving a car. it would diminish. i used to have a silent mantra that said market street will be the end of me. to jump start the efforts to keep the car free element i woulmove, pleasetake out your pp them on silent and can i have the overhead, please. >> that's your time, sir.
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>> open your uber up and delete it. >> patrick lineahan. >> is ms. boyle here. >> good afternoon and thank you for having me here at the meeting. my name is dr. john. i retired after some 40 years of patient encounters as a healthcare practitioner and i think you were all aware that those who participate in active transport and public transportation are much less likely to encounter diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other manifestations of metabolic syndrome. at a recent continuing and meeting it was made clear that
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75% of the healthcare spending in this country is spent on treating the active transportation are the way to go. thank you, very much. >> matthe hi, i'm matthew and ie especially to talk about climate change. the bike lane went on on va lynn see a in 1999. that was 20 years ago and it was paint and people used them but the lowest of low hanging fruit is bicycle commuting, we don't need people driving their cars
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under five miles to go to work. the paint doesn't work, bicycle commuting should be boring. my mom should do it and my grandmother should do it. paint doesn't work. we need serious infrastructure. there were more people, more blocks that were covered in protestors during the climate strike than there are car-free streets in san francisco. that seems ridiculous to me. this is the lowest low hanging fruit and please, please, please. support the market street. hello. i'm aaron and i just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of voices here supporting better market street. i've been commuting on market street by bike for four years and have had plenty of scarce.
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i got in two accidents and it ended find but that makes me lucky, it doesn't go that way for everyone and i look forward to the day that i will have a barrier between me and all of the other cars. thank you all of you for working on this and fora for voting yes. >> next speaker, please. >> ben summers, dill an, julie, calder, forest railing, cat carter. >> are any of those people here. >> i'm julie and i would like to say i strongly support this project and i encourage you to move it as far west as possible and i encourage you to replicate this project throughout the city and other places. particularly in some of our lower outer neighbourhoods we also need car-fr car-free space. thank you. >> is ben summers here? no. ok, dillon deart.
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forest rye ling. cat carter. mark james. michael ducker. >> good afternoon chair and board of directors. i'm cat carter with san francisco transit riders. this is an exciting day for san francisco and urban sustainability active transit vision zero advocates everywhere. removing cars off market street is a milestone and historic. i hope this is just the beginning as many people have said. however, as a transit riders and as head of this transit advocacy organization i have struggled especially hard the past few weeks trying to support this project. this seems to leave the transit riders behind. we don't need a 600 million-dollar project to remove cars and separate bikes. this removes stops rather than
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make them access and prioritizes transferring is the only one location and the project has curb stops in a way that forces people into limited pathways to access where they don't have a clear signal against bicycle traffic. the project has prohibited long distance between stops. some say it's transit first, it is not rider first. we've been working very hard on this following time and continue working for it. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> if there's anyone down stairs if you could come up when you hear your name that would be appreciated. mark jane, is mark here? >> michael ducker. nema rahimy. see era reid. jerry riva, simon bertrand. >> i am with spin scooters and
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i'm seeing our policy council and as a company ex customers out on the street using our products we know one of the key factors helping keep us safe are users safe is a street met work that keeps them safe. we understand market street is the third more dangerous corridor in san francisco and one of the top priorities that the city vision zero strategy and this project will address that. the better market street project will protect people riding scooters and bikes from vehicle traffic and sidewalks level bike lanes providing a space that is calm, comfortable and safe for everyone. private automobile restrictions along the corridor will keep market street hope opioids to people as citopen.we fully suppd look forward to a trance forward market street that better reflects our city's values. >> james see vert, see era reed. if you are hear your name raise your hand so we can -- jerry
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riva. simon bertrand. tyler coffee. jeffrey hover. todd miner. all right. anybody in any of those names? all right. >> come on up, sir. >> michael ducker. >> hello i live and work here in sf. i strongly support better market street restore our city's public infrastructure for the people. we should not stop at market. all neighbourhoods of sf deserve red lines for faster bus services and safe sidewalks and access to shared' bikes and scooters without supply caps or vendor bands and of course the choice of safe streets. thank you for the staff for all their work and i hope we can bring this to the city. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> james seafort, see era reed. >> jeff hover.
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directors, thank you for the opportunity to comment today. thank you to the various.
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>> good afternoon, i bike to work in san francisco. i'm here in support the better market street project as the part of the vision for a car-free market street. this complete transformation of market street, the busiest corridor for biking, walking and transit, is an essential step towards our city becoming people-first, community-first instead of car first. the better market street project will not only redefine san francisco to follow in our footsteps and this project
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brings. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm going to read names. tyler coffee, todd miner, nancy lee, jean ka, alice. >> i brought my biking with me and i have been a cyclist here for five years and i bike to work twice everyday and and one time and in a smile of mike etel and it was in revers and and broken my wrist and when i was side-swiped by a driver making a illegal you turn and and i was not hurt but for the safety and play leap frog with all the buses on market street and grateful and part of it and i
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would encourage us to please move as fast as possible on the quick build initiative. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> todd minor. nancy. jean cow. alice, rodney paul. >> hello, i bike or scoot to work everyday. we have in front of us a unique opportunity to solve safety, congestion, equity and connected to this issue all at once here today. in order to make the city safe and serve the greatest number of people with the limited street space we have on market street, we must plan in a way that projects and prioritizes our bikers, scooters, walkers and transit users. we can incentivize these by building for them and that's what i encourage you to vote for today by voting yes on this initiative. we have fallen far behind our cities in europe, asia and latin
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america and they are banning cars in the city centre next year and they have already banned cars in the entire urban core the first sunday of every month and they ban cars on 75 miles of road every sunday. we have familiaren behind these cities and we have the opportunity today to join them and set a new standard at home. please remember your commitment to the people. >> todd minor. >> hi, i'm jean the gored president of the san francisco bicycle coalition. i support this project and i hope you will approve this project for the necessary safety and transit improvements and approve more projects like this in the future. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> todd minor.
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alice. rodney paul, brian, johnathan gaybats, matthew blayne. ian armstrong. olivia. >> hi, i'm brian, i'm the president of the 1400 mission street board of directors. which has car access currently off of tenth street. and i've had a lot of concerns for my residents reaching out to me. i should mention that we are a fairly unique project in our city. we're 190 units of all affordable housing created by the mayor's office of housing that was built two years ago. and i've had a lot of concerns from families and people with disabilities about continuing car access since the western variance was added to this project. people are concerned that only being able to access by detouring multiple blocks around to 11 th 11th street and takinge
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jog to tenth street to access our homes is going to affect their everyday lives and be able to make it harder for them to move their family to and from the schools. and we're just -- >> thank you, time is up. next speaker, please. >> rodney paul, johnathan, matthew blayne, ian armstrong, olivia ganbone. >> i'm matthew blayne and thank you for sitting in this room listening to us. i live on 14th street for a decade and i've been hearing about the future of market street coming since that time. so i would just like to be sum or thsupportive. staff have done an amazing work and this will push cars around to places like 14th and
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tenderloin. not just for cars but bicycles and pedestrians are effected by the overloaded cars and frustrated cars so i believe the staff is aware with this and follow through with this. thank you for your support. >> next speaker, please. >> rodney paul, johnathan. tory carter. >> hi, i'm zan. my husband and i have been here for over 10 years as a bike coalition member. thank you so much for everybody who has put in so much work to bring us here today. i have a nine-month-old and i can't wait until she can bike. my husband rides to work and i ride as much as i can. it's fair a wife and mother are climate change and i'll get call from the hospital that my husband and the future daughter were hit by a car so thank you
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for supporting this and make san francisco a place is this is better at climate change and keeping my husband and i my daughter safe when we bike. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please. >> is rodney paul here. johnathan. olivia ganbon followed by stephanie, tory carter and if there's anyone else downstairs, please come up into the room if you wish to speak. >> while it's tempt to go give you both two minutes, the rule is one minute. >> the market and very glad to be here and we are moving forward with this and as i think about it, this isn't about bike lanes and transit lanes and this is about the kind of city we want to be and who belongs in this city and who has access to
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this city and who feels safe here. who builds for her and all the people not building it for cars and i encourage you to move forward with this project as quickly as possible and consider other car-free spaces in our city. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> stephanie. tory carter. brian hoffer, rick lobsher. >> hi, everybody, i ride my bike everyday on market street several times. i'm going to try to recreate the feeling of what it means for me to be cyclist riding my bike on market street. have you heard the earthquake last night. i don't know about you but it left me scared. i could be dead if it were stronger. what is it going to happen again? that's how i feel after i had my best accident on market street so you guys cannot do anything against the earthquake but you can change and do something on
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market street. please let's do it before i can die. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please. >> is tory carter here? brian hoffer. elias. rick lobsher. jessica jenkins. >> the floor is yours. >> to the board of directors greetings. my name is tory carter owner of a african american business owners, professional business owner and i am in full support of this project. under the condition that you consider working with other african american business owners with the services as well as the contracts. i thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> brian hoffer, rick lobsher, jessica jenkins. >> hi, i'm jessica jenkins.
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i biked with my 5-year-old with his own bike for a few blocks. it takes a lot of bravery on both of our parts and skills way beyond his years on his bike. and also the rarity and shock of seeing a child on his own bike. it creates a protective barrier from us that we're really -- it's scary. and market street needs to be car free and many more spaces and they ned to have what we should have what any reasonable city should have which is children riding their bicycles to school everyday. please, approve this project and let's kickoff like making more of our streets for kids and seniors and disabled to get around easily and safely. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> rick. >> i'm rick president of market street railway non-profit
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advocate for your cable cars. we support every aspect of the better market street programme and spacing the streetcar stops farther eliminating private automobiles on market and building the traffic loop at mcallister to speed f line service and add more service where needed. we oppose removing the western variant from haze to goff. why? when the only lane is the track lane you are guaranteed to see regular delays of muni street cars and buses. the fact is, red lanes have always been under enforced. you are going to need that for bicycle overflow too in the future. we'll detail our concerns in an e-mail to you which hope you build it quickly. >> lawrence lee. zoie, those are the last people who have turned in speaker cards whose names i haven't yet read. >> hi, i'm elias is i think this
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project is awesome. i want to see it get built. i don't have much to say that hasn't already been said. biking on mark set scary. taking muni is slow and tedious. i've been waiting for this thing for years and years. maybe some details can be improved but i think it shouldn't be a reason to delay this. i hope that projects in the future like this don't get delayed so much. that's it. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> ma lynn walker. lawrence lee. zoie, and those are the last three speakers on this topic. >> hello, my name is ma lean walker and i have been commuting on market street for 10 years and i want to express a lot of gratitude to the city of san francisco for how much better it is to bike today than 10 years ago. and it's so amazing to see how that has created so many more
8:41 pm
people on their bikes and feeling safer. so i really hope that we can see even more of that in the future and i want also to tell a story about my previous home city which is in sweden where we cut off all the streets for cars for one day and when obama was there for a visit and the air quality got 53% better which is amazing. so this has to do a lot with not just being able to commute to work but also the air we're breathing. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> lawrence lee followed by zoie. >> hi, i'm lawrence lee. from spur and i'm also the citizens advisory committee. so spur has long championed the vision of market street as san francisco's grand boulevard and a great civic space. over these years, we've held countless numbers of forums and
8:42 pm
dialogs and recognizing that it's getting more crowded, more people are getting injured and killed, more people are bicycling and we have a climate crisis. old market street is failing us. let's fix it, including the western variant and it disrupts the status quo and make it safer and implement vision zero and make it more efficient and net zero carbon emissions and prioritizing alternatives to the private automobile. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker please. >> zoie, kevin carole. those are last two speakers. >> good afternoon. i'm zoie. i'm here as a board member of walk san francisco, a member of the bike coalition. landscape architect by profession. and and a resident who lived in market street within 20 years and worked within a walk of market street and still do. i have two teenage daughters
8:43 pm
that go to school a block from market street and they get around by themselves on their own and it's important to me that market street is safe for them to walk. i want to thank you for all the incredible work that's been done to date. i want to support -- i want your support in making it come to fruition. my family and friends, peers are all part of the 500,000 people that walk on market street each day and they will all benefit from this vision. >> thank you, very much. >> that's it. ok. >> next speaker, please. >> kevin carole. the last person for whom i have a speaker card whose name i haven't read. >> thank you. my name is kevin carole and i'm the president and c.e.o. of the hotel council of san francisco. lifelong resident of san francisco and i'm a major user of public transportation and obviously walking in the city as well. i want to thank the m.t.a. and
8:44 pm
the d.p.w. for the work that's been done on better market streets. we've been involved and our council has been involved and i've been serving on the citizens advisory group for the last seven or eight years with all the work that's going on so i want to thank everyone who has been working on this and market street and we think it should be returned for a incredible avenue for the city. one question we brought up and i want to thank the m.t.a. for working with us on this is one of the changes is changing on ellis street from stockton to and converting that back to a one-way that would go westbound and we have a couple hotels that it's going to cause pretty good inconvenience so the mta has agreed to take that first year to look at that and make sure it's going to be something that can workout but thank you very much. >> thank you, very much. >> great. >> that's it for speaker cards. >> we have read through a lot of speaker cards and some people
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did not respond. either they left or they did not have a chance to attend. if it's the first that's fine. but if it's the second, i want to make sure if your name was called, or you turned in a speaker card and you have not had a chance to speak yet, please come forward. deputy, thank you for all your help today. as always, it's appreciated. with that, we will close public comment and move on to directour discussion. i do want to clarify, i mean, we're having fun because it's a nice day and i was joking about the vote. i am one directour i do not vote for the board and there's no pre ordained conclusions and please don't take my comments as suggesting otherwise and with that we'll move onto the discussion of this. are there any questions for staff? we'll start with questions? yes. >> if we can ask you to
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transport yourself up into the director's chair, well done. from there answer questions that vice-chair board and others have. >> i have a couple questions. one was about the issue brought up around fourth street and the alignment of the stops. like because that is a mid-block spot, not close to the corner and in general, i mean, if all of us have been on buses when you shouldn't have maybe run to catch the other ones, why didn't we move it up. >> if i could ask take the question. >> hi, i'm brittainer with the sfmta. regarding the stop at fourth street, we have very limited space in the roadway and we're working around all of the bart portals and so it was not possible for us to install an ada accessible transit stop in the centre and have a sidewalk
8:47 pm
level bike lane and accommodate the portal so in order for us to accommodate all of those things we needed a rapid stop at fifth street and however, hearing the feedback regarding the spacing we did modify the curbside stop at fourth street to make it a little bit longer and we plan to monitor how people are using transit transferring to central subway and we will make adjustments with that curbside stop in the future after central subway opens. >> and then i also started looking at between it's between seventh and eighth, but the f9 and 9 are why we didn't move it closer to the intersection as opposed to what is in the middle of the box there. it's just wondering for a better alignment. so we have placed all of the rapid and the local stops close to each a civic centre.
8:48 pm
it's also close to the bart elevator that is there so we wanted do maximize that and we had to work around the portals which are near the cross streets. with the portals at eighth and seventh we were able to shoe torn in between the introduce blocks and centre access to the bart elevators. >> you mentioned the transfer station, can you talk about how that works? because in talking about this new stop spacing, you mentioned the five is a rapid route in the future, they would get off their stop at civic centre and only walk about the lengths of a bus zone and a crosswalk in order for them to switch to any of the local buses that would be in the
8:49 pm
curb lane. >> ok, great. i think that answers. >> let me just say that there's no need to artificially bifurcate this between questions and comments so if there are comments you'd like to make on the project go ahead as well too and other directors ready your questions and comments for one combined approach if you will. >> i do have a couple questions. maybe you can point out a few of the loading and passenger loading zones like for example i know on market street for example between van ness and now they're poles up between the bike lane but people are getting into ride shares coming out of those businesses and so, where are we going to put safer example like a passenger loading zone to direct people and from close to the crosswalk. i just want to, i think we didn't really get to look at that and i'd love to understand how it works. >> i mean, i'll hand the microphone over to christina because she was able to pull the tool you talked about earlier and she can answer that
8:50 pm
question. >> yes, so, first of all, and this is where you can get off the centre boarding island and then walk around to a local stop if you need to transfer to one of the local lines. i think we mentioned earlier in the centre will be the f line and the five and the five r and the nine and the nine r. so that if you need to take a 5 and you don't care if it's a 5 or a 5r you are the one stop and due have to look at both locations. let's see. we also talked about the -- this is the turn by turn web based map. the green point shows your starting point that you can move around the website and then the
8:51 pm
red is your destination so you can see how your route would change based on better market street changes. and then what was your most recent question? >> it was about a location. you may point out some of the passenger loading zones and the commercial loading zones and more passenger loading zones the commercial is probably a little easier because it's not as many -- you have already the base for people who already deliver on market and most other people are not having their deliveries on market streets. >> there are 200 additional loading zones on the side streets. that includes both passengers and commercial loading and part of quick build we'll install our implement 100 of those additional loading spaces so you can see them. they're not colour coated on this map but there are maps on our home page where you can see exactly where the loading zones are and it's part of your legislation. so again, i'm on our website
8:52 pm
better market street and on the home page, you can find links to the loading zones, i'll pull those up in a second. generally i just want to look for and express my support for this project as a person that lived in haze valley and biked down market street to work. i was many times almost pinned between two commercial vehicles and a bus and a commercial vehicle. in the morning and between that and the tracks which are great because our f line goes on. there are many days i almost bit it in the track and to be able to be off those tracks will be helpful. it will mean so much safer for everyone to cycle and walk down market street. i know it's always really especially at nighttime a really scary thing biking home if i wasn't with a crowd of people and sometimes it comes back late
8:53 pm
from a event after work and it was a little scary. less traffic at least. but a little scary none the less. i do think it's a vast improvement and i do -- i haven't dug into all the different things that the transit riders talked about but i want to make sure that we are making sure that where we can align stops with intersections and other bus stops, and move them and not create conflict that's obviously a priority but i'm supportive of this project otherwise. >> thank you. >> so i have up on the laptop the loading maps and this is on the website under better market street loading and there are maps by neighbourhood so if you are interested in civic centre or mid market, there's a pdm and
8:54 pm
that shows the loading zone and detail and they're both existing proposed just taking a minute to load and so, you can see the new loading zones, the new commercial loading zones are here in yellow and then the new passenger loading zones are shown in white and they're on haze and larkin and existing ones have a red outline such as these on ninth street. this is the legislation before you today. >> great, thank you. >> all right, directors. >> thank you. i have questions on three topics. bike lane capacity enforcement and project delivery and so first question is, have we
8:55 pm
planned for what future growth and cycling scooter use and other low carbon mobility loads will look like if we're wildly successful. i'm just back from london and their cycle super highways are at capacity now and they're at 63% sustainable mode share and they want to go to 80% by 2040 and we want to go to 80% by 2040 so let's make sure we're planning for enough capacity if we're successful and i want to hear how you went through that issue. >> we have discussed the bike way width in great details. our typical width is eight feet and that's the maximum that we can squeeze leaving two lanes in each direction. so, it does allow for a bicycle to pass another bicycle or for two bicycles to ride side by side. but if we all know, we have pretty big platoons that ride down market street. so, in the event that we outgrow the bike way, sort of the next spot is the curb lane which is less than ideal but we do have
8:56 pm
bicycles that can ride in the curb lane and like i said, we've tried to maximize the bike way width as much as possible. >> then we're back into leap frogging with buses. >> if they're in the curb lane they would be riding with not just transit but delivery vehicles. >> ok. >> ok. so i just -- i do see this problem happening. i think it's a great problem to happen. we're going to get there pretty soon so i just want us to think about how we're future proofing this design. >> it's a challenge. >> second question is on enforcement. we heard a couple public commenters talk about enforcement. especially as we ask commercial vehicles to drive across the bike path and park out of the bike path. i'm anticipating possible lack of sort of behavioural alignment with our goals here and parking in the bike lanes so i just wonder if you can talk about how we'll enforce and make sure these high-quality bike lanes are not just going to get locked up. >> of course enforcement goes hand and hand with education.
8:57 pm
we've been doing a lot of our reach to delivery companies already. [please stand by]
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