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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  January 28, 2017 5:40am-7:41am PST

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was due to a process in the bidding process which the city upheld so the project has been re-bit by public works. it's now due on february 1. support services is working closely with the port on pier 26 relocation for the fire boat during construction. the piledriving was completed in november. we are currently working on the steel and concrete apron followed by electrical work and followed by installation of a transformer by pg&e. under fleet management, the final three and moses were delivered this month and this completes the water of nine. we received two during the month of october, for in november, and three earlier this month. eight
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engines have been ordered and four will be delivered within a year and for more shortly thereafter. we have received to rescue squads, goose was good they are currently in service and in the field in the two aerial trucks to be ordered the specs are complete. it's been approved by the oca and now we will go out to bid. all talks are being outfitted with cordless ttools could this is an ongoing task. they are installing like one set per week so it will take is a little bit of time to install in all these truck companies and post 18 is very close to being placed in service could we are anticipating the arrival of the eight [inaudible] and currently they are testing them prior to putting them in service. so it should happen very soon. the ambulance fleet
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is having solar panels installed to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and as the ambulance going for service there installed solar panels so that is an ongoing possibility sometime. boe is continuing to test and evaluate the new or updated thermal imaging cameras for our firefighters and once they are evaluations are complete it will transfer over to division of training which will continue further evaluation. we continue to have a staff member from dph onboard regarding our health and safety issues but we are expecting to receive a new permanent member in the rank of industrial hygienist by march of this year. i am happy to
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report given to capt. the bureau of equipment. this person has replaced assistant deputy chief lee darrah and its limon serrano was a former officer stationed eight on fourth and blocked him and he started earlier this month and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. under division of training, under ems during this reporting period, dms staff has continued to conduct required paramedic and him training and certification as well as conduct six-month evaluations for the mts and paramedics which consist of written and peeled exams. they have also assisted the h-two 120 fire academy. the first two weeks they convicted the emt refresher which included american heart association cpr recertification ambulance ride a longs and orientation. they also assisted with the h-three level emt academy which started earlier this month with 30 students and as the chief mention, we are down actually down to 28 students. to have resigned due to personal reasons. under in-service
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training, they have also assisted them 101st recruited coming with specialized training utilizing our talks that we have on the premises over at treasure island training facility. they've also completed the module five fire ground live burn training which ended last month and over 950 members receive the training during that period. under recruit training, the chief mention, this is week nine for the 121st recruited academy. we currently have 52 recruits still in the academy and a-this is their first week of the second block of training. they go through four weeks each and the engine block in the truck block and this is their first week. under nert training the nurse coordinator continues to attend various meetings throughout the city conduct various training and outreach
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presentations and is currently repairing for upcoming training in the annual citywide dirt trails which are conducted later this year. under fire reserves, during this reporting period members of the fire reserves have volunteered throughout the holiday season wherever needed. they also were a vital part of our toy program and they continue to make themselves available at various department related evens. at this time that concludes my report and am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you chief williams. is there any public comment on item 6? seeing none,, commissioners? do we have any comments or any questions for chief or for chief williams? vice president nakajo >> thank you. i don't have a
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particular question [inaudible] i also don't have a particular question for chief williams. thank you for your conference of report. i just wanted to note that in your report you talked about nert and that upcoming drill that's coming on. just as a point of information, i had the names for a task for cities and counties of san francisco with the aging and disability. were going to be meeting once a month. it's a brand-new task force to try to locate those particular needs in the community to one other categorical's in terms of trying to strive for a better
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system in terms of citizens in san francisco is a component called resilience and the question came up at the task force last meeting as to what kind of program would reflect something like that. i wanted to -the commissioners know and chief hayes-white, you chief yourself chief williams it was a great opportunity for me to talk about the nert program. again in the spirit that we the fire department know about our nert program but many other departments in the city may not be as familiar with that program as well. which leads me again to like the task force, the kinds of things that are occurring within our city that many departments and communities are doing. it's just that we're not communicating or sharing our information in terms of what we do do. i use of the nert example of resilience because i use that as a reference because somebody started talking about katrina and natural disasters. so he was easily a leave for me to talk about san francisco and the 08 earthquake that my
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reference was again of my personal experience of trying to watch the world series at candlestick. watching the building was way in the towers go back and forth. grabbing my son and trying to be real discreet about running out of the stadium and going out to the street but the first thing that indicated was i got to go home and if it wasn't for the citizens of san francisco all away from candlestick park to my residence in japan town i would've never made it home. because every area i went to [inaudible] with no electricity and no power there were citizens of san francisco there were out there directing traffic and taking care of business on their own incentive and the primary example to me of resilience was the citizens support to the fire department in what we refer to as the
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marina fires. so again i just want to talk about it in the sense that we, we have a gem with the nert program and the more organizing we can do, i'm not sure as to what other mechanisms in the city can do that but i just wanted to refer that to great program that we can share within the city and county and somehow or another use that again as an example as a judge work on that committee on resilience. i just want to share that with you chief hayes-white chief williamson and the members of the commission about that particular program. >> thank you commissioner. the thank you vice president nakajo. commissioner covington >> thank you mr. pres. thank you for your report chief hayes-white and 41 chief williams. to chief hayes-white, i just had a couple of questions and a comment. i'll start with a comment and question first regarding the
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fire safety tips for san francisco california. i see that there are a number of copies of the handouts that are available which are very good.. i've seen them before and i think that they have a very good format. i was just wondering, how many languages do we have these handouts in available to the public? >> i would have to check commissioner covington but i believe they are available not only in english but spanish and cantonese. they may be in other languages as well but i will find out >> okay. that would be great because - excuse me - i do recall having conversations with some of the folks in prevention and i thought that we had limited availability in other languages. so if you could get those details and then inform us about would be great >> no problem >> also i know we have a very
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good presence on the web, but i think we would be well served to have some relationships the various broadcast stations, both television and radio because i lot of members of our city population, we are the oldest city in terms of people and their age. we are the oldest city in the country. we have the lowest percentage of people under the age of 18 and we skew very high. i think a lot of the members of that population, which is my population, as well among still get a lot of their information from broadcast outlets. so public-service announcements and the kind of thing, i think would serve the city well to include along with our very
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very good web presence. so that was one thing. i think the use of guidance center basketball game, it sounds fabulous. so thanks to chief: beanie for putting that together. i also want to thank the people who participated in the martin luther king day parade did so count me in for next year. i will be there with you instead of down the way a bit. also, congratulations to the members of the department postell and sarah who seven under good work. there was one other thing i had for you, chief, and that was the budget committee. you say that the budget committee is we
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convened? >> yes. >> by the members of the committee the same as the committee was constituted last year or are there new members? >> there was an interest ugly for everyone who is on the committee which is representing all ranks and also a member from local 798 executive board that have remained on the committee. we did meet in december with the mayor's budget office the budget director and then we had an interim meeting last week. we will be beating again. >> okay. has there been any conversation regarding terms of service on the budget committee so that once you are on are you on for ever? or, whether the one group that will be on first say, three years and then another group like a rotation on a board of directors? i just want to ensure we have
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opportunities available for new people who might want to be on the budget committee >> right. we may have had one or two added on. right now there's no formality in terms of length of term. something that we can consider. generally, on our committee structure usually every few years we will provide our reach for those people that you have missed an opportunity that no may have an interested so that would be fall into place with our general committee, gen. order we put out periodically for new members. then sometimes members retire or sometimes members of no longer available the to participate. >> well, having served on numerous boards, if a new board is being constituted a new board of directors, generally, you put your hand in the hat and you get a term of two years or three years and then the next person gets a term that is
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a little longer and a little longer. so that you can either read up once you're term expires or stay on. but you know that there will be some with punishment of the directors as you go forward and an orderly fashion so that at any given time, there are people who been on the committee were on the board for quite some time and then you have newcomers as well. so that is a model you might want to consider. thank you, chief hayes-white. chief williams, station five could you said it has been put out-the rebuild has been put out again? >> yes. >> okay. people have already left station five, having not were are they still there? >> they are still there >> because i know they were scheduled to go elsewhere. so they are still in her home
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>> yes. they're still moved to the place we previously designated but they have not relocated yet. >> okay. so how long will it be ? you said the rebidding process will begin in february? >> it will close before the first. >> okay. then they have to have a panel to make the decision as to who will be building the new- >> yes. >> so, your estimate as to when the whole project might be done? >> my estimate was june of 2018. >> okay. >> of station five >> all right. it may be another nine months on added onto that were six months? >> that i can say. i can save up once they get started. they can readjust that timeframe.
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width june 2018. all right. that leads me to ask a question regarding the new stations that are going up. how many will have solar panels? >> i would refer that to our chief of support services. chief rivera. >> welcome chief weave era >> thank you. good evening commissioner or - excuse me - then-president cleaveland, commissioners. assistant jeopardy chief tony rivera. in regard to the solar panels, on buildings i believe that all of our new facilities being constructed our leed compliant which is the highest one of the highest standards for environmental responsibility. i think that there is a push to have more green roofs as
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opposed to solar panels. so i do not have the exact amount of facilities that are outfitted with solar as opposed to the green style roof. i know that there is been talk back and forth. there's also a cost issue . so i actually do not know the exact answer but it is something that does come up and we've been working very closely with department of public works to kind of reach that happy medium on the facilities. then i did also want to address one of the questions that you had about station five. so although there was a protest we are actually looking about a six-week delay in the overall progress of the construction and completion. so it could set us back but not as bad as what we had kind of forecasted.
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>> well, that's good to know. six weeks is not too bad. that's very promising. so we are going to have ambulances with the solar panels on the roof but not the firehouses necessarily? >> that is correct >> all right. good it would be very nice chief hayes-white at some point of a presentation given us a comparison and contrast between the green roofs and the solar roofs. so thank you all very much. >> thank you commissioner. commissioner hardeman >> thank you mr. pres. great reports from the chief of the department and to administrative chief, thank you very much. something that was not brought up public to save begin as you guys always see
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chief gonzales would be reporting on this next month but to attend was chief work over there at 3 am and that to alarm getting that out real quick. very good job. that was something else. [inaudible] next month but that was nice to hear was out so quickly. the rain delays on construction, no penalties that could it's good news badwere getting our rain. it's great the apparatuses are all on schedule and the chief francisco is pursuing his grants , training. chief, everybody is moving along. that is terrific, chief. good to hear everything is on schedule. and chief, capt. serrano taking chief with errors placed it congratulations. sounds like you're stepping into a job you have a lot of background in. very good. that was it. so
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thank you very much and hopefully we can keep these reports going all year long with dealing with the budget that might change a little along the way once we get all our new h-two and everybody else. i know the commission will be sitting with the chief later to make sure that we still have the finances available to do all these things that we have on our agenda. thank you for the reports. >> thank you commissioner hardeman. i just have a few comments. first off, i think this fire safety tips of san francisco is a great document. i do hope chief, you have this on the internet on the website.
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so every citizen can download it. it's a wonderful document. it's got all kinds of helpful tips on how to stay safe. and how not to overload your electrical outlets. helpful tips that people need to know. so i think it's a great documents. i applaud you, chief and the department putting it together and i would like make sure it's on the web and updated and all the links work and all that good stuff. that is really good. having public safety fairs once a month, terrific idea. terrific could i applaud you and the department and everyone involved including those on because i think it's important to educate all of our citizens on how to stay safe whether it be fires or any other emergency. i have a question on the h-23's. is there any movement on that on the creation of those positions? >> that remains a work in progress and you'll get a report on that on our meeting on the february eighth from
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the deputy chief of operations gonzales >> thank you very much. just one thing on the school sites you said you were looking at different school sites for a possible relocation of our training facilities. any possible ones? any big enough to really be an effective adequate training facility for us? >> so we have not identified a specific site. were sort of in the exploration phase. [inaudible] with other entities one meeting we had we did not out of that meeting we could not identify a particular site. >> i certainly appreciate you working with mr. mendoza on the school board and trying to get that location finalized should we have to find a place to move our training facilities at some point. the sooner we find that location the better. so thank
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you very much. mr. hardeman >> sorry mr. pres. i knew there was something else. chief, or chief williams, i have seen on the bios of some of these wonderful candidates that firefighters that comes warming is there in the fire reserves somewhere else. is there any standard fire reserves required for all counties in the bay area? how does that work? ours has been so helpful. i'm just wondering how the rest of the counties operate? >> is no standard state requirement. each county can opt in or not and then there is no set curriculum if you do have a fire reserve. it's kind of in and of its own but you are right. there is been very valuable. great experience for the fire reserve but also the
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fire reserve seems to come and be very helpful partners with us in times of great emergencies and long fires. >> thank you. >> thank you chief williams. thank you chief hayes-white. next item mdm. clerk >> item 7 draft operating budget fiscal years 2017-20 team and 2018-2019. >> mr. caruso >> good evening mr. pres., commissioners. i want to give -hold on one second. thank you. i want to give a brief update status on the department's budget summit okay there's a brief presentation. i think you should have a copy and i will after that open up for discussion and questions. so these are the items i wanted to touch on briefly. just a review we talked a lot about the instructions. the city budget
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summary but i'll highlight that briefly. go over the budget, and again at the progress to date we've made as well as what's currently in progress. talk about about the budget committee. the chief had mentioned that early. some of the challenges we are facing an open it up for discussion and questions. as a result of some of the analysis done the city released a five year financial plan back in december in a can of outlined a projected deficit of about $400 million over the next two years. that's increasing all the way through the next five years out in the fifth year to approximately $849. so there's definitely some structural issues the cities grappling with from a financial perspective and that is outside of any kind of looming uncertainty surrounding the federal government and federal funding as well. there's a lot of unknowns but
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that currently is not included in the city's projections. as a result of these projected deficits department seven instructed to oppose ongoing reductions to their general fund supports equivalent to 3% in the first year and 3%, or 6% cumulative in the second year and for the fire department but equates to proximate $1.7 million the first year and the cube would've amount of 3.4 in the site. the others part of the mayor's office instruction was a request for new note no new depositions to be added to department positioned submittals. brief review of timeframe. just a budget discussion here at the fire commission today. february 8 would be the next meeting weatherby potential for discussion on potential approval of a department budget at the commission level. for
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some middle, that first meeting in february is usually a we could then almost as little time between then and the department's due date for budget summit which is february 21. at that time all city departments submit their budgets to the mayor's office and over the next few months the mayor consolidates all those budgets into one bounce budget for charter requirements. in these rebounds and presented to the board by june 1. then in june we have our departmental hearings at the board of supervisors the budget is considered at the board in july. kind of outlining some of our departmental priorities that these are things that we just in general but also is highlighted this year in the process. we want to ensure sufficient staffing and resource levels. the chief had mentioned the call volume that that's a large challenge to us increasing call volume. so making sure we are properly resourced from a personal and nonpersonal standpoint. that is crucial given the importance public safety function that we provide. in addition, we want
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to be able to ensure we support the academies in the probationary members we have for the division of training both in the academy instruction but also in the follow-up to ensure probationary firefighters are adapting to the new roles in the department and we are providing efficient sufficient and education for those number support as well. that's an ongoing efforts even after graduation. in addition, were doing quite a bit of work with the easter bonds and other capital projects are continuing to work on our facilities could affect our facilities are in the shape they been in a long time however we still have quite a bit of work to do. continuing oh suffers both from a construction is important but also from a planning is crucial for the department and coordinated an enhanced outreach efforts could we make quite a leap credit this year with some of the outreach efforts we made through public education through nert through the rh that monthly italian outreach and education. we want to continue those in the hands those that offer as much public
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education as we can. the vehicle equipment planning and procurement. this was the first year we were funded for argue crimmins attended the number of items on order and working with office of contract administration on number of other contracts procured continuing that momentum once we obviously quite a while and we get those vehicles from time of order so as we begin putting those into the field and into use that will be of great benefit to the department. then in addition efficiency through technology, through both operational efficiencies but also working on a number of projects to improve collaboration and sharing of information amongst committees months workgroups. improving that infrastructure of technology through the apartment to both on the administrative side but also to all the way up to the field numbers,
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january 13 with the state submittal for the both the capital budget for the department in the it budget. those were approved at the fire commission meeting on january 11. those are both submitted on time. the kind of a parallel path for the budget prosecute to the capital planning committee for capital and the committee on information technology for the it project. we will be working closer with those committees over the next couple of months. as a that projects citywide at the committee level and be providing justification and presenting as needed. in addition to the chief mentioned reconvened the budget committee. i'll talk a little bit about that but we have begun process both from the meeting first meeting we had in december where the mayor's
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office reviewed some of the challenges from the city perspective fiscally that i highlighted earlier kind of review the five-year financial plan and elaborated a bit on some of the structural issues facing the city. so a lot of current work being done on the budget. obviously were about a month out but is quite a bit of work being done currently. updating staffing model and projections taking into account the staffing levels from both retirements and the new hires and academies we are projecting. we are also reviewing our revenue projections mainly from the eu mess and fire prevention side and doing as we do in only a review of the fee structures and the levels that we have for those two functions. meeting with division heads in respect of divisions and budget request, good i'm not completed all of that yet but we are to see what the priorities and demand are for each of the divisions as relates to the budget. then continuing the budget committee work and i'll highlight that aa little bit here. so as i mentioned we met our first meeting was in december. we met with the mayor'sbudget office.
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they were nice enough to spend some time with us to go over some of the higher-level information from the city's financial plan. we have met and we've also taken a look at some of the recent proposals in the past couple of years that we have submitted from a budget perspective both from some of the needs that we have requested additional funding for as well as a review of the process and some of the items that were funded for as a result of some of the department's efforts. we are continuing the needs assessment for the department tying many of the needs that are requested through some of the categories highlighted in the strategic plan specifically staffing, training, infrastructure equipment at sector. then we have a discussion in ongoing discussion of strategies and needs for the department and priorities going forward. we will be meeting next week again and will continue not only until the budget is omitted from the department level also as we continue working with the mayor's office over the next few months. commissioner
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covington had mentioned the term. this is the third year of leave of the budget committee. as the chief mentioned we have not set a formal kind of evolving structure but that something we can absolutely look at going forward. some of our budgetary challenges. we have i think one of the goals for the department given some of the economic projections for the city both known and unknown with regards to some of the federal uncertainties is thinking currently a major budget initiatives and those are two major ones right now are hiring plan for fire and ms as well as our equipment and fleet plan. we work very close with the mayor's office and the board and the commission over the past few years to get those in place and we want to ensure they continue because we are going to be-we have a need and we've had a need for quite a
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while and the continuation of those plants is very important for departmental operations could think the item that keeps coming back especially as we discussed at the budget committee, is kind of this contradiction of workers competing ideas of budget reductions on one side as was increased eight for services on the other party reconcile that that is something we discussed quite a bit at the budget committee level and in general in department and administration. that's kind of the major challenge we are facing and on top of that we have minimum staffing requirements. we have response time requirements there's a lot of budget offenders lack of a budgetary flexibility could sue the amount of funding that we have in our annual budget that spends on kind of the nonpersonal, non-minimum staffing portion of her budget from jewelers and supplies contractual services, there's not a lot of flexibility in those items and also for request of the mayor's office the past two years we haven't really requested increases. it's essentially been the instruction of the departments
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to absorb those cpi cost or cost increase for non-personnel within departmental budgets. so that's adding to our challenges, for sure. then just want to highlight kind of a high level what we are looking at from a call volume perspective. the past couple of years the past human specifically in the current fiscal year have-we've seen quite a bit of an increase in call volume. annually we this year for sure, you'd anticipated when we're doing our budget and increase in call volume do we surpass that. as you can see, from approximately 10 years ago there's been an increase of close to 45,000 calls on an annual basis that's quite significant especially in the past you years we've seen that continue to increase on an annual basis and that is obviously quite a challenge for the department and in light of budget reduction requests how do we ensure that we are able to serve all those individuals
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and incidence that we are called upon. so that is as i mentioned earlier one of the large challenges we are discussing of the budget level. with that i like to open to any questions you may have. >> thank you mr. corso. appreciate it. i don't see any-any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? commissioner covington >> thank you mr. pres. thank you for your report mr. corso get comprehensive as always. >> thank you. >> i wish the news was better. this is really quite depressing . we have so many challenges facing the department and now as a city, as a sanctuary city, we have even more challenges that will be coming our way in
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terms of our fiscal needs and requirements. i think that your report mr. corso, really highlights the need for all of us to put our heads together and figure out how we are going to do this. how were going to get this done. how we are going to do more with less coming from the city. we have to war we are being pressed-we have to find alternate means of funding the things that we need as a department. we can't sit and wait until we are bulldozed to we have to get out in front of this and do the necessary fundraising, grant writing, proposal writing, gladhanding, whatever it's going to take.
6:19 am
every claim we see in the city represents more people were either going to be living here or working here. our homeless population is not decreasing. it is increasing. so there is a reason the call volume is increasing. so we have to do more brainstorming about it. i think as a budget committee level i cannot join the committee because there are already two commissioners there . so a reduction of $1.7 million is what you have penciled out will be our reduction for this department, yes? >> that art instruction from the mayor's apartment, correct >> do you have any idea as to where those funds will be coming from?
6:20 am
>> at this time i was at a complete proposal for you. i think we have some of that would be offset with some additional revenue gains. we are seeing from increased call volume as well on the ems side. also continued kind of strong behavior on the fire prevention side. i don't think to the extent that would suffice for the entire amount we are looking at that that would be a portion of i would say with a reduction request is. >> how much do you think that the monies coming into [inaudible] fees and that sort of thing would offset that 1.79? >> so we're currently doing some of those calculations on both sides and evaluating our [inaudible] as mentioned but probably about 40% of that if i had to guess off the top of my head. >> okay. that's as things stand today? >> correct.
6:21 am
>> but things are moving quickly and new direction and a direction that is not going to be in our favor as a sanctuary city on the federal side. >> yes. as i mentioned some of the projections in sections on the mayor's office all that was independent of the uncertainty of the federal level. >> okay. so our beginning target for additional funds very necessary funds, is 1.7. >> correct. >> call it 2 million. so the budget committee, i would really like to hear some ideas coming out of the next budget committee meeting regarding how we are going to find that money. just to stay where we are. new, we only had about 18 months of clutch times. >>[laughing] and we were thinking, okay were on a roll. now we will be getting the
6:22 am
things we need as we need them and then now we've hit another wall. it's too bad.we're just going to have to be created. so that was one thing. alternative sources of funding and then under your enhanced vehicle equipment planning and procurement, you said that we have that funded, the first full year we've had that plan funded? >> correct. last year in his june budget the mayor had proposed and was approved by the board, a multiyear equipment and fleet plan and that consisted of approximately $7 million in the current year and next fiscal year and then what was deemed a minimum of 39 dollars in the three subsequent years from that. so the first year the current year is the
6:23 am
first year our allocation is about $7.1 million. we are moving forward with the procurements of those items that are hope is to obviously would like to add that the main minimum maintain those funding levels. >> so 7 million this year and three million the next three years? >> so 7 million this current year 7 million next is, was in the budget but we are discussed. museums all that is being reevaluated as being the overall summit opened the 7 million, 7 min. and a minimum of three for the three subsequent years. >> until you said under current reevaluation i was feeling pretty happy. because i was hoping that those monies are secure. are you saying that they are not secure? they are
6:24 am
not laden in stone? >> so they were as part of the two-year budget process last year they were approved by the board and so technically they are currently in her budget for next year but as we do every year since it is a rolling two-year budget, every second year is reevaluated again next year. so until it's passed by the board i can guarantee you that would be in the grip currently, it is which is great, but with a lot of uncertainty and with everything being evaluated, not just in that apartment but obviously citywide, i cannot guarantee you anything. >> okay. 7 million this year and that will take us through july 1 >> correct. >> i hope you have not heard anything about reductions between now and then >> so that was one of the kind of things floating around when we had her budget -so far so good that was one of things floating around where our initial budget meeting with the mayor's office and department heads to come up with the instructions were at that time, and trends and still in fact no
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[inaudible] requested of department width have we earmarked these funds for particular place. i'm talking but this current fiscal year, have we ordered $7 million worth of equipment? >> not complete we've ordered approximately half of that. part of that were going through the procurement process. actually chief leaves in a report mention the engines and trucks we get order our engine. they are on order and we are working on the per term and process to bid for the contract for the ladder trucks but that is part of the $7 million. >> very good. i would really like the procurement process to go well and with those monies be spend down to the very last penny. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much >> thank you commissioner covington. commissioner nakajo >> thank you very much present
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in cleveland. thank you then much director or so on your conference of report. it's very complete, very clear. in terms of commissioner covington asked the question i wanted to ask. one of them was in terms of identifiable but the 3% decrease for this year and 1.7 and i'm satisfied in terms of your information of providing on ways the department are trying to work at that. and having no reconvened the budget committee i am hoping that that work will be at hands. i also wanted to point out that when he reported on the mayor's budget office meeting treatise i was fortunate enough with the president to attend that meeting. i want to thank you director or so and the chief
6:27 am
for the invitation because commissioners, i felt that meeting was truly enlightening. it gave a real clear picture beyond, i will use the word, emotions, in terms of what can be projected and the projection of what is going to happen is something important for us to realize, but it hasn't happened yet and we need to stay fast to be able to deal with the issues and the directions at hand. i call it one thing at a time. 3% this year. 3% next year, 1.7, 3.4. it doesn't change the atmosphere but what gave me was a stone cold wake up of the reality were the potential reality and every day we'll be
6:28 am
following that through. i thought again was buried helpful for this commission because that presentation was steeped with the reality-based. on your page, also, budgetary challenges, you talk about the contradiction of budget reductions versus needs. as long as i've been on this commission have dealt with that contradiction. that the economy of how do we work that out and as the commissioner covington had pointed out, as we all have realized, the city and the department have grown tremendously but again i must remind myself that we face years and years of cuts. [inaudible] cuts. painful cuts could painful decisions. thinking out-of-the-box and i
6:29 am
know that we have the capability of again addressing those issues. so for me this contradiction is a fact of life for us in terms of how we deal and this budget process is not for the weak minded. it's a process by which some cooperative decisions are going to have to be made. i know use it don't sit there by yourself isolated to make these decisions. therefore the budget committee and again going to reconvene with the chief members for my is very important as again for me, in terms of recommendations and needs, it's got to come from the command staff out there with the acs nbc's out there in the department is what realistically is going to work and for us as we go into this [inaudible] i just want to say that director or so, i know that you provided this last graphic the column on the left is the number again please
6:30 am
reinforce me the number of calls please >> that's the total number of department incidents, yes >> so again i'm focusing on 1615-16 and icy 16-17 the projection of those calls. it is it simply one of the questions is was the cause of that increase? i know can be simple in terms of [inaudible] and such but of the city and county of x number of citizen of citizens and the number is growing that volume can also increase by the existing members of our city as well. not necessarily with the increase of population you are you going to have some more information director corso, as to whether there are factors in the increase in call volume? >> absolutely. were looking
6:31 am
into what the makeup of those calls are an kind of vocation just kind of the breakdown the characteristics of the call to see if we can determine if there are trends if there certain factors that are conjured bidding to that more than others >> okay. i know that's really important for us to justify our needs in terms of again addressing services to the population. i will be looking forward to participating in the budget committee with the president and look forward to trying to adjust our needs within this very challenging situation upcoming. so i look forward to it mr. corso, director corso to work with our fellow commissioners and the command force and the chief. thank you very much. >> thank you vp nakajo for your comments. commissioner hardeman be thank you mr. president. as always, mr. corso you do a great job giving us especially
6:32 am
me, i like to see things big bold and in charts and graphs. so i do appreciate that. i know it may seem like a waste of a subwoofer commissioners, we don't get to see this stuff everyday. we get it a couple times a month and hopes the personal could i thank you. then looking at the total department incidents with the chief had given us in her packets broke down by a variety of different incidents and responses, congratulations to ems chief myers who with this increased volume is fighting an uphill bottle in being on time with this ambulance. he certainly deserves a great hat on the back. then go to the working fires in greater alarms in the city last year. we are at least from my perspective and i know some of the other commissioners of stated that be
6:33 am
very aggressive with increased alarms to we like to get them to be as strict as they can but it's amazing that the assistant chief and assistant chief three and the battalion chiefs deputy chiefs, the captains have been able to put out all the fires of san francisco and only have five, three five alarms total in the last calendar year when you're being encouraged to bring out as many as you need. that shows, to me what it shows, it shows the talent we have in our leadership in this department. that they should put out such as the other morning at 15th and cabrillo i was thinking twice to go to [inaudible] but they got that out and just always amazed especially later when you talk to people who were active
6:34 am
incidents or at the fire and how the command staff-we have very grateful to be a commissioner with people that really know what they are doing. so congratulations. you did 5% more work and really it goes back to the voters of san francisco who kept all our stations opened. this is just a reflection of keeping all the stations open that they were able to save all the structures, save lives, save money and san francisco deserves a pat on the back that we the citizens of san francisco love this fire department and the proof is in the pudding. see these numbers and really makes you feel encouraged. now i don't feel encouraged by the having another five, six, 7% were volume next year but we will be able to do with this so far is remarkable. good job and great report. thank you >> thank you commissioner hardeman for your comments. mr.
6:35 am
corso i just have one question. in your opinion does the department have any direct exposure to federal funding cuts? >> i would say yes, both federally and both directly and indirectly. from the direct side, there's a number of grants programs adobe apply for annually and unfortunate especially the past two years to receive funding for good i don't know how those will be impacted but some of the proposed discussion but that is kind of a direct exposure and then indirectly, i know the city obviously as a recipient of millions of dollars of federal funding and of the city itself reduces that inflow obviously that's the trickle-down two departments all over the city with a major? receive funding from the federal government were not. i was able to indirectly and directly, yes >> is there anyway you can quantify that direct federal funding line to the department?
6:36 am
>> i would say, it's probably, especially in the past two years we been fortunate to receive see for grant funding and that is for over i think it's about $4 million a year. then on top of that we been able to receive some homeland security and equipment functioned so at least based on off the current year and master probably in the range of $6 million. 6-7 doing dollars per year be so really are exposure may be as much is $10 million in direct federal funds if they are cut? >> correct.. i don't think anything that's been already obligated that's not as much of the issue is much is going forward with additional programs. >> thank you premise. appreciate. sorry. commissioner nakajo >> thank you mr. pres. one more question just for clarification. under budget instruction summary your last dot is instruction of no new
6:37 am
net positions. does that affect the incoming h-two classes or any other classes that we have coming up this calendar year? >> it does not. those positions are already incorporated into our budget assumed for, the staffing increases we have. would be anything above and beyond what's currently approved in our budget >> thank you vp did you have one final comment? >> i did not want to leave that she felt. you're the top of the heap so you're not out there when everyone in these fires but naturally you deserve credit as a leader of the department so i wasn't omitting you when i named all the top brass. thank you, chief >> thank you commissioner hardeman. okay. mdm. clerk we do next-thank you mr. corso. read the next item be item 8
6:38 am
review and highlight from study titles are missing practices for increasing diversity among first responders. >> good evening president cleaveland vp nakajo commissioners. chief hayes-white [inaudible] resource. today i'll be providing you with some background information. in some highlights of the department of labor study on promising practices for increasing diversity of first responders. so as a background coffee consulting which was the agency retained by the department of labor reached out to us in early march informing us that the department was selected as a respondent for the study and also providing us with the framework of the study including
6:39 am
what questions they were intending to ask what topics they were planning to discuss and who the other respondents were. so recognizing that this election of the department for the study was definitely an honor and recognizing also that whatever input we provide we would be able to help other first responders jurisdictions throughout the country we agreed to participate and schedule our meetings with the american institute of research staff, on april 5 and sixth of 2016. so over those two days we get pretty chief williams coordinated the participants in that included command staff, senior staff, representative of
6:40 am
employee groups and also nert. so with command staff and senior staff input we provided an overview of the department including organizational statistics like the size of the department, number of stations, apparatus, call volume. things of that nature. we also provided information on the department history since last year was the 150th anniversary. we also discussed consent decree information including your command history during that time and how it compares to the common efforts currently and we also provided them with the department's diversity make up over the years. in terms of the employee group representatives, the groups participated were sf rescue, us fw, bfa, [inaudible]
6:41 am
afa, veterans association and the ems association. the employee groups basically provided information regarding how the groups were founded, how they've assisted department over the years in recruitment efforts and internally for the existing employees how they have maintained the support and advocacy for their members. nerves also participated in the interviews because of their slightly different perspective on community out reach. not so much as a direct recruiter if you will but through its training sessions and drills and presence in the community, how they were able to attract community members to the position of firefighter. at the end of those two days, the consultants were also given a tour of the training facility.
6:42 am
essentially to show off how we conduct our training and what we currently have. with regard to the report, i believe it wasn't directly stated but i believe that the impetus for this study was that the department of labor recognize that nationally there was a renewed interest and focus on public safety and how they relate to the community could probably largely the police department but they took the study as a whole and the leap from the community out reach was at, if the public safety departments represent the communities that they serve then they would probably lend to a more harmonious and
6:43 am
relationship with trust if those public agencies actually represent the community they serve. so that was the reason, i believe, behind the study. the goal of this study was to identify promising practices regarding increasing and retaining diverse city proper spawning agencies. so that is why we were selected because of our diverse departments and our ability to retain that diversity even while after the consent decree. so there were five respondents. three of whom were employer departments and we were the only fire department. so please departments, dallas and atlanta and the other two were actually nonemployer third-party training providers. so the four
6:44 am
areas of the study that the report provided high-level summary of findings were organization and leadership support, recruiting diversity, retaining diversity, and challenges presented by each of those responding agencies. per our part the sfpd were among the respondents found out that verse leadership and emphasis on diversity within the organization, open discussion about diversity and workforce impact and employee groups representative of the workforce and provide support and advocacy for the members. we were also highlighted as having global diversity statistics and it's one of the top five departments in the nation in the area of diversity. so even though for the two pdas, they showed slightly higher
6:45 am
percentage of women over all get our department had better distribution of all ethnic groups in terms of representation and at the same time we were not that far behind in the female percentage. at 16.3 at that time that the study. so to demonstrate our new were the statistics we provided the consultants with demographics from the beginning of the decrees from 1988, five years into the degree, 1993, and then at the time of the meeting the most current statistic was april 1, 2016 so that was the comparison. at the beginning of the decree in 1988 we had 17% minorities were all males and no females. five years later
6:46 am
into the decree in 1993 we had 20% minorities and 4% female and again at the time of the study which was april 2016 we had 51% minorities and 15% female workforce. so in the reports they also identified the unique practices in sfusd that contribute to diversity. one of which was the school outreach at all levels. so from elementary school age children where the conduct fire safety education so-using and a diverse group of officers in uniform members. not only teaches the young children how to handle dangers in emergency situations but it also exposes them at impressionable age regarding a firefighting career. then at the high school and post secondary levels besides
6:47 am
speaking at career days and career fairs, that age group they also have the opportunity to enroll in the city college fire science program and potentially gain on-the-job experience as an intern. additionally, we are the three-year apprenticeships to us california firefighter joint partnership committee which emphasizes recruitment from underrepresented up and targeted groups to become well trained and qualified firefighters. the other aspect besides the all level out reach to education they found it unique and quite beneficial to have the various employee groups that actually represent employees not only across race and gender lines but also involving sexual orientation and military experience. other
6:48 am
community engagement efforts that were highlighted in the department of labor reports were the information night which is in collaboration with dhr and opportunity for interested candidates to find out more about the job but also serves as a community out reach . 18 specific club in the hispanic community through--a fire youth academy sponsored by the black firefighters association sf rescue's collaborative work with -democratic club, to increase their representation in the lgbtq community and that veterans association effort to recruit for military personnel who are reentering the workforce. then, the report also pointed out efforts to
6:49 am
help with test taking, techniques, test preparation such as the us fw's study session for perspective candidates. then, moving on from those community engagement type efforts, we also were essentially praised, if you will, for financial incentives that we provide by way of bilingual page which encourages bilingual candidates to a plate which would lend itself to increased adversity in the applicant pool. then, as for the challenges there's something interesting to note between pd and fd because for pd, there is difficulty is coming to-300 annual vacancies
6:50 am
whereas for our department, it is the challenge of identifying the best most suitable candidates from a large pool of qualified candidates for a limited number of openings. the one common challenge was the lack of funds for recruitment efforts so across the board, both pdn at the identified that as a challenge. then, finally, in the area of the tension the study pointed out their belief that the employee groups, the variety of employee groups in our department definitely boost the departments retention ability because from recruitment and bringing in a diverse group of firefighters,
6:51 am
while throughout the course of their career they can find supports within their own community. that includes my reports and am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much. i like to: chief hayes-white >> thank you president cleaveland. thank you for your conference of report. this was a pretty huge honor for us that we are the only fire department that's featured in this study as a model department.-knows very well because oftentimes she gets involved both nationally and internationally a participated in interviews with different departments regarding not just recruitment and retention because with very good retention and we have a workforce we are very proud of. i know you feel the same way. to me its value added to have it workforce that reflects the
6:52 am
community that we circuit have seen time after time having a blended team helps. often times were called into situations where having played a lot of times sports you don't always want to talk the biggest person you want a blended team if you're confined space rescue is the smaller more agile person that you are going to utilize to either go over a cliff or down you can find space. similarly, on a medical call her information exchange is critical to calming a situation that someone that either looks like the person or more importantly, speaks the language of the person in the city is usually helpful. i've seen it time after time. so we are very proud of our rich blend of people we have in the apartment and appreciate the endorsement from the department of labor. i share the report with the mayor yesterday he was very pleased and basically mentioned how became first of all because he was initially involved in the late 80s in the ensuing the department be more
6:53 am
reflective department. so we was pleased in a short period of time in roughly a 30 year period of time, the significant change to our department and we are proud of being able to go out to the schools and educate them regarding fire safety and medical emergencies as well or what to do in the event of an emergency but really planting the seed. i think our best advertisement is our workforce and if a little girl or little boy he sees someone that might look like them driving and apparatus responding to a medical call fighting a fire, might intercede they could do that. in my lifetime, that was not a career choice that i even considered until i was midway into my 20s. so we are very proud of the knowledge meant and thank you for the overview. >> thank you, chief. commissioner covington >> thank you president
6:54 am
cleaveland. i want to thank you for your report and i also want to just point out to my fellow commissioners reason i ask for this to be on the agenda is so that more of our fellow citizens will be aware of what's going on in the department and as chief hayes-white just raised it, our which blend the people. it is very nice to know that the department is being recognized on a national level after having iraqi period of some 30 years ago to where we are now. it really is a department that all san franciscans can be proud of. so thank you for giving us all of the details.
6:55 am
>> thank you commissioner covington vp nakajo >> thank you president cleaveland. thank you very much ms.-for this comprehensive report. i also echo commissioner covington and the rest of us in terms of the honor for us to participate in this study increasing diversity among first responders. the tivoli, as compared to the department of labor. your presentation was excellent because it covered every particular area that was highlighted. thank you very much commissioner covington for bringing this to our agenda because i was able to read it as well but we haven't any time to comment on it as well. part of this longevity of being in this commission was i was present when we came out of the consent decree and was assigned in those days to work with our commissioners with the
6:56 am
department with judge [inaudible] direction of coming into compliance with the consent decree. in the department at the time compared to now has changed greatly. i was also there to be able to meet with a lot of the leadership [inaudible] employee groups and saw the merits of that within the department and its collegiate amazing and really gratified that the department does reflect the members of san francisco and ethnicity as well as culture as well as language are such an important entity within this department as well. i know that things have changed and they are still changing now. there's a new generation coming in to our department and sometimes i wonder if ethnic members of our department, younger new members gravitate towards employment group that
6:57 am
reflects their own kind of ethnic heritage group those employee groups were formalized for a reason. part of those reasons i think are still applicable to today. it doesn't necessary that you've got to be terribly upset with everything that goes along but what i want to reflect is that the department members today should be involved with these employee groups but also these employee groups should try to adjust themselves and reach out to the new members within our department and try to have those employee groups grow as well so that we can work together to achieve common goals. i just want to say that i am very very pleased and honored to be part of this commission that has this kind of findings within our department. thank you bring much mr. pres. >> thank you vice president. commissioner hardeman >> thank you mr. pres. i certainly have been around here six years. don't take much credit for this but am part of
6:58 am
it and delighted for the information that receive this honor and i think-i don't speak [inaudible] but i think the chief was the first chief of the department to interview candidates individually prior to selecting them >> yes. >> so that is something i just heard recently so that is true. so a lot of credit goes to you, chief. i concede that a smile on your face you have not stopped smiling since you stood up there. you take great glee in this report good with your job and your title is a person responsible in some ways for this departments diversity. so congratulations to you. >> thank you >> thank you commissioner
6:59 am
hardeman could be of much be proud of in our department that this is a great report. i do hope will post it on her website so that everyone out there can read it. and we are never finish with a job of making sure our department is diverse and representative as possible of our city. i applaud you for the report and applaud you, chief for your part in making the diversity happened so thank you. >> thank you if i actually may wait i one more highlight. january 1 2017 our demographic composition is still at approximately 50% minorities but the female is 16.3%. so from april at 15 until now that is [inaudible] >> keep up the good work it thank you very much. mdm. clerk call for next item. >>[inaudible] [off mic] >> item 9 communications.
7:00 am
e-mail from james corrigan dated january 12 and the 14th of 2017. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed.. commissioners hear anything? commissioner hardeman >> i do a something not related to the general but related to a wonderful terrific fantastic san franciscans that died recently his name is kevin starr. his funeral is this friday. is the speed can native that was orphaned and was also come from a broken home and 14 was on his own and rose up to take himself up by his bootstraps and become one of the greatest roles in the history of san francisco. so just like to recognize kevin starr as a person that deserves recognition for what he went through and what he was able to achieve in his life. in most
7:01 am
recently was a professor at university of southern california though he loved la he loved san francisco war. he was up here when he passed. just ring that to note >> thank you commissioner hardeman. anything else? okay. >> item 10 agenda for next fire commission meeting on february 8, 2017. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? okay. we will go over that later. mdm. clerk if there's no other business this meeting is adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
7:02 am
>> good afternoon everyone. the meeting will come to order. welcome to january 26, 2017 regular meeting the rules committee. i'm asha safai our clerk and derek evans and like to thank
7:03 am
gym smith and jesa larsson at sfgtv for staffing the meeting. mr. clerk, do you have announcements? >> thank you, mr. chair. silence electronic devices, eating and drinking is not permitted. complete speaker cards and copies of documents submit today the clerk. items will appear on the february 7, 2017 board of supervisor uzgenda unless stated. >> item 1 is considering appointing member thofz board of supervisor tooz two year terms to association of bay area government executive board. >> great. supervisor yee would you like to make a statement on this first item? it is your appointment. >> i think i need to be recused. >> you do but if you want to make a statement. i will make
7:04 am
a motion to excuse supervisor norman yee. can i get a second? >> >> yes. >> motion is approved. just wait a minute for supervisor yee. would anyone like to make public comment on the first item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. so, i think what we'll do is just seeing no names on the roster and so colleagues can we make a motion to approve the appointment of supervisor yee to the association of bay area government? >> absolutely. >> alright, great. seeing that is motioned and approved, the item is approved. is that right? thank you. congratulations,
7:05 am
supervisor yee. [laughter] mr. clerk call the second item, >> hearing to answer appointing member thofz board of supervisors for 4 year term tooz bay area air quality management board of directors. >> any members of the public wish to otestify. anyone from the sfr visors office or a statement? colleagues i will make a motion to approve the item. seconded. okay. so approved. passes mr. clerk and supervisor hill row roanen is aopponent today the bay area quality management district. >> excuse me. is this a point of clarification, when they make the appointments do we announce the names 1st rather than after we vote? it seems we should announce the names first.
7:06 am
>> yes, supervisor is there is in the board packet two memoes from the clerks office with poll of all the supervisors where the supervisors were acknowledged. >> we should read it into record. >> wealer we'll do that. through the chair, mr. gibbener. >> deputy city attorney john gibbener, just for clarification, when the committee votes on these items the vote will forward the items to full board of supervisors for another vote two tuesdays from new so you will do this dance again where different supervisors have to leave the room and be recused but these will be the recommendation thofz rules commitee the full board will vote on. >> great. i guess with the next ones when we introduce the
7:07 am
item we'll say the name. can you do that when you read the item? >> yes, mr. chair. >> thank. mr. clerk would call the third item. >> item 3 is hearing to answer appointing members the board of supervisor frz 4 year terms to the local agency formation commission. we have supervise r hillary roanen would like to be recommend frd the seat. mr. chair, we also have staff from the local agency formation commission here , jason freed for any questions. >> seeing there is someone here from lafco mr. freed would you like to make a comment? any questions from my colleague snz any members the public that wish to testify on the item? seeing none- >> make a motion to forward the names to the full board with positive recommendation. >> second.
7:08 am
>> great. so moved. that item is approved. alright. mr. clerk would you call the 4 item, and hearing to answer aopponenting member ofz the board of supervisors for two year terms for golden gate bridge highway and transportation district bourd of directors. we have heard back from several supervisor jz thatd is supervisor breed, peskin and yee and shehi. >> make a motion to >> make a motion to move those-i reuse you. >> make a motion to rekoos supervisor yee. so moved. any public comment on this item? yes, okay so--please
7:09 am
approach-speakers have two minutes state your first and last name and speak into the micro phone. anyone with a prepared statement is encouraged to leave a copy with the clerk to include a official file so please begin. h >> as a current appointee of the golden gate bridge district and like to welcome the supervisors appointed. we only have 3 and need 4 and look forward to your appointment. >> would you state your name? >> burt hill. >> thank you. >> i'll see you in a few weeks or a few days. thank you. >> wonderful, thank you. anyone else like to testify before pub luck comment is closed? seeing none, we will close public comment. wait for supervisor yee to return. i don't think we need
7:10 am
to. make a motion to approve. >> second. >> thank you. seeing it is unanimous, so approved. thanks, come on in. congratulations, you are getting appointed all over today. >> more work, great. >> thank you, mr. clerk please call the item number 5. >> item 5 ishering to answer appointing one member for 4 year term to metropolitan transportation commission. we heard from supervisor kim's office she expressed interest in the appointment. >> is there any departments or anyone in the public want to testify? anyone like to make public comment on the item? seeing none public comment is closed. i entertain a motion cht >> motion to pass this
7:11 am
recommendation with positive recommendation to full board. >> second. >> great. so that is approved. mr. clerk item number 6. >> item number 6 is hearing to consider aponting one member of board of supervisors for two year term to reentry council. we have heard from supervisor-vice chair fewers office she would be interested in this appointment. >> make a motion to excuse supervisor sandy fewer. >> i like to make a motion to excuse supervisor fewer. >> great. before you like to make a comment? >> thank you very much. the reentry council is a council that can have great impact on the lives of our most marginalized residents, those incarcerated. as a former board of education members, i was shocked upon visits charter school and the county facility
7:12 am
in san buno, the mens facility and learn 60 percent of the inmates attended san francisco public schools. this is a issue i'm deeply concerned about and very interested in. there is something terrible wrong when our educational system fails this amount of people and so many of them. i think that as a city we must work across departments and eeben with the school district to provide young people the opportunity and to end the school to prison pipeline. the reentry council can work to insure those who are already incarcerated are provided are economic and skill building opportunities upon their exist from prison or jail. i would be honored to serve on the committee and would be honored to have your support. thank you. >> thank you, vise chair. >> i like to make a comment as she is walking out. i think supervisor fewer would be a
7:13 am
great great aopponentment for this council. there is a lot of good council members in there. >> thank you, supervisor yee. can we take this motion without objection-excuse me, anyone from the public like to comment on the item? seeing none, public comments closed. any department or staff like to say anything about this item? seeing none- >> make a motion to pass this item out with positive recommendation to full board. >> great. so mr. clerk the motion passes. congratulations supervisor fewer. >> thank you. >> quee bow you bring a lot of experience and perspective to this important body so we appreciate you putting your name forward. >> thank you, supervisor. >> mr. clerk call item number 7.
7:14 am
>> item 7 is hearing to consider appointing one member of two year term to park recreation and open space advisory committee. there is one seat and one applicant, seat 19, which must be nominated by the district 5 supervisor. >> great. and see someone from supervisor breeds office. can you state your name for the record. >> good morning- >> sorry-i know that the author of this is supervisor cohen and see her staff here. >> this is item number 7, not 8. you would probably do a better job then me. >> good morning supervisor and chair. it is great to see you and congratulations supervisor fewer. supervisor breed's appointee cat
7:15 am
men del joenz is unable to attend so will read statement. i'm unable to attend because i'm at the california climate change symposium in sacramento which i attend as a public grants manager at the trust for public land. at the trust for public land i seek public grants for creating parks and preserving open space throughout the bay-air eye and across california. i live in coal valley in district 5 with my husband, two young daurfts and a dog. our family spends time on suit row forest and playground in coal valley and golden gate park. i have ba frum duke and jdu c hasteings. i apologize she can't be her but on behalf of supervisor breed i ask for your support. >> thank you, mr. johnson. any members of the public that would like to comment? seeing none public comment is closed.
7:16 am
colleagues, can we take this motion without objection? >> yes. >> great. seeing so mr. clerk this motion is passed. please call the next item, item aithd. >> item 8 is ord nrns amended the administrateb code to set structure function terms and administrative support for dignity fund oversight advisory committee as required by the charter section 16.128-11 adopted as part of proposition at the november 8, 2016. >> i appreciate supervisor cohen for offering this item and see a member of her staff. >> good morning. i am you you chan legislative aid to malia cohen. as you know during the november 2016 election voters approve prop i which was a charter amendment offered by cohen yee and mar
7:17 am
which created the dignity fund to fund programs for seniors and people can disability said. the ballot member created a 11 member oversight body commit tee a moniter and participate in the administration thf fund. aopinioning authorities and timing it also authorized the board to draft a follow up implement ordinance to outline details regarding membership, structure and terms and this st. the ordinance before you today. we consulted closely with the dignity fund coalition and department of aging and adult servicess to develop the details in the ordinance and have one amendment we like you toanswer. i bleechb you have the language before you. if you dont i have copies here. it simp ly clarify that who sit on the advisory committee are current and act rfb member so they would automatically lose their seat if they are not. the appointing bodies are
7:18 am
aging and adults services, the [inaudible] long term care council. happy to answer additional question squz have melissa mu gee the program manager for the dignity fund available for questions today. thank you for supporting the amendment and item overall. >> great. thank you mrs. chan. any members of department staff who would like to speak oen behalf of the item? supervisor yee? >> i want to make a comment before we get into public comments. >> thank you, sir. >> first of all, this is really an important fund for us to implement moving forward. this is something that i'm glad supervisor cohen was involved with this and thatd i had a opportunity to work on it with supervisor mar at the time. as
7:19 am
you-maybe not, the both of you are new so i have been working on these issues with seniors and popeal with disabilities for 4 years and made it a priority in particular in my district, which had very few services for them. i had also authored a study to be done of existing senior services that is already completed and was waiting for a opportunity to work with the dignity fund folk tooz have a hearing on that so that everything would be lined and timed correctly. i already made a request for hearing from this, so looking forward working with people that are involved with the dignity fund and seeing how this could be helpful for the way we implement the programs.
7:20 am
>> thank you supervisor yee. i just say that as somebody who libs in the city and work with aging population and know supervisor fewer has as well i like to thank supervisor cohens office for putting this forward and staff ready to implement a important part of providing dignity and services to a aging population here in san francisco. any other comments from the public? or department staff? if not will call member thofz public who wish to testify. hold on one second. speakers have two minutes, please clearly state your first and last name and speak into the micro phone. if you have a written statement please submit to the clerk. thank you. >> my name is wade woods a member orphthe dignity fund coalition and i'm just here to ask for your support so we can make sure that
7:21 am
we have a good advisory board and oversight committee to make sure the funding is distributed among the various aging populations in the city. thank you. i urge you to support this. >> thank you, mr. woods. any other members the public that wish to testify? >> good afternoon supervisors. ann [inaudible] with meals and wheels san francisco and member of dignity fund coalition and work so hard to see this pass with supervisor yee and staff and sfr visor cohen and staff. we are in support of this of course excite frd the oversight and advisory committee. it will insure accountability and transparency with the community and will really push us all forward so we recommend certainly that you support this. thank you. >> thank you, very much. any other members of the mublic wish to testify on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed.
7:22 am
supervisor yee. >> like to make a amendment as outlined by supervisor cohens aid, yoyo. to make a motion to make a amendment. the oversight advisory committee member amust be a active and current member on the body from which they are appointed and representing. that is the language i got. was there anything else? >> the city attorney john gibbener drafted more formal language which i have if you like it but it is essentially says the same thing you just read on the record. >> are you submitted that? >> adjust for the language but that is the intonet. >> thank you. >> submitted. is there a
7:23 am
second oen that motion? >> yes, second. >> so the motion is approved. excuse me, the motion to approve the amendment is approved. >> go ahead and make a motion to move the item forward with positive recommendation with the amendments. >> okay. so the amendment is approved, now we make a motion to send it item with positive recommendation to full board. second. both motions pass and will send the item to full board. mr. clerk can you call item number 9. >> item 9 is resolution confirming the nomination of sergeant dorian j carr united states air force retires as county veterans services officer. >> wonderful. are there any members of-any department staff that would like to speak on this
7:24 am
item? yes. >> good morning supervisors mpt serenemic spaden the department of aging adult services and the county veterans service office sits withinory department and this is really exciting for us because the county veteran service office position has not sat within our department for a long time and think it makes a lot of sense to have the officer oversee the office, work within the office and we really look to join car to help us expand our services to veterans. help coordinate with veteran serve services and it is really a big priority area for us. the county veteran services office serves older adults and adults with disabilities and what they do is work to make sure people with-veterans can access their benefits because it is really hard for them to accessthem on their own
7:25 am
through the veterans administration so thank you in advance ce for your support of sergeant car r. >> supervisor yee. >> sergeant carr here? >> he is here. >> would you like to say anything? would you hike to knh up and say a few words? >> sure. >> you sound like a wonderful person >> good afternoon. my name is dorian carr. i appreciate my office and supporting me fl the nomination for county veteran service office. this is long time coming for me. i have been in the business doing county veteran services work for like 9 years. i moved over from contra costa county looking for this opportunity to become a county veteran service officer and so really looking
7:26 am
forward to taking what i learned and how it is mentored in contra costa county and bringing it to the city so i appreciate any type of support. >> thank you, mr. carr. supervisor yee. >> thank you sergeant carr and thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. any other members of the department or staff that would like to comment on the item? seeing none. any members of the public that wish to testify? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues can we take this motion without objection? >> yes. >> thank you. mr. clerk this motion passes. >> mr. chair just for clarification that is motion to send to full board- >> motion to send to full board with positive recommendation. >> thank you. >> thank you. mr. clerk can you please call-no-that's it. okay. seeing no other items before us today, can i have a motion to
7:27 am
adjourn? we are adjourned. thank you. [meeting adjourned] >> hello. you're watching the show that explores san francisco's love affair with food.
7:28 am
there are at least 18 farmers markets in san francisco alone, providing fresh and affordable to year-round. this is a great resource that does not break the bank. to show just how easy it can be to do just that, we have come up with something called the farmers' market challenge. we find someone who loves to cook, give them $20, and challenge them to create a delicious meal from ingredients found right here in the farmer's market. who did we find for today's challenge? >> today with regard to made a pot greater thanchapino. >> you only have $20 to spend. >> i know peter it is going to be tough, but i think i can do
7:29 am
it. it is a san francisco classic. we are celebrating bay area food. we have nice beautiful plum tomatoes here. we have some beautiful fresh fish here. it will come together beautifully. >> many to cut out all this talk, and let's go shop. yeah. ♪ >> what makes your dish unique? >> i like it spicy and smoky. i will take fresh italian tomatoes and the fresh seafood, and will bring them to other with some nice spoked paprika and some nice smoked jalapeno peppers. i am going to stew them up and get a nice savory, smoky, fishy, tomatoy, spicy broth. >> bring it on.
7:30 am
how are you feeling? >> i feel good. i spent the $20 and have a few pennies less. i am going to go home and cook. i will text message u.n. is done. >> excellent and really looking forward to it. >> today we're going to make the san francisco classic dish invented by italian and portuguese fishermen. it'll be like a nice spaghetti sauce. then we will put in the fish soup. the last thing is the dungeon as crab, let it all blend together. it will be delicious. when i could, i will try to make healthy meals with fresh ingredients, whatever is in season and local. those juicy, fresh tomatoes will take about an hour to cook down into a nice sauce. this is a good time to make our fish stock. we will take a step that seems like trash and boil it up in water and make a delicious and they speed up my parents were great clerics, and we had wonderful food.
7:31 am
family dinners are very important. any chance you can sit down together and have a meal together, it is great communal atmosphere. one of the things i like the most is the opportunity to be creative. hello. anybody with sets their mind to it can cut. always nice to start chopping some vegetables and x and the delicious. all this double in view is this broth with great flavor. but your heart into it. make something that you, family, and friends will really enjoy. >> i am here with a manager at the heart of the city farmer's market in san francisco. thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit about the organization. >> we're 30 years old now. we started with 14 farmers, and it has grown out to over 80. >> what is the mission of the organization? >> this area has no grocery store spiller it is all mom-and- pop stores.
7:32 am
we have this because it is needed. we knew it was needed. and the plaza needed somebody. it was empty. beautiful with city hall in the background. >> thank you for speaking with us. are you on the web? >> yes, >> check them out. thank you. >> welcome. the dish is ready. >> it looks and smells amazing. >> thank you. it was not easy to meet the $20 budget. i checked everybody out and found some great produce. really lovely seafood. i think that you are going to love it. >> do not be shy. cyou know this can run you $35 to $45 for a bowl, so it is great you did this for $20. >> this will feed four to six
7:33 am
people. >> not if you invite me over for dinner. i am ready to dig in. >> i hope you'll love it. >> mmm. >> what do you think? >> i think i am going to need more. perhaps you can have all you want. >> i am produce the that you have crushed this farmer's market challenge by a landslide. the first, we're going to have to tally of your shopping list and see what you actually spend that the farmer's market. >> and go for it. >> incredible. you have shown us how to make super healthy, refresh chapino from the farmers market on the budget, that for the whole family. that is outstanding. >> thank you peter i am glad that you like it. i think anybody can do it. >> if you like the recipe for
7:34 am
this dish, you can e-mail us at or reach out to us on facebook or twitter and e soon. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> greeting of peace brothers and sisters and esteemed guests we thank you very much for joining us here and society of san francisco during this critical time in our countries history first i want to thank the following city leaders for your work and commitment in protecting and advancing values we would like to thank our esteemed mayor, mayor ed lee, the city attorney district
7:35 am
attorney george gascon, ms. sheryl davis the human right director of human right commission, human right commissioner, san francisco police department the city attorney's office are faith leader if in this city a special thanks we want to give a special thanks to mayor ed lee who showed up here the day after the election i thought out of the country he came to assure the muslims of this city they have nothing the fear we want to thank him a special thanks for his leadership of the diverse community in san francisco and like to say it him and
7:36 am
unapologetic fight for the city's dignity and justice and civil right and renewed strength we believe for elected officials throughout the country so we would like to thank him thank you, mr. mayor and i saw one time thank you very much for our beloved mayor, we hope and actually prefer that he runs again (laughter). >> i hope so but it is possible we can keep the time so we can complete this by 12:30 by the grace of god mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mohammed thank you for the societies warm welcome happy new year everybody and you know, i can't think of a better
7:37 am
way to celebrate the traditional new year and also the upping lunar new years but with people of diverse background coming to the islamic society people i will working closely with particular this year and years to come and to celebrate the coming together of leadership in all our diverse community to protect and enhance and share the love the city has to continue to be the inclusive city we've always wanted to be i know that mohammed had already listed names. >> thank you to jeff adachi our public defender's office who is a great part of the coalition of the departments but also the sarcastic constituents community-based organizations that joined together in the education the legal education
7:38 am
network in the legal defense and the legal rights collaborative in i did minority communities that are hard working to get the 50 thousand legal resident in our city into pathways to citizenships organization likewise self-help or the kind of groups that are standing behind me that represent our superintendant lee i think there are 3 board members here from the unified school district our incredible help community that everyday wants to make sure that people are not living in fear and can actually take care of their health and safety challenges and today today's announcement of the equity and rights and community education immigrant rights campaign is all about getting rid of and reducing fear in our city fear
7:39 am
exacerbates your health fear prevents parents address kids from getting the education necessary need and president in in city fear drives people underground to create three quarters only underground economy fear stops people fear is what we contest against we want people that are in san francisco to live their lives freely and proudly and society themselves with the religion they wish to our orientation the way they wish to and the community of color and the community we wish to be in this is what san francisco is all about and mohammed we're here with the islamic society
7:40 am
sang are part of dominates and certainly as the mayor i take it privileged not just to say that but to put the resources together to defend and enhance it today equity immigrant to the additional three hundred 8 modified to protect the get together right and push this forward and work with the over one thousand plus bar associations leadership that is doing pro bono work in addition to the work we provide for the community-based organizations to enhance that by an additional one and a half million dollars to go to the collaborative to the network to pathways to citizenship the legal education and make sure that our city's family of diversities stays intact no matter what the annome


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