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tv   Planning Commission 12617  SFGTV  January 27, 2017 8:00pm-1:41am PST

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the decision and the definition decision please note we've included figures to laubltd that one the context of the historic district i believe started on page 15 and with the evaluation that includes pictures this is related to the construction of proposed project that will have a significant impact on the theatre and district because the replacement building will not be comparable with the size, scale and architectureal features two litigation measures are included but first, the half documents the second a permanent display with the documenting of the market street building with the market street theatre in the district, however, even with the
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incorporation of litigation those impacts can't be reduced to a level as a result the commission will need to adapt a statement of overriding quality act should the commission approve the act both significant and unavoidable impacts where related to the district that has been identified as an interest rate the 4r6b89 district did losses of the contributing building will have a lens significant impact on the tenderloin lgbtq district this is due to the fact the boundary are large the period of significance that long and the record will reflect are diverse and you numerous before i conclude we received one additional comment on the eir the day we published the document via e-mail included
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with other letters that my colleague will provide this letter does in the raise the issues that have not already been addressed at this time, i'd like to note we've endeavored to have comments from the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the members of the public we believe therefore that the either is adequate, and provides the decision makers and the public are the information required pursuant to second to understand the potential impacts of the proposed project on the basis we request the commission adapt that that certify if so accurate and adequate and the final eir was prepared to comply that with the decision of ceqa and the ceqa guidelines of the code that concludes my presentation. unless the commissioners have
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questions. >> thank you. >> thank you, mary sell i'll going this first, the definitely the downtown project authorization of the planning code with the exception of the off-load and the approval for the conditional use authorization for the addition of one 4 area rash calculation there or will or be a public art component with the section 429 of the planning code the sponsor has an artist to provide an onsite exponent with the market street evaluation a
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brief overview has been provided and the aorta is included in the packet the sponsor will talk about that as well lastly during this period the zoning administrator will here a request for variance for a public right-of-way for the public art requirement the dwelling unit exposure and an exception for the height of the elevator 6 additional letters have been submitted after the pathway publication in support of project i have provided copies for distribution and additional if any of the public is interested p i have two minor housekeeping on january 18th a modified ceqa finding for submitted and published online those moichthd better reflect of the performance but no information into the record and provides the changes accepted
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were resubmitted along with the environmental planners draft motion and second at this time a minor correction into the record for the ceqa findings for downtown project authorization and draft for conditional use authorization in the preamble with the documenting process for this project the response to comment will be corrected at the publication on january 13, 2017, and in conclusion it adds one plus housing stock and the sponsor indicated the project of the inclusionary housing will be savored by providing 13 percent of the unit that be 25 percent and the sponsor said those will be rental unit it is included in your packet that on balance and consistent with the policies and
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complies with the planning code and based on those finding in the case report the department recommend approval i'm going to turn it over to the sponsor team the developer and the architect to provide for detail on this project thank you. >> thank you project sponsor you have 10 minutes. >> those persons standing in front of the doorway find a seat please causing a fire hazard you can't stand in front of the fire the door. >> can you project. >> once you start speaking sfgovtv will respond.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners and opportunity to present i'm rod the project sponsor and here to spend the next 6 minutes with me. >> you're familiar with our project on the north side fine taylor and jones and that the nexus of the mid-market cord and the tenderloin neighborhood it is new while the vision of the future is important
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we first saw the site in may of 2013 like a billboards hard that was filled with a decade of grim and the stench of market street the people tried to avoid that our teams set out to get to know people in the area to know the history and found out what the future will be and to reconcile with the community that's how we developed the concept and rental and onsite and below-market rate with the mixed use housing to address the short term increase - people agreed is a welcome addition to the block a lot the project is underneath the studio one bedrooms and two bedrooms and three bedrooms the ground floor
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faced on market street and golden gate avenue in our initial phase we learned about the entitlements all and all 3 years to get here if approved will take another 2 and a half years before we break ground we treat that runway to have the process the first one we opted a restaurant not any restaurant a food hall for outdoor seating and a beer bar we spent 8 months with collaboration with the city and the community we then used this as a headquarters for the larger projects by hosting fundraisers and plus we built strong riderships with the stakeholder and gotten feedback from the ground floor to public art and the architecture
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the halls is a gratifying project and will be remarkable we serve as a small business inbart and proud to say two of the foeblgz will open restaurant we've en - and lastly we invested in the community by contributing offer with only million dollars to build the hall and the contribution to the operations while doing this here are a few of the nonprofits given the tenderloin is the highest concentration of families i'd like to highlight oths including the market street and united playaz and the youth art challenge the hall is serving as a forum for that the large development with monthly gather with over three hundred plus people
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we've held 3 job fairs serving the youth and people trying to break the kindly of incarceration here's the monthly update with the nonprofit happy hours and forums on the building design program the project include individuals and nonprofit agency and unions and residence and local groups we've collected one and 39 letters of support and here are some the groups public art we held an art collection and had many submissions we held public finalist the winner got the most support with the community
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engagement here's the render rendering - the local artist. >> and lastly highlight the over two hundred jobs and back and forth's and $20 million of investment over the next 20 years the feedback we've golden is important we've heard consistently about the engagement and eager to partner with the market to preserve the market in the intend to and how the issue of public safety we've committed to have a public realm and lastly we're excited to honor the rich history neighborhood by programs that honor the harvey milk district relying on the method for the art i'm going to turn it over to senior architect
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commissioners as we perjury the architecture design we spent a lot of time walking on market street and obviously the strong character the buildings around it what you see on the slide the guideline theatre a couple of doors down and exhibit middle strong elements that are could he to the historic district and the strong treatment for the boarders in that case the context is the materiality and color and the building it is not from the corner to build next door with the development we knew the lot lines nicole will be highly visible facade to have the corners the building mass is in two parts dribble relate to the masonry expression of market street and creates a base middle that relate to the propositions
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of the surrounding place as setback creates the top and also creates a strong vertical element that makes the entrance with the forms create more barriers and mass that mitigates the scale of the project and provides well propositions. >> the - finally one basement level that provides storage parking in this transit rich centrally located site that includes bicycle parking at the ground floor a series of retail for market street and the golden gate street avenue
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and residents can enter from lobbies on either side of the building the typical have you an opinion with a - with an outside terrace onto market street and the floors are setback and those have a generous terrace and the rooftop is - has panoramic views. >> that's the end of the presentation okay. thank you. >> so with that, we will open up for public comment on 11, 12 a and i got a number of speaker cards please feel free to line up on the screen side of the room (calling names). >> and i'm reminded those
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persons standing in front of the doorway you're causing a fire hazard you can't stand there line up on the screen side of the room to submit our testimony. >> first speaker please. good afternoon, commissioners my name is mike from the academy i'm here as the co-chair of the nexus coalition and pleased to tell you that the market street for the nexus go coalition has come to an agreement with tidewater capital on a community of benefit agreement that represents a new collaboration for the sake of affordable housing in the tenderloin it is the formation of a partnership to exposure and develop a program that will identify and secure and preserve
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permanently affordable housing with neighborhood serving retail in the tenderloin i want to - there are 09 people had are are will comment i want to read text from the amendment to show you the understanding this is the project sponsor this is from the agreement the project sponsor acknowledges displacement is a key concern the circuit courts it can be accuses by a lower percentage of affordable housing that cumber exist in a neighborhood but by the demographic profile that causes psychological and social daylight for businesses and nonprofit organization further the project sponsor recognized that southern acts by new entrance to the neighborhood can negatively impacting some or all the exit resident and businesses and nonprofit part of this community for many
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years. >> the project sponsor acknowledges the primary goal to increase the number of permanently affordable housing serving ground floor retail services in the tenderloin and further the coalition is centered in advancing around the site acquisition model the need for an acquisition program is important in light of the significance of the tenderloin of the diverse neighborhood of marginalized people people have led the way in social justice especially the transmainstream for the cafeteria in 1966 and the tenderloin has been a haven for creativity and artist for generations notably the musing like the high street studios and black hawk nightclub given of
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the significance the acquisition shall there through preservation and creation permanently affordable housing with neighborhood serving ground floor retail use for marginalized community with rich history of tenderloin carmen chu low income residents and people of color and the lgbtq i'm happy to inform you the umu coalition ports this project. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello commissioners very excited to be in your house again, i'm a .32 year tenderloin resident i kind of love any neighborhood its been a long time coming for us to get more dignity in our neighborhood this is was a project i see revitalizing two neighborhood two neighborhoods involved
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market street corridor and the golden gate corridor both have been neglected on that block i went to a historical tour and ironically 1028 market street ran out of the new market after you approve it today we'll been looking for for a long time we're tired of skid row tired of being skid row i know we look bad sometimes and smell bad sometimes, we needed to step up our game we can i've talked to the guys the developers and contractor and man, i have nothing but good to say we've seen their projects we need a project like this bad there will be more jobs for the neighborhood 25 percent - affordable housing will be so
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socializing needed and chair the homelessness board downstairs and housing is one of the number one things this will solve problems and make our neighborhoods better i ask you to consider it program to the utmost thank you for your time. >> thank you, mr. shaw. >> thank you, commissioners randy shaw director the he or she tenderloin this is the third project on the row 1028 market street the sorenson project that was unfortunate did he late and others projects that was delayed will be resolved and this is the third one that parcel lot is in the wrongs location what we have with those 3 developers sore oxygen and joy and craig young - this is a
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special project and none will be opposing this project that is a bare - a nonprofit project so this is a something you should be proud of and hopefully by the end of the year all that will have broken ground. >> thank you, mr. shaw. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is - i'm did principle and ceo of the construction
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remolding i've none tidewater since 1028 market street in 2013 i support the 1028 market street development i have projects in the mid block and the tide water is approaching the project first decorated that as as better than use month developers would let a vacant building fall on itself this is hall is a favorite and created over many, many jobs 1020 will create jobs in this construction phase and good paying jobs the folks need i support the 1020 market street i believe the development will be good for the city it needs more hours at the 1028 market street project will provide one
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and 8 plus unit with bmr's along with the new retail which will enlighten the neighborhood thank you for the 1028 market street i urge you to support it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is charley i work, work in the city i'm going to frame my support about the tide water to the neighborhood i was introduced to craig young last year through a mutual friend he explained craig's passion for the community said i had to meet him a couple of weeks ago i met with him a few blocks around the project that was the absent around what is currently at the hall and what will be another
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1028 market street during the walk we were stopped by 3 people that economy embarrassing on a first name basis and welcomed i am had with open arms a true community - it is rare to have people with open arms welcome a developer when we got to the hall i saw why they welcomed him like that the word i used once i described the situation that was buzzing in the middle of the day not much going on there was music and people meeting over coffee and interacting with the vendors that was clear the organic community jobs and opportunity created for the
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community in my opinion that after seeing the proposal meeting craig and team the property project will continued to enhance and support through job creation much needed below-market-rate housing and retail and artists support combine that with the passionate and clear commitment to civic dude duty a win for all sides i urge you to support that thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi my name is cameron i'm a long time resident and local artist in the area community activist working with the community loaned industry crossroads with the family's that live in the sros and things like that when i was 15 i want went to a rec center and shortly after i grew up i move forward
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into the neighborhood and lived there 17 years i've seen it change over the years i've seen any share of people come nine out of ten back in the day people would move ♪ smaller amounted and learn to integrate into the cultural in recent times with the mass amount of tech and developers into the area it shifted opposite but this was not the case with tidewater they've been intentional in incorporating into the cultural and enhancing it they came in and saw what at people needed and provide a safe a place for small start up restaurant those things have been in the dna of san francisco allow funds for city cross rods
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i went to event and depended on they depended on a lot of the precedes and opened their space for job fairs for youth and provided free dinners for our kids you know times for them to come in and invest the space and hang out i love the people in the tenderloin i love the people in the 6th street corridor they're often overlooked and misunderstand toyed water has tried to understand us and give us chances for neighborhoods folks to center jokes 6th street and market has changed for the better trust me i've been on the block for a long time the first one in a long time jobs that make an impact in change so i appreciate and support tidewater and the building project on 1028 market street and hope you can do the same thank you
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>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners corey smith on behalf of the housing coalition. since i started that will a year ago spent a lot of time on this project more than any other projects i've been involved with maim because of previously mentioned mom community meetings wednesday morning to hear from the neighbors they've been good and commend them our organizations have been hosting happy hour and the overall project sponsors attitude they asked a lot of questions of us and others from the get-go to make sure they are doing things the right way as far as the project the food court is how they do retail use and to echo the gentlemen's comments their
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cognizant what is facing market street is different than that golden gate i distinctly e distinctly remember they were asking people what kinds of services say specific on location they wanted to make sure that the people that will be sdpashg on that street it as if they're part of the neighborhood and the details are not common their paying attention paying attention but we have ever belief they'll continue going forward the parking is appropriate for that the area it is going to be a major transit hub and we will also doing everything we can to currently more bike parking and meeting the inclusionary requirement with the trailing legislation i'd like to encourage the sponsor to look at that to see if we can get more bmr's i get a warm feeling i see the men and women behind me this
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will be built by people that are paid good living wages and that means the community input you don't get that many people showing up by this all and all we support this and ask you to support that unanimously today. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioner president hillis and commissioners my name is adrian field representative for the local 22 and behind me in the back of the room we have been 25 members of our carpenter in action that are here in full support of this project it is through tidewater and their choice of contractors navy brothers we have a long relationship with in san francisco it will be 100 percent union job
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providing over 200 good paying union jobs to the workers in san francisco those are remember those are temporary jobs conduct is temporary we move from one job to the next so not like permanent there will be permanent jobs but we need to keep this going we stand behind this project one and 86 units of residential we know that san francisco, california use that the plaster we can use that two and looking forward to going to work here and hope you will approve this project and thank you today. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm ben the founder and ceo of illuminate a in time arts organization and that our next project we're working on to help some of the folks and certainly in the building and community behind me is a market street
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project called light rail through the general roll the dice of craig and his team to make 1028 market street the d factor headquarters this make sense on all in terms of the transit it is a beautiful expression a thoughtful expression but illuminate mission to rally the people to create impossible works of art that freeze better nature i want to comment not on that building but the gentleman behind me are not making a promise as developers of showing they're better nature once that project goes forward but demonstrated a track record of mother nature and activating that community with them their 3 year track record is expressive i've been directly effected and their the
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beneficiary of it and i just think that it is sort of clear designation to not just a concern the texture of our building but the fabric and strength of the community that live outside of the doors cannot be over stressed thank you, mr. davis we'll call additional speakers (calling names) >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is zach sharp i'm with the bam became bluegrass band i think i can kind of represent the bluegrass community in san francisco by saying that we definitely support this project will be you know bluegrass community is a vibrant one but
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few places that support it and the hall which is a temporary site that tidewaters set up is a hub for those musicians and people in addition 6 years ago i went back to school for sustainable business and learned that business is more than money the people and community and also the environment having gone to this school in san francisco the market corridor is a long like you know running issue and if a breeder problem that people are trying to educated address so watching this hall is the perfect case study how to approach a development with people in mind the community mind so i strongly urge you to support the project and thank you for your time.
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>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> afternoon commissioners i'm jabbing with structure capital we invest in companies and here to support the 1028 market street and support craig and scott and baltimore i've seen their success in baltimore i live on 8th's and howard street and walk through the area and spend about once a week with dinner and inviting friends over and we need more of this i support the 1208 market street project thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm david with the university of california, san francisco we support this project will help activate the community we have thousands of faculty and staff over time that
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cohort of people those individuals have had far more opportunity to interact i want to component bens comments tidewater crew has been segregating with the neighborhood for three or four years and proven they're good intentions i serve on community boarded with the organizations they committed to the community we support it very much that will help activate that stretch of market a work in process and this project can go forward and go forward quickly thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioner my name is alvin tubd and here to speak on behalf of 9 project on i live on mccarthy i've done
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a lot of the work primary with the arts and nonprofits organizations i met craig young shortly after he arrived in san francisco i'll been total welcoming and very generous in all my endless requests to- the answer was always yes, thank you pubically i did a lot of work self-security and for faefrments that is a powerful dynamic like food and market value and encouraging scientific engagement and activity amongst the people that otherwise wouldn't gave me shout out to aladdin for a couple of years of dynamic programming bringing
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folks together and lastly express support for the income diversification this project will bring they often voices of fear about newcomers arriving one of the remarkable things about the tenderloin the housing stock is overwhelmingly protected we have a remarkable opportunity to move forward with incomes diversification without the common threat of displacement and by the way, literature is everywhere in terms of the benefits for poor folks when we live in mixed use community this project will help to move the tenderloin to a more mixed use community if you want to see the literature go to the housing urban development you may want to vital the website it
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maybe deleted by tomorrow about the welfare of the people skwum on it now very much support the project and thank you craig. >> thank you, mr. padilla. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is sighed those are unplanned comments i was here for another item i worked as a john street - i just i'm unfamiliar with that project i want to put in a voice for the unmarginalized community in the adjacent building i'm a little bit concerned that personally that mural will be excluded and all the talk of the community i'm not hearing the rest community mention although the community is coming there 5
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time a day i'm asking you i'm not aware of this not talked with the members of the congregation but along their voice and their participation in that community is not being heard and i'm very grateful this is a investment in the area i'd like to know how inclusive that community will actually be thank you. >> thank you. >> in dep>> next speaker, pl. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is ax i'm with the general contractor any company was fortunate from the to be the build of 1028 market street we look forward to your works with - i'm here to support the 1028 market street project i believe this development will be good for the neighborhood the city
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desperately needs for housing and the 1028 market street project will provide one and 86 new unit including 25 below-market-rate housing along with new retail which will enlighten the neighborhood through the creation of the site intern use they've shown their doesn't the to the tenderloin i know they'll continue to develop in a way that benefits the 1028 market street project will create economic opportunity across sections concurring construction the project will create over 200 jobs hired though the brother's a union general contractor and we thank you guys for your support today we also working closely with citibuild to assure the employment opportunities are provided to san franciscans in the trade and additionally, we pride ourselves working with
8:43 pm
ocii to provide opportunity to small businesses and san francisco businesses this project will be no different in the city where the klth soared creating over 200 jobs will be significant for the trades once the building is complete 5 new permanent positions required to operate in the ground floor retail will create 20 permanent jobs thank you for the opportunity for speaking i urge you to support the 1028 market street project thank you. >> mr. bore. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm katrero park with larkin street i'm unusually usually not let out pardon me for my nerve he support 1028 market street by being in the market street used and market street for the mass two-fold there market street has working closely with tidewater and the
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team for the past two years the hall has made that admiral effort to engage on issues they're talking with us about the potential of training and making sure that not only the learning teaching our youth how to be workers we're enabling our youth to have sustainable jobs and the market street for the mass we're looking forward to working with them only creating a new structure for the organization and for the intend to tenderloin to have ownership thank you. i support that. >> we'll call additional names (calling names) good afternoon rob poole i'll speak on behalf of myself the
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hall holds a special place in my heart i've been there since day one and like to think i'm they're first reggtheir - they have great jazz and never stopped going when the chicken place went away i kept on going more importantly this is a really rich invite concept but this place has been such a great platform for bringing people total a venue for nonprofits to showcase the work they do and made people more aware of 09 initiatives in the city the job fairs they work in
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and you know that's a testimony to the tide water along with those teams and if they didn't dr. to do anything any of this they've spent a lot of time to integrate with the community they'll deliver a terrific project and back to the basics one and 8 percent 6 homes along the bus traffic signals with major employers basic good land use tony hope they find a location but i'm existed about this bringing the homes and i think that will be great to a tide water there if their capacity and hope you support this thank you for your time. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is
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john butler the new executive director the tenderloin project we're focused in the tenderloin a newcomer to the scene been in this job two week everyday i run before i this location for the past 4 years and watched it every however, the day and the reason i took this job is because everyday i run though the tenderloin and wondering what i can do to help in the last two weeks i've spoken with a wide variety of community leaders from st. francis to people another at law school for troubled youths every road has led to a discussion about this project being a model for vendors a model for economic diversification and a model for community engagement so as a director of the tenderloin
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economic soma project i want to support this project wholeheartedly and to mention from the last two weeks i've been discovering this project every single person has spoken positive and i'd like to office building the comments there didn't seem to be meaningful opposition to it thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is laurel the owner of a small business in the tenderloin i have live and work there i spent a lot of time at the hall i've known them most recently they're my landlord and recently moved into one of the 09 buildings on the block and like to speak to their skill as a retail as they review and select the tenant they said not to
8:49 pm
delay other people that were looking at the space my business is a identical office with a much used service in the tenderloin with the nearest identical offidental office is the benefits the neighborhood needs as a business owner i'm exciting about this and i wholeheartedly support 1028 market street. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> brenda one of the tenants at hall and we support this new building we've been there for 2 and a half years we've created 7 jobs throughout the hall and now we
8:50 pm
are hoping to support them on what they're doing. >> my mother couldn't come but sends a lot of support and this is a great opportunity to start our first business in a position for another businesslike us. >> thank you, ms. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is paul i actually have the honor of serving as is director of popping for the golden gate association the first lgbt chamber of commerce and get to service with the small business network that represents 12 organizations in the city i was really hoerlgd to hear about the historic nature of the lgbt businesses in the district and want to underscore we continue
8:51 pm
from our preserve to make the coffees from the 1028 market street became the nations first lgbt business in the country to be nominated the first small business of the year they're providing jobs and opportunity for resources when you talked to all the small businesses that are pioneers they really those are businesses that are fighting everyday to make bank in order to pay the rent not the large businesses those are the small businesses that are creating creating jobs when i hear about the importance of the community and small business how he's worked the businesses an 1028 market street and when the merchants and other organizations are coming to the hall to use that is a mod that's a success story that is really a potential small business success story i heartily express my
8:52 pm
support for this project. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners ami hunter a community-based artist worked in the neighborhood for 4 years and kate out temporary public art projects on 6 and market and encouraged connection between folks walking by a the city where the cost of living has continued to sore a deep commitment to more housing as well as community kennel and for example, police frying to get rid of of drug dealers they've partnered with the police and put on a job fair and showing they're heart and love for the community and will continue with the 1028 market street i urge you to support this. >> thank you. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners i'm danny. >> representative with the sheet metal workers local 104 as well as a designate to the construction trades council i'll keep that brief we wholeheartedly support this when you have housing close to transit and when you have below-market rate on site that's a win for the city and when you have the developer like grappling young here at tidewater commitment to the local union construction will be making good wages and health care and benefits means our workers have a chance to live in the city and hold on to the middle-class dream thank you. >> thank you. i'll call more
8:54 pm
names (calling names) that's all go ahead. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm cuz us w the incident of the east community association and the longest resident of tenderloin on eddy street so i'm here to speaking in support of project for several reasons one i think i've shown commitment to engage with the community to become an integrated member of the community often developers take the attitude of trying to dominate that neighborhood or displace the neighborhood in order to put in their vision they have a role out to engage and become a member and participate as a neighbor in the community and i know that is pretty exemplar and should be rewarded for that and shown a
8:55 pm
commitment to the beyond a reasonable doubt of continuing that relationship moving forward long term lear like in terms of the helping us with the one of the tenderloin vision of the creating and working with us and providing their expertise and talent and moving forward i think that a tremendous asset and i think there is a commitment to they're having small basis retails on market street i just think there is a real benefit for having a long time rip in the neighborhood as actually apartment a part of the community i look forward to continuing to work with them and hope you'll approve that project and thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm so sorry everybody i didn't mean to cut in line i didn't realize was doing that my name is lisa the
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executive director for urban solutions i'm here to express our support of the 1028 market street project and tidewater in particular over the last 3 years i've working closely with craig and rob to emphasize the importance of maintaining ground floor retail use in the mid-market numerous retail use but small business size ground floor restructures and craig and rob made a commitment to supporting the small businesses in san francisco if so that is the richness to our neighborhood i strongly urge you to support this project we believe that is going in the right direction and will help our small businesses thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners. i'm
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here representing the compton district as the coalition have trying to establish transgender in the tenderloin as you may know the tenderloin is one of the last places with affordable housing and also one of the last places in the city of the united states for transgender woman of color we've had great confuses with craig he's been charming and helpful and coming to move forward to create a safe place for one of the city's most vulnerable a positive recommendation with that said, we want to do our due diligence and say we're concerned in the proposition are not met we as a city are putting a humble population realistic and don't want to see that happen we want to say that are.
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>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon i've hfa year with local 261 and here to support the project on 1028 market street i believe this project will good for neighborhoods and also community also some of the members will benefit from the project this project with doesn't economic opportunity especially for our members in the community which also you know often they got hurt by projects you know and this particular project a win-win situation for any trade - with the construction city
8:59 pm
i'd like to talk about a little bit about tidewater maybe this is probable one of the best companies to work for for all community resident apprentices just recently 2000 safety awards excellency and safety accumulating one million hours without injuries or incidents about 2 and a half years without having any injuries i'll tell you that is really good things about a company the members and doing the right thing for the community and any - anybody working for them i congratulate navy and we're looking forward to work with tidewater and encourage you to
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vote yes to support this project thank you. >> thank you, mr. flores ms. clark. >> lauren clark grow san francisco becoming action just to be clear i'm, m be action this is an easy one obviously i think that is universally appreciated a lot of the is gravy and engagement a great project and an easy one i want to remind you that believe housing is not that good but a public good idea in the housing stock and not all projects will offer those bewilders and whistles as vendors know that the bar is high they've go gotten a lot of work and the vendors can forward this not every project will deliver the
9:01 pm
kind of amazing stars this one does he hope you remembered that believe housing is good while it is easy to support this one there are other ones that will be more difficult to support i hope we'll not require everyone to have shadow movies not everyone can afford shadow methodologies we'll need to say that building housing it a thing. >> hi, i'm sonya so i'm in support of 1028 market street please certify the final environmental impact report and also while i'm here sorry i'm in support of 13 of the next item also that adds 2000 residential square feet to our city a small project that is a bag project and great examples of development development without displacement in both cases none
9:02 pm
had to be displaced in order for those things to get built thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello planning commission i'm scott i'm a wanting of the mission i took time off work to stay as a volunteer member of the san francisco bay area federation people are already said so many things i'll keep it belief a perfect place to include hours we need it and well-designed this vendors went bayview for the community by activating the hall i urge you to please support 1028 market street moving forward today thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners in my mind a neil shaw i've lived in for for the last 4 years and i've known the tide
9:03 pm
water team for about a year currently i'm the co-executive director of a nonprofit concern and co-founder of a company when i look at the type of people in the community the main things i've observed are values and action and shareholders capitalism from everyone you've heard from in the room from the general contractor adam nonprofit providers it is clear evidence that craig and the rest of the tidewater team are invested ♪ community about a year ago when i joined as a director i hoped job fairs and order them and involved ground level with day to day activities at the hall and more importantly as a workforce nonprofit they gave 5 people chances to work there and
9:04 pm
gave a second and third chance when i was attend the 1028 market street update i had a lot of questions about the bmr housing and who they are going to build and 25 permanent jobs to be created i'm confident ♪ team >> the other thing when i look at the future of the market street in the tenderloin any concern for the community and no better deems of future actions than past actions the hall is an example of innovation and it is an example of what we want to see in our neighborhood and i'm really, really glad to know that 9 thousand square feet will be dedicated to neighborhoods serving retail by knowing the folks personally they'll give people opportunity for the long term in the neighborhood so i strongly
9:05 pm
support this project i also think this is an easy approval and i really look forward to hearing the committee approve that. >> thank you, mr. shaw. >> next speaker, please. >> hi commissioners i'm john again, i live across the street from this project and in the home skill building so we talk about how it is the hall building i want to talk about the other buildings around in terms of the neighborhood scale and character and things like that so i think the vendors have to done a really good job in the presentation of trying to fit the shape on the corner space in terms of short tall, short rhythm of the neighborhood that's great but the former show dog building next door will be permanently resources they got
9:06 pm
the development right for their health and then also the world building next to 1066 you'll see a block that is short, at all, at all and short it let's in light on the corners like the temple and the other structures going down market street fits well and we're happy about if i have to say anything i'm sad you won't be able to walk down the market street but they're doing a great outdoor art thing is an asset to our artistic neighborhood art is right in our face and can tell people care and one stop to keep it an art space not specifically trying to go i've run into at the hall twice part of their outreach so thankful done an outstanding job
9:07 pm
to enhance the ethics of our neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioner my name is alexandra goldman the planning manager and tenderloin corporation i'm also on the steering committee and here to express my support for the 1028 market street project just briefly i know you've heard a lot of the great points we've enthusiastic about the acquisition fund people in the neighborhoods have been working on for four or five years a bunch of organizations have produce tied there the anti displacement and increasingly important to look at ways of securing affordable housing in the next 4 years you might see some issues with the public funding and understand the city is open and willing to work but
9:08 pm
us on findings ways to have private-public fund we're really enthusiastic about the prospect we're appreciative active of tidewater for they're continuing to be a partner with us not just giving money but engaging with you thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> and if there is anyone else that want to speak 0 on this item please line up against the screen wall. >> hello, i'm richard louis perry and known craig and scott from tidewater company since they've come out here years ago and known them personally and through business as well
9:09 pm
i say rebel feels like saying i'm against this everybody is here for it i can't i can't now that i've gotten your attention. >> i used to i came out here in california with my flowers n my head i'm an artist and my studio is an 7 and market street and been there 4 and 2 almost 23 years and seen a lot of changes in the neighborhood i used to play pool at the billboards and the boars came in and destroyed the neighborhood destroyed everything but in addition to being an artist in the building i'm the chairman of the executive committee seen a lot going on and tell people in the past if they want to come to my
9:10 pm
studio i'm on the edge in the wine 0 district this project and clearing up that image and improving this from 5 and 9 street will definitely add to the ambiance and - of the street and area as well as the economic growth and impact so - what else can i say except when you approve this project - i just like to tell you i did a paternity of the hollywood billboard so from the building is gone it is memorialized they've asked me to use mire
9:11 pm
skills and tenants as far as the individual at tidewater this is a concern for the people in the tenderloin and very good people as well i take 36 they take a personal interest in the community and the people that live here i strongly suggest and request you approve this project he's a good guy and this project will added to the impact of the community i've seen it and little by the another step in the right direction if i want to i, see craig in front of the billiard. >> any additional public comment on items 11 or 12 seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you for your testimony and open to commissioner comments. >> commissioner vice president
9:12 pm
richards. >> i might go not go to new zealand but their gushing about the rules so this project is good on every level absolutely nothing i can see as to why is shouldn't be approved when i met with grappling in his studio tuesday, i didn't understand the story behind the story the vendor and give back to the community but craig with the hall and the partners showed me with the logos of the businesses and civil grand jury the nonprofit i sit here and hear what we did it is ten times deeper than i imagine sometimes value and action you put our values to action especially, when that individual says the
9:13 pm
people in the front were dealing drugs that was remarkable a lot of people would just you know call the police and get them out of there working with the police say amazing the capital effecting the community and the labor advertised right for this project i'll let someone behind me make the motion for approval. >> thank you commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i'm also supportive of this the people that came up with public comment this is great with the solidarity times and other times i've be happy to move in project before i do that we'll take the action on the silent eir first on the project. >> yeah. on item 11 and then 12
9:14 pm
a there d. >> i'll make a quick comment and maybe back around to the project so on the final eir i think that seen the draft is adequate and under ceqa the only thing i'll say there was a lot of space spent in both the eir itself and also the response to comments of the eir on the preservation of the cultural aspects even though this building didn't maintain the spirit as far as the historic rental with the changes in the building over time i hope the interpretative program not debate in the eir will suv provide some of the feeling in association of this cultural
9:15 pm
district area i hope i'd like to see your report back when the interpretative report is done and some of the elements that make that program for a mitigation of that sortie think this will be a really great example for the future because they were a lot of acres issues for this project so i'll move to certify the finally eir. >> second. >> commissioner koppel. >> oh, yeah, thanks to the staff and the public for the work on the environmental impact report this project has been going on for a quiet some time and the more compliments to and scott in san francisco we like to keep things local in this town they did a fine job of supporting the local nonprofit
9:16 pm
we're using space to employ local family owned restaurants businesses and incorporating the local pub art and the use of local construction companies and local resident on the job if you look at the packet their anticipating hiring 68 san francisco residents that work on this project so that's going to be a lot of employment opportunity for san franciscans definitely in support of project. >> commissioner moore. >> so i'm supportive of the project kudos to the environmental team and to the response inform comments are thorough all of the questions that were asked were numerous were very well answered so i think the project is we're
9:17 pm
bombard with thing we don't know how to talk about the history but this is wonderful. >> i want to echo any fellow commissioners comments we heard a little bit about the affordable housing and potential acquisition in how purview that but want to ask a question how that maybe administrative code in the future because we've tubed here and potentially you know small site program acquisitions that is important to keep people in their neighborhood can you talk a little bit about that and, you know who may administer that. >> so craig young project sponsor so the agent will be larkin street services they'll be the primary group to house the operation if you will, and the basic idea to create a
9:18 pm
partnership to come up with a way to create and preserve more affordable housing in the community with the neighborhoods serving nonprofits as well to the specification of the plan are yet to be determined but the importance of the commitment is that it is ongoing so the commitment to actually spending time and bringing our expertise to the table alongside a lot of the folks if think about those things everyday the idea to take a new maybe more innovative approach and moving away from a statistic appointing zero-sum noeshthdz that's the point. >> thank you and i just want to point out i appreciate our commitment to market street as a retail corridor that is spooerm important corridor and 3r578d out the ground floor and
9:19 pm
improving the hall we look forward to that actuation on the ground floor i'm fully in support. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much. we have the motion and potential more for the final eir i'll make quick comments and make a motion as well on the design i know this is something where the staff can continue to work 1028 with the support of housing of the essentially the typography how that will shift market street it is starting to a lot a little bit wall like for for lack of a better term there are probably some orchestra on the design either through the facade or of the building itself or through the public art requirement we're going to hear that item next but the design for the public art is remnant of
9:20 pm
a marquee and if there were more work on the scale horizontally or the scope of that piece that might do a lot to break up the design without having to do anything specific to the building i'll ask that staff with work with the project sponsor on design either through changes to the building itself cornice of facade work or in changing the orientation or design the public art pieces we'll hear next to evaluate the design and breakdown break up the facade because this building belongs that portion of market street. >> i want to clarify commissioner johnson the public art component is part of a what we're hearing now. >> okay okay fantastic i thought we were here 12 e next so i guess maybe i might ask the
9:21 pm
artist or the project sponsor - what? >> if you've got a question sure. >> i was wondering are recalling the question first there's a motion on the floor. >> we'll have to approve them consequentially there's a motion for item 11 but can wait and call that when there is a motion. >> - we'll do that. >> all right. so i think i've asked any we call the question on that and go back to the design issue i don't think that is a game stopper for motion today why not take a pause. >> call item 11. >> there is a motion that has been seconded to certify the final environmental impact report on that motion commissioner fong commissioner johnson commissioner koppel
9:22 pm
commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president hillis so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> okay there further questions or comments on item 12 commissioner moore. >> i want to pick up on what commissioner johnson said i appreciated a tour of the earth of the building i've spent a lot of time yesterday with the gentleman the architect and had an interesting discussion we're going through some ideas how the create the ideas about the building facade with the orientation of the building was so thoughtful and he himself left a kind of open there is additional work to be done i kind of don't want to interfere your recommendations to have him work with staff from any perspective was fully answered a
9:23 pm
is a complicated building you need to find the companion outlet and you need to kind of move it to where it is work able to it's use including the unit that are basically the primarily use of this on the upper floors yoft to support this with a caveat with additional twooeshg on the aspect of the facade as he community-based organizations on when that building moves from the big ideas worse looking at today into design development in construction that is when i think the questions should be vetted with the people in the departme department. >> i think we're saying the
9:24 pm
same thing. >> i think we are. >> i agree with commissioner moore i'll make a motion to approve items 12 abc and d. >> second. >> for clarity commissioners you'll be adopting findings for 12 a and conditions for 12 b and c for the conditional use authorization and zoning administrator for 12 d and that is just information. >> not c and d. >> a through c. >> shargs on that motion to adopt the findings and approve with conditions commissioner fong commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president hillis so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to
9:25 pm
zero and zoning administrator, what say you? >> close the public hearing the commission will 345.
9:26 pm
>> (clapping.) >> good morning environmental impact report san francisco planning commission regular hearing i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners, we left off under our regular calendar on before i begin i have received a couple of speaker cards for items 15 ab for divisadero that matter was continued and will not be heard today that was continued to march 23 commissioners item 13 at 79 cragmont a conditional use authorization good afternoon. commissioner president hillis members of the commission and staff todd
9:27 pm
kennedy with the san francisco planning department until the time you is a request for the conditional use authorization to grant or propose a demolition and reconstruction of a new two-story between within the same footprint at the previous footprint as on onsite this project went through the planning review process in the planning department the residential design guidelines applicable designing reviews by classed as a non-historic resource the proposal was reviewed as a alteration and determined not a demolition the neighborhood notification took place and no discretionary review filed planning department staff filed off it was discovered a total demolition took place during construction that was discovered the remain walls couldn't with salvages and the site as
9:28 pm
demolished without city approval for the project sponsor race - to date 4 letters of port if surrounding neighbors the department recommends approval and building this is necessary and desirable for the following reasons the proposed alteration as previously approved and mets the department requirement no neighborhood opposition to this proposal that proposed operation will be of spectacular height no discretionary review was filed by the neighbors during the neighborhood process that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> today. >> thank you, mr. kennedy at this time we'll hear from the project sponsor you have 10
9:29 pm
minutes. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is stacey life on the line i'm the pardon and also the architect for cragmont this project is to symmetric upgrade and build a second floor expedition for all walls half-inch plywood or tape x for fire protection the stud is 16 inches and the walls were opened up the walls for the schematic design the walls were plastered with no drywall the contractor took down the walls without contracting the inspector, next item. >> for approval they made a mistake
9:30 pm
the final appeal for the project stays the same as the permit is designed - i don't know previously by the planning and building department. >> you have more time if you want to take it 23 you're done that's fine. >> you can ask me questions. >> first open up for public comment then we may come back with questions any public comment on item 13 with 79 cragmont avenue seeing none, public comment is closed. workplace up to commissioner comments. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i'm deeply troubled by this case
9:31 pm
that one, the main reasons we need to go over section 317 reform i understand the facts behind the case start off by saying the staff report was confusing it puts the situation as an mistake and took the walls down or oriental had a project that was total compliant with section 317 later found not able to complete the project as planned and without getting further approval went forward iowa is a demolition it seems to me there were two stories on the same staff report that now make sense to me unfortunately i don't really see that the reasoning behind the mistake or the railroad or subsequent change on the ground facts alleviates the project sponsor of the responsibility to follow
9:32 pm
the process outlined you know we have section 317 for a reason it is a little bit complicated in terms of how we do circulations. >> what must stay or considered an alteration versus an demolition i don't know i can be supportive of cu given the fact that was a brazen attempt inform to not follow the guidelines that is only discovered when a building inspector went out there this is a fact that deeply troubles me and can i ask a couple of clarify points mr. kennedy orange county they applied for an alteration. >> that's correct, sir. >> yes, sir. that's correct as you this is the same project they're asking to build now
9:33 pm
tearing down the remainder of the building the same building itself that their - they will end up with under this permit they would under the altercates permit. >> yes, sir. that's correct nothing has been changed went to planning review. >> how do it come to oushgs or the building department's attention. >> following the sign off of issuance from the city that was discovered and brought to mr. sanchez open planning attention from what i'll told me interest the department of building inspection there was a demolition it was actually brought to my attention from the project sponsor saying something is going on we have a demolition chases going on that's why we investigated with the opinion planning department and that was why that was a complete demolition. >> maybe for staff or director
9:34 pm
or or zoning administrator and share commissioner johnsons concerns someone come into and ask for a permit of an alteration the only present to come back and ask for a cu to make good on what they're intended to do bhat the tint for a cu i mean 9 alteration permit and got caught oh, get the cu. >> i mean it certainly a quandary in the code so in this case had they at the time they pulled the walls down at that point come in for a permit and gone to the department of building inspection and see that is in substandard continues there are a provision in section 317 that allows for repair and
9:35 pm
replacement of walls if their substandard this could have been handled over-the-counter and 09 circumstances people have eves they come in and get a permit to rove additional walls otherwise steady the calculations this project has been on hold since september for them they could have gone on and done the work in this case the penalty is the delay for going through the conditional use process this is affordable unit a complaint from and the department of building inspection out there and one of the things we are trying to see and this is maybe an honest mistake they open up the wall and want to rape it over the past year this permit was issued or submitted some time ago staff
9:36 pm
when we haves projects that require the demo circulation if any additional calculation get the proper permit and come back so when people are working in the field oh, i can come back in in this case under the planning code two mechanisms penalty mechanisms a per day penalty of up to two hundred and 50 a day and assess that when someone is out of the compliance and they filed the proper pharmacy so really no delay but there's an ability to assess the over one thousand dollars to cover the - this was done in the case of cu
9:37 pm
this didn't put us in a great situation. >> for the need for we've been talking to clarify the rules of the demo and what's - so it's clear but i agree with commissioner johnson that is hard we can say not to delay this their left with i don't know they can't build but not a disincentive if you want to do it kind of an alteration and demo and come back. >> commissioner moore. >> the first question that came across my mind how can this happen between commissioner johnson and commissioner president hillis question the other question that immediately comes to mind looking at this project was without the history that is narrated and ask in the absence of room storage for up
9:38 pm
sizings this project becomes difficult in an rh-1 if it is more than twice the size one story to two-story and we are always asking ourselves what's the proper form of when we have a project 17 hundred square feet a good size for a family even with smaller additions to something that is 3 seven hundred and 50 some square feet with the history of the project and our own inability in the absence of rules we be confronted with a mega mansion the drawings are fine and all of that but the big question still remains for me. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i guess what is before us the cu to demolish a building
9:39 pm
not you know that there is a proposed project replacement we super to get the cu to demolish the building this highlights week week after week mr. swishing says oh, something that wrong a demolition and it is no longer the way it was the back and front is gone we have an incongruous reimburse building code of demolition and not a good process someone can come in and get an alteration building permit it is not checked they political for this and apply around the same time not the section 317 but the building department has a hand in this so the building department says a demolition means the tearing down or destruction of a
9:40 pm
building as those terms by the planning department principle portions of a residence - also means that you take do you only i'm reading two-thirds of the building we have tour calculations i'm having a hard time understanding a permit for an alteration the building kept getting taken away chip chip chip it was demolished and many ways i don't know if the owner is a licensed architect you can't knock down the building someone in the process could have called of the building inspector and said hey a safety issue replace in kind instead, they demolished the building i'm having a hard time saying we
9:41 pm
should approve this sends the message you can do this if you want and come to the commission it depreciates approved other than a rule in skin in the game apply by the rules i'm not supportive of this in any way. >> okay. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you i think we have to do a motion and intent to degroup and calendar for 09 hearing i make that motion with intent to approve. >> sure were. >> i'm sorry that came out the same way we're not traerlt the building other than it was approved. >> thank you the unfortunate it has been demolished by mistake where the side of the building that is not visible from the street will be
9:42 pm
built back the same way that was approved. >> have a seat. i'm personally not getting into the question of intent this is simply saying we have this process for a lot of reasons i understand that there might have been an error i understand that but there has to be some recourse to what we're looking at here and our recourse to likely not approve the cu for thoblg thank you very much for cob up i don't know that is an intent we're making a judgment on the the president i don't know if we have enough facts to support that here to intent to disapprove. >> i think we can calendar it
9:43 pm
for next week. >> two weeks. >> february 9th. >> okay with the date of february 9th. >> so mr. sanchez so disapproval action come back with that it would result in they're being no building on this site and they'll not be able to reapply for one year as an alternative they restore did building as it was previously and not do any expansion and they've proposed in the building permit as a potential alternative they'll be restoring the building as it was previous and the plans i don't think we have any existing as it was before they start the work i think the project is kind of based on the expansion but from the commission is interested in that alternative they'll restore
9:44 pm
it before the construction that's what building inspection has an lawful prediction or permission this is a serious tool ones that determination is made there can be only the building as that was previously for 5 years but the - put the bar on it for 5 years. >> something for the commission to consider. >> it is a possible in the interim we want something to happen but perhaps not this project commissioner moore is concerned about the diagram in the resulting room there is a library and on top of is over programmed perhaps in the intervening time between now and
9:45 pm
approve the third project we don't have to disagree and approve something definitely so i'll possess that as that two weeks away if there're a modification that the project sponsor want to make in that time we may or may not want to consider i would give it a little bit more time rather than two weeks. >> we'll see from the folks with amenable. >> commissioner moore. >> i don't believe i have any tools by which i can deny the project i don't sit here to be in judgment of what could you have been an error and not possible to say it was intentional or unintentional but projects i've seen blatantly were not demolishing although
9:46 pm
approved here they were approved as otherwise in this case, i is to assume i'll look to the contractor as potentially having overlooked or acting to fast we'll have other project on high street zoning administrator assistance remembers all of that building overnight disappears and nobody knew what happened despite the fact that was an important historical building i can't singularlyly pick this project and say something was wrong but for that reason i'm not going to approve that i'll be trend with what commissioner president hillis suggested that the applicant may want to look at exactly what they're bringing forward including the relevance
9:47 pm
of rooms and size and use that is as an incentive to present a clearly understandable building as code compliant building and address some of the other concerns we have i'll support you in that intent commissioner melgar thank you so. >> i've spent many years on the building inspection more than any other commission this is an issue that the department of building inspection sprurlgz with for the process to work properly planning and building needs to work together in terms of the planning and application i think that in the short time i've been here i've heard you know project sponsors and architects talk about you know substandard walls, substandard structures with not a lot of evidence i mean the only think
9:48 pm
evidence we have is something is qualified to say that is a substandard walk and go out and say it is a substandard wall anyone can say that is a mistake i'm not seeing this is that particular case we have a serious problem in san francisco with demolition and you know we'll not to somehow figure out a way to have the process work as intended and you know, i like commissioner president hilliss proposal but i do think we should send a strong message we expect the process to be followed properly otherwise what we've been seeing more years that will continue to happen commissioner vice president richards. >> so i'm - i feel like i'm in washington, d.c. in another realty from the building code says you can't put a building
9:49 pm
there what are we bickering about we'll be working with the building inspection making this a harm minus project given an additional and reward i'll be happy to put the house back it needs to be rebuilt permanently issues a cell phone taking pictures of this with the hallow wood that makes sense to me putting the house back. >> commissioner johnson. >> so i guess this was the mid i can be okay. pushing out the time and from the project sponsor choose to come back with another project i stand firmer to me not about the project that was proposed i think it would have been fine i'm not
9:50 pm
necessarily okay with wut u putting the house back the way it was i think there need to be a clearer process for a penalty not doing the process right there are some things not clear but there was a contractor and wall one day and not waltz the next day and not the owner of the property, not the sponsoring architect or the contractor who might have been on site this is not what we got approved we need to go back to the department of building inspection there are needs to be a clearer signal than put the house back you oriental had i maintain any support to disagree but pushing that out a couple of weeks and from the project sponsor want to come back and willing to consider approving the cu based
9:51 pm
on a new or modified project i would certainly being open to seeing that modified project at that time and taking a decision at this point but stand firmer in my motion day. >> do we have a date. >> i'll recommend february 23rd and we have a fairly light calendar. >> february 23rd. >> that's okay with the seconder. >> i'm supportive of that sending a motion of intent disapprove i'm not saying it has to be exactly what was there before building changes for more modern day living but a smaller project that is better thought-out a big 50 foot wide lot we've got room room to do
9:52 pm
things i'm supportive of that motion. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> we'll be approving a project that goes against the building code how does that work you. >> if that's true in the building code they make the determination it was not followed. >> how does that get made. >> that's up to the building inspection. >> 0 so the building is down far exceeds the permit what's problem. >> i'm in alternative realty the building inspection should look at that and they're more stringent than ours we're talking about a revised project and obvious issue with the building code someone has to make a determination is beyond me how we can approve a project when the building has not
9:53 pm
weighed in why the district between us and them commissioner melgar should they go out in your opinion. >> let's get commissioner moore and come back for questions commissioner moore. >> i'd like to have the city attorney help us this is very unusual we family say one or sentence we're in the in the business of penalizing we're in the business of understanding our voice and what's in front of us the department is bringing forward a project which they base on without the dbi it is here for us to approve or disapprove we're feeling last week commissioner vice president richards quoting the. >> cable rules with everyone weighing in with the city attorney we've never had a
9:54 pm
situation what would you advise within a reasonable amount not that you tell us what to do but our reasonable option. >> deputy city attorney mirena burns. it is actually, i don't think that is that uncommon for the commission to see projects were there has been active conducted on the site here's a demolition but unpermitted activity on site and once the project sponsor is made aware of the unpermitted activity they're allowed to come in and seek permit for the work they've done or the use or change they've done that happens frequently someone will seek to legalize unlawful changes there are penalty provisions in the planning code that planning department can use and our office can use when project sponsors are unwilling to come
9:55 pm
in and seek legalization of their property in general the practices then if a breeder property owner will seek the permit for the work those penalties are deferred denial of a project is not generally a path of penalizing a property owner usually we'll use something like that fine administrative finances or in extreme cases a lawsuit as with other projects so i will recommend you know certainly the commission can consider a smaller project on this site that is not as large as the one proposed the commission can consider replacement of what was there but i think you know. >> thank you commissioner melgar. >> thank you. >> so if you want to address the dbi question.
9:56 pm
>> yes. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> if i recall to call dbi and say i think there is an unlawful demo how does that work i don't get it. >> it is up to the discretion of the building inspector. >> and maybe will be good job good for the next time we hear this case in 4 weeks or perhaps have someone here to explain the process why they didn't make the determination or their rational. >> great for the dbi planning commission hearing. >> director rahaim. >> commissioners, i understand the point and the quandary when dbi makes a determination that puts up a stay on the property i guess just a to reinforce something that mirena burns said
9:57 pm
our whole code compliant about bring people into compliance rather than punishing them that's the kind of standard procedure for the longtime; right? i would - while it may seem frustrating no implications or not many implications to violating the permit here i mean that the goal to bring properties into compliance not to make money or punish people i will reinforce this is the standard part of our code compliant program for a very long, long time just to put that. >> commissioner moore. >> i appreciate the clarifications i had a different way to look at this pickup on those commissioner president hillis and commissioner johnsons comments for me, the right sizings is the way to do it
9:58 pm
we're not doing a family asking for build it as it was that didn't do it for me in the absence of us not developing the policies on the adjudication where no limits it would be a very good experience to practice what we do we can't take it probation officer rh-2 and adding on the 3 seven hundred square feet i'm asking for the right sizing for this project to come with approve and instead of not having a project. >> i'm supportive the hope we're not confront with that project and perhaps in a month's time building a project we can be more confront with. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i think regardless of the intent behind why commissioners will be supportive or not supportive of the motion on the table table i
9:59 pm
think we're moving in the right direction we'll end up in the same place my interpretation a disconnect between the penalty and intent behind the building code and planning code they're not aligned it is confusing it seems to me maybe they've not been brought both alignment sounds like the building building department is waiting for united states to approve this one or a modified version of the project no real reason to put the original house back and not do anything for 5 years i think there is probably a discussion to be had on making sure the intent and letter of the code versus the enforcement and the building code and the planning code are aligned if not
10:00 pm
confusing in the future i don't think i'm confused at the to what people thought would happen; right? what process i'm not confused they're waiting for us to approve a cu or not approve a cu and depending on the outcome with their code compliant which is what i've seen in the past waiting on the planning department with that said, i'll be looking forward to that joint heather there is something to be said i understand we want to bring people into compliance but shouldn't be tying the hands the planning commission to approve a cu just because they came in the door didn't get a cu approved there a cab an element what process was followed and what - what got united states to where we are today this is not the first case we're making a decision on what process was
10:01 pm
followed as part of due process i know i'm looking forward to hearing this in a month. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> okay. so i don't want to belabor this we're moving in the right direction i get it, i, take you to my neighborhood and show you two buildings unlawful demolition rain is through the roof nothing happened a consistent application eroding this orchestrates and the building inspection organization i have to tell you georgia swedish is up here every week autopsy all the photos this is exactly what we're talking about i think the building inspection one a 831 building permit is more of a 83 eternity we need to understand what the demolition i
10:02 pm
know we're in the right direction this is has to be right sized let's move and get the commission hearing and commissioner melgar. >> never mind thank you. >> okay there is a motion that has been seconded. >> commissioners there is a motion that has been seconded to adapt at motion of intent to disapprove and continue to february 23rd commissioner fong. >> commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore. >> i'm not sure i understand. >> a motion of intent to disapprove the matter is continued i believe the districts from the commission to the project sponsor to potentially aforethought the project to take that up think february 23rd. >> thank you for read into the record i can approve yes. >> commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president hillis so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> commissioners that places us on item 14
10:03 pm
case 144 townsend street conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon commissioner rick with department staff the item before you an officer development for 42 thousand plus square feet at the 144 townsend it is a legal sun from self-storage a retail formula to office use for 42 thousand plus square feet to date, no opposition or support for the proposed project after analyzing the department staff recommend approval with conditions it applies with the planning code and consistent with the goals and objectives and the project is located in a zoning district that principally permits office use and the project is an
10:04 pm
allocation of the office use that concludes my presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you project sponsor you have 10 minutes if you need it. >> good afternoon tea with reuben, junius & rose representing the project sponsor i will not take 10 minutes so this project for us a fairly straightforward request we're asking for small cap allocation for 42 thousand plus square feet which will result in the legaltion of the entire building for office office use we are innovate asking for physical changes but adding bike parking and lockers to the interior exterior of the building but the last legal use of the building was self-storage under the
10:05 pm
planning code is a retail use not a permit use zones where this property is located we're effectively doing we're eliminating the legal but non-conforming use and asking for authorization of the office use that is pro tem permitted in a conforming from a change of use that is over time non-conforming use is replaced with conforming use in light of prior case i want to address the fact that we are seeking to legalization of an office use not a new use and unfortunately the permit histories you look at online and planning record they're not as clear as they could be south of market and especially to a layperson here the permit history you looked at
10:06 pm
online it a little bit mixed you can see office use and going to 1990 and 2000 and so forth that's really sort of the reason why we're here today and not previously i think overall the request today for office allocation subject to the section we believe the request satisfies all the criteria we are asking for permission for the office close to transit options consistent with the offices this is for a small cap pool it is something we're unlikely to see any shortage of competition any time soon i'm happy to go into more uses of whatnot i'll leave it at that but happy to answer any questions. >> open up for public comment
10:07 pm
is there any public comment? want to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards this is a straightforward one thank you. i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i'm supportive as well although i do that this building was in the central soma area plan; right? >> on 144 townsend street - >> i know the board the central soma plan was adjusted you might be correct and yeah. i think i am. >> you know the zoning will not change. >> i want - >> and go to m u o. >> it definitely is in the central soma area plan but an.
10:08 pm
>> let the record reflect that commissioner johnson was correct. >> commissioners shall i call the question? that motion to approve that with conditions commissioner fong commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president hillis commissioners, that item passes unanimously 7 to zero excuse me - >> take a break. >> (laughter). >> that places us under our discretionary review calendar for item 15 ab have been continued item 16 case - bayshore boulevard is a mandatory discretionary review. >> jonas can you give us for a mandatory discretionary review
10:09 pm
outline the process. >> certainly you'll receive a presentation from staff and provide the project sponsor with a 5 minute presentation or from the chair less than 5 minutes and put up for public comment up to 2 minutes you have the discretion to reduce that unlike a normal dr no dr requester and there is no rebuttal. >> okay. i be given the number of speaker cards we have we're expecting over one hundred speakers limit public comment to one minute. >> thank you. >> go ahead. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm collin department staff the item before you requires a mandatory discretionary review inform establish the proposed medical cannabis dispensary or mcd
10:10 pm
pursuant to planning code this project locate at 242 bayshore boulevard between visitation and leeland avenue allows a change of use from a community to a ncd d.b.a. as elevated systems with the two-story mixed building within the rh-2 the visitacion valley special use district workplace a one thousand radius no other medical cannabis dispensaries the proposed ncd will include tenant improvements to the 8 hundred square feet ground floor space with a ada restroom but no expansion the existing structure parking is not required the
10:11 pm
proposed mcd will have medical cannabis dispensary cannabis to person 18 years old 40e8d a patient identification card the proposed mcd will not include onsite use of medical cannabis in my form nor include conflicttion the operator will have two full-time security guards a security guards at the front door to check ids and the second security guard at the front would patrol the neighborhood to assure it it good neighbor policies are enforced and be interior and exterior video cameras and motion detectors and others security mcfarland's in the mc-3 any operate within 10:00 a.m.
10:12 pm
and 10:00 p.m. the property mcd 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. out of courtesy for neighbors the nonprofit cooperative was form to provide underserved resident and to help to revitalizes the corridor where vacancies exist and the partnering with civic leaders and nonprofits the participant with focus on visitacion valley resident to include 6 full-time and 4 part-time employees per the medical cannabis act as approved by the be it further resolved and mayor in 2005 the department of health serves as the lead agencies for permitting mcds the planning department reviews is jefferson limit to the location and future - mcd are required to be heard by the planning commission that shall consider
10:13 pm
whether or not to exercise it's powers pursuant to the planning code e-1. >> over the past year the project sponsor has partnered with community-based organization and has held two meetings with the public the sponsor has conducted door to door outreach to introduce the project individually to residents and has completed the notification the department has 6 letters with four of those serve as support from organizations for the proposed use the department has a petition with names of seven hundred and 50 people supporting the proposed mcd 74 of the signatures of support were received an after the deadline i gave to jonas those signatures are distributed to you today in support of mcd will focus on
10:14 pm
save access to medical cannabis dispensary in visitacion valley and for activity in the area and the positive contribution to the community in terms of opposition the department has corresponds from 33 people including one merchant in opposition to the project 28 of the letters of opposition were received by the department after the packet publishing deadline and those letters were distribute to i directly via e-mail from those in opposition much of the opposition was focused on asking for a continuances concerned with the local regulations not of the adult use cannabis the department recommends the commission take discretionary review and approve with conditions it will activate a ground floor says that the mcd complies with the planning code and advanced the goals and objectives the general plan, the project site is well-served by transit and transportation
10:15 pm
option and the project will allow local individually own and operate to provide employment opportunity to residents that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions thank you, mr. clark. >> thank you project sponsor you have 5 minutes. >> pardon me was that 5 minutes. >> 5 minutes. >> okay. good afternoon i'm victor i'm legal counsel for the appellant we respectfully request you approve this today you are going to be hearing from victor and bryan that will own and operate the dispensary i'll defer they're diverse of 3 dispensaries own and operate we chinese-american and vietnamese-american out of all
10:16 pm
the drerpdz in the city and also the participant are committed to providing community benefits to the local community including the investment and a vacant shutter storefront providing scholarships to local residents to the tune of 50 thousand a year for children to pursue heir education and the mcds you'll see is a safe and secure environment that will help to get rid of the crime and improve the stock the local commercial corridor i'll pass it on to victor and . >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is victor wanting of the elevated systems the applicant i was born and raised and want went to lincoln university my
10:17 pm
mom and fat were small business owners in self-we grew up humbly and in the neighborhood any mcd will be located any motivation to use this platform to educate and offer alternative medicine to any community to treat ills there is no mcd within a one hundred and 50 mile area we ask you to approve our application today thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner president hillis and distinguished commissioners i'm bryan a board members of the applicant like victor born and raised born and raised in san francisco it and went to abraham lincoln high school and graduate from san francisco state university majoring in business administration my mother is a native san franciscan she's a retired school teach from the
10:18 pm
san francisco unified school district we trouble building what we'll be doing is rehabilitating one of the most shuttered storefront in the neighborhood we're really to trying to revitalize the neighborhood and providing two of time security guard on site at all the time along with 10 other routine local employees will will be bringing greater security the stewart security knows the visitacion valley area he goop in sunnyvale we have cameras monitoring 24/7 with the integrated system and i'm going to turn it over to our architect thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'll do it quick i want to show you a little bit of what we're proposing the existing storefront as it is and what we're proposing to
10:19 pm
create if the street pedestrian walk it will look like a doctor's are den taltal office the interior to the exterior if you put your head against the glass you'll see from the waiting area a clean type of interior using the types of wood on the inside facing out this is a display area this is making a display that is more of a visual when our inside the - the venue. >> thank you very much i'm available if you have any more
10:20 pm
questions. >> so open up for public comment i'll call speaker names i know there are people in the overflow room we'll have people line up against the screen room. >> we've made accommodation for an interpreter may be those people in need of an interpreter may come up first. >> those in need of an interpreter i'll also call your name (calling names). >> is the interpreter in the chambers we received a text from the interpreter is it interpreter in the chambers thank you should be a gentleman.
10:21 pm
>> yep. >> go ahead, sir. >> good evening andrew yip opening on mcd in the neighborhood will cause great dlurns of brotherhood this most likely more mcds in the city means an increase of crime rate and tragedy the democracy for this issue so see how many people are against this action opposed to those not in favor in restricted areas for the nature of that job i don't consider mcd should be operated over family center and neighborhood arrested areas please impose restriction on the mcd operation for the people's livelihood and stop marijuana with the mental
10:22 pm
impacts for all people the right for consumption of marijuana must balance the values of people we must limit the mcd sites thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> have the interpreter please make those announcement for the people that need afghan 2r50er79 the department pays for the interpreter interpreter. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> stand on the screen side of the room. >> thank you my name is a richard how a resident. >> one second.
10:23 pm
>> jonas can we have the - >> okay. go ahead and thank you supervisors i'm a resident of chinatown, however, i have many friend living in visitacion valley we visited we have lunch and we sing our songs together a lot so i really know the community we have hundreds of people residents of the visitacion valley and close by on the 422 bayshore street they walk to get off the bus the take their children and then wee the responsibility is to put the right place the organization a proper place a
10:24 pm
restaurant a popular place and a bus stop and putting a marijuana shop in that location is not a proper place so you know your responsibility with our discretionary please stop the locates. >> thank you, mr. how. >> next speaker, please. >> hi commissioners i'm marlene retired educator long term community volunteer and expert wittiness sponsoring the visitacion valley since the 1980s the merced mandatory discretionary review is bias given my 27 years of the community work i'm questioned why the project sponsor, please. >> is rb9d in tow in document on page 5 the project sponsor began the outreach
10:25 pm
approximately, one year ago which communities are they ref to why do they keep the neighbors in the dark and why when we sent invitation to the meeting of 2016 none of the nearest show up why did they innovate the gentleman to both of our meetings it unfair and disrespect to keep the residents upcoming informed while this group as over a year of head start. >> your time is up. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> hi commissioner i'm the longtime residents in visitacion valley i'm opposing the mcd in 244 bayshore on page 4 of your analysis under the heading co-compliance i questioned the
10:26 pm
letter that was online from the san francisco website the unsigned letter october 1st writing requires a letter of during the time you think the bayshore group is - would the balboa, however, the stem of the office of the treasure and tax clerk january 2017 of this year the bayshore is unrental i'm not not a - please understand how the registered person were able to get approval. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
10:27 pm
language.) >> yes, the reason i'm here is i'm against the opening of the cannabis medical center in the visitation area thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> and you can pull that mike up if it is more comfortable. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a - i live in the neighborhood of the visitation region and here against the opening up of the cannabis
10:28 pm
medical center. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon no mcd our neighborhood okay. >> thank you thank you, mr. chan. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, everyone hello >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm here to against the mcd
10:29 pm
opening in visitation area because if you're hunger you try to get food if you're thirsty but marijuana. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> marijuana will be poison us not to us in our second generation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> have they made a suggestion petition to open up in our neighborhood. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i only found out today
10:30 pm
therefore i feel they do not respect our neighborhood. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i'm strongly against the availability of the mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> thank you, sir next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is a tina chang. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very much against opening the mcd in our neighborhood because our children can have access to that facility and if they watch
10:31 pm
people take drugs they will think it is okay for them to take drugs too i'm very much against it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is - no mcd mcd. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. yeah. >> it not good for our health. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hold you if we could make an announcement to quietly move to the side of the room. >> can you say that again in
10:32 pm
the microphone. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> okay my name is set to i'm against opening up mcd in my neighborhood not good for our second-generation. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm 91 years old no mcd thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is e line chino mcd.
10:33 pm
>> okay. >> thank you, ms. chin in depth hello no mcd. >> thank you, ms. shoe. >> next speaker. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very much against opening up the mcd in our neighborhood thank you, thank you. >> no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> no mcd.
10:34 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. i'm against mcd opening up in the neighborhood because i'm a grandmother i have 3 kids in teenagers and i don't want any teenagers to have any exposure to such substance thank you, thank you very much. >> no mcd in my neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> no mcd in my - our neighborhood. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon commissioner my name is a sandy chan the reason i come here today, i
10:35 pm
disagree opening more marijuana shops in anywhere in san francisco because mc marijuana is no good for our next generation and no good that smell you can smell everywhere in the bus and corner of the bus so i really disagree opening more marijuana shops thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. chan. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is wendy i have no mcd in our neighborhood. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i have two grandsons.
10:36 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> no mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> i have to grand kids they pray every tuesday and wednesday in the playground in the vigilance and many other similar kids also present so i'm very much against it. >> thank you, thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, everybody good afternoon i don't want to open the mcd in my neighborhood first one the health not good for the health the second thing not safety you don't know the people it take
10:37 pm
mcd what they going on and very, very close to any house and night life 1:30 going to be home when the people take the mcd don't know what is going on not safety thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. lee. >> next speaker, please. >> hi. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against occupying up the cannabis shop in the residential neighborhood i think they should be close to a hospital because people will take drugs could have serious
10:38 pm
consequences and it is very dangers to have it in a residential neighborhood. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against opening up more
10:39 pm
cannabis in san francisco because that is something that the federal government is against i don't understand why the city of san francisco continues to open up more of this and not good for the kids and not good for old people so i'm against it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against having the cannabis shop in the visitation. >> thank you
10:40 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a resident in the neighborhood and i'm against opening up the cannabis shop that will seriously effect our youth and kids thank you, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> no mcd okay. >> okay. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi good afternoon.
10:41 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. i'm living in did neighborhood and against opening up mid market in the neighborhood because we have teenagers and kids it is not good for growth of these young people and we have over 2 months collected signatures over here. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello no mcd. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it is for the health of our
10:42 pm
children i'm against this mcd. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against mcd. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against mcd. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi my name is tiffany. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against mcd because marijuana is not good for our health. >> thank you.
10:43 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a resident in the neighborhood i'm against mcd. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is christine. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm the residents in the neighborhood where the mcd is proposal and i'm against it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi no mcd thank you. >> thank you>> next speaker, please. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm sorry thank you
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i starting living here in 1980s and 7 grandkids my children all married in the city so i'm a long time city resident and i personally saw a teenager walking by a group of people who smoke marijuana in the late 80s and he was beaten to death by the drug you yourself that leaves a deep impression on me therefore i'm very much against opening up more shops. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
10:46 pm
language.) >> i'm afraid that once the shop will open the kids will try to get some money to buy the drugs and will be very bad for them. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm germany king i oppose the mcd i don't want my kids to have access to marijuana it is my future and the future of any country i don't want them to grow upland and don't want mcd in my district that will diagonal any neighborhood so i am strongly against if they want
10:47 pm
the mcd shops they open in the hospital that's where we need it and also tomorrow is chinese new year i wish you all a happy chinese new year thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> happy new year. >> i'm very much against occupying up another marijuana shop advertised not good for our health and people that take drugs will try it and the kids that want to buy them will go get the money to buy the drugs
10:48 pm
that is very bad. >> good afternoon my name is a cindy quan. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against the mcd on the basis it is not good for our health and effects growth and effects our youth. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> also i suggest they go to a commercial district or non-residential district to do their business.
10:49 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> more savior regarding this shop that they don't effect the wellness of neighborhood residential neighborhoods. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against it because any daughter is 13-year-old and my son 10 years old and occupying that that shop will effect their health. >> thank you excuse me - the interpreter can you remind the members to turn off their mobile devices they can turn off their
10:50 pm
cell phones. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> for the health safety of our neighborhood i'm against opening up a cannabis shop. >> hi, everyone i lived in visitacion valley for more than 20 years don't want a marijuana store because i want to keep living quality thank you. >> thank you. you, too. >> next speaker. >> >> (speaking foreign
10:51 pm
language.) >> i'm against opening up a cannabis shop people that smoke marijuana cause problems in the street. >> thank you. next speaker. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> opening up the cannabis shop will effect the growth of our second generation therefore i'm against it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is melanie chow.
10:52 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against opening up the cannabis shop in our residential neighborhood. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very much against opening up a list in our neighborhood the safety around our neighborhood is not so good with opening up of another
10:53 pm
cannabis shop it will deteriorate further and i'm against it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is becky i'm against the mcd and i agree that they opening in a shopping mall instead of a residential area thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live in the neighborhood and against having the cannabis shop in my neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner in my mind a cindy lee.
10:54 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i have two grandsons living in the neighborhood i myself a very allergic to the smell of marijuana so it will cause headache to me if you allow the shop to open i don't know how i can live longer. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> no mcd. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my grandkids live on the street i'm very much against opening up the cannabis shop.
10:55 pm
>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very much against the cannabis shop because young people are naive and can get attracted and try and get hooked on drugs and cause a lot of trouble down the street so i'm very much against it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm okay with the translation but thank you it would be nice to be here my 5
10:56 pm
time in front of you tell me 16 and 17 in the ingleside district i've metabolic proposal on this mike i see you back here a very nice gentleman want to start an mcd i want to speak about the amount of mcd in the ingleside they deliver and 4 are existing and what we have from a lot of the people around the asian community is just that the same problems we hear about double parking and smoking the product outside i know there has been some issues with security and things i wanted to voice from the police perspective of being a captain at ingleside station we feel those complaint and when it was handed by the health department we're waiting for what agency from the state will govern those mcds so i ask for
10:57 pm
at least a suspension of the time on it so it can be researched more. >> thank you, captain. >> thank you very much >> next speaker, please. >> hello. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against the opening of on the safety around the neighborhood is very bad and once people get hooked on the drugs all kinds of consequences will happen and make the safety of the neighborhood every worse. >> thank you, thank you. >> next speaker, please.
10:58 pm
>> with nooiptz a jennifer wong i'm against opening the marijuana store young people live in the neighborhood and also schools and playground and at the schools i take care of there is childcare and our health we don't feel safety in that neighborhood will be a good the worst one i against opening marijuana in the neighborhood thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> in depth how are you everyone i'm living here for almost thirty years
10:59 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> in our neighborhood we have a schools primary and middle school and have senior centers and opening up the mcd would have serious effects on the children and old people the safety the quality of safety will go downhill i want to live up the quality of life in our neighborhood not downgraded it so against mcd. >> thank you. >> thank you, ms. lee. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
11:00 pm
language.) >> i want to wish you a happy chinese new year it is the 28 of december according to the chinese new year i live in the
11:01 pm
neighborhood and don't want to have mcd in the neighborhood in the long run drugs is very bad for our health we hope you'll not permit the opening of the mcd in our neighborhood. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is emma i opposes the mcd everyone says my neighborhood i literally live next door to the proposed site this is not just unite neighborhood lilth my house if those gentlemen are honest it is not ingleside like the captain said more than enough they deliver the audience is bayview and hunters point if it opens will be the closest and assessable to the those
11:02 pm
communities the area is so dangerous the busses have their windows shut to prevent drive by shootings those are the people that you'll bring to my front door if is it is allowed thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors and commissioner i'm lucky i know the property owner occupying 24 and 50 bayshore lilth next door to this potential mcd as the next door of this proposed mcd i didn't see any notice from the city or from the mcd group unit until the first week of january when the public hearing notice was sent to me
11:03 pm
i was shocked and very disappointed on the planning departments decision to let this mcd to move forward and i'm here to oppose it no mcd at this location. >> my tenant have told me she will move out if this mcd is going to open next door because she didn't want to - >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> just like to remind the mubdz you have one minute time. >> good afternoon commissioner my name is 5udy i'm coming here to oppose the mcd at 2442
11:04 pm
bayshore avenue in the area is a lot children under 18 and a lot of childcare and also the high crime area if you let them open their mcd store that makes more trouble and especially the seniors all around the area a senior center and a children center and mixed area is very dangerous i hope you considering the safety of the children and safety so for the seniors and oppose them not allow the mcd to oppose i have other people had that live on leeland street i signed her and to turn in the paper for her. >> we'll grab it leave it there. >> next speaker, please.
11:05 pm
>> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hold on one second one second can we get the door closed so we can hear you. >> all right. go ahead. >> she wants to show a picture is that okay. >> put it up jonas. >> there it is. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. it is not right to open the cannabis shop on bayshore the reason why i'll show you
11:06 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> jonas can i have the overhead? >> the overall sfgovtv please go to the overhead. >> yeah. okay. >> okay. as you point over here is the property site and around there at this leeland street and have kindergarten there is youth center and a lot of kids around. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and they have a lot of activity in that neighborhood between monday and friday. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and it is just too close to the kids activity it will effect
11:07 pm
their growth. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and that would tend to be attractive for them to get into the habit of taking the drugs. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> therefore we must not have allow the cannabis shop to open in this address. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm glad we're transparent in the administration. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank her time is up. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you, ma'am. >> yeah. thank you to everybody
11:08 pm
has the same amount of time. >> next speaker. >> hi, i'm actually in support of medical cannabis dispensary i don't believe it is different whether a liquor laundromat are cleaning service there is already a lot of tourist traffic in the city whether it be a restaurant like double parking and other things cited are not really a concern and come to the neighborhood anyway with any other business owner bringing that to the neighborhood don't believe that state access to the medication will be an issue i understand four other medical cannabis dispensaries in the neighborhood but also several other liquor store that out fabulous that why think we have been in the
11:09 pm
interest of allowing enterprise and these and a safe medication in over 21 states and will not effect my neighborhood. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon as you may know marijuana is legal and since it is legal the paperwork is in order and have the people money probation officer open the place no reason they shouldn't be able to in the same neighborhood they're selling cigarettes and liquor and upset when someone is trying to sell marijuana where it is legal that's all i have to say. about that. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
11:10 pm
language.) >> i'm against opening up mcd in your neighborhood it makes the neighborhood very unsafe and also it will generate a lot of garbage which is not good. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is ken from visitacion valley and i'm worried about the traffic impact everyone knows this neighborhood is the south part of san francisco and the san mateo county so if they on one it will be bringing people from san mateo and coming here for the traffic we don't want and yet setting the traffic will not stop if you block that with some kind of waiver that would be
11:11 pm
helpful to not increase the traffic. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is chile chile. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very much against opening up the mcd in our neighborhood there are a lot of kids around and many kids under 18 years old but for me another reason i go to work by taking
11:12 pm
the bus early in the morning and the bus stop is across from the proposed site for the shop that is very scary. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is my case i'm in support of the medical cannabis dispensary i think there are a couple of issues as far as one of them being language barriers they don't understand the different it was an an illegal substance as opposed to to medical cannabis and being that the community is run down and bring new business to the community will help to uplift and change you know what the community
11:13 pm
looks like i've been living in the city for thirty years and a native san franciscan i understand the negatives the concerns for gang violence and bring negatively around this business but i've been living in the neighborhood forever. >> thank you, sir those problems. >> thank you thank you, sir, your time is up. >> next speaker, please. >> >> good good evening. i'm russel i'm here to speak against this project at least at that time only have a minute try to make that as succinct as possible there is giving a lack of outreach on the project side we have the visitacion valley neighborhood notification list through the planning department for 6 names my name is on there the first time i heard i got a
11:14 pm
direct message prosecute the team about a week ago they didn't make that opportunity to talk to the people in the community that are supposed to be talked it a divided and copy care by the audience the demographics this could within been avoided in better outreach i know you guys will talk about the letter of determination that has an error the community center around the corner raymond street visitacion valley is the historically a rec center and has the programs in that and predominantly uses depending on what day the letter of determination has an error. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
11:15 pm
language.) >> i'm very much against opening up the cannabis shop in my neighborhood i go to work and one time i was robbed and my son his cell phone was robbed whenever i go out i'm very much afraid and not come out in the everybody if you allow the shop to open for the safety of the area will get even worse so i'm against it. >> thank you. next speaker.
11:16 pm
hi. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. i've lived in the neighborhood for twths years and i have no speaker cards. a lot of robes in the neighborhood any son got his bicycle stole or robbed at one location he was really concerned about safety of neighborhood also, we have collected 3 thousand signatures that are all against the opening up of the mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> thank you.
11:17 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live in the neighborhood of bayview that is close to the proposed site and against opening up because human beings don't need marijuana to survive to i'm against it. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm from chinese church and look at this neighborhood and established in
11:18 pm
that neighborhood pointing out during the community meeting they were provided us with misleading information and inaccurate information so one of the preschool is near to from the mcd store and actually, my son statute last year and jovt and this one right front of the raymond avenue there was a community center and preschool so not good for your children thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is sandy worked in visitacion valley
11:19 pm
since 2001 at that time they have the violations on the street and take care of the preschool child and they had a tower is not peaceful and now you bring up the marijuana with all the stops i can't think about i want to be stopped to open this. >> thank you. next speaker. i came only to support this project i think it is a valuable project and needed project none has talked about the benefits that medical marijuana provide and we're taken back by the people from hunters point in a
11:20 pm
back-to-back thing that is looked at that the people in the neighborhood unless we believe that none in the neighborhood uses marijuana it will be sold illegally or legally what would you prefer >> reverend. >> i'm here to say i'm in support of medical cannabis dispensary one of the good things but this in our neighborhood any sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer stage 4 her main thing she needs is medical marijuana she didn't know how to get it with this in the city i believe it will help her, she can't get around to go to dispensary for the medical marijuana uses i'm here to support the movement
11:21 pm
yeah. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is tiffany here in support of medical cannabis dispensary thank you. >> thank you. >> hello my name is may wong no mcd. >> thank you, ms. wong. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is may low >> (speaking foreign language.) >> they don't let us know they don't tell me opening the mcd in
11:22 pm
our neighborhood i have 3 kids and grandkids i run the legal safety thank you. >> thank you, ms. low. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is a katrero park i understand the owners of the new mcd in bayshore have's have not been honest not given correct information we found out with the opening in the neighborhood without our knowledge we hope you understand this is not the best neighborhood not very safe like children and seniors we care about the safety of our streets we see don't want another medical marijuana in our neighborhood thank you. >> thank you, ma'am.
11:23 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a resident in the neighborhood for over 20 years and i'm against opening up mcd in my neighborhood. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hypothesis at mcd at the 2442 no marijuana. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my adult you daughter told me to stay away from marijuana store not good for the families to live in the high crime area
11:24 pm
therefore post this mcds for our children future thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against the mcd thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm o.j. live in the bayshore where this guy tries to open the business because at the 2442 mob their
11:25 pm
renting the place i live for 2 two years in the same neighborhood before i live in the hayes valley i don't want this kind of store. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> hello my name is wong. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live in the neighborhood i have 18 years with 3 kids and i'm very much against opening up mcd in your neighborhood we've collected over 3 thousand signatures presented through - a teacher by the name of chin
11:26 pm
will submit the signatures to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> hello. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i have 3 kids and live in the neighborhood have 3 kids going to school i don't want the kind of drufgs to their growth. >> hello. >> hello.
11:27 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i came from china and have 3 grandkids age 17 and 5 and 6 they're very young i don't want the kind of thing to effect their future i intend to bring them from china to usa for them to have a happy and good life this is not what i'm expecting thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live in the neighborhood for over thirty years and against mcd opening up in my
11:28 pm
neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live in the neighborhood for over thirty years and the
11:29 pm
site 2442 ambassador used to be a center for asian pacific islander community and used to go there for meeting and recreation after they closed the door for a long time we don't know what guess going on all of a sudden they open up a cannabis shop that is a shock they don't gave us a warn and really not good for the neighborhood and our children i'm very much against it. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker. >> >> (speaking foreign
11:30 pm
language.) >> i very much convince opening up an mcd in the neighborhood not good for the children and let the proposed site is to close to leeland street and old people so not good for young and old and very much against it. >> thank you thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is i didn't know i live in the
11:31 pm
visitacion valley for thirty years in the 2442 have half chiropractor chvr /* childcare 6 blocks over the hill have middle school and after school allows the children to go around and allows the seniors in our area on the mcd it is no good for you area and neighborhood i hope any area is getting better and better before it is a bad place in our area we hope no mc in our area thank you. >> thank you.
11:32 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live in the neighborhood more than a a long time this is not a rich neighborhood a poor fabricated so the security and safety is not good already and opening up the cannabis shop will make things so much worse not good for our children and please consider it. >> thank you.
11:33 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> i'm here opposing the mcd opening ♪ location if you look at >> speak into the microphone please. so this location is particular 5 nine-hundred feet away from the door i urge the commissioners to consider the community of our san francisco to protect the kids to protect the kids and to provide the really what we need the kids needs the safety area and also - this is the location that is hardly to find a mcd you have to take 9 minutes to the
11:34 pm
walkway what we need the real people we need the walkway for the mcd not in our life i hope you consider the community to protect us to provide what we need we need another store instead of an mcd thank you. >> thank you in dep. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening i live in that area and i have kids at home and don't want my kids to be effected by mcd thank you. >> thank you very much in depth .
11:35 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> i'm a long time resident and know that in the past i would be really faired to visit the area recently it got better and some place said because of a tower that used to trap a lot people doing drugs they broke down that tower it got better that is a bad idea to open an mixed use there just when things are getting better so, please not approve this thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening.
11:36 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a resident in the neighborhood and notice the smell of the marijuana and anytime i smelled that i feel a headache and dizziness and dryness of throat and many other people have the same problem and a lot of old and young people in the neighborhood opening up the shop in the neighborhood is really not a good idea. >> thank you in depth good evening, commissioners i'm sabrina reading on behalf of the corps representing the united playaz he couldn't make it to the event i'm going to read the letter
11:37 pm
from him he rudy is the found and director of united playaz an organization dedicated to providing youth with activities to engagement in at not gangs and other at risk barfs i'm pricing writing this letter we have a strong part elevated systems have been a donor in the buy back march in honor of martin luther king year at our buy back we removed one and 13 firearms in total including 6 assault rifles and 23 shotguns and other in addition to three hundred people marched for peace. >> you can turn that in if you
11:38 pm
want to submit that as part of public record. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello i'd like to speak in favor of this project here medical marijuana benefits the opposition it bans outdated and invalid information i would hope that we can use facts and current information to prove the benefits of medical marijuana thank you. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is morgan rodriquez i'm in full support of this the medicinal i've lived in the excelsior and the mission district and currently in the other district i've seen the benefits of opening medical cannabis dispensary i don't know there is any evidence that shows
11:39 pm
medical cannabis dispensaries make people violent and i can only hope you guys consider this is as a real option. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against opening up in the mcd because when the owner who proposed this project lied to us and when we had the merge we didn't having receive the announcements to the people attending the announcement is
11:40 pm
very few so we are - i'm against it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against opening up the
11:41 pm
cannabis in the bayshore they scare our children they dare not come out and play bad influence thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi good evening. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. we heard the owner is presenting false to you and they didn't notify us for the passenger. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> do you know how many schools and kids in our neighborhood. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> from preschool kindergarten primary and middle and high
11:42 pm
school. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and private schools also. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> no mcd thank you. >> no mcd. >> hello no more mcd enough is enough >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm really upset today. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> because i didn't receive any announcement for meetings. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so are they trying to mislead us and also why is there not enough cannabis shop already. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> everyday when i take my kids to school and take them from school i was scared.
11:43 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so this traffic is very bad with the increase of many strangers in the neighborhood. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and also i'd like to ask the commissioners how many cannabis shops now in the systems in san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> do we need that many? >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it is more than walgreens. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> do we need to live by the cannabis shop.
11:44 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> should i just not work and apply for low income assistance so i don't have to come out and face the cannabis shop. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> also as parent i believe you devices are parent and also people sitting here as parent how do you deal with a situation if a breeder cannabis shop open up in your neighborhood please no mcd enough is enough thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
11:45 pm
language.) >> i'm against opening up for the cannabis shop in my neighborhood not good for the kids and us resident living in adjacent to the shop. >> thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against opening up the cannabis shop. >> okay. >> okay. >> thank you. >> >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
11:46 pm
language.) >> opening up the cannabis shop in the neighborhood effects the health of our children and residents. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it's not good for other health i'm against opening up a cannabis shop. >> the members of the public with the small children if you want to move to the front of the line you can.
11:47 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against the opening up the cannabis shop in my neighborhood it is not good for the children and not good for old people i'm very much against it. >> thank you, sir. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (laughter). >> thank you. >> okay i live in the neighborhood and my kids you see my daughter is less than 3 years old i'll really worried about her future in the cannabis shop is opened in our neighborhood. >> no mcd thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please.
11:48 pm
>> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i live in the neighborhood and against opening up cannabis hop in the chinese neighborhood. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> in number 56 and 6 - and of 6 there are out of school childcare programs close to the proposed site.
11:49 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> the safety in the neighborhood already is not very good many people faired to come to the neighborhood to live. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> with the opening up of the new cannabis shop the safety of the neighborhood will go downhill. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> sometimes when you go to bus you smell people that are smoking marijuana and the smell is really bad i don't want any kid to suffer from the
11:50 pm
surrounding. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it's not good to do drugs and cannabis is drugs. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
11:51 pm
language.) >> i'm against opening up the cannabis shop i understand the marijuana has many effects but needs good regulations careful regulations how those shops and in our neighborhood it is not a good place because of many kids thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm upset because the owner
11:52 pm
of this project did not misleading us so in the first hearing we don't have enough people to express our opposition. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> when i get-together over to the united states i'm looking forward to a better life for myself and kids and not worried about those problems and this is really not i expected thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against opening up a cannabis shop.
11:53 pm
>> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i was here because we didn't get notice for the first hearing and didn't show up i wanted to come in today to show any opposition to this project there's a densely populated neighborhood he should open the shop if a breeder area were there be fewer people. >> thank you. >> thank you.
11:54 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very unhappy because there is no notification and all of a sudden we realized as a project opening up the cannabis shop if in any neighborhood i'm against it and here to express my feelings thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
11:55 pm
language.) >> i will with my kids to the neighborhood and people smoke marijuana will be standing around the shop it is making the neighborhood unsafe and don't want my kids to the in an unsafe environment. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against opening up 80 a cannabis shop in our neighborhood because we have primary school and middle school and high school and having it in the neighborhood is a very bad influence to our children.
11:56 pm
>> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against opening up another cannabis shop there was over thirty cannabis shops in the city i understand some patient my need their medicine but order it online and delivery to your house no need for another cannabis shop.
11:57 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay i'm against because against opening up this cannabis in this area we have a lot of children and old people the traffic is busy and also i found that the proposal tried to mislead us because they didn't give us sufficient time for us to evaluate the merits of having such a shop and also this neighborhood is heavy concentrated with chinese and
11:58 pm
many people don't read or speak english english as a second language and they don't provide pamphlets. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> i live in the neighborhood and i'm against opening up a cannabis shop they especially\send me any notice i was not aware and also, because it is because opening up the shop in the area is very close
11:59 pm
to childcare facilities. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> well, i'm convince opening up a cannabis shop if so it is in a neighborhood of middle and high school and will be a bad influence to the children. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i've against opening up a cannabis shop in our neighborhood many children going to school and coming back from
12:00 am
school. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.)
12:01 am
>> okay i'm against opening up the cannabis shop in this neighborhood first of all, the proposed mislead us into thinking it was a restaurant or it was just a clinic or just delivery of drugs and we never realized it was they're going to open a medical cannabis facility, and, secondly, because the neighborhood has a lot of children and the opening up the shop will be very bad influence to the children. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is wong jen.
12:02 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> save - no mcd in our area - in our neighborhood inform mcd this is still our place. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against the opening of an mcd i think marijuana is not go
12:03 am
for our health both for adults and not children not good for anything so i'm against it. >> next speaker >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, i'm speaking on behalf of paul alvarez in visitacion valley and i just want to say the most important benefit to the visitacion valley neighborhood is that inc. provides the community with safe and convenient assess to the contributed medication with the rise of growing number of people more and more people are seeking different forms of healing therefore more and more people are turning to medical cannabis and solutions agency studies show positive progress with mental health issues and
12:04 am
individual suffering from pain i'm excited to hear they are proposing to open their doors to the community our community deserves the proper services and resources to help build themselves first, the community second and mayor ed lee effecting change in our community skim i'm a little bit never been. >> sir, your time is up. >> >> can i give you guys copies. >> leave it right there on the rail. >> hello, i'm ann i can't on behalf of win dell after meeting with the owners and they're planning group i'm positive they'll make a great edition to the community the storefront an
12:05 am
atmosphere they wanted to create at elevated system it is type of progress our community need you want you to accept this vibrant business is that time up. >> no 30 seconds. >> the more businesses we attract to our community the more everyone benefits there are more opportunity for community integration making our community safer thank you. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon i'm a supporter of the cannabis club in the neighborhood i'm a fourth generation in the neighborhood and lived here my whole life and don't see nothing wrong with that as long as other groups concern of influencing children and you know so say their children might get into it you have to be legally 21 and
12:06 am
authored by a doctor to get the card and anything so i wouldn't see that being a big issue marijuana is a good resource for people's medical health and i don't see anything wrong a lot of neighborhoods have one it is time for this neighborhood to have one as well so going forward i'm a supporter of it. >> thank you, sir. >> hi commissioners you know if necessary need to buy the drugs the other shop can operate the delivery our neighborhood is getting better the drugs people out in front of of the bus stop and the community seems like not a good idea so no mcd.
12:07 am
>> thank you, ms. sing. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is helen i 050 two children in the community i want my children to be safe to keep this community no mcd in my neighborhood hear our voice thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello my name is jan no mcd in my neighborhood.
12:08 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i. very much allergic to marijuana smell in particular when i go up to the buttons. >> someone is smoking marijuana i want to get off after smelling the drug is not good for the human body and hope that the government would take it more seriously. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is jessica long. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i think it is already too much cannabis shop this property
12:09 am
site is opposite to a bus stop many children going on on and off the bus it is very bad influence. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and if you - in a bus stop waiting for the bus you can spell it the smell is very bad for us anyway they already too much cannabis shops in the city. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and also hopefully with less shop open less crime. >> thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker. >> i'm aaron and speaking on behalf of mr. michael chow a
12:10 am
resident other visitacion valley i'm a patient with medical needs after any doctor recommend it as a alternative to an everyday prescription drugs i'll give it a try i've done away with medication and i thank you for your time and ask you kindly consider elevated system with their medical marijuana thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm a resident of visitacion valley i urge that the planners to stop having mcd in visitacion valley it is located within childcare centers and after-school program those programs that they like at the 58 raymond and had signs posted drug free zones and also the mcd
12:11 am
on two 442 that one is in front of bus stop and on the left hand we want to keep our child's save and no mcd in visitacion valley thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> please no mcd it is too close to the schools only one block away on 50 raymond has a childcare center and also, we don't want strangers come to our community and it is very dangerous to take this in driving thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm wendy live in the
12:12 am
bayview i'm against opening up a marijuana store in neither neighborhood i urge the people that are supporting the opening not to waste your money on drugs and don't waste our parent money on drugs i see young people and marijuana is harmful again not opening the store. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i just want to say a few issues about this club that they want to open up in the visitacion valley area it is a good idea because the money that will be generated from this club and from medical marijuana does for the patient will be a positive thing because the money can be used for schools education, awareness, and maybe help the city you know develop
12:13 am
some jobs thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello my name is rock i'm here in support of medical marijuana in visitacion valley i believe the patient need the help and need a safe way to get the help thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> hello my name is darrell i'm in support of medical marijuana as far as the smell goes i don't like the smell of set back and you can get second-hand cancer people should do research obtain marijuana and the benefits as well it helps more people than harms much more. >> thank you. >> hi, my name is joe there's
12:14 am
a out after-school program any kid's go through and a communication center on raymond street so no mcd please keep this shop away from my kids i'm a patent we don't know when the marijuana their use for private patient or with whatever. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello good evening. i'm amy i lived in visitacion valley over thirty years and that's why i'm here for long, long time i'm here because i found
12:15 am
interesting about the marijuana i'm not interested in marijuana and the mcd shop around here so, please do not open this mcd in our neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. hi, i'm teresa i live nearby for a long time and i'm against the near the schools and my kids go do after-school programs just around the corner i don't think that is opening there is not a safe neighborhood either and bus stop is nearby even for the kid is not good for them to smell those thing. >> thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker, please.
12:16 am
>> hello my name is paul mccartney i'm in support of cannabis club opening in the neighborhood. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi names a roberta a i'm supporting the cannabis club thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is sam first address the people that say no medical marijuana tourism for a person that as a child with seizures they come to california out of desperation i'm in favor the medical marijuana and i think that as far as i know that is 10 football field that's far enough thank you.
12:17 am
>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is a louie sanders here to support the medical marijuana club as a member of the community you feel the safety and more job opportunity to the community thank you. >> thank you mr. sanchez. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm jaunty support the cannabis opening in the area. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening nickel and dimed a liz simpson the executive director of a nonprofit that provides workforce development suzy loftus and in support of the cannabis club to the community i'm a resident and native of san francisco and this will definitely bring and heightened the infrastructure and bring much needed jobs for san franciscans and tax dollars thank you. >> thank you, ma'am.
12:18 am
>> next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is jen i'm here today to represent my entire family my brother and my sister and now i'm mother all of my- activity in the neighborhood as you can see this building is within 5 hundred feet to the store which will open but the city code says this shall be tax-free no marijuana within one thousand feet that is 5 hundred feet so no mcd to our children strongly opposite. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm jim chow feel obligated to testify
12:19 am
because i have a service on january 5th the lady living 94 years but only daughter and his grandson happened 20 years ago only grandson is only 15 years old first year in high school he's started using marijuana and it is a drug to hardcore so he died over those and after two years his mother committed suicide this is my personal testimony please for our next generation no more mcds. >> thank you, mr. chow in depth. >> my name is a cindy i want to be fair not here to stop all mcd but hope that they all can leave us will that to live a
12:20 am
good life the patents come here working hard skaigz their life to relearn to make that living just want to their children to have a good future to receive good education and serve society no america but marijuana will lower the morale and corrupt the brain so it very worrisome for the chinese parent if they can just move away from the heavy chinese community i will be happy thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is sally i live in raymond avenue i'm a mom i
12:21 am
have two little obesity one six-year-old and one 3 years old the reason i come to usa because i want to live in a safety city i want any two sons and family live in a nice safety area and i want any children to have a good fortune so i'm here to again - against to have mcd in my neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, everybody my name is chang.
12:22 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> we have i live in the neighborhood and have many large schools to the neighborhood and safety issues that comes with the cannabis shop is too much for the neighborhood the marijuana on the streets. >> okay. >> yeah. okay. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> i live in the visitacion
12:23 am
valley area i'm against mcd in visitacion valley please for safe area for the health for the kids grow up thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i live in visitacion valley 20 years ago yeah. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a volunteer in the center between. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> number 50 and number 60 in number 50 is childcare
12:24 am
downstairs and another one upstairs 40 kids in the neighborhood. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> number 66 it senior center over 50 seniors that are taking lunch over there. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> would have a lot of activities like distancing and ti which i. >> against cannabis so that in this site. >> thank you very much ma'am. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is tina.
12:25 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against having the cannabis shop because in number 50 and 66 not there are a lot of activities going on and effecting the people participating. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm living in the - yeah.
12:26 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. i lived in the neighborhood and my kids also lived there and their people smoking marijuana in the on the streets and whenever he get close to the smelly feel my throat and headache and all kinds of problems and if you open up a shop there will be a lot of people smoking and quality of life and quality of air in my neighborhood will be very bad. >> if you open a drugstore when i drive but i feel thinking comfortable and my stop hurts and my head will start hurting.
12:27 am
>> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a elective to this smell that causes headache and violating and heart beating this is not good for my health and hope you support those who oppose this proposal.
12:28 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> and will be a lot of people effected by marijuana. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> no mcd. >> thank you, ms. wong. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is win i live in visitacion valley. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm against having a cannabis shop in my neighborhood because it is going to effect the safety of the neighborhood if people addicted to the drug
12:29 am
will rob and get the money for the drugs that will effect the safety of my neighborhood if they want to buy something can buy from existing cannabis shops
12:30 am
>> most mcd need a translate. so they are less-so they are less and really needed to help. [inaudible] quiet and peace [inaudible] >> thank you, ma'am. >> out our chinese community >> thank you ma'am. your time is all. next speaker, please.
12:31 am
>> >>[foreign language] >> i am against opening a cannabis shop in my neighborhood because they can't control their own behaviors on the against having this shop in our neighborhood. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good evening i am ms. lee. i'm living in visitation valley and i don't want to open the drugstore and our neighborhood. because there is 50
12:32 am
[inaudible] childcare and 66 have senior center and near the bus stop and the many [inaudible] walked by there but no good for the children. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. commissioners that i think everyone grows tired but we still come. why? please listen to me. before [inaudible] we are neighbors. now changed to a district 9. in district 9 already has [inaudible] they applied for mcd and the reason why i come here because frequently this is a bay area aqmd who live near the proposed mcd in the
12:33 am
2442 bayshore ave. which is entrance of visitation valley. like my friends and your worried neighbors i'm also concerned with the proposals location which is near several children and youth program and office group programs. we understand that seems you and your commissioners have proposed mcd application of 3015 san bruno ave. two september or to the september up to your [inaudible] >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you, ma'am. your time is up. >> >> thank you next speaker, please. >> hi. good evening. my name is paloma concordia. i'm a
12:34 am
mother, small business owner and am an advocate of medical marijuana use. it's been a long hearing and in the interest of getting to the decision of the mcd i'm asking everyone that is here in this room in sports of the approval to please, raise your hand. everyone here, please raise your hand. let it show that there is support in this room for this business to open. thank you. have a good evening >> thank you ms. concordia. next speaker, please. sir? >> good evening. commissioners, i would like to speak my opinion. the thing is like this. i don't want to many stores for marijuana stores but on the other hand, the city [inaudible] the tax revenue,
12:35 am
but in my mind revenue, the tax money never can recover the sickness. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is [inaudible]. i just came here just want to say i lived there. how come i don't receive any letter for hearing? i just failed to notify our neighbor for the last two committee meetings and this hearing. [inaudible] ncd in lower income area. please, sage-keep his attention safe and the children say. please
12:36 am
disapproved this project. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hi. my name is emily good i'm very strong against opening mcd at 244 bayshore avenue. because we [inaudible] want to keep our community safe and clean. no messy decision to our residents and no mcd you are our children. there are so many private childcare daycare centers and after school programs such as [inaudible] and 66 after school programs over there. you know, [inaudible] i'm disappointed and really upset for the last two meetings they fail to notify to everybody from all the neighborhoods. we don't really know they had a meeting last two months and also fail to keep like a stew about the hearing schedule, too in a meeting, they only are talking about the model how can we [inaudible] or something like that. over the city that's over
12:37 am
34 [inaudible] over the city already. [inaudible] at the low income community. thank you so much for your consideration can thank you and happy new year. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening commissioners. [inaudible] i speak chinese. >>[non-english speaker]
12:38 am
>> merritt arizona is a very bad influence for this community. >>[non-english speaker] >> safety health and environment and kids. >>[non-english speaker] >> for me and many others we are very allergic to smoke and marijuana smell. >>[non-english speaker] >> it's going to affect my respiratory tract and breathing. >>[non-english speaker] >> i'm very much against opening the shop in our neighborhood. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is [inaudible] on
12:39 am
the property owner which is four blocks from here but am i don't receive any notice until now. okay. there's always [inaudible] in the neighborhood especially [inaudible] in front of it and also there's a couple parking issues and just like yesterday i just saw three young kids smoking in front of my porch. when i called the police that already left but small things like this take away our police force. where they can handle something bigger than this and our police force is not controlled by the legal marijuana legalized and san francisco is not ready to take this type of [inaudible] yet. there's no regulation so we should spend it this project until further notice. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is vicky chen, conservative business owner for
12:40 am
next to the proposed mcd. my customer only to me that they would be afraid, to my business if this entity is going to open for business because they're worried about their safety and i can't lose my customers. therefore i would be under no choice but to move out of this neighborhood. not just the i've [inaudible] from all other business owners nearby. who would be responsible for businesses lost? what is this 31 to see? more mcd shops traded in for [inaudible] does art city want to see a ghost town? also i am the [inaudible] with international students from southern china. and i probably get the majority of this international students are youth. does the city really want to [inaudible] image and impression of san francisco to the international minor students. be please avoid this mcd plan. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker,
12:41 am
please. >> hi. i'm a longtime resident of visitation valley. i'm in support of this. there's a lot of things that are out there. there is killing our people which is cigarettes and they sell those at area liquor store even 711. deeds see that every day all day. second smoke is the number 1 kb public to know if anybody has a statistics on marijuana killing anybody. but it's also it's been a chore-it's been helping people in the community with trauma, dealing with ptsd and there's also been a study procure for cancer, leukemia, and other things. so i am all for it. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> excuse me, folks. we don't allow any outburst. >>[inaudible] [off mic]
12:42 am
>> thank you. thank you, sheriff. next speaker, please. >> >>[non-english speaker] >> my name is chen. she has asked me to translate her written statement. she won't be speaking to why we speaking on her behalf. i am opposed to opening a cannabis shop because there are three child care and school and senior centers and on number 15 the [inaudible] a lot of the committee and every week the children, the parents, gather for activities. 66 street
12:43 am
has many also activities. there's a real lab report around the proposed site is number nine and number eight public bus stop and that affects the neighborhood good they are not taking the kids to go to school. were to go to chinatown. they have to pass by the cannabis shop. the cannabis shop should be open in the commercial district not in a residential district and hope that you would consider our thinking, feeling and the next generation's health. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is [inaudible]
12:44 am
>> okay she's got a statement. we feel that we are being deceived because only notify us two hours before the public hearing and before that [inaudible] now we know it's a cannabis shop. it's a big difference. >> >>[non-english speaker] >> therefore i'm against opening the cannabis shop in my neighborhood. >> thank you. next speaker, please. after this person if there's any other >> no ncd. >> thank you, sir. are there any other speakers would like to speak on this item either
12:45 am
inside or outside? these, write one up the on the scene summer the rooms >> >> my name is [inaudible] as was the letter you should proceed from [inaudible] that the staff is misquoted in supporting. also, i'm just forwarded a student to you from the [inaudible] housing development. that was the site of the existing medicines they do not receive notice. in addition as a city we need to delay any further mcd approval until september just like last time. even though they might be an effort to say that mcd not automatically converted adult use but just last week the mayor [inaudible] recommended item number 11 grandfathering provisions should allow existing mcd t [inaudible] of adult use retail at the location and also just last week
12:46 am
the mayor and activate interim control on indoor agriculture. therefore nothing is set in stone. before september. we are asking [inaudible]" barring childcare and preschools- >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is teresa-with vinton empowerment center. the agenda for today is a total one of 39 pages for 2442 bayshore blvd. it's lying in this reading. the public is not fair for the non-english speaking community. i also want to the went to the two meetings and i don't see the planning clock [inaudible] present. so i don't think they
12:47 am
are doing a good job because they are misleading it and we have 55 [inaudible] and they do not do a good job. we will not spend our whole day here. sitting here listening and you are supposed to have a good dinner and we should have the-a good dinner with the family. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. again if there's any additional folks who want to come up these lineup >> hi. my name is sharon hooley. i am kind of very strongly against opening the mcd at 2442 bayshore because we absolutely wanted to keep our community safe and peaceful and because we don't know methods
12:48 am
of deception to our residents. near our neighborhood and the children day care center and children's playground near those areas. especially no bayshore and the raymond avenue. [inaudible] children's activities there. also, you know, we kind of like really are shocked and disappointed for very last disc two meetings >> thank you. appreciate your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is allergen on the social worker. i am here to oppose the mcd
12:49 am
that has it 2442 bayshore i've been sitting and listening to about 200 people speaking to you and many of them support the marijuana and many of them oppose them. this is the differences. the people who oppose parents grandparents there think about the future. there probably owners they keep telling you the project owner [inaudible] they don't have the information. the people who supporting it is not coming here to speak. maybe all of them not speaking and also the signature and the public are 139 agenda is misleading the public could amenity information are not true because visitation valleys happening in business. as people testify to you in here and the federal law still says marijuana is illegal. it's not supported by the [inaudible] and the [inaudible] >> thank you, ma'am. your time is up. >> thank you, ma'am. any additional public comment on
12:50 am
items 16? p please, come on up. anyone else like to speak please, line up. >> good evening. no ncd. i'm an educator. i strongly oppose the mcd. the most important point is cannabis is poison to children. it is proved by many skeptics in many professional researchers. one waders and argue 1000 feet away from school requirements. i believe [inaudible] is for protection and prevention for our children. however, the 1000 feet is based on the vicinity the facility [inaudible] but
12:51 am
our children they walk home from home to school. they hang out in the business areas around the school. i demand the city to limit mcd's to be in industrial zones. so avoid our children to expose the marijuana. moreover, on [inaudible] 19th the planning commissioners denied our community members and community leaders request to postpone this hearing. due to the chinese new year tradition. also, on the committee meeting held by the sponsor
12:52 am
>> commissioner koppel. >> thank you all the public would came out and show their support for both sides. a couple things about this proposed project popped out in my mind. the lot is currently vacant. as one big thing i'm looking at. i was impressed with the $50,000 donation to the children's fund also. you have local san francisco residence were very ethnically representing this neighborhood in san francisco. there will be no smoking on site. there will
12:53 am
be no cultivation on site which some people may not realize. this project is legal and code compliance. there are 15 security cameras set up to be in this project both in the front and the back. there's going to be more eyes on the street and are currently is. right now. and i don't see any other names on the board so i'll make a motion to approve. >> i will second that. if i can ask a couple questions of the operators. if you can come up? can you tell us is this the first mcd still operated or two of experience currently operating? >> this is our first. >> can you talk more about the plan for security. especially i think we heard from folks there's no smoking on site but we heard mcd's in the past where
12:54 am
complaints from neighbors and we are getting the fear that people will smoke outside around the block or adjacent to the mcd? >> yes. the legal consumption on site and we estimate was capt. mcfadden from angle side police station and he had recommended security plan for us that we are definitely going to implement at this location that he said that works. he has worked with mcd's that use this plan and these recommended us to use it. >> what types of things are in the plan that you will do-to try to mitigate folks from smoking outside the premises and in the neighborhood? >> so the no smoking the no loitering noting our people stoops were the stairways. no
12:55 am
double parking in parking neighbors drivers but we will cost lab security patrolling the area. if we do catch somebody a member of ours that is doing this we are going to put him a six-month suspension in a second time building that will ban them from our dispensary. >> so you will suspend him from using- >> for the first offense, correct >> can you clarify the hours you are planning to- >> so 9 am-7 pm is the hours of operation. >> everyday? >> everyday. >> that's in the condition of approval? >> i have to take a look at the -it is in the conditions of approval. the planning code allows it to go to 10 pm but they're closing at 7 pm. >> okay. >> i mean it's an enforcement issue because it's in the code >> so commissioner just to clarify, you can at this as a
12:56 am
condition of approval. currently it's within the project description but it's not currently in the conditions that are outlined before you. so you have discretion in terms of the hours of operation and see if you can add the condition of approval for the hours of operation as an additional- >> yes. i would propose we add that to the conditional approval if doable to keep those hours what you want,, what we want to keep them but i think those are appropriate hours for a medical use. this facility. i would appreciate of those are also in the conditions of approval. i mean, we hear these a lot and people are very passionate about sides. -thank you. i appreciate your time.-where you can-you can sit down. thanks. our jurisdiction is the land use. it's not whether marijuana is legal for recreation or medical use. that's been done. we are really hard to decide whether this is appropriate for this site given
12:57 am
the fact that it's legal in the city. in my biggest concern is around posturing too many entities in one place and this one is far from others. it's one of the few i have within a mile or even farther ladies. i've got children, to get i live about two blocks from and mcd on grocery. they are young. i think the biggest impact from that mcd is traffic and people double parking is not necessarily negative behavior. people either working or operating the mcd. so i am generally supportive with change , with the specification of the hours been 9-7. commissioner richards >> yes. project sponsor. so what is your experience in the cannabis industry?
12:58 am
>> so we've had a lot of experience in this industry. we are both cultivate cannabis. distribute it to mcd's but we wanted a chance to step in front of the patient and help the patient compassionately on a one-on-one basis. as opposed to just giving it to mcd's to do that for us. we feel like we would touch people more by doing this. >> okay. i was canceled my second question. we heard people say we have delivery -that's what they should get anyone to say you want to get in front of the patient. what you do in front of the patient? >> education can one thing we are big on this patient education you were going to be able sit down with them not only give them medicine but give them the right medicine. >> so how does that look. know someone on staff it's that unit,? >> we will train all staff >> what is your connection to the neighborhood? so i mean we
12:59 am
been tracking these cannabis dispensaries for now 2.5 years and the ones most successful are ingrained in the neighborhood and not somebody who complies in and gets stick support in the ground like a flag. how are you going to be a part of the neighborhood? what are you going to do? so we currently have been doing a lot of outreach in the community. we reach out to different community organizations and we want to embed ourselves in the community. we've been working [inaudible] christmas dinner we been involved in backpack day. that was with turf. so we have reached out to different organizations like rudy said. he could not be heard but we have an reach out to different organizations that we really hope to build be able to reach out to more organizations and that embed ourselves in the community >> okay. j capt. mcfadden talk
1:00 am
about-i saw him out in the hallway and one of the things he indicated is green crosses a good example of a mcd done right and i settled what is it that they do and he said they come to our community meetings but they come to our police meetings with their part of the neighborhood and if you were to be approved tonight my expectation-i can't condition this but you as a [inaudible] you need to be a part of the neighborhood. you need to really [inaudible] try to win over people that don't support you now. >> we totally agree. >> i heard issues around you were notices a restaurant. so somebody people said [inaudible] no. okay. the other one was people said there were not know for. what was the notification here mr. clark? if you could, but come on up, that would be great. >> the required notification has taken place. the minimum
1:01 am
required noticing period is 30 days and 34 days notice was given in terms of the mailing. that set prayer foot radius. so i think that a lot of the confusion may lie around the fact that a lot of people outside of that radius didn't receive that notification because the required notification is within 300 feet but from what i understand about the project sponsor is that they went beyond the minimum requirements to do the door-to-door outreach and they can certainly speak to that more. >> thank you very much good one other question mr. clark. do you know-this may be on the scope of what we would expect you to know-any crime statistics around and cds that we have already 434-35? is crime worse? is there any statistics you're aware of?
1:02 am
>> i don't. i reach out to the police department within the last couple of days in the community reach out to me and mentioned that crime was potential concern. but i have that same question as you. i wasn't able to get that information in such a short amount of time >> okay. i think that something for the future they'll be good for us at least to understand because we on system jaded claims that crime has increased and we don't know what things people are coming into the police about whether it's double parking or its murder. whatever. so i'd love to understand. thank you very much mr. clark. can you tell me about your door-to-door outreach and where you go how far did you go and who did you talk to? >> so we did door-to-door outreach for a meeting we were going to have. neighborhood meeting and we went about maybe asleep three block radius dropping off flyers and we've gone up and down the corridor talk to business owners. we have also drawn a lot of outreach in sunnydale which is
1:03 am
[inaudible] and we've accumulated from [inaudible] over 700 signatures. >> okay. one of the other things that i will [inaudible] on the task force regulations number 11 with somebody called ultima [inaudible] are just [inaudible] adult use cannabis leads underground father and provision should allow existing mcd to apply regardless of future probation. [inaudible]. i just want you to be aware that it would be our expectation and something will be abdicating for and we have the power to do, to make sure that there isn't another type of review possible. i want that automatic discretionary do we could insist things like that that doesn't expectation of
1:04 am
your part that is soon as adult cannabis comes in your in like-your issuing could i just want to make sure you realize that? >> we do realize that. >> thank you very much. i guess question for mr.-it is late. mr. sucre. i'm scratching my head where in the clinic will do we have a donation on the same type of activity or products sold or whatever where we have two different permitting systems? at least twice that being? >> a good corollary would probably be our restaurant controls could probably we have limited restaurants and restaurant could two different definitions and the big difference in the restaurant controls is the sale of alcohol. in certain zoning districts of for example a full restaurant or is required conditional use in a limited restaurant would be principally permitted. for example. so we have a corollary between recreational use for example don't use marijuana and undergo cannabis as two different uses that are similar. it's only
1:05 am
within the commissions: power to create those process. >> thank you. having this memo understanding [inaudible] discretionary use somebody wants to use the values we have a kind of [inaudible] and are packed. i'm inclined this week to support this versus the san bruno project which i had no idea we were looking at. so it makes more sense to me. i feel comfortable doing this. i think somebody said we need to be a commissioner for all and all means people that actually need this as well as the residence. so i think denying this location given the fact that it's already a mom half from the next location does create a hardship on patients who need to have that interaction with the person that needs to told him the best kind of medicine to get. so on, to support good >> thank you. commissioner johnson >> thank you very much. i am
1:06 am
also inclined to support this project. i understand that we are going to have a new licensing process and new definitions that will probably be added to the planning code toward the end of this year and next year but as of right now you're looking at a project that already has existing planning code definition and existing regulation around how these uses can be cited in our city. at a couple of questions about that but i want to add as a sort of other summary comments, i also appreciate the with this project versus [inaudible] by commissioner richards said, i think it's much clear where the project is, where it's going. who the clientele is. we really have that much for the representation to be able to make a land-use decision here. i just want everyone to note there is a separate licensing procedure that this operator will have to go through the we don't guarantee approval of. so
1:07 am
there may be other circumstances this project that we don't take into account program use decision by impact whether or not this actually goes forward but in terms of land use we have existing rules and i feel like this project gives us a full plate of information to review it. i do have one question. in terms of that, i'm going to ask i guess that first. looking at the semantics i didn't see a clear representation of the frontage. we have rules around transparency and other rules for retail sites that essentially say what it supposed to look like and i know when the big knock seconds and cds in the past has been that the level of security that the operators try to provide to both combat neighborhood and provide safety for their employees and clients sometimes ends up with the frontage of that has the effect of
1:08 am
alienating the space in a neighborhood meeting bars in the windows and having security personnel that are sort of station right outside the door and a small frontage that can seem very imposing. so i do not see any--i didn't get a good representation of how this operator will structure that frontage space. do we have any sense of what they're going to do their? >> so i did ask the applicant to mention if there were any solid alterations of any kind and to my knowledge there are no exterior alterations proposed as part of the building permit application. in terms of the existing conditions, there's a security gate across the windows and if you want to ask the operator we can touch base to see if they have any future plans but in terms of the building permit application that was submitted to me even after we went through some of the security
1:09 am
concerns to improve the security plan it didn't involve any solid alterations. and in terms of storefronts as bouncy, it beats the 60%. >> okay. i would like to ask the operator then to come up. >> good evening i am the architect that i thought maybe could chime in. we talked about this as they mentioned what they want to achieve in their store. so essentially they didn't want it to 10 of the friendly when walking by to look like more like a dentist or a chiropractic institution weathers a waiting area right at the front of the storefronts. the storefront isn't blocked and if i may just so something on the projector real quick. the way we had in mind to design the actual project display to also help maybe the nervousness of the community [inaudible] these
1:10 am
gives that did not have the product on the window. >> so i'm sorry to interrupt you. because it's late. so i run never seen this. this that's from inside. they'll be your view >> about your view >> don 20 façade changes >> no. if you were to look inside the window that we would see. there is no change to the façade but if you were to walk by and look inside the window that we see. >> okay. when i look-thank you. you can have a seat. i think with that couple more-i don't know. when i look at the way it's currently configured there's security dates on the outside of the windows there appeared to be some bars across the doors or something. so that's something that i'm highly interested in and operating a space that is going to appear sort of menacing to
1:11 am
the street level. then finally just a quick question again. notably get into this too too much but on the community outreach i read through the packet and it said you guys had outreach to a number of individuals lead various committee groups but then i was surprised to see others--i will actually named chuck russell marine who came up and a couple others said that they want aware of what was going on and they haven't really been contacted. which is surprising because they run in the same circles as the people that you claim to have been working with in your pack packet and application of it to fall upon commissioner richard's question ask again, to the project sponsors, what did your outreach look like? wasn't good to me from your other hand we actually had a community meeting and how you're working
1:12 am
with some of those community leaders and what really happened there it if you could go over that one more time queen >> so we did reach out to him but we got his phone number and his name kind of late. we weren't aware of him to know-sorry, russell but we were not aware, russell get we did go to 50 raymond and we reach out to the group said 50 raymond has 66 raymond which is aipac. we reach out to them and we went to different organizations that like were visible to us good like this that communities group what's going on talk to them and shake their hands. let them know were all about-there's a few individuals that know me know that her prominence in the community but i mean we were not hiding from that. we just were unaware that we should be talking to them. >> okay. will depend on how this goes tonight we will see where we need to go with that but i would caution you particularly if you open up the location or others might be watching this hearing just
1:13 am
talking to the leaders is not an option i think that you would have found russell if you would've gone to some of the leaders of these community groups and expanded that communication to actually have a community meeting for other group. or >>[cough] not just about saying you met with the executive director of xyz group. you need to be able to say you actually use that connection to meet with people in the community and i don't know that i see that happens here. okay. then i'm going to- the visitation valley committee center is like a block applicant this is for staff-sorry. i mean they definitely serve youth. so how are we determining whether or not a youth within the thousand foot area primarily serve youth queen can we talk about how we make that determination? >> so i had a conversation with the zoning administrator in
1:14 am
november and the letter of determination that also touched upon that i think was from last may. where another planner was assigned to it and work with the zoning and mistress to put that letter together. more recently, i touched base with each facility community facility that ended up being within the 1000 foot radius. to double check and make sure that that letter of determination was still accurate in saying that it's coded compliant in the sense that it doesn't-it's not a majority of youth that is served by the programs in the community facility. i think i included most of them in the packet but i reach out to each community facility and the program directors to confirm that it is not a majority
1:15 am
orientated facility and then touch base with the zoning administrator to confirm that was in line. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner melgar. >> thank you. so i will not be supporting this project and i wanted to explain why. there was a lot of-[inaudible] from folks in the community and i want to explain that there is a lot of stuff that oh so that i do not agree with. i think that we are living during times when science can get the short shrift and the scientific evidence is that marijuana does help folks particularly folks with parkinson's, folks with hiv, books with cancer. it is legal in san francisco. and i
1:16 am
think that it is a very valuable resource. that being said, i think that even though we had no recommendations from folks who have been looking at this issue so far they are just recommendations. i hear you that folks are most likely going to have to go through a separate process but that is not an and assurance we have today in i am worried because in looking at where mcd's are cited almost exclusively they are cited in places where poor folks live. i think there is an inequity in where these things are cited across the city and i think that is all man use and a social justice issue. so i do think our [inaudible] to mcd's
1:17 am
especially when they don't meet those design guidelines that you touched upon and i'm worried that those externalities right now are [inaudible] that live in lower income neighborhoods. so until we have guidelines that are-and more study about what those externalities are and what we are doing with this new world of retail i'm now going to support these projects and seems like i'm the odd person out but that's how i'm feeling. >> thank you. commissioner fong >> thank you. these things are always difficult to appreciate the public and neighbors for coming out. i too am concerned about the use of san francisco and our kids and the next generation of san francisco. i will support commissioner johnson's concern about the exterior and what these look like from the exterior and how welcoming the art to the neighborhood. i don't know-did you worry about the exterior design? >> i'm sorry i was. we are
1:18 am
then update the billboard knock and adding new physical [inaudible] that's how i defined >> go to the overhead, please? >> that's improving the socket we were not going to add anything but we were going to give the building a nice paint job. >> okay. thank you. so that is better than the existing condition and i think there's certain examples like harvest on gary boulevard the clean and the [inaudible] store office tour of dispensary. i would ask you guys to describe to that. i feel citywide we have so many dispensaries now that is beyond the experiments and i don't know. i don't think very within our purview but i would love to see the crime report a police report on all of the dispensaries. how because of and disturbances? some calls from neighbors, calls from the public but
1:19 am
whether it's about orders or traffic or double parking but i think we have enough sampling to create that report citywide. i know as represent a from the health about it but i'd like to hear from the health department on the existing cannabis dispensaries and there's a lot of conflicting facts about these uses. i would like to try to get that all into one page did appreciate that apartment up putting a letter letter together and the conversion or lack of good conversion from medical to adults. i think it really differentiates this particular hearing today from two weeks ago good in my mind. and i will more than likely be supportive of this. >> thank you. mr. moore >> looking back for the last 10 years this commission has approved 51 mcd's within the wools that also make it possible to approve this one given the wools as they stand and is particularly applies to
1:20 am
medical marijuana dispensaries and nothing which will transfer automatically into how we deal with recreational marijuana under prop 64. and while this site does follow all the criteria the ongoing developing regulations with the task force and the still pending final say on what it will be makes me somewhat hesitant to wait on the [inaudible] on any of them until september and it just more uncertainty because 51 is already a large number and what is abnormal about 51 is that you can see it from there, it's these orange dots are totally concentrated in one long band primarily along the 101
1:21 am
corridor. i am concerned that original idea by this the import of the larger [inaudible] fabric has basically been not achieved at all. it isn't like that that i am kind of feeling that i need to take time out to continue current trends. that is basically just sitting them by old definition they just flopped into away from schools and some neighborhoods just don't have enough schools for the rules to applies to they have literally all nested them in already seriously clustering pattern. while this one is in -- there's out applications pending on nearby and i would rather have firm rules sorted out together with the ones which are pending and then take a very [inaudible] never
1:22 am
opposed the 51 we approved and i personally at this moment to feel quite ready to support this one. >> thank you commissioner moore. i share some of your i think i think we've got a lot of work to do on how we locate and come up with the regulations on where the creation of use are located. because i think we've heard testimony that engender similar populations there's over 200 recreational retail outlets for marijuana. so we can expect this number to grow substantially. we box ourselves in with this green zone and schools and the result is not good because they tend to be clustered together. so i think it's a key point. we've got to look out when the revelations come. i would echo the point was made, too, that we see different operators. we hear a
1:23 am
lot of testimony about the type of operators. some were kind of immersed in the community and they communicate well with neighbors and they do a good job. others who don't. perhaps, people do want to convert from medical to recreational use. that's a good opportunity to us to stop evaluating operators and how they work with you may send you ever want to [inaudible] faced with that kind of view and analysis. so i encourage if this passes, whether you're after recreational use or not, it measures ultimately and communicate because recently find those are the ones that operate better and i think the captain has experienced this and shared it and can make good recommendations and introductions and facilitator. commissioner richards >> i guess a couple more points. one, thank you for the due diligence. looks really astounding. it's nice to know we really know what were doing
1:24 am
on the pop this and down [inaudible] and we know we got a right. the other one is i guess to ask a question, this is an and nz three district so the ncd controls on transparency apply or don't apply queen >> they would apply. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioners, >> sorry. >> commissioner johnson >> okay. is triggered by a couple things to let you guys know we don't make up our minds before we show up. necessarily before a hearings it's all the conversation. so i must we started to be a little more concerned could i have concerns and was asked about that. i'm sorry to be more concerned about this location because having gone up and down that strip of bayshore there's not a whole lot that's happening and i feel like other mcd's that we
1:25 am
have approved many of them have been areas where you can talk whether or not it was community support or not but there are plenty of other uses whether restaurants were other retail uses. this one is pretty barren and so that makes me concerned from the perspective of people talking about safety and community involvement because it's not an adult use. it's not people going to recreation in go there. it's essentially a clinic. one where people are concerned that there may be potential issues associated with the product that the clinic is offering as people go out and i don't necessarily know that i see sort of the background safety mechanism in the neighborhood as people go up. i'm just wondering if other commissioners thought about that or see that or have we seen them in other areas? his
1:26 am
iq we have approved other mcd's that other eyes in the street or have more things: on the makes the way less concerned that people are going to go out and anything could potentially happen and i normally don't think about it but it's something that's triggering me for this location. >> commissioner richards >> so that's a really good question. i asked ofc. mcfadden should were the types of things are seen on the floor dispensaries you have in this station valley? the main one i guess we'll probably ask projects on to collaborate more to commissioner johnson's concern. they said that there's a radius where there's a security zone words monitored. cameras. item of your security plan your summary walking the block could be said with the real issue is when somebody gets gone that security zone and they go sit on somebody's front steps and they harass some orchids walk by in the
1:27 am
smoking interface i think it's really what the neighborhoods concerned about. all these things that they've said. it does happen. what you think about that? >> i think we were really professional security team. and security is the utmost importance to us. so it's primary that we keep the neighborhood safe and people feel safe coming and going from the dispensary and we have a positive impact on the community and positive impact on the safety of ache in the.. so there's a lot of things that come along with mcd's and security that goes along with it. you guys were talking about san francisco and mcd's in san francisco. but there's a [inaudible] crimes to maj. crimes since january 6 started popping up. in the city. one was a national [inaudible] robbie where they got caught right away. another happened outside of an mcd where somebody got there to very taken. so it security. it's actually enhanced by mcd's.
1:28 am
>> so in the green cross security plan the capt. mcfadden [inaudible] that you do and agree to do with this attorney plan on the perimeter? to commissioner johnson's concerns, how what you do, what happens beyond it? anything? >> so we are going to the perimeter of the block so the one block perimeter that were going to be patrolling and what happens beyond it, it's a big block. that were going to be patrolling so we can follow people miles. >> i think to the point i made before if you are ingrained with the captain and work with them you would understand with the calls were made outside the parameter. it's really getting immersed in the community and understand what's going on and that includes how product plays into [inaudible]
1:29 am
>> what we are going to do is set up security security advisory canceled members of the community and never can be reaching out to people. so for the first year were going to be meeting with them orderly and i were going to be reaching out to buy yearly. to see see what they have to say about how security is going and what they think we should tweak just be an open forum where we can talk about that. >> if i'm may make a suggestion during the first six months or year you may want to a monthly just to make sure that you're not missing anything. because a quarter is a big three months. >> okay. >> friendly suggest could spew >> okay. >> thank you good commissioner johnson's question is a good one should brings up. one thing that gives me a little more comfort on this is the hours get their closing at 7 pm. because i think we've seen other mcd's open later. they tend to be more vibrant commercial corridor whether other things openly but i think 7 pm is more consistent with the medical clinical use than a
1:30 am
retail use. i think some of these we've seen later hours per consistent with mortar retail use. commissioner johnson >> i won't belabor it it will get 1202. like i said i don't know i feel comfortable now good just think about it and putting it all together, i disagree with a lot of the public commons. people say things like we want strangers in our neighborhood of that nonsense. uncommented nonsense is ridiculous. i'm just again i'm a little bit concerned about how this land use will impact that neighborhood and sort of a nuisance level. i think there were live in a retail resort: on even within one block radius i been up the street and i looked at the google map because it is when you're driving you don't see it. there's a bank of america. i think a restaurant or something and then that's it. for like
1:31 am
4-5 really long blocks. that doesn't give me comfort that they're going to be up to control the nuisance there because they said they can only patrol so far. i think this were closer to downtown were closer into the mission or more populated [inaudible] me more comfortable with it because the new factors mitigated by all the things going on in the neighborhood. so i don't know i can supported in this area but hopefully it will go through [inaudible] >> if there's nothing further commissioners there's a motion seconded to take dr and approve this matter with conditions. the maker of the motion want to incorporate the hours of operation as part of the conditions is recommended? >> yes. >> so the amount amenable to the second >> yes. >> so the motion on the floor is to take dr and approve this matter with conditions as amended to include hours of operation imminent to 9 am and
1:32 am
7 pm seven days a week. on a motion or fung aye johnson melgar nay moore nay richards aye hillis aye so moved that motion passes 4-3 with johnson, melgar and trent moore planning commission regular hearing for thursday january 26, 2017. commissioners, we left off under your regular - excuse me - discretionary review counter on item 17 m 2016 5312 dr 3185 mission st. this is a mandatory discretionary review. >> good evening president and fellow commissioners. the apartments that. the item
1:33 am
before it was mandatory discretionary view for the pose project at 3185 mission st. the project requires mandatory discretionary appeals pursuant to client code section 90 two establish a new medical cannabis dispensary at 31 85 mission st. doing business as bernal heights cooperative. the ground floor previous used as a gunshot. it will be open to the public for on-site sales and on-site consumption. security guards will system monitoring the new area to keep mission street clean and safe. no parking is required and no physical expansion is proposed by the structure. since the publication of the commission packet department has received 76 letters of support and three letters in opposition. in addition the project sponsors committed an agreement with the us local 648 union and i provide a copy that in your pocket as well. [inaudible] provide patients and increase level of safe access to medication for their illness the security plans to address safety loitering and
1:34 am
[inaudible] on mission street ale filter system to reduce on-site alders and also well served by transit the department finds project to be compatible with the intent of the district complied with the criteria established in 790.41 and advance for the objectives and policy of the general plan. the department recommends the commission to approved with conditions. also we are tonight is mr.-from their partner public out to answer the questions related to dph's review of the proposed project. that concludes my product presentation i'm available for questions. >> thank you mr. spears. project sponsor, you have 5 min. >> good evening >>[inaudible] [off mic] >> if you're part of the time you're 5 min. for your presentation. >> >>[inaudible] [off mic] >> you 5 min. you need to work out how you want to-if you're part of the project team how you work out that 5 min. >> i don't think he is. >> not part of the project
1:35 am
team. >> we will have public comment. everybody will have- >>[inaudible] [off mic] >> we will call public testimony after this. thank you. >> thanks for your time and consideration. especially after last one this one will try to be as concise as possible to mine and sean cohen president bernal heights cooperative did i been involved with cooperative since 2015 it personally to include a very poor transition of leadership for the organization could do it with the termination of the lease location of beauty occupied since 2005. however i stand here today as a representative of the people who made bhc a trusted community institution the last 11 years. but a film you see actually behind your tonight. i represent the employees who been displaced from their jobs we sought approval on this new
1:36 am
location and thousands of patients who lost their longtime access to give me focus medical cannabis and apartment open and welcoming to all of san francisco. bhc is known in san francisco for comedy patient base with a largely underserved by other mcd's in the city. patient base skewed more towards seniors disabled patients minority groups and frankly every day working speak san franciscans who can afford the medical cannabis to be a luxury expense. i talk what this application the reapplication because unlike most other mcd's we been actively serving our community for the last 10 years. he served strictly the medical cannabis community under the articles without an article 3 long before voters passed prop 64. we are looking to relocate a short 3 min. walk from our previous location aside of all children and cluster zones in our ownership is 1% local is all talk about in a moment we neared our commitment to our patients by making what i believe an unprecedented commitment to our workers. i think jeffrey spears in the planning staff for recommending approval today. after you're working through to
1:37 am
reopen it safe to say today could not come any sooner for us at bhc either financially or for the patient to come to our door every day asking for going to reopen. after more than a decade in bernal heights we understand what it means to be an upstanding and contributing member of our local community. the committee outreach regarding this application began in late 2015 that i personally spoken to the neighborhood groups and all were supportive of c&s reopen to continue our service to the community. over the course of the last year spoken two neighborhood businesses and residents in the feedback is always been the same. everybody is supportive and in fact somewhat frustrated we haven't managed to open back up again. i have with me 133 letters of support. i apologize for the mapping of packets you have 76 of them were signed in person. 55 and were signed digitally and naturally two e-mails when of whom is from annette rowe was the owner of 78 café 78 and
1:38 am
they were neighbors on 3329 street did i just want to take one quick second to read that to you. i'm a business owner in the neighborhood [inaudible] great addition to our block on 29th st. and aspartame opening another business and the neighbor did she's also represent that he st., association. having operated for over a decade in bernal heights winner stan the seamless integration in our community. winter semi points of the security and that security been visible and approachable community service. not presence of intimidation we are sending back of our visible presence on the street were committed to holding a medical first approach to discretionary frontage and signage. you saw the examiner this morning you may of heard over the first san francisco mcd proposed to sign an agreement with the united food and commercial workers local 640. we are very excited about this but it allows us to deliver our commitment to write a living wage and benefits workers good it calls will also gives an opportunity to be the first mcd to be committed to
1:39 am
the usc w to propose cannabis partnership program. [inaudible] honored to be the first mcd commit hiring local premises under this program. [inaudible] independent of new rules for reparation is a prop 64. during this time we sought to be innovative collaborative and thoughtful in presenting what we think is a new equitable model for mcd's. we face an uncertain future frankly if a petition is an approved today with your support and approval we can expand our history of service and do a lot of great things for patients for workers and for the community. i think you very much for your time and your consideration. i have these letters if you like to see them.
1:40 am
>> thank you you can pass them to join us. we will open this up to public comment. i only have a few speaker cards but there's a lot more people and on. just to get a sense of the room, and just by show of hands how many people are here to sport of the project? opposed? so recognizes there's nobody here opposed. so it's been a long evening. >> very long. >> we cannot represent us or you can keep your comments brief. we will limit public test 22 2 min. and i will call the speakers but we don't have to reiterate what others are saying. images call these names of people want to come >> okay. the two particular -jennifer local six word it resume for you to also susan from loving legally which is a medically focused distributor of products


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