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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 26, 2021 6:30am-7:01am EST

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57 of the small am radio station down in miami florida he was all over radio and print the radio and print scene in southern florida throughout the 19 sixty's before going nationwide in 1978 with the larry king show which was the very 1st radio call in show broadcast from sea to shining sea on over 300 stations around the country but it was in the early summer of 1985 on june 1st that larry king truly changed the face of news media forever with the premiere of larry king live on ted turner's then fledging network c.n.n. . larry king live would quickly become c n n's highest rated show pulling in millions upon millions upon millions of viewers before king left c.n.n. in 2010 this is one larry king once again broke new ground in news broadcasting by venturing into the brave new world of internet streaming and content creation with or a dot tv and then hosting politicking and larry king now here on r
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t america. so today my friends let's celebrate the life work and legacy of the icon and legend larry king as we start watching the hawks. if you want to go on a city street you want to. see the prices you always stay i'll see you. great city displays systemic dissent says so which. so you'll. welcome everyone to watching the hawks. and i'm a cop and joining us today to discuss the career and legacy of the late great larry king is the host of news with rick sanchez the aptly named rick sanchez the host of in question millet's san antonio most of the world according to jess the former minnesota governor jesse ventura thank you all 3 for joining us all 3 of us were
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touched by larry king in his career in our time working with him here at r.t. and even before we came here to work at r.t. at the top of the show i briefly i briefly talked about just a few ways larry king impacted journalism through the medium of television and radio rick as a veteran newsman can you give our viewers an even better understanding of mr king's contributions and impact on the world of news and entertainment. there's nobody in television today or ever before or who was able to manifest interviews the way larry was and very easily easily explained moves people have what is called a book or that bookers job is to call people and get them to be on the show that you do look for the booker for larry king had the easiest job in the history of the world the hardest decision now who you could get who you were going to take
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up ass on because it. didn't matter whether it was a prime minister the actual president of the united states at the time a previous prime minister the most sensational entertainer in the world in the world whether it's in music were or in the world of acting it didn't matter everyone was calling to be on larry king's show that's how big larry was. and while larry may have given 50000 interviews jesse you've probably been interviewed 50000 times you fed across the larry king many worth times throughout your entire career in your opinion what made larry king fetching great interview. well larry was phenomenal and you know if you got a chance as rick said if you were fortunate enough to get on larry king it meant you were on the a list you know and it meant the world was going to hear what you had to talk about
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now i got on multiple times because i've written about a half a dozen books and i would usually get booked on larry show after writing a book and we discuss it and all that and then of course larry would bring you on for expertise i remember my my most famous quote that went throughout the world was i said on larry king and that was when larry brought me into discuss torture it was at the time the torture was the prime subject back in the mid 2000 is in there and i made the statement because i have been water boarded so i know what it's like and i made the statement on larry thet give me a waterboard one hour and dick cheney he and i'll have him confess to the sharon tate murders because i wanted to emphasize how powerful torture was that you couldn't trust it because the person being tortured is going to say whatever they have today on the torture so that was my most famous quote and because i said that
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on larry king. it ended up being at yale university as one of the famous quotes of the year so that's the power of larry king when you were with larry king the great thing about larry was you women there with the said that you weren't going to get cheap shot it that larry would ask you tough questions but they would be question should expect from him every day you see it is said every day of your life if you happen to be involved in anything of controversy. manilla as a young journalist and broadcaster knew about the opportunity to interview larry numerous times on your show in question what kind of colleague a mentor was larry king for young journalists around the newsroom in the times that you've both worked with him here or when you're interviewing him on your show well i would say there were 2 parts to this that you could learn from larry or your take
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away it's from larry one of them was one of the things that can't be taught is just something that larry himself had and you hope you can possibly imitate was just the ability to make people comfortable before the interview starts that they feel comfortable in speaking to you and and being honest and i think one of the main things i learned from from working with larry the last few years is that 1st of all you can't really interview the king interview where the master interviewer he would always kind of find a way to start asking me questions and i'm thinking wait a minute aren't i have a host here why are you asking me questions about what it was was that larry never made it about him and so for me my take away from from the lessons learned of working with larry on a on a regular multiple times a week basis was that you don't make it about you if you were the interviewer you make it about the other person and you need to be genuine and curious which. i
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think larry was he was genuinely curious in the questions he would ask and i think that came across on screen and the people the viewers know that when you're when you're earnest and honest about what you're saying which larry was all of those things rick you've added the opportunity obviously as well to interview larry and also to work alongside him as colleagues what what is it what is the thing that you have taken away for your own career you've picked up or learn from from larry over the years. you know he said famously. i never learned by talking i learned by listening he's absolutely right and the thing that larry did which was i think and we're going to hear his success was the fact that he asked very simple questions that were palatable to the gast and to those who were listening he had no problem with one word questions
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why. who. where i mean it was the ultimate 5 w.'s in a particular and at its core that's what we're supposed to do and journalists we're supposed to ask people questions and then learn from what they say and then maybe perhaps ask another question larry is great because larry came from radio and i have learned you know he and i both worked at w.o.t. then we both worked at c.n.n. and then we both worked in our t.v. together so i got to know where he over the years and if you were to ask where and . up in heaven right now what was the one thing you did he got you started in the right direction and to new york foundation radio radio in his thinking on your feet it's having a real conversation would people it's not that you met with a camera and it doesn't make you the most important person in the world it makes the moment a listener and the person you're talking to the most important person in the world
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of them that's we're you know in the good old days that's how people came up in this business they knew how to do this little thing called ad libbing where you just got to look at the camera and have a conversation with larry could do that with the best that's part of the reason he was sober and rick radio is making a comeback sort out in a different sense in terms of podcasts right now do you think that the leadership that larry king had to leave something for a new generation of young journalists who are emerging and what do you think his legacy thanks to them. i think that's a great point and i think the obtrusive bullying world that we are now in in the media that we've seen with the advent of these television stations and people like bill o'reilly for example who was the 1st to do it on television. rush limbaugh was the 1st to do it are radio this kind of i'm going to be in your face
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and i want to make it all about me that is going to dissipate and the larry king way of doing. it is good when out in the end and i'll tell you just a quick and to anecdote about larry and bill o'reilly and it's this when bill o'reilly was trying to make his mark and fox news c.n.n. was the top of the heap and there it was the top of the heap at c.n.n. so along comes bill o'reilly getting wanted to take down c.n.n. so he decided to take down larry king so dollars and you were step larry king was a phony only asked softball questions he wasn't real he didn't i didn't get it was an aggressive and one day larry said look you want to ask me questions ask me questions why are you talking about it so bill o'reilly and i did larry king and larry king started to bill o'reilly when larry when bill o'reilly pushed him about the softball questions narrative and larry i'll never forget this moment just nearly destroyed bill o'reilly much turning will you do interviews the way you
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want to do it used and now do interviews the way i do interviews it's ok i'm not going to tell you how to do yours and please don't tell me how to do mine and in the end see who's right that isn't accused durians proven that larry king's right i couldn't agree with a war and i think of a bit of the proof is in the polling as they say i'll hold on there are 3 guess we'll have you back after this upcoming break all right everybody as we go to break number that you can also start watching the hawks on demand through the portable t.v. the portable t.v. app which is now available for download on all platforms and the tribute to the late great larry king will continue this friday yes be sure to tune in this friday january 29th when our ti america will be airing a documentary and larry king's a very last interview as we go to break here's a little bit of the wisdom larry left behind for all of us to take a listen to. what we live for every day is to question more we question our
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children we question oh wise one question relatives and we question what's going on in the news how else to learn without questioning. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race to move his arms off and spearing dramatic development the only posts really and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. right now with. people who are overweight or obese it's forcible to self. and sugary and salty and addictive it's not
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at the individual level it's not individual willpower and if we go on believing that never change this obesity epidemic that industry has been influencing very deeply the medical and scientific. terms of what's driving the obesity epidemic it's corporate profit. and. because i was going on there for months most i don't make an incredible 1000000 mark them up on the limb for appointments you know demos done a lot of focus of them. a lot of money but ultimately they're just that they get that they.
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didn't she really was you make them. more of the industry. john barr summed up son my last book you go to the british course there's enough of the family stuff . i mean you got to have that and of course that doesn't bother me and. how. does it. feel.
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welcome back to watching the hawks and our special look back and remembrance of the life work and legacy of the legendary radio and television broadcaster larry king who passed away last saturday in los angeles at the age of $87.00 we are once again joined by the host of the world according to jesse former minnesota governor jesse ventura the host of news with rick sanchez the one and only rick sanchez and the host of in question. jesse you work with larry king at or after he left the inn and when he was focused at building up streaming content on the internet as news media began to change in a poke it was placed heavily on digital and social media larry king remained a staple what would you say was the key to his longevity in a changing media environment and what did you enjoy most about working with him. well larry he did make the change you know and i found i find it very interesting right now when you're watching all the tributes to larry mainstream media and especially see a man where he 25 years or so the icon of c.n.n.
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they go through larry's history and it's interesting they cover his radio that rick talked about they cover his 25 years at c.n.n. and then what you talked about he made the transition into a pod or a t.v. which is where i started working directly with larry but what was interesting c.n.n. does all this biographical stuff but they forget the last 5 years there is literally no mention of larry king here at our t.v. now widely squaddie is wrapped do they see it would somehow destroy the letter reason reputation if you were at our t.v. or is it to try to destroy our t.v. . because r.t.d. would get great credibility for having had larry king here for the last 5 years of his broadcast life and i'm finding that very interesting how mainstream media isn't
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talking about his relationship with r t because i guess they wouldn't want to refer to larry king being an arm of the kremlin in a sort of way but then but then we're getting better aren't getting the digits to let me get so i got to tight i got to say something about that because i think it's really important point you just made it doesn't matter what the reason it's it doesn't matter whether the reason is the kremlin or this or that or the other the fact of the matter is what suffers there is the truth and they should deal honestly with the fact that they were the ones who essentially pushed larry out the door they should feel deal honestly with the fact that larry have he continued his career after he left c.n.n. and by omitting that that's a lie of omission and it troubles me i'll just share one quick anecdote and then i'll shut up the same thing happened to me when i had less than a man and he did this and they had a right to fire mages are going to right to fire anybody companies can do whatever they want but i can't been the guy according to the new york times in miami here or
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china in the media usage at c.n.n. i was the twitter guy or whatever the hell it's called and after i was gone they did a 10 year anniversary of twitter on c.n.n. can you believe those s.o.b.'s did that without even mentioning my name it was shown obvious to anyone who had watched me that i had been a part of the twitter thing on c.n.n. and they just left it out as if it didn't matter and you know what i did just to agree a little bit more with what jesse was doing there that's a lot and broadcast companies who make their money or make their living by supposedly telling news which supposedly based on truth should lie i'll add and i'm done i'm going to talk at the time i think it's very important you both just pointed that out because from all of the m. memoriam that we think does bar it make that theme is. larry king's career ended 6 years ago so i think it is very unsettling he continued to remember he was still very active and that's a part of his legacy and i couldn't agree more with everybody because that's you
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know his legacy in pushing on long term to live coming here and working there are 2 years is a big one mil you look at much earlier you've interviewed larry many times you know what what struck you most about your you mention that he would always kind of tour and ask you questions but what you what struck you most about larry's knowledge of politics and world events you know coming from someone who did question more constantly yeah i think it was larry that actually pioneered that question more i want to tag on a little bit to the whole podcasting and streaming i find it really interesting that i mean roughly 10 years ago it was larry's or a t.v. coming from somebody in his eighty's that really pioneered where streaming television was going he was on top of it larry knew where believe it or not all the kids were going to go he was ahead of the curve so you know bravo to tell larry for having his finger on the pulse of where the media direction was headed and as far
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as to your question. i think the i think the fun part of interviewing lariam and as you mentioned he would toss that kind of back to me because i don't think he could help himself i think but it was talking to somebody that was it was never a formal interview it was you know larry was just kind of like your sage friend that has seen it all been there done that talked to everybody who is anybody and because he would throw out those simple one line questions he shut up more and he listened to the guests and he let the guest speak for themselves instead of kind of trying to narrate or guide his guests in to saying. what you know the narrative was for whatever network it might be whether it's c.n.n. m s n b c fox or what have you larry just let the guests be themselves he let them do
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them and let them tell their own story so i think he learned so much from that because he used his ears and listened and so i think he led such a profound life because he heard so many life stories and anecdotes that he could apply it to himself and i think that's that's why his life was was so amazing and just so you know larry member once shied or go ahead please of what i was given to to piggyback on that larry understood that which most hosts don't get their names on the show they have to be the star and they have to do everything to perpetrate that position or continue with oh he's the star of the star larry understood his name was on the show but by making the guests the star that lifted larry up there stardom even beyond a lot of it's yes here we are to be spending our hours talking about the career of
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larry king we don't spend hours necessarily talking about the careers of the people who you interviewed. it's a great morning it's a great point. so who became the star. point and rick you were a journalism student i was to you also got my start in radio what do you think were the most profound lessons larry king's career legacy has left on the field and what do you think any of by few would have had or aspiring journalists would be what do you think you know what does that impression somebody like larry king have left on careers and radio and t.v. journalism. passion for what you do if you don't love what you're doing we don't do it get the hell out go find something. to do there is no question in my mind and i knew larry for decades and i remember listening to him in my end it was leach he was look i'm a big miami dolphins fan obviously i played college football and so i was able to
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go to school my parents got an order in college so i got a football scholarship i went to going to school and then a minute often spent my whole life larry keating was one of the original play by play guy for the miami dolphins so he was the voice the announcer who did the dolphins games he wanted he had i knew arnie for getting into radio worked his way up went to miami worked at w.o.t. the wonderful al of dreams where he got the gig working with the dolphins time the dolphins were that good but they went on to become one of the greatest teams ever and you have to be there then he started working inside of you identity how did she know then you got picked up by the mutual broadcast radio network and it was larry king coast to coast every single i'm the only guy here exam for jesse who remembers that but every single human being was in their car any time after 8 o'clock at night was listening to mary king interviewing a book author or somebody else tell a story and he did it so it definitely because he is in chile can learn to be
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a storyteller because he's given through radio that is how you get good at your craft delbert stories i'm going to jump out of here and i have to jump in here he's an actor plays ok wreck wait a minute rick rick was talking about also archer minnesota. minnesota rick. kurtz book started 100 we got a full scholarship to the university of minnesota played at morehead state and went to minnesota graduated and then went back to miami like you know larry do you remember and larry bill brings us brings us great conversations i've got a little bit of time left i just want to ask jesse what your final quick thoughts on in remembrance of larry king. all. you know miss larry king because he was a character he's an icon to television if you watch television and you believe. larry king's a good one to have a bill never be another interview
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a man like him again. will of final question very quick thought on larry he was very judicious and very thoughtful in his answers and when you ask him about all the famous people he knew i know he had a ton of dirt on donald trump but he was very very kind and judicious every time he was on i could never get it out of larry and god bless you larry we're going to miss you oh that we most of we are written very quickly about time so i could say that last autumn larry. there is one person in this world it's had the most appropriate name and that was larry king because he truly was mickey into broadcasting and shall always be remembered as. well everybody that is our show for you today i want to thank everyone for joining us today and talking about larry king and i also want to say remember everyone in this world we are definitely not told we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you. and i will be so and before
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we end our show today we would like to give the last word to our great friend and colleague mr larry king we will miss the server keep on watching those hawks out there and have a great day and night everybody. you pay for progress the science is what is somewhere in the world right now a scientists is working to cure cancer right. we know that somewhere in the world of scientists is what can be cured cancer we also know that somewhere in the world a scientist is working on something where you can make a little bomb to hide it to get into a country with a nuclear bomb right now so much more again and you can't stop both know you can stop both so what it is is we do the best we can and we live with it it is what it is.
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in 2040 you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it still with. the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2040 and. those who took part in this today over 5000000000 dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. led join me every day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm sure i'll see that.
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little. you. can on the phone one small fight only coming suddenly made in the moment when the supreme court
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appointments no demos the son was photosensitive a. lot of muslim baseball but they just let him get the best. she was human for. john barr from the sun no mark book to go to the british course there's enough of them but. i mean the guy. doesn't want in. effect. to take. shots seemed wrong why don't y'all just don't call. me old he's yet to shape out these days he comes out ahead and gains from it because betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the headlines this hour a 3rd night of violence in the netherlands is rife. with curfews following a weekend of unrest over the country's. tells us his country is ready to approve. and says he's already taken the job and so. do expect here in the next couple of weeks. will be available for use in india. and spain because the country lacks the
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right equipment to administer the shots the spanish medical special.


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