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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 9, 2020 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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while california and many other western states but thousands and thousands of acres is not the only american beauty burning right now my friends our very 1st and most important constitutional amendment protecting the freedom of the press speech and assembly is also being burned from right out from under our feet and i'm not talking about some ticky tack parlor game the address for the news cameras between thin skinned u.s. president donald trump and c.n.n. gadfly jim acosta no i'm talking about the sledgehammer to the shin bone style attack on the freedom of press currently being carried out by the u.s. government on wiki leaks founder and publisher julian assange this week as assad continues his fight against u.s. extradition in london courts over charges of violating the united states espionage act sky news is reporting that a songe is now facing 18 brand new charges by the u.s. government after being arrested 2 in his cell while awaiting the start of his
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extradition hearings at the old bailey on monday and they say this isn't politically motivated. certainly does smell politically motivated according to the independent the new indictment supersedes the previous ones although the 18 charges including plotting to hack computers and conspiring to obtain and disclose national defense super information remain the same in response to the new indictments of songes attorney mark solms petitioned the london court to postpone these proceedings until january are going quote it would be an impossible task for the defense to deal with these fresh allegations in any meaningful way in the time that has been afforded to them. what is happening is a normal unfair and liable to create injustice continue if allowed to continue. abnormal unfair and creating injustice my friend seems to be the name of the game when it comes to the freedom of the press in 2020 let's find out why as we start
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watching the hawks. what's going on on a city street you want to. do so you can see the crisis you always state and see a. great city dix least systemic deception is the late show which i would put you just as. welcome aboard watching. and i love this across well while a major look at those 18 new charges against drilling the sounds coming down the pipeline superseding the old so the chargers a lot of them are very similar but the big question is at the end of the day should the government still be prosecuting and trying to extradite julian assange to base prosecution here in the united states should they still be pursuing this in the area of coping in the era of criminal justice reform in the era of what we're
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seeing with this case so many violations of rights. and ramped up efforts to basically shut down journalist and journalism that the u.s. government doesn't necessarily approve of both from journalists abroad as well as journalists within the united states it's not surprising but it's detrimental to our country and i think it's just downright wrong i couldn't agree more than the thing is too is a look look i understand people join of songe of the divisive figure some people don't like him personally some people love him your opinion is personally of who the man is as a person that shouldn't matter when it comes to whether or not what he did was acting in the best interest of the public as a publisher as a journalist which he was now you can critique the methods he used you can critique you know should he have redacted names should be redacted names but to me those are all kind of you know. inside baseball kind of arguments of well he should have done this he should have done this at the end of the day he shouldn't be being prosecuted for what he did chris hedges host of on contact or on our t.
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he joined manila chan in question earlier and to touch on their sons' case here is what he had to say. how after figures. and not. evident a court system. into the same. european court. security to trade it into. other numerous. activists. persecuted going all 'd in. but it is stir. it represents is. this separation. of course because of the good point you see this of service aeration the constitution a verse aeration the rule of law but we're not seeing that we're seeing this not only in a major scale of the songs but we're also seeing this across the country in light of the black lives matter protests and how they've been treating press we've
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covered that especially independent press exactly what. well watching is a full scale disillusionment of the press as we know it happening on the administration happening fast and we're watching these journalists who are literally trying to get information on the ground to really tell people what is actually happening which in many cases specific to the protests is in stark contrast of what we're hearing come out of the white house and he is doing everything that he can to make sure that they are not on the front lines that they can't tell that story that they can't tell the story of the activists on the ground and that the true painting of a picture of what's happening in these protests will never actually reach the american public it's interesting that you say that because when you see this kind of fight over how journalism is covering the protests specifically a lot of times independent journalists or you know folks are you a citizen journalist and things like that there is this fight over what message do they have an agenda do they not have agenda and there's this kind of brewing battle over whose message is getting out you saw a local states and cities say no no please shouldn't touch these journalists and
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then they actually pass laws saying that in fact u.s. district judge michael simon of the originally barred federal officers who were deployed to portland from using physical force arresting or dispersing anyone you could reasonably call a journalist or legal observer covering these protests now interestingly just a few weeks back to trump appointed judges in the 9th circuit court of appeals up to the government challenge that law and challenge report was doing to protect journalists they've now temporarily suspended those restrictions on federal officers interaction with legal observers so now you're seeing these kind of politics play out in the courtroom where 2 trump appointed guys are saying no no no you can go out but do you go after them and when asked would you respond to this but i want you to respond to what william barr said when he found out about them overturning this the appeals court william barr attorney general united states says in practical effect the district court order prevented the government reflectively addressing violent mobs to the general crowd control measures that are required and it unacceptably increased the risk of serious injury to a law enforcement officers
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a measure how does it how does it increase the. the risk to federal officers by a rusting journal it's. just blows well 1 into this truck narrative that chaos is on the ground and anybody standing near is going to be a problem and i think that you know he's using bartok here in the water obviously bill barr knows that this is legally something that should never happen it's something that is a and it was at the war to our constitutional rights it diminishes the role of the press but he's going to stand by president no matter what and i also find it problematic that what we're seeing isn't necessarily getting the level of attention that it should thankful that you're bringing it up here and you know how it's viewers are actually paying attention to it but here in america in our major media you will see it maybe one story blip and then folks have moved on this is one of those instances where when you don't have journalism that is going to be on the ground that is going to report specifically what they what is happening live you're going to have issues with how america views these protests and it allows for
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president trying to create a narrative that is totally false to what's actually happening and i think that he's going to try to use that to his advantage come november. crittur group the more. drain the swamp it was a battle cry for donald trump and 2016 he said it at nearly every campaign rally interview and basically to anyone within earshot or with a twitter account trump positioned himself as a washington d.c. outsider coming to change politics as usual and root out corruption but instead of draining the swamp trump has become king among swamp creatures a recent opinion piece by fox news political analyst juan williams reveals just how deep and full the swamp has become in the trance presidency and his op ed swamp creature at the white house we're going to states trying to open the door for 281 lobbyist to work for his administration in the 1st 3 years former lobbyist now run for agencies including the departments of defense and interchange. troops using the
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white. as a campaign prop during the republican national convention was a clear violation of the hatch act and though conservatives argue most people don't even know what it actually is and maybe some truth to that what americans do know is corruption when they see it just last year trump put a warm up coal lobbyist in charge of regulating air pollution guess how much cleaner air quality got after that small going to one. truck recently fired the state department inspector general and for what might you say well the inspector general was investigating how secretary of state might pump a 0 was using department staff to run personal errands like picking up his food orders and his family's dry cleaning. and this is the same pompei o who spoke at the republican national convention live from jerusalem on taxpayers' dime and to top it all off the office of special counsel sent 130 or letters
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warning federal workers of possible illegal actions during the 1st 3 years of the top administration the small just got a lot more gators you know. it's one of the weird thing to be is it's like every time i'm as i'm as us citizens we're almost conditioned i'm sure it's like this and other governments which are almost conditioned to certain point to say what some of the campaign trail. you might get 50 percent if you're lucky but most of the time was just lip service to run on drain the swamp and then pretty much be like any lobby that was a $200.00 some odd lobbyist 311 yeah. that's a lot to go back on a campaign promise it is one of those and it wasn't just a campaign promise it was something that he said everywhere all the time he was tweeting it on every single show he talked about it it was in print it was you could not hear about donald trump without also drain the swamp it was as popular a phrase as make america great and you can and i think that for those who have seen him in this position where he has included more lobbyists in this white house than
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any other administration prior now granted there are several administrations who have cozy relationships a lobbyist just how things work in the but appointing them to high level positions and federal agencies and making the white house advisers and putting them in these positions of power that takes this whole swampy nature to another level yeah i mean people criticized obama because it was buddy buddy manager with goldman sachs and you saw all those former goldman sachs like in higher positions in the treasury and things like that. and i think a lot of people who are on the phones voted for donald saying we don't want to see that you're the outsider you claim to be the outsider you claim to be that guy but is he really at the end of the day and that's not to say that look if joe biden wins this upcoming whether trump or biden wins this upcoming election i don't see the change in the revolving door for lobbyists happening any time soon in this country but it's still important for people you know to always pay attention look just because somebody tells you what you want to hear doesn't mean they're going to do it even donald trump even a lot of these people that kind of come in with you know waving the banner that
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they're for the people in there for cleaning up washington no absolutely and levitt you touched on that point because one of my frustrations has always been in reading while wombs his piece as well is that it is very difficult to quote unquote drain the swamp it is not a talking point that is novel to president trump it actually existed decades before trump got into office but it is one that a lot of people will state when they're thinking about running it is we want. change politics as usual and we want to you know is corruption but as long as money isn't politics there red occasion of corruption is not going to happen anyway you've got if you're going to do it then you've got to close off the quid pro quo style you know the way politics is done the washing of the potomac 2 step about quid pro quo hable be a revolving door of some big berm once you leave politics or we only hire the best and the brightest from this small group who gives money to both parties you know that's the real where the real problem of all this comes in exactly and that for that would be a part of frustration is that there is a currently any legislation on the books to do just that because both parties
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actually benefit from it so we're talking about lobbyists who turn into campaign donors on either side or lobbyist who you know play both ends up the middle and just donate sides and see what happens these people know that their investment is going to turn into something later on so it becomes not a politics of the people but a politics of the lobbyists because they're the ones who donated and guess what when somebody gets elected those lobbyist are the 1st people at the door on the phone you know they want their papers they want to make sure that policies that protect them in the organizations they represent are uphill and that's to the behest in many cases of you know every day i mean and you know as as you told pointed out to me earlier there were talk about the shows that look trump's daughter i banca used her white house position the game trademarks from china killing him quite a conway then promoted of on his clothing and i mean when you see all the threads and going to this isn't new to donald trump there's an age old story and it's going to keep repeating itself until we actually get congress to pull the money out of politics or demand it in some capacity and something tells me we're going to be
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raising a really long time. all right everybody as we go to break remember you can also start watching the hawks on demand through the brand new portable t.v. which is now available on all platforms so you have no excuse not to continue watching other programs are to america all right coming up after 159 years of service to the u.s. military's most. famous news outlet stars and stripes may be shutting its doors this year and better rights advocate and political analyst warry reilly topic has a lot to say about that stay tuned to watching the hawks and she joins. me. now look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i
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really must obey the orders given by human beings except we're such a conflict with the 1st law show your identification we should be very careful about official intelligence at the point obesity is too great trust ever the shia. currently take on various shots and with artificial intelligence will summon the demon. obama must protect its own existence as a mixer. if . there's a war of the more 1st move the police are. sure the. sentiment but it sounds the guy. was only as a name for doing this to me and it does must come.
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from a real. currency for the both of you so. the point was being used to move the book with those ghost discovering that those would be was a piece of the belief used by the other media of course. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation little community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallowness. of. the land of the free and the home of the brave is under attack and not from outside forces american exceptionalism is under fire from within president donald trump known for his love of hugging the american flag and parading soldiers and high ranking military officials for campaign purposes hit
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a wall in the past week. the political fallout that's getting under his skin trump is known for his attacks on journalists calling them fake news and enemies of the people but military publications have largely been left out from school journalism until now the pentagon recently delivered an order to in stars and stripes a newspaper that has been around since $861.00 the publication is as old as the american civil war and has existed across presidencies of multiple political parties serving as a go to source for military news and issues concerning the armed services. if truck gets his way stars and stripes will be effectively dissolved by september 15th but military service members past and present their families and current members of congress like combat veteran and senator tammy duckworth in addition to a small group of republicans are calling on defense secretary marc esper to do something before the publication is up and it even republican senator and trump ally lindsey graham is pushing against the imminent threat to funding for stars and
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stripes he said quote as a veteran who has served overseas i know the value stars and stripes brings to its readers. there are signs that trump might be succumbing to political pressure and he appears to be backtracking support for killing off stars and stripes the tweeter in chief offered this comment when he noticed how voters reacted to a potential in to the popular newspaper veterans advocate and political consultant laurie riley thomas joins us now to discuss more welcome. thank you for having me. all right i know that this is a story on top of a lot of people's minds and as our expert here i have something for you why was removing funding for stars and stripes a priority to begin with especially considering that this is a tumultuous election year where trump has always post him self as the chief defender and protector of u.s. troops and their families. well i mean i think the answer is basically what you
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just said in your opening the trump administration has always been very critical of the news media and particularly news media that is critical of his administration so there has been some pushback that stars and stripes has been critical of the trumpet ministration in particular and particularly some of their decisions around defense issues so this was largely viewed as something that was in response to that there's some back and forth because although stars and stripes as opposed to be independent they do get their funding from the government so they viewed the fact that they could eliminate that funding as a way to eliminate the bad press as something that they could do that was within their power so really this just stems down to this ongoing war that you've been talking about that the top administration and the press have this tit for tat with one another and this is just yet another example of that that we were seeing play out it's interesting because it's you know i mean i look at it and say i can
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understand an argument to maybe defunding the money grubber there's works of america my opinion but but you know stars and stripes is actually a generally good it's never really gotten too controversial it's always been a pretty good outlook at least in recent years and look we know hard it is to get democrats or republicans to join forces on much of anything these days but do you see any kind of consensus real consensus building in protecting the legacy this legacy of newspaper and how do you think stars and stripes and how how would you describe the impact of stars and stripes in the public discourse. well yes to answer you had a couple questions there 1st i do think there is a discourse and again as you alluded to in your opening there are both republican and democratic members of congress that have spoken out about the importance of stars and stripes and the news that it delivers to our service members particularly those who are overseas and perhaps don't have access to the internet for either national security reasons or based on where their station that sort of thing and
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the news from stars and stripes is typically not controversial it's more straightforward in terms of reporting on things that are happening it's not a heavily opinion based paper it does share some opinion pieces but compared to some other news outlets that it is a lot more straightforward so i think that helps build that consensus over congress seems to be forgetting that the ultimate ability to defund something according to the constitution it belongs with them and not with the president and that's one of the things that's been most interesting to me about this is even though this effort to defund stars and stripes was contained in the president's budget it's up to congress to go through that budget ultimately decide what they're going to fund and what they're not going to fund so a house version of the pentagon's budget stripped this provision so the provision that was saying that the funding for stars and stripes to be eliminated the house took that out so they looked at this and said this is not something we support
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they're supposed to do that with every provision and to your point about how much money is being spent in the government i think it's important to note that the pentagon's overall budget is $700000000000.00 the funding allocated for stars and stripes is $15500000.00 obviously it's the average american $15500000.00 is a lot of money but it is literally a drop in the bucket when we're talking about overall defense spending again the pentagon's budget is $700000000000.00 and shit like that that number is unfathomable to the most to most people so even if it is being put forward as a cost savings measure. certainly more critical analysis that could take place if cost savings was really at the root of what was going on here when this issue came to a head again the house had stripped this provision out we see senators speaking out but they have not passed anything formal as far as the pentagon's budget so again it is interesting to me that as much as everybody wants to hit on the trumpet
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ministration for proposing this congress is never under any obligation to accept what the administration sends to it in its budget proposal that is their job to go through and do a more critical analysis of every line item of funding and it would have been nice if they remembered the this ultimately came down to them and this was their job they could have put a stop to this but obviously with the greater issues related to the pentagon's budget it's been stalled and we didn't see it play out that way but with that being said trump seems to have rescinded his administration's position and said that it won't be defunded on his watch so very interesting how all of the players are interacting here. and to president trump's recent tweets about not defunding it under his watch this comes after his administration urged the exact opposite as you know why do you think he changed his tune and what can veterans and current service men expect from this administration. well i think
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a big part of why he changed his tune is because of the atlantic story that came out around the same time which has alleged that trump said very derogatory things about service members and veterans saying that people did not want to see amputees and disabled veterans saying that they were losers and suckers the controversy that surrounded that story certainly overshadowed his general proposition that he's a big defender of the military that he loves our troops so i think as backlash from that story began to catch up with him he was looking for something to do to show that he does in fact support the mill. terry in making this decision was one way for him to say go ahead and do that now i think we've seen many things where trump goes back and forth depending on what's that's going on kind of the tone of the day and this is just another example of that this is unfortunately kind of par for the course with what we see from this administration it's one thing one day it's another thing another day it's always fun watching chicken hawks like donald trump
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and other elected officials you know kind of dance around and love and hug the military every chance they get but then when it comes time to actually coming through for the buttons that they you know essentially chose not to be themselves they run and hide in the hills. you know i think this is one of those topics that we could go on and talk about forever but i thank you so much for coming on today and giving us your your opinion on what's what the current state of what's happening with stars and stripes always a pleasure having you on roy roy topping thank you. thank you. he does love to dance around and one loves to hug and huddle with the most awkward thing i've ever seen but you know bone spurs kept him out of the vietnam war bone spur in amputees are you know somehow not really virtuous a soldier is my dad i just don't understand why are there so interesting amid all right that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we were not told that we were loved not so i tell you all i love you. and i'm obese across keep
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on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and let everybody. you just have to fly between 2. weeks for that service. for some other nature stuff though it was important. rushes in racing is competition in the extreme to have a full as the specified route between the ones with the fastest time wins just beautiful little dog loser is normally get you're going to get there which you should read it is really. good really for.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy
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confrontation let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time to sit down and talk. problem drugs has come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invited america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers the government.
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collapses now the whole system would collapse and would follow and everything would be put back years the president of the terrorists gives an interview to russian media including. warns the country will collapse if he leaves. and while dozens are arrested during rallies in support of the detained by the opposition figurehead money. also has warned. you could be jeopardizing peace even more than on and if the prime minister goes ahead with plans the time part would last years brook's that agreement as the ball talks.


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