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election last month resulted in weeks of opposition protests longtime president morales surprisingly resigned from office on sunday and why did the longest serving president in latin america step down you may ask well on sunday shortly before his resignation in a televised announcement the bolivia and the world leaders of the bolivian armed forces called for his resignation what many including medallists himself are now calling a military coup after his resignation what alice bolivia's 1st indigenous president tweeted the coup plotters who raided my house and my sister's house set fire to homes threatened the death of ministers and their children backs the mayor now lie and try to blame us for the chaos and violence they have caused to libya and the world witnessed the coup here in the united states the response to the up people in bolivia around the political spectrum from democratic presidential kind of bernie sanders tweeting out i'm very concerned about what appears to be a coup in bolivia where the military after weeks of political unrest intervened to
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remove president ever morales the u.s. must call for an end to violence and support to libya's democratic institutions and of course u.s. president donald trump he stepped in the plot of the bolivian military announcing in a white house statement quote these events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in venezuela and nicaragua that democracy in the will of the people will always prevail so today my friends let's dive right into the current events taking place in bolivia and the powerful political forces and ideologies fighting for control of the nations of south america as we start watching the hawks. like. we. are to do. what they like that i got.
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but it watching the hawks i am tyro but for joining me to discuss the recent political battles in libya the fallout and how it affects other nations in the region is r.t. america producer and ph d. in latin american history of ricotta rivera and coming to us from caracas venezuela as coordinating committee member of the black alliance for peace and freedom and thank you bill gentlemen both for joining me i want to start with you now what is the general sentiment you know on the ground in venezuela given that similar coup attempts of recently happened in that country and president trump you know issuing this one some would say a warning to venezuela nicaragua that they could be next. how do you feel what are they saying on the ground there. well people are fortified and people are they know that this is their process and they also see solidarity with the people
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of bolivia they stand there with the people with the people believe today there was a massive demonstration in support of the people believing and evil morales is the elected president of that country in the leadership of that country is a mass demonstration in caracas that was both bolivia and also in solidarity with right here with what attending the. of the congress international congress of african descendants. the black a wire and so on and a lot of statements were made the black alliance for produce came out of the group you're part of they came out and be appears not surprised by this desperate attempt on the part of the global reaction led by the us to stem the tide of progress of the belem was a very progressive leader this attempt on with their you went on to say this time only confirms weather can be no up and peace without social justice and for justice the oppressed must fight for it let me ask you why did the black eyes reproduce
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come out in support of morality beyond that statement what do you see taking place there but you believe in your group needs to support. war i think right now the powers that be donald trump and even the elite emboli and bolivia are seeing a threat to their historic colonialist money and still they are trying to recapture that with this you know they see the tide of leftist governments and leftist movements taking taking root in latin america as threatening their heads of money and now and also we're seeing economy the global economy of new run you know led by new liberal policies being unsustainable so with a couple the coupling of the unsustainability of the of the global economic system and the illegitimacy of the leadership there and the governments or the movements
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that are largely the formally colonized people and design is black and brown people taking over they see that as a threat and so we know that they're going to always come after that and try to you know reverse that and then we also have to look at it in what it means in terms of united states from just announced the police surge against black and brown communities and no one is talking about that and so we don't we can't be surprise about. that but we also know that we have to forge an internationalist movement against new liberalism against white supremacy and capitalism that actually ends this crazy unjust and unsustainable system once and for all what's interesting about that and when you bring that up is that there were several videos online showed supporters of the crew in the in the removal of. burning the indigenous flag of the people they're claiming believe you are now you know belongs to christ and old and bibles and is this indicated of the politics behind those repurpose reading this group. oh it certainly is indicative of that i mean they've held contempt for
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it will move around in them and largely and does in this population the bolivia ever since that movement came to power and started resisting even before it will morales and started talking about control of the water and control of the or at least respect of rather as they put it respect of the planet and they cheer and so they help contempt for that and so they really represent the paradigm of the pan european we referred to as the pan european project and the u.s. nato axis of domination you could also add the e.u.'s thing yes so they really are the descendants of the spanish conquistadores and have held power and they are really seeing this and this is how they look at the popular movements not forgot to say i want to thank you so much for coming on from caracas and that as well it's not it's not often you get to hear from you know how you know the events in one
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country affect its neighboring countries in that region especially when they're both you know kind of blunder in tragically in the crosshairs of the u.s. state department and trying to change the governments there thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. and this is a fascinating situation going on and with your heard from on the ground over caracas nearby i want to ask you the oas the organization of american states claims there were irregular. in fraud and believes elections that's the kind of basis that all of this started out however the d.c. based center for economic and policy research says there is no evidence for this claim and even put out an extensive report backing as we're in the 1st rounds of the election so why exactly it's interesting so tell me about these elections and the controversy there but also why would morales resign when it's really about the elections why not just hold another round. yeah i mean well he didn't resign because they have the as enough to said this is
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a coup you know he was forced to resign by the military. you know i think it's important to take a step back and look at who the oas is so the oas has been criticized pretty much sentence inception as basically serving as a tool for u.s. political interests in the hemisphere particularly south of the border and the way its headquarters is based in washington and the head of the. model has been particularly particularly aggressive in following us imperial lines basically in the region so that's who's saying that these that these are illegitimate elections and so it's rather expected that they would do this. you know. there were 2 weeks of protests you know in bolivia after this won the election there was never any question that he would win the election he was ahead in every poll in bolivia the question was would he win by the 10 percent margin
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that is necessary in order to avoid a runoff so the the question is did he win by 10 percent or 7 percent wow wow and that and then maps were kind of based of these protests is whether 7 or 10 percent and now suddenly the military steps in and says ok you know we need you to resign i don't i want to ask those what was the millet. as motivation for that you know what what what was there why did they why were they against us what he'd been president for 4 terms that is the $1000000.00 question and so it is strongly suspected and it's we if we use history as our guide the military it's clear that they betrayed the president the question is why did they betray the president. in the past when there have been leaders leftist leaders in latin america basically since going back since 1954 and the coup arbenz in guatemala every time there's
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been a coup against a left this leader since then in latin america the united states has been intricately involved in its planning and its financing and in often times even in this execution this is the will of the kind of see how that plays out and what more information develops to see if the same thing possibly happened here corporate media is focused hard on the opposition with little mention of their politics being this kind of very far right wing. politics they've also completely ignored the indigenous bolivians who support morales he was the 1st indigenous president there that's why you have popularity has there been a large response or demonstrations in support of morales in bolivia now i think a lot of most of the media most people are seeing only the the time of arrival was right and i think the more or less the supporters have been out since the start really. and there have been clashes between opposition supporters and government supporters and police kind of caught in the middle. right now again this wasn't this was this was expected but what i was is by far the most popular politician
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in bolivia he's also the most divisive politician in bolivia but we knew that his his followers which are plenty which are a majority of the population would come out and and in opposition to this crew and it's important to know it's indigenes the race that. history is certainly very important but it's important also to remember that bolivia really is the economic miracle of south america they've been they've achieved sustained sustainable 4 percent every year annual growth for the past several years and experts would argue that it's sustainable growth you know and that they're really laying a good foundation for the future in the meantime drastically drastically cutting down on poverty. that is where one of the interesting aspects of this is that you
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really get that sense of this was a guy who was changing society down there you know some may be against it but seems excited to help the least fortunate in that society and now he's no longer in charge of that it's going to be interesting to see how this goes i want to thank you so much for coming on and talking with us today about it and bringing your knowledge of history that or the world on the show today thank you so much for your thanks for. all right as we're going to break off watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the proper to cover our social media be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is now available on spotify apple music and everywhere you may respond to your favorite or so favorite part one security has been sucking up massive amounts of traveler's biometric data and lionel of lateral media joins us to discuss the clear present dangers that come from that you don't want to miss the state of the actual poll.
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suggests there's a call the reverse hunger games then reverse under our randomly pick $10.00 to $15.00 billionaires every year and stop the everything get to 0 and pour some out there and make it into the world of commerce and see if they can build it up scratch again introduce risk back into the american capitalist system once you have a certain amount of mind. no more risk clipping coupons for vanity and have no stake in the game whatsoever. feel or or specter of socialism 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall socialism is now remarkably popular what explains this how to explain why so many successful and even privileged people look to socialism to solve social problems maybe it's because liberalism itself is failing.
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in the last. because my. point is not to be good you see i want out and see the west. in the so-called individual. is not really a strong be democratic society and the freedom of the individual. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been played only implement from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. bonus will have a son of the moment goes. down the same political battle to move the.
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focus the whose story is a new nixon henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so once in a colony of venezuela screwy. what were you up to back on october 30th hawk watchers where your carbon pumpkins are tried on costumes you prepared for all the wiener maybe you were celebrating your birthday like i was. or were you attending the department of homeland security industry day where from 9 11 am guests were treated to the latest on the d
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h s is modernization and transform a nation efforts including this little nugget that homeland security will soon have biometric data on nearly 260000000 people u.s. courts is reporting that according to a recent presentation from the agency's office of procurement operations the u.s. department of homeland security expects to have face fingerprint and iris scans of at least 259000000 people in its biometrics database by 2022 right around the corner in fact according to figures quoted by the electronic frontier foundation that's roughly 40000000 more than the agency's 2017 projections. talk about exceeding the desired goal my friends d.h. as you get an a plus for effort in the d. minus for respecting all of our privacy if these numbers hold this would make the size of the biometrics collection is maintained by the d h s the 2nd largest in the world only behind india's biometric id network well joining me now to eliminate the good the bad the ugly of homeland security's wonderful collection of biometric data is
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a legal video slide out of wyoming always a pleasure sir and happy belated birthday thank you yes what a present. lionel what are some of the potential abuses we could see as a result from the d.a. just holding this much biometric data on over 260000000 people and we have a couple of things i call them lionel's law and no one if it's 260000000 it's 500000000 it's whatever it is it's underestimated the number that you if you're reading about it now it's 5 years old and so they never ever rolled anything out. here is the problem that most people have so what i would them to keep us there called the partner to homeland security what do you want ok what do they want if they want my face what do i have to hide you for that would do. it's hard to explain to somebody but if i was the most evil person in the world then i would
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have the most incredible government i want to know who is every single person how can i monitor them because if i minored to you if i know where you are i've imprisoned you know if i know i don't need to put you anywhere i can just follow you so i'm going to create the biggest massive collection of data from every possible vector you can imagine phones social media in driver's life and information iris scans fingerprints voice friends we're going to go to social credit pretty soon too that's going to happen so i put this together and i am able to create this thing no. tyro what happens if this is happening in to that's one of the questions i want to ask you about because you know when you think about it you can worry about government misuse right right but what about the abuse of hackers we remember back in june the federal contractor with customs and border patrol got hit with a cyber attack and maybe it was like those tens of thousands of photos used in the
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facial recognition of the border patrol you know and that's a very real scary thought. not only that let's throw into the mix d.n.a. because people for some reason in this country want to find out if they're scandinavian and i don't know why so they go like this so we have in addition to this now one day he ever got one of those those alerts from a credit watch this is your name your e-mail we have come up with a black site what if somebody says it was a venturi your d.n.a. . may have there is a person who is you not posing to be you but but you we can't think that far now here's the best part when they go from there and they always give it a step in the late intel detour that was it was nice to actually get us going to go from this to something run by amazon based clouds but we're seeing exactly happening that's why they're sucking all of this up right now you're giving this idiot to jeff bezos and all of these people work and i meet this b.
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be a little too conspiratorial voyeur but i firmly believe in suspect that government and corporations this is the definition of fascism so there's a merge ing of the 2 so it's like i'm not going to give the f.b.i. my information but amazon they don't mind amazon is my friend they deliver stuff that i buy but the f.b.i. i'm afraid of but the one in the state they're one of the same you know it's interesting the electronic frontier foundation says the evidence suggests that the d.h.s.s. do and this isn't just here in the u.s. as around the world they're collecting all this the d.h. s. could start tracking people from the moment they begin to research potential travel plans because where they get a lot of this biometric data you cross the border on a plane you go to put your face or you passport all about to take the picture. they might be able to start travel tracking you from the moment you enter in do i want to visit chicago if i'm coming from the netherlands or i want to go to paris you know and then they start tracking you in fact this is what i think you appreciate this the deal just report this number was found him so the only way for an
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individual to ensure he or she is not subject to the collection of biometric information when traveling internationally is to refrain from traveling right. now i'm sorry is this the language and actions of a free country or a security state pretending to oh yes it was a search for somebody's got to go a step further we're going to go into telepathic communications one of the things that darpa figured out a while back is how to read minds and what they did was they could put a little piece of tape around the this particular part of the throat and there are micro vocalisations that occur when people think they can actually figure out what people are thinking because you are seeing things even though your mouth is a movie the 2 are connected now have you ever been looking at your laptop or thought about something maybe you've said hey i'll go benny died and i was a grave insurance or or whatever. eventual the i may be paranoid
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but just because i'm paranoid doesn't mean i know it was after me i swear to you i will be thinking something just thinking something and it shows now when this happens remember they want to know everything they take the data you put it in some huge place and some desert and anything they want to pull and call and coley from you they've got it including what you're thinking where you're going where you've been the people that you know they will have a 247 world view pan optic on of the entire world where you don't need walls you're in a prison and you think you're free but they know where you go with whom you go what you think where you buy how much money you have your data your genome everything you wonder why we do shows like this and we try to warn them of this kind of things that i don't thank you so much for cable and always a pleasure sir all right ladies and gentlemen there is
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a new whistleblower in town but this time it's not the pentagon the cia or n.s.a. that is getting called out for their dubious actions no this time it's those foreign hardworking folks at google who according to the whistleblower have been secretly transferring into their greedy little files the personal medical data of up to 50000000 americans from the 2nd largest healthcare provider in the united states or to sperm from those more. project nightingale the secret of program brought together google and the health care giant ascension all the collects patient medical records across 21 states now you're probably wondering when this all started well it kicked off collecting data last year but it's picked up in recent months about 150 google employees have access to this data access to tens of millions of patients including their names date of birth helped records lab results and dr diagnoses so basically your complete medical history all without your consent. now of course google says it's strictly looking at its data all to develop
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an app to track patients and recommend treatments but back in 2008 the tech giant launched google health but that went bust less than 4 years later because surprise no one wanted to willingly hand over their health records to google well former national security agents contractor edward snowden who leaked classified information from the n.s.a. back in 2013 he says what tech giants are doing is abuse yes these people are engaged in abuse particularly when you look into google and amazon spoke. through business model is appears and yet every bit of it they argue is legal while both ascension and google say that sharing these medical records secretly is completely legal under u.s. federal law and that it follows the 1906 health insurance portability and accountability or hipaa laws where hospitals and health care providers are allowed to pass data to business partners without telling the patients as long as it helps
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the hospital or the provider carry out its health care functions both google and ascension insist that all necessary safeguards to protect patient privacy is in place but again snowden says not so fast there your customers or whether they're your citizens so long as it never leaks so long as only you are in control of what is the sort of stolen from everybody. and i would say not only is that incorrect but if we learned anything from 2013 it's that eventually everything leaks. ok so you may or may not be part of ascension health but take a look at your wrist you have a fit bit well google just bought the maker of the fitness tracking device grabbing the data of some 28000000 users where some of that data goes beyond the number of steps you take a day some users can even link their medical or their insurance records now google has said it will never hand over fit information to 3rd parties but that's
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a phrase that we've heard by several companies who said the same thing like facebook and it turns out they did for watching the hawks i'm fair in front zack. everyone everyone stealing our information this is just breaking my heart all right this week so i rare celestial about hawk watchers which were many of us was a once in a lifetime moment mercury the smallest and innermost planet in our solar system was maimed after the roman messenger of the gods and whose orbit around the sun only last about $87.00 days made a remarkable journey across the face of the song in the member of the 11. this epic 5.5 hour transit that you're seeing here gave us earthlings in the americas africa and europe with the right kind of binoculars so we're fitted telescopes a fantastic fantastic display of that little dot you see travel across the sun right there that is the planet of mercury and display that sadly we will not see
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again until 20322032 yes when i am on my 53rd trip around the sun and so i ask you all how many trips will you have made by then when mercury decides to cross over the sun once again and give us these fantastic fantastic displays. all my friends. alas that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are told that we are loved enough so i tell you all of. them for keep on watching all of those hawks out there have a great. max
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keiser with more of my guy financial survival this is a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these drugs are simply not accountable and will just go into the. destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself. get in for a walk guys or. to my hardest to a dash or sticker but it's. not
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a regular we keep. the same kind of shoe because he must tell a full scale to make us tell. has suddenly become one thing my mother 100 neighbors who. saw. him on the hook include the whole thing as opposed to funny thing with the quote as soon as you guys are sent home.
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just so you don't have to lay on the yummy they have. diced so much smoke the soup he chews still so not to sing on. the soup and such. leaders of the world's 5 major emerging economies are of brazil's bric summit with the could all become political cooperation across nations would like to be about correspondents there brazilians. another potential scandal emerges over the data collection by the tech giant federal investigation has been launched into google's efforts to share information on the health of millions of americans with a medical care provider. and seeking to reste tensions turkey's president says he hopes to greece.


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