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tv   News  RT  October 13, 2019 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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some $800.00 eisel affiliates escaped a camp in thier ass kurdish forces withdraw and the turkish military advances also to come on the weekly. more than a week of violent protests and ecuador at the present refusing to cancel cutbacks on fuel subsidies. and environmental action group extinction rebellion has been rolling in cities across the world in the u.k. alone more than a 1000 people were arrested. this generation seems to be saying is you've messed things up for long enough you're not really listening the only way we can actually
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get your attention is by civil disobedience rebellion is without question britain's fastest growing pretty good religion. this is the weekly here on our team welcome to our round up of the day's news along with the headlines that shape the week. hundreds of supporters of the islamic state terror group have escaped from a camp in northern syria that's had been controlled by kurdish forces but they withdrew after turkey launched a cross border military operation on wednesday turkey wants to create a buffer zone in syria free of kurdish fighters which it regards as terrorists and then once to settle millions of syrian refugees there who are currently in turkey the u.n. says over 130000 civilians have fled the turkish advance warning that this could rise 240-0000 those escaping have urged the international community to stop it.
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america and other countries should protect us they're committing sin here our children and women is there really no mercy but rather clearly this is an occupation we are a peaceful people we are talking about this placement and effectively genocide of innocents kurdish civilians innocent communities within that region the kurds have always been on the defensive but now they may they must the fan themselves and their families which means that unfortunately they may not be able to police the camps that hold isis and the isis prisoners it is now going to cause a big vacuum and a significant problem in terms of security in fans of has sparked runways around the world people in the u.s. france germany and other countries have joined procreation protest apparation has also been condemned by the international community germany france and others have gone so far as to halt arms exports to turkey at present and one has threatened to
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send refugees in turkey to the e.u. if it continues to condemn ankara's actions. we have 3600000 syrian refugees in our country waiting to go back home hey european union come to your senses i'll say it again at the moment of our operation you cannot define it as an invasion our job is easy we can open the doors and 3600000 refugees we will send them back to you. the operation falls president all trumps decision to withdraw u.s. troops from the region he defended the move saying the kurds did not help the u.s. during world war 2. we have no soldiers at the area. we've been talking to turkey for 3 years they've been wanting to do this for many years as you know they've been fighting each other for centuries now the kurds are fighting for their land just so you understand they didn't help us in the 2nd world war they didn't help us with no normandy as an example that move was condemned both within
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the u.s. and abroad with republicans and democrats saying the president is betraying the kurds are down of looks back now at u.s. relations with the group over the decades. it seemed impossible sounded like crazy talk and yet it happened a moment of unity between republicans and democrats as they both condemned america's disloyalty to its kurdish allies the person who united states is in danger of losing the mandate of heaven this is that crazy. which allies in syria or elsewhere in the middle east will fully trust the word of president trump in the future the thing all of these politicians pundits and channels seem to forget though is that the kurds i used to waking up to a groundhog day of american betrayal the only difference is that it's been going on for more than half a century and hasn't been funny at all. in
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the fifty's and early sixty's the cia pushed the kurds to revolt against baghdad as part of their efforts to overthrow their leader a bill karim kassim eventually he was toppled by but the new ruler wasn't a big fan of ideal of kurdish independence so he bombed them into submission bombed with napalm kindly provided by the united states. the kurds seem to either have a short memory or a forgiving heart because in the 70s the u.s. was back on their good side iraq and iran were involved in a border dispute and washington was correctly supplying the minority with weapons once again pitching them against baghdad but then iraq and iran kissed and made up and all of a sudden the kurds were on their own being blown to pieces as they are supposed
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transatlantic guardian angel was watching idly even the americans at the time admitted that keeping their involvement under wraps. was simply no excuse this policy was not imparted to our clients who were encouraged to continue fighting even in the context of covert action ours was a cynical enterprise hoovered action should not be confused with missionary work. fast forward to the eighty's and for the us it was the golden decade of big hair metallic umma dawn and m.t.v. for the kurds it was well just another decade of more u.s. betrayal in the late eighty's saddam hussein unleashed his chemical arsenal against them an atrocity looking bound to drop the wrath of the world's policeman but it was still a long time before saddam was to turn from friend to full so american wrath didn't
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go further than statements like these we want to maintain good political and economic relations with iraq but the issue of chemical weapons gets in the way of that. in 2003 it looked like the u.s. was finally ready to make amends for its decades of forsaking the kurds helping them was among the pretexts for the invasion of iraq but then even in washington many took such goals with a pinch of salt the kurds have every reason to believe or think that they will be betrayed again by the united states or so often in the past contractors' spectacle of our inviting turks in to this war earlier trying to bribe them into it could not have been reassuring to the kurds even under the turks before trial against betraying the kurds that is your point yeah surely your point is that because we betrayed them in the past we should betray the list type not that we should trust we will we will not will not yes they did in 2007 the us let turkey have its way
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with the kurdish rebels in iraq as ankara launched a lethal bombing raid against them this is of course nowhere near you fall is. by 2019 america had left because 4 dead a few more times both in iraq and syria. american traditions go beyond partisan lines america loves having turkey on thanksgiving going to the pumpkin patch for halloween and launching fireworks on the 4th of july screwing the kurds over is nothing but a decades long political tradition for america and they will abide by it be the democrat or republican. ecuador is in the grip of anti austerity protests despite present london merinos military backed curfew that was imposed on saturday earlier that day people attacked government buildings and a t.v. station more than a week has passed since people 1st flooded the streets to oppose government cuts on
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fuel subsidies r.t. special correspondent nicholas o'donovan reports from quito. and this is what they're doing look these are real goods real bullets against people believe how to protect themselves from card wooden sticks to dr explosives point out indigenous people who sleep in constant contact during sleep that's what the current.
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rates of return right now. and in absolute chaos there is thousands and thousands of protesters let's try and get closer to the front line just the just a few things and why it's the presidential palace it's heaven the god part military and police forces these protests to plan to get there. 2 minutes ago while i was going to launch in our spanish version we got hit by a guy. right all right all right all right and that's what we've been seeing old guy the protesters are using mortal cocktails stones bricks just like greece just like they. and police firing back with tear gas with sound bombs it's
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a situation of extreme tension in the streets. just to give you an idea. chris suspended any activity in a city center they say it's not safe for doctors and for ambulances instead we've got crews are volunteers that are just taking the dozens and dozens of going to people to. stop them treating them there it's actually pretty shocking and to flutey measures that were implemented by the government included scrapping the subsidies for diesel. gasoline. and that has triggered these protests the monday we had the. then on tuesday we had been bijan as communities today they will move together they join together in the same tens of thousands of people who are taking the streets of quito president lenin moreno he's going to see what he's going to say it is a message. absolutely repulsed to his government there is minister this
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and say the measures that came up with the i.m.f. $4200000000.00. struggling with that thought the people who say that the government is going to save the banks big business instead of the people and that's one of the people here protesting this is a national strike and. take x. which smoke it's practically on bearable a tragic day in x. we're told history. when fuel subsidies were cut prices were poorly with 120 percent leaving to knock on inflation on other products the decision came as part of a deal made by the president with the international monetary fund in march and exchange for another loan to the country where no one has so far refused to scrap the cuts but on saturday he said he would have a 2nd look at them. before that more and i blame the unrest on former president rafael correa and but as well later at nicolas maduro mr carette told r.t.
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that renault has no one else to blame but himself. it is a difficult time for my home owners the sjostrom politics of merino in his government he's already been in power for 2 and a half years and he still blames korea for everything economic crisis for security for his political faults and to say that these mass protests of my folks is just crazy there is. nothing there is nobody merino is not interested in democracy for him the most important thing is to control power and control the ecuadorian public so he create projects that can damage the majority would be beneficial for his goals. in hong kong protesters are defying a new ban on wearing face masks. this saturday sign firebomb turn at the gate of a metro station amid wider clashes with police hong kong's chief executive carrie
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lamb earlier said it was too early to say whether the anti mask was had failed adding that it usually takes time for new legislation to get the desired result with violence erupting sporadically in hong kong the atmosphere there is becoming ever more as are 2 saskia taylor reports hong kong has gone from being the economic pole of the orient to the face of the fight for democracy but the faces of those trying to rust control from beijing's cross a mosque and the democratic means they're using wouldn't be out of place in hollywood horror film the pudge. the film's premise is that once a year for 12 hours only crimes are allowed mogs
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a fact also rate you name it you've got a freepost and that because of this small window to release all your rage the country becomes crime free for the other $364.00 days it's a small sacrifice for the wider peace and stability and in scenes in really similar to the film's opening hong kong apparently had a pudge of its own. to broker. and you will for. the merchants you service is suspended for will. remember urged. the son just like i said. ok. hey it was a hoax but it was a hoax that actually wasn't that far from the reality of the chaotic mania gripping the streets of hong kong. hong kong had a very dark night because of the extreme acts of the rioters the city's now
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cemetery lies to everyone is worried her even afraid. shops looted buildings burned the metro disrupted for the 1st time in over 20 years shopping centers food shops and banks closed down fearing wolf islands from the vandals a city which was renowned for its efficiency and convenience is now ma it in confusion and to sorta the instability has spooked the markets and seen hong kong's retail sales suffer the biggest drop on record and while the city's 1000000 as a proxy must 2 cases for those who can just rustle up a 1000000 euros to get a fast track residency abroad the options are limited you can go anywhere we came from mainland china and we didn't know the stations were closed so now we can this is a big problem for public transport is for everyone the decision to open or close the station cannot be politically if it's everyone's daily life if you save it
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situations it's very difficult for you see trees not but people use the phrase and because of those. very 3 we really are friends all the life explosive fire the entire thing anyway so i think that's kind of ridiculous now there are those who will say the film shows scenes of senseless violence while the protesters are engaged in a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience and what of course no image shows the full picture for this undercover police officer who was beaten with petrol bombs by and incensed mob the line is probably a bit more blood with the lenses of the international media zoomed in on the region there's no shortage of scenes just like this and why. henri if it's up slow day but more than willing to lend a helping hand to spice up the show i don't think they were. thrilled. was.
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thought it was. as businesses are crushed as fire is bad and if people are forced to pick sides claims that it's all in the name of peace and democracy are increasingly wearing thin these protests is no longer a pro-democracy protests it is turning to royalty the protest moves the engage the violence the young people it is because for the past. decades. the home call government nor to have a strong policy measures to ensure. to young people after they graduated from school or university they would have high quality jobs the poor
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start. where organized to do more have a hierarchy to come into the store forty's to poor to start running the wrong doing whatever they like leaving the police nor toys bus tour due to the tools to or past than. the whole situation brewing nessus aetate biggest external forces to come in and it is a scenario that i can anticipate the return really happened in the short run meanwhile a tweet from the general manager of a us basketball team has sparked uproar in china expressed his support for the anti beijing protests in hong kong but it's been a costly move as it's seen major chinese sponsors cut ties with the team and the n.b.a. . let's
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bring home the point is reducing the rage. i have had a lot of opportunity says not tweets to hear me consider other perspectives i have always appreciated the significance of course our chinese fans and sponsors have provided.
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like the n.b.a. we welcome the chinese senses into our homes and into a sweet tooth of money more than freedom and democracy. still to come environmentalists group extinction rebellion has been protesting across the world this week causing destruction and major cities details on that after the break. you know world of big. law and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to plight for the middle for the
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truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by the person of those great. thinks. we dare to ask. welcome back the environmental action group extinction rebellion rallied in cities across the world this week on monday it launched
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a 2 week protest campaign to draw attention to the problem of climate change more than a 1000 activists were arrested in london demonstrators tried to shut down major locations like westminster bridge and city airports trolleys were held across the globe to from north america to australia for more than 10 people were detained for blocking a major intersection. among extinction rebellions key demands are that governments declare a climate emergency halt the loss of biodiversity and drastically reduce carbon emissions by 2025 however their actions have divided opinion here some of the reaction we've been hearing. extinction rebellion is without question britain's fastest growing pagan religion and the reason i refer to as a pagan religion is just as all the classic hallmarks of a group of religious fundamentalists a belief that their view is the only view that's acceptable and a desire to shut down everything that does not talk to their worldview they fundamental belief that they are in charge and everybody else also go to their beck
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and call how do you resolve pollution result polluted by technological advancements the technological advancements the extinction rebellion oppose what this generation seems to be saying is you've messed things up for long enough you're not really listening the only way we can actually get your attention is actually by civil disobedience in the footsteps of mahatma gandhi and martin luther king jr and malcolm x. and rosa parks and people who decided that peaceful nonviolent public protest. displays of public outrage but tamed and controlled because don't forget the extinction rebellion and anybody who's involved in political activism or any kind of change agenda they going to use your actions and activities against you look extinction rebellion of demand effect we have returned to the stone age removal of economic progress a commitment to not grow the economy so essentially the british government for example has committed to being 0 carbon by 2050 which i think is nominally sensible
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you can't or shouldn't trust all words that come to our service we had our city contrasts we're not because our numbers in the names become clear every single year if i can speak directly into the camera my 11 year old son who was at home with the band hello guys and we had a debate before it came on tonight about does he want to. leave school. take a break for an afternoon or a day to go and protest he was worried about the consequences at age 11 he understands that the climate is suffering and that rapid change is needed we do need. to talk of pollution but i will tell you something you would you reverse the economic advantages of lifted a 1000000000 people up and say you do not make the earth a better place extinction rebellion a lawyer. and we wrap up with a quick look at some stories making headlines this sunday a powerful typhoon has torn through japan with at least 26 people reported dead heavy rain and strong winds have led to landslides and power cuts rescue operations
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are underway with some 21 people still missing. and a new hotel being built in new orleans has collapsed killing 2 people and injuring at least 20 a number of people are thought to be missing authorities have cordoned off the area as for the cops is still here. that's our breakdown of just some of the biggest headlines from the past week for more on those stories and the latest news head to our web site r.t. dot com. match guys are financial survival guide liquid assets are those that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind though as
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