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cycles. reliability better price is not going to take the train to billin where we're going now be there 10 hours pay like yeah the same of. kerosene into consideration i think trains are better but not in terms of speed. but when the trains don't go away you need to the only option available is the car germany has the highest level of color and ship in the european union and the germans love affair with the automobile it's certainly not going away anytime soon peter all of a. peanut. that's half an hour you next updates and half an hour see you then. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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well come to everyone to this special. friend. troubles here for the burial. we same say only time we may chop. community. is just happens all the time and we always sigh we must stop meeting like this most . of them.
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take the position you'll raise taxes to be tough to me i swear by almighty fault i swear by almighty god that the evidence i should get that there were times i should give to see the truth shall be the truth whole tree the whole truth and nothing about nothing but the truth if you stay gone for. john work. and. i was getting. richard has a form of him a failure in severe inherited disorder the ability to. the slightest injury of
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an internal bleed or even just a bruise could cause irreparable damage. every day richard inject himself with the blood clotting agent factor 8 these days it's sterile and safe but in the mid seventy's and early eighty's a treatment like. 5 people in the u.k. with either. or even both. richard was a month and he had to undergo a series of treatments. are very difficult cos. side effects mood swings and sweating in. part. to take. drugs.
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in the 1970 s. a new drug called factor 8 was released to using human blood it promised a much easier life for him a philly x. they no longer needed to go to hospital and could self administered the treatment by injection at any time or convenient place. but it had one fatal floor about which patients knew nothing until too late. one. of your treatment might contain the donation of 4050000 people. a lot of products in the u.k. came from america and one of the things we now know is that the people giving those . people who maybe were in prison. and i encouraged to give that. to provide.
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this is a result showing that you were 8 feet 3. years and you were. not were you told that you were being. quote region. because. the drugs don't move and the brutes and ankle supports have saved me a few times because sometimes you walk and you roll your ankle and if i didn't have these on i would have a very bad bleed. from one girl's. like other hemophiliacs martin has problems with joints mainly his knees and elbows caused by internal bleeding. and was diagnosed within
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a full year about the age of 6 months old. growing gawp with him earlier back then for a parent it was a nightmare children there always run in falling over buying in themselves and i would have all kinds of internal bleeds and damage to my joints. burden was under constant medical care 1st at birmingham children's hospital and of your age of 17 he was sent to an adult facility. i remember being in the white american and my name is called out now the doctor doesn't even introduce himself his 1st words were hello i see you're a child people i didn't understand the significance of what he was saying because i was a healthy teenager a my words to him were all well that's loss. event goes on to say that your life for the next 2 years and then i said what do you mean by that. and he goes you got
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2 years to live. that's when it hit me. so we rode back to birmingham and got a letter that says on it that i was tested in 1900. without my knowledge i was found to be h. on the positive but it also says that i found an old sample of my blood from atlanta $93.00 and i was positive then. but i could have been working on why i could have been sleeping with somebody and it would have fought me if i'd have infected a girl won't give them doctors the wrong time to play god. that i'm risk all the peoples laws why didn't they tell me. in 1981 i knew had previously unheard of disease was discovered in the united
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states acquired immune deficiency syndrome aids. in january 982 with the 1st hemophiliac contracted aids in the us no in more cases have been recorded by the end of the year 8 of which were terminal. despite this great britain continue to import american factories. are you proud of your all the new jump. up and lots of you call him. ever jerry jerry j.j. sure. my dad lived with him ophelia. really did all one thing aim affiliates again is way out of the time it was kind of an odd thing the song people. say he left the area near carpenter using. saws and swinging. wood around the shop things.
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you know that sick let me go i was. crazy for. a merry thankfully he told those videos because it's the evidence why memory doesn't have. kids he was a father to me and he raised me and was doing everything a father should do. towards the late seventy's he sees concentrates because. as well the doctor saw him and everyone else see use. made 1903 so the 1st reported case of the british hemophiliac contracting the disease. appeared in the press claiming that factor 8 was i'm sorry. in november of 80 full he raised
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concerns about the products with he stopped and they told him this is just sensationalism it's fine you know don't worry they convinced him to carry on using fats concentrate and then it was only shortly after that the his 1st choice v tests came back as opposed to. things just very difficult strain on their relationship with my mom you know they'd only got married and nothing their life went from being one of planning for the future to planning for the end. he took to new statements about one of the worst things being the feeling of sticking that. with relation to. her chair in the early turds who christer people term good for you were.
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doubts that he was positive felt such fear never felt little it's not the fear of what he might suffer it's it's social it's everything it's children it's housing it's your careers everything is gone it was something to be ashamed of even though we did nothing wrong he did nothing wrong i had been a prominent lawyer locally and then one knots i walked into a pub to play mama and the landlord just pointed out me and said you get out the pool team i've been playing with they all still there not one of them tried to defend me of how sick. and i felt dead.
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this was a classic case of. well informed it. doesn't take away the fact that it made me feel a lot rubbish. my dad lost his job among got sidetracked her job they received hate mail phone calls making fun of. the stigma is incredible it's this whole thing though if you had a view you a gay or you were a drug user or some kind of what they sold to be an desirable person. by 9190 nights a he'd become wario. he had progressed to a it's only opportunistic infections using off way slowly going through a horrible death. and. by the end of my 3.
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news news that. jason evans founded the independent campaign group factor 8 its members of the immediate relatives of him affiliates who died because of contaminated blood products his organization provides them with legal help. i really only had one goal when i got involved in campaigning on this subject i wanted it to tell on the official record what happened could and should have been avoided i think after that point maybe there's room for that as support for people counseling and compensation and all these other things but i think for me. once it's on the record that there is liability and then all.
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right. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only relief i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days to come as a kid and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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we can see richards perhaps most clearly committed to a stem 10th of september 1976 so very soon after you would have been still saying it should go with him and we can see the words hepatitis from. the existence of the risk of habits like to something you or your parents were aware of. the show . we have cash cow and that is dari alfonzo mongery has died. he's died in. the he's died on lost one of the page service generation paid change dard or. at 11 years of age richard went to trial lawyers college a special boarding school for children with disabilities. there's an n.h.s.
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health center on the campus students could receive the medical care they needed and attend classes all in the same place. it's also the signs of the greatest concentration of contaminated blood cases that the u.k. has ever seen. busy what it. is that you receive significant quantities of fats the rates of prophylactic base. there are crazy about who's to us aren't to we have target joints and that was my left mate in the right. for our current system why they would give me consecutive doses day after day. great britain will be self-sufficient in blood products and will guarantee their purity. was the government's promise in the 1970s. when government came in that pledge in the name went away and they found
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a way around the. importing this particular product. all these issues were very often in meetings of 1015 people but they were all held in secret no one was allowed to publish the the minutes of the meetings. the main beneficiaries of that secrecy were pharmaceutical companies. these companies have a huge financial motivation to sow these problems today. the fact concentrate market is a 1000000000 dollar industry in order for me to say our product is safe for the next companies they needed a trial date that showed we've used this product and it's not infectious and in this country at least the doctor is. often as consultants to the pharmaceutical home as there are numerous documents showing that doctors in oxford doctors in
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cardiff were keen to test facts or a concentrates free infectivity on their patients to all hemophilia since directors . initial production bunches may have been tested for infectivity by injecting them into chimpanzees it is unlikely that the manufacturers will be able to guarantee this form of quality control for all future batches it is therefore very important find out by studies in human beings to what extent the infectivity of the various concentrates has been reduced. the reason they used humans instead of chimpanzees was one because chimpanzees were expensive and essentially patients were free when they don't know that experiment we tried to speak to the pharmaceutical companies that produced factor 8 at the time over the last 50 years they have changed names and ownership several times and none wanted to talk about the contaminated blood issue now. what we know now is that the trolls are also
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conducting tests regularly and keeping records of liver function tests which made you think ok so what are they actually looking for figuring in a safe product to be one to monitoring how you live. or if you change their rules or you cd for care why would they be looking for a spring. out of the 80. 90 of affiliates who went to train those college 72 died. and people are still dying. from liver related problems to have a charge say. i actually feel guilty i'm still here i asked myself the question why am i still alive. you know 70 percent of the hang feel that boy use
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the rats college. i've had and i don't care and i'm always question yourself why me i why am i saying i live by being allowed to live when so many have and. the official claim was that the new medicines were safe the most emphatic statement to that effect was from kenneth clark health secretary under margaret thatcher's government. i think someone that really has a lot to answer for as a minister is. the well known kenneth clark actually stood up for an argument and said there is no conclusive proof. is transmitted through blood products he really needs to answer for putting out that type of misinformation and this was the
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reply we received from kenneth clocks office krista clarke has chosen to decline this request and from the u.k. department of health the infected blood inquiry is a cabinet of its leader and therefore they will be the ones best placed to answer your questions beyond that initial acknowledgement of the cabinet office has not responded to our request. and all we could find on the official u.k. national health service website was a report mentioning that victims are entitled to apply for compensation. 2019 and for the 1st time the u.k. government agreed to hear what the victims had to say a public inquiry was opened in london and jason evans group factory's is taking part in it is finally happening it's been. a long road and this is a this train journey is one that i say him countless times over the last 34 years.
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even before jason was born his father was aware of the deadly disease. in spite of the risk of passing on the contamination his baby was born in. and think about how would i have dealt with what my dad went. next year i'll be the same age my dad was when he died. i think about if i was to die i did next year at that age that would have been really a very short life. that weighs heavily on my mind. oh in 1903 tina and. yes.
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accident shall we say. a word i knew pretty soon after and she went to see her doctor. where we were advised really in no uncertain terms not care to note that. it was all in those few months so mixed together and at the time we were still reeling from the shock and the implications of dealing with the time of no sister i could have been positive in which case what we you know. being in a could charge at that time to be in often if you come into the world we didn't know how long we have all this child could have been positive as well as me in which case was it morally right to give birth to a child that i suffered terribly i couldn't walk away from a man who are supposed to love. just when he needed me most and once we found out that i was ok afterwards. he.
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realized that if i was going to be a mother it wouldn't be with richard and i just say with richard he said you're a perfect stream really loving and supportive wife yes she's shifting journey. as it. assists a great sadness to you base this being that you have to have children. a problem if there. really. anything you did with. it you. have to say at the time it seemed easy i didn't feel as if we had any choice. only lazy thing. but hey.
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martin bed was also thinking of starting a family his girlfriend was a nurse at the hospital where he received his treatment. i've got the dial m. of hemophilia os and not on the don lemon or of a child of a not just infecting her but possibly possibly on to children as well so i took the decision after about a year to split tilt so that i would fully she could go off and have a family of our on and thankfully she did and we're still friends on facebook so you know and she seems happy which is good. missionary very apt a free baby and not such a. very loyal dogs rottweilers. very protective as wild.
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animals. one of the greatest comfort she can ever offer. because she can have the lousiest day in the world when you walk in that house and the dogs are pleased to see you. dogs know when you're in i mean i know when you're in trouble and. it's soothing. to attempts were made over 40 years to investigate the causes of this medical disaster in the u.k. but so far no one has been held accountable. the current inquiry is goal is to
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gather evidence the final decision about how to proceed after that will wrist with the government. i have no doubt that what happened was criminal i think the real question is to walk degree was a criminal i mean nothing a bad minimum we're talking about some form of criminal negligence and perhaps corporate manslaughter. perhaps as high as my i think the inquiry can help direct in some way where where those lines made. their criminal prosecutions have been brought in other countries and they have been successful particularly in france whether they will be brought in this country i suspect not the reason they won't bring them though the crown prosecution service won't be directed to bring those prosecutions it's because it's widely accepted that they would be successful and the only way they can avoid a successful prosecution is to avoid bringing it. the
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public inquiry is expected to continue for at least 2 to 3 years too late for the victims who have already died and to long for those still fighting for their lives every day morning. first witnesses. it was so frightening. i was told i had about a year to live it was a hard time is so frightfully experience it wasn't a life. really treasure exams anymore because you will be dead in a few years so we will actually. i do feel conduit. come out. came out the all $620.00. like it was the tone swan sit down in the house hard enough is no way should have to do it we just wanted to be with them.
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and i believe now is the time to do is to say. we are spoilers recognition of. a meaningful recompense of the largest. stories from those.
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but he made putin and emanuel mccrone discuss crises in ukraine and iran in a friendly and quarterly counter in the french riviera. u.s. conducts its 1st test launch of a mid range cruise missile since pulling out of the cold war back to russia with designed to prevent the production of news of such weapons. on the british social media network aimed at young british muslims is revealed to be part of a government plan to tackle radicalization. although there was headline news 247 this is all the international.


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