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thank you. it's here right now in moscow in the headlines president's a man on a cross on a limb opposing gear up for bilateral talks later today the french leaders mediterranean residents with ukraine libya and syria all on the agenda. also in atlanta this morning an evil propaganda machine told trump launches a blistering attack on the new york times that after leaked all the are suggesting the senator's looking for new ways of covering the president. and the green party enjoys popular support so coming up we take a look at one of their most ambitious new environmental policy.
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international's world you sense here in moscow my name is kevin o. in that welcome to you have monday morning up and then come 1st from says president . to welcome russia's vladimir putin to his summer residence on the mediterranean coast later monday the talks which are expected to focus on the crisis in syria libya and ukraine come ahead of the g. 7 summit impurities later this week served look ahead to this meeting go the french capital show. that morning to you ok let's talk about take us through what's planned out for the day here. well this is look sets of be a meeting in one of the most ideal expose in front this is being the french presidential residence official since 1968 it's a place where president might go on taking his holiday retreats the last few years it's not the 1st time he's met another leader that he did of course welcome to. may
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the former u.k. prime minister back in 2018 but this time at the meeting overlooking the mediterranean sea you will see him come face to face with president putin for the 2nd time in 2019 well the timing many describing it as being very significant that's because as you mentioned in just a few days' time the leaders of the g. 7 nations will be meeting in the south south of france beate ritz to be discussing global issues of global importance of course president putin's visit comes just a few days before that many are also seeing this is being an opportunity to really kick restart up the engine of relations between russia and the e.u. so what's on the agenda today for the russian and french presidents when of course those bilateral relations will be there in the mix but also they will be discussing issues surrounding the syrian conflict what's been happening in ukraine and
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possibly the most important and divisive issue of the day will be iran of course iran at the moment has been a source of heightened tensions between president macaroni and cheese old chum the president of the united states donald trump perhaps bill on either side of the coin when it comes to this particular over the iranian nuclear deal which of course trump pulled out of this year and that of course comes times when we seeing tensions in the streets of port moods as well so lots to whet their appetite lots of things on their plate to discuss today but wall we're expecting from president mack on am president putin today is an opportunity to deepen that relationship the 2 met 1st in 2017 and perhaps got off to a shaky start when they met here in paris at the palace a palace of. since then have been in regular contact with each other 5 meetings
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back in 2018 in the 2 have been pushing a deeper relationship getting to know each other and understanding each other and there is some real hope that today's meeting will see the start of people came a street between the 2 presidents we already know that president has agreed to visit. next year for the victory day parade in may a very significant event so we're already seeing that the 2 have been breaking ice getting on better with each other and we're hoping today that that relationship with. real chemistry you know looking forward to summer a true disgrace what a beautiful backdrop to have those. super place in charlotte to bensky for now thank you so much come back to give us an update yeah. i want to sort of presidents to another donald trump another scathing attack on the new york times accusing the
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publication this time of producing some of the worst journalism in history said latest outburst came after the merge the paper's executive editor discussing how to cover the president's administration in the wake of the russia gate scandal it goes down of the story this monday. trump is a russian acid this message of the not too carefully ciphered in articles and reports has been overwhelming americans and the new york times seemingly used all the power and authority of its award winning journalism to propagate the message. but then came the miller report something that was until supported to become the fatal blow to donald trump's credibility rebound ricocheted and had the media back
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with the momentum of a boomerang for the new york times it meant this we built our newsroom to cover one story and we did it truly well now we have to regroup and shift resources in emphasis to take on a different story this is part of a league transcript from dean baquet the new york times executive editor giving a speech in front of the paper's authors this shift he's talking about is far from good news for trump because apparently now the newspaper is going to degrade him from a russian puppet to something arguably much worse a racist. race in the next year is going to be a huge part of the american story and i mean race in terms of not only african-americans and their relationship with donald trump but latino's in immigration work to the near times for 15 years i think that the new york times has immensely damaged its credibility by trumpeting this
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narrative that trump was a russian agent certainly within the last few decades one of the most egregious journalistic failures a terrible terrible failing and. i find it disturbing that dean baquet the executive editor of the new york times what will even acknowledge it mr k. also likes to put the new york times on a pedestal for being one of the few remaining independent journalism sources out there except to believe that you'd have to deliberately ignore the distinctive scent of partisanship reeking from the paper's supposed new racism narrative donald trump publicly and unapologetically embraced a political strategy may hate racism and division he's a man who cosies out to the white supremacist has been about trying to divide us in a way that it's been about trying to sell hate and division among us we have
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a president of the united states is a racist this is a guy who is worse than a racist he is actually using races tropes and racial language for political gain the newspaper might have begun to retroactively implement the changes since it recently changed the headline of one of its articles from this to this under the pressure from well the democrats so one thing is for sure race will be a huge part of the american story next year the presidential one what happened. the moeller report did not deliver as the new york times and much of the other mainstream media promised that it would and from that transcript you see that they are going to pivot to another kind of campaign against trump which will be focusing on is racism but none of this is journalism and some is
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a kind of switching of one moral crusade or self defined moral crusade with another their coverage of the russian the russian clues and story was a huge squat and during that story critics accuse them of ignoring other things that trump was doing so now after russia after the russia collusion story as flopped the times has decided to cover other issues like trump and racism but believe me in the i'll do a very bad job. they'll get a lot of basic things wrong and and probably benefits more than they will. while lot think as a footnote to this story i can tell you give us new york times to comment on the story as when they get back to smith overnight then of course i will let you know what i have to say next. america's race debate apparently set to gain more media coverage than nearly leaked f.b.i. documents show that the agency is increasingly worried about the threat posed by
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a hate crime going to get into that debate later the program so as to come through this right now with warnings intensifying about the possibility of a global climate catastrophe germany's green party looks to be enjoying a surge in support right now among its ambitions environmental policy has a plan a pretty controversial one you might think to completely phase out domestic flights by overhauling the country's rail system but the huge question here a glaring one are most germans on board of it peter all of it takes a closer look. germany's green policies being in full bloom in the polls of late one of the most recent policies they put forward is a railway revolution all trains on a tight schedule moving at a cheaper price waste that so why fight it with the ultimate aim of making the internal flights in germany i think of the past in the next 50 years by trying to city 5 who want to make domestic flights largely obsolete with all of that said to
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cost the states around $3000000000.00 euro a year what the rail passengers think of the proposal i definitely would support the policy i think i drive to take the plane more often at the train's 3 than the plane yeah if that whole network would have to be in a better condition going by train is really expensive and it's not very comfortable if you're doing a lot of traveling like meat it's nearly impossible to cool the room to germany on the big 3 so. the moment there's no alternative fuel for planes i'm not a frequent flyer but in that case i would abstain from flying altogether. my last minute ticket from munich cost me 150 euro if i booked in advance it would have been cheap but if i booked for it to that sounds it would have been a fraction of that cost everybody wants to see travel be quick and cheap and bring
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them however how much of this plan is achievable and how much of it is just a headline. this would be a long way to go because it requires. investments in infrastructure and so far germany is struggling since years to complete the railway in structure projects to $21.00 which was supposed to make flights obsolete in the south of germany by allowing for fall. to rain kind of train connections between paris and the end of. the broadsheet this delay to paris become twice as costly as the planned time so yes i ask myself how is it going to be put into practice. here we are in munich now that journey took just short to find a vowel is under the proposed plans all journeys would have to be completed within
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4 and it's not just by lowering train fare is that the hoping to get people to the plane and take the train it's also by raising aspens quality of the plan is to put taxation on kerosene jet fuel on a level with taxation on petrol at $65.00 euro cents a liter currently depending on the length of the fly passengers will pay up to around $40.00 euro in taxes according to calculations from the german environment ministry increasing kerosene taxes could raise as much as $7000000000.00 euro are new here at the may want ports in munich we found a real mixed bag of opinions when it came to getting people off planes and on to trains. it takes longer so i wouldn't want to travel a i was for so much that several hours i think it should be wise verse that should be better to invest in the infrastructure of the trains etc cycles more and reliability better prices not going to take the train to bed linwood going now
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. 10 hours pay like yeah the same of going to kill seeking kerrison into consideration i think trains are better but not in terms of speed but when the trains don't go away you need to the only option available is the cost germany has the highest level of call rhona ship in the european union and the germans love affair with the automobile certainly not going away anytime soon peter all of a. let the train take the strain it's a full tape in the morning this monday good morning coming up after the break story about america mother living in saudi arabia the king said some news custody of a deal to offer of course so is she simply. one of them or stick with us.
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we put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go on for us this is what before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. interest rates spike gapping and the spread is widening and what i call the interest rate apartheid if you're in the wrong side of the friends of jeffrey epstein you bantustan of extortion ery credit card rates if you're a friend of jeffrey then you get the insider rate of negative and you get paid to lend money or to borrow money excuse me from the bank.
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good morning this is all it's international next an american mother living in saudi arabia are said to lose custody of of 4 year old daughter told by a court that a lifestyle was simply too west it's off to. ex-husband the saudi national presented apparently evidence to a court that she hadn't embraced islamic values and therefore wouldn't be able to raise the child in a properly then i am beth movie or a she's 32 years old she moved to saudi arabia in 2011 to work as a university teacher she later married a saudi businessman with whom she had a daughter the couple then divorce last year and it all started to unravel with vera accused of verbal abuse and drug use a claim eat denies the saudi court ruled against her however and the deadline for
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appeal expired just yesterday. the mother is new to islam is a foreigner in this country and continues to definitively embrace the customs and traditions of her upbringing we must avoid exposing zarina to these customs and traditions especially at this early age we spoke to catherine shutdown a scene around listening to think playing to us why the case was lost by the american mother hear them women to begin in the kingdom do not have many rights to speak all and of course when it comes to custody cases it is very often the husband has priority and is given everything whereas the woman is giving nothing and i think that in this case they are just using her nationality and the flag she was raised in the west against her alleging that she has pulled an ethic and that she doesn't fit within the islamic school at least the version that saudi arabia holds
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obviously so we're in the past has repeatedly been criticized for its record on women's rights though they've argued we've been some improvements in recent years. it's very difficult to say you know whether the prince is actually really genuine in his desire for we close because they all coming so clearly. or whether he's just some kind of a course meant to claim to tried to you know it's richard riley or rollins public
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opinion you know in his favor as it was to truly trying to change what is going on in his society and we have to admit and this is not even an opinion it's a fact that is running centuries behind everybody else when he calls to formulating what society is and how people relate to one another and the dynamics that goes on in the kingdom women. because to get about 50 percent of society you cannot function as a state if you do not have to keep the british and the whites to be to believe or even to choose for themselves. extort documents have revealed that the agency is viewing racially motivated crime that was a serious security threat these days the more more worried about its kind of mopey reports there are many different threats that are being faced by america's men and women of the f.b.i. this point its mass shootings and terrorist attacks that tend to grab the headlines
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but they are facing another top priority that would be racial violent crime racially motivated violent extremism encompasses threats involving the use or threat of force. violence in violation of federal law in furtherance of political or social agendas which are deemed to derive from bias often related to race held by the actor against others including a given population group now let's be clear this is not some kind of political statement by the f.b.i. it's actually based on the data that they have collected what they refer to as white identity extremists and black identity extremists are committing crimes in a rising numbers here's what they said about some racially motivated violent extremists are driven by a belief in the superiority of the white race and a perception that the us government is conspiring with jews and other minority populations to bring about the races demise of the racially motivated violent extremists use force or violence in violation of criminal law in response to
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perceived racism and injustice in american society or in an effort to establish a separate black homeland or autonomous black social institutions communities or governing organizations within the us it's true that racially motivated violent crimes have been increasing across the united states since 2015 this trend has continued in $29.00 even though the overall crime rate in the city surveyed has declined.
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this the attack in el paso texas underscores the continued threat posed by domestic violent extremists and perpetrators of hate crimes we're talking about a wide spectrum of racially motivated incidents and yes white nationalism has no place in this country i can tell you the majority of people in this country from all walks of life all ethnicities and religions condemn white nationalism so the f.b.i. sees somewhat of a spike if you will
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a growth if you will and people being radicalized through white nationalism but it is being addressed rather vigorously by the f.b.i. and other intelligence agencies but we have to be careful in this country to make sure that the f.b.i. and other intelligence agencies do not become politicized unfortunately because of the political atmosphere we now see in the united states there has been the politicization of the f.b.i. and presently the new u.s. attorney general mr barr is addressing that as we speak. and he says says iraqi city of basra is facing severe crisis with its residents complained have got no access to safe drinking water these days figures show that there were more than 150000 cases of water related poisoning last year alone it's a quick look at a new documentary put together exploring the unexpected problem. one
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of the one. of you know what. you are not. good right my mom. would have. been a lot. more just to find.
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the entire base in the tigris and euphrates dumps its sewage into those 2 rivers to bring in the water. and nature heals herself. but mankind does not have the will to heal the city. has gone from bad to worse. if you want to see more of that some. way of finding the rest of us are covering today as well this monday for you keep on your browser 247 here moscow this monday morning the 19th of august is kevin owen in the morning team wish me a great day. when
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lawmakers manufacture consent instinctive public will. when the room in closest to protect themselves. when the crime and merry go round lives only the woman has a job. that's not to ignore middle of the room signals. from the real news group the world. and its community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's
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a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 teams most of the conflict i would say overall is around money and most of their money is made. close one on each other just because he knows each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex just to get some 20 a life where. you don't care and one of my cares about your so your care might anything. grew.
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up like. sophie shevardnadze the oscar winning drama green book cast about racism in america back in the spotlight is this problem of think of the past or is it still an issue very much alive we'll ask kathleen alexander ramsey an award winning author and playwright who traveled across the united states collecting memories of the jim crow about. half a century after the victories of the civil rights movement. still the problem crime is on the rise by trump's controversial presidency will civil rights groups find
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fresh campaigns against racial hatred in america. makes his words. racism truly. from the united states. callaway now xander ramsey award winning writer and playwright welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us today mr ramsey know you have been digging into the green book for a long time the travel guide for african-americans during the jim crow laws that help them avoid painful discrimination. and segregated south jim crowd may be a thing of the past but for instance film director spike lee believes racism is ingrained in the day of the united states days think it will ever be overcome completely. well it's going to take a long time because you know with the development of the i guess the you know the country with the native americans and with the you know the the
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many many years of bondage by africans who were brought here you know and then you had the black codes after that and then you had. jim crow did you had reconstruction and so is you know it's a lot it's a lot you know and but i will say that it has gotten better during my lifetime. i've seen changes but they came about because people worked to bring those changes black people white people people of the same mind so it wasn't easy the strides that have been made they were hard fought. it off hurt that there are special projects and local director is like new orleans black book or black.


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