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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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u.s. house intelligence committee has released the democratic memo aimed at countering the g.o.p. document which accused the f.b.i. of spying on their former trump campaign. and security council unanimously approves a thirty day ceasefire for syria to provide humanitarian access to areas most affected by the conflict also ahead. police clashing here after waiting students in milan as political rallies are held across italy ahead of next weekend's general election.
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and broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our to international in from thomas certainly glad to have you with us and we start with some breaking news this hour the u.s. house intelligence committee has just released a democratic party memo countering republican claims of f.b.i. surveillance abuses that's a despite objections from the white house which earlier said the memo should not be released as it contains sensitive material and it relates to the ongoing probe into alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen american presidential election now the latest document accuses the republicans of trying to undermine the f.b.i. that's after the republican memo earlier this month accuse the f.b.i. and the justice department of securing a warrant to spy on donald trump's presidential campaign and the white house has said in a statement of that nothing in the democratic known mo counters trumps the statements that neither he nor his campaign colluded with russia according to the republicans the warrants to spy on the. campaign was based on unverified claims made in the now
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notorious trump dossier written by a former british spy christopher steele however to the democratic memo the f.b.i. probe long predated the receipt of steele's information. for some insight on this story we can now bring in dan the human rights lawyer thanks for being with us here on r.t. international. this whole memo war has been a really interesting thing the document claims that the republican memo was a transparent effort to undermine the f.b.i. the special counsel and in the congress investigations and risks public exposure of sensitive sources for no legitimate purpose you think that these are fair accusations. now. look it democratic memo so it really does not with. much of what was in the republican memo so to cut to the chase the democratic member that was just released minutes that they
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did not seek a. warrant for carter page to surveil quarter page two october two thousand and sixteen by that time by their own admission they already had this deal dossier and we know that this. was created. pursuant to payments made by both the d.n.c. and some republicans even poorer for that the point is. this field office was paid for for political purposes. and the buys a. warrant in october was in part based on this and so i think the democratic memo does not do with. the republican memo that was released several weeks well you bring up the downside one
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of the key disputes mary is the role of the controversial trump. cia which republicans claim was the main reason for the entire f.b.i. probe in the first place democrats say that it's not that it was actually other revelations that came out i mean even in the republican memo if you remember george papadopoulos his information is what brought that f.b.i. investigation into place so how important is this still dossier really. well again i think is still that ca's and quite important for the pfizer weren't i mean i think that's where in a way those two memos the republican and democratic memos are consistent that a fire is a war was not thought to or issued until this field i was in the hands of the f.b.i. so i think in that sense it's still dossier which i think a lot of people believe it's painted by the fact that it was. gotten. for political
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purposes by payments from the d.n.c. and again even before that by some member of the republican party who wanted to undermine truck. at the same time yes it's true the democratic memo tries to claim that the f.b.i. began their investigation without a war. months before in july. not i think that raises other questions how was the f.b.i. credible engaged in an investigation. even got a pfizer war that is to say that it appears that they were investigating at least one american in july without any warrants at all which should be of great concern now did people so yet. the white house has said in a statement that nothing in the democratic memo counters trump's statements that
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neither he nor his campaign quoted with russia would be think that's true i agree with that i mean all this new memo says is that one person carter page had some meetings with some russian officials. various primes and the incredibly the democratic memo makes a fuss about the fact that carter page was invited to speak in a university in moscow. you know why should we care about that again the only reason we're supposed to care is because of as the do the russians but i agree there is no evidence of collusion here in the democratic memo and there's been no evidence of collusion so far in the mobile investigation that's now been ongoing. for many months and i think people should be concerned about that millions of dollars have been spent on this best a geisha and we have yet to see any evidence of collusion between the trump
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campaign in the russians and that was the whole point of this investigation soon these member wars that we've been seeing do they really have anything to do with alleged russian meddling or in your view is this just party bickering between partisans i think for the most part is just party bickering i think the whole russia gate scandal is about. you know the democrats trying to undermine. the presidency of donald trump but let me be clear and i've been clear many times you know i've written this book the plot to scapegoat russia i'm not a fan of donald trump i'm not a fan of his presidency i think he's a reactionary but at the same time i think we should attack trump for his policies not in this to use upon trumped up russia gate scandal that's what that's what it
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is it's been trumped up by the democrats to undermine trouble because the democrats sadly have no other policy agenda to present to the american people all they were riding is this russia gate scandal and again it's a scandal with nothing there in the words of john pilger the great journalist from australia and great britain this is a scandal without even any allegations most americans don't even understand what's being alleged here are a dicey no evidence of collusion and i think in the end this whole russia gate scandal is going to be used to suppress dissent and freedom of speech in mostly against the left wingers in the united states interesting here thought dan kovalchuk human rights lawyer thanks for being with us here in our international. thank you. all right in other news world powers have approved a thirty day humanitarian ceasefire for syria to resolution was passed in the
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unanimous vote at the u.n. security council headquarters in new york or to come up and has the latest there has been a resolution agreed on by the fifteen member body that leaves the united nations regarding the situation in eastern guta this is an enclave to the east of the syrian capital of damascus and it's a place that's under the control of rebels and terrorists that are working to overthrow the syrian government twenty thirteen it has been surrounded by government forces and the fighting there has recently intensified and we're hearing allegations against both sides about human life being taken about civilians being killed we're hearing accusations from the syrian observatory for human rights which is based in the united kingdom there saying that if syria with the support of russia is hurting civilians and committing atrocities against civilians we've also heard reports from the russian center for reconciliation in syria they are pointing
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out that the area is essentially being used to shell civilians in damascus furthermore they're reporting that the terrorist groups in eastern guta are working actively to prevent medical aid from getting to civilians and they're using these civilians as human shield the resolution was passed calling for a thirty day cease fire now after the unanimous vote we then heard from various countries we heard from nikki haley of the united states and she said she doesn't believe the syrian government will actually comply with the cease fire. it is critical that the assad regime and its allies comply with our demand to stop the assault on eastern guta and immediately allow food and medicine to reach everyone who need to all of us on this council must do our part to press the assad regime as hard as we can to comply we are deeply skeptical that the regime will comply but we supported this resolution because we must demand nothing less now we also heard from the representative of the russian federation now he addressed the security
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council and he emphasized that the fight against terrorism is not affected by this resolution that internationally delegated terrorist groups groups like al nusra and isis that the fight against them is not restricted by this resolution of that fight will continue he also had some concerns about how the fight against terrorism seem to be serving some other goals a. game of battling terrorism can't become a cover for solving geo political problems of dubious legitimacy and that is exactly what the u.s. is doing in syria right now we insist that the so-called coalition and its attempts and occupation as soon as possible it would have among other things a clear humanitarian effect nikki haley the representative of the united states walked out before the syrian representative could speak under u.n. rules if the resolution pertains to you all countries have the right to address the security council the syrian ambassador to the united nations went on to point out
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that he said that the thirty day ceasefire should be implemented and not just implemented in eastern guta but also in our friend as well as in the golan heights the resolution has been passed and it looks like there will be a thirty day cease fire in eastern good investigative journalist patrick hemmings and believes that despite agreeing to the cease fire the united states will keep pursuing its own political goals in syria. this is the us master plan and the advantage of keeping guta going as a front that keeps the syrian army busy they're not able to deploy forces to the north this is one of the strategies i believe of the western coalition and its allies including the west who are very soft mittens with isis in northeast syria they're letting them kind of do what they want basically moving them around like pieces on the chess board this is the overall strategy for syria is to keep the
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syrian army busy keep russia bogged down giving over to them in places stretch them so that no no real progress can be made and wear them down weaken them over time. clashes have broken out in milan a week before the italian general election police stepped in to break up a student protest against the anti immigration northern league party. was. asked to started on friday and. turin and has spread to other italian cities the northern league the main focus of the anger held its own rally in milan on saturday as well. politics professor marco but sonnie told us that radical parties are seeing a resurgence in italy. we tend to explain
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a lot of things done for women but don't an economic crisis but there is so there is another story the story is that there is a warning in this country there is a growing look legitimization all of the right any kind of radical scenery team from the economic rises from bin laden do time i don't think that john ridley can go on like this there are too many differences between the north the south and nobody addresses the real policies that change. you know they can change the situation. spending goes up boring goes up the national debt is out of control and nobody talks even talks about the real issues. a german newspaper has successfully registered a dog as a member of a major political party the social democrats build it says it pulled the stunt to show how easy it is to manipulate the party voting process as the as d.p. decides whether to enter
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a coalition with chancellor merkel's party but can't see the funny side as artie's pure oliver explains. it's almost certainly not the sound bite top german social democrats under expected to be having to give to the press this week it came after the newspaper billed registered a named lemur as a member of the s.p. devastating name gender occupation and age. they received a party card saying she was in the only reason that this is anything more than a hilarious mistake by the social democrats is that it's their party members that will get to decide on a coalition with calls conservatives a no vote in that ballot well that could see fresh elections here in germany people who wish to manipulate the votes in a grand coalition through criminality could do just the same and that is what forced the social democrats into making their somewhat embarrassing canine climb
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down and prompted me to enlist the help of my own four legged friends. to help come this what berlin's pooches and some of the humans they grow with the thoughts that use homes they are. not but do you see helen was using them on the children the next day. oh yeah that's what she does she loves to read so they actually. collect i mean really young dogs so i'm pretty sure the sushi want a lot good to be big the lexan you know. she's one year old all the couple more years and i think it's stupid the cost how do you think about this you want to have a career in the park will be fucked up i don't. know that interest. my degree of. this is real because you know you have to take it back on. the son of the. local. milk
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best ever. but first let's take. a look. at all of us. more news after the break you're watching our international. well. you know. it is going. to mistake for us.
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from russia from china. russia and. russia. to find sound outside the united states. and welcome back you're watching r t international live from moscow now russia has warned ukraine it is making a colossal mistake after kiev passed a law on the reintegration of the war torn down yet scandal guns regions moscow
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says it shows kiev is not committed to a peaceful solution to the conflict and that the move undermines the minsk agreements that are currently in place the new legislation allows the ukrainian president to use the armed forces in peace time against of the breakaway republics it also does against russia as an aggressor state and labels the two territories as being occupied in the conflict between eastern and western parts of ukraine broke out after a coup in two thousand and fourteen. here is how it all unraveled. the . for.
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you. experts we spoke to agree that the law will do more harm than good in east ukraine it won't contribute to the peace process it will have to be either withdrawn or amended in order to accord with the minsk agreements simple as that i think but i think it's more of a a little small cancers for that process it's what i call double track pseudo diplomacy he wants to be seen to be
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a good guy but in fact the original agenda remains the same which is that eventually he wants to. make as big many problems for russia as he possibly can because i think he's probably acting according to an american nato agenda kind of setting in stone and a conflict chill situation isn't it it's not going to be it's not going to did lead to any constructive. along with between the two solids the minsk agreement says all we've got to hold the situation in the frozen conflicts and it's better off as a frozen conflict than as a lot of conflicts and there are plenty of forces inside the ukraine itself and in the west that want to see a cold as a means of debilitating the russian federation on the world stage the breakaway republics have broken away the ceasefire laws have been established there's not
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going to be any change on the ground fighting on attempts to talk about fighting is the resolution not realistic. russian skiers have clinched another two medals at the winter olympics in south korea cross-country skiers alexander beauchesne off and on that a lot of won the silver and bronze respectively in the men's fifty kilometer race if you're into gold rushes athletes have been competing under a neutral banner because of doping violations and have won sixteen medals at the games so far half of all of the medals belong to skiers that's despite the team being formed from a limited pool of athletes many just out of the junior ranks in the aftermath of the doping scandal the eight medals they've won so far equalled the record haul of russian skiers in nineteen in one hundred eight now when it comes to ski in countries like finland norway or france might be the ones which immediately spring to mind not so much australia even so three friends from down under decided to take
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part in one of sweden's most grueling events despite never having worn a pair of skis before. well we had a few too many beers to be honest our other friend that's doing the right as well morton and he was telling us that his dad has done fossil up at nine to come to ski race forty nine times and he said it would be great if you could do it with him and of course we all parties stick to this because he just can't do more than ten minutes of exercise but after a few beers it seems that. many would face christian if. we we came into the snow farming cart thrown around and explained if we wanted to do some beginners classes and we never skied before and said well we need we're
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doing this race. and they all started laughing to see speak to thank you. guys my name is alexis off to family originally from russia and do my coaching career and work with the several kids from several fused and flits wrong to very very beginning a level two olympic champion. it's going to be awful the longest we've done is forty two kilometers so far and morton ended up in hospital by a lot of things will finish will see. the canadian prime minister has been trying hard to blend in on his trip to india justin trudeau posed for the cameras in an impressive array of traditional outfits but for some it was
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all a bit too much. i . i was. just in through those aids pray love spirit quest routine reminds me of the spring break yogi travelers i went to school with who came back from the far east with a next and a new wardrobe every year is a just me all this choreographed keep us all just a bit so you much now all site. indian sun dress like this every day so i know
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you've been in bollywood stuff with a prayer hands it just looks like you're out of i.d.'s. i. obviously would take the situation extremely seriously the individual in question should never have received an invitation and as soon as we found out we rescinded the invitation in egypt. all right that does it for me this hour i'll be back in the top of the hour with more news right now to international stay with us. elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fiddlesticks mission to do it like a million pieces and my complicity is i'm going to have to study all maybe
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a bit. john. the only palestinians who gets the most help from its juice from counterparts i don't think this is of those who. vision didn't know only could give us. and the earth does all of us not just got to this lady of the most of the i know you can tedium of doesn't seem to do more commitments also some piss off. was going on not all is only producing. illusion oafish it doesn't have any meaning unless it leads to real peace which can be. no guaranteed only by christina president. say this is charlie munger has approached economic slow bold blow bubbles through
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wells fargo wells fargo bail out the turn charlie monger and one above it turns them are. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to press. you to go on to be for us to see what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of the how. things should. thank you. thank you. welcome to.
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the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. there's a new we're entire month program for the deep stakes for the cia f.b.i. . even some military generals it's a new it's a new nursing home for the intelligence community that has been in the also rans with the leathery skin and the liver spots and jalouse down to the floor. they don't have to be wal-mart greeters anymore is a very exciting this is no longer put out to pasture now they're put out to the mainstream media there they just propped up like weekend at bernie's and drop it out there to tell lies to the american people right next to chuck todd on meet the press that's very exciting the latest example is former director of the cia john brennan who was hired a couple of weeks ago by n.b.c.
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news to be their senior national security and intelligence analyst and because he spent so long with the cia he is an expert at lying to the american public yes he is highly likely qualified to be on m s n b c yes. you know that's what the cia does they lie to us in fact they even had a program for it operation mockingbird was a secret program begun in the ninety's this and with the cia recruited leading american journalist into a network to help present the cia's views what is it that son of brennan has other conflicts of interest he's a full on war profiteer he was the c.e.o. of the analysis corporation which was the intelligence solutions business of global defense technology and systems incorporated now renamed so terror defense solutions own defense.


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