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hit him hard the right is on fire moving south the lift slowing down too and about twenty seconds later here i did a google search and rescue team then he will do me to gain altitude of course i didn't do it to leave my commander is the last thing i would do i always try to have his back during flights and now i have to do it on the ground while he was fighting i stayed there and made several attacks to vehicles that were getting closer to the all of groups where room on touchdown i stayed until the fuel was extremely low i barely made it back to the airfield after the part of shut down he was surrounded by militants and a gunfight ensued and unverified video of what happened later appeared online a warning you may find the following video disturbing. you. could be heard shouting this is for our lads as he blew up a hand grenade and killed himself the story of the potus bravery has not gone
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unnoticed r.t. received this letter from a veteran u.s. servicemen offering support and asking if there is a fund collecting donations for his widow and child we've asked the russian armed forces if such a fund is being created and we are waiting for clarification and the man who wrote that letter steve siler gave r.t. his views on major fully story he knew what is chair of this war. and he knew what he had to do. any knew he was never going to be captured. that's a decision he had to bake. it's very hard to say but. he did what he had to do it was a personal decision. he knew what could happen to him he knows what can happen to other troops. and what has happened to his
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comrades these are very important people to you. and you do most anything for them . even risk your life he had to do a work this. year. i wonder if i would be brave enough to do what he did. he was a he was a good we should do you. support for women's rights and gender equality is picking up pace online with a number of prominent hashtags but when it comes to feminism people can't seem to agree on what's ok to say and what's not here's party boy. are you a feminist if you put on a muslim headscarf or on the contrary if you take it off and even burn it according to the internet it could be either you just have to choose your harsh tag there is world hejab day that's the one that promotes women's rights to wear a headscarf it's going big in the u.k. and the u.s.
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job has nothing to do with oppression it's a feminist statement but many a man a man had to have the women this piece of clothing as the very epitome of oppression but then there's also the no head job movement the one that condemns muslim headscarves as a form of oppression it's especially relevant in iran right now where women are being arrested for costing off their veils and the anti hejab brigade is outraged. i have you know a job to. earn to earn. but if you thought religious dress was a minefield or simply that it doesn't apply to you be aware because language is
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getting political too in case you won over faith with the new rules using the word mankind is kind of a foe par that's precisely what the canadian prime minister justin trudeau tried to explain to a female journalist who used the word in a question to him little did he know that an even bigger if opar no matter how much of a feminist you are is mansplaining to a woman that she shouldn't be using the word mankind but don't worry the internet told him maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind so we're like you to look what we're going to see people kind not necessarily mankind .
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there's lots of things you can do to be yet another family says a man but here's a simple one don't interrupt. the. private. part by offering people kind. but what about formula one bosses who presumably thought they were acting in an enlightened and post weinstein manner when they fired all that grid girls those are the promotional models who traditionally adorn the racetrack there's only support the band say that being a pit babe object of buys and sexualizes women but try telling that to the grid
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girls many of whom are moving up set and trying to think up a new profession i've never had even the slightest hint of feeling exploited. i've wanted to be that i worked hard to get that they paid me well to do the job i i saw my outfit before i agreed to do it i knew i was wearing i knew what was expected of me the world has gone completely mad. i don't see a problem with promotional work tools we all do it by choice and we're not forced into the word and or goals apply for the job it seems these days you come put a foot right perhaps all the hashtags could now be replaced with one much less binary one something like freedom to choose. we're back in a moment. thanks
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. to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want. you to go on to be cross with a white woman for three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the
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waters of my colleagues. it is good to have you with us today a video has surfaced online showing young children in libya staging a mock execution. yes. the boys in that clip are reportedly under the age of nine they appear to be mimicking a real life execution which happened in benghazi in january in that video which we are unable to show you a gunman or seen shooting blindfolded prisoners in front of a mosque where a deadly bombing had just taken place. now our panel of guests have contrasting
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views on the story and the trauma experienced by kids growing up in a war zone what we know is just a mocking video actually we've seen actual videos where children has been used to behead people in syria and in iraq and iraq is what we heard stories when terrorist groups using the young people to be a spy on their families the individuals that are actually carrying out terrorist attacks and in particular suicide attacks often have been escaping chaotic lives that actually that the gauge with what we call extremists material it doesn't happen until many years down the line you know and often substance misuse was a big problem and if we understand that the reasons that people engage in substance misuse is because of childhood trauma and if we understand that if we've got a large number of young guys of children who have experience that kind of trauma
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what could they is it possibly be partially a little follow they started out or not the whole truth that would cause is not that you know first of all if you look into the history of islamist terrorism recently in a country where i was warned by all of this you will see most of the terrorist attacks in the capital of dark i was carried out by youths who in fact came from affluent families they had a very good law. if in fact they were brainwashed by this islamist terrorism not only by videos but by theological understanding of it and when it comes to children children are not being able to be children because of the upbringing they are getting because they are of the islamic extremist ideology it in fact denies you of any kind of creation that children will need to grow up with all that happy with what is in all the culture is not the way our or some of the occasion in some of countries in the educated the the younger kids on radicalization only extremism
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right from the younger age so we that's what we call them for because from regulations to prevent such a behavior even on online videos or what you know we have to regulate the education curriculum some of the countries require to be looked into and see how the education curriculum is being taught in schools. in america fingers are being pointed again at alleged kremlin bots online accounts that imitate real users this time they're accused of sowing division by promoting the deep state the claim comes from controversial website hamilton sixty eight whose self-proclaimed goal is to call out russian propaganda the term state is used to refer to a powerful elites inside government or military structures that wield influence on government policies and this term gain traction after u.s. president donald trump started a battle with the intelligence community accusing it of being involved with a deep state network to undermine the president.
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eric trying to suggest that ellen de generous is part of the deep state so i have some questions first of all which one is erik. did he kill the elephant or the cheetah which one i don't know. so second what is deep state is it near dollywood because i'm in if it is. a school in new york has sparked controversy by ditching a longstanding tradition the annual father and daughter dance has done so it says
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to comply with guidelines on trans gender students here's our correspondent. it's a longstanding tradition of family bonding but the annual father daughter dance set for this friday at this staten island elementary school in new york well it's been called off it's been told to waltz off the stage because it violates the department of education's gender neutral policies gender based policies rules and practices can have the effect of marginalizing stigmatizing stereotyping and excluding students whether or not they're transgender all gendered non-conforming for these reasons schools should review such policies all gender based policies must be abandoned unless they have a very clear educational purpose now not all schools are complying with the new guidelines but this one is angering many parents school councils daddy daughter
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dance because of gender policy saying it might make some people feel left out you know our dads in daughters feel left out really and as the father of a little girl there's just flat out ticks me off and it takes a lot of do that but seriously the madness has got to stop it separately s. and nine this is why i am convinced now more than ever that. i can only hope that some diligent fathers take it upon themselves to organize their own father daughter dance as a fundraiser perhaps this will show the leftist n.y.c. school system he don't need their anti family propaganda mindset local l.g.b. t. activists applauded the school's decision to do the dance father daughter dance is inherently leave people out not just because of transgender status just life in general these can be really uncomfortable and triggering events if you think about it there are many different policies that could actually be triggering for example the authors of the educational policy they listed gender based graduation gallons
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or clothes for graduation pictures now the dance will be taking place in march but it will be for quote kids and caregivers of all genders and won't have the catchy daddy daughter dance name but officials are hoping that it catches on. r.t. staten island. and half an hour. ago was telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings you to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battles that. you stopped trying to tell you that the gossip the public. doesn't tell you are not pulling out like the product. of all that
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we are on walking. i'm completely confused about why a republican administration made a change that was the same surely. part of the democratic philosophy i can only think that sal away had deep within what they called a deep state in the us treasury they were left leaning bureaucrats who who implemented this change to a territoriality based system of taxation without anybody actually being aware of what was going on. later on.
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this is broadcast around the world from washington d.c. i'm partial to and coming off the u.s. trade deficit has widened we'll talk about what it means for the trope of the companies and workers and trinity charges has details on some troubling trends with air b.n. b. and congressional leaders may surprise us all and pass a bigger deal a two year deal on the budget which would include infrastructure dollars and it increasing the debt ceiling all which could calm jittery markets and i sat down with the crypto champion aretha ton and ask her if the banks have it right about digital currencies and their future. banks have a knee jerk reaction to saudi jamie dimon. it's quite an interview now let's get to the stories topping today's headline. says they has finally put a price on their new e.s.p.n.
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streaming service according to disney's q four report four dollars and ninety nine cents will get viewers while allow them to able to watch extra games if you're a maple leafs fan or a blackhawks fan and other content investors have been waiting for the details since disney's announced plans for plus in august another detail e.s.p.n. plus will not be a standalone service instead it will be an add on to the existing e.s.p.n. app the stream per month service will not allow you or users to watch sports center or live e.s.p.n. channels without a separate subscription to that content. piece fourth quarter profit rose two point one billion dollars as opposed to four hundred million a year ago b.p. would have done better but for the recently enacted tax reform bill plus b.p. continues to have cost tied to their gulf of mexico oil spill that killed eleven people and ranks as the largest marine oil spill in history since the two thousand
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and ten deepwater horizon disaster b.p. per earnings have lagged behind its oil company cohorts the company was forced to sell billions in assets to fund cleanup efforts currently estimated to be roughly sixty billion dollars. and smart spawn sales have subsided for the first time since two thousand and nine in china raising questions about the long term global future of the devices according to data from research company i.d.c. smartphone sales tranq by four point nine percent last year as in the u.s. and the u.k. chinese consumers are waiting longer to replace their phones. and as i said the u.s. trade. grew it grew by twelve percent last year to five hundred sixty six billion dollars that's the widest gap since two thousand and eight and it creates even
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greater challenges for president donald trump who has made rebalancing trade a key priority here discusses david grasso a bold media david thanks for being with us first of all what's your take on this top number the twelve percent increase in the overall u.s. trade deficit in a single year point to push it up really to the highest level since two thousand and eight looks sort of substantial but what are your thoughts you know the experts say that a lot of this increase comes from the historical hangover of a stronger dollar among other factors you know a strong dollar buys more stuff and right now people are expecting that the trade deficit maybe even increase because of a booming economy and because of tax reform ok with the other number that stands out here is the increase of eight percent in the trade deficit with china and that's especially notable in the political context for president trump rhetorical batters battles with china and the north korean component what do you think about that one. you know that's something that's definitely the elephant in the room our
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trade deficit with china comprises about half of our deficit and you know that's a big number and of course you know stuff like this all comes from there we were just talking about our smartphones or smartphone sales in china you know a lot of our trade deficit comes from china mexico japan all those types of countries and we have to tackle those of course those are long term problems if we cause a trade war in the short term it's going to negatively affect our economy and bring down that beautiful economic landscape that we're currently seeing in the united states but what we've seen we certainly do have a beautiful economic landscape david but let me ask you about the trade war because you know it's really sort of been an isolation his view that the president has had i mean with regard to transpacific partnership that group with eleven countries who have gone ahead without the u.s. that's going forward the president keeps signaling that he's going to be tough on nafta even as a no go she ations go on i mean do we have
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a deal maker in chief who is actually going to produce something on this or should workers and companies alike be concerned. you know i think it all depends on the execution i think the idea that the trade deficit is a problem is straight od i of course i'm a free markets here and would have stayed in you know the trans-pacific partnership but i think donald trump as president is starting to understand the importance of free trade and the importance of stability and free trade but also the idea that trade deals should be fair to american workers of course american consumers largely benefit from free trade through lower prices so it's a very tenuous balance between the short term goal of keeping the economy stable making sure american consumers have enough money in their pockets but also making sure that we're not being taken advantage of by trade agreements with other countries and to go back to china really quickly i mean back during the campaign twenty sixteen the president said that he was going to designate china as
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a currency manipulator you may recall and and one hundred percent he was going to do it it was one of the list of things he was going to do on on day one and that didn't happen and to some extent i guess we can say well look you know we need china to deal with north korea but is that something you think is on the table and should be on the table. i mean i think cooler heads in the white house are prevailing on that front according to what we're mostly hearing on the ground and i think that's something that i sincerely hope for as well we do need times leverage with north korea of course everyone knows it's an open secret that china has done some certain less than kosher things with their currency but i think that you know international affairs are a play and also economic stability we largely depend on china for a lot of our everyday where's that i think could be very we have to be very careful before we proceed with a trading war with our most important trading partner. agree with you i think most people would we need to be careful but we need to get a good deal i just hope this guy the president not this guy you know our our
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commander in chief does what we had hoped he would do which i expect him to do and it's not just tough talk but it's actually walking the walk and getting these good deals for our companies for our workers and as i know you and i both care about david for our economy david grasso of bold maybe thank you so much for joining us i hope you'll come back great to hear great to be here bart thanks. and no trinity chavez has details on a new report regarding air b.n. b. and rents she joins us from new york city air b.n. b. is being blamed for higher rents and reducing available housing and new york city a new report outlines some troubling trends about air b.n. b. and how the short term rental site has affected renters you can see the crowded room in a place with other people where you can see the homeowners on air b.n. b. a vacation website meant to make traveling easier more convenient has apparently made things more difficult for tenants looking to rent in new york this year hotel
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renter for usually you have to go. up. we just want something for two weeks and we'll pay the same thing according to a study done by mcgill university in the hotel trades council air b.n. b. has removed between seven thousand to thirteen thousand five hundred housing units from the city's long term rental market and found that the cost of new york hadn't actually living in the city has been forced up on average three hundred eighty bucks a year and in some areas of manhattan the rent has increased more than seven hundred dollars a year that's because air b.n. b. is listing so-called ghost hotels when listings comprise multiple rooms in a single apartment air b.n. b. even if it's a corporation we're going to be in town for week do you have a three or four bedroom apartment and guess what. fraction of the cost will take you so that's what's really really really going on right now however under current
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new york law it's illegal to rent out an entire apartment in a multi-unit building for less than thirty days and although there's have to finds for violators that doesn't seem to deter the vacation websites the report highlights that two thirds of the revenue are likely from illegal listings that forty five percent of all new york air b.n. b. reservations last year were legal and that there are forty seven hundred private room listings comprised of multiple rooms in a single apartment and also induces gentrification the study found that in nearly seventy five percent of the population in neighborhoods at highest risk of being be induced gentrification across new york is nonwhite meanwhile city officials are saying the short term rental side violates laws and threatens residents quality of life a spokesperson for the mayor's office of criminal justice told r.t. in a statement a legal hotels are depriving new york families of badly needed housing they also create considerable risks for visitors and residents alike by neglecting safety
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codes that are required in legal hotels the city has taken aggressive action launching an unprecedented number of investigations throughout the city in the most extreme cases we have taken bad actors to court that brought more than a million dollars in penalties now everybody disputes the findings of the report and says that it's based on flawed methodology that exaggerates the number of life that the units are rented to visitors for reporting in new york city charges are to . well congressional leaders may surprise many of us to do a larger deal for two years on funding including infrastructure funding and the debt ceiling that would surely calm jittery markets let's get the latest from conservative t.v. and radio host steve malzberg steve thank you for being with us this is actually surprised me as you might have imagined is it real and what's the latest. i think it's real we had a press conference earlier today with mitch mcconnell in the the republican side and then chuck schumer took over not a press conference but speeches on the floor of the senate and they both said they
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have reached this consensus they've reached this deal now they have to sell it but i think that's a fait accompli three hundred billion dollars in spending over the next two years the caps off military spending the caps off also nonmilitary spending now there's no immigration deal in this two year budget deal and that is going to stick in the craw of many and nancy pelosi has been on the floor of the house since ten am eastern time today she's still talking conducting house filibuster if you will reading letters from daca people all about doc all about immigration all about how she cannot support any budget bill that does not include daca but she's not telling her members not to vote for it that's the important thing but they they've got they've got the minority leader they've got schumer right. oh yeah they've got schumer i think that they're going to have some conservatives in the house
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certainly the freedom caucus is going to have a lot of problems with the lift on the on the debt ceiling the left on the caps on domestic spending you know the democrats got lots of what they wanted i'm a little disappointed that mcconnell didn't stick to his guns a little bit more but this is what bipartisanship is i guess however it just shows how ridiculous the shutdown the schumer shutdown was a couple of weeks ago because there's no immigration connection to this budget bill at all now nancy pelosi wants paul ryan to do what mcconnell has promised in the senate mcconnell has promised that a doc a bill and amendments will come up in a fair way when it comes to those issues on immigration and very soon paul ryan has promised no such thing paul ryan says he will bring up issues to the floor if donald trump would sign them and that's a hard line and.


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