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tv   Boom Bust  RT  February 2, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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at this point there really should be some examination of all of the other players here the other the other department of justice officials who signed off on those five say applications they really should examine this further they should also look at whether this steel dosia i think this is the number one question that remains how much did the steel go see a in that that kind of salacious bogus information how much of it has ever been verified we don't know how much did that play into the intelligence community's assessments that russia was colluding in october and in january of two thousand and seventeen we're already seeing a lot of reaction of course from democrats who are coming out all cylinders firing basically belittling what's come out of the report the consequences all vis what are they going to be do you think well we we can hope the consequences would be more of a public demand for more information i mean all in favor for the democrats to put
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out their memo and try to perhaps downplay the republican intelligence memo maybe there maybe there were some additional information in those successive fice a applications that's fine for the democrats to come out i think we actually though the public needs to demand full disclosure and there are a lot more questions that this memo poses that that that actually should be answered right now can i just put another point to another aspect to this as well calling the democrats are saying that if donald trump uses the memo to fire d.o.j. on f.b.i. officials that it's going to be an obstruction to justice how do you assess that claim. i don't think that you can obstruct it's a crime unless you can have solid evidence of the underlying crime if if you go back to watergate with the allegations that nixon was obstructing at the very least
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they had solid evidence of a break in at watergate in this case there's no solid evidence of the underlying crime in they try to create this artifice of obstruction without proving the underlying crime do you think there will be an impact and if so what will it be on the investigations into allegations of collusion between trump in moscow. well again the this all depends on how much more information we can learn like i said it's very very key issue is how much did this deal go see a play into clapper call me britain's again these were all obama administration appointees how much did that play into their assessments of our in russia and collusion and that's something that i think that the public really should want to know because it's a very important question you know otherwise the public will probably after a while lose interest in this although with russia gate the partisanship there
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they're keeping it fueled i mean they're keeping the fire burning it's unfortunate because it's a huge distraction up her perhaps some people well obviously mccain has already left struck in page the lovers they made their days may be numbered rosenstein having signed off on successive but i say. again whether this information was what and whether this information was was still skewed in those later once after steele was even terminated and had rosenstein sign off on an on an application after steele was terminated i mean that's that's he either signed off on the very last application then something we don't know right now and again i would hope that that everyone would demand these answers you know just what i told you is that you were speaking among other people about the f.b.i. director there whether he will lose his job or not we will see won't we in the coming days what comes from this calling riley former f.b.i.
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agent and whistleblower always a pleasure thanks for your take this hour and. other headlines stories this hour the world anti-doping agency saying it is concerned by the decision of sports top court to overturn the lifetime a limb pick bonds given to dozens of rushing up plates accused of taking prohibited substances. why don't i understand that this decision will cause dismay and frustration among athletes the agency supports the i.o.c. is intention to analyze these decisions very carefully and consider all options including an appeal to the swiss federal tribe you know on thursday the court of arbitration for sport decided to lift all sanctions imposed on twenty eight russian athletes on reinstate the olympic medals some have won eleven others will miss the upcoming winter olympics in south korea but their lifetime bans were overturned. partially lifted however the decision has disappointed some ugly three other
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countries who were hoping to move into medal positions retrospectively from the saatchi twenty fourteen games. but anything else this is a very very very dark day for the olympics and this is a very very very dark day for clean sport you there is such a thing when. people are saying they can't prove they were dirty in the same breath you can't prove that they were innocent or you say they are not guilty or you say they are guilty and they have ruled that there is not enough proof for a doping offense hence they are not guilty and these are very important also because it makes to make law report to become not. bases which is enough to convict athletes and every seeing that was. up to now was based on the mclaren report and if this is now not basis
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enough to convict at leats then i do not understand why also all the russian at plates could have been banned khalik to flee without having any any proof of the hoping. you know we saw the reaction there of police from different countries but for russian the cleats the nude was different sheer relief essentially overriding emotion for those who well thought their dreams their careers were finished loyal i'm assuming you know i found out about the decision during my training decided to overturn my disqualification my ban i had only positive thoughts in my head about that and i've been ready to ski for a long long time keeping up my training but i had a question right away what about the olympics are we able to dispute this and get an invitation but i was waiting for the results of a pill when i came back from practice it's amazing yes then my skeleton team
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started congratulating each other such a relief when not guilty and the whole public will know that a lot of people thought we date only those close to us knew it's not true. i've been training with my push through the whole season and now because of what's happened i've been paired with someone else we'll have to adapt our techniques and make adjustments for way differences and work a lot in our start. give you some my mojo is for me and for those who can have their whole situation has only me me angrier and even more determined to win. here twenty eight sports minds of russia are found not guilty and now the i was the states that does not mean that they will participate in the olympics the upcoming winter games that means that practically we have a court decision that will not be enforced and i see a new population here as there was a violation by the i.o.c.
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when banning the sports man so this is actually a little bit odd to me and when we see we have not seen the reasons for the decision right now the mclaren report didn't find any individual violations of anti doping rules of individual sportsman. police five migrants are in hospital after being shot during a mass fight at a food bank in the french port of cali another twenty two people have been injured charlotte dube and skis in cali forests. this is one of the many food distribution points in cali just take a look behind me and you'll see a group of migrants who've come here to receive food to receive clothing and other items and it's one of these distribution points that the clashes broke out on thursday hundreds of migrants armed with iron bars with sticks and even a gun fighting over what was on offer now we understand that more than twenty
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people were injured in that of violets which did. parts of cali including five who were injured from the shooting four of those teenagers said to be critically injured this is the latest round of violence in cali and the french interior minister has described it as reaching new levels. i came to carry because what happened here is extremely serious we have reached a degree of violence not known until today the government will propose a bill in the coming weeks to try and help asylum an immigration problem violence between groups of migrants is nothing new in cali but this is the worst it has been in many months and people here in cali say they just fed up of the situation. i think we need a structure put in place to protect us there's
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a lot of lincoln see here vehicles get damaged every day we have issues young girls can't go out alone at night it's a catastrophe for the french and especially for the people of cali the violence is really damaging residents of cali have lived in fear for several years now. living together migrant is complicated those coming here now are bit different from to refugees who were coming here initially they're more violent and aggressive we're bridgeland people are still being shot it's still dangerous and it's true that people who live near these areas across italy been disturbed. makes the city look bad. so it is starting to get skeery firearms were not in the united states here this is still a country where weapons are banned. callaway is probably best known for the jungle ruling my camp with thousands of people living in squalid conditions it was
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dismantled back in two thousand and sixteen but still my quince come to cali being that one day they will be able to cross the channel to get to the u.k. . well the incident today comes just weeks after the french president among your mccrum proposed a draft bill that would tighten current migration policy the legislation would make it easier to deport on documented you comers who do not qualify for asylum it would also increase the length of time authorities can detain illegal migrants for from forty five days to ninety france received a record one hundred thousand applications for asylum last year. adding stateside again major police corruption scandal is on faulting in the city of baltimore with astonishing claims of wrongdoing continuing to emerge six former elite officers responsible for reducing gun crime have already pleaded guilty to
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running a criminal racket four of them are now testifying against two other ex colleagues who have denied involvement. they came at me like a gang or something i remember one of the officers saying i looked like someone who needed to be robbed everybody's life is destroyed because of this my kids are afraid to go in the house the gun trace task force was made up of playing clothes officers and was supposed to be tackling the city's spiraling murder rate it was however dissolved in march last year the officers arrested the units detectives and face the slew of charges including up a stall from manic stored it residents as well as committed fraud and falsified evidence in criminal cases it's a miracle reports now from baltimore on how the unit's crimes were exposed. well it all started with an investigation into drug trafficking in new jersey then as the case unraveled federal authorities found out that the baltimore police
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department was also involved mostly its elite gun traced task force unit months of recordings recovered from a device planted in a police cruiser reveal that officers were involved in drug trafficking robbery falsifying reports and planting fake evidence in one case a high speed car chase resulted in a crash which the officers tried to cover up one of the indicted acts attacked is involved actually broke down in tears in court it was a really bad accident none of us stopped to render aid to see if anyone was hurt we were foolish although i was doing so much wrong it got to a certain point where too much was too much altogether six officers have already pleaded guilty and two are still being tried but there are indications there's more to the story than just one rogue police unit court records show that the city paid over half a million dollars to settle claims of misconduct and falsifying reports involving the very same officers and dating back as far as twenty fourteen so why did they
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all forty's choose to sweep it all under the rug kind of you see this those offices of very well known industries for door what are they doing and this isn't the first incident where it came up it's been it's probably been plenty of complaints you can't go an extra help because you're afraid that you know this particular might just do some so you might pencil it's common when we see them come we go to opposite direction if we can and if we can we deal with this circumstance this has been corruption for a long time you know just because this is one as in a way as though they decide to you know come forward or you know they got caught for what they've done is stops that particular incident but at the same time as not going to stop the corruption has to be done to stop the corruption from these criminals are cops and the cops are criminals then there's the unsolved murder of detective shawn souter that took place in. november last year souter wasn't part of the country's taskforce but worked with some of the officers were now under indictment and the day before he was set to testify in the corruption probe he was
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shot in the head with his own weapon while on duty and another unfortunate twist which some might find suspicious a patrol car transporting the dying officer to a ospital got into an accident there's no suspect in the murder so far and no eyewitnesses except one unnamed partner and when the police commissioner tried to redirect the investigation to the f.b.i. the agency refused saying that the case had nothing to do with the corruption probe i'm growing increasingly uncomfortable that my home side detectives do not know all of the facts known to the f.b.i. or the u.s. attorney's office that good if revealed to us assist in furthering this murder investigation in the wake of the scandal baltimore police have launched an overhaul including a new commissioner bowing to rein in the city by alliance but investigators still seem to have a very complicated plot to unravel samir khan r t reporting from baltimore. clashes have broken between palestinians and israeli security forces in east
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jerusalem after the palestinian liberation organization called for a major day of rage. on the unrest began in the palestinian neighborhood following friday prayers israeli defense forces laid off smoke and stun grenades to disperse the angry crowds there has been a spike in violence in jerusalem on the west bank following the u.s. president's controversial decision to recognize the contested city as the israeli capital. a battle to turn the fortunes of allied forces both in the east and west during the second world war and took the lives of over two million people this friday marks seventy five years since the soviet army's victory over the nazis of stalingrad after months of attrition.
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oh you do you have enough food as nina school and then to help. me a photo please and write to me as often as possible tell me everything i think about you are not my darlings i hope to return home safe and sound. your son but.
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the history of stalingrad echoes or cross in many parts of the world affected by the war in several cities in fronts including the capital streets and squares are named after the battle that's also the case in the belgian capital brussels even in italy in the ancient city of belong here astri towns being named after they solve its victory. well today in russia stalingrad is known as volgograd special memorial ceremonies are taking place over the course of friday here pictures from the historic military parade troops military vehicles paraded through the city center some of the soldiers are right photos of their relatives who fought on the bottle and some veterans from the bottle of stalingrad were also on the certainly one of the hero shared his memories with us i mean yeah. i was decorated five times during. and receive twenty five medals as well when i'm asked
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which of them is more important to me i answer the one for defending starving grad here during the battle for starting at the fates of the whole soviet union was decided the whole world cheered our victory here after starting grad the red army never retreat we never doubted anymore that we would defeat the nazis and we did it . you can imagine the stories he could tell. that is all the news for in half an hour
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it's time for a more global updates live from r.t.e. h.q. in moscow. shevardnadze the us is again threatening fresh sanctions against russia does moscow cope with a comic pressure and what does a trade war mean for the global economy while today i talked to russia's management . i don't want. another realm to the crushing us standoff sees washington release
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an extensive blacklist of kremlin officials threatening to slap individuals with sanctions will the measures really change the political dead that russia or the u.s. is talking with you know making personal sanctions have the desired effect and how much longer will the two heavyweights continue to mirror each other in this financial conflict. against iran of russia's friend and mine finance minister with us here in studio and against mr show on a welcome to our studio and your first century with us great to have you here we have a lot to discuss first off you're number sixty four in a so-called kremlin race and i don't know whether to give you condolences on caret to let you let me at least you're not in the top ten. at least i'm a good company quite good no one is going left out but yeah. you know i don't know whether congratulations are in order. to doing our job you know
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someone doesn't like it and doesn't want us to keep on doing it because they want to put businessmen and politicians and government officials on so-called sanctions lists whether they want to make it difficult for the government to perform its duties but i'm sure it will backfire on them over these measures on stopping us from working as usual from business as usual also when someone wants to one russian anyway you know i think it's in our mentality to take it in stride so its presence into action if you mobilize is us on the contrary. there we. have it. yeah that's right now speaking of my area of work which is the economy where no on the contrary is stepping up our efforts to do for business what hasn't been done for business for years hasn't even been planned to be done first for example we're not going to liberalize our currency regulations when our existing currency laws are a holdover from soviet times and until recently we just haven't had the chance to change them. the sanctions make it improve our domestic business climate to make it
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more attractive to russian investors and by extension and to foreign investors as well that's a good. dozen of questions regarding that i promise you will come back to them later but what i want to do now is discuss to criminal is because i'm not even sure as to what it actually means when your counterparts from the u.s. treasury presented it to the congress to quote it's just a list no need to worry with that what was that all about does it mean that for instance when you apply for a loan in a bank when you there is no telling whether you will get it or not what are the questions of being on the list what does it all mean to you personally being on that list with some funds. as you observe the list itself was an initiative by the u.s. treasury and the final decision is up to the u.s. congress because you've got to say that the treasury hasn't expressed its own position on the matter now as for what the list means for our kind so speak for
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officials in the ministry agencies well at the end of the day she doesn't really mean much we don't have any foreign bank accounts or own any property abroad everything using russian technologies and russian banks are the property we have in russia i didn't feel in any way limited or restricted after the list was published . and we heard the theory that because the confrontation between the trumpet ministration and the congress runs so deep r. and b. cost of congress pressured the treasury to put as many people on the list as possible the creators of the lease just include it the entire russian government almost as if they were mocking the congress. looks like she wants even trying you know it is silly yet just listed all of the officials and all of the business with considerable assets both in russia and abroad she didn't really specify any criteria they used a person. the list which could be anyway just frankly all the sanctions especially
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this latest initiative looks somewhat half hearted and then releasing i guess we'll just have to see what happens next but i don't think my colleagues or i will be affected in any significant way. but sanctions in general i mean this whole story has been unfolding for several years now with moscow never even considering backing down or making any concessions in other words sanctions failed to reach terrorist stated political goals they probably never will moreover when you ask people on the sanctions have affected them i mean you hear the standard answer those who didn't buy parmesan cheese before don't buy it now those that in fly abroad before harley do that now could it be that the sanctions have absolutely no effect on the russian economy and then other people's lives and that's not possible right. of course on one hand these sanctions limit the deliveries of our military
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goods they restrict the ability of our country to attract investors loans naturally this affects our economy because we don't receive as much investment as we otherwise would for example we could have had higher rates of return on our securities and we have today we could have been obtaining more loans from western banks to develop our industry and production clearly there is an impact but on the other hand i believe we can always find a way out of a tricky situation. if they are imposing their sanctions we just start developing our domestic capabilities topping our internal resources member how if you're in the previous u.s. administration they said that the russian economy will be in shambles pointing to falling oil prices and sanctions and all that stuff well are we in shambles now quite the opposite we have mobilized our economy we now have the. lowest inflation
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rate in all of russia's history we have overcome the economic crisis very quickly and this gave us an additional push to undertake structural reforms mobilize our financial resources so you know really i'd say we did rather well and got out of this difficult period without any significant losses even credit rating agencies recognized this by upgrading our ratings are going to go against. we'll talk about it a little later. yeah i do agree that there is nothing more stimulating them being in a hostile environment but let's remember to get a graph so sad in an interview to financial times i still feel for the u.s. were to employ white scale sanctions against russia last night a cold war would seem like child's play would you agree with assessments because i'm only. unless you know if we look at the record of sanctions used against other countries like iran we can see that in their case sanctions run much deeper and include such steps as cutting the country off from the swift banking payment system
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and freezing its assets in western banks are basically a form of financial warfare it really is a horse i hope it won't come to that in russia. could i mean we've been hearing this idea of excluding russia from this with the system quite a lot recently a.j. have a back up plan in case it actually happens this would affect russia sure but also it would affect our foreign partners because they will force us all so use alternative less practical and less modern payment systems we know that this is a double edged sword this would hardly be a pleasant experience for russia but it will be just as bad for our foreign counterparts you know what if you have a plan being case that has. course we do we have first of all we have developed a proprietary technology for interbank message exchange that we can use in russia and we do use it already for domestic transactions it has already been tested and
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is now used by a number of banks so in terms of domestic transactions we have it covered as our banking operation involving foreign parties that's the area that will be affected but i believe we'll find a way out. external that is decreasing and that is understandable since externally investments are shrinking and russia's internal debt is growing as an end it's about one hundred twenty five billion u.s. dollars now what are their risks involved here. you see our internal debt which is really small littles only about fourteen percent of our g.d.p. if we look at other countries for example in europe it ranges from sixty percent to one hundred percent of g.d.p. from country to country. it's in the united states exceeds one hundred percent of g.d.p. so russia's internal debt is not growing in relation to g.d.p. and that's what matters our goal is to have a state budget but we're unaffected by oil price fluctuations or any sanctions what
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does that mean it means that our budget deficit should stay around the possible minimum and that we would generate the budget primarily from domestic investments so if we keep our budget deficit at the minimum our debt won't grow. internal and the projections for the next few years will stay within the range of fourteen to sixteen percent of g.d.p. so i cannot agree with you saying that internally that is corona's because it might be growing in terms of numbers more money but it's not growing in the relation to the g.d.p. . it's. myself and there's also the oil you mentioned it before the russian diplomat succeeded in bringing a deal with saudi arabia and object finally great to curb global oil production so all prices began to grow again it seems to me that whether we like it or not or oil is sometimes more important than politics politics to.


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