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Perpetual Groove

Perpetual Groove

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Perpetual Groove
Download free music from Perpetual Groove. Concerts in the Live Music Archive are available for download and streaming in formats including flac, mp3, and ogg vorbis.

Perpetual Groove

Band's Official Website
On December 19, 2002, Perpetual Groove gave permission for shows to be hosted at the Archive:

My name is Ben Ferguson, I am the manager for Perpetual Groove out of Savannah, GA. We would love to be included in the archive.

Thanks, Ben

(Note- As of 6/20/03 Ben also gave permission for Brock Butler's solo shows here too, as a separate section.)

UPDATED Feb 2007 Recording Policy:

""Perpetual Groove encourages fans to tape and trade live performances,
unless noted otherwise. DAT, Audio Cassette, Mini Disc, and laptop
recording are permitted at shows for personal, non-commercial use only.
Each Perpetual Groove show is unique and stands on its own, we therefore
have extended the right to you to record the live performance for your
enjoyment well after the show has ended. Tapers are welcome to tape from
any location inside the venue as long as does not obstruct employees of
the venue or the band. We also ask that you be respectful to other
audience members by not obstructing their view of the stage. We recommend
that you bring microphones and your own recording device. Do not expect to
always get a soundboard patch. Do not expect to have power supplied to
you, come prepared for everything. Please stay clear of any working crew,
especially the front of house sound engineer. Mixing boards, reel to reel
recording decks and home recording decks are not permitted inside any
Perpetual Groove show. Under no circumstances are Perpetual Groove live
recordings to be sold or traded for any monies. Those found to be
violating this policy will be subject to legal action.

All Perpetual Groove performances and recordings are the exclusive
property of Perpetual Groove. All rights reserved. Audience recording is
authorized for non-commerical purposes only. The rights to record
Perpetual Groove in the above mentioned media policy constitue a
revocalble license. Perpetual Groove reserves the right to retract our
sanction on any live recording at any time. No waiver of any copyright or
trademark right in intended.

The recording of Perpetual Groove performances is important to the
livelihood of Perpetual Groove, and we thank everyone who has made an
effort to comply with our taping policy. We will continue to try to
provide the best possible recording environment for anyone interested in
recording live performances.

Video Recording is strictly prohibited at all Perpetual Groove
performances. Anyone caught video taping without permission or prior
approval is subject to any or all of the following: automatic ejection
from performance, seizure of video taping equipment, seizure of video tape
or any other recording medium.

Still Photography is welcome and encouraged at every Perpetual Groove
show. Please be mindful however of any flash photography, as this can
sometimes be distracting to members of Perpetual Groove during the live
performance. Perpetual Groove has the exclusive right to reproduce any
photograph for Internet use, merchandise use, or general commercial use,
unless otherwise noted or prearranged between band management and
photographer before the live performance begins. We encourage anyone
taking photographs to share their work through the Internet and/or the
Perpetual Groove message board. At no time may any photograph be sold,
auctioned or traded for any monies, without consent from band management.
Adam Gulledge Photography and Drowning Creek Studios are the only licensed
resellers of any Perpetual Groove photography. If you find someone
violating this policy in any way, shape, or form, please contact Artists
In Motion Management immediately.

It is strictly prohibited to manufacture, sell, auction or trade for any
monies, any article of clothing or other piece of merchandise bearing the
names "Perpetual Groove, Pgroove, or PG" and / or bearing the official
logos of Perpetual Groove and / or bearing the likeness of any band member
without consent from Perpetual Groove Management. Those found to be
violating this policy will be subject to legal action. Any item bearing
the above mentioned titles or words or graphic representations must be
preapproved by Perpetual Groove management. Proceeds from any
nonsanctioned Perpetual Groove merchandise will be rightfully confiscated
and donated to a charity of the band's choice.

Anyone found violating the above sanctions is subject to dismissal from
concerts and or legal action. Please report anyone violating the above
sanctions to benATpgrooveDOTcom. Thank you."

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