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Organ Freeman

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Organ Freeman
Nov 16, 2018 Organ Freeman
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Don't Eat Your Fingers, Life's a Bench, We're On Our Way, You Said You Quit Drinkin', Only If You Mean It, Verve, E.T. AF, Putin and I Get Along Fantastic, Hit the Ground Running Come Out Swinging, Byrd vs Fish, Eleanor Rigby, Got Change for a Nickel?, Reptile Moonshine, The Green Green Grapes, Long Live the King, Go By Richard Not By Dick
Topic: Oktava
Source: Audience, at soundboard, 25 feet from stage, MJE-modified Oktava MK-012 hypercardioids in an X-Y pattern -> Tascam DR-40 -> wav @44.1K -> SD card
Organ Freeman
May 5, 2018 Organ Freeman
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Organ Freeman 2018-05-05 Joy Theater New Orleans, La Source: MBHO ka500 (DINa, 10', fob/dfc)>Naiant PFA>MixPre6 (SD Card) @ 24/48 Transfer: MP6>USB>Audacity (dither, resample)>CDWav (tracking)>TLH (Flac level 6)>Foobar2000 (Live Show Tagger) One Set 01.  Verve 02.  Putin and I get along fantastic 03.  Were on our way 04.  You said quit drinking 05.  The green green grapes 06.  Go by Richard, not by Dick 07.  Long live the king Notes: w/the Turkuaz Horns
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Topic: joy theater, new orleans, mbho, organ freeman, turkuaz
Source: MBHO ka500 (DINa, 10', fob/dfc)>Naiant PFA>MixPre6 (SD Card) @ 24/48
Organ Freeman
Mar 23, 2018 Organ Freeman
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2018-03-23 Fox Theater Oakland, CA Setlist: 01 Verve 02 Don't Eat Your Fingers 03 Only If You Mean It 04 Putin and I Get Along Fantastic 05 Reptile Moonshine 06 Byrd vs. Fish 07 Go by Richard, Not by Dick
Topics: 2018, 2018-03-23, Organ Freeman, Fox Theater, Oakland, California
Source: Rode M5s > Tascam DR-60D