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Mysterytrain believes that music is best served and enjoyed in a live setting with kind people having a great time. The band is committed to creating an evening of song that is special and unforgettable.

Typically, the band plays two sets each night. The first set establishes the tempo for the evening and allows the band and the fans to get settled into a musical groove. The second set is when the magic can happen. Long improvisational jams and interconnecting songs allow the music to breathe and come to life.

Influences ranging in Rock n’ Roll, Country, Bluegrass, Funk, World Percussion, and Blues have created an endless array of musical styles from which to draw. With plenty of original material, no two shows or set lists are ever the same. To help spread the music further, recording by friends and fans is encouraged at every show!

Band Members

Dan  KIock – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Gina Riggio – Keyboard, Vocals
Chuck  Bailey – Drums
Jacob Haqq-Misra – Percussion, Vocals
Eric Milinchuk – Bass
Gary McCloskey – Rhythm Guitar

Crew Members

David Muddiman – Sound Engineer
Tommy Fink – Security
Head – Hospitality

Visit our website for details about our summer festival line-up and more!

Live Music Archive
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Dec 31, 2009 Mysterytrain
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Set 1: Before Midnight 1. All the Way Home 2. What Would It Take 3. All We Need 4. Gm Jam 5. Ashes in My Glass 6. Overgrow 7. That's Alright 8. Hava Nagila 9. Moshe Emes Set 2: Intermission 1. Colin/Gina/Jacob Jam 1 2. Colin/Gina/Jacob Jam 2 3. Colin/Gina/Jacob Jam 3 4. Colin/Gina/Jacob Jam 4 5. Vibes and Didgeridoo Set 3: After Midnight 1. Head's Countdown to the Year of the Train 2. Aries > Drums > Space 3. Back Up Stream 4. Busted for Nothin' 5. Never Let Go 6. Random Funny Chatter 7....
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Topics: psychedelic rock, hoedown, jam