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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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see you tomorrow tonight. follow me on twitter @greta. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. no religious tests. let's play "hardball." good evening.. tonight casualty of this travel ban. everyone in the world now it's directed against people of one religion. our friends know and are hurt by it. our enemies now it and are excited about it. will trigger others to radicalize. think about when it means for
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americans. if your american of islamic faith, explain this to your children. there is not a war against your religion. if your america for america cause overseas, as translate executive order do you feel your working for friends. if your living and your muslim could you get sense you're fight against your people. do you feel secure against the radical trying to topple you. at least the trump kind of american. in your a sworn enemy of the united states are you happy or sad war between east and west. precisely what you have been saying every word you speak, isn't this what you dream of. after a weekend of confusion,
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chaos and across this country. "secretary kelly said all is going well with few problems make america safe again. nothing nis about searching for terrorist abouts they enter my country. city the world that the ban announced with one week notice, the bads would rush into country. a lot of bad dudes out there. secretary is it to the get the order fll people he was signing it. someone in the call looked up -- you were discussing. it's official said stunned. jim mattis did not see the final version until friday morning. and customs and border protection was caught unaware.
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democratic chuck schumer called it mean spirited and unamerican. >> we have been careful about who comes into the country we have not been reckless. there are national security agencies and law enforcement agencies who have been skew niezing all of these refugees and applicants. it take two years to come to the united states. they are extreme wly vetted. president trump executive order is not based on national secure but on fear mongering. >> obama put on "the president fundamentally disagree with the motion of discriminating against people. i'm joined by the hof ton post.
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tell me what this means in history right now the fact that seven countries have been target, you can't come here for three months. >> now gains great -- this is reaction. that owe some ba bin lad din would have prayed for and died for. this is 9/11, 15 years later. >> let's break it down how it become a propaganda tool. at home homegrown terror. this is that's kind of think that's going to ininspire them to latch on to this dangerous
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ideology. abroad, look at how this is going to do with the diplomat,s the people we need and count on. you can shed blood tor the country and fight for the united states and we're not going to be there to have why you are back we may shut our doors on you are. when you have the iraqi parliament talking about banning the u.s. >> as a reaction. >> if that happened who takes over. who moves into that vak vacuum isis. >> i won't ban them, i'll ban them by country. same affect. that's same thing as demagoguic campaign cry. he president of the united states he acting by executive order he telling ally if you're
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from iraq we don't want you here. we're fighting against isis, we don't want you here. saying the same thing after the middle east now. you know the guy, you cover him. what's up here? why would he do something like this? >> we're watching grapple with the president making them into policy, he has the world view at the white house that is not pt of this nationalism he makg it a reality trying to force it through quickly it's about the power of disruption if you can disrupt, you bring your parties along even the leaders in congress. >> is this from president or steve bannon, is he driving this into president's head?
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>> that's not -- >> national security council he calling the shots, is it he or trump calling the shot here? >> i wouldn't frame it like that. my sense it had two people of the same generation, trump 70s, bannon in the 60s. trump is not having to be pushed in this direction. trump is in this position. >> former cia director said executive order helping terrorists make their case and this guy is an expert. let's listen. >> we're -- than we were friday morning. we are living the worst jihadist
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ever. between the west. >> you know i was lucky whether when i was a kid. the person to person. we were like, we don't have to come with gun. we're people like you. we're all in this together. this ban says we're not all in this together. we're saying if you're from those countries, you're not with us. you're born plmuslim, you're an enemy. >> you said in your opening, how does muslim-american parent explain to his child what's going on. how does any american explain to this child what's going on here. the affect of this is internal. what hie di was says is true. this challenge our notion of who
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we are ourselves as a people, the question he is raising to what extend throwing up borders and can walls, corrode the soul of america in order to save it. >> if this were about national security they would have culted the terrorism officials. it's clear they were not consulted. sean spicer said there was no m immine imminent threat that drove this. >> robert there's a bill of saturday might massacre of this. we're hearing sources in the "new york times" it's acting general is not going to enforce this. where does this put --
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high-level people in our government trusted to ensure justice say this is unjustice and i'm not going to do it. >> i was told by several of his friends that he was stewing over the weekend about some of the response that prompted the series of tweets this morning. about the orders in general. we're seeing a challenge of washington, the republicans on capitol hill they don't want to be backing this up publicly. trump believes this is his agenda, he wants it to happen. >> i think -- are going to slam the hell out of this. it's unsavory. nobody likes the smell of this. the republican party is a little
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less diverse. they may say no, this a -- he is okay in this baby. so i wonder, do you have the sense that the republican party going to face a sissism over this or not. would there be a namby-pamby over this. >> don't look the the vocal hawks like senator mccain, that tell you a lot, the one not saying much. >> keep in mind that -- >> this is civil disowe yens within the that's essentially what happened. >> she's top person. >> until sessions is confirmed. she said no.
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that's significant as far as politics, mitch mcconnell was going for filler buster he needs to win a lot of seats in -- where are the candidates going to be. are they going to embrace trump-bannon review of the world. robert is right about chaos and disruption. >> if you talk to them off the record. there is 90-day thing it's not permanent. the stain of it is already out there. and every time they come out we the reporters going to be asking where they come down on this.
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recogniz rex tillerson going to be asked about this. >> the order wasn't a ban on muslim. rudy gill rudy giuliani. let watch. >> i put a commission together. what we did was focus on, instead of religion, danger, areas of the world that create danger which is a factual basis not a religion basis. perfectly legal and sensible that's what the ban is based on. it's not based on religion. >> president trump said he thought christian refugee should take priority. >> as it relates to persecuted christians do you see them --
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>> yes. it was impossible tough to get into the united states. if you were muslim you could come in. but if you were christian it was almost impossible. the reason it was unfair, everybody was persecuted but they were shopping off the heads of everybody but more sor the christian and i thought it was unfair. so we are going to help them. >> whoever wrote this executive order including the codicil that includes chr includes christian would a -- this isn't a religious test and ban. christians would get a special deal when the 120 days are over.
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isn't that a real problem for trump. >> he gave away the game. he created a problem for himself. he gave the listen to the critics, he has immense challenge facing him. democrats are salivating at the fact many judges are going to overturn what he has done. >> does anybody have hope that trump will get et message? >> no. never before has a president abskouned -- effects our policy. this was a political decision. >> national security policy is aimed at la sern county the
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place that voted for them. >> it fits with donald trump's theory how to success by c confrontation and chaos. >> this is makes dick -- you covered him every hour. a lot of part-time liked trump in the beginning because he was against the iraq war. he likes this constant -- constant attack and constant friction and chaos even. >> as i'm going through my notebook, i'm struck because this potential -- bannon has been critical of former rkjork what he has view of the world
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about the west and these things are m kocoming together. where is it going to go. >> i keep hoping, because i'm a man of hope, that kellyanne or reince is going to say this is crazy. >> i spoke to a cabinet member who is working on this, who said the hope military people. the irony mad dog will stop it. >> weren't they just delegated. >> general you, can't come to this meeting because steve bannon is calling it? >> hold rally this evening to
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resend the order. senator minority leader chuck schumer will be here to tell us about the rally. refugee ban broken fundraising, aclu getting a lot of money to fight president's order. some calling it radical. into the national security counsel. he going to set it has never been done before and "hardball" table going to tackle that baby. let me finish with trump watch. this is scarry. this is "hardball" where the action is. asigns reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's dt,
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this executive order was mean spirited unamerican. >> welcome back. to "hardball." executive order barring travel here from countries in the middle east seven of them. president trump went out of his way to mock the democratic leader. here he is. >> i notice chuck schumer with fake tears. i know i don't see him as a
4:23 pm
crier. he 5% chance it was real. they were fake tears. >> when i asked for reaction we're not going to dig fie that with a response. the president's actions are ignited blocked in the senate this afternoon. schumer joined pelosi to lead a rally this evening. anti-middle class billionaire club cabinet. i'm joined by chuck schumer. i know your an honest guy. where you came from. ellis island, tell me about that why you felt what you did feel when you heard about this ban. >> i'm not going to respond to
4:24 pm
donald trump about this repeal order we with work with him on vetting of refugees where it's needed. as for immigrants my middle name is ellis. her emma, allison emma schumer for the great poet who wrote give me your tem tem pest talk. either make criminals or terrorists. the immigrants i talked to yesterday that one had served our military is a translator was
4:25 pm
threatened. he may be dead -- >> i want to get to the constitution ground. we heard acting attorney general said she is not going toen enfoe this in court. president trump is this constitutional fight here? >> -- the bottom line is very simple, this order in the eyes of most legal scholars unconstitutional. this trump administration put together back of the envelope they didn't check with their legal counsels as to whether it was constitutional obviously.
4:26 pm
we know that the agencies that were supposed to implement was not told about it. that's now how you do major policy changes here in the white house. they don't seem to believe this substance. they don't seem to believe in getting to the bottom of things and find out what the problems are. you can be twitter candidate. if they don't change there's going to be more instances like this over and over again. they have themselves to blame on the substance and terrible implementation. >> i senator meshingley said he is going to -- i wondering how
4:27 pm
tough your stance is going to be? >> i'm not going to comment on any nominee until they are nominated. i was with senator feinstein and she made heartfelt plea to bring america together when we're so divided. if they make -- strongly about that including myself. but we're a little ahead of the game. any spt one -- i hope and pray it is not nominee way out of the -- i worry that's where they
4:28 pm
are headed. >> let's talk -- you rejected a -- do you see five more, how much do you see that you will vote to reject. >> today -- i have come out against eight in total. they share characters, first many of them have huge conflicts of interest. we call swamp cabinet of billionaires and bankers. they have not extricated themselves from their business. they exxonmobil for one year what about other years. many of them have view -- tom price, he spent whole career trying dismantle medicare. i have never seen a cabinet like
4:29 pm
this. obviously, the american people need a chance to know what's going, who the people are. of course we want to vet them thoroughly. we are using whatever powers we have in the senate to slow it down. but to find out who these nominees are. have they avoided conflicts of interest. >> i thought key to the administration was you and him and being able to broker -- when he makes schoolyard comments. i'm going to ask this question, is donald trump a serious man? >> he not rising to the level of the seriousness of the presidency so far. i have said this to them. there are times he try to
4:30 pm
flatter me. then throw names either going to affect me. i'm going to go by value, what the right thing to do. he wants to abolish because the name trump is on it. but at the same time when he opposes our value on the affordable care act we'll fight him tooth and nail. we're going to win more of the fights than people thing. >> thank you. refugee ban is felt through the week in the state of washington is suing president trump over the order. this is something. this is "hardball" constitutional crisis may be at hand here. ♪
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here -- seven countries. 27-year-old accused fatally shooting people at mosque at quebec is charged with six counts of murder. george h. bush is released from the hospital. back to "hardball."
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welcome back.. the multiple reports of people being blocked from refugees and cleared after the vetting were turned away or stuck in transit. the state of washington announced he suing president trump over the executive order. i'm joined by charlie dent. tell us about the case you have been dealing with? >> my neighbors they are family was flying into philadelphia from da mass kas. they arrived at 7:45 a.m. and were they sent back at 10:40 a.m. they were in the koupt countries in three hours.
4:36 pm
they bout a home, the house was fully furnished they were going to be moving in saturday eveningch it's unconscienceble what happened to this family. >> what can you do as a lawmaker. >> i'm going to insist that i get some answers. how this could have happened. i'm opposed to the enforcement of this executive order. it was not properly considered and should not be enforced. i'm going to hold people accountable about how these people who are immigrant visa holder who were working on this since 2003 this was not rushed issue, i'm told their visa had been revoked. so i'm going to work to make sure they are reinstated so they
4:37 pm
come back as they should have. they were intransit once this order happened. please keep coming back. >> let go to aclu. what the reeights to people who try to come to this country? >> he congressman did, there are not many of them on the right right now -- >> i would call him senator right. >> donald trump is leading the people amist hate in their heart toward them. steve bannon laughing at the fact women are harassed at the border control. people he doesn't care. >> constitutional thing -- how
4:38 pm
is it -- explain to a person why it's unconstitutional what the president did this weekend? >> because it -- while excludeing first amendment and 14th amendment violation. while we're fighting donald trump going to look at the conscious of america -- >> i'm not a lawyer. you said you cannot discriminate against policy. what does that do? >> can you can replay the rudy giuliani clip, the right response should have been you sl should not do a muslim ban. >> what role is aclu playing? >> we have standing.
4:39 pm
>> thank you. aclu. up next why is it political strategyist steve bannon to join -- you're watching "hardball." if you're gonna make an entrance... [car driving upon the water] ♪
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welcome back. to "hardball." president trump authorized political strategist steve bannon to join. trump also changing two key roles. who will no longer attend meetings on a regular basis. according to the executive order top members of the nsc when
4:43 pm
issues pertaining to -- are being discussed. here former defense robert gates reacted to that decision yesterday. >> my biggest concern there are under the law only two statutory advisers to the national security council. i think pushing them out of the national security council meetings except when their issues are at stake is a mistake. >> blunt reaction to the shake-up. this stone cold crazy. senator john mccain slammed the move as radical. >> it's a radical departure from national security council in
4:44 pm
history. >> i'm joined by my panel. gentlemen and lady. putting a person on national security staff with joint sitting here and secretary of treasury secretary of state all -- what do you think we ought to do, the big bull is going to be steve bannon. >> first of all, it's weird. >> you have to look at what type president there going to be. as political operative they should do drug testing at the white house. steve bannon is former naval offer, master degree from georgetown --
4:45 pm
>> suppose hillary clinton wanted to put -- >> robert gibs go to the meeting -- >> they are not ideology kals. >> jared and steve bannon. he is starting to say these are the people i listen to, these are the people i trust. >> that's not about politics. it's not political advise. jay. >> the question thinkig, we're excludeing the chairman of the joint chiefs and dna are busy people, don't pertain to them, they tonigdon't need to spend t- but steve bannon should be there at all times. >> yes. >> he idea log from breitbart.
4:46 pm
to various others terrorists groups, these are terrorists groups in america we have terroris terrorists sympathetic person in the white house now. that's not what we need. >> how do you know that? >> he said that. it was 2014 article we are entering bloody dangerous age. we have to fight back against islam -- >> how are you going to -- >> it was a conservative christian group, that's what he believes. >> sold refugee shore up mr. trump's political base. members of trump's cabinet advise by surprise including mad
4:47 pm
dog mattis including john kelly. >> you have to see another president of the political adviser giving access -- >> exactly. you have others -- to give blanket access you have to go back to world war ii for that kind of thing. >> tell us where this is going. ideology -- >> this part i find amazing. what does he find so far that he has not said during the campaign he said ewas going to do that america voted that made him president. not only is he doing it, he ding it rit right now.
4:48 pm
we said shore up base, i guarantee there's no buyer remorse of the people who voted for trump. the second thing, quit thinking of him like you thought of every president before him. the reason a billionaire galvanize around the country, they thought he was going to shake things up. that's what he doing. it's not hurting him political k political kally at all. >> here's what i think. i think there's lot of logic to him. >> do you believe in it? >> i believe the mistake they made, is it when they throw things out there get misinformed. >> when donald trump talks about bringing jobs back that's when
4:49 pm
he winning. donald trump didn't win election because of the base. he won it because i want to here about verizon and ford. the more he spends time on this he loses that. >> around the edge there was. i didn't share it. there's a lot of -- >> there's a third party candidate. >> who? >> two. >> you interviewed him. >> gary johnson. >> around table staying with us. d.c. tells me something i don't know. the lowest prices on our hotels are always at so pay less and get more only at if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast.
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about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at we're back. john, tell me something i don't know on this wild day. >> they won at the golden globes last night, what people might not now, instead of a million dollar advertising campaign, what they did instead was free screenings all around the country and word of mouth is what made this movie. >> i hope everybody watching goes to see that movie. you'll feel so good about america, about this country's potential. >> so i was in amman a couple of weeks ago and at a lunch with a group of ammani businessmen and we were talking about what would happen if there was a muslim ban
4:54 pm
in america. what would you do? they were like, in solidarity, we would never go back to the united states and there's plenty of places to visit, like lovely russia and china. >> oh, god, i think they'd have more time here. >> who's going to win the super bowl this sunday? politics tell us the answer. the last 25 years, the team that comes from the state that is closest to being a purple state tends to inwith. so you have a far red state with georgia, a far blue state. if you look at the average political beliefs of your average patriots fans, they are closer to being purple. p patriots win. >> john, jay, jason, when we return, let me return with trump watch.
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trump watch, january 30th, 2017. here's the deal. since inauguration, i've tried to steer this show to a certain pattern, be critical when the new president has earned the criticism, remain hopeful there will be matters that i will cheer when he does. even though it violates a deeply felt rule of mine, the ends do not justify the means. donald trump should not have run for president the way he did, accusing the president of being an illegal alien, attacking people's god-made appearances or physical handicaps, calling desperate immigrants rapists, mocking his rivals that we were taught even as children not to
4:59 pm
behave because it's wrong. this ban on seven muslim countri countri countriesharkens and the armies fighting at our side, people sticking their necks out and the countries who stick with us year after year like jordan, the people that are going to happen the bad guys, terrorists plotting against us, turning all who listen against us, threatening the very people this ban is going to hurt and humiliate. perhaps most of all a notion of ourself. again, the end doesn't justify the means. it's saying we're anti-islam and violated the religious tolerance makes us feel a moment more secure. that's no justification for doing it and the true horror is, it won't. with the single desperate mean-spirited move to warm his surmters with false security and now believe they have approached
5:00 pm
their dream of a religious war between east and west, one that has now been declared by the very country they planned to destroy. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> we will not let this evil order make us less american. >> a white house under fire lashes out. >> these bureaucrats have a problem with it? i think that they should either get with the program or they can go. >> as a backlash to president trump's immigration action grows. >> actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland security. >> tonight, the latest on the resistance as the lawsuits mount and the protests keep coming into plus, the new democratic strategy to block president trump at all costs. and national security by breitbart. >> you can't handle the


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