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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 30, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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bowl. and that shot is the new england patriots at a send off rally in boston this morning. looking for their fifth super bowl title as they face off with the atlanta falcons. also keeping an eye on the closing bell here. the dow down more than 100 points. a rough day on wall street. that's going to wrap things up for me this hour. i'll see you back here tomorrow afternoon. 3:00 eastern, noon pacific, steve kornacki, patriot's fan through and through, i had to show the picture for you. >> i got no complaints. show that rally for the full hour. fine by me. america's favorite team, the new england patriots. kate snow, thank you for that, appreciate it, and good afternoon, everybody, i'm steve kornacki. live here in new york today, day 11 of donald trump's first 100 days. topping the agenda, the immigration outcry. >> getting ahead of threats is the key. not waiting until they happen, not saying hey, once it happens how do we react to make sure it doesn't happen again?
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>> trump administration on defense today in the wake of massive protests over the weekend opposing the president's moratorium on immigration from some muslim majority countries. trump's opponents calling this the first step toward a muslim ban. and trump hitting back on social media. also, on the agenda today, the inner circle. >> the administration just added steve bannon, with his sties to a news organization that traffics an anti-semitism and white supremacy to the national security council. >> one of the most controversial figures inside the trump administration now taking on a big role with the national security council. while some senior intelligence officials move to the sidelines. at least that's what trump's critics are saying. administration officials are defending the shake-up. we will take you through what both sides are saying. and, zeroing in on a supreme court pick. >> a person who is unbelievably
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highly respected and i think you will very impressed with this person. >> trump says the announcements coming tomorrow, our sources saying we're down to just two contenders for that open seat on the supreme court. we're going to break town who they are and what their selections could mean. that is still ahead, but we begin with our top story, president trump on the defensive after nationwide protests over the weekend reacting to that executive order that he signed on friday that halted immigration from seven majority designations and banned syrian refugees. white house press secretary sean spicer down playing the scope of the new measure this afternoon. >> we're talking about a universe of 109 people, there were 325,000 people that came into this country over 24 hour period from another country. 109 were stopped for additional
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screening. this is -- we've got to keep this in proportion, folks, this is 109 people being stopped at a 325 over a 24 hour period. i know that everyone likes to get where they want to get to as quick as possible, and i think the government did a phenomenal job of making sure that we processed people through, but we did so knowing so that the people who are coming in hadn't done anything that was seeking to do us harm. >> trumps critics calling the early start of a muslim ban. that's something that trump did suggest during the campaign. for more, halle jackson at the white house. so halle, this came on friday, the president made a brief statement then and i think we sort of learned over the weekend as this was applied at one airport after another over the country, we really only learned then exactly what this entailed. what's the white house saying right now? any regrets over the roll out of this? >> reporter: no, and you heard
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that forcefully from sean spicer here not too long ago, listen, the president said over the weekend and reiterated again late yesterday that he believes this is not a muslim ban. this is not a test of religion that came out of that statement and as the president himself said on saturday himself as well. how this is being perceived in the muslim world. the administration will say there are plenty of muslim majority countries who are not affected by the immigration portion of the ban. the portion of the ban that affects those seven nations that include, yemen, sudan, others. the administration will point out they believe that this is not a religious test. the perception is a concern. you heard sean spicer address that criticism in the press briefing, kpeskically for example those who were interpreters for the united states in the middle east. listen. >> we should make sure they're
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helped out. that doesn't mean we give them a pass. the obama administration let two people through the iraqi program in. they came to the united states and tried to plan an attack in kentucky. people who have helped this country may not be citizens at the time to want come here, and we need to appreciate the service that they've had, that doesn't mean we don't let them in without a certain degree of vetting. >> reporter: and it is our reporting from our pentagon team that the secretary of defense is currently writing off essentially a list of exemptions. people who will not be held to the standards of this new immigration executive order based on certain categories, for example, interpreters as you heard sean talk about there, steve. >> hallie jackson, thanks for that. i want to bring in hugh hewitt, msnbc political analyst and host of the hugh hewitt show and jonathan alter, msnbc political analyst, columnist at the daily beast, hugh, let me start with you over the weekend, i think anybody watching the
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news saw these scenes, there were protests at the airport, there were stories here about interpreters, about people who helped u.s. armed forces over in iraq, over in the middle east being denied entry into the country. people with green cards being denied entry. they just happened to be out of the country while this happened. the trump administration, talk if you would about their planning, their preparation for this, and what do you think that says about this administration? >> reince priebus said it was an 80%, eight out of ten would agree. it could have been higher had they made the correction that secretary kelly made this morning and kept iraq off the list. i really do think iraq's got to come off of that list for a variety of reasons, including the fact that iraqi pilots are training in arizona as senator mccain pointed out. and i would also point out that when president obama did this in 2011, there wasn't this human cry when he did a six month on
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iraqi refugees and immigration. so a lot of this criticism is politically driven, but i hope they get better at roll out. if they spent six hours before signing the executive order like they did 24 hours after signing it, we would have had a lot loss human cry and a lot less manipulation of the story by trump hostiles. people who want to paint donald trump as an extremists, in fact he's keeping his campaign commitment and i do think priebus is right, it's about an 80% policy properly understood and laid out. >> well jonathan, let me ask you, hugh was making an argument similar to what sean spicer was making, sean spicer, we played the clip, there needs to be a sense of proportion here when you consider what the critics are saying. do you think he has a point there? there's very little truth.
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>> for instance, only 109 people were affected. that's not true. 109 people were detained at american airports, but there were hundreds, if not thousands who were pulled off flights over the weekend, my wife witnessed firsthand two people being pulled out of the line. and prevented from boarding that aircraft. so, we don't know the full details of this -- pathetically incompetent rollout of the new policy. so before we can staesz, we first have to understand -- >> right, so here's -- and we've already had the issue obviously people with green cards, people who are permanent residents, they happen to be out of the country, it gets announced suddenly they can't get back. they are now dealing with that. the administration also says they are now drawing up a list of people who are exceptions to this pause of immigration from
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the seven muslim majority countries. if we put those issues aside and we talk about basically there is a freeze on all refugees, indefinitely freeze out of syria and pause of immigration from the seven muslim majority nations, the administration says these sort of hot beds of jihadi activity, that's why they're on the list. they want to get information from the leaders of these countries about who these folks are who might be coming in. that's on the twhabl you put the other two aside. is spicer right when he says there needs to be a sense of proportion what that is compared to the critics. >> sure. i'm sure there are plenty of overheated critics. indefinite ban on syrian refugees. think about that. we're basically saying is that when emma louisiana reduce, the base of the statue of liberty says give me your tired, your poor, yearning to be free, the
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lamp of liberty, as an asterisk next to it, unless you're a syrian muslim. who are these people? they are fleeing war. they are thoroughly vetted. there was a piece on "60 minutes" about just how thoroughly they are vetted. until donald trump became president, nobody checked these people is preposterous. we have not been attacked in the last eight years by anybody getting over the border because procedures have been so tightened. to now come along and say we are not going to let anybody in. we were previously letting 10,000 syrian refugees in, that was pathetic compared to the europeans and their generosity. there's no evidence that terrorists are slipping in among those people it's not compassionate and not consistent with american values. >> let me ask you this question from a different angle, hugh,
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the administration you have sean spicer at the briefing today saying hey, everybody's got to calm down here. this is the rhetoric is out of proportion, but i want to play for you, how this issue was introduced in the very first place by donald trump when he called for a ban on all muslims entering the country during the campaign. this is what he said. >> donald j. trump is calling for -- now you've got to listen to this one. this is pretty heavy stuff. and it's common sense, and we have to do it. remember the poll numbers. 25%, 51%, remember the poll numbers. okay. so remember this. so listen, donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. [ applause ] >> whatever you think, this is not the order he put in place, a
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worldwide ban on all muslims entering the united states. it's not what he described on the campaign trail. i have to say, that campaign promise, he never renounced. he never said i've changed my mind. he never said forget it, and when i look at the protesters over the weekend, i'm thinking, boy, if they are reading too much into this, then is it actually there? he's given them reason to, hasn't he? >> no, not really, steve, because over the course of the campaign, it was also made abundantly clear he was not going to install a muslim ban. just like it was made clear he would not revoke doca, and he did not. it's not a muslim ban. as to the refugees, my friend jonathan needs to remind people that the average number of total refugees in the united states for every year from 2002 to 2015 was, wait for it, 50,000. that's exactly what the executive order calls for. president obama spiked it last year, he also needs to remind people at the height of the
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syrian genocide occurring on president obama's watch in 2012, i believe, less than 30 sooe yans were allowed into the country. in 2011, less than 30 syrians were allowed into the country. president obama felt bad about the genocide that happened following the eraser of the red line. and he opened up the door, label the more in 2016, better that he enforced the red line. i think that in the overall total context of this, although bad rollout, and i'm not going to spare them any criticism for failing to brief and failing to alert, that reince priebus is right, it's an 80% policy. as to the seven countries, minus iraq. i think we've got to get iraq off of that list. there are too many exceptions, even if general now secretary mattis makes a big long list of all the iraqis who have fought alongside our men and women and bled and helped and saved them in many instances, so poorly constructed, hastily written, perhaps, we need the senate to hurry up and confirm rex tillerson and jeff sessions so we can get some additional
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office holders in place in the obstruction by democrats in the senate is part of this problem and we should make sure to underscore that as well. >> all right. we will see. we do not have any poll numbers yet on how this went over. and obviously we'll see how the stories, the scenes over the weekend affect how people do this as well. hugh hewitt, jonathan, thank you both for joining it. joining us now, susan page, washington bureau chief. thanks for spending a few minutes with us. let me ask you, here was a thought i had today, and i'm curious what you think of this. we we've played that clip of donald trump in the campaign. he made a sweeping, absolute statement as a candidate that he was going to have a total, complete shut down on all muslims entering the united states. and when we took polls on this in the republican primaries, i think it surprised a lot of people how popular that idea was. when he won the republican nomination. the base of that party seemed to be with him on that. and you look at what he actually implemented in this policy, you could say it's a very bad policy, but it's not a total,
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complete shut down on all muslims entering the country. i'm looking at the confusion over the weekend, sort of how vague the order was at first, all of those scene was protest, and it does occur to me, is that something politically that donald trump wanted? did he want protesters out there in the streets, up in arms saying this is a ban on muslims because it sends a message to his base that he can't that promise? >> that's pretty machiavellian, i never want to dismiss a conspiracy theory out of hand, it doesn't look like the white house had a carefully constructed strategy here to lead to big demonstrations. president trump has been in office for 10 or 11 days now and both the weekends have been marked by huge protests across the country protesting him. and while his base, i'm sure, is still with him, we saw him start with the lowest approval rating of any modern president, the highest disapproval rating and it's gotten worse in the past ten days. while this may have sent a
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message to his base that he said that, it is having costs for him in terms of support with americans, including some of those who volted for him and many who didn't vote for him. it's costing his support in congress. we saw republicans in the senate and the house breaking away from him today and yesterday on this immigration ban. and it has cost him some on the competency of his administration. so i think while they're not backing down from this policy, they are defending it as you saw sean spicer do, it has been a costly rollout at the least and the policy itself is going to be under considerable attack in congress and in the courts. >> that's the question, a with this issue and b sort of bigger picture going forward, you mentioned the republicans, and there was a bit -- there weren't too many at first who were speaking out. we have more starting yesterday. i think there was sop confusion, also maybe waiting to see a little bit of what the public reaction would be. but i wonder, would in a republican criticism you think have been there if the issue of the green cards had not been
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left open over the weekend? and you had those stories, you know, from the airport, or if you had the issue of interpreters, translators being denied. was there a way to keep those republicans on board and what risk is donald trump at of losing them in if democrats pursue action in congress to try to overturn this? >> you know the two most damaging stories were the iraqi interpreters who put their lives on the line for u.s. troops acting on our -- with our government during the war there. and also the green card earners, unable to come home. those were the most compelling stories. if you had a rollout that said these are the ways in which we're going to do extra questioning, a little extra vetting for people coming from places that are associated with terrorism, that is indeed an 80% issue as reince priebus said. but when it's portrayed as something that's tearing apart families and violating american values, the acceptance of any refugees, that's when ting becomes a risky, risky politically for the trump
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administration and the new president. >> it does occur to me that it's to sell that or the way you're describing requires nuance, and again, donald trump did not campaign with any nuance on the subject, that's fair to say. susan page, thanks for joining us. squeeze quick break in. president trump bumped up the planned announcement of his supreme court pick. now he says it's coming tomorrow night in prime time. up next, we're going to look at the likely front runners and the political stakes. and also -- >> make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack. >> ka nad yan prime minister justin trudeau calling the massacre inside the quebec city mosque a terror attack. coming up, what police are now saying about the suspect they have in custody. what's the best way to get
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all right. back to washington where president trump has settled on a nominee to fill the vacant seat on the u.s. supreme court. trump tweeting this morning he will announce his pick at 8:00 tomorrow night. now, the seat has been empty since long time justice antonin scalia passed away last february following month, president obama nominated merck garland to fill the vacancy. the nomination set off a political fire storm on capitol hill. senate republicans declaring that they would not take up garland's nomination. they said it was a tradition not to consider a supreme court nominee during an election year. here's what senate majority mitch mcconnell said days after the nomination was announced and earlier this month after democrats said they would oppose any of president trump's nominees who are out of the
1:23 pm
mainstream. >> i think it's safe to say that there will not be hearings or votes, i think it is also safe to say the next president, whoever that may be is going to be the person who chooses the next supreme court justice. apparently it is yet a new standard now, which is to not confirm a supreme court nominee at all. i think that's something the american people simply will not tolerate. >> we should say there is some precedent for the senate taking up a supreme court nomination during a presidential election year. justice anthony kennedy who still serves on the court was nominated by president ronald reagan, he was confirmed in february 1988. that was nine months before that year's presidential election. that was also a few days before the new hampshire primary. let's look at the short list that trump may be looking at right now as he makes this announcement. start with william pryor, federal judge, this is a favorite of many conservatives.
1:24 pm
he was the attorney general of alabama. close to jeff sessions, but our own pete williams reporting now, pryor may be out of the mix. more on that in just a second, who else would be in the mix though? if that's true, it may be down to these two. neil gorsuch, federal judge, this is somebody who like antonin scalia in terms of philosophy, but not in terms a personality. low key antonin scalia. another option, another federal judge, this is thames hardiman, the biography might be comp compelling. blue collar background, did not go to the ivy leagues, drove a taxi in college, he may be under consideration. you know who knows more than i do? nbc justice correspondent pete williams. take us through, it sounds like your reporting may be down to the last two i mentioned. >> that's what we've been told the last couple of day us. it's hardiman or gorsuch, people who are talking to us don't
1:25 pm
know. we don't know who it's going to be. it's going to be one of the two, steve. >> the difference, if you're donald trump and you're deciding between those two, what's the difference between them in terms what have they bring to the court? >> well, they're both conservatives certainly, either one would satisfy conservatives. of the two i would say just in terms of philosophy, temperament, probably neil gorsuch is slightly more conservative than thomas hardiman, neither one of them have written opinions on hot button legal issues like abortion or have made insend area statements about abortion which is one of pryor's problems apparently. but they both written opinions that are -- that would satisfy conservatives. gorsuch has tantalized the conservative community by writing recently a decision that says, you know, the courts have this habit of when there's a federal law that's ambiguous, we'll let the federal agency that's in charge of administrating decide how to work that out. he recently wrote that that probably gives federal agencies
1:26 pm
too much power and that is music to conservative's ears. so they would like it if gorsuch got the nomination. hardiman as you say has a little more of a mixed background. he's from massachusetts, he drove a cab for his father's cab company. went to notre dame in georgetown, not a harvard law school graduate. gorsuch knows washington. his mother was the administrator r if the environmental protection agency under reagan. first woman to have that job. and he was a senate page while she came back here. he also clerked for justice byron white who was another coloradan like neil gorsuch and anthony kennedy. hardiman has not been a clerk. one has trial judge experience, the other doesn't. so there are differences between the two, but i would say of the two on balance scores gorsuch is slightly more conservative. >> the city to watch. i grew up around there. i like getting that one in there. pete williams in washington, thank you for that. take a quick break he. up next, the opposition amid the
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endorsed by aarp. call now and request your free decision guide... and start gathering the information you need to help you go long™. all right. time now for a check of the headlines at the half hour. the white house is brushing off criticism of president trump's executive order on immigration. comparing it to stringent checks of iraqi refugees instituted in 2011. this is washington state's attorney general and other organizations take a legal action against the order. growing number of republicans also coming out against the president's action. temporarily bans people from seven predominantly muslim nations from traveling to the united states. also indefinitely prevents syrian refugees from entering this country. foreign leaders and citizens of other countries among those criticizing president trump's order. leaders from pakistan and germany say the action will hurt
1:31 pm
unity in the fight against terrorism. more than a million people in the united kingdom have already signed a petition asking their government to cancel president trump's planned state visit set for later this year. this morning, the president signed an executive order targeting regulations on business. the order requiring federal agencies to scrap two regulations for every new proposed regulation. republicans on the senate education committee turning down a request by democrats to delay a vote on education secretary nominee betsy. they need more time to review answers to written questions that they sent to him. committee scheduled to vote on her nomination tomorrow. law enforcement source in candkhacanada canada. authorities say six people were killed during evening prayers. canadian prime minister justin trudeau calling it a terrorist attack. canada will not be intimidated.
1:32 pm
>> the people who commit these acts mean to test our resolve and weaken our values. they aim to divide us. to sew discord and plant hatred. we will not close our minds. we will open our hearts. >> former president george h.w. bush returning home today after spending more than two weeks in a houston hospital. receiving treatment for pneumonia. spokesman saying the former president is thankful for the prayers and kind messages he received during his hospital stay. and i like this one, thousands of fans gathering at gillette stadium in foxboro, massachusetts, this morning, they are helping to send off the new england patriots to the super bowl in houston. the pats taking on the atlanta falcons. next sunday, right now the new england patriots a slight, slight favorite in that game. remember when they win the super bowl, it's never close. keep that one in mind. democrats turning back to
1:33 pm
politics right now, they are planning to protest president trump's executive order on immigration and refugees at a 6:00 rally tonight on the steps of the stream court. senate minority leader chuck schumer also working throughout the day to pressure majority leader mitch mcconnell to bring a vote to the floor that could repeal the order. schumer explaining his plan this morning on the "today" show. >> this evening i will ask for a vote on the floor of the senate to repeal this. senator feinstein has carefully it thought out legislation to repeal this. i hope mitch mcconnell allows that vote. already 11 republicans, not just the ones you've shown have spoken out against it. >> republicans in the house and senate opposing the executive order. that number has grown to over 20 this afternoon. joining know discuss the next step for democrats, i want to bring in democratic senator gene shaheen from new hampshire, thanks for joining us. your party upset about this order, you guys have 48 votes in
1:34 pm
the senate, you need republicans to come on board if you're going to take down this whole order. already you have the administration making some adjustments here with this issue of green cards, with the idea of come part-tipiling a list of in. do you think what the administration has done today is going to address the concerns of those republicans that you need if you're going to stop this order? >> well, i think that remains to be seen. the fact is, donald trump's executive order was -- is un-american, it undermines our values, it undermines the contributions that immigrants have provided to this country. and it undermines our fight against global terrorism. because, in fact, it can be used as we've heard john mccain say as something that the terrorists can use to attract recruiters. so i think it doesn't do any of the things that donald trump said it was going to do.
1:35 pm
and we've seen people across this country objecting to this executive order. and i want to know where the republicans are who were complaining about barack obama and his executive orders, why they're not now complaining about donald trump and his executive orders. >> let me ask you this, i've heard this from a lot of critics, certainly the protests over the weekend all over the country, one of the themes, one of the refrains was the idea that this is a muslim ban. that the president instituted through executive order. now the white house is saying that is not the case. i'm curious -- do you consider this a muslim ban? >> well, what we know is that the seven countries that are on that list are muslim majority countries. we also know that rudy giuliani has been bragging about the fact that he provided the way in which the trump administration could begin to ban muslims. and again, that undermines our values. this country was started by people fleeing religious
1:36 pm
persecution. we can't institute another wave of religious persecution here. and think that that's going to be good for america. >> i'd ask you too, donald trump -- and we played this earlier. he said bluntly he wanted a total and complete shutdown on all muslims entering the united states. i mean, that was the kind of rhetoric he was using. this order doesn't actually say that. doesn't say everybody globally, but certainly that doesn't mean it can't be a controversial order. let me ask you, when he campaigned own that kind of rhetoric, when he campaigned on the idea of a real shift, a real crackdown in border security, refugees, immigration, and he won the election. does that -- in your mind, does that mean there do need to be some changes here in terms of tightening security in terms of tightening who we're letting into the country? >> listen, i and others have said all along that we need to be very careful about our
1:37 pm
national security and about vetting those people who come into the country. but that's not what this executive order does. this is an executive order that deliberately takes seven muslim majority countries and says, we are not going to take anybody from those countries. and that, i think, is an indication that this is donald trump's effort to ban muslims from the country. and that's un-american. it's not right. it's not what this country stands for. we are a country that believes in immigrants. >> all right. senator shaheen, thanks for the time. going to go to the other side of the aisle now, bring in new york republican congressman dan khan donovan, thanks for joining us. the democrats want to undo this thing by a vote in congress. they need republicans to side with them if they're going to succeed in that, let me ask you, if the democrats -- if anybody, put a bill on the floor offering to overturn donald trump's executive order, how would you siden to? >> i think that people should take a pause far moment and see what the executive order
1:38 pm
actually says, steve. the executive order is a pause. it's saying that we're not sure the vetting processes that are in place right now are going to protect our nation from our enemies. isis has said they are going to compromise and use the refugee system, the refugee program from syria to put agents of theirs in an america won't be able to tell who's a deserving refugee and who's an agent who's out to get the americans and to harm americans? there's about 250,000 missing syrian passports, the syrian government selling credentials as a way to generate revenue. and barack obama's homeland security secretary jeh johnson who did this country a great service said there's no vetting process in place right now that will assure americans that the deserving refugees will get here, but those who to want harm our countries will be kept out. we are a compassionate nation, steve, we've always reached out.
1:39 pm
and the syrian people need our help, keeping those people out of harm's way and keeping them in the region is a better idea because of what will happen when syria finally settles and the con sflikt over, it's going to be the syrian people who build their country back up. and if they're too far away, that just won't happen. >> let me ask you about what senator shaheen was just saying, you're talking about the refugee piece of that, let me come back to that, let many ask you about the other piece. that ban, that ban on immigration, that temporary ban from the seven muslim majority countries. and she's saying, the way she can't find a way to look doesn't they looks like targeting of muslims. and i have to say, donald trump invoked 9/11 the memory of 9/11 when he announced this, but nobody, the terrorism incidents that have been committed on u.s. soil, you're not going to find them from immigrants from those countries. >> but since september 11, 2001, steve, the world has changed. fighting our enemies are coming from different countries as
1:40 pm
well. this is just a temporary ban. you said the word temporary, no one else is saying it, but you're absolutely right, steve, this is a temporary ban. what the president is saying is let me secretary of state, if they ever confirm him, and my secretary of homeland security, look at the vetting process that's in place now, improve it so that we're sure that america will be safe. that's the number one priority of this president. keeping american citizens safe. let's make sure those enemies of ours who said they will compromise this system to get their sympathizers into our country. let's make sure they stay out and deserving refugees are the ones we allow. >> i guess the question though is why single out these and people have made the point, look at how many of the 9/11 terrorists from saudi arabia. and saudi arabia's not on the list. >> well, again, the world has changed since then. that was 15, 16 years ago, steve, now our enemies are coming from other countries. and the countries that were selected are ones that there's an apparent danger from.
1:41 pm
and we're not saying that we're never going to let them in. in fact the ban allows the secretary of state and the secretary of homeland security to allow people in despite the ban on a case by case basis if there's a need to do so. so there's a catch all, safety net for people who deserve to come to our country. people are talking about people help our country, fight terrorism, and interpret languages for our country aren't going to be allowed in. there's a clause in the executive order that allows an exemption for those people made by the secretary ostate and secretary of homeland security. >> thanks for the time. >> shines and crisis in the world right now. we were just talking about it. and it is also the subject of our most important number to date, that is next. (becky) i've seen such a change
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say it loud, say it clear. >> refugees are welcome here. >> stay loud, say it clear. >> refugees are welcome here. >> boy, that is a scene you saw all over the place this weekend. that or other protests like it against donald trump and the executive order he announced friday on immigration on refugees, brings us to our most important number of the day today which is 4,904,021. what are we talking about? this is the total number of registered syrian refugees. we thought we would take a look here at some of the numbers involved in this question of refugees. now remember, donald trump in this order that he put out there, he said hey the united states indefinitely is going to suspend bringing syrian refugees into the country. he also say he's going to lower the total number of refugees that we bring in each year. 50,000 a year going forward. remains to be seen how many might be syrians in the future. let's put this in some
1:46 pm
perspective here when we had this debate over syrian refugees. let's look. the civil war in syria really started to explode over the last five years. at first the number of refugees admitted in the united states, came in a trickle. just two years ago, only 1800. remember the total number is north of four million. you see president obama in his final year, he did significantly spike that number. this country took in 12,000 last year, 2016, it was going to be under the plan obama had probably about 15,000 for this year, what's happened though is this is the number that have come in so far, right now, that number is frozen in place by donald trump's order. remains to be seen if more will be added during the year. but let's take those numbers here and compare them to what other countries are doing. at it's peek, the united states took in over 12,000 syrians refugees. look at this. how many has turkey taken in? 2.7 million going to turkey. you can see countries in the region here, except germany,
1:47 pm
germany taking in more than half a million syrian refugees. now compare what the united states has taken in at 16,218. this country and the united states are low on that list. now look, we can have a policy debate, we are having a policy debate about the right number of refugees to be taking in. some even questioning whether we should be taking refugees in, but whatever you can say, the united states, the number it's taken so far, it pales in comparison to the scope of this crisis. and that number is going to get lower now. we're not accelerating the rate we bring them in. at least in the near future. we thought we'd put the refugee in a crisis in perspective there. most important number of the day, 4.9 million we'll call it. coming up, as the white house faces criticism over the rollout of the immigration order. what new clues does this reveal about inner workings of the new presidency? i'm going to discuss it next. when your pain reliever stops working,
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well, i just looked and saw what happened on wall street today. it was ugly. we were celebrating it going over 20,000 the other day, now it's back under. hampton pierson, what's up with that? >> well, steve, we really had a market reaction to the immigration order if if you will. frankly a lot of the stocks that had been doing well, energy, airlines, technology, even the banks were all part of what turned into basically stocks having their worst day of the year as individual investors reacted. the final numbers looking like this, the dow plunging by 122
1:52 pm
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. insurance changes? xarelto® has you covered. if we announce this allot earlier, it would have given people plenty you have time to flood into the country who could have done us harm. that's not a sound strategy. right. so the people that need it to be kept in the loop were kept in the loop, the people that needed to be briefed, were. >> white house press secretary sean spicer responding to criticism about keeping people certain people in the dark. certain key people in the dark about the executive order on immigration and refugees.
1:56 pm
defense secretary james mattis getting the final version just hours before the president announced it. and homeland security secretary john kelly learning about the order as the president siegned it. joining us now is sam stein, at the huffington post and politics reporter at the daily beast. sam, let me ask you that, information like that that would sort of come out about how this thing was put together, who was, who wasn't included. it felt like a lot of people found out about it just seeing by sort the process of implementation what happened. what does this tell us about the management and leadership style of this white house? >> impulsive. some would argue incompetent, but probably more ideological, and inexperienced. people who haven't really been in the top echelons of government before and trying to figure out how best to institute across agency policy like this in an insular world. and i think what sean said there is just sort of them trying to
1:57 pm
recover from what was a demons ra bli a rocky rollout. the idea you had to rush this on a friday evening or you risk a terrorist attack is demons ra bli at odds with basic realities. these vetting processes are long and exhaustive, as you noted earlier, we let in few refugees from other countries and those that do have to come into a multi-agency vetting process and often takes a year and a half to two years. if someone were to hear that this executive order were coming, it's not like they could make a bad dash across the atlantic ocean and sneak into our borders, they would have to go through a huge process. and suggest that sean is trying to find an answer to an obvious question that they should have dealt with beforehand. >> betsy, thinking of past presidents, in other like this, or decision like this with so many -- so much sensitivity, so complicated, so many possible implication implications, past presidents
1:58 pm
would have held -- would have asked for tv time to talk to the country, you know, at 8:00 at night, hey folks, it's this, it's not this, don't worry about this, worry about that, whatever, to really explain clearly what was going on. and i'm just trying to figure out, and it's an honest question, the confusion that surrounded this in some -- was in some way do you think that intentional? on the part of the white house? >> it's a good question, my guess is it was not because the confusion in how this executive order was implemented was so damaging to them. i spent the last two evenings at the airport where a number of travelers trying to enter the u.s. were detained, many in some cases for hours. i talked to the granddaughter of an elderly iranian couple, the gentleman was 88 years old and legally blind according to his granddaughter. the woman was 83, recently had a stroke, and she told me also that these two folks when they were being held in secondary inspection didn't have access to their medications. i mean, i don't think this is ma
1:59 pm
lev lance because nobody would think that elderly poo to ghau kind of experience. nobody would think there's any political upside to that. the reality is that the way that this was rolled out based on my reporting, on the ground, was -- had the effect of making the administration look incompetent, not capable of doing things correctly. and incredibly disorganized. remember, of course, we're hearing right now that the pentagon is still trying to put about interpreters from iraq who risked their lives to protect american citizens. sean spicer is saying that everybody who needed to be in the loop was in the loop. that seems like on it's face to be just divorced from reality. >> and sam stein, only about 20 seconds left here, in terms of republicans, their relationship with the white house, what does this do to it? >> well it was always kind of a rocky, weird relationship because there weren't many elected republicans who that close to donald trump. those who were were working as liaisons right now. i'm not sure it changes much.
2:00 pm
leadership has been tepid on this. they know that the voters in their party are more attached to donald trump than him, i think they're going to be continue to be tepid. >> sam stein, betsy, thanks for joining us. i'm steve kornacki. mtp daily starts right now. if it's monday, backlash from outside and inside the trump administration over a controversial executive order. tonight the white house defends it's immigration order after a weekend of chaos, confusion, and protests at airports across the country. >> actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland security. >> trump aids pushing back against objections from inside the administration. >> to get with the program or they can go. >> plus opposition in the age of trump. how should the democrats respond to the president? >> this executive order was mean-spirited, and un-american. it must be reversed.


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