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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 30, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good morning, hallie. people who were detained at airports across the country over the weekend due to the president's travel ban have all reportedly now been released, but the backlash has not died down at all. massive protests across the country and around the world. now dozens of republicans are pushing back as legal battles begin to mount. the trump administration, though, still defending the order saying they're following barack obama's lead. we'll fact check that. and i'll talk live to an activist reacting to a hateful tweet and has turned it around and is using it to help refugees. >> and a mosque shooting in quebec, two suspects now under arrest. >> president trump signed a new
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executive aimed at reducing regulations on businesses. he met with small business leaders where he also took democrats slamming him over the executive order on immigration. >> i noticed chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who is his acting coach. because i know him very well. i don't see him as a cryer. if he is, he's a different man. there's about a 5% chance that it was real but i think they were fake tears. >> the president is standing firm on his order imposing a 90-day ban on seven predominantly muslim countries. the president tweeting only 109 people out of 129 were detained. big problems caused by delta computer outage.
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protests and tears of senator schumer. mass protests broke out as you well know, at airports around the country amid the chaos and confusion as travel was disrupted for students, scholars, family members of sense and refugees who have already been approved to come into the united states, even some holding green cards, hillary clinton offering her support to demonstrators. she tweeted out "this is not who we are." republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham "a self-inflicted wound against terrorism." and senate leader mitch mcconnell tweeting out "we need to be careful, we don't have religion tests in this country." but sean spicer still defending what played out this weekend. >> 325,000 people in the first 24 hours knew into this country from airports, 109 people were
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affected. they were slowed down in their travel. i understand that's an inconvenience. at the end of the day, that's a small price to pay as opposed to somebody losing their life because of a terrorist attack. >> peter alexander joins us live. you've been following the tick tock of this and while the media has not been able to clearly get some answers here or took hours to do so, it seems because of the confusion within the trump administration that's a major part of why this played out over the weekend the way it did. >> i think you're exactly right. this is equally an issue about the policy specifically as it is perhaps about the management and the role-out on this issue as well. think back to president obama with obamacare, the issues with health it's been the implementation as much as anything causing the chaos around the country. nonetheless, the white house is pushing forward, they insist there are no changes, despite
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there was no interagency involved in the process before coming out with this executive order. a lot of the focus and security any has been over the fact whether this is a muslim band. president trump said it's not a russ li muslim ban. the words of his own adviser, rudy giuliani, saying he was consulted leading up to this ban. >> when he first announced it, he said muslim ban. he said put a commission together and show me the right way to do it legally. i put a commission and what we did instead of religion, danger, the areas of the world which create danger for us, which is a factual basis, not a religious basis, perfectly legal, perfectly sensible and that's
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what the ban is based on. it's not based on religion. >> so that was rudy giuliani speaking out this weekend. the white house uncyinsists, it, quote unquote, massive success story, despite the reactions around the world. >> and what about that some of these places are where donald trump's organizations have businesses currently? >> they insist there is no conflict of interest. but broadly about those seven countries that are a part of this order, they're not named in the order. you have to get into the weeds to understand the code to recognize these seven countries are involved but they point to seven countries that the obama administration had indicated had basically terror ties and the like. what was different when the obama administration came forward in terms of its
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restrictions requiring those needing a visa come, it was that specifically for individuals from those countries. in 2011 president obama also pushed forward what some describe as a ban on iraqi refugees. it wasn't in fact a ban. some suggest it was a slowdown at best but in that incidence to be clear it was following what was a specific threat regarding some refugees from iraq living in the united states. >> peter, thank you very much. and as we mentioned, the president signed two executive order related to regulation. stephanie ruhle is here with rerooks on these, tiff orders. the administration says aimed at reduci reducing, what does this mean as far as moving the ball forward? >> in terms of who, what, when, where, how and why, this was a
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campaign challenge where drp drpts -- we cannot forget that financial crisis happened last then ten years ago and it hurt people across america. so whether you're going to cut regulation for big banks, forbes, which will allow them to lend more, maybe that's a positive but we don't know the details. so donald trump specializes in beautiful sound bites, for every new regulation, you're going to have to get rid of two and we don't know what the budget is going forward because writing regulation is tremendously expensive and onerous. so the idea might be right but let's hold off and see what the details are. >> thank you very much, stephanie. let's move on. ari melber is standing by more with the president's executive order. we heard reports of asking the
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administration to explain this new round of executive orders signed today for business. if you listened to "morning joe" this morning, he talked to the president and other reports, it's taking hours to get basic answers on these questions related to immigration. >> that's true. it's part of why you have an interagency process, which it's been reported were not followed. it does not explicitly cite islam or use the word muslim. it incorporates a lot of other laws and the president was correct with stating that there are a lot of countries with muslim population it is does not govern. what it does do is name certain
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countries and in its force, in its application, tamron, it would operate to allow more christians and obviously ban muslims in those muslim-majority countries that are named. a lot of folks are going to argue in court it makes it a religious ban. then there's what it compares to what's been done in history. he's going to argue it was what was done in 2011. that is partly do. there was a slofing down of r-- down of war-torn iraq and it didn't apply as a mandatory suspension temperature it was done on much more of a rolling basis. now let's go to the real heart of the matter. are those seven, as you were just discussing, are those seven countries the actual source of immigrant-exported terror to the united states? as many people have noted, no. if you look at the big attacks,
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if you look at the people 9/11, san bernardino, orlando, you have a slew of countries none of them affected by this order. so that has a lot of people saying where did this list come from? as we've reported, it was based on a list drawn up by congress and signed by president obama in a very different context, a list of countries where largely european citizens passed through them, they would get extensive or extra vetting. it was never a ban based on that list. it was basically a place where congress said it's dangerous over there, not a place where congress said, oh, that's exporting danger over here. >> all right, ari. thank you very much. >> and congressional democrats are planning action against trump's temporary ban on immigrants. now, it include as rally at 6 p.m. on the steps of the sport and on the "today" show, senate
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democratic leader chuck schumer said he'll attempt to repeal the travel ban. >> this evening i will ask for a vote on the floor of the senate to repeal this. senator feinstein has very thoughtfully legislation to roo peal this. 11 republicans have spoken out against this. we should repeal this and sit down and figure out ways to tighten up things against terrorism. >> kelly o'donnell joins us. does chuck schumer have the momentum on his side? >> well, he is a very talented messaging prn -- this is a real opportunity for chuck schumer to try to galvanize support among democrat and progressives who are upset about this. but tactically he's talking about so the likely tood, mitch
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mcconnell turns on this. so far what we've seen from the senate majority leader is he's raised some concerns as you know about proceeding carefully with this kind of measure. but it is highly unlikely that he would up end this executive order from president trump at this point. so for chuck shum are, this is a good strategy, to try to bring attention to this and we see over time that even when legislative tools can't succeed in the first moment, they begin to bring public pressure and that i think is what chuck assumer is trying to do. one of the things he knows how to do is draw attention. we saw over the weekend where this is again part of a new thing with him being the leader of the senate democrats, he holds weekend news conferences back in new york. in this case he got emotional, something we have not typically seen from chuck schumer talking about this travel ban with a
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real world experience -- you've soon that president trump was critical about. >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited and unamerican. it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country and it will on serve to embolden and inspire those around the globe who will do us harm. >> we heard the president say he didn't know chuck schumer was a cryer, a personal sort of criticism there. we'll see democrats marching this evening, we'll see them trying to use the apparatus of the senate, even if they can't get that done, which seems unlikely, it is again a way to
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bring their way to bring their support together and try to put pressure on the trump white house. >> thank you very much. among the protests, huge crowds gathering at boston's logan airport where massachusetts senator elizabeth warn denounced the president's actions. >> this is america. this is the year 2017. we don't turn people away. people who are woven into our lives. i cannot believe this is happening. i knew donald trump would be bad. but not this bad, not this fast. this is terrible. >> joining me live senator warren's democratic colleague from massachusetts, congressman seth moulton. he's a former marine who served four tours in iraq, including two as a special assistant to
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general davpetraeus. we see the outrage and the empathy for the familia the fam. what action can we expect from republican colleagues? >> i'm heartened that several republicans have been speaking up over the weekend. now it's time to take action back in washington as we return for the legislative week. >> how do you persuade your colleagues on the other side of the aisle who many today and yesterday cited the fact that in polls generally americans support some kind of action to keep individual out of this country we see as a threat. >> we've got to make it clear to americans across the country that what donald trump is doing is not making us more safe.
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it will be used to incite attacks against us. they're already using it in propagan propaganda. and the translators and intelligence sources i had to work with every day in iraq, it's making it more difficult for them. the more representatives in congress realize it on both sides of the i'll, we'll be able to get things done. >> when the president said this is not a muslim ban -- >> rudy giuliani was on tv this weekend saying the trump administration came to him and. so we all know what's going on here. he's not fooling anybody. >> going back to, though, the argument from the president that
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these particular countries which we've noted are kind of hidden into this executive order and up see there that these are the countries that should be of great concern, looking back at your military career, looking back at your military experience, is there any logic that you could see from this -- these particular countries cited here? >> no, i can't see any national security logic at all. i can see political logic. this is clearly a case of the trump administration putting politics and political messaging ahead of national security. when i was serving in iraq as a platoon commander, i was in the first marine division, we had a motto, there's no better friend, no better enemy. the first part, no better friend, is critical as well. it's important to be strong and smart in the war on terror.
8:18 am
being smart about who we choose as a or this executive order from the trump striegs is stupid and weather center. it's stupid because it will turn our allies against us and it's weak because it put political into how this all rolled out, you have several reports of chaos inside the oval office in executing this, not consulting with the department of homeland security, not essentially crossing ts and dotting is on something so serious and so significant. what has this told you about the first, what has it been now, ten days of this administration? well, we heard that the trump administration would be incompetent and truth be told, that's exactly what we're seeing. i think more concerning is the fact that reasonable voices in the administration, and there are few, but there are important ones like general mattis and general kelly, they're clearly
8:19 am
not being consulted. both are marine veterans like myself had to work with these muslim allies, these translators, in so there's no way they would be supporting this comprehensive, blanket ban against muslims if they were invited to participate in the process clrds . >> and in quebec and montreal, police have placed canadian prime minister justin trudeau released a statement on the attack, condemning it as a terror attack and going ton to say muslim-canadians. come up, act who is also a
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former white house staffer, has turned a hateful this after he was told he does not belong in this country. he's raised quite a significant amount of money. up next, cal will talk with us live. are? you actually rode here on the cloud. did not feel like a cloud... that driverless car? i have seen it all. intel's driving...the future! traffic lights, street lamps. business runs on the cloud... and the cloud runs on intel. ♪ i wonder what the other 2% runs on...(car horn) crsugar is everywherets sugar shield and crest complete has a sugar shield to protect teeth from sugar found in everyday foods. crest complete. shield your teeth from sugar. so sugar may visit, but it's not sticking around.
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. my father fled religious persecution in nazi occupied france. >> love wins every time. >> several of the winners at last night's screen actors guild award voicing their opposition to president trump's immigration ban on seven majority muslim countries, which includes syria. joining me now actor/exact
8:24 am
advised and former member of the obama white house, cal penn, i'll let you reveal how much money you're up to. you received a tweet. our standard department is not allowing me to read it because there's a swear word in it. it starts off "you don't belong in this country." you were born in new jersey and raised in new jersey, and that is in this country. >> i was reading comments that were related to a screen shot that i posted of a friend, a buddy's dad, who was turned
8:25 am
around. and i was reading this comment and i'm thinking that's stupid. we've seen an uptick in this anti-american rhetoric and you don't belong here and that nonsense. i thought i'm a relatively privileged guy, this can roll off my back but what about a 14-year-old guy? i thought, the country i love, maybe i can raise $2,500. i went to crowd rise and set the goal for $2,500 and tweeted what this guy said and it got to $2,500 bucks within ten minutes. i woke up this morning and it was a half a million dollars. and i have to say the donations have come in from all 50 states and 44 countries and these are people who, you know, presumably
8:26 am
read that tweet and saw the page and thought that is also the country that i know and love as being against a hateful comment like that. i just thought that was a beautiful thing. >> what do you make of the fact that here there are natural questions about national security and reasonable concerns conflated with this otherness that you pointed out that the successful man you are you can roll o off a tweet but the 14-year-old version of you who is still out there, who has brown skin, who does not fit this ridiculous image of what is america is turned into an other and demonized? >> yeah, i think that's a real concern that thankfully we're seeing a lot of folks speak out about across the board. and you're you're seeing a lot of coalitions built, if you look at black lives matters and some of women's groups and movements
8:27 am
of folks who are being or have been marginalized and then you're seeing the hatred rhetoric coming out of white house and all the love that is being responded with. here's a celebrity actor going against a celebrity reality tv president. literally all 50 states people opening up their -- certainly their donations but what that signifies is they're opening up their hearts and saying we're not standing for what the president is doing in our names. i think that's a beautiful thing. >> cal, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> this morning a homeland security officials a and independent talk live with an attorney.
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one of the 109 people detained this weekend was a man who risked his life for this country during the war in iraq. hameed darweesh was held for 18 hours on saturday, he was traveling to the u.s. with his wife and three children. here is mr. darweesh just moments after being released. >> i have a special immigration visa and my passport, me and my family because i work with the u.s. government, i support the u.s. government on the other side of the world. but when i came here, they say no and they treat me as i break the rules or do something wrong. i was surprised really. >> mark doss is the supervising
8:32 am
attorney representing mr. darweesh. i want to get your reaction to president trump's tweet. he said "in the ban was announced a week before, a lot of bads would race to the u.s., there are a lot of bads out there." what is your response? >> that's not true. this is a person who has faced threats because of his service to the united states government, and he has gone through a very lengthy and extensive background check process, a visa process, he had a valid visa to come here and he deserves to come here and not be detained upon arrival. >> tell me how the events played out. as you mpsed, he was traveling with his family. they were not detained but he was. >> exactly. all of his family, his wife and three children were on the same
8:33 am
flight, had the same visas. upon arrival to j.f.k., they were processed through and he was detained for the entire night. this just goes to show there was absolutely no guidance provided to customs and border protection. it was complete chaos at the airport and it was completely arbitrary and illegal. >> let me play what steven miller defending the trump ban said regarding a person's right to enter this country. >> no person who is not a citizens to this country has a constitutional right to enter the united states. >> your reaction to that. >> it's just outrageous that he is denying entry to the men and women who have served alongside the u.s. in iraq, in afghanistan on legitimate visas denying entry and detaining them here in the united states and in the airports. we've had clients who came one day before the ban, came through
8:34 am
with no issue. our client because he was flying as the ban was signed was detained for hours upon hours. it's just completely arbitrary and illegal. >> speaking of illegal or the legality of this, what do you see as the battle moving forward given that the administration says it will stand behind this ban and you have this decision from this federal judge here? >> we have federal judges all over the country issuing what are known as stays, temporary stopping enforcement of this ban. we're going to keepifyi iffight make sure this is not a temporary state but permanent. it's a violation of the equal protection clause. these are people targeted and discriminated against because they're muslim and they're coming from muslim majority countries and that's not what this country stands for. we're going to make sure that we keep fighting this in court so that other people's rights are not denied.
8:35 am
>> mark doss, thank you for your time. >> thanks so much for having me. >> up next, i'll talk with congresswoman yvette clark who held an emergency meeting last night. she is vowing to fight until it's rescinded but what power do they have in a congress controlled by republicans? we'll be right back. to folks everywhere whose diabetic... ...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain.
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welcome back. around 12,000 people marched and gathered at battery park in new york city. this happening yesterday not very far from what we know as ground zero where the freedom tower remains and the statue of liberty was the backdrop of it all. chuck schumer and jillian gilibrand joined the crowd. and there is backlash and
8:39 am
outrage. what can democrats in congress do? >> we continue to mobilize along with the people that are in the streets. we're going to have to take to the floor. we're going to have to win over hearts and minds on the other side of the aisle who are looking at this and seeing this nation torn apart in ways in which we've never seen before in our lifetime. so i think we have an obligation to do every measure possible to make sure that we bring this to an end. that includes amicus briefs with a lot of the federal lawsuits that are being brought. >> house democrats now demanding a meeting with the department of homeland security chief over this ban. secretary john kelly. do y you want the meeting wednesday or sooner. what are the key questions to be asked to secretary kelly? >> first of all, what was he thinking? how incompetent was it of his administration to put rank and file members of that agency in such an awkward position. because the executive order came
8:40 am
with no instruction. it did not deal with the nuances or the complexities of the visa process to the united states of america. it didn't take into account those who would be traveling by air prior to the issuance of the executive order and landing after the fact. there was so much chaos created and it really spoke to the incompetency of this agency, its leadership and by extension of course donald trump. >> a series of these executive orders are essentially campaign promises the president decided he wants to keep. when you hear people say, why are democrats surprised, this is what he pledged what he would do, why wasn't there a strategy or counter prepared for this action he was bent on taking? >> we're not surprised. we're in the minority. so we have to wait for an action
8:41 am
to take place in order to really mobilize, understand the implications, understand exactly what donald trump is doing in writing. it would be presumptuous of us to step out there not knowing and showing our hand to someone who has demonstrated an ability to talk out of both sides of their face. >> when the president says this is not a muslim ban, what do you see this as? >> i see this as a muslim ban. end of story. there's no doubt about it. this is something that he proclaimed during his campaign and has come to fruition now that he's seated as president. >> the last question i'll ask you is related to the countries selected, saudi arabia not on that list, the 9/11 terrorists are not there, some of the countries where donald trump has business interests, some see as conflicts of interests, not
8:42 am
listed either. does that concern you or do you believe it's a coincidence? >> no, it's very concerning and we have to continue to pursue all of these avenues simultaneously. we're still concerned about the rushi russian hacking, we're going to pursue that. the conflicts of interest around the world. his income tax. we're going to have to operate on all front because there's a distracti distraction, disillusionment, there's so much chaos going on right now that we as american, members of the legislature, members of the judiciary have to stay very focused on every angle in which donald trump is operating. >> congressman clark, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, the white house justifies naming former breitbart publisher steve bannon
8:43 am
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. insurance changes? xarelto® has you covered. we're back with our daily briefing on politics. white house chief strategist steve bannon has been given a security clearance usually held by generals as a result of an executive order signed by president trump this weekend, he now has full membership on the security council while the director of national intelligence will only attend meetings pertaining to him. mark, is this unprecedented, highly unusual? >> it's unprecedented on this scale. there have been a lot of commander in chief strategists and powerful one, whether karl rove for george w. bush.
8:47 am
but this steve bannon's role as a permanent fixture on the security council. all this adds up to steve bannon maybe being the most powerful chief political strategist in a white house. not on do you have this move, you end up having donald trump's inaugural address being co-written by steve bannon. you really have a sense that steve bannon has been serving as donald trump's muse here and as we know was see a key fixture of donald trump's campaign in the last couple of months. >> with that said, i know also a few breitbart writers have been hired as part of the white house team as well. how is the administration explaining this decision and whether steve bannon is qualified to be part of this elite group who meet pertaining to our national security?
8:48 am
>> tamron, they've pointed to steve bannon's previous military service, though never on the level of the general who is usually attended these meanings. one of the reasons this has concerns from both democrats and republicans is that these national security meetings are supposed to be as apolitical as you get but it becomes very political when you start putting your chief strategist on board. >> thank you very much. coming up, president trump's immigration ban is drawing strong condemnation around the world. more than 1 million brits have signed a petition to ban trump's visit to the u.k. and we'll talk to beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough
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welcome back. countries around the world are reacting to president trump's immigration ban and wondering how it will affect their country's relationship with the
8:52 am
united states. the executive order sparked protests around the world and some u.s. universities issued advisories to the over,000 international students here from those seven designated countries recommending they do not travel. we spoke with one u.s. college student who is detained in iran due to the executive order. ali? >> reporter: that's right, tamron. student that is at cuny, detained in qatar, unable to travel to the united states although she had a two-year visa. she was physically, mentally very tired and very upset. let's take a listen to what she said, tamron. >> donald trump is just a showman, and because i'm riding, i was supposed to write my final paper on donald trump, and i'm listening to his speeches, especially his speeches during the primaries and he's just a showman, and i'm really
8:53 am
surprised by the resemblance to american standup comedies, he's there to entertain people, and this is getting really dangerous. >> reporter: tamron, she also went on to say that she thought this move was counter-productive. she said to take somebody like herself who loves the united states, represents america, has slightly put her off because of this ban. she feels -- >> we just lost our connection to ari arouzi. in the uk over 1.3 million signed a petition to ban president trump from making a formal state visit because it would "cause embarrassment to her majesty the queen." matt bradley is following the response to what we witnessed play out, how are people processing it in the uk, what are you hearing there? >> reporter: thanks, tamron. you mentioned that petition already has far many more digital signatures than it needs
8:54 am
to be debated by some committee in parliament. it goes without saying, tamron, this decision from donald trump is really not popular here. prime minister theresa may is going to go ahead and host the president of the united states for a state visit with the queen at some uncertain future date. like i said it's not popular and her house behind me here at ten downing street we're already seeing what could be as many as 100,000 protesters here to say no to donald trump and his muslim immigration ban which favors banning muslims from entering the united states and they're also putting pressure on theresa may. member of ms. may's own political party is part of this ban. this is hitting home for the conservative end of politics here in britain. take a listen, this is nade nadeem zawahi. >> i've been informed that the ban will apply to myself and my wife because the order says
8:55 am
aliens from those countries so country of origin applies. i've got two sons at princeton university due to be here tomorrow because of a short break, now they're born and bred in the uk but if they get asked where your parents are originally from, grandparents, then there say ris a risk of th getting stopped going back to university sunday, a 09-day or 120-day risk, they'll miss the whole semester at princeton so it's a pretty sad day really. >> reporter: so this member of parliament, he actually had to go to the state and spend quite a lot of time there because one of his two sons studying at princeton university was, as he said, deathly ill and now this year if that happened again he wouldn't be able to travel to the states to help one of his own sons. tamron? >> matt, thank you very much. we'll be right back. broke into a house owned by three bears. she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair,
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i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc "andrea mitchell reports." >> and thank you, tamron. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," uncharted territory. donald trump's executive order temporarily banning travel from seven majority muslim nations, and indefinitely from syria sparking chaos and protests around the country. today president trump defending his most sweeping move yet. >> actually i had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland security. some day we had to make the move and we decided to make the move. i noticed chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who was his acting coach, because i know him very well. i don't see him as a crier. if he is, he's a different man. there's about a 5% chance it was real but i think they were fake tears. >> the pushback, the outcry and trump's counter attack today. >> the slap-dash way it was done
9:00 am
was appalling and created the chaos but much more importantly, this will make us less safe. this evening, i will ask for a vote on the floor of the senate to repeal this. >> and terror attacks. six people gunned down inside a mosque in quebec. the latest on the investigation in canada ahead, as the country tries to recover. people are going to be a little bit more on edge but i'm hoping everybody comes together on this and shows again their support for the community. >> good day everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president trump and his senior staff today standing their ground in the face of widespread outrage, outrage here and around the world including from some republican congressional leaders of the executive order imposing a temporary travel ban on refugees, migrants and foreign nationals from seven predominantly muslim countries, especi


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