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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 30, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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washington, d.c., my friend hallie jackson is there. you can find me all day long on twitter or right here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. hallie, good morning. >> thank you much. we are live everybody, hi, on capitol hill at the start of what is obviously another jam packed week here in washington. president trump already appearing at the white house in an impromptu sort of session with the media. he's signing new executive orders when youing one we just learned moments ago that will revoke two federal regulations for every enough one implemented, all of it after that meeting with small business leaders you just saw. outside the white house still that cloud of confusion over the president's new executive order and more legal fights also planned. plus, breaking overnight, sex people killed, eight hurt at a mosque in quebec city. canada's prime minister calling it a terrorist attack. cal perry has the latest from
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jfk airport. kristen, we have seen so much developing this morning. i just left you at the white house two hours ago and already there's so much going on. he's promising he's going to do something about this executive order. here's what he had to say. >> this executive order was mean spirited and unamerican. this evening i will ask for a vote on the floor of the senate appeal this. senator feinstein has very carefully thought out legislate to repeal this. >> this morning we have seen president trump mocking chuck schumer saying his tears were mostly fake. >> reporter: the white house is digging in. i spoke with one senior adviser who said there is zero chance they're going to backtrack despite the fact you've seen
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this uproar and chaos in the wake of it. and you're absolutely right, president trump mocking chuck schumer. listen to what he had to say who he was meeting with small business leaders. >> i noticed chuck schumer with fake tears. i'm going to ask him who is his acting coach. i know him very well. i don't see him as a cryer. there's about a 5% chance it was real but i think they were fake tears. >> it's going to be incredibly different for chuck schumer to try to get a vote to appeal the order. senate leader mitch mcconnell will have to call for that vote or you'd have to get 100 people in agreement. and he's going to for undoing
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two regulations for every one regulation passed. you heard him talking about the need to decrease regulations. i think what you're going to see about this white house, they're going to be on defense but also trying to turn the page, getting back to discussing jobs. this is what president trump tweeted just moments ago. he said where was the outrage from dems and the opposition party -- that's when he refers to the media -- whenever jobs were fleeing the country. there's no doubt that this fire storm continues. >> you emergenciesed the trump administration trying to turn the page a little bit. norway they may fry to do that is the announcement of his supreme court pick at 8 p.m. eastern. whoever the pick is is going to get grilled, right? >> absolutely. >> hard,man, william pryor and
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neil gorsuch. >> there will be a number of thorny issues facing the court, hallie. >> thank you. i want to go to jfk airport where hundreds demonstrated this weekend. cal, we've gotten an update of those detained. fill us in on what we missed. >> we'll have to see if we see these pop-up protests at airports. probably not likely because over the weekend what really caught people off guard was first the executive order. we've spoken to custom officials who say they were caught off
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guard at the speed of it. a lot of people were in the air. at least 109 people were up in the air, caught in no man's landey were flying over the country when the executive order came down. and they were caught off guard by the protests. houston, los angeles, one of the biggest protests was in city of boston and that was followed by these very emotional reunions as 109 people were released. at least one person was put back on the plane back to saudi arabia, she's a sudanese. the judge didn't rule against the executive order and
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unfortunately for this doctor she was put back on a plane before that could be resolved. lawyers say they will challenge that potentially in court. there's a group of lawyers in case others end up on planes. from here on in, this should be resolved overseas, those people from the seven countries who do not hold green cards, they will likely be stopped before they're able to board players in europe, asia. >> i'm joined by david leopold. the trump administration is pushing back aggressively. they're pointing out that president obama had previously identified these seven countries included in the travel ban insisting they're not singling out muslim-majority nations. give me your take here. what's wrong with taking a pause, looking for ways to
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tighten up security. where do you see the flaws in that argument? >> i'm not going to argue the administration's lies and false equivalencies. they've abandoned an entire religion -- >> so their argument is complete bunk. you think it's false equivalencies and lies? i want to be clear. >> let's be clear. never in the history of this country has a president barred, banned an entire religion, banned people for what they believe in. you know what? i am the son of a holocaust survivor. my dad fled the nazis. i never expected on a saturday morning in america i would wake up to see people because of their religion barred from entry into the united states, people, by the way, who are green card holders, people who live in this country, who contribute to this country, artists, doctors, entertainers, workers, people who contribute to the fabric of
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this country with legal visas. what donald trump has done in the first week in office is he's taken a wrecking ball to the statute of liberty, he's torn up the constitution and that's why you see members of congress at the airports, you see people at the airports protesting, you see an uprising of popular support and for all of the people who have been affected, this is not what america is about. we are not a country that bans pop based on religion. this is shapeful. and when donald trump and his people tell you that this is about national security, once again, it's another trump falsehood. >> we learned late last night from the department of homeland security and from administration officials that green card holders would be exempt from this. this seems incredibly personal to you. can you tell us about your
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emotional journey over the weekend about this? >> friday night people were going home, the press was going home for the weekend, lawyers were going home, we were automobile going home to enjoy the weekend. what donald trump did knowing that children, elderly people, doctors, lawyers, engineers, people who are living and working in the united states, who had gone through the process, who had played by the rules, knowing that those people were in the air signed an executive order and when they got off the planes they were detained. what kind of a president is this? he thinks he's king of the country. and thanks god that we have a federal court system. thank god that we had great lawyers for the american civil will be erts union, from the american immigration lawyer system, in boston and in new york. in new york ne went to a federal judge, judge donnelly and she took a look at this and said i
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believe that this is wrong, i believe there's a high probability that drm has violated the law and the constitution, i'm going to put a temporary hold on this nation booidwide. so she stopped the unjust, the illegal muslim ban from prarl from keeping people out of the country. >> very quickly because i want to get to this point which i think is important because the president has a lot of discretion when it comes to what he wants to do as the, tiff branch. if you're giving advice to folks who are caught up in this, what can they do to try and fight this and sort of summarize it for me, if you will. >> first of all, the folks who are detained at the airports, we have great lawyers on the ground and the lawyers are coming out and volunteering, the aclu is taking the lead on this. we need to let this play out in the courts. the courts are a last bastion of democracy in this country. they're going to protect us.
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for folks who are overseas, i've read the department of homeland security order, i would advise my clients and people i don't know to seek the advice of a licensed attorney. if they have a relative overseas or have a relative caught up in this, we don't know how many are still detained today. >> david leopold thank you for joining us and for that perspective. we appreciate it. we want to bring in a republican congresswoman from florida, thank you for being here. >> thank you for the invitation. >> you have made this clear this morning over the weekend you are opposed to parts of this immigration executive order. were you consulted at all by anymore member of the administration prior to the announcement on friday?
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has there been any outreach? >> i'm just another slug on the planet. >> you are a sitting member of congress of course zip think he did very little reaching out to anyone. certainly doesn't look like it's been drafted carefully. even just on the process of this very bad, tiff order. -- executive order. >> why did they have to put out a statement late last night to say, oh, yes, we will allow them to come back into their country. this is a country thank goodness based on law and both the spirit and the letter of the law says that we honor commitments and contracts that we've entered into with individuals. in this case the contract is a visa. we've given you a refugee visa,
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we should honor that. we've bestowed u.s. permanent legal status of the united states upon you, we should honor that. to have the head of the d.h.s. to have to issue an advisory saying, oh, yes, we will honor that is nothing short of amazing. >> i think the natural follow-up to that, congresswoman, is what are we going to do about it? are you going to break with your party and join with, for example, house democrats if they do put forward some sort of legislation to try to block this? >> i don't vote even with republicans or democrats. i vote my conscience and then i have an obligation to explain it to my constituents. i've been doing it for a number of years. i've been an elected official since '82. i think people know where i stand. i hope that it comes up for a vote. i hope that we'll have an opportunity to voice our concerns because i agree with donald trump, we want to keep
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our homeland safe. i disagree that these measures, the ban from seven countries and especially the refugee program that has been so helpful, that is banned for 120 days. i'm a refugee myself. so i would be the last person to pull the rug out from under the next person to come in. so i don't think that those measures will keep our country safe. i agree it's a worth ey objecti. i want to keep our country safe, this is the greatest country. but will those do it? i just don't think it gets to that part. we want good vetting, extreme vetting. if the vetting was not good enough, then let's work on it and get it as tough as we can. but if you're a u.s. legal resident, if you're a refugee, we will allow you could come in.
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this has been our commitment to you. >> if there does come up for a vote in the chamber, how will you vote on this? >> i told you this is how i feel. i don't know how i will vote because i don't know what the measure before us will be. but i have been very clear. i am against this executive order for various reasons and i will vote my conscience. but i never say i'm going to vote this way or that way because i don't know what the measure before me will be. i'm glad in a president trump is keeping his promises. that's a good thing for a politician. i wish he wouldn't think all of them. i don't want the dreamers to be deported. that's another one that may be coming up pretty soon. and i worry about that. our community is made up of wonderful dreamers and they've made our community stronger. so let's pray for our country and pray for our president and i'll work for the best. >> will we see you on the supreme court later tonight with nancy pelosi and her protest? >> i don't join in protests.
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i wish them all the best. i don't know anything about it. i hope it's nice weather and that they have a great protest but i'm my own person. >> congresswoman, thanks for sharing that opinion. >> up next, we're switching over to breaking news and we'll talk about what we know about the deadly attack just a hundred miles or so from the u.s. border. we keeping a close eye on the white house as we wait for the next executive order signing from president trump. we understand there are reporters in the oval office waiting for that to happen. more on the other side of the break. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align.
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quebec city has today been
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hit by terrorism. it's hard to believe such a beautiful city but it has been. >> leaders calling that deadly shooting at the mosque an act of terror. it happened during evening prayers yesterday. six killed, eight hurt. police have arrested two people so far. we have the story from quebec city. >> reporter: hallie, the two suspects that have been arrested, police are now saying they're in their late 20s, early 30s and both not known previous to investigators. what we do is last night just before 8:00, they came in or two men allegedly came in to a mosque in quebec city opening fire, six people are dead five remain critically injured in hospital, two of those people are in intensive care. today nearby where this mosque is in a little suburb of quebec city, there are ongoing police
7:21 am
raids in a small neighborhood nearby. now, we're still trying to learn from police what exactly they're looking for. what we do know is that there are s.w.a.t. teams here. they have been bringing people away from the neighborhood not in handcuffs. so we are led to believe that they are people who live in these neighborhoods and we're still waiting to find out more about the identities of these two suspects that have been arrested. one last night was arrested near the mosque after the shooting had occurred. another was captured by police some distance away, closer to downtown quebec city and near a bridge that would have taken that suspect over a river to the south shore. so once we find some more details, people here are eager and on edge to learn more. now police say that the situation is under control but many in the neighborhood are still concerned.
7:22 am
kevin gallagher reporting for nbc news from quebec city. >> all right, kevin gallagher there from quebec city. i want to bring in my colleague stephanie ruhle who is joining us from set at 30 rock. talk us through. as we are watching what is happening at the white house right now, we know that any minute we expect to see president trump signing his latest executive order, it's essentially saying he's making good on his campaign promise. for every new regulation put in place, two other regulations need to be eliminated essentially. this is something that president trump had talked about during his campaign, fairly frequently. it was one of his first hundred day, first-week promises. apparently that is up to the agencies. there is discretion for each agency to determine which regulations they will eliminate, but ultimately it is the white
7:23 am
house that is the arbiter of which regulation of which is cut and which is not. the president say this would, quote, massively reduce regulations for big and small and called it one of the biggest ever. go ahead, stephanie. >> in terms of regulation, regulation exists to protect the small guy. it's like an insurance policy. now coming off the financial crisis, we saw a massive surge of regulation, whether you're talking masmall business or big banks most you would speak to would say they feel strangled by the amount of regulation they're faced with. if you look in terms of banking, the vokel rule or -- >> i'm going to take the president now speaking from the oval office. let's watch. >> this will the largest cut by far in terms of regulation. these folks are small business
7:24 am
owners. they'rgreat people. they've been representative of the small business community. if you have a regulation you want, number one, we're not going to approve it because it's already been approved in 17 different forms. if you do, the only way you have a chance is we have to knock out two regulations for every new regulation. if there's a new regulation, they have to knock out two but it goes far beyond that. we're cutting regulations massively for small business and for large business. they're different. but for small business, this is what this is about today. this will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen. there will be regulation, there will be control, but it will be a normalized control where you can open your business and expand your business very easily and that's what our country has been all about.
7:25 am
>> should i sign it? >> yes. >> yes. >> sign it. >> that's great. that's a big one. do you have anything to say to the press, anyone in would you like to say something to the press, anybody? become famous back in syracuse? >> just thank you for doing this because small business has been buried in a tidal wave of web tape to break that will really change the world for us. thank you. >> president trump in the white house signing his latest executive order. steph, you heard one of the leaders praise that sentiment. is that something we'll hear more from the small business community? >> it is. we've heard small business saying they have felt the regulatory overhang and there is
7:26 am
a renewed sense of optimism around cutting back regulation could open up the opportunity for small businesses to grow. and back to banks, with banks being able to lend more, they will in fact be able to elected to small businesses. now, on the other hand, these are promises that president trump has made but the devil is in the details and it all remains to be seen how it works out, in terms of small businesses, what areas? if you're talking about retail, for example, it's not an issue whether it's a big one or a small company. people don't want to pay retail anymore. margins have shrunk. manufacturing takes place overseas. if you're a small business person, it's hard to lead that business. if you look at the markets these days, you're starting to see some sentiment, a little slowdown saying hold on a second, president trump has promised a lot, let's see how it all turns out. in terms of regulation, you have to see how it all gets signed. maybe we'll get rid of the
7:27 am
consumer fraud protection bureau. it's those bureaus that found things out like the wells fargo fraud. >> stephanie ruhle with that perspective from 30 rock. thank you. we're talking about the president's latest executive order but it's one he signed on friday evening that is still making waves not just here at home but internationally as well. coming up, we'll take you overseas. and, by the way, retaliation still playing out right this hour as president trump flexes his muscles on immigration. stay with us. ♪
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let's get a quick check of the morning headlines. delta flights are taking off again after a computer outage caused all of those headaches across the country, more than 150 cancellations overnight
7:31 am
because of the systems outage. it comes a week after another different computer outage at united caused domestic flights to be delayed for about an hour. >> u.s. defense officials tell nbc news an aircraft that was involved in an operation experienced a, quote, hard landing, which hurt two other service members. the pentagon estimated 14 militants were killed in the operation. the death is the first of a u.s. service member since president trump took office. >> starbucks is responding by trump's order and says had will hire 10,000 refugees across the country. you're seeing it with apple, netflix and more saying they do not support this ban.
7:32 am
>> and the council on american-islamic relations, cair, is challenging the ban. this comes after the aclu sued this weekend and won a temporary injunction blocking the deportation of people already given pr missiermission to be i country. there is a lot of reaction fast and furious from all around the world. look at this from the u.n. refugee agency. "the rest of the world is watching as this executive order places us on the wrong side of history. this is not who we are as a country. we do not turn away those seeking safety based on national and religion. and the arab league said "deep concern over the actions, a procedure which places
7:33 am
restrictions on the entry of citizens. >> talk to us about what is going on there. >> it's a clear insult to the islamic world. tehran said it will ban all americans coming to iran until such time the u.s. lifts the ban. the iranian foreign minister slightly back pedalled yesterday and saying unlike the u.s., the ban is not retroactive. and iran called it a violent and racist attitude and summoned the
7:34 am
swiss embassy to formally object to the order. there was meant to be the world wrestling championships and a special group has met to decide whether to let americans participate. i thought it was odd mr. trump's performed form of communication is twitter and the chief executive chairman of twitter is an iranian american who tweeted out our democratic institutions will prevail and they are bigger than any one person in position of power temporarily. so criticism from here and ound the world. >> before i let you go, we know that close to a million people roughly have signed this petition asking that president trump not actually visit the u.k. for a state visit later on this year. there are also demonstrations planned there a few hours ago. what else is developing back home for your home? >> that's right.
7:35 am
thousands of protesters are set to march in cities across the united kingdom today against president trump's controversial travel ban. the marches are scheduled to take place from about 1 clause eastern time today in cities from london all the way to edinburgh up in the north. lots of people on social immediate have committed, politicians and entertainers are expected to address the crowd and it comes as 1 million people signed the petition calling for the u.s. president's state visit to be cancelled to the u.k. hal hallie? >> thank you very much. >> steve, plenty to discuss today but i want to start with this morning. democratic senator chris murphy specifically pointing to iran as he raised some red flags about the safety of the travel restrictions. listen to what he said. >> in iran specifically, a country that is right now tilting between hardliners and
7:36 am
moderates who want to engage with the west, this is a huge win for hardliners. this ultimately is going to get americans killed, i believe it, and we can make the moral argument, i think that's important but the national security argument probably should lead here. >> is the national security argument a message that trump supporters might listen to or might worry about as far as his critics or do you think that will fall on deaf ears? >> i'm not sure. i agree 100% with what chris murphy said and i i heard you talking with chris leopold about the morning and emotional journey. maybe that will appeal more to trump supporters. from my perspective, you can be steely-eyed, cold and make a ruthless assessment, if you will, that this travel ban does what chris murphy said it, undermines the american brand in the world, it gives non-state actors that are just, you know,
7:37 am
awful like isis and others, you know, helps arm them in recruiting and affirming their narrative that they're saying that islam and muslims are demeaned in america. i would not hold iran up as my issue because there's a hostage crisis going on right now where iran is slowly and quietly beginning to pick up again iran-american citizens and holding them and detaning them, and that preceded this order. >> let's talk about iraq. the parliament there passed this reciprocal travel ban. if that goes into effect, what are the real implications on the ground? >> that's incredible because we have u.s. solders, u.s. media, all sorts of infrastructure trying to help bodies,
7:38 am
government and various ngos try to stand up to the pressures of isis that are operating today up in mosul. if that resolution became binding in any way that would create a reciprocal travel band, the american footprint inside iraq would collapse and isis then from being under siege and maybe on the edge of its existence inside of iraq would be able to roll back. what you're basically telling allies of the united states and people that are working with us is that we have lots of suspicions about you, we don't trust you. and we're talking now in detail about now but imagine the echo effects about this over time. this doesn't go away. this is now a defining feature of this administration forever. this one of initial moves and those smart, talented, are now going to be very cautious about being supportive of us in the future.
7:39 am
>> steve, you know a thing or two about foreign policy. the administration has said that everybody who needed to be consulted about this executive order was consulted. there are some serious questions about how much that actually of the cass. >> what are you hearing about a growing kift between the trump administration and those foreign policy advisers who are now tasked with carrying out this e.o.? >> that's untrue. you kp go to the department of fence and department of homeland security, two vital parts of the government that should have been consulted on this. everything the white house does has to essentially be scripted in terms of impact on budgets, on management and a process has gone through where you begin consultations with other branches of government, they were told not to concede in consultations before that order was signed with any other branches of government. whoever may be saying who needed
7:40 am
to know was told, that is lying. that is absolutely untrue. it's untrue from the statements we have of cabinet initials, people. >> thank you. >> coming up, president trump makes that very highly anticipated phone call to vladimir putin. we're going to tack about what they talked about and what it means for some republicans pushing for permanent sanctions again russia. (becky) i've seen such a change
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but so we don't have tormin wad to get clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ...and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. well, feels like everybody had a working weekend this weekend, including president trump, who talked with several foreign leaders on the phone, including russian president vladimir putin. that happened saturday afternoon. the white house said it was congratulatory and, quote, a significant start to improving the relationship between the united states and russia. joining me is evelyn farkas.
7:44 am
the called lasted roughly an hour. talked no apparently about sanctions and also the read-out from the kremlins, which some commented sounded more positive and other read-outs from the past. >> while they say it was an hour, it was only about a half an hour because you have to have simultaneous conversation. the number of topics they covered means they couldn't have gone into depth about any of them. sanctions did not come up. i also gather their cyber information gathering about the elections didn't come up here. it seems to me it was a start
7:45 am
towards creating a warm environment. trump also spoke with the saudi government and they discussed setting up safe zones in syria. that's something that putin is very wary of, he's not supportive of it, though he hasn't come out opposed. >> put on your national security hat for me here. on saturday there was nor banot bit of security news. steve bannon now elevated to be a full, permanent member of the security council. a and there are questions about the direct of national intelligence, dni. >> i've lost many hours in my room in the situation room representing the pentagon.
7:46 am
you have to have the facts set out. the cia director can set out the facts, though over the last eight years it's been the director of the national intelligence and probably under the bush administration it was that way. the chairman of the joint chief of staff set out the military options in a very apolitical fashion. those two are now being removed from the regular nsc. they can be called in as needed, which is very problably -- problematic because the meetings are called at very short meeting. >> the administration says they will attend. but it's the role of steve bannon that seems to be the problem. >> you don't normally have somebody in charge of the policy on the nsc. karl rove is the equivalent in
7:47 am
the last administration, he did not serve on the nsc. president bush, i believe he was thinking very clearly he doesn't want his national security decisions to be questioned as if they are somehow affected by polls or other political come nations. the number one of objective of the national security is to maintain u.s. safe, security and national security interests. not to worry about elections and the political side of thanksgiving. >> ef length marcus, thanks. we want to get to new developments here. remember at the top of the show we showed you what president trump said about senator schumer talking about the tears being likely fake now? a spokesman says we're not going to dignify that with a response.
7:48 am
>> we also have new executive orders signed earlier this morning and a supreme court nomination tomorrow. all it have as the legal fallout of president trump's immigration order is fall from over. plenty to talk about with our political panel so stick around after the break. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
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so just in the last maybe 20, 30 minutes or so, president trump signed that executive order hoping to fulfill another campaign promise he made, cutting back regulation. for every new order put in place, two others have to be cut. crystal ball joining us, and republican strategist joe
7:52 am
watkins. my producer just got in my ear and said start wherever you want to start. there is so much to talk about. let me start about the fallout the immigration executive order signed friday. it is 72 hours or so old but clearly the administration is continuing to play defense on this hoping and trying to turn the page. crystal, let me get your reaction. >> i think one thing even putting aside the moral ramifications, putting aside how chaotic this was, putting aside how incompetent and putting aside no one knew what was going to happen, president trump has galvanized his opposition. regardless of how the polling comes out, which i think a lot of ordinary americans are going to be horrified at the images of people like iraqi interpreters who kept our men and women safe
7:53 am
overseas and refugees being detained in worn torn countries, women and children, having this movement across the country galvanized is going to be something he is going to have to deal with throughout this entire administration. it's just a very rare thing to get ordinary people out of their houses into the streets, out to airport to say we do not like this direction, we're here and we're going to make sure our voices are heard. if you think about the tea party movement and the impact they had on our politics, i think we're going to see the same thing here. >> there's an argument being made that democrats are sort of crying wolf, complaining about everything that president trump does. do you buy that argument? do you think in this particular instance do you think democrats, in a sense, crying wolf?
7:54 am
>> no. of course democrats want to try to win back the house and senate in the white house so it's their role to be politically the loyal opposition and voice protest when protest is needed. donald trump is not always going to find himself at odds with protests, certainly when it comes to labor, he'll find allies in bernie sanders and others who wouldn't normally find himself in agreement with. >> crystal, one of the things that is notable about everything the president has done over the last seven, eight days, he said he would do all this stuff. he said he was going to put in place these executive orders. why are democrats seemingly so surprised by this? >> i don't think we're surprised but i think a lot of folks who voted for him thought this is a businessman, we don't really like hillary clinton.
7:55 am
the mantra was always take him seriously but not literally. i think a lot of folks are fairly shocked to see, a, he really meant all the crazy things he said on the trail and, b, they thought this is somebody who is going to be confident and get things done and all we've seen is chaos and disarray, the left hand not talking to the right hand and nobody knowing what all of this means. i think on that level alone, this has not someone seen as a doer. >> or do you think some will look and say this is exactly why we put him in the oval office? >> certainly for his base and folks excited about his candidacy and election, those people are feeling satisfied he's making good on some of his campaign promises.
7:56 am
that doesn't include all republicans. clearly his base does. and they would say he's making good on his campaign promises. >> if we had two more hours, we'd be able to get through everything else i have on my list. on wednesday night chris hayes is on the ground in chicago. this is a special town hall event talking about the surging violence in that city. do not miss "chicago in the crosshairs," wednesday, 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc. or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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8:00 am
>> good morning, hallie. people who were detained at airports across the country over the weekend due to the president's travel ban have all reportedly now been released, but the backlash has not died down at all. massive protests across the country and around the world. now dozens of republicans are pushing back as legal battles begin to mount. the trump administration, though, still defending the order saying they're following barack obama's lead. we'll fact check that. and i'll talk live to an activist reacting to a hateful tweet and has turned it around and is using it to help refugees. >> and a mosque shooting in quebec, two suspects now under arrest. >>


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