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tv   Hardball Weekend  MSNBC  January 29, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> he's encouraging us to do a lot of things. and i think he's still pushing us. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline extra." i'm tamron hall. thanks for watching. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. it has been a week since trump's inauguration. he held a meeting with teresa may of britain. it was traditional except for
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some trumpian flourishes. >> you said before that torture works, you want to ban muslims for coming to america and there should be punishments for abortion. for many people in britain, those are alarming beliefs. what do you say to viewers at home that are worried about your views and you becoming the leader of the free world. >> this was your choice of a question. there goes that relationship. the past week shows president trump and candidate trump will continue to battle the truth. reportedly furious over photos showing the truth, his inaugural crowd size being smaller than others, he turned it into a major battle front of his early presidency. >> i get up this morning and i turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field.
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i said wait a minute, i made a speech, i looked out, the field, it looked like a million or a million and a half people. >> the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period, in person and around the globe. the attempts to lessen the inawe ration are shameful and wrong. >> we had a massive group of people. the crowd was massive, look how far back it goes. this shows how far they go over here. this goes all of the way down, all of the way down. today "the washington postreported that trump personally ordered the acting director of the national parks service to produce additional forecasts. the president believed the photoed might prove that the media lied. president trump also battled
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dubious claims of voter fraud. he said he thought three million to five million illegals voted in the election. sean spicer doubled down the next day if. >> what evidence do you have? >> i think the president believed that for awhile based on studies and information he has. >> wouldn't he want an investigation of this. >> as i noted he believed this for a long time and i think he won fairly overwhelmingly. >> why not investigate something that -- >> maybe we will. >> the president called for a "major investigation" into the voter fraud and defended it. >> that was supposed to be a confidential meeting and you weren't supposed to go talk to the press, but the democrats viewed it as not being confidential. but i said it and i said it strongly. because what is going on with
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voter fraud is horrible. >> do you think talking about millions of illegal votes is dangerous to the country? >> not at all, many people feel the same way that i do. >> the washington post reported today that mike pence told republican lawmakers that the trump administration will come up with a probe of the voting poll. the host of am joy on msnbc. hewitt, a indicated radio host. let me start with joy reed, first of all, what do we know about the crowd side, the president calling out a public official, a park service director, trying to get better pictures. his focus on the numbers questions. the focus on the three to five million people he says voted
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illegally. the whole argument over the large numbers, what do we know that is true, what is obje objectifiable. >> it is bizarre, there was never in my knowledge a incoming president who was so seemingly up set with the size of his crowd. he seems not being able to move past, i think at a certain point you to call it unhealthy. there was 1.8 million people that witnessed the inauguration of president obama in 2008. there are ways it is measured. the cia takes aerial footage. we know 1.2 million witnessed his inaugural in 2012, and about
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250,000 witnessed trump. why he is so concerned about this is bizarre and unhealthy. you wonder why there is no one in the inner circumstance that can move him off of this, and move him on to what matters and what is jermaine, which is the job of the president of the united states. it's unhealthy, it's weird, it looks strange, and it it makes us look strange in the world. >> you're a conservative, i have no way of thinking that means you're obsessed with these numbers, but why the numbers on size? over and over. >> the good side of what he did was bring attention to the march for life. he said you never pay any attention to the crowd size for the march for fe. it got more attention. so i is a salute the strategy
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here. >> why is he talking numbers? >> he doesn't want his presidency delegitimize. there was a demographic, first ever aspect of barack obama. you know how many people in this town, who live within walking distance, came with tremendous historic enthusiasm, saying this city is largely minority. they have been for 100 years. the people were so thrilled, that they waked to the involvement. they don't need metro numbers, i was there. it was overwhelming. so why is he trying to compete with history. donald trump being elected president is a certain kind of history being made, but not the kind to go in the record books like a barack obama. >> i don't the he can help it.
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it is a real bank shot, getting crowds to pay attention to the march for life. >> i think it is a buzzer shot. >> it's not a three-pointer. he can't let go of things. we're still talking about voter fraud. i think we're talking about it, too, and papers are talking about it, because he is talking about it. what he said on that clip, chris, how dare these congressmen come out of this private meeting and say what i said. he can't blame them. he says it himself and he doesn't want to let it go and now we're going to have a million dollars spent on an investigation to figure out the voter fraud. >> president trump seemed to back the claims of a conservative activist. he said three million people
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illegally voted. the number that hillary won by. >> do you have the proof? >> yes. >> can i have it? >> no. >> the rest of the tweets, those were taken slightly out of context, but one of the key tweets that we stuck with all along is that we're going to release all of this to the public. our methodology, data, conclusions, and everything to the public. >> when? >> when we get done with the checks. we know the numbers are right, we're going back in and checking. >> what i'm hearing from you is you think you'll be able to show it. >> no, what you're hearing is that i know, but you don't believe that i know. >> that is the new trumpian universe. >> shortly after that interview, trump said look forward to seeing final results of votestand. gregg philadelphias and crew aat
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least 3 million votes were illegal. funny, he was ready with the numbers then as being disputed by top election officials. and next to tweeting his claim on illegal voting. they called president obama an emper emperor o. for five years he said he had one case of an illegal immigrant in this country taking advantage of our electoral system and his name was barack obama. he not only voted illegally, but he became president of the united states. sending out detectives, getting reports, and then on one quiet
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friday, he said i think he is american like we are and everybody let it go. how do you, by any number from a guy that says the number one guy that snuck into the country -- and this is my favorite trumpian. no one knew him in school. he was a phantom of being. he didn't go to columbia. no blind testing, he just wasn't there. >> there may not have been a barack obama. >> and he sent his wife out to go on joy behar's show to argue that barack obama didn't have a birth certificate. he is now listening to someone talk about his theory, not only were there 3 million, the number
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that hillary clinton won by, but they also all voted for hillary clinton. they all happened to vote for hillary clinton, all right? with country near the bottom in the western world for turnout. somehow just hillary clinton managed to get three million people to vote multiple times, but not in pennsylvania or michigan, right? >> why does -- all i ask is this. one thing here, do you have an answer to this. >> yes, your honor, may i approach the bench? >> no, no, let's go back. >> we are not talking about chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. he had a great first week. a great meeting with prime minister may. we're not focused on schumer or
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pelosi. >> it's a brilliant dodge ball. >> he can't let things go, i was having a conversation with. >> wendy: him about veterans ho hospitals and things, and he veered off into a story about a golfer who had two gautmalians. >> there are people from everywhere becoming american. there beautiful ceremonies. >> i think he didn't like the specificity. >> one more person, you, joy, my friend, what is your honest deep down water tortured theory of why he won't get off numbers and size. it started with the little
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hands, and all of these size matters things. it's weird. i think it is marketing. i think he has to say the best ever. the best grades, the best school, the best everything. i think it is marketing, but he could not do business this way because he could not do specificatio specifications, costs or anything like this. >> he has not been a builder building for a long time. >> you know the difference -- i'll give them something. i'll split the difference. you give him nothing. >> according to him he doesn't need anything, he has it all, right? my theory is having interviewed multiple biographies is he coming from a deep since of inferiority. he was not given respect, he was not given respect by the obapal
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beach rich. i think she envious of barack obama. he feels once he became president he would enjoy the great reverence that people would essentially bow down to the donald, and he is enraged. >> joy, do it. >> i will say it on tv she an obsessive tv watcher. all he does watch tv and tweeter and he doesn't care about voter fraud, two of his kids, he has multiple people in his personal circle registered in more than one state. this is about personal senses of inferiority. it is bizarre. >> you know, let me say -- after teresa may. >> i have heard the theory of
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the inferiority. that is what drives you to run for president. some sense of need. normal people are like -- >> but driven by a sense of need. why do people spend years writing books, to prove something. psycho babble doesn't get anywhere with me. >> hamilton said vein is the highest ambition of the noblest minds. >> no no. >> they immediately tried to put people at ease. he went to diner with katherine cram and others. he said i may be to your right, but i'm not crazy. >> and chris, can i just say, it's not psycsigpsycho babble te can't let it go, he just can't
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drop it. >> history of this, 1,000 people so-called psychiatrists, with a sheep skin on their wall said that barry goldwater was psycho. >> two liberals, joy, name me one liberal you agree with that you think has an inferiority complex. >> a complex? >> i'm having talking to his biographe biographers. i think we can agree on this. there is a grace that typically incoming presidents have. george w. bush came in on the worst circumstances. there is a grace they normally have in is an obsess i have -- >> give me a nonpartisan list of
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it goes from ronald reagan to the coverage of the 2016 presidency election. here is a sample. >> nbc nightly news with tom brokaw. >> good evening, live from the berlin wall on the most historic night in the wall's history. what you see behind sme a celebrate of the new policy that now, for the first time since it was erected, people will be able to move through freely. >> tom brokaw at nbc news. airs at 9:00 eastern on this sunday night. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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trump watch. friday january 27th, 2017. first week of presidency and a strange week in history. a president that seeks to cloud over the notion of objective
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truth. there is not a single truth, but simply an argument over what it is. there is trump's truth, and the truth of others. in this new word of trump, there is no objective facts. the natural born americans pim their side. trump somehow grabbed the presidency under an assumed identity. remember what trump said about obama, no one knew him in school. with the trump truth, three to five million people in this country voted here illegally. if you like trump, accept his truth, if you don't, accept the claim of three to five million people that snuck in and voted under assumed names it must be because you don't like trump. it's all who you believe. that is what he said. to make sure that no one to
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judge which side is objectively true, trump dumps on the media as dishonest. it's an endless argument about what trump said is true or not. just a third of his people say it is true. that is "hardball" for now. thank you for being with us. coming up, "your business" with j.j. ramberg.
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