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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 28, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> you kind of feel for him and for others. because you realize that the president has so much power and just the stroke of a pen -- >> he's speaking again, let's listen. >> nobody come as he likes. just be patient. and we'll be with you. and when i get out, honestly i surprised. all those people waiting for me, and they support me. they don't know me. they never meet me. they leave everything and they come to support me. and i'm thankful, really i appreciate it. >> can you clarify you were traveling with your family, they were on another flight, were they detained as well? >> same flight. i have the tickets. my wife, we leave to istanbul from istanbul to here together. but here in the airport we separate. they took me to a room and i didn't see my family from yesterday. >> your family was held as well but in a another room? >> those people take care of my family. >> your family was also detained. >> his family was released and
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has left safely. he was detained throughout the night and throughout today. and that goes to demonstrate the a arb trariness of this policy. they are waiting on something from washington. that does not seem to be right when all of these people are being detained. >> i want to stress that we came here to support a number of people who were being in your opinion, unlawfully detained. we are very gratified he's been released but there are still 11 other people, one of whom is represented by legal counsel. and people will stay here until they are released because they're being unlawfully detained under very unclear authority. >> did they tell you why he was released? >> no. no, they did not tell us that. >> did they decide why they decided to release him. >> no. >> he's tired. so he is not going to take no
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more questions. >> thank you so much. >> and that is certainly fair enough. let's reset this here at the top of the hour. it's 1:00 here on the east coast. we've been taking these live shots from new york's jfk airport where today we learned that 12 people were originally detained on the immigration ban. the order specifically targeted countries -- citizens of seven countries. and iraq being one of them and the man you just saw speaking there. he was held since 6:00 yesterday evening. but he worked for the american armed forces for years. and so attorneys immediately flocked there to jfk airport screaming for him and some of the others who have been held, listen, you know what? he worked for this country, essentially. and now, you know, everything was in order. midflight and then he lands and he's separated from his family. obviously he is one of 12 that's
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been released. and so let's talk about this a little bit. we have republican strategist and the executive director of the new york state democratic party and a former senate aid to hillary clinton. we were talking about the fact that he still says he loves this country. he's not bitter. and this is man who, obviously, could have stepped to that mike and exploded, frankly. >> right. i was sayicing in his comments said i'm just a normal person and the person is the president of the united states. you feel for that because you realize with the stroke of a pen, how people's lives can change. so in this policy, and other things like the affordable ca act, all those 14 executive orders tt the new president has signed in the last week, we wondered, then, how the bureaucracy will change. how this actually affects normal people's lives. it's not just a ceremony and a stroke of a pen. this is real -- >> real families here. >> noel, can republicans support this crackdown?
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is there a risk here that trump will go too far and turn off members of his own party? >> well, you know, you've got to look back that the republican party, you know, they really disliked the majority of republicans, really, disliked obama and a lot of the executive orders and a lot of the things he had passed. they had to learn how to swim with obama for eight years. now you're looking at things on the -- you have to put the shoe on the other foot so to speak. it's very clear that a lot of the democrats, a lot of the left really do not like donald trump. and they're learning how to get along and how to swim with donald trump right now. and everything that donald trump is doing, is going to be micro -- under a microscope and it's going to be looked at. this is one case where a lovely man, a lovely guy, you know, was detained as a result of something that donald trump's executive order. this is point in case, one
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person. and now the media is going to zero in on this and say how horrible donald trump is being and ho insensitive. this guy, as you'll see loves america. and loves president trump. >> and i think a key point -- i brought this up earlier. the people got on the plane before these executive orders were issued. it would be different, if it was paused. you had people in the middle of the air with their families. >> that's absolutely right. there are people in other countries currently that had plans, that are sort of up in the air now. sort of to noel's earlier point. i do think that yes, democrats are going to have to learn how to engage in a donald trump administration. >> how do you do that? >> well, i say two things, number one you can be against a lot of what he's done, if you feel that it unfairly goes after
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your constituents if you're in a legislative body. fight without be obstructionist. that's important. it's not enough to be anti-trump. you have to actually proactively put policies in place that we believe are going to work. unlike what they have done with the affordable care act, repeal, replace, but don't have a replacement in -- ready to go. i think that's one strategy. the other strategy, honestly, is just work ing with communities like this on the ground. you see two members of congressman from new york to members from very diverse districts. we're going to have to learn from our constituents and be fighting for them and be on the ground fighting for them as you saw them do there. that's the signal that we'll give to, say, you know what, we are more inclusive and the democrats do have a way to push back and do so -- that's about good policy and not just politics. >> noel, do you want to speak to that?
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listen, i will still hold out the belief that the majority of people are good people, right? we all love this country and we all want the same things. you could argue on the mitt newsca -- execution. what about what he just said? we're not saying no, we don't like you we're not going to talk to you. there has to be room for a conversation here. >> well, and i have a lot of respect for him. he and i have been on, you know, shows on other networks before and had very balanced and good arguments. but i've got to tell you, he does make a good point there. and i think that, you know, democrats are going to have to learn how to obstruct but do so in a thoughtful, meaningful manner to where they can appeal to their side and also get good work done. i mean, you can see point in case, elizabeth warren, you can see nancy pelosi made an appeal for the obamare replacement and repeal. so you've got to learn how to kind of work with his administration. let me tell you, donald trump is not all together, you know, this
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horrible leader. look what he did the first week. he had the -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt you i have to go to anne thompson and then we'll talk. good day to you. >> hi, we just wrapped up a press conference here with one of the 12 people who had been detained as a result of president trump's order. he was just released. he came here from irbil, iraq, he went from irbil to istanbul to jfk. at 6:00 he landed last night. he had a valid visa. his wife had a valid visa. so did their three children. his wife and three children were allowed into this country. hameed was detained. he just was released. there's a lot of confusion going on today about exactly what this executive order means and who can come in and who cannot. there are 11 other people we are told by congressman jerry nadler
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who are being held at jfk. and they're trying to sort their situations out. but as the congressman said, it's saturday. there's a lot of miscommunication or lack of communication with the department of homeland security. and all the noise you hear behind me are some protesters who are here to protest the executive order that the president signedyesterday. back to you. >> anne, we don't want to blow this out of proportion. here we are, another saturday where we come in and say we know some things are planned and these stories are taking lives of their own. can you put the crowd into perspective? it looks like a good number of protesters, can you give me perspective here as to what you're seeing on the ground? >> there are probably, i would say 25 protesters here. >> okay. >> there was a tweet that went out this morning as soon as there was word of people being detained here at jfk. and they were told to gather at
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11:00 a.m. they got here a little later, i'd say around 12:30. but they are here. as you can hear, they are very vocal. and i apologize, i have managed to disconnect myself, forgive me a second. i'll put it back in here. but it is a small but very vocal group. >> small but vocal. that's what i was wondering. can you stick with us for a few seconds? for people that were just tuning in, obviously, this is turning into a bigger story. i want to play a clip from hameed who was just released from detention. let's take a listen. >> i want to thank the people that take care of me and they support me and they leave their family,ir buses and come to support me. this is a humanity. this is the soul of america. this is what pushed me to move, leave me country and come here. and i'm very, very thankful to all the people who come to support me.
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thank you very much. >> anne i think a lot of people are struck by his tone, he's frankly, gracious. >> he was. in fact, i asked him what he thinks of america. this is his very first trip to america. he said it's the land of the free. and he was very happy to be here. he was an interpreter for the u.s. military in iraq. and now he is here, one of his children who is here with him, apparently, has a liver ailment and they are seeking treatment for him here in this country. so this is a very important trip to him. on many different levels. >> this has turned into another busy saturday. thank you, anne. an interrupter for the u.s. military and the son has a liver ailment. meanwhile, also breaking this hour, president trump's telephone diplomacy. three calls made, two more to come. the first images of president trump on the phone with president putin. no word on the nature of the highly anticipated conversation. but in a moment, we'll have more
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on this and the president's other phone calls with foreign leaders with a live report from the white house. nbc's kasie hunt gathering information right now. we'll get to her in a few minutes. president trump did not mention the executive order on refugees in his first weekly address. posted shortly after 11:00 this morning. here's part of his remarks. >> here are just a few of the executive actions that i have taken in the last few days. in order to prepare for repealing and replacing obamacare. it's about time. the withdrawal from the transpacific partnership so that we can negotiate one-on-one deals that protect american workers. that would have been a disastrous deal for our workers. >> joining me now erin mcpike molly hooper, good day to both
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of you. >> good day. >> molly i'll start with you. is there a sense of who is pushing all these executive orders and directives? how much of this is president trump trying to fulfill campaign promises? and i say that -- let's look at this, this is a new quipoll, it suggests it may not be helping his approval ratings. 36%, 59% for president obama. >> when he came into office his approval ratings wen't muc higher. simply taking the action a undoing some of the orders that then president obama placed into effect, you know, that's one thing. but taking the action on the muslim ban, this will be interesting to see how it plays out over the next few days. it was -- i don't know if it's necessarily -- if it's unusually he wouldn't mention all of the executive orders in his address this morning. because he has signed so many. he's done so much. he's met with foreign leaders.
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he's signed executive orders. executive actions. he went and talked to the house and senate republicans. he doesn't stop. and so this is his first week on the job. it seems like he's accomplished more in one week than, you know, congress accomplished all last year. >> erin, if you're a fan, if you're a supporter, are you happy right now? >> well, look, i think when you mentioned his approval ratings and they're at 39%, that is from several days ago, even a week or so ago. we won't actually see what the true approval rating is for president trump given what he's done over the past week for another week or two. so, you know, i assume that his supporters are very happy with what he's doing. he has kept many of his campaign trail promises. the one thing i'd point out is he didn't seem to want to do this through executive orders because that's what he criticized president obama for doing. he seems to have learned that that's maybehe way you can get ings done much more quickly. because congress does take a good year, year and a half to
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actually push something through as we saw with obamacare in 2009 and early 2010. >> could i ask? this is the elephant here. we're looking at the live pictures from jfk international airport. you have 12 people who were detained. and then it's like, something out of a movie. the guy who ends up being detained was an interpreter for the u.s. military? his first time in the united states. he lands, he's separated from his family and one of his family members has a liver ailment which is why he was here in the first place? this is messy. >> it doesn't seem that unusual given the size of our bureaucracy. i figured that was one of the first things that popped into my mind when the announcement came that, you know, iraq would be included in these countries. i thought, well, but there's so many iraqis that have been working with the military. and, you know, they face some of these problems before. but this is going to take -- i think donald trump is after meeting with the house and senate republicans, he's kind of realizing things don't move as
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quickly up on capitol hill and in washington, d.c. as they do when you're actually the chairman of the board. and that's half the problem. because all of these little mistakes and glitches happen. and he can't just go, you're fired. >> erin, you want to weigh in there? >> there's obviously going to be a backlash to a lot of what he does. i think what we're seeing him do is take a very different approach, obviously, than president obama did in his first term. and i think there's going to be a lot of trial and error. he's going to make a lot of mistakes but he's going to move quickly and we'll see how he edits himself going forward. i think we'll see a lot of republican leaders in the house and senate weigh in, and say, okay we told you a religious test was a bad idea this is what's going to happen. >> go ahead and then i have to leave it there. >> not only that, we're going to see them weigh in by whether they take action up on capitol hill. you know, president trump is calling for all these things to happen. congress really edto weigh in and actually pass bills to make them stick.
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>> it's kind of going backwards a little bit whereas president obama tried to say you take it and run with it. president trump is saying this is what we're going to do and congress has to come in and back fill. he's getting a lot done. we'll see what happens within a year. >> buckle up, everybody. thank you for talking with me today. president trump's call with president putin, we're awaiting word on what was said. that's ahead, stay with us.
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diplomacy by phone at the white house. president trump today calling the leaders of japan and germany early this morning. within the last hour president trump took to vladmir putin. he's expected to put in a call at french president hollande and the prime minister of australia, michael turnbull this afternoon. an update out of the breaking news out of new york. an official word with one of the
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travellers with visa being detained has been released. congressman jerry nadler explained what happened just in the last hour. >> they got on board a plane before the executive order was issued. when they got off the plane they were detained. people here are acting pursuant to the guidance that they've gotten from washington, which apparently is not very clear guidance. and they've asked for further guidance from washington. and they're working, short staffed since it's saturday, to give them that guidance as to whether the president's executive order is to be held to supersede the visas. >> joining me now to talk about it is the former state department spokesperson and former white house senior director. let's dig in here. he keeps using the word guidance. what is the guidance? right now it seems kind of messy. >> that seems to be what's confusing people here in washington and the folk whose have to implement the policy at places like jfk and customs and
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border control. the real challenge in the rush to meet his campaign promises, president released these executive orders but did not coordinate with the agencies on how they're supposed to implement it. does that mean green card holders or people coming for visits? what about folks who are traveling for business? there's even stories of people who are on their way on planes who have been turned around. if this is all in the interest of preventing terrorism, i think we all have an interest in that. but it seems that in the rush to be politically correct and to meet campaign promises, we're actually being cruel and hurting several people who are trying to help the united states. today's example, perfect example, was this gentleman who was just released. he is one of many that the united states at the state department and military folks have been working for years to
10:23 am
let in what's called special immigrant visas. these are for interpreters, people who risked their lives in afghanistan and have to wait a lot longer than a businessman from china to try to come into the u.s. and start a new life. >> don't they realize -- there are people who got on airplanes before the executive orders were issued and that there was also an argument that a lot of these people, all of these people were already vetted. >> exactly. so this, again, several years long process to get a special immigrant visa. people from the countries that are targeted in the executive order have never really had an easy time since 9/11 to even get a visa to this country. the state department and our embassies in consulate officials -- these are non-political appointees. these are people whose job it is to do vetting have been diligent about the work that they've done. and it's a year long that people have been trying to get here. out of nowhere, there's a draft
10:24 am
that circulated for 24 hours and a final order was passed down without any coordination with ambassadors, everywhere from ambassadors down to the person who is sitting at the ticket window and having to answer questions from people. no one really knows what this means. so, you know, it seems like there are people who voted for donald trump who expected this to happen. and the president made a campaign promise he wanted to keep. but in the rush to do that, there has been zero logistic coordination. and it seems now we have mayhem at airports and key critical points, when, frankly, these officers should be ail to do their jobs effectively. >> congressman nadler, just spoke at a press conference not too long ago. he said this is religious discrimination. you're a practicing muslim, how are you feeling about what's going on today when you look at the pictures of the protests? i don't know if you were able to hear the protests. these people, the attorney, his
10:25 am
voice was quivering. people are so upset. >> well, i'm a natural born u.s. citizen from a suburb of new york city and have always been proud about my american heritage and the gift that living in america has given me and my family. that's what drove me to public service and the appreciation for diversity and freedom of religion and press. so it's concerning to see after having worked in our government to represent two places like the middle east and south asia, what the beauty of america is. to hear things coming from the white house about torture. about banning people based on religion. it's not the america that i think many of us have come to appreciate. and frankly, many of our men and women in the armed services have fought to defend. so i stand with my friends in the military who are also saying that this is not a fight for our freedoms and it's freedom for all and that these are the valued that make us american and
10:26 am
that make us proud to be a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. >> with that said, we realize that so many people, frankly maybe people watching right now, do share concerns about vetting. anpeople coming into this cotry. so can you talk about that? obviously, there are fears and problems with home-grown terrorism and what have you? is there a more effective way to keep the country secure? is it too difficult to do on a case by case basis, what are your thoughts? >> that's the irony of this. we're all standing strong against terrorism. finding a way to prevent radicalization in the united states and for radical elements to come here. but this executive order actually doesn't target the specific countries where we're seeing the challenges. for example, in iraq, the front line with our military support, the front line of this war are muslims. and you have in syria, people who are fleeing a brutal dictatorship and regime and they're fleeing for their lives. these are not necessarily terrorists we're talking about.
10:27 am
in fact, the country where 9/11 hijackers, 11 out of 13 of the hijackers were saudi citizens. saudi arabia is not on the list for banning. places in south asia, not on the list for the ban. why? we can only wonder that there are political and business interests that this administration has in those areas. it's targeting countries that, frankly, will cater to the fear of americans and not necessarily answer any of our foreign policy and counterterrorism challenges. >> thank you for your time and perspective today. >> good to be here. just a few minutes i'll speak with former ambassador mark ginsberg who served as white house middle east policy advisor. i'll talk to him about the impact the refugee ban will have on u.s. allies in the region. we'll be right back.
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live from msnbc world headquarters, it's shaping up to be a busy saturday.
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president trump is engaged in a full day of telephone diplomacy. president trump today calling the leaders of japan and germany earlier this morning. and within the last hour, mr. trump spoke to russian president vladmir putin. he's expected to put in a call to french president hollande at the top of the hour. and then prime minister of australia, malcolm turnbull later this afternoon. a new report that iran will ban u.s. citizens from its country after president trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from iraq and six other muslim majority countries. joining me now to talk about it is a spokesperson for attorney general candidate jeff sessions. good day to you. >> good afternoon. >> depending on where you live. i know you've seen the pictures, we're just learning frankly of some of the consequences of the temporary immigration ban as news released now of one of two iraqis detained at jfk airport. does this illustrate how
10:32 am
difficult the president's order will be to execute? obviously there is serious wrinkles here. >> i don't think this is very different than the order that barack obama had with a temporary ban on refugees coming in from iraq. that was a six month ban during his presidency. and we didn't see the same type of hysteria and outrage there we saw here. of course, this will take some time to coordinate with the agencies, to put out the actual details of how this will work. but i expect that we'll have that mostly in place by monday or tuesday of this week. >> sarah, really quickly -- i want to play a clip, it seems like from where i'm sitting, anytime i ask someone -- i say, you know, what do you think about this. and i mean it in peace. i come as a journalist. it seems like quite often the response is when president obama did it or when president so -- it's like, i'm not asking you to compare. i'm just saying what do you think. you have a guy who was an interpreter for the u.s. military, he's here for the first time in the united states. one of his relatives has a
10:33 am
problem with his liver. and this happened. all i'm saying, listen people are not able to talk to their attorneys. this guy was there since 6:00 last night. we can acknowledge the world wrinkle is fair. >> i absolutely agree with you. i think the comparison, though, is the response. the exact same thing happened under president obama and we didn't see the media and the democrats using this as their latest outrage gong whenever president trump has done something. we had an interpreter in iraq that was assassinated during the temporary ban that president trump put into place. the media calling it a muslim ban is part of this outrage gong they keep hitting every single day this past week. there are seven countries on the list. none are the top three muslim populations in the world, that's indonesia pakistan and india. those aren't on the list. if this were a muslim ban you would look at countries that had the largest muslim populations. these are countries that are in
10:34 am
war torn situations. the la times reported that the federal government is having to go back through immigrants who have been vetted improperly. one of whom had isis connection. >> a lot of the people were on airplanes before the executive orders were issued. you're saying that's because we're not sure about some of them and that's why, you know, people were caught midair, if you will? >> i'm saying our vetting process that we were told was so strict and so impressive, it turns out the process might have been. but in practice, it was not being followed. and so the attachments on some of these files weren't even looked at until the last several months. those people who had already been let in, those attachments have concerning things. one person failed a polygraph test with the united states military. it wasn't noticed during the vetting process. should have been. one person had been talking to isis leaders, it was in the file.
10:35 am
they're having -- i think 10% had serious problems. we have people in our country we have to go back through and look at. in the meantime, there's a temporary ban on refugees coming in from those countries. again, this is something that was done during the last presidency and the media didn't treat it in this same, you know, the sky is falling way, that every single day of this presidency for the last eight days has been treated as. >> well, i think -- i don't want to go into the whole tit for tat. it seems like the media is not the story. i don't want to get into that. i want you to listen to what a terrorism experts told us joy reid later. let's go to this, they asked him what he thinks about president trump, take a listen to this. >> i like him. but i don't know. this is a policy i don't know. he's a president. i'm a normal person. honestly i surprised all those people waiting for me. they don't know me. never meet me.
10:36 am
i want to thank the people that take care of me and they support me. they leave their family, their business and come to support me. this is a humanity. this is the soul of the america. nis this is what pushed me to move, leave my country to come here. i'm very, very thankful to all the people who come to support me. thank you very much. >> sarah, he was gracio. i mean, you know, he said he has nothing against trump. he understands. what's your response? >> there are millions of people around the world who want to come to this country. all of them have heart felt wonderful stories of the promise that america has to the world. i have immigrants in my family. my grandparents are irish. i have russian jews on my father side. my in-laws are mexican. this country was the beacon of promise for so many. that's true for millions of people in the world right now. now we're talking about how to prioritize among those millions of people who are trying to come
10:37 am
here. that's something that every administration has to grapple with. this one has as well. while trying to keep those people who are already here safe. that is the priority of every u.s. president, to keep all americans safe as well. when you're grappling with that and you have vetting processes that aren't working they're having to go back through, he sounds like a wonderful person. i hope that this all works out for everyone who is trying to get here. at this point, when you have so many people trying to get into this country, we've got to have a system. >> i respect having you on, sometimes i watch tv and i say where is the balance. you are our balance this afternoon. for people who are screaming at the tv because they feel like it's unfair and the families are being, you know, separated unfairly. what would you say -- i'll just tell you this. not president obama did this or democrats did this. or, you know -- i think sometimes when we try to have these conversations, there's anger there. it seems kind of bitter and people aren't listening. so i come in peace when i ask you, what do you want people to know? people are frankly right now
10:38 am
afraid or upset, what would you say some. >> that a lot of that fear and hysteria is coming from people who aren't telling them the truth and aren't showing them all the facts. yes, today there is some disruption in the system. that's what happened when there's change. not to use this and not to hear this hysteria as something that's never happened before and not to let that soak in. to go find the facts. and the facts are that temporary bans are not unusua i ts country. and president obama -- >> i thought that was going to be our thing. >> i was going to talk about christians from syria were by and large put at the back of the list for the last eight years. and so again, you're looking at millions of people trying to get in this country from around the world and trying to find a way to come up with that. the people who are stuck at the airport right now, that sounds like a pretty serious disruption and one that will need to be dealt with.
10:39 am
nobody is ignoring those people. give it a few hours, give it a day. we're not going to leave people like tom hanks in terminal, you know? >> thank you for talking with me. happy saturday. still ahead, a published report that claims white house leaks are happening at a high rate in the trump white house. at planters, we put fresh roasted flavor into every can, which has its drawbacks. guys, know anything about this missing inventory? wasn't me! the chee don't lie, chet... irresistibly planters.
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we are keeping an eye on the white house where president trump has made three separate calls to world leaders. the latest one, president trump spoke with russian president putin as the president spoke, vice president mike pence looked on as did some of the president's other top aides. joining me now former u.s. ambassador to morocco, he's also a former white house middle east policy advisor. thank you for joining me this afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> let me just start with the macro question here. you're seeing all these things develop. everything going on at jfk airport. i'm sure you heard the back and forth i had. what's your perspective, what's
10:43 am
your take on what's going on today? >> the unfortunate thing is that between the executive order and the actual implementation, there's this big gap in trying to resolve these differences that have to be resolved. as you heard it's going to take another day or two for the bureaucracy to catch up with the executive order. people who are, obviously, caught before leaving -- before the -- flying before the executive order was issued, i suspect given the bureaucracy and the challenges the border police have trying to understand the executive order's implementation, it's a matter of more hours. i've seen this happen before. >> i was trying to be fair and balanced there. because i -- >> you were. >> there are a lot of people who, you know, we all want to be safe. i have three little ones here in new york city. you know, we all -- safety is a top priority. we also recognize that people have to be treated fairly. where is the balance here? what's your response to some of the things that she had to say?
10:44 am
>> well, indeed, this is not a total muslim ban. indeed, as i was parceling out the countries that were designated by the president, after all, almost every one of these countries except for iran, are hotbeds of islamic or al qaeda activity. yemen, sudan, somalia, libya, syria. so there is -- for those of us who work in the middle east and are combatting isis ideology and doing a great deal on social media, there's a certain validity to trying to engage in what the president is called extreme vetting. the challenge with this is that for those of us who have worked as ambassadors and understand the entire visa process, that the greatest challenge that we face here in the united states is most of our home-grown fear over muslims is generated as a result of home-grown lone wolves who are radicalized online. if the president and his administration really wanted to tackle this holestically, he
10:45 am
would also be targeting silicon valley by which of the last 15 terrorists who committed te terrorism were radicalized by videos being seen on youtube. at the same time, if i may add, many of these who have been trained abroad have gone to fight for isis. are americans who went abroad. we have to identify tho pple who have fled the islamic state and who now may be trying to make it back to the united states. >> i want to ask you before i lose you about this -- we're calling this the telephone diplomacy day, obviously, president trump talking to world leaders. we've been talking a lot today about the fact he's talking with vladmir putin. do you have any concerns that he could roll back these sanction? >> i know that may be his default position. but it's clear that once secretary tillerson and mattis and having heard from prime minister may and on the phone call with angela merkel, there's no reason from the strategic
10:46 am
perspective of the president to give mr. putin a free pass on sanctions right now. particularly as well as he needs the support of congress to prevent him from having congress engage in rebellion. let's see what the relationship actually produces for the united states. mr. putin needs far more from the united states than what the united states needs from mr. putin. if, indeed, there is going to be collaboration on fighting the islamic state, let's chalk that up to a success. if there's a reduction of tensions, let's chalk that up to success. if mr. putin is going to abide by the kiev agreements governing the future of the ukraine that will be a big one the president of the united states will be proud of as well as continuing support of nato. there's the art of the deal we'll see evolve. >> i should mention, i said you were a former white house middle east policy advisor for clinton, right? you've been in the thick of this before. in this moment with everything we've seen in the first days of
10:47 am
his presidency, what's your biggest concern? >> well, i think the fact that the president doesn't have his full team on board and in many of the decisions that are being made, it's going to be best to have, for example, the secretary of state sitting by his side to be able to provide him the type of counsel and advice he needs. number two, there's a certain amount of concern i have that those americans who are really fearfuabt the threat to the united states from either mexico or terrorism, think we need to lower the decibel level. there will be indeed these policy and pronouncements, but in the final analysis the pracicalities of the solutions don't follow from the campaign promises. and so between these campaign promises and what are practicalclusipractical solutions he'll have to find his way. >> thank you for talking with me on this saturday. >> good to be with you. >> leaks coming from within the white house that allegedly make the president look like a child. i'll talk to a former white
10:48 am
house insider about that. and next hour, the fight against the dakota access pipeline. why native american leaders there are telling protesters to stay away. what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before.
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president trump is engaged in a full day oftelephone diplomacy. the latest call was with rugs president vladimir putin in the last hour. we'll have details, ahead. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra. you've just gone from invisible to invincible. step two: before your meeting, choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly so you can prepare to win at business. book now at
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now to a report from "the washington post" that says, quote, time and time again, the imagech trump pushed by his aides is one of a clueless child from one who acts on impulse, disregarding the better advice of people who know better. let's bring in scott jennings, a former white house director of political affairs under president george w. bush. thanks for talking to me.
10:55 am
>> good to see you. >> first of all, the phrase "clueless child" it's brutal. what's going on with the leaks is that fair in your opinion? >> i think all white houses leak to some degree. some people leak for a reason. some people leak to hear this talk and make themselves feel important. my advice, if you're working in the white house and you're in the latter category, stop, because it's not helping the office of president. it's not helping the president's agenda. there's a strategy out there to use leaking to move along the present agenda we're not in a campaign anymore. people need to realize if you're leaking there needs to be a purpose behind it. if you're leaking to make yourself feel better of what you're doing, you may want to rethink it. >> with the leaks here, i think what we're talking about, you can give us perspective, is this morning we should expect one week into a new administration? >> i don't know how you measure the leaks. all are different.
10:56 am
the media landscape is different today today than 16 years ago. i will say there is a strategy out there to use leaks to push along the president's agenda. that goes to any white house, republicans or democrats so they do have their place in the world. i will also say this, if you've taken a job and you feel like you need to pick up a reporter to make yourself feel better, that's not good. it's not good for the office of president and the president's agenda. you gist in that white house to serve the people, to serve the constitution and press the president's agenda. not to undermine the president's agenda. i would advise folks if you're not part of any greater strategy to push along the agenda, you probably should stop. >> 30 seconds, when did you ever leak? i don't know if you'll tell us that and how do you get somebody to respond to it? do you get in trouble? >> if you're not part of any internal strategy to leak information about the president's agenda you could possibly be in trouble.
10:57 am
that's the thing. g in the white house requires a lot of discretion, a lot of trust and a lot of loyalty. if you break any of those three thing you could be in trouble unless part of a lanner strategy. i will say one thing, the white house and trump campaign has been running circles around the press in the last 18 months. maybe there is a strategy here. >> running circles around us, huh? scott jennings, thanks for your time. >> that wraps up this hour of live coverage. my colleague ayman mohyeldin will bring us live coverage. i'm sheinelle jones, have a good day. "got no fear" by power solo
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introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be... everywhere. good saturday morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin at msnbc world headquarters. we begin with breaking news this afternoon. president trump's executive orders temporarily restricting entry into the united states from several predominantly muslim


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