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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 26, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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good evening, i am chris matthew in washington. president trump already made it clear that he will fight anything or anyone and friends and foes or facts. >> his interview last night shows a new gung-ho president ready to defend his presidency and his campaign with his own party's agenda. >> he does not care about the backlash that it may promote in the muslim world. >> are you concern that it will cause for anger? >> there is plenty of anger right now, how can you have more? >> you don't think it will create more problems? >> i know you are a sophisticated guy, the world is
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a mess. the world is as angry as it gets. the world is an angry place. >> trump refused to say he will take water boarding off the table saying this country needs to fight fire with fire. he also double down for a call of investigation to backup his charts. it is a move that many sees as an attempt to reargue of the outcome of the election of 2016. here is what he said last night. >> do you think talking about millions of illegal votes is dangerous to this country? >> not at all because many people feel the same way. >> you don't think it underminds it? >> no, they did not come to me. a number of people close to trump registered in two states.
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>> steve bannon and in addition to trump's in-law, jared kushner. it came after trump this morning zr issued this ultimatum. tonight we are seeing an emerging battle of trump's agenda and the republicans push of cutting entitlement and medicare and giving businesses tax cuts. there is a battle of trump himself. >> and the 2017 popular vote. we'll get to that tonight. it comes as republicans gather today in philadelphia to discuss the path forward. there to cover it is nbc's kasie hunt. >> and the 2017 popular vote. we'll get to that tonight. it comes as republicans gather today in philadelphia to discuss the path forward. there to cover it is nbc's kasie hunt.
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>> i think the republicans in the house got used to have their own plan because they did not have their president and now they have a president coming in the door with his plans. >> reporter: the problem is, republicans have no idea day-to-day what donald trump plans is until he tweets about it or his spokesperson says something about it. they may think they are on the same page but they are constantly surprised. take what happens with today of how this wall in mexico is going to be paid for. sean spicer made comments about how this is going to be a 20% tax on import of mexico and there is cheering from paul ryan's office thinking this is them embracing a key part of paul ryan's plan and only he took it back later. that's why it is so uncomfortable asking them and
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trying to answer questions over the course of his agenda. trump is talking about a lot of things they don't want to be talking about at all. they don't want to reopen an investigation into voter fraud. >> is there a bigger problem? for example, not just the crazy stuff of crowd size. the republican regulators and people in congress, do they have a plan? did they go along with big spending on infrastructure. just those issues alone, it is going to cause a lot of clashes. >> yes, a lot of donald trump's populist agenda contrast directly of what conservatives -- these guys are fiscal conservatives and they are big on bordered security but
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they don't want to alienate hispanics because they believe in the long-term, that's the future of the party. there is a major personality clash going on here, too. >> mcconnell and ryan are people referred to each other by their titles and they wear ties to work everyday and donald trump, i guess he wears a tie to work everyday as well. he refers to people by their first name. he's calling his colleague, secretary wilbur. the way these people interact it is like oil and water sometimes. >> sounds like mr. ed. >> thank you casey hunt. >> mitch mcconnell spoke out against water boarding after trump reopens that debate on torture.
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>> i believe virtually all of my members are comfortable on the state of the law on that issue now. >> and tortures are illegal and tortures are not legal. we agree with it not being legal. >> during the campaign, many of donald trump supporters and his advisers, they took many of their promises seriously but not literally. now, the first week of the white house, president trump is showing some of them indeed meant literally. putting it at odds not with the critics with with their own party. >> i am joining here with haley barber and i know you are an expert and i know you know all of this stuff. trump is trump. he wants a border wall and dealing with infrastructure.
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republicans -- they are hesitant to spend money. tell me how these two guys get together. republican regulators and trump. >> the media want to focus on all the knick-knacks and lets talk about whether there is anything close. i am comfortable with security. we needed a secure border of the nation wood. but a wall is not the best way to get it through a variety of technology ought to be used and boots on the grounds to drones and helicopters. there maybe a few places where a wall is a best thing but i think this goes through, we'll get the border security that people wanted and voted for and thought they'll get back in 1986 as you remember.
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>> it was -- the first thing we promised the american people in 1986 was a secured border and no administration or democrats or republicans have produced and trump is determined to produce it. >> when he talks in term of a wall is a a metaphor. i believe that's not the most effective way. >> we need borders. again, that's not the thing that donald trump got elected because of -- of republicans in philadelphia want to help him is to grow the economy. >> you know -- jobs and better paying jobs and whether it is infrastructure or tax reforms that brings home trillions o dollars and assets stranded over seas so ey can be put to work here. he gives little attention to the media unfortunately. >> let me tell you this. the form of illegal immigration,
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we'll find a way to get here and the problem is, the white guys, the working class voted for trump and he was angry of illegal immigrations. why didn't the republicans and trump get together, we'll stop hiring the chief of labor across the border. is that part of the package and if so, why does trump never mentioned illegal hiring? >> i think you will see as we go through this congress, there will be efforts to do individual pieces of legislation, things that secure the border and things that make it much, much harder to hire somebody illegally and much, much easier and likely that the government can catch people that are doing
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that and they'll be punished. look, this is what's going to be worked through with this congress and i think successfully and the main thing is we need it to grow our economy. we cannot stand eight more years of 2% economic growth. barack obama is the first president since hubert who never had a year of economic growth is 3% or more. after the last great per session -- the economy grew 4.5% in a year. think of where we'll be and think of where all the blue collar workers would be. >> let's talk about the next four years. donald trump did something that i really liked. >> i do watch the show, you know, i point out his greatness occasionally here. >> lets talk about infrastructure and the airports and the shabbiness and laguardia airport and the railroad system we have in this country compares
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to the railroad systems and airports all over the world and south africa and all over the world, it is all better than ours >> republicans are trusting to spend but they don't want to do it for fiscal reasons. we are not going to waste your money but we'll spend some money to get capitol investment. do you think paul ryan will go along with that with trump doing some spending or not? >> i do. >> first of all, we have to understand that there are a lot of hugely important infrastructure projects that can be privately financed or mostly privately financed. >> secondly -- >> where is the revenue >> if you are building a highway, how do you get the revenue? these are public investments. >> it is been talked around the last week or so that the trump people produced a list of 50
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intrastructure project worth of worth of -- three-fourth financed with no money. the world of public partnership is way ahead of us in europe and asia and we'll catch up. >> that's going to really, really help. >> also, we need to make it easier for companies like big insurance companies that choir required to carry and start putting those preserves as the obama administration. >> if this is not all about raising the gasoline tax, though i will note, chris, and 2014, the fuel tax was raised 45%. now, that fuel is all purchased by job raters. in order to increase the locks
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and the dams and control of the rivers, they were able to pay 45% fuel tax increase because they knew they're going to get infrastructure for it. this is part of our lodgistic advantage in the global marketplace. you will hear more and more of that. infrastructure that helps us move so we can compete in a world better than anybody else. >> thank you, governor and our political spokesperson, haley boubor. >> president trump predicted this congress will be the busiest ever. >> this congress is going to be the busiest we'll have in decade and maybe ever. >> think of that. now, we have to deliver. enough all talk and no action. we have to deliver. >> howard, i still see a conflict. republicans don't want to spend any money. >> i am sure they're sitting there and thinking of he's the one who's saying all talks. they are surrounded by these
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>> this congress is going to be the busiest we'll have in decade and maybe ever. >> think of that. now, we have to deliver. enough all talk and no action. we have to deliver. >> howard, i still see a conflict. republicans don't want to spend any money. >> i am sure they're sitting there and thinking of he's the one who's saying all talks. they are surrounded by these clouds of tweets in which donald trump is dealing with everything that haley boubor were talking ability. >> donald trump of his best line saying best in philadelphia was the thing that i do best is build things. >> great, build some things and
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pick on it. he's picking fights with mexico over who's going to visit who and on on a whole list of hot button and aside from the point of what haley said of the key thing which is growing the economy and growing jobs. >> here is the argument, would you rather cut spending and social security or medicare or start building stuff, what would they say? >> well, i think if you were able to convince them that the building stuff stuff thing was real and you are going to make the other part oit lean, i think you could sell that. >> but, that would take all the salesmanship that donald trump is allegedly famous for.
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>> don't waste it on all this other stuff. >> jim baker was able to keep ronald reagan on track. i think he deserves credit. he would always cut taxes and cut spending and building military. >> reagan stuck to his guns. >> the thing about donald trump, he knows he's able to make news on any topic. he knows that he can respond to anything that he sees on morning joes or sees at night on television or whatever. >> he has the power and he does it. >> if he can touch the wet paint, he's going to touch it. what he needs to do is focus on what i think and i went to all those rallies and even at the inauguration, i talked to supporters, why are you here and why are you here? you are here for donald trump and you did not hear sanctuary cities and voter fraud and you did not hear the wall. what you heard is regulatory republicans saying i think he can get jobs and build the
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economy. that's ultimately, that's the generous notion of what he was elected to do and he should go to that. that's what mitch mcconnell and paul ryan wanted him to do. >> we begin to smell the cement and earth moving. replace the smell of decay and construction. >> they want to see that. >> he said also, the pipelines for the gas, they're going to be fabricated in america, great, make them here. >> steelers, right? >> thank you, howard fineman. >> this is "hardball," where the action is. feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®
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tonight president trump raved about is executive orders this week. it is worth remembering of what trump said in 2012. trump tweeted, why is barack
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obama is constantly issuing orders that's a major threat to authorities. >> we'll be right back. trump's watch, on thursday, there is something strange in the neighborhood.
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1600 pennsylvania avenue here in washington. even for his most committed fans to believe. some examples, you look at a picture of the washington mall of january 2009 at the time of barack obama took office and with the same picture of president trump. his crowd was bigger, this is what our new president is thinking. his is bigger. the popular vote count, you see hillary clinton defeated trump by 3 million votes.
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>> three to five million illegally voted for hillary. >> what do you think of that? >> yeah, they went to the stations and used their names that they were not sure to vote at day. >> yeah, 3 to 5 millions did that. do you believe it? >> and there is 10,000 rapists running across the border, do you believe that? supposed he says the moon is made out of blue cheese, where would you stand that one? or talking about immigrations being rapests and did he say one of the illegal immigrants here in the country now is barack obama. the guy that he rode with to the capitol. before you answer, i want to remind you two statements, one from reagan and the other one is marx. don't be afraid to see what you see, i cannot think of better
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advise by the way, especially people who are afraid to go to the doctors. who are you going to believe? me or your own eyes. that's "hardball" right now. join me tomorrow at 7:00 eastern, see you then. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do?
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tonight on "all in." >> you have people registered in two states. >> a voter fraud investigation that began as a game of telephone with a professional golfer.
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>> why did he write the report? >> tonight, why the president abruptly canceled the kickoff of his voter fraud probe. and what we learned from his first big interview. >> this goes all the way down here. all the way down. i. plus, today's diplomatic meltdown with mexico. >> the american people will not pay for the wall. >> and a political firestorm after the white house floats a 20% tax hike to pay for the wall. then the resistance takes aim at executive orders. and new alarms from the military about the commander in chief's explicit endorsement of torture. >> do i feel it works? absolutely i feel it works. >> when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes. during his first week in office in speeches, tweets, and now his first interview president trump has shown himself to be a man cons


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