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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  January 26, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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has several leaders considering defying the president's orders. and this morning chelsea manning speaking out. she's now criticizing former president barack obama, calling him, quote, weak. i'll talk live with manning's attorney about this op-ed written by her client. good morning. i'm tamron hall coming to you live. air force i ready to take off with president trump, headed to philadelphia where he will address congressional republicans at his annual retreat. his address comes amid what politico calls deep divisions between the president and his own party on several major issues, leaving them reportedly scrambling to respond after some of his recent announcement. among them discussing his position on torture. during his first sit-down interview as president, here's what he said last night to abc's
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david muir. >> i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the high lest level of intelligence and i asked him the question does it work? does torture work? and the ann was yes, absolutely. i will say this. i will rely on pompeo and mattis and my group and if they don't want to do it, that's fine. if they do want to do, then i will work toward that end. i want to do everything within the bound of what you're allowed to do legally. but do i feel it works? absolutely i feel it works. >> in that same interview the president claims that mexico will in fact pay for the wall. the estimates of this wall between $8 b and $14 billion initially paid for with federal dollars. the president pressed on how he could make mexico repay that money. >> we will be in a form
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reimbursed by mexico. >> so they'll pay us back? >> absolutely, 100%. >> so the americans will pay for it first. >> we will be reimbursed by mexico. >> last night the mexican government has reiterated he will not pay for the wall and considering cancelling his trip to the white house on tuesday. kristen welker, what are the goals for the president heading into this retreat on republicans who reportedly are not quite clear how to follow his leadership? >> reporter: part of the goal of this retreat, coameron, is a bridge building retreat. he wants to strengthen ties with gop lawmakers. as you point out, there are a number of different areas where they have disagreement or they don't see eye to eye.
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i was told one of the key issues he's going to be focused on is this issue of voter fraud. he's going to try to explain to them why he continues to reiterate this charge of voter fraud, which is not founded and which members of his own party have said, hey, look, start saying that, it's undercutting your own message and your own agenda and your own electoral victory. this comes amid all of these questions about some of those who are close to him actually being registered in two states, including his daughter, tiffany trump, who is registered in new york and pennsylvania. senior adviser and senior counselor kellyanne conway said it's actually not true. she challenged msnbc's reporting. >> i talked last night with tiffany trump and she said it is flatly false she is registered in two states. i recall talking to tiffany all through the fall when she was trying to make sure she could reregister in new york to vote
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for her father and she was registered in pennsylvania, went through the process, said it was very byzantine and it took a long time but she is not registered in two states. >> if you look at the paperwork and look at the voter rules online, it shows see is in fact registered in philadelphia, which is where she went to college, and new york, which is where she currently lives. kellyanne conway says, hey, this proves donald trump's point that folks can be registered in two different states but matt lauer pushed back against that and said it also proves the other point, which is yan be registered in two states and not vote in two states. >> but that's not the heart of what the president of saying here, whether presidents could be registered in two separate states and the system catch that. he's alleging that the 2.5 to 3
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million people voted illegally. >> and of all of them, none of them he says voted for him. that seems like a very difficult fact to prove. we are told based on our conversations here with administration official, he could actually launch an investigation into this voter fraud as early as today. we'll see if that actually happens because i understand he's still working out who exactly would conduct this investigation. this is a hot button issue and one that continues to wrangle members of his own party. >> and if there is an investigation, there's a dollar figure associated. these investigations doesn't come free. >> we're talking about dollar figures, not only because of that investigation but because of the wall in mexico. it's sparking a war of words with mexico. members of congress were pressed on the wall, house speaker paul
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ryan saying congress wants to come up with the funds to build it. there's a big range, $4 billion to $14 billion. it's raising real questions about what is going to happen as president trump preems pares tot with the mexican president. the mexican president continues to insist he's not going to pay for the wall. and he says he's not sure he's going to visit now. donald trump tweeted out "the u.s. has a $60 billion trade deficit with mexico. it has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of nafta with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. some real questions about how this is going to impact the relationship and will be a big issue at the gop conference as well. >> let's bring in capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt.
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you've been doing excellent reporting on the confusion, and i think that is the word, between this president, the executive orders, and the rank and file. >> that's right, tamron. there is a lot of confusion. it's been an uncomfortable 24 hours as these republicans lawmakers have tried to grapple with the rapid fire pace of these executive orders and conversations about topics that in a lot of way they'd rather avoid like voter fraud and what you were just talking about with kristin there. this is not what they want for their agenda. they want to talk about repealing the president's health care law and about tax reform. it's left them insisting that they are on the sage page with president trump. take a look at how paul ryan, the house speaker, described that part of the conversation earlier today. >> we are on the same page with the white house and we are going to be hearing from the president today. we've been working with the administration on a daily basis to map out and plan a very bold and aggressive agenda to make
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good on our campaign promises and to fix these problems, to repeal and replace and repair our broken health care system, to reform our tax code, to clear out the regulatory underbrush so we can get reform going. we are on the same page as the administration. >> reporter: the problem is members of congress are not getting a heads up on the contents of these executive orders. the agenda of any given day is sometimes a surprise to them and they only learn about it the night before. the reality is there are some very real differences between where this conference stands, has been and where the president is now. there's a number of issues, the border wall, for example, they say they're going to pay for the border wall in a funding bill that will cost $12 to $15 billion and they won't say whether that will add to the deficit. that has been a real priority for house speaker ryan and majority leader mitch mcconne
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another one where the issue is even starker, the difference is even starker is torture. the president said he believes torture works and has a new executive order to take a look at the army field manual, which outlaws some of the techniques used after the iraq war by the cia and were eventually outlawed. look at how house speaker ryan and mcmcconnell addressed that today. >> i think the director of the cia has made it clear they're going to follow the law. >> and torture's illegal. torture is to the legal. and we agree with it not being legal. >> if that's them being on the same page with the president, i'm going to let you be the judge. it does not seem so. >> and this lab part of their discussion today but also going on to the issue of repeal and
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replace the affordable care act. you have the president vowing that something would be immediately put in place. he's used the term health care for everyone, some republicans have said access to health care providing a distinction. in addition to budget issues, kasie, are we expecting just a battle of wills here? what do you see playing out here? >> well, tamron, i think the driving thing right now is confusion on how they're going to replace the health care law. i think they're waiting on the administration to come out and say, hey, here's what we're going to do, they're waiting for tom price to get confirmed. when sean spaicer was asked abot this, he said they're going to meet with the president and it's
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going to depend a lot on tom price when he's confirmed. >> you have as well paul ryan on that proposed border wall, says that we're going to pay for it and front the money. john thune said congress would cooperate with trump on the voter fraud, even though senator thune does not believe there was any election fraud here. on these two front, who is more on the back of their heels? who is in jeopardy of i guess upsetting the constituents? the president or the lawmakers? >> i think that's what we're seeing play out here. there is a real tension of what is the republican party, who is driving the agenda of the republican party and a lot of lawmakers feel like they misunderstood their own
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electorate. they're as surprised as anybody that donald trump is now the president of the united states. they're trying to figure that out as they go along. part of why i'm describing the retreat as uncomfortable because senator john thune is getting a question and has to come up with a question on the fly because this was something just was tweeted or on the fly. this is a dynamic a lot of these lawmakers do not like and are uncomfortable. when president obama came in and he had democrats in the house and senate,hey were all on the same page, working together, democrats in congress with very excited to help him pass his priorities. that's just not necessarily the case here. it's not that they're instantly opposed to donald trump. there are a lot of ways where they do want to try and
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accomplish the same broad goals, but day to day it's just completely unchartered territory at this point in time. >> thank you very much. and politico is reporting that defense secretary james mattis and cia director mike pompeo were, quote, blindsided of reports of a draft executive order that would bring back the secret overseas facilities where the cia carried out interrogation of suspects until 2006. "the washington post" received a copy of the document reporting it was circulated among national security staff members for review on tuesday. it characterizes a 2016 law barring torture as, quote, a significant statutory barrier. white house officials are insisting they do not know where this document came from. hans nichols joins us live now. hans, what are you hearing from officials there?
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>> nbc news has learned both mattis and pompeo and the defense secretary are disclaiming any knowledge of this and that they had anything to do with drafting this document. in general here at the pentagon, officials are trying to figure out just what this new administration wants. we'll have a visit here tomorrow. president trump will be visiting, meeting with the joints chiefs. absent clear -- they're still waiting to see what the new political leadership wants. after that, they're reduced to relying on what trump says publicly. and what trump said is that mattis ultimately will have the final decision on torturtorture. we know mat tis not only thinks it's illegal but is against it. it presupposes more capture rates instead of kill rates.
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we here at the pentagon have had two, three briefings, talking about different strikes, whether they're up in the air, b 2s being flown all the way from missouri, these are kill operations. these are strikes. they're not bothering to find out whether or not these people have actionable intelligence. they're trying to get them before they flee out of their zones and potentially head to europe to cause damage there. we hear this over and over again. the battle in mosul, there's a couple of roads out of western mosul, they say people are fleeing there. those mean kill strikes. that's not even getting to the interrogation level. >> hans, thank you very much. >> coming up, deifying the president, mayors of saint riff cities say they will fight presidentrump's executive order threatening to pull billions of federal dollars. >> you have to smarten up and you have to toughen up because you can't let that happen. that's a war zone. >> i want to be clear, we're
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going to stay a sanctuary city. >> plus more on the protests against the president's stance on immigration. up next, i'll talk live with illinois congressman luis gutierrez. plus what phase is doing they say to fight so-called fake news, a new measure that could affect you when you log in. we'll be right back. that means you can take a universe of data - in your case literally - and turn it into medical discoveries, diagnostic breakthroughs... ...proof that black holes collapse into one singularity. i don't know what that is. but yes. innovation runs on supercomputers... ...and supercomputers run on intel. you are super smart. and super busy. ♪ ooh! ufo! false alarm, eyelash! everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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usa! >> massive protests in new york city and washington, d.c. yesterday, part of administrations nationwide after president trump signed two executive orders targeting immigration. the first to build that promised wall at the mexican border. the next to pull money from so-called sanctuary cities who shield undocumented immigrants. the mayors of some of the biggest sanctuary cities,
8:20 am
including new york city, boston, chicago and san francisco, are vowing to fight the order and remain a safe haven. >> i want to be clear, we're going to stay a sanctuary city. you are welcomed in chicago as you pursue the american dream. >> the stroke of a pen in washington does not change the people of new york city or our values. >> we will not be intimidated by the threat to federal funding. we have each other's backs and we have the constitution of the united states of america on our side. >> and we stand united that a safer city is a city that doesn't allow its residents to live in fear. >> joining me, congressman luis gutierrez. mayor rahm emanuel, your mayor in chicago, one of those taking a stand against this executive order. the president saying federal funding will be held up from these cities. what options do you or a maybe
8:21 am
from chicago or a sanctuary city have at this point? >> interesting, tamron, because he also tweeted -- he said chicago has devastating crime. well, you know, if you take away the funding from the federal government to the city of chicago because we maintain our sanctuary city policy, as we should in the city of chicago, guess where most of that funding goes to from the federal government? to the chicago police department in order to keep our streets safe. so i just wonder does he really know what he's talking about and what the true consequences are? look, in the city of chicago, he sees criminals, we see moms and dads. he sees criminals, we see people who today are police officers, who today are teachers and are doctors and are workers in our community under president obama's daca ordinance, which gave 750,000 undocumented young
8:22 am
people the act to work. that's who we see. we see people contributing to the fabric of our society and guess what, we will not be intimidated. i'm proud of mayor rahm emanuel, of mayor garcetti, of de blasio. but think about it, these are the cities in which he received 20% of the vote. so he gets to say to his constituency, right, look, i'm going to continue to divide and pit part of america against another part of america. it's very classic, pitting one community against another. >> it's one thing, though, to battle candidate trump. now he is the president. he's signed these executive orders with the threat of removing federal funding. again going back to the question what are the options available to you as members of congress? we know comprehensive immigration reform stalled as a result of republicans
8:23 am
eventually ran for president, mike senator marco rubio had to take a step back on the stance. you laid out the battle, how do you win the war? >> we win it in the courts because we still have a constitution of the united states of america. here's what i find amazing. that the republican party kept talking about the fact that president obama would issue these executive orders without going through the congress of the united states. i haven't seen a single action of the congress of the united states. it's been one executive order after another. these need to be approved by the congress of the united states. i assure you they will not pass through the senate of the united states of america. i know there are senators there ready to fight on our side and i believe a few on the republican side. look, tamron, we need to fight, right? so what are our options? our options is to go to court. number one, don't back down, right? don't let the bully get away with this. this is about a city of chicago
8:24 am
which wants to embrace. now, think about it. the money he would take away would go to the police. what does the police chief say in all of the command of the chicago police department of l.a. and all big cities? we do not want to be immigration officer. it causes a weakening between us and the community and it places the community that we are pledged to serve and protect in jeopardy. so how do we do this? we make our case. i'm making it here with you. you have lived in the city of chicago for ten years. i remember when i used to see you a lot more frequently i'll admit now that you're a national figure. you know the city of chicago is a city of neighborhoods. you cannot come and say that chicago has devastating problems and that you're going to send the feds in and then take away the money that funds the chicago police department. >> going back to what you were talking about, the tweet from the president where he referred to carnage in chicago, he says if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, 228
8:25 am
shootings in 2017 with 42 killings, up 24%, i will send in the feds. apparently he was watching another cable news network, according to some reports, but in reality, you know, you have the superintendent of the police department saying the statement is broad, he has no idea what he is talking about, referring to the president, but what we do know and to your point i've lived there. there are people who are greatly concerned with not only the department of justice coming back, revealing systemic problems within the chicago police department related to discrimination but the ongoing violence there. you might have some who say is it time for federal involvement if these numbers continue to rise, including just yesterday more violence? >> sure. >> tamron, it's a good point. that's not what the president said. what he did was condemn the city of chicago, right, and said it's worse than afghanistan, it's terrible there. here's what a president does, and a leader does, i believe.
8:26 am
each see as problem and he reaches out and he offers resources to solve the problem. i didn't read in that tweet where he was sending more funding for chicago police officers, for training, in order to make sure those police officers better and more effectively treat the community and in better, more effect of and humane and as you stated under the justice department investigation, the chicago police department has some work to do. so i didn't hear about those resources that he sending us. is he sending us more atf agents? he's going to send 10,000 more ice agents to do roundups of people but where are the atf t agents, where are the federal resources we could use in chicago? you know the city of chicago. it's a city of neighborhoods. the fact is that the vast
8:27 am
majority of the murders and the violence he refers to is happening in five neighborhoods. we need to treat this as a problem but how? i ask you and americans need to ask each other is a tweet going to solve a 16-year-old takes a gun and murders a 15-year-old over a pair of gym shoes? those are real problems that need real solutions but not to areas, pit those people that ral didn't work for them against people who did. i invite the president of the united states of america to come here and truly help us and let me just say this, i got to congress in 1993, okay, in '91 was i was in the chicago city council. we had 200 more. it was over 900 murders that year. we have seen this before in the city of chicago. we have fought back. how do we fight back?
8:28 am
we put more police on the street. when i got to congress, we passed the brady law, the assault weapons ban and put police on the street. we brought it down. we challenged it before. we invite president trump come and help us with the resources and help us rebuild the city of chicago. >> congressman, while you were speaking, the president headed to philadelphia for the gop retreat. we'll have more on that as well. thank you very much for your time. >> coming up, chelsea manning criticizing former president barack obama saying perhaps the approach of compromise was not the right way forward. we'll tell you more of what chelsea wrote in a new op-ed. also a response from president trump calling chelsea manning, quote, an ungrateful traitor after her op-ed. i'll talk next live with chelsea manning's attorney.
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british prime minister teresa may is just minutes from landing. she made it clear she's not afraid to challenge this u.s. president. >> i am not afraid to speak frankly to a president of the united states. i am able to do that because we have that special relationship. >> nbc's keir simmons has been on top of the latest developments here. first of all, why did she feel compelled to say she's not afraid to speak up. she's a world leader and what is the special relationship she refers to? >> she has to say that. when she hearse the president talk about the possibility that the u.s. may go back to waterboarding, may adopt torture again as a form of interrogation, british law does not allow that. the british can't be involved in that. there's a really close
8:33 am
relationship between british and american intelligence and if that happens and the president decides and is able to make that happen here, the british can't go along with it. the prime minister has no choice but to have a tough conversation to president trump about that and at the same time she desperately wants a close relationship. she wants kind of reagan-thatcher type relationship. that's what she means when she says "together we can lead the world again." it's tricky for her and what she has to try to pull off in the next two days. >> torture is also illegal here. she would be on the same page with key cabinet members. donald trump has called his election the brexit 2.0 or part two here. from trade, from the economy do they have a similar path here. >> well, they do in the sense that what the british prime minister is talking about is
8:34 am
putting britain first. what president trump is talking about is putting america first. they are kind of running together in those terms. in terms of trade, it's a similar issue again. she needs the u.s. to back her, to back her in trade talks. then she can go to europe and she can say, look, she can negotiate hard, she can say, look, we have washington's backing. you need to negotiate with us and help to us come up with a good deal through brexit. it's important for her to get a trade deal, to get the beginnings of a trade deal from this visit. >> obviously she is one of two very powerful female leaders, angela merkel as well. during the campaign, theresa may was asked about some of the things that donald trump said about women. she acknowledged some of the more offensive things he said on tape and other places.
8:35 am
>> what she says is what better way to answer that than to be the female leader of a major power coming to meet with him. so in a sense she is intimating she doesn't need to say anything. all she needs to do is be herself. she's a tough character. there are elements of the thatcher in her. she's maybe not as strong a performer as thatcher but also americans don't know her. she needs to get to know the american people and have them know her. so you just can't overestimate, overemphasize how important to the british this visit is and it is important to trump, too, because he gets to look like a statesman meeting word figures. >> and we saw the women's marches in the d.c. and around the world and in the u.k. >> up next, i'll talk live with chelsea manning's attorney about chelsea manning's op-ed directed
8:36 am
at former president barack obama.
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8:39 am
moments ago chelsea manning responded to president trump's criticism in an op-ed she wrote looking back on president obama and his legacy. chels ch manning penned in part the one simple lesson to draw from president obama's legacy, do not start off with a compromise. instead we need a progressive, unsympathetic leader.
8:40 am
just before leaving office, president obama commuted chelsea manning's sentence. >> this is not an article or op-ed slamming president obama. she starts off saying barack obama left behind hints of progressive legacy, unfortunately despite his faith in our system and positive track record over the last eight years there have been very few permanent accomplishments. he was met in her description by an united states precedented resistance from the other side. why was she inspired to write this op-ed now? >> well, i think we can ask chelsea why she was inspired to write it. the important thing is she wrote she was grateful to the president for giving her a chance. what we need to do now is focus on how we're going to keep our democracy in tact as this president moves forward. we have -- we have a republican
8:41 am
block that stopped president obama any time he tried to do anything for the last eight years and we have to at this point realize that they're going to continue on this same path and that's the path that we as americans have to resist. >> she wrote for eight years it did not matter how balanced president obama was, it did not matter how educated he was or how intelligence he was. nothing was ever good enough for his opponent. it's interesting that donald trump took to social media to call her a traitor. she also said he was calling president obama a weak leader. nowhere in this op-ed does it say that. it says even though he was carrying the the policies of the previous administration, they would ceasely criticize him for being too weak and too pathetic.
8:42 am
what do you make of donald trump jumping in this, making he's trying to come to the defense of president obama and misquoting her words in this op-ed? >> president trump misquotes everything. he appeared to have followed the lead of fox news this morning. he obviously didn't read the op-ed piece. we can't rely on anything he says so there's to reason to rely on this either. we have to stop focusing on president trump's tweets and fake news and figure out how we're going to get this democracy back on track because otherwise, we're going to lose it. and that's what concerns me the most. >> does this op-ed give us a glimpse of what chelsea manning plans to do once she's able to reestablish her life? in a sense what i read here is she's calling for resistance, which is what has been trending.
8:43 am
we saw this banner placed above yesterday on a crane "resistance." it sounds as if she's trying to pick up on the movement of compromise may be a dirty word as republicans try to use it against the president on a number of policies that he tried to implement over eight years. >> well, tamron, i don't -- i can't speak for chelsea. chelsea's quite capable of speaking for herself about what she's going to do when she gets out. i am grateful myself to the president for reducing her sentence. she served seven hard years already, far more than any whistleblower in american history. he did a great service to us by her disclosures and i can speak for myself that i will continue to resist and i hope every american will resist the path that is being taken, a path toward continuing reinstituting
8:44 am
torture, reinstituting black sites, stopping minorities from entering the united states, stopping immigration. this is frightening. this is not the united states that i want to see in the future. >> nancy, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, the nbc political team says trump is reshaping the gop in his image. what does that mean? what is this president's image? that's next in this morning's daily briefing in politics. ♪
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8:48 am
mark murray, what do you mean by changing? is that in front of the cameras or behind the scenes? >> i think it's a normal process where a president has so big of a power on his political party. i think is notable because right before the presidential results, so many republicans were angling on what the future of the republican party was going to look like after they thought they'd lose that presidential contest. you had republicans pushing for immigration reform, paul ryan introducing a compassionate conservatism with changes to entitlements like medicare but what we've ended up getting in these seven days is donald trump pursuing traditional republican policies but when you look at immigration on the border wall where there are republicans now who are kind of falling in line, there's sound from house speaker paul ryan that as someone who once supported comprehensive immigration refor, he's on with donald trump.
8:49 am
>> with torture you have speaker ryan saying clearly it is illegal, it is not the law and he does not support torture. so on something like that, for example, or if there is more funding needed to build this wall past the dollars that have already been allotted, who will lead the pack? congress or the president? >> and, tamron, i think that's still a fascinating question that still needs to be answered. you are right, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell were saying today we don't believe in tore cl -- torture is illegal. when we're talking about immigration, republicans who were insistent on deficit reduction and some. other things donald trump has said and the silence of, hey, let's brings feds into chicago to take care of the crime there, had that actually been said during the obama years and president obama said it, there would have been a huge uproar. in a lot of ways i do think the republican party is being made in donald trump's image but it isn't complete and there are
8:50 am
areas where republicans are fighting back. >> mark, greatly appreciate it. facebook is updating its trending section to stop the spread of fake spread of fake news. the company says it will stop pulling in trending topics emerging from just one news report. instead it will pull from topics from multiple news sources. they say the behalf will help stop the spread of fake news that hasn't been vetted by other news organizations. coming up, a small town divided by immigration and president trump's executive orders. an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy.
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xfinity, the future of awesome. welcome back. we're taking a look at how the president's executive ordersr having an impact already on the conversation people are having as it relates to immigration, especially areas who voted for president trump. hazelton, pennsylvania is one of those towns. it may actually be very similar
8:54 am
to where you live it it has thrived with the influx of immigrants over the years and it now has one of the largest latino populations in the region. nbc's ron mott is is on the ground there. you have been talking to people reacting to the executive actions which is still unclear how they will be implemented. but the conversation alone has sparked what you've seen as a divide there? >> reporter: yeah, a divide tamron. good morning. they have been talking about immigration in this community for a very long time. et cetera a on the front page again today. one wall, two viewpoints. we're about to get the lunch rush here at frankie's pizzeria. but i can tell you the demographics changed dramatically. they passed a series of resolutions in 2006 that later were found to be unconstitutional. this is a pizza place that has been here for a while. they two years ago have started
8:55 am
selling tacos and hispanic cuisine because of the population in this area. this is the manager here. her mom and her family has owned this business for a long time. is there tension in the air because there is an explosion of the latino population here? >> i think there is tension to the small minded group that live among us. usually what molk stations focus on when they come here is the bad rather than the good. i'm one of the families born and raised here. our businesses are here. we are open to all aspects of the community, latino, hispanic, mexican, american, you name it, we're open. >> were you a supporter of mr. trump in the election? >> i was, yes. >> do you support what he is doing with the executive orders on the border and the sanctuary cities? he wants to build a wall, he says? >> the building the wall part in my opinion, america is first. that's how i feel everything should be done. safety is an issue, safety is a concern. if the wall is going to keep the
8:56 am
citizens of america safe then mr. trump uncommunitily is in the seat to call that shot. will the wall help? i'm 50/50 on that. i think it's going the bring more hatred along with the people that feel it will do good. but at the end of the day he puts america first. that's what we need. >> i spoke with the mayor this town. he says he believe has the cultures here are starting to form one community. that was an issue that they felt was a real problem in 2006 when they passed those laws when they actually passed an ordinance that said english is the official language of this town. tamron back to you. >> ron, thank you very much. wreck. we'll be right back or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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9:00 am
with president trump scheduled for next tuesday. this after this executive order declaring that the wall, a border wall, will be built, and mexico, the president saying, would reimburse the federal dollars, the u.s. tax dollars spent to initially build that wall. so this meeting now scheduled for tuesday according to the twitter account of the president of mexico, has now been canceled. donald trump, president trump tweeting this morning that he was also considering or that the meeting should be canceled if certain parameters were not reached. i don't have his full tweet in front of me. forgive me, but what we have right now is the meeting scheduled between mexico's president and the new president of the united states now canceled as of at least right now. thank you for watching this hour. msnbc live. andrea mitchell is take over. our cover certainly includes this breaking news. >> indeed.


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