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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 21, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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you're looking at just a few of the gatherings in cities across the country and around the world today. hundreds of thousands rallying and marching to send a message to the trump administration. women's rights are human rights. hello everyone it's high noon in the east and 9:00 out west. i i'm kristen welker live in washington, d.c. we're doing joint anchoring today on what has become a monumental day of activity. i'm overlooking capitol hill right now. we have reporters from coast to coast, covering every angle of today's events. morgan radford in new york.
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stephanie, tell us what folks are telling you why did they come out and what's the mood like there? >> reporter: there are a lot of people out here right now. it's gotten very electric here. a series of speakers that have been firing up this crowd. i have to tell you, i've covered a lot of crowds before. i've been in a lot of places with a lot of people. i never experienced at the very least the density of this crowd. you cannot move around. they are shoulder to shoulder. it goes back block and blocks. you have van jones up there now. ashley judd gave a fiery feminist speech. the likes of which i don't know i've ever heard before. you had michael moore get up and talk to people. telling everyone to run for office. and you also had gloria steinem. this is what she had to say a little bit earlier today.
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>> i'm not trying to deny the danger that this day initiates. trump and his handlers have found a fox for every chicken coop in washington and a twitter finger must not become a trigger fing finger. >> reporter: you heard gloria steinem there invoke hillary clinton. it's interesting, there was a little bit of controversy about this march when it comes to hillary clinton. a few days ago march organizers had put out their list of principles and a list of women who inspired them for this march. hillary clinton's name was actually left off that list. it created a little bit of a stir. you obviously, have some mixed politics in a group this big.
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a lot of people that fall, maybe, on the bernie side of the liberal spectrum as opposed to the hillary side. there here together and trying to find that unity today. >> all right. stephanie gosk. that is something that will be debated for quite some time. we're going to discuss all of the fast moving developments. we have a number of people to do with us. sally quinn, katie packer who is a former campaign aide to romney. jennifer ruben, who is an opinion writer. and i want to welcome all of you, thank you so much for being here. sally, thank you. let me start with you. your reaction to this march today. these crowds who have come out in these stunning number? >> well, you know, when they first announced the march, it was kind of people were sort of saying, well, i don't know. what's the theme. what's the message. it didn't really -- it wasn't very cohesive to begin with.
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women are marching for what. is it for men or equality? and it became more cohesive as it got closer and closer. suddenly i found i had friends coming from not only new york and all over the country, but all over the world. so many people that i know -- i'm talking about women who are people in very high powered positions in every field around the country. all coming here and i think after donald trump's speech yesterday, i would suspect that there are a lot more women who are going to be marching today than might have marched -- might not have marched if he hadn't given the kind of speech that a lot of people thought was very divisive. >> what a fascinating point. we're looking at marchers in dallas right now. just to give you a sense of the enormity of this march in major cities all across the country. katie, let me toss it out to you and have you pick up on sally's
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point. do you think that more people came out because of the inaugural address we heard from president trump yesterday? >> trump could have done more to try to bring the country together. but i think that what a lot of conservatives don't quite get about this march is that, you know, nobody objected to bill clinton and to sort of the mistreatment of women during his administration and some of the things that have come out since his administration. there seems to be a glossing over by the liberal women's movement of all the mistreatment he shows towards women. for conservatives, even conservatives that don't necessarily support trump. they do feel there's this huge double standard when it comes to these women's groups. the other thing i think is a little bit confusing to many of us is pro-life women were not welcome at this march. it was made very clear unless
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you supported full pro-abortion agenda you were not welcome to participate in any of these issues that were supposedly pro-women. there's a lot of inconsistencies with the women that are marching today. >> jennifer, let me have you pick up there. katie brings up a fascinating point, which is that some women who are pro-life were effectively told they weren't invited. you would think there would be power in numbers. we were interviewing one of these women earlier, we have a lot of the same concerns about a trump administration the rest of the folks who are out marching today have. was that mistake do you think? should they be welcoming more people to the fold? >> it's been my argument for some time now that really, from left to center right, there is an enormous opportunity here for unity, for support for the rule of law. the constitution. equal rights. and i think the more people you have who can make alliances. maybe not on everything. but on a temporary basis, are
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very wise. i take issue with what katie said, i don't think it's helpful in a time of great urgency as we have now to play this sort of historical archeology. the press weren't fair to us when xyz happened. for many americans this is an all hands on deck movementment and i think those who were frightened were appalled who were horrified by donald trump's speech for whatever reason, should find their way as we're seeing across the country to express that and become active. rather than to curl up in a ball. and the extent to which prolife and prochoice women can agree, for example, on something as simple as donald trump not receiving foreign moneys, violation of the constitution, then, fine. make the alliance there. but i think in order to really keep this administration within the four corners of the law and within the main stream of american society it's going to take everyone. >> i want to bring in another
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guess who is an msnbc contributor. you have been speaking to latinos to get their reaction to what they heard yesterday from president trump and what you saw. tell us what you're hearing. >> with president trump, we have large numbers of women who are effective. i want to train the spotlight on latinas in particular. economic issues. latinas make $0.55 to the dollar. latinas are the largest number of uninsured. latinas are also the most in danger of the repeal of the executive order for being torn apart from their children. the trump administration affects millions of americans negatively. i think for latinos, these are very real, day-to-day issues that they are confronting. this is why we see so many latinas here in d.c. and across the country making their voice heard.
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for many of them, the voting booth is not an option. this is the only option they have. >> right now we're looking at live pictures of the women's march in chicago. sally, when you look at president trump's actual agenda, yesterday he signed a couple of executive orders, one aimed at healthcare. another one actually aimed at rolling back an obama provision that had given working class folks who wanted to buy a home a lower rate. and so that got some criticism. some people are saying, wait a minute, we thought you were going to be the president for everyone, particularly trying to bring jobs back and helping working class people get homes. and more opportunity. how does he effectively put his campaign promises into action? >> well, you also left out climate change. they're rolling back climate change, too, which is going to affect an enormous number of american people and their lives. here we are in the middle of january and we're sitting out here and it's not exactly
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tropical but it's warm. but i think the sad thing about it is it appears to me that it's the trump voters who are going to be the losers here. i mean, if you're talking about mortgages, these are the people who are struggling to pay for their mortgages and their houses. when you look at every single thing he has proposed to do to help the people who voted for him, middle class and lower middle class and working people, almost everything he's done is going exactly the opposite direction. whether it's about healthcare, whether it's about climate change, whether it's about the economy. i mean, on every level. i keep thinking these people are going to wake up at some point and say, oh, my god. this is not benefitting us at all. we're the ones who are going to suffer here. >> i want to get cakatie take. >> i live in texas.
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i see first hand, folks, texas has become a very red state. you see policies that go get the economic interests of folks and they keep voting in the same people. i don't think it's the pure economic interest that drives all voters. so they may not like exactly how it affects their pocketbook but they like how he speaks to them and the emotional connection that he forms with them. they may not get angry from his policies. >> they think there's an authenticity here. >> it's not necessarily good to get angry. what i'm saying they're the ones who are going to suffer the most. >> let me have you jump in here, katie, is that a fair criticism? >> i do think that during the campaign and even now to some degree that donald trump is a bit of a rorshach test. we saw members of the media demanding specific proposals from president trump and asking how he was actually going to execute. how was he going to build the
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wall. how was he going to repeal obamacare and replace it with something different. if you went to his website during the campaign, there was very little specific. and even now, i don't think we have a lot of specifics. i do think there is going to be a bit of a surprise for a lot of people who voted for this big change and something totally different, you know, somebody that was going to come in and blow up the system, but they saw what they wanted to see. and they may find out what they thought they were getting isn't exactly what's being delivered. >> and, jennifer, there's a reality to washington, which is that even if you want to change everything, which president obama found out and he has talked about, it's infininately more complicated. yesterday we heard in his inaugural address, essentially saying, we're going to undo everything that the folks here have done. how does he work with and can he find a way to work with those same people who he spent so much
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time criticizing? i'm not just talking about democrats. he went after republicans as well, effectively. >> yeah, i think he hasn't clued in, maybe he didn't have anyone around him who can clue in to the difference between campaigning and governing. he now does have to work with those same people. i think we see just in the transition, how chaotic, how confusing this is. he has no one in that white house that has worked in a white house before. mike flynn, almost all these spots are still open. they haven't named people at the nsc. department of defense, department of state. reince priebus, steve bannon, his son-in-law who is 36 years old. none of these people have ever worked in government, let alone in the white house. it's a very complicated slow process and take as great deal of skill to mobilize an enormous country like ours, a diverse country, in a particular direction. and i think we've already seen how trump cannot keep himself
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from overpromising. we're going to give healthcare insurance to everyone. took a couple of days for his aides and roll that back. we're not talking about insurance for everyone. at most we're talking about expanded access for people. so i think the continual problem for people who are working for him, whether it's general mattis who sent out a missive to the department of defense, no, we care about allies and we really are for freedom around the world, or whether it's someone who is trying to figure out what his economic policy is at treasury. the contrast between what he keeps saying in this never ever world of make believe and what they're trying to do to try to implement that or curb that, i think there is going to be internal dissension like we've never seen in washington. >> all right. the washington continues. jennifer, katie, sally and victoria, thank you so much. we'll ask you to stick around. we'll have more conversation coming up. next we'll hear from a member of congress who skipped donald trump's inauguration. can she find common ground and
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right now, taking a live look at the national mall where hundreds of thousands have gathered for the women's march on washington. take a look at both of the live pictures. you can see the city of chicago on the right side of your screen. in both of the pictures you can see signs of female empowerment. women are wearing bright pink hats. it's expected to be the largest of hundreds of affiliated peaceful rallies and marches in the states and around the world. these are just two places where you have hundreds of marchers from around the world. about an hour from now. the congressman john lewis will speak at the march in atlanta.
9:19 am
it will come one day after boycotting donald trump's inauguration. a move that prompted his colleagues to do the same, including congresswoman karen bass. first things, first, do you see these crowds? tell me your impression and also what do you hope these marches will accomplish today? we expected a lot of people, but this is unbelievable. >> let me just tell you, especially after yesterday, i feel so inspired. because this is what it's going to take. it is going to take a massive movement of people who are saying we are not going to allow the policies he's been tweeting about. he's already put on his website. that he's been talking about for the last 18 months to go implemented. beginning his administration by saying he wants to take healthcare from 25 million people is an unbelievable way to
9:20 am
go into the year. >> there have been comparisonwise the crowd we saw yesterday and the protests crowds we're looking at today. we're looking at a live picture from chicago. let's talk about the inauguration. what went through your mind as you listened to now president trump? there were a lot of split screens capturing the reaction of so many people there, including the obamas. what was your take away? >> i was shocked by his speech. because it doesn't seem to be that he is leaving the campaign trail. i thought he said nothing new. i thought he pretty much just reiterated a stump speech. it was as though he didn't even understand the significance of what an inaugural speech was supposed to be. so, you know, to see that in comparison with today. yesterday i thought he paint eda dark picture of america. today you see hundreds of thousands of people out. i bet you they're going to be more people out today protesting than there were that attended the inauguration yesterday.
9:21 am
>> you know, as we look at the live pictures, i was thinking about the comments he made yesterday, listen we all bleed red, doesn't matter when you're black, white or what have you. we bleed red blood of patriots or something like that. even though he couched it by saying it doesn't matter what color you are. people didn't take it that way. >> i don't know how you could take it that way. he still sends all of his dog whistle messages. it was clear in the speech yesterday that he even wanted to continue the petty fight with representative john lewis. he said the same things yesterday in his speech that he had tweeted out. and if you go to his website, he is sending a very clear message. he removed all of the references to civil rights, to women, to climate change. he talks about how this is going to be a new day with the police making no mention of police accountability. proposing jeff sessions to be the attorney general when we
9:22 am
know his lack of commitment around civil rights, voting rights. he's sending a very clear message by his appointees. we're going to have a cabinet that's filled with billionaires and generals. one of his first efforts yesterday was an executive order that essentially is going to increase a burden on first time homeowners. where there was mortgage release where they could pay a little bit less, you know, these are the signals he's sending. removing healthcare, raising mortgages. how does that relate to the message he said yesterday that this is going to be -- his administration is going to be for all people? >> i don't want to speculate. i'm wondering, i heard somebody mention, do you think after the speech there were women who were on the fence to participate in some of the marches? do you think it was a little bit of a prod? >> well, i absolutely do. i think he's going to give us prods to do this every single day. as soon as he picks up his twitter account. you know, but i'm so inspired.
9:23 am
and i think it's really important that today signaled the beginning of a mass movement that's going to continue. this is not just going to be about today. this is going to be about this administration and we are just not going to allow him to do the things he's talked about. he's even talking about immigration raids. you know, i think that this is just so divisive. the campaign was divisive. and everybody understands historically after a campaign you come together. he has signaled nothing in that regard. >> one final question for you. it seems to be there is this a little bit of a concern that we are so divided right now in this country, it's not just black and white. it's across the aisle. tell me this, do you think there will be a way -- do you see a light in any of this? there's a concern that there are people who are so angry on both sides and people are yelling on both sides we're not listening to each other and can't get anything done? do you have optimism in the midst of this eventually we can push this rock up the hill if you will?
9:24 am
>> i have optimism. i always have optimism. let me just say, he's the president. i will pay more attention to my colleagues in the house and senate. i do believe even some of my republican colleagues, they might be celebrating the fact that they're in control of both houses. that also means they own everything. so everything they've been talking about for the last few years. it's one thing to talk about it rhetorically. it's another thing when you run the whole shebang. i think there's trepidation and concern on their parts. maybe there's possibility for alliances there. it's not all about the president. trump is going to find out soon there are two houses of congress that he completely disrespected and disregarded in his inauguration speech. truth of the matter is he doesn't light legislation. he signs legislation. i'm not sure he even understands he has to work with us. considering his cabinet and who he's put in the oval office, no one has experience working with
9:25 am
government. so i think we're all in for a rocky ride. and we better fasten our seat belts. but i am completely inspired, encouraged, and optimistic. >> as we look at the live crowds i have to leave it there. thank you for talking to me today. we're taking you back to washington where look at this, a massive crowd has gathered on the national mall and all around the country. hear more from the women gathering with one purpose to send a message to the trump administration. >> we can't sit back and act like oh, he won. we don't he to do anymore now. it's over this has to be our start. not our finish. >> if you don't do something you voted for him. yeah, so mom's got this cold.
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audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪ welcome back. this is certainly the day of rallies, as trump takes office. thousands are heading for women's marches all across the country. we've shown you looks from washington, d.c., the city of chicago.
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and now here's a live picture from the city of indianapolis. home state to vice president mike pence. we'll take you live around the countries in the minutes and hours ahead. also today, the trump family takes washington, d.c. by storm. coming up next, how this new york family will fit into the established social scene of our nation's capital.
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welcome back. i'm kristen welker live on capitol hill. here's what we're monitoring. less than 24 hours than president trump's inauguration, rallies across the country and around the globe today. thousands gathering in washington, new york, houston, chicago, london and sydney. the marches are in support of equal rights for all under the new administration. right now, nbc's katie beck is in downtown los angeles where it's 9:30. are folks starting to gather there? >> reporter: we're right in the middle of it all. event organizers saying there's going to be about 100,000
9:33 am
demonstrators gathering here today. crowds have been flooding in by the bus load all morning long. as you can see behind me everyone is starting to gather now. in an half hour these folks will head to city hall. a mile down the road. they're going to march down the road where they'll hear from city leaders who are going to give speeches, including the mayor of los angeles. after they hear the speeches they'll head back to pershing square to end their demonstration. we've been speaking to people all morning, who says this is not an anti-trump rally, this is about women's issues. this wouldn't be los angeles without a full list of celebrities here. we spoke to jamie lee curtis earlier. here's what she had to say. >> i'm an american. and i believe in the political process. we didn't win. that's okay. but what this is going to demonstrate is that there's a voice. it is a loud voice and it's going to be a very prominent
9:34 am
voice as he tries to do his agenda. we're watching and listening and we're not going to let him do things that we will fight him on, all of us. every single one of us. >> reporter: so they've been trying to keep this message of solidarity very positive today. lots of people talking about women's rights being human rights. and, obviously, reproductive issues as well as civil liberties. they're taking the march in a half hour and we'll be going with them and keeping you updated on the latest from los angeles. >> all right. katie beck, new to our nbc team. welcome, thank you for that great reporting. right now you're looking at a live picture of four major cities. washington, d.c., chicago, denver and indiapolis. where thousands are gathering for this historic march. one day after the inauguration of donald trump. and it comes as president trump is now preparing to visit cia headquarters in virginia. sean spicer tweeting out
9:35 am
earlier, confirming mr. trump's trip there saying, quote, event is over capacity at 300 plus. excited to thank the men and women of the intelligence community. and it comes a day after the senate confirmed two of his top national security officials, general james mattis and general john kelly secretary for homeland security. mr. trump followed through on one of his promises signing an executive order directing government agencies to scale back aspects of the affordable care act. he raised mortgage insurance premiums through the federal housing authority. moments ago, donald trump wrapped up his first public event as president in an interfaith prayer service at the national cathedral. walk us through the fast-paced events. president trump at the national cathedral and he's heading to the cia? >> reporter: i get the
9:36 am
impression today from the full complement of white house press that are here and the day that's planned, this is not a sleepy saturday. this is, really, an effort by the brand-new trump administration to get the ball rolling. they've acknowledged monday is the kickoff when official washington is back on duty. today, we also saw that the president has visited with some of his cabinet officials or soon to be cabinet official whose were also in attendance at the national prayer service. it was multifaith service. and this is a tradition. it predates the trump administration. but it's part of the inauguration weekend in washington. he, the first lady, vice president pence and ms. karen pence were at that service. and now a couple of other updates. the newly installed defense secretary jim mattis, he is now the defense secretary. sworn in, paperwork's all done.
9:37 am
he's gone to the pentagon this afternoon. it's a civilian today and part of the civilian leadership of the pentagon. he needed a special change in the law permitting him to take this post, because he had not been out of uniform for seven years. we also know that white house officials tell us that the president will visit the cia this afternoon. and that an important visit, not only as a gesture but in the larger context of all of the stories, all of the environment politically that has put the new president at odds with some in the intelligence community. a lot of friction that we've seen over time. this is a way for him to thank them for their service, mostly unseen by the public. and to try to build a relationship. it was originally thought that the president could do this with a new director in place. but our understanding is the expected director will join him for this visit. but mike pompeo has not been
9:38 am
confirmed. there are things moving today and the president has used twitter again to describe himself as very honored to serve the public as the 45th president of the united states. the twitter habit has continued into this first day. not a controversial tweet but one that sets the tone of the start of this administration? >> it does indeed. it will be a busy day. kelly o'donnell, thank you for keeping us up to date on all of that. i want to bring back the panel, sally quinn, jennifer ruben, and katie packer, msnbc contributor and former aide to mitt romney. ladies, thanks for sticking around. it's a little bit nippy. i appreciate it. let me start with you. i want to drill down a little bit more. sally, on what we had been talking about earlier. which is the fact that women who are pro life. some of the pro life groups were
9:39 am
disinvited from co-hosting this historic monumental event. you think that undercuts the broader themes and broader goals? >> i think it's a terrible mistake. and because abortion is not a political issue. it's not an idealological issue. it's an issue of faith for a lot of these women. many of them are christian, many of them catholics who don't believe -- who actually believe that abortion is murder. and so you can't argue against that with them. and so i think that to take that group and eliminate them, even though they are anti-trump, they are pro women, they are -- they're hard working women, they care about the issues. to just sort of push them aside and say, well, it's our way or the highway. you have to go with us on every issue or else we're not going to allow you. i think that this is what rally is about, is inclusiveness.
9:40 am
and so it seems to me, ironic, they would then turn around and exclude this huge group of women who are on their side on every issue but do believe abortion is the taking of a human light. >> sally talked to various groups who thinks this is an important issue. catholics being one of them. >> we've seen the catholic vote in the united states, increasingly become a swing voter element in our elections. so in this past election, in 2016, a majority of catholics voted for donald trump. 52% of catholics. even more interesting to me, is when you break that down, and you see that 60% of white catholics voted for donald trump. 26% of latino catholics do. the message is that catholic vote is swinging toward that republican party because of the capture of abortion.
9:41 am
abortion is one issue about women out of many. and i can't emphasize enough the need to not alienate catholics, especially the vote. if pope francis were to show up and say i believe in human rights. i believe in justice for all. i want to march with you. would the organizers turn away pope francis? someone who is for social justice? i think it was a terrible, horrible mistake. >> katie, you were talking about this a little bit earlier. is there a way to find common ground on this issue, do you think? >> well, you know, this isn't just about catholics. i'm not catholic but i'm strongly pro life. there are a lot of women who feel strongly about this issue but do share the goal of, you know, having women respected in the workplace and having equality for women. but if you're a woman like me that has spent a lot of time in washington, you find this all the time. when you try to come together with other women, particularly liberal women, pro choice women,
9:42 am
this is a big stumbling block with them. they're not interested in working with you if you are pro life. it leaves a lot of women on the fringes that care about the other issues. but because they don't share that position on abortion, they're sort of shut out. and i do think it's a mistake for these women organizers. >> jennifer, does this not underscore one of the things that is broken about our political system? which is that there are so many sharp divides? and that people struggle to come together and refuse to in some instan instances? >> i think i agree with the other panelists. this is, i think, an opportunity. whether it's on foreign policy, human rights, whether it's on economic growth. what have you. that there is tremendous agreement across the spectrum. i take us back to chuck
9:43 am
schumer's speech yesterday. that was actually a more conservative speech in my own mind, than donald trump's. and yet liberals i'm sure appreciated it as well. he spoke to fundamental american values, he spoke about the constitution. he spoke in optimistic tones. i think it's incumbent on all people, frankly, who were in the never trump or not really trump or however they chose to oppose him, to really try to find common ground. i think in my conversations, as i'm writing, as i'm interviewing people. i have much more in common these days with people on the center left than i do with donald trump. i think the more people explore this, the more they talk to people about issues they have in common. the stronger the opposition to donald trump is going to be. >> and the march hasn't officially started. the speakers are still taking to the podium. we want to let you listen to one of the speakers today, michael moore. let's listen to his message and discuss it on the other side. >> new president vows to end
9:44 am
american carnage. mr. trump, we are here to vow to end the trump carnage. >> sally, what do you make of the tone you're hearing from these speakers so far? is it effective and is it effective beyond just today? >> when jamie lee curtis was saying this is not an anti-trump rally rally. i think it is for a lot of these people. as i said earlier, they didn't quite have the message together so it was pro women and pro equal rights then it was pro lesbian and gays. whatever. it was about inclusiveness. i do think there's a lot of anti-trump here. i think that michael moore expressed that. i think that as i said, after the speech, i think it sort of rallied a lot of people who sort of thought he really is not speaking to the majority of the americans. he's speaking to his hard core
9:45 am
group. and i don't think this is going to end. we'll be hearing a lot more of this tone, and i think it's going to get more strident as we see more -- the eeffects that the trump administration has on people. >> we're out of time, great conversation, thank you for speaking around with me, ladies, appreciate it. coming up in the next hour, the message of a minority woman has to say about the administration. first. >> we cannot sittidal by and les happened to our country. >> so much seemed skewed to what i understand to be america. i wanted to come up and say hey i believe something different and i'm still part of this country.
9:46 am
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take a look at your screen here. we are looking live as trump takes office today at thousands of marches, really hundreds of marches all around the country. you see live spots from washington, d.c., the city of chicago, the city of indianapolis, and denver. those are just four cities from cities all across the country. in fact, now let's go to kyle perry who is outside the main stage in d.c. where a number of speakers have taken to the podium. let's talk about the highlights and what's happening right now. i think the crowds are breath taking. >> reporter: yeah, huge crowds. in fact, the metro, the subway in d.c. has been overwhelmed. three hours ago 80,000 more people have taken the subway than during the inauguration. i'll step out of the way and show you this crowd stretches all the way down independence avenue. at least a half a mile down independence avenue. it's really hard to estimate how many people, certainly tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, and still growing. we've heard from michael moore. we've heard from a number of
9:50 am
congwom congress women. it's a revival of a democratic party. people want a new commitment, especially from blue states to stay blue. >> kyle perry, thank you. let's go to morgan radford. she's live in new york. i was out yesterday on fifth avenue, new york city. you couldn't even get down the streets. there were protesters in the streets. it was quite the scene. how is it today? >> reporter: that's exactly what we're seeing today. in fact, these streets have completely spilled over. they were supposed to be contained on second avenue as they walked to trump tower on fifth. you can see how packed this is. we have mothers and daughters, like cecily who was walking with her daughter. why are you out here today. >> standing up for my daughter's rights, my rights. i'm -- >> we've got signs like this, you see dump trump. these are the types of signs we're seeing. even the cars, the traffic has been brought to a complete
9:51 am
standstill. as people are honking their horns they're saying no, we're not having this. some of the things we've seen signs they say now human is illegal. you're seeing the amalgamation of protesters who are saying we're fighting for people to feel included. they're sending a message to those recently confirmed cabinet members. if they see terms of sievicivic rights infractions they want to show how quickly people can come together. >> i was saying yesterday, you can picture a new york city street on a typical afternoon. there were, you know, cab and people were honking and cursing, they were upset because traffic couldn't get through. have they shut down the street there? obviously, there's so much traffic in new york city. what's the deal? >> reporter: the streets have been completely shut down. interesting thing is not only on second avenue, down to third -- down to lexington. that's where we're seeing, just the number of people. this is more than they expected. we haven't gotten a final number from the nypd.
9:52 am
they were taeanticipating 100,0 >> thank you for checking in with us. hang with us this afternoon. the marches have taken a life of their own. we've been showing you live pictures from washington, chicago, indianapolis, denver, and so much more. hang with us, more after the break. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado all star edition and get an average total value of eight thousand one hundred fifty dollars when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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welcome back on this saturday after the inauguration of president donald trump. you are looking at live pictures from minneapolis. yet another major city where thousands have descended to march, to march for equality, for women, for other groups. and to march against president trump. joining me now to discuss all of this is a speaker and is the president of the national resources defense council. i know you spoke earlier today. >> i did. >> when you look at the crowds, it really is -- my colleague
9:56 am
used this world, it's breathtaking they're huge. what do you make of the turnout and what do you think it means in terms of where you go from here? >> i can't tell you how inspiring it was to stand up on the stage and as far as the eye could see there's a sea of humanity. it's an outpouring of people, frankly, the communities of people that donald trump has vi vilified and offended during the election and now as president coming together and saying we're going to stick together. we're going to unique ate and n defeated. >> there have been questions what the central message was. there's so many groups coming together today. can you boil it down? what was your message when you took to the podium and what's the message from here on out. >> there's two messages from an environmental perspective, this presidency and congress represents the greatest threats we've had to our qualify of life, clean water, clean air,
9:57 am
healthy communities than we've ever seen as a country. that's number one. number two. this march was stopped off an idea of one woman in hawaii. one woman, turns into one march. turns into an entire movement. >> there has been some scrutiny over the fact that some of the pro life groups are saying that they were disinvited from hosting this march. from being a part of the organizers. they are still participating. do you disagree with that decision? is there not power in numbers and should it not be inclusive? >> i absolutely think this is an opportunity around incluseivity. look, i think the fact that we have so many groups coming together for the first time, frankly in history, i think is a real demonstration that there is power in unity. there is power in incluseivity. i saw it from the stage today and it's inspiring. >> thank you so much for being here. and good luck to you for the rest of the day. stay safe out there. we appreciate your stopping by.
9:58 am
we'll be back with much more news as we continue to monitor and watch this unprecedented day, rallies all across the country and all across the world. we're back with more.
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