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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 21, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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maybe with a bigger car so you don't have to remove his head, but, ike, thanks for being here, sir. msnbc live is next. at this hour, awaiting crowds in cities across america and around the globe. washington, new york, london, 600 in all marching in support for equal rights for all as the trump administration takes power in the nation's capital. good morning, i'm chris jansing live in washington, d.c. on what is expected to be yet another monumental day of activity. obviously i'm overlooking capitol hill right now. a little bit of rain spritzing down, but in a matter of hours, hundreds and thousands of people expected to fill the streets at the women's march and rally for equality and solidarity. this comes just a day after the inauguration of the 45th president who delivered a short
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but pointed address. >>ian 20tia january 20, 2017, w be the day the people became the rulers of the nation again. >> of course this marked the departure of barack obama who suggested there is more to be written for him as the leader of the party. >> this is not a period, this is a comma. in the continuing story of building america. >> more first, but whether he start with setting up what is also expected to be a day of real consequence in its own right. the massive march that grass roots organizers say is a message to the white house and congress. women's rights must be protected. we have reporters covering all angles and begin with cal perry
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on the national mall. people already gathering. >> reporter: yeah, people are already here coming in from all over the country. as you mentioned, this is a small vip area what you will see are we expect tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands packed in down independence avenue. i'll have jim spin around and we'll show you some of the crowd that is already here. we talked for people from charlotte, from the midwest, all the way from the west coast this morning. as you sort of alluded to, this all coming just a day of course after president trump has been inaugurated. so much of these people occupied hotel rooms in d.c. that would have otherwise been occupied by people that were here for the inauguration. part of the story here that organizers will tell is you that this may in fact be bigger than the inauguration yesterday with that we have a list of some of the speakers that will be coming up. we're talking about michael moore, he's been a part of this movement for a long time. ashley judd, cecile richards is a big name people are looking forward to hearing from,
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scarlett johansson, we'll be talking to a lot of people live after they speak. national media is here of course. this will be televised all day. >> so give me a sense when you talk to these women who seem to have an afl throughout of energy for 7:03 in the morning. what motivated them to come? >> reporter: you know, i've been speaking to them since yesterday, i'm sure you have, too. they have not only been filling the hotel rooms, but walking around. they say they're here to be part of the resistance. that is something that they will tell you. they're here to let the world know he that what they saw yesterday on tv with donald trump giving sort of a dark inauguration speech, some people would say a politically divisive inauguration speech, they're here to send a message of unity, of women's rights of course. this is the women's march. but to send a message to the democratic party that they are not in as bad a shape as people
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say. >> thank you for that. stephanie gosk is also on the national mall. it's fascinating i think that this started with just a facebook posting right after the election and people decided they wanted to get together and now we're talking about potentially 600 of these. but the big one of course where you are. give us a little rundown, what do we expect today? >> reporter: well, you will have a bunch of people speaking, some performances. indigo girls will perform. so the event really is just here for hours. the march doesn't start until around 2:00 or so. we'll see if they actually stay to schedule. and they will march down independence avenue and then to the eclipse which is the south laup of the white house. so anyone looking out of the window at the white house will certainly see them coming down. some interesting things about the numbers here. yesterday for the inauguration, there were bus permits for 200
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buses. today for this event, there were permits for 1200. >> stephanie gosk on the national mall. let's go to chicago which is one of the cities where a high turnout is expected at another women's march. beth, what do organizers have planned for today? >> reporter: yeah, i'm in grant park where of course president obama famously had his big rally after he won the presidency in 2008. now this park is hosting the sister march, one of the biggest ones in the united states. there are 270 of them taking 34r5is a place all across the country. here they expect 20,000 attendees and now they say they're expecting 50,000. it's unusually balmy here, so that will help boost turnout. they don't want to be a negative or hateful or api anti-trump. it's about get being women excited, getting them to stand up for their rights. we spoke to one of the main
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organizers yesterday about the rally and she insisted that this is really not about touchdown. >> i'm sure there will be some anti-trump marchers this chicago. but as an organization, we are looking to the future. this is much bigger than just one man. this is about the mindset that led to the election of that person. >> reporter: so that's what you're hearing. just a lot of positivity from people. they're getting in here. they're excited. they won't be able to make to washington today, so this is the next best thing for them. >> all right. thank you, beth. and i have to say notable that she couldn't bring herself to say at least in that clip the name donald trump, but let's go to his first 100 days. we're just about three hours from now, president trump and the first lady will depart for the traditional interfaith service, that will come just hours after the president capped
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his inauguration with a series of balls, last one for the armed services wrapped up well past midnight. >> you are special people. you are great, great people. i have your back. we're going to do great things for our country. we went to number one in the primaries and then we just stayed there and we did well. and it wasn't so much me -- it was me, i did a good job as a messenger, but i'm joust messengmesyour messenger. remember that. and about began with the theme make america great again. and we're not only going to make america great again, we're going to make america greater than ever before. >> now trump followed through on one of his day one promises by signing an executive order directing government agencies to scale back as many as pepects o
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obamacare as possible. meanwhile the former president is in california where he and the former first lady are kicking off their first day as civilians. he said he wasn't setting an alarm. maybe he's still sleeping. take a look at this image from the air. he's looking toward the white house after leaving the u.s. capitol. here's what he told supporters and staff shortly after the ceremony. >> for all of who you have just done amazing, remarkable work, most of it unheralded, most of it without fanfare, most of it without you getting any word of thanks, we could not be prouder. and i can't wait to see what you do next. and i promise you i'll be right there with you. god bless you. >> let's go now to kelly o'donnell who is at the white house with the new okew occupan. president trump has already
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gotten down to business. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, good morning. both of us have been here to cover the obama white house and bush white house and now this place belongs to donald trump. you don't need the bold letters on the front of the building. it is now the home of the trump family and the work has started. top aides say this does view this first working streweekend chance to get things started and did so with an executive order. limited in what it can do, but symbolic and in some terms a practical start. but all of that followed a night of pageantry and pump. for all the bigger than life way, donald trump has long held the pot light. >> and now the work begins. now the work begins. >> reporter: this public display of affection, a first dance with first lady melania trump, seemed like something very new.
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three official inaugural balls. with a special salute to men and women in uniform. >> because this is our military this, is our law enforcement, this is our first responders. you're amazing people. >> a night of black tie, glitz and high kicks. capped a long day of ceremony. >> so help me god. >> reporter: from that oath to the oval office just hours later, where president trump sat behind the famed resolute desk flanked by son-in-law jared kushner and white house chief of staff reince priebus. he signed executive order, one outlining his intent to repeal obamacare. just hours after his predecessor had cleared the office. >> next is an executive order minimizing the economic burden of the patient protection and affordable care act. >> reporter: turning to mike pence who made the first new cabinet secretaries official. >> on which i'm about to enter.
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>> reporter: defense secretary james mattis an homeland security secretary john kelly. earlier, outside the white house, the parade on pennsylvania avenue. the family box gave son barron is front row seat that any 10-year-old would love. >> america first. >> reporter: president trump delivered a 16 minute inaugural address that painted a stark picture of a country in decline. >> this american carnage stopped right here and stops right now. >> fueled with campaign style nationalism. >> we will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. >> reporter: at the luncheon where the toasts were for trump, he showed a softer tone toward rival hillary clinton and president-elect, asking that they be honored with the room's applause. >> and honestly, there is nothing more i can say because i have a lot of respect for those
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two people. >> reporter: that executive order about obamacare directs the agencies to begin rolling back areas where they have jurisdiction. they will need congress to repeal, but it's a symbolic start. and also it was expected that the new president would visit the xi as early as today, but the senate has not yet confirmed the new ceo direccia director. >> and there are still so many unstaffed positions. are. >> reporter: there will be new action next would he be. we believe mike pompeo may get a vote as early as monday. he will be the new cia director. the lights are on in the staff wing. the work is getting done. but you're right, there is a lot of jobs to fill. >> kelly owe gone he wi'donnelo. joining me here jonathan allen
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and rosie gray. good to see both of you. day one, man, he gets down to work. let me start with you, rosie. i want to get your take on this first day and what the implications are from that order on the affordable care act. >> the implications with that they are really serious about getting rid of it. i mean the question has always been what are they going to replace it with and how are they going to do that. and those are the big sort of san antoni knowns and unknowns. most of the action actually has to come from congress on that. >> and he talked in his speech a lot about helping people who have been left behind in this economy. and yet one of the first things he does is this fha mortgage repeal essentially. >> right, there are people who will feel immediate negative effects of the actions that president trump is taking, whether it's this aca executive order or the f hchl a. >> and they're not the billionaires. >> right. so you kind of wonder how long it will take for people who are
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affected by that and maybe even some of their neighbors to realize that the rhetoric isn't matching the reality here. and it will be heartbreaking and politically damaging to him if people's negative health care outcomes can be traced back to this executive order in particular. when republicans have had six years to figure out how to replace it and have not come forward with a plan yet. so if you have people who can't get insurance, who are dying and they're able to trace that back to this order, that will be horrible for him and heartbreaking for the people involved. >> one of the things i thought was interesting over the last couple months was people who said maybe when he becomes president we'll hear something different, something broader, something more inclusive. and i'm curious what both of you heard from his speech yesterday. a lot has been made of the fact that he barely mentioned the obamas just to say they helped with the transition, nothing positive to say about anything that he did. doesn't mention hillary clinton at all during the inaugural
4:15 am
address. two big opportunities that he could have reached out to people who didn't vote for him. but overall, the message i think wouldn't you have to say was consistent with what we heard from him on the campaign trail. if nothing else, he is consistent. there is no change there. >> yeah, absolutely. people have been looking for the trump pivot for how long now is this it's just not happening. like there isn't going to be a trump pivot. he is who he is and this will -- >> since the convention, right. >> exactly. so in terms of his message it's largely unchanged. in some sense he is still in campaign mode and thinks in terms of the winningness of what he's done. he definitely missed out on an opportunity to be probably a little bit more sort of gracious towards president obama and hillary clinton. i know that he did at the lunch yesterday mention her and that kind of thing. but normally there is a little bit more of that. this each had a much darker
4:16 am
tone. and it was a little us versus them in a way with how trump was on the campaign trail. >> and not just really going after the way the country is now, a direct shot at president barack obama, but at the republicans who surrounded him, as well. >> right. the picture he painted is so bleak and pretty much directly anti-everything that existed before him that you couldn't help but take offense if you were a republican elected official particularly in the house, you've been running the place for six years. he's talking aboabout draining swamp. he's talking about you as well as all the democrats including president obama. i thought in terms of his messages yesterday and the consistency of it, he is consistent what he says to the public and he is consistently different when he gets in front of elites. so when you saw him at the luncheon praising hillary clinton and being nice to democrats, that is consistent with what he does behind closed doors that is different from what he does in the public. but he has a pretty smart
4:17 am
separation and if i was to argue he was being dishonest with one set of people, i would say it's to the elites, not to the public. >> thanks to both of you. it will be an interesting first 100 days and here we are starting it. meantime you have all these folks pouring in to washington. and around the country and the world. what can today's rallies really accomplish? we'll hear from a former maryland congresswoman about why she's charjoining marchers in washington. per roll
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welcome back as we take a live look at new york city. that is times square where organizers say more than 65,000 people are expected to gather in support of women's equality and human rights. major cities across the country and around the world are participating and we saw women flooding trains, plane, buses
4:21 am
all headed here to join the women's march on washington which is now just hours away from kickoff. dozens of celebrities, politicians and acti itity viss here to lead the charge. joining me is donna edwards who is joining the march. you've been on an rv trip and i want to get to that. but what made you feel like you had to be back here today? >> i could feel the energy on social media and i wanted to be here. when i came in on my flight last night from atlanta, oh, my gosh, all women all psyched to be here in washington. the energy, i could feel it and i can't wait until today. >> what did they tell you? >> for a lot of different reasons, i want to be here for my reproductive freedom, for equal pay, because i want my voice heard. there were so many different reasons. but women wanting to be together on this die. >> you know how washington works and you know how in many ways
4:22 am
the system in this country works. we have a republican president. we have a republican congress. we have republican governors in the majorities, in legislatures all across the country. realistically, what can a march like this and the others across the country maybe coming up close to 300 just in this country, but what can they do? >> well, i think that we haven't had something to gallvanize us o call us to action. and i believe this actually provides probably one of the most stark contrasts that we could have and i think that's important for us being on a page about what it is that we want and knowing that we can't sit out any election. we have elections coming up in 2018, so it's not just four years down the line, but it really is these local elections and state elections that will make a difference to us. >> as i've been talking to folks at the obama white house, they
4:23 am
said in some of the informal meetings that they have had over the last couple weeks like what is next, what worries then the most sort of based on what the president has said to them is young people becoming disillusioned. and i can tell that you watching a lot of 20 somethings who arrive and work in washington but have never known anything about victory,that you watching a lot of 20 somethings who arrive and work in washington but have never known anything about victory, never known anything about barack obama, they feel very defeated and a lot have said to me i think i'm going to get out of politics. how concern are you that contrary to what we see today with thousands, hundreds of thousands coming out that there is that disillusioned aspect of your side of the movement? >> i'm the mother of a 20 something so i really do get that and i'll share with you what i've shared with him, you have to redouble yourself for the fight. look, i've been in a couple of elections. two that i've actually lost. i learned more from the loss than i did from the victory.
4:24 am
and so i think that's what we have to take out of this moment. and himself for people to feel like there is something take we have control over. and so i'm excited about today, but i'm also excited about the future and about our ability as democrats to help rebuild ourselves and to strengthen ourselves for those working people who feel like we left them behind. >> and then you will hit how many states? >> so i'm going across the country. in fact when i get back from my rchl v, i'll probably he said up in alabama in the next couple weeks. but i'm learning so much for people who are on the road about their lives and about what they want. and they don't live and breathe and think politics every day, but they want politics to work for them. >> there is a. >> referee: out life out of politics. thanks so much. our other big story of course is president trump's first day in office. he's expected to attend the prayer service, but that's not
4:25 am
all that he has planned today. we'll have more on that next. but first, a message from americans to their new president. we call this dear mr. president. >> dear mr. president, i am disgusted by the it is exception that you have caused in this country and throughout the world. your presidency will make me fight harder for equality and justice. befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy.
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welcome back. i'm chris jansing here in washington whereas you can see, morning is breaking and where crowds are gathering for the women's march on washington. more than 2 million people around the world are expected to take part in marches and protests today. check out sydney, australia. thousands rallied in the city's central park already. one organizer said hatred, bigotry and racism are not only america's problems. and in london, demonstrators marching where hundreds have now gathered in front of the u.s. embassy to protest president trump. and in mexico city, demotratorused boxes to build a makeshift wall outside the u.s. embassy to protest the new american president's promise. and we have a live look at the national cathedral. later this morning president trump is set to attend the national prayer service, one of the traditions of the inaugural weekend. hallie jackson is there. so what are we expecting to see
4:33 am
at this event? >> reporter: so president trump waking up of course for the first time in the white house and then he will be making his way here to the national cathedral, this beautiful building behind us. it's going to be a fairly lengthy service. an interfaith service. and we'll hear from faith leaders across tee ndenominatio including familiar faces like cleveland pastor darrell scott. he was somebody who was a part of the president's national diversity council. he has spoken at events before. sole be here in addition to a slew of other names. it is a long time if a drig traa prayer service. all of it of course coming as the president gets ready for what truly is you could say day one and a half if you consider the inauguration was yesterday, today is his sort of first full day on the job from morning till night. we tdon't expect the president o
4:34 am
be particularly active when it comes to signing executive orders. his team has said all along they expect mop to be sort of the real push. we saw some of those executive orders of course signed last night relating to the affordable care act. you saw that directive from chief of staff reince priebus on regulations. and then of course you saw the wearing in of two key cabinet members, jen james mattis and general john kelly. the president of course delivering remarks here, he delivered remarks yesterday. and the remarks had a mixed reaction. we spoke with people all across the country about what they thought about the inauguration speech. his supporters some for example in western pennsylvania thought it was powerful, muscular, direct, honest. critics calling it dark and divisive. here is a little bit the from that speech yesterday. >> the crime, and the gangs, and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our
4:35 am
country of so much unrealized potential. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> reporter: and the paug post has a round up of words used for the first time ever in apinaugural address. carnage is one of them. but the word used most often in the speech? america. >> this has been kind of a tale of two cities. other people have pointed this out. more so than other inaugurations. you have people who come here to support donald trump in fewer numbers than he had suggested and then the big marches pulled off here and elsewhere. we'll go to some of the protest marches in a second, but you were at one of the balls last night and i want to know about the mood of the people who came here to support the new president. >> reporter: so i was at the last ball of the evening, got the home right around 1:00 in
4:36 am
the morning after spending time at the salute to our armed services ball. so this was full of members of the military. this wasn't like the liberty and freedom ball which was were full of the president's supporters. people who had supported him during the campaign. these were service members. so it was a little different. and i was having a conversation with our producer and camera than here this morning. but these are members of the military, seeing their commander in chief for the first time, there was a really special energy in the room regardless if you were sort of political leanings, democrat, republican, whatev whenever you have the next commander in chief speaking to service members, and we have a live picture from troops ze serving in afghanistan for example, and it was really special. you heard donald trump, too, acknowledge that. his remarks sort of off the cuff remarks that he gave at that third ball were very different from the first couple. the first couple of balls he talked about his campaign, he between sort of his hit list of greatest hits. at the mailitary ball, it was
4:37 am
more about the service members and general mattis and general kelly. and you heard from smelania trup saying she was honored to serve as the next first lady. >> hallie jackson, thanks to you. and now let's go to other side of the coin, jacob rascon, on the national mall where tens of thousands have begun to descend. what's it like out there? >> reporter: you can tell that they're setting up the stage behind me. the rally begins at 10:00. and thenoff here you' over hereg thousands of women and men and children gathering. a lot wearing pink hats. they will march down independence to constitution and and police are prepared just in case for up to a half million people. >> how many of you are going to the march on washington? >> reporter: they're pouring in
4:38 am
to the capital from across the country. the women's march on washington expecting more people than the inauguration. >> we just want to make our voices known. >> reporter: what organizers hope will be a peaceful demonstration. after a violent day of protests on friday. a small group wearing masks and all black armed with bricks and hammers crashing with police for hours. officers in riot gear responding with pepper spray and flash bang grenades. >> i don't know what it was all about, but people got aggressive. a lot of people are really angry right now, you know. >> reporter: protesters breaking windows and starting fires. the driver of this limo says he was hit with a brick. thousands dekrscended on the capital during the inauguration. most of them peaceful. >> it says if you're not terrified, you're not paying
4:39 am
tae attention. >> reporter: but overshadowed by agitators. tensions high across the country. out west in portland, oregon police say protesters threw rocks and bolttles at officer. and at the university of washington, one person suffered a life threatening gunshot wound at a protest against a right wing speaker that brought crowds of trump supporters and protesters head to head. here d.c., police arrested 217 people during the chaos and were charged with rioting and they will all have to appear in court to face those charges later this morning. also six officers are recovering from injuries that were sustained during the protests. of course d.c. police hope that today the demonstration will be much more peaceful. >> as we all do. jacob, thank you. let's go to new york where today thousands more are gathering to protest the new president in his hometown. morgan radford is there.
4:40 am
what is the scene like so far? >> reporter: good morning. you can see people setting up here behind me. nypd has already come to the scene. we're at trump world tower. and i want to give and you sense of where they're headed. they will start here at about 10:30, walk roughly 25 blocks. they will have waves of protesters starting every 15 hint minutes until 4:30 and they will eventually land at trump tower. but to give you a sense, we've also seen people loading up on buses just so they can get done to d.c. where you saw jacob raon. and what they are saying, they are part of what they call a pivotal moment because they are supporting equality, they want to have a peaceful protest that, one, not only shows people who feel like they were margin allized by donald trump's comments before he took the presidency, that even if this administration doesn't support them and they're talking about lgbtq rights, minorities, women, they want to show that they are here to support them. an secondly, this is about
4:41 am
showing the recently confirmed cabinet members that if any civil rights infractions happen during this administration, people are here and can mobilize quickly. >> morgan radford in this morning for us, thank you so much. and still ahead, more planned rallies across the country and the impact it could have on president trump's first full day in office. and in the next hour, a mother turning the violent loss of her son into a call for action. why today's march in washington is so important to her. as we head to break, we asked americans to share what they want to tell president trump. >> dear mr. president. the feeling that your presidency gives me in one word is perplexed. and that is because i have no idea what you are going to do in the next four years. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes
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of our country will be forgotten no longer. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. everyone is listening to you now. you came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. >> big promises from donald trump as he takes the reins from barack obama. trump's first full day in office will be marked by protests in more than 600 cities world wide. but the largest expected to be right here in washington. to talk about it, let's bring in joe watkins, rick tyler, and zir lena maxwell. good to see you all. i'll lay it down right here, what to all these marches
4:46 am
accomplish besides making people feel like they're doing something? what will actually be the net outcome? >> i think one of the good things about marches is that it allows people from all over the country in different pockets and different interests, because the coalitions that are coming together for this march are not just women. we have immigrant groups, justice groups. and so the march is really about pulling together the different coalitions and so that people can go back to their homes and work together on these issues going forward. >> one of the things i thought about as i was listening to president trump's speech yesterday and then saw what he signed in terms of executive orders, one saying basically do whatever you can to get rid of provisions of obamacare, getting rid of something president obama had done to try to help more people who are it disadvantaged able to get houses, get mortgages, i know he was firing up his base, but he fired up the opposition, as well. am i reading it wrong? >> probably.
4:47 am
but look, there is -- >> probably reading it wrong or right? >> no, probably reading it right. people voted for donald trump because they wanted change. and all his cabinet picks, all his policies will represent change. they will represent the things that the other side specifically campaigned against and the things that barack obama put in place that his supporters say need to be repealed. >> joe, put on your hat not just as a political analyst, but also as a pastor, and i wonder if you were surprised as you were listening to the address yesterday that president trump didn't take the opportunity to be more expansive, to give some credit for whatever he thinks that president obama may have done that was good, to acknowledge hillary clinton in that address, to reach out to people 3 million more of whom voted for his opponent than voted for him. were you surprised by that? >> well, in a perfect world, he would have done that.
4:48 am
but for the most part, his speech was very much like his campaign speeches. he spoke to his base and i think for people who are a part of his base, the speech really resonated with them. but he didn't really reach out to everybody else, to all the people who didn't vote for him, for all the people who didn't support him, for people who supported hillary clinton, for people who have appreciated the work of barack obama. so from that standpoint, it wasn't a speech that brought us together sflp w together. >> was it a mistake? >> i don't know if it was a mistake. he promise change and that's what he talked about in his speech yesterday. so he is certainly sticking to what he said that he would do. but i think there is lots of work doing done to bring americans together to really make people who didn't vote for him feel like they're included, like they're americans, too. and that he has something to say to them. >> rick, on one side of it i see his point in that this is what got him here, right, so he's sticking to the message that got him here.
4:49 am
on the other hand, he goes into office with the lowest approval rating of any incoming president. barack obama is leaving with one of the highest approval ratings of any frpresident in modern history and we have that fact that he got 3 million fewer votes than hillary clinton did. so does he just stick to plan or does there have to be a pivot? >> i think there has to be a balancing act. on the one hand, politicians get about in trouble when they say one thing on the campaign trail and then they don't deliver on those things. so i think donald trump will make sure that his supporters understand i'm delivering on these things. but joe is right, there is a lot of opportunities that donald trump misses along the way to make sure the people are included, to keep people from thinking that they will lose their job. a lot of people believing that they will have a better job, they will have more opportunity, they will have better health care. so that is the fight we'll have
4:50 am
to hash out. >> i think the other challenge for him is what pivot can he make that will make the people who are coming out here to washington and across the country today feel better about it. >> that is a really tough one. and i think in terms of his speech it. >> that's a tough one. if the anti-defamation league can't get you to stop saying america first -- >> that was a little -- >> that was jarring to me. i didn't hear anything yesterday that was speaking to me as an african-american, millennial, looking to buy a home someday, looking to have a family someday, save for retirement, things that all americans are hoping to have a better future for themselves and their families. and i didn't hear anything in that speech yesterday that was speaking to me as an american, even though i work for hillary clinton. >> we have more to talk about. zerlina, joe, and rick are going to stick around. then i'm going to ask them about trump's first two actions as president, more specifically. but let's take a look live at the national cathedral. we have a gorgeous shot. just a short time from now,
4:51 am
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for too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have bourne the cost. washington flour risished, but people did not share in its wealth. the establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country. >> all right. that was donald trump. let's bring back our panel, joe watkins, rick tyler, zerlina maxwell. it seems to me, joe, from the warmth of your studio, as we're making note of that here sitting outside in the capital chill, there's a disconnect between what he said as protecting people and what he did as his first act yesterday, telling his agencies get rid of parts of obamacare without a plan which
4:55 am
he and the republicans keep saying they'll replace it with, a disconnect with his statements let's have health care for all. and then denying people who might not otherwise be able to get a mortgage, to realize the american dream of having a home, stopping the program that would have helped them to do that. did you hear a -- see a disconnect in what he said yesterday in his speech and what he did just an hour later? >> well, of course, i mean, there's a lot of work that needs to be dope on affordable care to make sure we don't throw the baby out with the bath water. you want to keep what works and fix what's broken. in a perfect world, that's what you want to do. there's a lot of work to be done and congress has a lot of work to get done on behalf of the administration. he did sound the alarm that for term limits and of course that's something that i've supported for a long time, the importance of limiting the number of terms
4:56 am
that members can serve in both the house and the senate. that's certainly one way of as he calls it draining the swamp and getting new blood in there and making sure that people don't serve in the house and the senate for life. so that's one thing that he moved on that i think lots of people will take note of. >> the other thing he did is got a couple members of his cabinet approved, but there are vast numbers of people who are sitting in offices in washington, d.c., worried that the desks and the offices next to them are not going to be filled. how big a problem could this be? ultimately, if you pick up the phone and you're trying to get some help from somebody in your government and there's nobody there or if you're somebody who's working in an office and you have a job to do but no support staff, how quickly do they need to get moving on this? >> the government need to do things competently, but people like to see smaller government. i saw a poll that said up to a third of government workers would consider leaving their job
4:57 am
in the trump administration to do something else. half of them are able to retire, actually. they qualify for retirement. but, look, trump's biggest challenge is going to be to get the city to work. these are bureaucracies that were invented 100 years ago, worked marginally well in the industrial age, they're completely inappropriate for the information age. i don't know if he has a plan to reform, that but the city has inertia of its own, it doesn't want to change and he's either going to make this city change or the city will consume him. >> does this provide an opportunity for democrats beyond just being anti-trump? >> yes. we have to come up with a comprehensive message and steps forward for the midterm elections so that we can try to increase our numbers in congress. we can't probably take back the house or senate but we can try to improve our numbers and build our coalitions like i said and the march is going to help to do that. the number-one thing is donald trump is a president for everyone, and like i said before, i didn't hear anything
4:58 am
from him yesterday that was speaking to average americans, everyday americans. he literally quoted the villain from the dark knight trilogy. >> there are people who are drawing some parallels. >> there is a super cut you can look at and it's in quotes. i think that was amuse bug it's also troubling because i think when you're talking about a dark cloud over the country and you're saying we need to be great again, i think that's a negative take in a time when we need to come together as a country. the election was really bloody and it was divisive, and we need to come together in this moment. and we need trump to actually lead us and do that. >> zerlina, rick, thanks for coming out on this chilly morning. joe watkins, thanks to you. always good to see you, my friend. >> thanks so much, chris. at the top of the hour, hear from a mother and gun control advocate who's marching today in washington. we'll ask her if there are any issues where she can get the new president trump a chance.
4:59 am
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