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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 18, 2017 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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hope. >> hello. >> hi. >> welcome to the lawrence park diner. i'm more hopeful than i have been in months and years. >> reporter: judy phelps was a lifelong democrat. >> did you vote for president ama? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: both times? >> yeah. >> reporter: but this time -- >> i did not like hillary. she would say whatever she thought would buy her votes. when i saw donald trump, i didn't always like some of the things that he said, but he was not afraid -- he didn't mince words. you knew exactly where he stood. >> there was a lot riding on this, you know, for me and my family. >> reporter: that's because dave lock was making $30 an hour at general electrics locomotive plant. until the letter that so many around here dread. >> due to reduction in the work force, you will be removed from your current job. my family's security is now been taken away. so it's hard to put into words what exactly that feels like when you lose it all.
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>> i think after so many years of democrat that we just said enough, maybe, you know, the other side can do something better. >> yeah. >> reporter: did you support president obama in '08 or 2012? >> i did. >> reporter: when you learn you had lost your job, it was at the heat. >> i think it was for more bernie in the beginning. as things went on, it became trump. i liked his boldness and bluntness. i like the fact that he was a businessman and wanted to bring business back in the country. >> reporter: lisa adams was a tv reporter for more than 30 years. >> i can tell you from talking to some long time officials inside of the democratic party, they saw this coming. >> reporter: the media's favorite excuse was that the trump vote was hidden. some of it was hiding in plain sight, right? >> it was almost as if people were afraid to say who they were for. when donald trump came here in the summer -- >> unbelievable. >> there was a huge turnout.
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>> we see what's happened with general electric. not going to happen. >> there was a real hunger for change. >> reporter: scott is union president at ge. >> it almost felt like the democratic party wasn't speaking the message of the average working man through the campaign. >> reporter: the union endorsed bernie sanders in the primaries, and his signs still hang at headquarters. but they never formally endorsed hillary clinton. are there any thoughts to what might have been, if you've been able to get the union behind hillary clinton if she asked for it it, might it have made a difference? >> that was a down fall. bernie sanders didn't make that mistake, but hillary clinton did. they both came here. yes. >> reporter: and so did her husband when he first ran for president. >> my wife has been talking about erie, pennsylvania, ever since she got here. >> reporter: when bill clinton came to erie in 1992, he drew a huge crowd. and won this county in a landslide. his message then may sound familiar. >> we're out here and you're out here because we want our country
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back. >> people are right now working harder than they've ever worked. >> most people in this crowd tonight have worked harder for lower wages. >> go to other countries, they're taking our countries. >> no more tax breaks, we're shutting them down and moving them overseas. >> it seemed as if she was taking for granted that she had voters here in her pocket and didn't take the time to come here. >> reporter: do you think some of the folks that were for bernie in the primary ended up voting for donald trump? >> i'd say at least 50% of our membership probably voted for donald trump. >> reporter: if he sat right here and said how can i help you and your beautiful daughter and wife, how can i make your family's life better? >> do what he promises. you know jobs are a huge thing. >> reporter: and you were attracted to his toughness too. >> people are too soft anymore. the news is covering celebrities all the time. they're refusing to be at trump's inauguration, refusing to perform, they don't live in the real world. i'm worried about putting food on the family's tae.
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they're worry which of the ten mercedes to dre. reporter: how did you feel as election day got cleeser? we were predicting that hillary clinton would narrowly win. so were you feeling depressed. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and then how'd you feel on election day. >> oh my gosh, this is wonderful! i can't believe it. stacy, my daughter, do you know who won? >> reporter: and if he sat down with us, what would you urge him to do as president? >> facility whaer you say, talk to other people who are knowledgeable about what has been and what can be. and just know when to back off a little bit. i hope that he would think about what he's saying. >> reporter: think before you speak. >> yeah, think before you speak. engage your brain because it comes out your mouth. >> reporter: do you think he's a good man? >> he's not any worse than the politicians. >> reporter: is he better? >> i hope. i hope. >> nicole wallace is here with
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us. in the postmortems after the campaign, i heard it said that the democrats became the party of gender neutral bathrooms, looking at this, their argument was just stolen or they abandoned it and it was found by the side of the road. >> and the one that did the stealing was donald trump. he went in there and stole a successful message, used successfully by president bill clinton. >> and expectations now, that's the question. >> that's the question. and we're going to go back and see how patient they're going to be with donald trump. because, this was a despair vote for a day. this was a vote as a despair for his current economic situation and his family's economic situation. he's going to be at the inauguration on friday. we're going to go track him down and we're going to stay in touch and see how patient he is with donald trump. >> we have more voters meet. we're going to talk to you, to charlie, we'll take another break here. when we come back, some of those same trump voters, but this time in ohio and florida. two other states that shock the
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. how long are you going to give donald trump? >> two years. i want to see big changes in two years. i think he can make that happen. because i think we deserve that. he made all of these promises. >> did he do anything that you wouldn't let your teenagers do? >> um, absolutely. if they were both ideal candidates, and then he said things that i was uncomfortable with, then it would be different. he might have said things that i was uncomfortable with and she did things i was uncomfortable with. >> nicole wallace, charlie sykes. that was north of tampa, florida, correct? >> 40 minutes in florida.
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>> and on display there, the expectations game and the compartmentalization of donald trump. we see it over and over, there's the guy and there's the fact that we need someone who's going to break a little furniture. >> and what's interesting is they were willing to sacrifice so much about the office of the presidency that we find familiar. and that's where this reminded me of brexit. and i know we talked in the days leading up to our election, could happe here? and there's been so much said about how different it was. i was struck after this road trip by how similar it was. we were all viewed as member -- charlie and i as part of the republican establishment, the democrat establishment and the media were all lumped together in the minds of trump voters. and this was a rejection of that entire class of people. >> charlie, back up to what the one woman said. i'll give him two years. that seems, in today's terms, like an eternity. how long do you think he'll have in wisconsin? >> i don't know. nicole's interview are
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fascinating. it was also just kind of almost blind hope. you know, the provex of all of these hopes and dreams on this candidate, you know, like they did eight years ago and four years ago with barack obama, number one, number two, it is not a blank check however. you get a certain level of skepticism, and they want him to deliver on those promises. and considering how vague and maybe unrealistic some of those promises are, with that's going to be a problem. and number three, the takeaway. it's hard to overstate how weak a candidate hillary clinton was and the democrats just essentially seeding these blue collar working class voters and they've done this for some time now and the price they paid for that. to answer your question, i don't know. if donald trump delivers the votes, if jobs come back, i think he's going to be in good shape. it is the economy's stupid if he doesn't, i think a lot of those voters are going to get in touch with inner skepticism that i think they brought to the ballot box about him. >> and nicole, i refer you back
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to the top of our broadcast tonight. your assessment and jeremy's was that this man, 36 hours away from becoming president, will do so with a scandal having already been seeded in advance. we watched the departing president, a 55-year-old two-term president leave an office scandal-free. >> yeah. well, and i think that these voters are -- they are as he sees them. they're willing to forgive a lot of things here in the beginning. when he said that comment that lit all of our hair on fire he could walk out and shoot someone and supporters would still be with him, as long as it was a reporter, that's probably true, the million dollar question is for how long will that be true? because so far, i didn't hear any concern about putin and russia on my road trip, now granted these are his die hard supporters. these are the people that chose him having voted for democrats in the past. they were really drawn to him.
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but, you know, this story isn't going away. this is going -- jeremy has pointed out. this is an investigation being undertaken by career intelligence agencies. and by the congress over which he has no control. >> another break. i wanted to let our audience know that on the other side, we're going to listen to some folks in ohio, we're also going to get an update on george herbert walker bush, 41 and his wife the former first lady, all of it ahead as the 11th hour continues. >> because we have a different viewpoint, because we made a different choice politically, it doesn't mean we're bad people. >> and does the media still get the trump supporter wrong? >> i think they do. i'm an educated white young woman, that did not vote for hillary clinton. and i took that decision very seriously. i thought about it a lot. i prayed about it a lot. and in the end, it wasn't her.
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e. we are back tonight with nicole wallace, and charlie sykes. we have been covering after all this entire season this fairly lopsided election night where the popular vote as has been highly chronicled almost to the tune of three million, went to hillary clinton, the electoral victory, the only game that counts, however, went to donald trump. so we've been doing some electoral forensics, and hearing some voter opinions that we've devoted the second half of tonight's broadcast to. nicole, what was your next stop? >> well, of course i went to ohio because no republican wins without winning ohio, and what was so stunning about ohio is that despite backing the winning candidate, these voters are still mad. talk about life as trump voters. >> hey, if i want something better for our country, call me what you want to. >> just because we have a different viewpoint, because we made a different choice
8:48 pm
politically doesn't mean we're bad people. >> lake county, ohio, may be just 30 ft. collins cleveland, but it's a world away from the big city. home to nearly 200 churches and houses of worship. faith matters here. it's where mor man families like the christiansons -- >> very sacred. >> teach their children about love and respect. a place that voted for barack obama eight years ago, but this time for donald trump. >> i wasn't inviting this person into my home to raise my kids, i was inviting them to, you know, be our head of state, our leader. >> i first met bobby christianson before the election. we came to lake county to talk to women who were struggling with their choices. >> tell me how you get over the character concerns with trump. >> i don't think you get over it. >> i came to see you right after the access hollywood tape had come out. talk about how you processed -- how you accepted his character. >> i talked to my kids about how
8:49 pm
the behavior was unacceptable. how men should be treating women with respect. i hate to say i came to terms with it, i did, i'm not inviting him to teach my kids morals. that's my job. >> we've met up with bobby and some neighbors at popular flaunt town. donna and rick, and john all voted for donald trump. did faith play any role in how you went about making a choice for president this year? >> only from the perspective that i viewed donald trump as a candidate who would protect religious freedom. >> you're all nodding your head. >> that was a huge thing far lot of people. i think people were terrified. >> on sundays this place is hopping with the afterchurch crowd. the owner is a syrian immigrant. >> this community, they will come to me. and they are my family. i have no family over here. tony. >> tony moved here 30 years ago. >> it's a good community. people care about each other and they don't look at people as far as color or religion or race.
8:50 pm
if you're a good person, you will come in the community. >> that also means welcoming all debate at these tables. >> our voters need to be -- they don't need to be locked down completely tight, but they need to be secure. >> so his promise for extreme vetting, you were behind that and behind the wall. do you think we should let anyone in from war-torn syria? >> you know, my heart goes tout syria refugees, and maybe that's my faith speaking, i mean, it tears me up to see the images that i see on tv and the stories of the little children, i think we all have a heart, we to want reach out to people, we to want give to people, we do a lot of good for the world, but to continue doing that, we have to protect ourselves. >> if he sat here today and you were to give him advice for his first 100 days, what advice would you give president trump. >> stick to your word, follow through. >> i would reiterate he needs to stay humble and to listen to the advisors he's putting around
8:51 pm
him. and fully consider what they're saying to him. >> every thought and emotion that comes to the top of his head spills out his mouth. i don't think it's a bad thing. >> i hate to say my expectations for his presidency are low, but i think i'm keeping them low so that if he hits a bar, i can raise my standards a little bit. neither candidate was great, i got the fwhun that i thought was better, now let's see what he does. >> if there's one thing i could say that i would like to see dold trump change, and that's the use of the name-calling. i don't think it really has any place. our country is so divided, we definitely need somebody to lead the way to turn things around. >> do trump vote verse a role in making us less divided? >> i would just hope that every individual that voted for trump, you know, extends a love or a warm inclusiveness. i think that if every trump voter could do that, think about how many there are. i think our country could be much less divided if we stop saying who did you vote for and we're friendly and extended that
8:52 pm
hand. >> nicole wallace remains with us, our favorite quote, will stay humble, as if if that was the go-to position now. do they have anymore patience than the folks in other places? >> to these were republicans. i think they had voted for republicans in the past. and so i think they will have patience with him. but his character and his tweeting bothered these voters. and as much as they like his blunt way of speaking, they do not like the idea that he -- they all said to me, well you worked in the white house, isn't everything checked by a bunch of people? and i said, well that's the normal way, but so far, donald trump isn't doing things the normal way. >> and charlie sykes, here again, what many in fact national media, what a lot of democrats and moderate republicans found absolutely, walk away, disqualifying, these voters were able to excuse and forgive, especially against that
8:53 pm
particular democrat hillary clinton. >> yeah. it was very much a buy their choice. and i heard this over and over and over again, and in fact, it was interesting what one of the quotes that jumped out at me was this issue of religious freedom. and the gentlemen used the word we were terrified. and i don't think that was on a lot of people's radar screens. one of the big puzzles would evangelical christians come around to supporting donald trump, and they did because that issue, which again was not on a lot of people's radar screens, resinated very, very strongly, but again, i'm also struck by the doubts that a lot of these people still have. they that again, did not write out this blank check. and donald trump, you know, is coming into office with all of these questions and these clouds and these issues over him. and yet, i'm not sure that he is taking the steps that he needs to do to reassure people. i mean, people want to believe in him. people want to believe in the american president. so these poll numbers that we're seeing right now are rather
8:54 pm
extraordinary because long tradition in this country of people giving the benefit of the doubt to who is ever coming into office. and i don't think it would take a lot for donald trump to maybe reassure and reach out to these people. even the people who supported him about their doubts. but he just cannot stay off of twitter. can he? >> charlie, the historian michael said last night, this 40% approval rating is on donald trump because most would use this period to make people feel good about their choices or try to lobby them over to their side. charlie sykes, as always, a pleasure, thank you for hanging out and watching with us tonight. we're going to come back with an update considering nicole wallace's many years working for and with the bush family. an update on former president bush 41 and the former first lady. this is the 11th hour.
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with that view of the oval office about to change hands, we're back with an update on a couple that certainly caused a lot of consternation, thoughts and prayers to be sent to houston, texas. george herbert walker bush is 92 years old. his wife, barbara, the former first lady is 91. they have been married a record 72 years. so they're just starting out. especially if you ask them. sadly they are both in the hospital tonight in the same hospital, but undergoing separate treatments. barbara bush for bronchitis, apparently comfortably in check. the former president was
8:59 pm
admitted on saturday. and then took a turn overnight and this morning, he h to be indue baited to allow him freedom of breathing. sedated for that procedure, but he is apparently up and alert and doctors a little more optimistic tonight. nicole wallace has spent so many years around them and years working in their service. what do you know? >> so i heard tonight that mrs. bush was doing better, which was a relief. she went in after he did, and seemed to bounce back a little bit if you can use that term today. he is in a condition that has many of his loved ones and family still going about their lives, george w. bush 43 still plans to attend the inaugural address. i know jeb bush, still keeping up his schedule. so, those are good signs. and those of us that love and adore them are sort of watching the family members like with gps trackers to see if they're going about their lives. we feel like they're going to be
9:00 pm
okay. >> as their aid said today, if you're going to bet against either, you're going to lose money. we to want hear nothing but good news out of houston. thank you, thank you for the entire hour. and your contributions. that is it for our it's called the economic community of western african states. which is really hard to remember. but the economic community of western african states. luckily it has a snappy acronym that's easy to remember. ecwas. ecowas was formed in 1975. it's a regional group and they do fun stuff. they have ecowas games, they do track and field and volleyball, they do handball. it's basically like a subolympic regional multinational sports contest for these west afric


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