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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 17, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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who's next? that will do it for this hour. i'll see you tomorrow from washington, d.c. katy tur is already there in our nation's capitol. good to see you. >> craig cannot wait to see you here. hopefully it won't be raining or windy. thank you for sticking around with me this hour you at home. we are live at the nation's capitol where inauguration fests are fast moving. frump's approval rating is at a record low as the president-elect squares off once again civil rights icon john lewis. and as the list of lawmakers refusing to attend his swearing in only continues to grow.
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will it be trump who turns all this around? can he quiet his critics by delivering on the mountain of promises he made during the campaign? all of this drama unfolding as trump's interior nominee takes the hot seat this hour on capitol hill followed by h pick for education seth. we begin with donald trump entering the presidency as the least popular president in four decades. approval rating is at or no under 40%. john mccain chalks that up to him being unfocused. >> he seems to want to engage with every wind mill that he can find instead of focusing. >> reporter: others chalk it up to lack of outreach. he hasn't picked a single
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democrat for his cabinet. hasn't sat down with hillary clinton to figure out how to connect with her voters. he is and not just fighting with john lewis, he is disrespecting lewis's congressional district, the people, by saying their community is falling apart and crime infested when it is not. as politico put it, donald trump has done more to court vladimir putin than the 74 million americans who voted for other candidates or the tens of millions who did not vote at all. that's part of the reason a growing number of lawmakers say they will sit out this inauguration. >> the inauguration is a way of welco welcoming in someone to the president me and honoring them and respecting them. i don't honor him. i don't respect him and i don't want to be involved with it. >> reporter: joining me i nblz's kristen welk. and live on capitol hill, casey hunt. she is where the hearing for the
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education nominee betsy devos will get underway a little bit later today. kristen let's start with you. trump is brushing off the negative polling. tell me what's going on within the transition. is there some concern about where he stands right now and his ability going forward to unite this country? >> reporter: that's right. donald trump is brushing off those polls, katie, saying they are yet another part of the rigged system. but when you talk to transition officials they stress a couple of points. one, that his inauguration will be focused on unity. that's going to be a big theme that we can expect. and internally, they try to kinds of shift the narrative away from some of what the president-elect has put forward publicly. for example, when it comes to this big rift with the intelligence community, you see president-elect donald trump doubling down. and of course outgoing cia director john glennen slamming
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him overnight hadn his exit interview with the "wall street journal" saying flatly he never leaked any information excoriating president-elect donald trump for some of the comments he made about intelligence commercial including comparing the leaks to nazi germany. privately they say look ultimately the president-elect does havrespect for the intelligence community but it's something that hasn't been reflected in if public comments of the president-elect himself. it's hard to see how he convinces the american public of that. of course katie you know better than anyone this is how he functioned as a candidate. this worked for him. this is what got him to the white house. so the sense he is all of a sudden going to aidan done this posture of constantly being in a state of conflict -- abandon this posture of constantly being
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in a state of conflict is not going to happen. >> is there over there on capitol hill who maybe thinks that donald trump has a point with all of this and this fight actually isn't so much his fault? >> well, katie, senator john mccain did call this a stain on congressman lewis and what he has had to say throughout this. but i think overall people here on capitol hill have tended to be on john lewis's side. and you saw marco rubio for example, introducing him as a speech over the weekend in miami. just having glowing words for congressman lewis and what he has done for the country, what he represents, what he did during the civil rights movement. so i think that there is much more support for congressman lewis over donald trump in this than there is support for donald trump. of course it is driving this boycott that is growing now,
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over 50 house democrats say they will not come to the inauguration at the end of this week on friday. it's -- in many ways it's unprecedented. we do know that lewis of course did not attend george w. bush's inauguration in 2001 over concerns about florida recount and what happened there. there were other democrats as well that joined him in that. but this is a pretty large group, and i think it underscores all of the things that you said at the top of the show, the divisions in this country still so raw. and when you talk to democrats up on the hill, you know, their feeling about donald trump's inauguration is apocalyptic, really, they do not feel this is another -- were it jeb bush, marco rubio, any one of those 17 people that ran against donald trump, i'm not sure you would be seeing the same level of emotion and focus on this. >> talk about betsy devos. she is going to have her hearing later today. you are there.
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what are you expecting to get out of that, any fireworks? >> right, this is the senate health education labor and pensions committee room. it's actual low a really small room even my capitol hill standards. a lot of the other hearing rooms we have seen have been larger. that will do two things from an optic perspective. it one it will limit who is in the hearing room. but two if there are protesters who make their way in here it is very easy to disturb the proceeding. in fact, very difficult, the space is very tight. we have people waiting in line who are wearing t-shirts. she is somebody who definitely generated opposition from activist democratic groups, teachers unions. because she and her husband, billionaires have financed a lot of efforts in michigan around the republican party, around school choice, vouchers, charter schools, thing thatave really generated a lot of optician from public school teachers, public
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school supporters, things around those lines. there have also been questions about the forms she submitted. her hearing was delayed from last week. we don't have her office of government ethics form although the committee has her financial information. i think you can expect questioning awe along those lines? we are her hearing later. we want to show you a live picture of the hearing room for represent ryan zinky. he is the nominee for the interior. he has just walked n. we will keep an eye on that confirmation and the confirmationless coming up. kristen walker at trump tower. casey hunt on the hill thank you as well. meanwhile let's talk more about the democrats who are refusing to show up to donald trump's inauguration. republican congressman chris collins reacted to his colleagues sitting it out earlier today. >> my opinion is what john lewis is doing, he's pouting. he lost. it's like a spoiled child. and we've seen with it the others. they can't get over the fact they lost.
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who do spoiled little kids do? they run around and throw a tantrum. that's what we are seeing. they are pouting. frank lesion it's somewhat enjoyable to watch. >> johning me now the former national spokesman for the ted cruz campaign ron nehring. and former democratic congressman harold ford jr. ron let's start with you because you are sitting next to he moochlt you heard chris collins calling the democrats who are sitting it out spoiled little babies. certainly there is an argument to be made that they are not ding to the attempt to unify this cntry. but what do you think about donald trump? is he doing enough outreach to those voices that don't agree with him, to the voters that did not elect him had. he was not elected by the popular vote. and it was close in the districts where he wound ultimately in the electoral congress. do you think that he needs to do more to potentially lead by example? >> let's look at what happens in 2000 when then governor george
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w. bush did not win the national popular vote. he won the presidency anyway. he moved forward in a way that united the country in the aftermath of 9/11 and ultimately was a successful president who won a second term in 2004. i think leadership has to work in all directions. particularly we have to see the democrats attending the inaugural ceremony. i think that's important because we have to show the world that american democracy works and it's working well on behalf of the people. at the same time i think it's important that leadership run in the other direction as well. certainly we saw right after donald trump's election he met with president obama. he had a lot of nice things to say about the president and so on. we need to have that ability to communicate with people who don't necessarily agree with us in order to move the agenda forward. it's going to be his agenda, but ultimately he has to be involved. >> what is the message that the world is getting right now about politics in this country? >> right now it is a transition. that's the vast majority of the news coming out of this, it's
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process oriented. when the rubber meets the road and we start applying policies so on and so forth. >> is this playing into the narrative of say someone like vladimir putin wants outhere, democracy is not nctional, look at america. >> he wants to create chaos inside of america and inside europe and the european union. that's why it's important for democrats to show up a at the inauguration to show that the process is accepted by all and we are going to move forward. >> harold, what do you think? do you think democrats need to show up for this? do you think the fact of their not going is them sticking to their principles and where they stood in opposition to donald trump during the campaign or is it time to show the international community that despite a very heated campaign americans can get along and they can move on from that? >> to build on your point, katie, the purpose of an
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inauguration i believe is to demonstrate to the country and obviously the world a peaceful transfer of power. and ultimately, that's what an inauguration is about. you like to see your candidate win and your party prevail. if anyone has earned the right to talk about voting and election outcomes and fairness, john lewis has certainly earned it. i probably would have taken a different position but i understand he has the right to make that choice. i do hope that -- if you recall george w. bush he reached out to me and others shortly after the election and after he was sworn in and i met with him along with other groups of democrats probably on four or five different indications. that's a playbook. i hope that president trump takes a page out of that book and reaches out to the john lewiss and others who will not attend and say let's work together. ultimately that's what he is going to be judged on and the members of congress are going to
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be judged on as well. >> w just got sound from congressman lewis who spokeith a colleague of mine. let's listen to what they talked about. >> reporter: today you said you lost all sense of fear in your life. why is that so important when you speak up against anyone, especially in light of the current situation with mr. trump? >> well when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just -- and i saw segregation and discrimination as being unfair. the action of rosa parks, the words and leadership of dr. martin luther king jr. inspired me. and if it hadn't been for dr. king and rosa parks and so many others, i wouldn't be the person that i am today. >> harold, in addition to the john lewis news, we also have a lot of news about donald trump's favorability numbers and the favorability of some of the policies he planning on instituting. he campaigned on repealing
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obamacare. that's no secret. looks like that's what congress is moving to do at this point. but there is a new poll out that shows that 45% of people are for the health care plan, the affordable health care act. only 41% think it is a bad idea. talk to me about whether this administration or republicans in congress are going to see those numbers and think twice. and if they don't, what are the democrats going to do in order to make sure that they, if they can pay for that vote down the line? >> republicans and democrats -- but republicans will have to rencile their outright political desires as they have articulated over the last few years with the reality of people being covered, more people being conferred. and based on that poll and other polls you have a pleuralality of americans who think that before you repeal you have got to reform or replace it. even mr. trump implored them not
11:16 am
to repeal without a reform in place. because there are lives at stake, meaning their people whom are covered, children whom are covered and one of the more pernicious parts of what they tried to do in this house is they rejected a program that would have protected children under the children's health insurance program -- i hope that chris collins who led us into this, he said two weeks ago on -- i hope that ron is right. i hope that w. bush's modelling of working with democrats -- he he worked with teddy kennedy right away on his no child left hyped act. if trump is serious about reforming health care there are a number of democrats who i think would be willing to work with him.
11:17 am
if he is serious and sincere about doing some of these things in a bipartisan way like w. bush was when i was in congress 16 years ago. >> if he is serious, ron, is there a way for them to get it done as quickly as he wants it to get done? he said within weeks? or are we going to see donald trump get frustrated with it? if he does get frustrated, does it matter? it's congress who has to find a bill and live with that bill? >> clearly this is a challenge. obamacare is a multidimensional issue that has to be tackd. one thing that's clear, republicans repeal and it replace it with something else. in terms of the debate that happens in washington it's important for republicans to articulate what we are for, not just what we are against. everyone knows we are against obamacare, repealing it. but what are we for, what does the health care system will be like post obamacare? that is ultimately what's going to draw votes to the replacement. >> that's some of the criticism of the democrats, they have had
11:18 am
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happening on capitol hill right now, trumps pick for secretary of the interior, congressman ryan zinky of montana is before a senate committee for his confirmation hearing. while this is not considered one of trump's more controversial cabinet picks he is expected to take tough questions over his opposition to selling or giving away public lands and his support for the keystone pipeline. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin is accusing the obama administration of trying to unmine donald trump's legitimacy n. a news conference this morning in moscow putin defended trump and trashed the obama team accusing them of trying to set donald trump up for failure. it is the latest example of putin and trump propping each other up. >> response to vladimir putin? where were you going on a friday? >> that right there, president
11:23 am
obama declining to answer questions about putin after surprising outgoing press secretary josh earnest at the regular white house briefing earlier today. the bill neely joins us now from moscow. he was in the press conference with the russian president. bill my question to you is what exactly is vladimir putin trying to achieve here? >> reporter: kate, first of all, he didn't have to say these things. this was a news conference. but he chose to. he chose to defend donald trump. extraordinary that a russian president is riding to the rescue of an american president-elect three days before the inauguration. interesting, too, he didn't use obama's name once. obviously, no love lost still between them. but here's what he said about the obama administration. he said we're seeing a continuing heated political discussion and argument in washington, d.c. even though trump had a conclusive victory.
11:24 am
the aim of that struggle, he said is to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect. to tie donald trump's arms and legs to prevent him from realizing his promises to the american people. that includes improving russian/american relations. and vladimir putin also for the first time went on record on that unverified dossier containing certainly allegations against donald trump which donald trump has vigorously denied. vladimir putin said they were obviously false allegations. and he said the people who spread those allegations are worse than prostitutes. one other thing that was interesting, katie, vladimir putin, in comparing the situation in washington, d.c. today used the analogy of ukraine in 2014. in other words, he's comparing the atmosphere in washington to a coup d'etat or a revolution. vladimir putin saying the obama
11:25 am
administration is trying to unmine donald trump's legitimacy. quite extraordinary, katie. >> bill neely in moscow where he has cleared moved since we've seen him every single day lately over there. meanwhile in washington, d.c. the city is preparing for up to a million people to visit in the coming days for the president-elect's inauguration. that number, including both donald trump supporters and the demonstrators expected to protest the 45th president. nbc's chris jansing is live here in washington for us. chris, what's going on? >> reporter: the skies just opened up and they are hoping that doesn't happen on inauguration day. but we are getting the first look at what just a very few cameras will see. and that is take a look at that podium. that is where dronld j. trump will take the oath of office. history is made at noon on friday. vips will be up here, members of congress, as well as supreme court justices. more vips who will be down there.
11:26 am
but then there will be this expanse of people. 250,000 people that they are going to have ticketed. they think half a million or more may gather on the mall in order to be at least within some proximity of what happens here. let me take you on a little tour, if i can. let's come up here. so this, as we come around, that's where the main cameras will be. you can see that huge super structure that is there. people ask how much is this going to cost? $200 million. some of it is about the money that goes into just making all this happen. the flags are out now. you can see it's all bedecked. but in addition to that, the major amount of money is security. and i just talked to the person who is in charge of all this. there is something called the joint congressional committee on inaugural celebration. and a senator once told me that
11:27 am
his major concern has always been security. that's what the most money is spent on. he is feeling confident right now. everything is in place. one more little thing. when you go up those blue stairs and you see that the plastic is protecting the red curtain that donald trump will walk through, even that walkway has plastic on it. they want to make sure everything is just perfect for friday at noon. >> chris, there is something called perfecting the walk and talk. you do that so well. you have just perfected the art of walking upstairs and talking, the stare master and talk is how i'm going to dub it. chris, thank you so much. >> reporter: i don't need a gym. on a totally different story, and a much more serious subject, the outgoing cia director defending himself and the intel community densz donald trump who continues to doubt the eyes and ears that keep americans safe. next up, has the relationship reached a point of no return? i'll ask former cia director james woolsy. boost
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>> our top five headlines we are watching at this hour, the nation's largest automaker general motors said earlier today it will be investing $1 billion in its u.s. factories. the move is expected to create more than 1,000 jobs. the announce men comes two weeks after donald trump's quote big border tax threat. the president-elect tweeted just last hour, thank you general motors, and walmart for starting the big jobs push back into the u.s. to california, where the wife of the gunman behind florida's pulse nightclub shooting appeared in court today. noor salman faces charges in connection with her husband's rampage that killed 49 people in orlando in june. her attorney claims she had no knowledge of her husband's plans ahead of the attack. an american woman is among those confirmed killed in a shooting in a mexico nightclub
11:32 am
this week. she died when a gunman opened fire at bpm's electronic music festival. turkish officials arrested a suspect in the attack on the istanbulightclub that left 39 people dead. authorities officially suspended the search for malaysian airlines flight mh 370 after three grueling years of searching. efforts to find the plane's black boxes were unsuccessful. the family members of the 239 victims on board are advocating for an extended search. more fuel to the fire between trump and his intelligence community. vladimir putin's comments on the unsubstantiated dossier came
11:33 am
hours after brennan said he was angry when there are allegations about leaking or about dishonesty or lack of integrity that's where i think the line was crossed. a tense haefr. joining me to discuss it former cia director james woolsey who is now the chair of the foundation defense of democracy. jim we were talking during the break. you don't think it was appropriate for director brennan to come out and fire back at donald trump in this way? >> well, he is going to be the president of the united states in four days. and it would seem to me that a less angry response in public would have been far preferable. the state department is apparently having stress and anger management seminars. maybe they need to invite some of the cia people to the state department. >> why is the state department having anger and stress seminars? >> i don't know. i just saw it in the press this morning. it's because really the senior people i think in state and the
11:34 am
cia, most of them, thought they were going to have hillary clinton as their boss, and they liked that idea. and they are having, some of them, a difficult time coming to the terms with the fact that's no not the case. >> talk to me about donald trump, though. he compared the leaks to him living in nazi germany. that is take it pretty far. >> bad call. >> does director brennan have a -- does he not need to respond in order to uphold the reputation of those that he employs, the cia operatives around the world that are working right now? >> i think that's the one thing he could quite reasonably have responded to. but i don't think he is doing a service by getting into the pit and getting angry back. i think he needs to speak respectfully to the soon to be president of the united states. >> jim, you were an adviser on the trump transition up until recently. tell me about the circumstances
11:35 am
surrounding your departure. were they not talking about your opinions and if they were talking to you now, what would you tell and advise donald trump to do? >> i helped with the press appearances and so forth but i wasn't being asked to do anything else. and i was being carried on chirons as an adviser on the transition and i really wasn't advising anybody. i didn't want to fly underal colors so i asked them to remove my name from that list. >> what would you tell donald trump right now that his remarks and relationship with the intelligence community, yes, brennan is outgoing. he is not going to be in charge. but the officers are not political. they are career officers. and is there a feeling among those in the cia that, you know, among those faces that we don't see every day that their new president is not somebody who believes in them or believes in the work they do or the advice
11:36 am
this they gave. >> i think there is anger and difficulty on both sides of this. everybody needs to calm down. they need to get out of the business of talking to the media and the public on this. >> does that include donald trump and his transition. >> they need to talk to one another. >> yes. >> and they need to start working together because they are going to have to run spies for the country and write intelligence al sees for the country. and they need to do a good job. and they need to have the confidence of the president and his near advisors, secretary of state, secretary of defense and so forth. >> are you confident that folks like pompeo and mattis will get the ear of donald trump in an unvarnished way and maybe against the advice of general mike flynn? or do you believe general mike flynn is going to color what they say and ultimately get donald trump to ma a decision. >> i don't think either pompeo or mattis is going to have trouble getting his views through mike flynn or anybody else to the president.
11:37 am
these are extraordinary, very able individuals. i think they were carefully chosen. i think they have very fine reputations for good reason. and i think they will call it the way they say it, which is actually what donald trump toll them to do before the press. he said -- >> are you confident he is going to have a different relationship with the intelligence community once he takes office? say mike pompeo or general mattis or whom ever goes to trump or somebody from the fbi goes to trump and says you know what, the russians do have some information on you. is he going to listen to them going forward now that they are his? >> i think anybody would listen. i was surprised that they went first to members of congress before they went to him. if something comes in that's clearly junk like this stuff was, and you decide that, you know, the president to be needs to know about it because some of it is about him. you go first and foremost privately to him and say look we
11:38 am
have looked at it we know it's junk but you need to know about it. i think you go first to him. i don't know why they would go first to somebody else. >> jim woolsey sporting a very sharp spy jacket. that's what i call it a spy jacket. thank you for being here. enjoy your inauguration week. >> thank you. next up trump's words versus his actions can he walk the walk after all the talk and tweeting. we'll hear from supporters outside the beltway and what they have to say about donald trump's walking the walk and talking the talk. and also what supporters have to say. sorry of mangled that. when you've been making delicious natural cheese
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watry...duo fusiong heartburn relief? duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac it isn't until friday that donald trump takes the oath of office but he is also using the president's bully pulpit to his advantage n. meeting after meeting from civil rights trump has been giving visitors hope for cooperation. >> he is going to represent americans. he said that over and over
11:42 am
again. >> i found it an extremely interesting conversation. and to be continued. >> we had a very productive meeting, very engaged. i really appreciate president-elect's time. >> but that hope doesn't always last. after meeting with mlk's son yesterday trump fired off more tweets against civil rights icon john lewis today. after meeting with al gore days later trump nominated a climate change denier to the ep a. politico's white house correspondent eli soak owes joins me now. we have been talking about this on the campaign trail on and off. how is donald trump going to govern, what does he say in public and what does he do behind the scenes? he seems to be a different guy behind the scenes. that seems to be the case, telling people one thing and doing another. how effective can he keep that going forward is everyone going
11:43 am
to bend to his will? >> i don't think for very long. it serves him well in business. he likes to create the chaos, it works well in his negotiating deals. when you are trying to advance an agenda, which is conflicted, requires buy in from congress, it's difficult if no one knows what where you are going to go. when you look at the meetings he has had over the weekend and you basically district the caucus and the leadership when you say thing about tax reform and about obamacare that run counter to what people on the hill think they have got the president-elect to agree to. it's really confuse. right now there is optimism. there will be a hon o'moon phase where they say he just says stuff and we are not going to take him literally but we are going to hope he is going to pass our legislation, take care of it and he is going to sign it. but if it doesn't go that way i think it's going to be messy. >> how does that happen?
11:44 am
low poll numbers? going up against republican orthodoxy? who is going to take the lead saying no to him if anyone does? >> i think that falls on leadership. i think rank and file republicans are very scared of finding themselves in trump's cross hairs being tweeted about, or opposed. trump has flexed his muscle and the house ethics flat getti republicans to back away from that after he criticized that. nobody wants to pick a fight with him just yet. but i think if there are priorities they all share and they disagree with the president they are going to have those fights. that's going to be an uncomfortable moment for leadership but they are going to do it. trump is driven in poll numbers by success. he doesn't want there to be failure by gridlock not being able to repeal and replace obamacare effectively. i think we will see give and take, too. >> we are getting rained on. i don't know if you can see this on the television but rain is
11:45 am
flying in. folks that don't necessarily agree with him go to trump tower and they all say it was a great meeting. what is going on behind the scenes? why is he feeling people one thing, telling al gore talking about climate change and then going over and nominating somebody who is a denier of climate change for the e.p.a., somebody who is suing the e.p.a.? >> i don't know why. i think a lot of people take the meetings because they respect the office, want to give him the benefit of the doubt. they want to help educate him, bring him around to their view on the policy issues he may not have a background, gritty nuances of the policy and so they want to educate him. i think trump's mo is always to sort of say what he thinks his audience wants him to say. he wants to have a good relationship. he likes people to come away saying nice things about him. but are these substantive conversations that are affecting him? right me would you haven't seen much evidence. >> it begs the question of who
11:46 am
is really in control. nice to see you in person, my friend. now on to our microsoft pulse question, do you believe that the historic wave of support for obamacare will convince republicans to keep parts of the law. 54% of you say no. 46% of you say no. there is still time to vote, go to after the break, an inside look at where trump supporters stand just hours before he takes the oath of office. first our viewers are giving their two cents on the trump administration in a special on line series we call "deer mr. president". >> i think you are a solution to those unheard voices that have been ignored for the last eight years. and i want you to know that we're behind you and we are looking forward to making america great again. and make stuffing from scratch.
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for donald trump hope to see after he's sworn into office this friday? yahoo news sent halle bailey on a cross country road trip to what they called america's forgotten places. she travels from the rust belt to the meks conborder to talk to those who supported donald trump during hess election asking what they hope for in his presidency. first stop, erie, pennsylvania. >> i expect first of all that he is facing more challenges than any president because he is facing such opposition. what do i want? i want to see borders again. i want more of our businesses coming back. >> i'm not optimistic that you can change the world in one day, i hope that 18 months to two
11:51 am
years his policies being implemented and really actually making changes. >> who better to talk about this, than holly bailey, thank you for joining us. you went on this road trip and talked to naldrump's voters. are any of them paying attention to what we pay attention to on a dily basis, what did donald trump tweet, what's going on in his confirmation hearing, who is he picking a fight with today? is that on their radar? >> a little bit but not as much as we would think. mostly they are caring about jobs, caring about donald trump delivering on things he promised, the industry, bringing jobs back to their towns. several we talked to brought up the twitter account and said they wished they would not use it as much but generally the stuff that we are caught up in as the media it's not so much. >> you went to nine places one of them was truth or
11:52 am
consequences which i think is a great name for a town. did any of them see a reason to doubt him before he takes office? were they expecting him to become more presidential as he had promised on the campaign trail? >> i mean that's one of the things that i thought was interesting about this trip is that you and i covered donald trump. we were at these rallies full of tens of thousands of adoring people who seemed to cling on his every word. but one of the things i noticed from talking to people on this trip they realistic about him. they see his tlaus know his flaws and voted for him knowing his flaws including not being very presidential. >> what do they see that the democrats didn't see or those who didn't vote for him didn't see. what do we find appealing or promising that others don't. >> it's funny because we talk about people that supported barack obama in 2012 and 2008, the motivations behind that. >> hope and change. >> yes. and when you talk to people in
11:53 am
the middle of the country, they bring up these terms. hope and change, that's what we see in him. i said that's how they described obama obama. and he said did they? i didn'tnow that. >> his favorability ratings are not good. i know you got back from the trip a couple of weeks ago, but did you see cracks? if he doesn't come up with building a wall, if he doesn't end up banning all muslims from coming in this country. if there are still terror attacks is that going the make them question donald trump? >> i think on some issues, yes. >> what issues? >> jobs. >> jobs? >> that's the one major thing that everybody said, jobs, we need jobs, we need the economy started again. i know that's so vague but that's what they brought up. pocketbook issues like that. and so i mean we mentioned again like the talk about twitter. i mean people were like put that down, we don't want you warring with other people.
11:54 am
we want you focusing on the jobs. i think people gave him leniency on how long they expected him to get something done. they didn't expect it overnight but they do expect it to happen. >> this is a man from yuma arizona. he voted for donald trump but he had some issues about the border wall. >> where trump is going, the word wall bothers me because it's not even partially accurate. it can't be done. uavs, towers, sensors, technology -- that will be the wall. but when you say "wall" to people. and they picture the chinese or the berlin wall. or the israeli wall. now the israeli wall, there's a wall. but that's not going happen in america. we cannot do it. but we do need to scour our border. >> so they took him seriously not literally. >> right. >> not only on what he says on tweets and whatnot but on some
11:55 am
of his campaign promises. that goes to my question about jobs. he often comes out and claims que credit for things he didn't do or claims more credit than he deserves for things. carrier being an example of that. do they see through that? do they see the shades of great there? >> yes. that was one thing that came up. we were traveling around the time that the carrier issue brought up. he went and toured the facility in indiana and someone mentioned that to us. but you know, he said that -- this person we spoke to about it was in candy hook, kentucky, in elliot county, a county that had never voted for a republican since its first election in 1872. and basically he was saying we need our jobs here. they are very practical, more so than i think people would think. >> we'll see how they react going forward. of course donald trump in office officially in just a couple of days. holly bailey from yahoo news thank you for joining me. it helps having a show, your
11:56 am
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thank you. welcome back. this camera. things got little emotional at
12:00 pm
the white house today. it is a reminder that it is not just president obama leaving the white house. his staff is leaving as well. jordan earnest was surprised by president obama crashed his press conference to thank you him for years of service. >> this guy ranks as high as just about anybody i've worked with. he is not only a great press secretary but more importantly, he is a really, really good man. >> that does it for me this hour. thank you so much for joining me. coming up next, kate snow, who is with me right now. indicate, kate. >> hey katie, nice to see you. welcome to rainy washington wash. a beautiful view as the bells toll. i am kate snow. i think i'm on this camera. we are on our perch on north capitol street just blocks from the cop toll dome. three days out from the inauguration. three stories right now. we are following the latest on explosive comments


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