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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  January 17, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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at this very moment, vice president elect mike pence on his way here to capitol hill for meetings. that said, that es it for us this hour for msnbc live. i'm going to throw it to my colleague tamron hall in new york. >> right now we have breaking news out of the kremlin. russian president vladimir putin just this morning coming to donald trump's defense implying the obama administration has undermined trump's legitimacy, even saying those who have spread what he calls false reports about the president-elect are, quote, worse than prostitutes. and here in the united states a growing opposition to trump, john brennan blasting the president-elect again for his criticism of american intelligence agencies and warning that the incoming president has no idea how dangerous russia really is. this happening three days from
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the inauguration. and the new occupant or soon to be occupant of the white house could start off at odds with the cia. and now more than 40 members of congress are now refusing to attend the presidential inauguration. we'll speak with one of those protesting, congresswoman maxine waters. >> the breaking news to report this hour, explosive comments from russian president vladimir putin purporting to suggestion the obama administration is trying to undermine president-elect trump. saying russia has a dossier to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect, despite his, quote, convincing victory. also breaking the feud between the president-elect and the intelligence community
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escalating with cia director john brennan slamming trump for suggesting that he leaked the unverified russian dossier. brennan in an interview denying that allegation. he goes on to say "tell the families of though 117 cia officers who are forever memorialized on that wall of honor who gave their lives were akin to nazis. we have all it have covered with two correspondents on the ground. we start off with bill neely at tr and we'll go to kristen welker at trump tower in a moment. >> tamron, pretty extraordinary
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comments from vladimir putin and pretty extraordinary that he is rushing to donald trump's defense. putin did not name president obama. remember, there's no love lost between them whatsoever. but what he did say is that we're seeing a heated political struggle continuing in washington, even though the election is over and it resulted in donald trump's convincing victory. so what's going on,sked vladimir putin. he said the aim of this struggle is to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect, tie his hand and feet and prevent him from realizing his promises to the american people, including improving russian american relations. here's what he said in detail. have a listen. >> translator: people who order such false statements that are now being spread to compromise the newly elected president of the usa fabricate this many and use them in their political struggle, those people are worse
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than prostitutes. don't have any moral boundary. we, russia, deal with such people on a regular basis, but the fact that it's being used against a newly elected president makes it a unique event. this hasn't happened before. it indicates a significant level of degradation of the political elites in the west, including the u.s. >> so mr. putin rising to president-elect trump's defense and comparing what's going on in washington today to the events in the ukraine, in order, a revolution and attempted coup. pretty strong words. >> very strong words. let's go to kristen welker at trump tower. >> all of the backlash directed at congressman lewis, he's back on social media attacking
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congressman lewis. >> reporter: he sure is, tamron. this is a war of word that's escalating. it started when congressman john lewis told our chuck todd he doesn't see president-elect trump as a legitimate president because of russia's attempt to interfere in the u.s. election. there's been a big back and forth between them and their supporters over the past two days. now this is the latest from the president-elect tweeting "john lewis said about my inauguration, it will be the first one that i missed. wrong (or lie), he boycotted the inauguration of bush 43.
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and a statement by the office of representative john lewis was released. this feud continues to bubble up, tamron. there's a broader point here, which is that now about 40 democrats are joining congressman lewis saying they're going to boycott the inauguration as well. and it underscores the fact that president-elect trump has had challenges in terms of reaching out to the african-american community. we saw that during the election, but also in terms of unifying the country more broadly. and we're getting new poll numbers today. a newcnn/orc poll shows his approval rating at 40%. that's really an historic low. he's dismissing those polls saying they're rigged. but i think even he would acknowledge he's got real work
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to do when it comes to unifying this country just three days before the inauguration. >> and this put focus on what we're hear from the president-elect, it's always a clearly speech here but given this escalation with john lewis, the cia director the laundry list of wars verbal going on with this president-elect, but when people hear the word polls, they cringe. what do we know about what type of speech he plans to give? >> reporter: when i talked to inauguration officials, they stress one point, tamron, that the theme of this inauguration is going to be about unity. so i would anticipate we're going to hear a lot about that in president-elect's speech. he's going to talk about his plans to try to bring this
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country together. again, that is one speech. the broader question is what actions will he take. so far we haven't seen him appoint, bring in really a number of democrats into his cabinet. we saw that with of course president obama when he took office, he did reach out to republicans and try to bring them into the fold. try to get their input in terms of his transition. and so i think moving forward that is going to be the question, that will be what we're watching for, to what, tent does he start inviting these people who disagree with him to the white house to meet with him, get their counsel on how to bridge the deeply divided nation that he's about to become the president of, tamron. >> thank you very much, kristen. i'd like to bring in for more perspective of what's happening with incoming president, a former agent and author of "how to catch a russian spy." thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you. >> i always like to get a gut
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reaction from people. what is your gut reaction today from what you've heard? >> tamron, i spent over three years working undercover for the fbi. you know, i trusted these agents with nothing short of my life and my family's life. i don't think i made a sort of knee-jerk reaction to do so. and, frankly, it bothers me very much to see these people who i justed with nothing short of my life are being cast aside and having their loyalty questioned. it is very disheartening. we're not talking about senior people. we're talking about the rank and file. i know the intelligence world is one that is often not exposed by the virtue of what it does and nonetheless, these people are true professionals. and i think it is unfortunate. >> for clarity, i believe and i
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think most people believe no agency is above questioning and every agency should be challenged and there are people who make bad decisions deliberately or by mistake. donald trump's first accusation toward the intelligent department or agency was bringing up the weapons of mass destruction. that was his point at the time in trying to justify some of this. so we'll set aside that we always know that any agency can be questioned. how he's doing it here, going after the outgoing cia director and accusing him of being the leak of this information, is there anything that you can compare it to that you experienced while with the fbi, with the leader of this country or even a lawmaker for that matter, a member of congress? >> you know, after becoming a double agent, i was lucky enough to take commission of the united states navy and become an intelligence officer.
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i've seen two perspectives in this world. the role of intelligence is not to make decisions, rather it's to take unfiltered data, intelligence if you will, analyze it and inform a decision-maker so that he or she can then in turn make an educated decision. intelligence is not meant to be biased. there are people who have an agenda in politics of urse. in some casesnfortunately it enters in this. but the core of what every intelligence officer strives to do is present leadership with that clear prism of saying this is what the intelligence is saying is happening. what you decide to do with that is up to you but i want you to be informed. when you dismiss that, it goes at the heart of what our intelligence community is meant to do. zpluf know the story during the election there was report that rudy giuliani somehow had been privied information from agents allegedly out of the new york office. none of that was confirmed. at this point, knowing what you know and i'm sure you still have
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friends in the agency and intelligence community, are you confident they've not allowed themselves in some way to be pulled into this partisan environment and while may not be responsible for these words from donald trump, a part of the climate currently that we're seeing? >> it's a great question. just as a caveat, it important to separate the two functions of the fbi. there's a criminal side, which is the one investigating hillary clinton's e-mail server and then there's the counterintelligence side, which is more under the direction of national security. the word is always compartmentalization. look, i can't say that politics is not going to creep into this. clearly at a soenior level i think it would. it's like the street cop. we're talking about the average run of the mill intelligence folk who make up these people.
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it's important not to denigrate the people that are actually doing the work. when you go after brennan, you also denigrate the rank and file. >> thank you very much. we really appreciate you joining us. now, congresswoman maxine waters, part of the house democratic leadership, she is among at least 45 democrat beic house members who now say they will boycott president-elect trump's inauguration. you walked away from the microphone saying "i have no confidence in the director." when you see what's happening from the cia chief, brennan, how do you describe what we're experiencing three days before this inauguration which you will not be attending? >> let me say i think as i've
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been listening to you this morning, you have concluded that people have a right to question these intelligence agencies and i agree that people have a right to question and i've questioned the cia in the past, et cetera. however, there's a pattern here. donald trump, first of all, have defended russia every opportunity that he has had to do that until he was backed up against the wall and forced through a briefing to say, well, in so many words i guess they are responsible for the hacking. putin comes out this morning and he defends trump and he says that they are simply trying to deem that his election is illegitimate. these two just wrap their arms around each other, they defend each other. even trump is saying that when he is elected, when he's sworn in as president, that he's going to lift the sanctions on russia
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that was placed on russia by president obama. so i think it's time for us to stop picking around the edges about donald trump and putin. they're in the bed together. and for whatever reasons, they've decided that he's going to deal with putin, that he's going to believe putin, he's going to put aside the fact that putin is responsible for killing innocent children and civilians in syria and that he blanket bombed those children and he doesn't care what putin is doing. somehow we're going to have better relations with them. so i trust what the intelligence agencies are saying. first of all, they said they have confidence that what they have discovered about him and the hacking is real, it is true, they did it and he begrudgingly had to agree. so wheth you talk about whether it is comey or brnan
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or whomever, these people now have been involved in this long enough. these intelligence agencies have drilled down and i think they have to drill down even further and i trust they have come up with describing the role that the russians have played, that trump as played in this interference in our elections and they still are going to have to deal with more. i want to know, for example, manafort, i want to know what role he's played in this press and everybody else has to drill down on this. he left the campaign because it was discovered he had a contract, he'd been involved with the ukraine. >> a legislator with discovered with an alleged payment to him. >> i think we have to drill down more and find out exactly what he or i think it is flynn, what
8:17 am
his role has been. flynn has been connected to this false and scandalous news that they put out about people, that they put out about hillary clinton. they've discovered he's made telephone calls to the russian ambassador and i think about five times on the very day -- >> on the day that the sanctions were announced. >> that's right. that's right. so it's a lot here. it's a lot to be investigated. woe need to go further and trip -- >> so was your decision to skrip the inauguration the result of the attack on cgressmanewis orhe result of the briefing? >> let me tell you, after i discovered who trump was and the way he conducted himself, i was never going to go to the inauguration. i never planned, i never contemplated even going near any of those activities or those events.
8:18 am
i don't like the way he has, you know, misled people, the way he has lied, i don't like the way he has disparaged folks, i don't like the way he mimicked and mocked a disabled man, the way he talked about women and grabbing their private parts. so there's nothing about him that i would want to be involved with. certainly the inauguration is a way of welcoming in someone to the presidency and honoring them and respecting them. i don't honor him, i don't respect him and i don't want to be involved with him. >> going back to russia's interference in our election and some of the things that you said at the beginning of this interview, your concerns about russia and its influence and vladimir putin, we reported it is very -- you're hard pressed to find donald trump saying harsh words about vladimir putin as he has said about a laundry list of agencies and individuals, whether they are
8:19 am
lawmakers or the family members, the gold star family members. in his past you can find criticism of russia, including support for sanctions, not wle he was running for president. with that id if what you are saying and what you believe you've heard from your briefings and information you're privy to, is he a danger given these allegations of his connections to russia, setting aside party, is he a danger? >> i believe that trump is a danger. i believe that he wants to tighten and build up his relationship to russia for whatever reasons. what we've discovered, despite the fact that he said, quote, i have no business with russia, he tried to make us believe that he had no business and he was not interested in any business. only to discover over 37 efforts have been put forth where he tried to do business with russia and it hasn't worked out for
8:20 am
whatever reasons. the other thing is even though it is not verified, we are told that there is a dossier that was put out by a well-known spy out of london who have revealed some things about what the russians are holding over the head of trump. and i think that our intelligence agencies need to drill down on that, they need to look into it, they need to see if there's any truth to it because if it is, it is very dangerous for russia to be able to blackmail trump at any given time if in fact they have the kind of information that's being alluded to. >> i have to again say the trump campaign denies its existence and russia says they don't have it as well, these are all
8:21 am
allegations at this point. thank you, congresswoman, for your insight io possibly more what we will see. thank you. >> you're certainly welcome. thank you. next up, we're going to go to capitol hill. the senate is set to grill two more cabinet picks today. and we'll have a look at inauguration preparations in washington. thousands are expected to ascend on the capitol to support the president-elect and thousands more expected to protest. but first, general motors is promising more jobs and investment right mehere in the u.s. we'll have details on where the money is going. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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welcome back. general motors says it will add more than 1,500 jobs and invest more than $1 billion in u.s. factories. president-elect trump has criticized the company in the past for importing cars from
8:25 am
mexico, two weeks ago tweet, "general motors is sending mexican made model of chevy cruze to u.s. car dealers tax free across border. make in usa or pay big border tax!" . the car giant currently imports more vehicles from mexico than any other automaker. and two more of president-elect trump's candidate nominees face confirmation hearings this afternoon. his pick for education secretary, betsy devos, also interior secretary ryan zinke. it seems obviously the one getting the big headline is
8:26 am
today'scation secretary nomination. >> reporter: that's right. it's controversial for a number of reasons. betsy devos and her husband are billionaires and they have been very involved in education policy in their home state of michigan, and they have focused quite a bit on charter schools and voucher rules, school choice essentially, and that has drawn a lot of anger and opposition from teacher unions, particularly those advocates for public schooling. we've heard them speak out very strongly in opposition to betsy devos. there have also been questions about her financial paperwork. a lot of these nominees have very complicated financial lives. there were some paperwork delays that caused the hearing to be delayed. we still don't have her ethics form available on the public web site for the office of government web site. we do have paperwork available
8:27 am
for mr. zinke, whose hearing is also today. he's considerably less controversial. >> we just lost our connection. looks look we've had a bit of a technical issue. we apologize for that. we'll have more on these confirmation hearings throughout the day on msnbc. next, we'll see how the capitol city is preparing for friday's inauguration. what businesses are doing to prepare as people come there to support the president-elect and others to protest. >> mr. trump, i wonder if you realize the impact that your presidency will have on the average person in the street or if you care. >> at first i wasn't crazy about you but as time wt on, i thought you said everything that i believe in.
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just three days until president-elect donald trump is sworn into office, and not only is the capitol getting a makeover but hotels and businesses throughout the city are preparing for friday. during this busy week in washington, some hotel stays cost more than $60,000 chris jansing is following all the preparations. chris, that is a huge price tag. i'm sure most people who just heard it cannot relate. i'm also seeing reports -- i don't know why i put it in there -- i'm also hearing at least anecdotally that some of the hotels have not been sold out. is that the case? >> reporter: well, we're hearing that as well. in fact, there aren't as many balls this year. that might be part of it. but, look, the $200 million event is going to be seen by tens of millions of people on telesion. i'm standing on the east steps
8:32 am
of the capitol. it's the west steps of the capitol where the president-elect will take the oath of office. he'll have lincoln bible and his bee bible given to him by his mother as a child. and after that is over, the first family and former first family, the two couples will walk through the capitol, through the bronze doors none -- known as the columbus doors or rotunda doors. the obamas broke with history in 2009. they didn't stop at the top of those steps. they came over here because that's where the helicopter will be waiting to take them, some people are saying, not just to andrews faceboair force base bu palm springs but the obamas to show respect to the bushes walked them to the doors of the
8:33 am
helicopter. you've heard president obama talk often about how appreciative they were, frankly, about the way the transition was handled then. at that point there will be essentially the first job of the commander in chief. he and melania will go back up on the landings of the east stairs and representatives of all of the different branches of the service will march past them and he'll come down and get in his limousine. the parade also expected to be shorter. i'm hearing they'd like to make it about 90 minutes. some of them have been as long as four hours. all of this will happen rain or shine, unless there's some sort of dangerous weather. that has happened before when it was dangerously cold. there is in the forecast, just for anybody who is coming, bring your umbrella, a little bit of rain, at least as meteorologists
8:34 am
are looking at it now. >> our darling friend al roker will be there with you on friday, has definitely warned you need rain gear. the first inauguration of barack obama, remember how cold that was? it was freezing. i ended up with a bronchial infection. in addition to trump supporters descending on washington, d.c., tens of thousands of protesters expected. inauguration security expenses are expected to exceed $100 million. cal perry has been speaking to some groups who are planning to protest. cal? >> reporter: it's har to say exactly how many protesters will be in town on friday, but one sort of indication we have is through the national park service. they say 22 groups have put in
8:35 am
for permits. that is an increase of more than ten groups. we saw about a dozen groups four years ago and eight years ago. now, one of the groups that is more vocal than the rest, disrupt j-20. they say they're going to grind the city to a halt on friday, literally putting themselves into the street, their rhetoric fairly bombastic about the trump administration, take a listen to what the organizer said. >> it's an issue -- [ inaudible ]. >> we want to set a tone of resistance for the coming year. we know we need to monitor the trump agenda every day, every week, every month for the coming years. >> reporter: officials have said they're prepared for any
8:36 am
protests. this is an administration that comes to power with one of the lowest approval ratings of any administration in history and we have the very large march scheduled for the day after the inauguration on saturday. 200,000 people have rsvp'd saying they're coming to washington, d.c. to march for women's rights. >> the wife of the orlando pulse night club shooter is said to appear in court within the next hour. we'll have the latest on the charges against her and what her defense is saying today. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. new details on the charges against the orlando night club shooter's widow. that tops our stories around the news nation this morning. noor salman, wife of omar mateen will appear in oakland in the next hour. this is video of her being arrested last night in san francisco. her husband killed 49 people in the shooting at the pulse night club in orlando back in june of last year. the indictment against her just
8:40 am
unsealed indicates she knowingly -- alleges that she knowingly aided and abetted mateen's attempt to help isis and also accuses her of misleading the fbi and fort pierce police department to prevent them from communicating information relating to the shooting. salman was arrested monday. her attorney said she had no knowledge of the attack and said she could not have predicted mateen's plans ahead of the shooting. there's no evidencethatisis is directly involved or directed the attack. on to turkey and police in that country have arrested the suspect in the new year's attack on a night club in istanbul that left 39 people dead and 69 injured. turkish officials released this photo of the suspect bruised and bloodied. he was arrested in a raid yesterday in an istanbul apartment. after three years authorities have officially suspended their search for malaysian airline
8:41 am
flight mh-370. teams scoured a 46,000 mile section of the indian ocean but efforts failed to turn up the fuselage or black boxes. 239 were on board. a group advocating families of the missing continues to vaekt f -- advocate for the search. >> coming up, we'll hear from a group and what they want from this new administration. why do some cash back cards
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"how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. welcome back, everyone. president-elect donald trump has said he wants to make a peace deal with israeli and palestinians and attending the inauguration will be a group of leading israeli settlers. msnbc matt bradley joins me with more on tel aviv and the impact.
8:45 am
break down why this is so important for their attendance and potentially conversations following. >> reporter: what this shows, tamron is actually donald trump is picking sides. he's wants to make a deal that would bring the palestinians or israelis together, or says he does, but he's already aligned himself with the far right of the israeli political spectrum. just in the twilight weeks of the obama administration, the obama administration made the unprecedented step of abstaining from a resolution that harshly criticized settlement in the west bank, which everyone in the community almost entire live agrees is major threat to the so-called two state solution. we spoke with the mayor of a settlement in the west bank, and he's one of the leading delegates who will be attending the inauguration on friday on behalf of the israeli settlers. here's what he had to tell us.
8:46 am
>> the current administration, the one that is just elected, i don't have to take the time to tell them what the previous administration wasn't willing to hear. >> as you hear in the background, that's a settlement expansion. 16,000 people will be housed in that small settlement outside of the barriers of the 1967 borders of israel. that's a major step and donald trump has already shown by this move with the inauguration and by the appointment of david friedman as his envoy to israel, he's on the side of the settlers. >> thank you very much. and back here donald trump is suggesting he'll make a deal with russia over nuclear weapons. he's considering reducing sanctions against the country in exchange for reduction of nuclear arms. but will trump have the power to lift those sanctions when he takes office? msnbc chief legal correspondent
8:47 am
ari melbourne joins us. to an international issue of peace to an international issue certainly and how ramifications of war could impact this administration, if it gets to this p-- that. >> carrots and sticks, barack obama used that a lot. a lot of this was done through the unilateral executive power of the presidency, meaning no congress, you don't even necessarily need other countries. barack obama unveiled four executive orders with sanctions against russia around the whole crimea battle that people remember back in 2014 and a fifth executive order regarding of course the election-related hacking as found by the intelligence agencies. donald trump can wipe all of those right off the books if he wants and this will be an important thing to watch because on friday the hypotheticals end, he will be the president and he'll have to make decisio. if he does want to changehe approach to russia and say he
8:48 am
wants a different route hereby can do that. if he doesn't, i want to be clear, then these sanctions the obama administration put in place will automatically continue through their legal authority in the treasury department. >> he's already again -- will the situation change once he's sworn in? none of us know the answer to that, but he has made statements about each one of these deals and the sanctions. >> absolutely. and the orders you have up on the screen there are basically authority that the president used, president obama, to say we are going to limit economic activity with russia, we are going to make them pay, we are going to make them hurt, people may remember they resulted in the expulsion of diplomats and in the crimea and ukraine area, they limited financial support and other things. that's why treasury is involved. if you leave it on auto pilot and donald trump doesn't bring in the lawyers and diplomats in to make chianges, that will
8:49 am
continue. i'm going to tell you legally a tweet cannot undo an executive order. if donald trump continues to talk tough and say he wants to change things in one place with words but not actually do it, we'll know. we can monitor whether these orders change. that's where the rubber will hit the road. >> going back his tweets to the teams he's assembled around him, what indicators do we have out there that what he has said is the opposite? he said he's going to take on these executive orders and lift the sanctions? >> you make a fair point. the indicators are that he's going to do that. that's all on russia and ukraine. >> he said the iranian deal is the worst deal ever and he's going to throw the deal out. >> we heard from the iranian president just really within the last hour some pushback on that saying we'll see what's going to happen. that is another area where that was not a treaty. that was not ratified by congress. if donald trump wants to, he could cut the iran deal unilaterally, the sanctions from
8:50 am
other countries, though, would be up to them. >> ari, thank you very much. up next, our daily briefing we'll be right back.
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we're back in our daily briefing on politics where our team is naming names going through everyone president-elect trump criticized since winning the election in november. joining me is mark murray, nbc newsenior political editor. this is not an exercise in listing a bunch of names. why is this relevant going into this inauguration? >> i think it's relevant because it puts into context the approval ratings for donald trump as he goes into the inauguration friday, polls that have his approval rating in the low 40s, 40% by cnn, by "the washington post" and abc news and one of the reasons why he's been attacking his opponents and a lot of people. let me list you some of the targets that come from donald trump's twitter feed. this is put together by the great team at the "meet the press" but it ranges from the "new york times" and airline maker boeing to the cast of
8:54 am
"hamilton" "saturday night live" to chuck jones, a local union official, nbc news of course, president obama, chuck schumer, we'll throw in hillary clinton, arnold schwarzenegger, meryl streep, john lewis of course that came out friday and over the weekend and the u.s. intelligence community, which ended up receiving a huge rebuttal that they had a very big rebuttal to donald trump and his criticisms. >> and i saw a tweet from you just now about the new poll numbers that you're not going to be able to reveal but you say it shows a fascinating look at health care and the battle over what the peal replace and things that go along with that. >> in five minutes we'll have "wall street journal"/nbc news poll numbers, republicans are starting to repeal parts of it and not only on the health care law but poll numbers about donald trump approval rating, we'll look into russia, a whole
8:55 am
host of issues, so the first numbers are coming out momentarily, the rest of this afternoon and into tomorrow morning. >> mark, thank you so much. we'll see you tomorrow. thank you. we'll be right back. grid every day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. it's going to cause a lot of problems. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double. we're not professional liathletes... ...but that doesn't mean we're giving up.
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thank you so much for watching this hour of "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, "andrea mitchell reports." >> and thank you, tamron. right now on a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports," live from capitol hill, blowback, the cia chief firing back at donald trump, slamming the president-elect for suggesting that he leaked those unverified russian blackmail reports and for making this comparison last week. >> i think it was disgraceful, disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out. i think it's a disgrace and i say that, and i say that, and that's something that nazi germany would have done and did
8:59 am
do. >> from russia with love. today russia's president vladimir putin coming to trump's defense, calling that 35-page report a hoax and blaming president obama for allegedly trying to undermine the incoming trump administration by spreading fake news. >> flld fvladimir putin's prior are to restore the russian empire. that's not the united states of america's priorities so that's why i don't think you can work with him. >> and popularity contest. we'll unveil new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll numbers on obamacare. what it could mean for republicans fighting to repeal and replace. >> our entire premise has been we want to give people access to affordable coverage regardless of whether you have a preexisting condition or not. we'll make sure the rug doesn't get pulled out from under people and that' something we want to make very clear. good day everyone. i'm andrea mitchell on capitol
9:00 am
hill. vladimir putin on offense, firing a parting shot at president owe ba marx while pulling donald trump closer in their strange international bromance reaching a whole new level. putin came to trump's defense accusing the obama white house of trying to undermine mr. trump and stating that individuals who created that 35-page dossier of unverified allegations against trump were "worse than postfutures." putin's comments come in the midst of a public battle between trump and cia director john brennan over who leaked that dossier and one week after trump told reporters he considered the russian president viewing him favorably as an asset not a liability. joining me is kristen welker outside trump tower and bill neely in moscow. donald trump saying on twitter he's going to keep his twitter account and continuing to escalate the feud with the cia,


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