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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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post-inauguration is what people are looking for and whether or not we'll see a different side of him. >> it's doing to be extraordinary week. so we'll see how it goes. >> yeah. i'm hopeful for friday. >> still in the air. >> i'm hoping he's inclusive. >> twitter account be active during -- >> oh, my gosh. so many questions. all right. i think senator john mccain was the highlight and the low light of the show today. that does it for us this morning. stephanie picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika. donald trump twitter, never heard of it. hey, there. look where i am, live right here in washington, d.c. where in three days, three days, right behind me, donald trump will be sworn in at the 45th president of the united states. but the thomorning there is a l happening. massive boycott taking place, moving 40 democratic lawmakers now ditching the inauguration completely in a protest. >> some of us who will be working to try to resist the agenda that president-elect trump put forth, one that's divisive based on bigotry.
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>> as more cabinet nominees are getting grilled on the hill. his pick for educaon sretary is set to come under some serious fire. >> it's time to make education great again in this country. >> betsy devos, is he a disrupter of destroyer of the public school system? and hitting back hard. the head of the cia blasting the president-elect in a new interview say hg we crossed a line and disgraced the memory of those who lost their lives in the agency. we have got the latest. and breaking this morning, the trump effect, general motors announcing right now they are putting a billion bucks into manufacturing in the u.s. this is just two weeks after donald trump called them out for sending jobs overseas. we have so much to cover. we're going to kick it off though with that growing list of lawmakers completely skipping friday's inauguration at the last count there was at least 44 democrats all from the house who say they will not attend trump's swearing in. nearly 20% of all the democrats
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in congress have officially joined this boycott. i want you to take a look at this. just three days before his inauguration look at this number. a pair of polls have found that donald trump has just a 40% approval rating. that is far below every other recent president on the eve of their own inaugurations. we have all of this to break down. what does it all mean? you're in luck, we have the best team of reporters and a fantastic panel to discuss it all. i want to take you first t. kristen welker at trump tower. what is donald trump saying about this? we have defector, we've got polls. he can't like it. >> he's firing back, steph. not surprisingly, on twitter. let me read you what he tweeted out just moments ago about these new polls which show him at an historically low approval rating. he says the same people who did the phony election polls that were so wrong are now doing approval rating polls p they are rigged just like before. one thing we know, steph, is that president-elects donald trump has always hit back against these polls and so have
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his supporters. this moment no. different with just three days before his inauguration. he's trying to change the narrative about these polls which are casting a little bit of a cloud over his swearing in, steph. >> i do remember during the primary he was pointing to polls for us when they were in his favor. sort of depends. i want to talk though about cia director john brennan. things are getting aggressive between the two of them. >> they are. and i think it underscores this unprecedented moment where you see these tensions between an incoming commander in chief and the intelligence community he's about to lead. out going cia director john brennan slamming the president-elect in his exit interview in the "wall street journal" categorically denying that he is responsible for any leaks. remember, the president-elect accused him of potentially leaking information. and let me read you what he had to say about the fact that the president-elect has called in to question some of their latest intelligence. he says, we don't expect our
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information and our assessments to be swallowed whole. it's when these are allegations made about leaking or about dishonesty or lack of integrity. that's what i think the line is crossed. so really a blistering exit interview from the outgoing cia director. you have a number of experts really calling on mr. trump to try to bridge this divide with his intelligence community. they say this is a matter of national security, steph. >> all right, thanks, kristen. i'm not just excited this morning to be here in d.c. i am super excited about this panel. cokie roberts, veteran journalist, syndicated columnist and senior news analyst for npr and author, you better get this book if you've got kids "ladies of liberty," the women who shaped our nation. and ron plain former chief of staff to joe biden. i want to start with these polls. does donald trump have an argument to make here? saying, fine, 40%. whatever. did you see the polls a few months ago? you all had it wrong.
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>> of course he's got an argument to make. and the truth is as you said at the beginning, in couple of days he will be right there taking the oath of office. and so polls shmolls. he will be the presidented. and is it tough to go in with these kinds of numbers, yes. is he the kind of person who cares much about it? no. >> but does he need to? because he's also got a bunch of congressmen under him and they need to get reletted in a couple of years and he needs them to stay on his team. >> donald trump is coming to office with the most negative approval of any president. compare it to george w. bush who also had a very contested, hard fought election. i was part of that battle fighting against him and yet he had 20 points more in approval. here's why i think it matters. i think all this talk, he's been tweeting and fighting -- >> he has? >> yeah. the entire transition. but on friday he becomes president. he has to get things done. and if the country is against him he's going to find it very hard to get things done. he's running into problems even with his own party on things like obamacare, some of the
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nominees. if he's not a popular person he's not going get things done on capitol ll. >> whose job is it to bring people together? to your point xwoernlg bush may have had a contested election but he met with al gore. donald trump, is it his job to bring the country together or all of these democrats who are boycotting? >> no, it's his job. he's the leader and it's his job to do it. and his meeting yesterday with martin luther king iii was a good thing to do. the truth is these polls are very partisan. if you separate them out and you look at his approval rating among republicans he's doing fine. and that's who he has to do business with on capitol hill. the democrats are not going to support him no matter what. >> is that the case? does he just have to keep his party happy? or does he have to lead the country? when you look at what he's doing with john brennan right now you scratch your head and say does this guy not need to work with the intelligence agencies? >> look, i do think that it's incumbent on any president to try to bring the country together. and he hasn't done that. he promise onds election night he would be a president for all people and then he spent virtually every single day in
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the transition attacking a different person. in the past 24 hours he's attacked two people who all they share in common is their first name is john and they're great patriots. john lewis and john brennan. two great american icons, two men who have given their lives for this country, served this country and president-elect spent three days before his inauguration attacking them. that's not the way the president should act. >> that's right. that's right. >> john mccain might need to run for cover then because great american also named john. >> exactly. and the question of the intelligence community is a serious one. he cannot operate as president without the support of and his support for the intelligence community. and what john brennan said ability looking at that wall at the cia, which is really something when you're there, to see all of the people who are unknown because they did it in secret for the most part, giving their lives for this country and to denigrate them is basically
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what trump was doing. and that is -- that is really is serious problem for an incoming president. >> i want to talk about something that's known, a pr opportunity that general motors is taking. they got big news today. gm is planning to add more than 1,000 jobs right here in the u.s. we are expecting a formal announcement any moment. sources are told our colleagues at cnbc these jobs are part of a billion dollar investment in gm facilities in the u.s. the company is one of several automakers. this happened just a couple of weeks ago. president-elect donald trump has targeted them, criticize themd for building vehicles in mexico. i want to bring in a dear friend of mine from bloomberg economics. brendan, do you know he was going to do this anyway. >> i mean, yes. that's the question with all of these announcements. wa it going to happen anyway without donald trump? but you have seen this shift in rhetoric. if we're just talking about the money. a billion dollars gm was planning on spending $9 billion on capital expenditures. that's a great percentage of what they were going to do.
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but these jobs that they're creating that they say they're keeping in the u.s., you know, you and i have done jobs day before. a good economy, having a long creating growth, 150,000 jobs created a month. right? so it's not that significant. what i think is hamming is we are watching a negotiation play out in public. these companies are saying okay, you can have your announcement and press release. in return we get a chip to redeem later. see you in february. >> that's another thing that donald trump has going for him coming into office. in our abc poll, 51% said the economy was good or great. and we haven't seen numbers like that since 2006. so the fact is that puts people in a much better mood and they think -- they'll start to say it's -- he did it. >> the rhetoric does create some things. >> you can say he did it. look at the small business confidence numbers. biggest leap since 1980. nothing he did in campaign that directly affects small business but they see something that we don't.
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they feel confident, that means something. >> what they see is the fibal months of the obama presidency, a track record that's worked, policy that's successful. i don't think you can drif donald trump credit for what's happened. by the way, in an economy he ran down. look, i think the real challenge is what brennan said earlier. you need 150,000, 200,000 jobs. he's not going to get i through the pledging events with individual companies making promis. he has to put in place economic policies. that's what barack obama did. >> barack obama did not have that pr machine behind him. what donald trump does do is communicate this and the idea that people will have less regulation, whether they will or they won't in the end, it gets them enthused. >> barack obama set a record for the most consecutive months of private sector job growth. that's a fact. let's see what donald trump does. i think this is a big stheem for this week though. i think we've seen a transition with a lot of talk. he becomes president on friday, critics like me, his supporters, we have to sit back and see what actually happens now. >> right. >> what is going to happen when
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he is president of the united states? >> i think there's another thing that we should be looking at going on underneath all of this, which is that walmart announced it was going to add 10,000 jobs. that's pretty much what it normally does in a given year. the other thing they said is they're going to dramatically expand their training academies for workers. that says there's such demand for workers that walmart is going to start fighting to hold on to them. moving into this administration, we have a very tight labor market and for that you can thank janet yellen and not barack obama. >> also if you think about a training program for workers, that's going to directly address underemployment. people who are no longer a part of the worker has given up, now they have an opportunity. >> it is but it's not going to address the people who were most enthusiastic about donald trump, which is basically 55-year-old out of work white guys. they are not going to be effected by any of this. and that -- when that suddenly hits people, that could be a bad moment for them. >> i think one of the things, which is dond trump is a big
6:12 am
businessman. he likes to deal wit other big businesses. but this -- the dirty little truth is most of the job creation in our country comes from small businesses, comes from start-ups. 60%, 70% of the job creation comes from small businesses. donald trump will have to find new plays here. he can't get this done by sitting across the table from one after the other fortune 100 crowes. he's going to have to grow it at the grass roots. something president obama understood. we're going the see if president-elect trump understands that once he gets in office. stay with me. up next, two more major confirmation hearings this afternoon including trump's controversial pick for education secretary. we'll tell you what fireworks are expected today. and i want to mention gm actually said it's not a thousand jobs, it is 7,000. pretty good number. and before we go, we're going to get more details on donald trump's inauguration. we just learned this morning the president-elect trump will take the oath of office using his bible as well as the same bible president lincoln used for his
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on capitol hill donald trump's cabinet continues to take shape with two more confirmation hearings taking place today. interior secretary nominee montana congressman ryan zinke is up first at 2:15 and then more controversial, betsy devos, up at 5:00 p.m. msnbc's kasie hunt is on the hill. the teachers union is not happy with betsy devos but is that enough to sink her? the teachers union are not the children. the children are the ones who need a great education. >> hey, steph, look, first of all, if there's noise here i apologize.
6:17 am
we're building out for the inauguration of the capitol. it's otherwise quite quiet but you may hear beeping and screw drivers and other things. and that's why. the betsy devos hearing is going to be the controversial one today. this hearing has already been e delay delayed. it was supposed to be sometime last week. that's partly because they didn't have her financial forms together. she is a billionaire. her family has been very involved financially in michigan politics. there have also been questions about ethics forums still not publicly available at the office of government ethics website. you can go and read ryan zinke's forms there if you want but not betsy devos. teachers unions are opposed to her primarily because she's been one of the most prominent supporters of charter schools and voucher programs in the state of michigan. she was a key person behind the push to allow charter schools in michigan and of course a lot of these teachers unions are very concerned about what those
6:18 am
schools -- the damage they can do on the unions to public school systems. steph? >> i have to step in because we have breaking news. there's some sharp words coming right now from none other than vladimir putin. the russian president is accusing the outgoing obama administration of trying to undermine president-elect donald trump. i want to take you live to london and nbc's ally arusie. >>s that trying to undermined president donald trump, put the saying by spreading fakal investigations. putin speaking at a news conference described dossier on trump as part of obama's administration to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect despite piece convincing vith convincing victory. some wanted to stage a made in washington, protesting the main square of the ukrainian capitol which chased the russian's friendly president from power in
6:19 am
2014. he also talked about the dossier, trump's sexual activities at a hotel. dismissed it as fake and charged the people who ordered it worse than prostitutes. he said that donald trump was a worldly man and he knew what he was doing and made all comments saying that all russian women are the best women in the world. he doesn't think trump would have been tempted by this and that prostitution is a very ugly crime and these are just ugly words that are being ramped up against him to undermine his credibility. so some quite harsh words for the obama presidency from putin. but again, defending the president-elect and dismissing all of these stories that have come out as false news and trying to damage the president-elect. back to you. >> i'm channelling the little mermaid because this, my friend, is a whole new world. i want to bring back our panel. cokie, i want to start with you. we haven't really -- devos is
6:20 am
going on right now, world anything forum. we have not heard many world leaders step up and back donald trump or the policies he might put in place. but lo and behold, vladimir putin weighing in? >> they're best buddies, clearly. by -- i mean, donald trump has defended vladimir putin over and over and over again. it's now putin's turn to defend trump. for him to say obama is undermining trump as he's coming into the presidency when the obama administration and the intelligence agencies have been saying that the russians have been undermining the american electoral system is just, you know, tit for tat as far as putin is ncerned. >> wha your take on this. >> look, for vladimir putin to lecture us about legitimacy on elections is very rich, that's for sure. it is the trump/putin relationship is odd. it's bizarre. it's hard to see. and hard for me to understand. and, look, i think it's troubling. when you see the president-elect say that nato is obsolete, when
6:21 am
you see him equate putin to angela merkel, one of the great world leaders. this is bizarre. add to it that his cabinet nominees as they testify before capitol hill are telling a very, very different story. general mattis last week said that nato was vital and key part of our defense. the president-elect said it's obsolete. which one of the two is it? this is one of the things that has to unfold once he takes office. you can't have two different stories when you're the president and secretary of defense and you're in office. this has to sort itself out. and who knows what will happen. >> the relationship with russia and nato is a great example. where do you come out on this in terms of donald trump and his cabinet picks and his stance? >> well, i think that as ron said, we've got to see how -- who wins basically. but the nato relationship is of course kept the world safe since the end of world war ii, kept europe safe. and it's very interesting, i think, that right now as he is
6:22 am
going out of office president obama is sending troops into poland and denmark. these are not people trump can remove on saturday. this is a very strong statement of americans defense of europe. despite what trump has said which led angela merkel to say we're on our own, which is one of the most scary statements i've read in a very long time. >> angela merkel saying we're on our own, president of china xi jinping talked about the importance of globalization while donald trump is saying the opposite. is this a real turning point in terms of geo pot ticks? >> it could be. again, i think donald trump said a lot of things in the election. we'll see what he does as president. if this is really what he believes, it is a turning point. a very sad turning point. the united states has been the global leader for the past century. we set the tone. we brought the world together. and largely we've helped promote peace since world war ii. if the president is going to now
6:23 am
disregard the atlantic alliance, the cornerstone of peace in europe, and take provocative actions in the pacific and pull the united states in the policy of isolationism, that's the kind of mess thatot us into world war i. disastrous set of policies when you put them together. a hot of americans, fewer than voted for clinton but a lot voted for donald trump. i don't think that's what they were voting for. i don't think they were vote for confrontation with europe and alliance with russia. i don't think that's the way we should go as a country. >> it's a sad turning point for another reason. it's sad because cokie has to leave. before you go, i want to please, please share a little bit about your book. >> i got it from my daughter. >> thank you, stephanie. it is the second children's book about women in history. and it's a good time for it. there are a lot of women who are kind of feeling a little depressed that they didn't get -- break that last ceiling. and these are women from the early part of our history who did remarkable things without
6:24 am
any legal rights, any political rights. they still were able to make america a better country. >> i'm pretty sure there's going to be some women who break glass ceilings every day right here in washington on saturday. cokie, thank you so much. ron, i'm not let you leave yet. >> happy to be here. we're taking a break. next, the cia dechter hitting back at the president-elect in an explosive interview with the cia agents who lost their lives in the field. what did donald trump say that set brennan off? later, big money comes to washington. you will be shocked at just how much dough donald trump has raised for his inauguration.
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6:28 am
abetting a foreign terrorist organization and obstruction of justice. the fbi arrested noor salman in california yesterday. salman's attorney said she had no advanced knowledge of the attack that killed 49 people. in turkey, police raided a hideout in istanbul and captured the suspected gunman in a deadly nightclub attack there. turkish police shared this picture of theloodied man accuse ochd killing 39 people on new year eve one of the five people killed in a nightclub shooting in mexico has been reported in 18-year-old woman from denver, colorado, according to her brother. authorities are searching for the gunman who opened fire after being denied entrance to the club in the mexican resort town. and after nearly three years the underwater search for malaysia flight mh-370 has been called off. team scoured a 46,000 square mile section of the indian ocean but they never found the black boxes or much else from the 2014 crash that killed a total of 239
6:29 am
people. we're going to end with a bit of sad news. gene cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, died on monday at the age of 82. a life well lived. he commanded apollo 17 and left his daughter's initials on the lunar surface before leaving. that is beautiful. all right. we are going to turn to serious fighting going on. the outgoing cia director is firing back at president-elect donald trump who called him the leaker of fake news. john brennan told the wall street he did not leak inflammatory personal information about the president-elect. joining me now is shane harris, senior writer at the "wall street journal" who spoke to john brennan. first of all, he seems furious, fired up. what is his tone right now? >> yeah, he was seething, i think it's safe to say. john brennan is not known for emoating in a big way, certainly not talking about elected officials. in response to bh mr. trump's comments that brennan was the
6:30 am
leaker of the notorious now document and also the correct and integrity of the intelligence community, john brennan is not taking it anymore and he fired back on donald trump with extraordinary comments. safe to say, too, he is more upset about what trump was saying about the men and women of the intelligence community and the cia, particularly then even the personal slide of brennan himself. >> the comparison to nazis, is that's what's really set him off here? >> exactly. a few difficults adro donald trump in his press con innocence said this is fake news, this dossier that's come out on me. the idea that intelligence agencies would leak for political reasons. this is something that nazi germany would do, his words. brennan donna as a slight of the men and women of the intelligence community saying comparing them to nazis, go ask the family members of the 117 people who died, memorialized on our wall, whether they think their like nazis. ask the men and women serving on the front line it is they think they're like nazis.
6:31 am
he called those us a loobtabsol repugnant comments. this series back and forth between trump and the numbers of the cia over this document, overal investigations about the russian hacks. brennan said this crossed the line when you start making these comparisons. >> what does it mean beyond brennan? brennan is not going to be the man in charge anymore. in terms of the riff, we're talking about the riff that donald trump and the intelligence community. how much does donald trump need them? because based on his comments he kind of seems to be a-okay flying solo. does he realize what he's in for? >> i'm not sure that he does. a lot of people that i talked to made this point that when it comes time for president trump to have to make major national security policy decisions or to go to the american public and say i think we need to take military action in such a place, say north korea, i think we have intelligence that they're doing something that we need to stop their nuclear program, how is he going to look the american people in the eye and say the same intelligence community that i ridiculed as political hacks is now the one i'm relying on? people within the agencies are
6:32 am
very concerned that he's keeping them at arm's length and seems to think they're out to get him when in reality is, as tense as the situation is now, they are there with the professional ethic to serve him. they take this very seriously. they consider themselves a-political. and they believe they're being unfairly tarnish as trying to sabotage his presidency before it begins. >> but what can they do? >> the most they can do right now is rely on people like john brennan to come out and defend them and when donald trump gets in place anded a viders are around him try and show him every day that they're providing unvarnished a political advice and try to speak truth to power but also just troo toy build those relationship where's they can. most people seem to be in the cia when i talked to them pretty enthused about mike pompeo coming in, not necessarily because they know mike pompeo but they feel like there could have been worst candidates perhaps. they're happy with who they've got and they think that he will be a pretty strong defender of the agency. >> we'll see. all right, great reporting. thanks so much. we're going to take a break.
6:33 am
next, the day after trump's inauguration a quarter million people are expected to be here in d.c. for the women's march on washington. one of the leaders of the march is going to be joining me live. before you go, i just want you to see this. i know it's not politics, it's not taking place on the hill. this amazing. this incredible video of a giant alligator. not a dinosaur, an alligator strolling as onlooker, they're just standing by taking pictures. this thing to me, that's a true dinosaur, a beast. the video comes from lakeland, florida, police department. nobody was hurt. but seriously, look at that thing. would you get anywhere near that? the answer for me is no. ♪
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pump up the volume. it's time for girl power. the day after the election a quarter million women are expected at the women's march on washington. sister marches are also petted in cities around country and the
6:37 am
world. the national co-chair of the women's march a mika mallory is joins me now. this things sounds like it is going to be huge. for the inauguration alone, there's something like 200 bus permits. >> right. >> you've got 1200 bus permits. >> right. >> how big is this thing going to get? you raised a million bucks. >> 200,000 is the number we're permitted for. i think that might be a conservative number. we may get more. we definitely i believe at least 200,000 people will show up. >> what's the message? what do you want to accomplish here? >> the message is that womes rights are human rights. and it's not just women. it's our entire mily. as you know women carry the backs of the -- carry the family on our backs. the whole community is with us. we're looking to protect all of our rights. people are economic justice, climate justice, racial justice, there will be a lot of people coming. men and women. our familys will be supporting us. and we're really coming to washington to say, listen, not only our watch. it won't happen. we won't roll back our rights. you will not op press us and we
6:38 am
will stand up. >> trump inauguration officials have said they welcome you to be here. i want to share with his inauguration chair tom barack said yesterday. >> protesters show up. we'll give you cookies and kool-aid and whatever else you need. it's a great opportunity to express what your frustration is. >> do you buy that? >> what else do we expect from people who we know speak down to folks? you know, this is the way they talk to you. instead of them coming outnd saying what are your concerns and what can we do to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe in this country, they are talking about cookies and more sexism and it's clearly not right. at the end of the day this is not a march on trump. this is narch on washington. all the halls of power are here. so we're not just coming here for president-elect trump. we're coming because the senate is here, congress is here, the supreme court is here, and we want local governors and local district attorneys to know that we will come to your particular state with the same army, a lot of friends, to ensure that our issues are dealt with and our
6:39 am
voices are heard. >> your voices are going to be heard. congratulations. good luck. >> thank you. >> be safe. >> thank you. saturday, that march is taking place here in washington and around the world. we're going to take a break. next, despiteoney from lobbyists and corporate donations donald trump has collected a record number for his donation. you will be shocked to hear. and later, we're going to take you to capitol hill where final preparations for friday's inaugurations are well under way.
6:40 am
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6:43 am
$500,000 bucks and boeing has pledged a million. in all, more than $100 million, you heard me right, $100 million, has been raised, nearly double the record for an inauguration. i want to bring in former ambassador norm eisen, also special counsel and ethics adviser to president obama. ron, i'm never letting you leave. these donor, corporate america did not back donald trump. they weren't giving any big checks me didn't have fortune 100 ceos back him when he's running. suddenly they're writing big checks. is there simply these guys with an insurance policy, they don't want donald to come after him in a tweet storm? >> stephanie, good morning. it's not just raining water behind us, it's raining money in washington. what's going on is donald trump has thrown open the flood gates. he's raised already more than barack obama raised in both of his inaugurations. how is he doing it? one, he's taking pac money which
6:44 am
obama refused. two, he's doing it undercover of darkness. we disclose all donors of 48 hours. we have yet to hear the information about this. three, ands is most ominous of all, stephanie, it appears that it is most dangerous because of what's next in the republican war on ethics. you know they've been attack, including in the capitol behind us most lately, threatening to investigate the head of the office of government ethics because he had the tumerity to talk about donald trump's confli conflicts. it looks like the next salvo and that's what makes this money so dangerous. they're going to dump the obama protections on the revolving door. see that capitol behind us? it spins in a revolving door of corporate money innd out of government. it looks like they're going to put it back in the white house. there's indications of that. that is very dangerous. >> so while you speak of danger, while we can be highly offended
6:45 am
by this, what happens if donald trump has successful policies? what happens if donald trump brings jobs back to america and people feel good about those jobs? will this shroud of darkness be forgiven? do the conflict only exist if people are unhappy or wronged? >> he is never going to get his approval rating up from the historic lows that he's at. now, 40% versus 83% at this time for barack obama, less than half. he's never going to get it up unless he resolves these conflicts. we now have 7 5 'of americans including a majority of his own voters who say we want to see the money. we want to see your tax returns. it's unbelievable. scandal, controversy, corruption are sure to flow. >> norm, you walked right into it. brendon, norm says donald is never going to get it up. what do you say? you did. you did just say that. >> i say donald trump's reagan is bigger than anybody else's reagan. >> wow, there you go. >> i think we need to make a
6:46 am
distincti distinction. talking about compromises with the eeog, as far as ethics go, and corporate money with the inauguration. these are two separate things. corporate money and the inauguration, we cannot be shocked that there is money in this washington. right? i stumbled over big money on my way into the studio. that has always been there. >> and hold on a second. it also would have been there had hillary clinton won. she's no stranger to big money. >> but wait. here's the thing. yes, stephanie, he ran on a promise to create jobs. he also ran on a promise to drain the swamp. and instead, he is goldplating the swamp and filling it with alligators almost as the one you showed in the last clip. >> but it's different alligators. he pledged to drain the swamp and not have the same people that have been there for years. you can't say that steven munchen. >> gold machine sacks -- he said they were owned by goldman sa s sachs.
6:47 am
>> i want to connect the dots because it is -- it is connected, brandon. it's a war on ethics. they started right behind us with the office of congressional ethics. okay? republican leadership in the house. and then they pivoted, also right behind us. they're going to do senate hearings. as far as we know betsy devos know ethics information. we don't know her conflicts. she's a billionaire. she's going to be testifying today. we have to have that. then we had the grand kahuna of them all donald trump with his conflict ridden. everybody agrees, both sides of the aisle, terrible plan. this weekend they turned on walt shaub, the director of the office of government ethics. they threatened to gut that office, to shut it down. reince priebus went on national television cracking his knuckles with his necktie warning shaub, warning shaub, he had the nerve to do that on national television. >> he has the power to do that. >> and now the big money. it's all connected.
6:48 am
>> i think that you're right when we talk about donald trump's personal conflicts of interest. basic approach is i can't divest myself because i would lose too much money, which is problematic from an ethics standpoint. the number to answer stephanie's earlier question to you, will this be glossed over? the number we need to be look at is gdp growth over the next several quarters. if he gets to 3%, which he says he can get to, if he gets to 4%, everything will be fine. i have trouble -- >> i disagree with that. >> i have trouble seeing how he gets there. i have trouble seeing how any american president gets above 2.5%. >> i do think -- i agree with the second point. he will have trouble generating and making his promise, keeping his false promises on jobs. i do think isn't just what you do. it is how you do it. this is a democracy. pluralistic democracy. the idea of that a rich people who run our country, that will and his voters. his voters even his voters they want results but they want a change in how washington works.
6:49 am
what we're seeing is the worst of how washington works. money, influence, people sitting down with cabinet donor, changing the ethic rules. that's not making america great again. it's bringing back everything that's bad about washington. >> the bad news is we have no time left. the good news is i'm definitely inviting you back. we need to take a break. up next, only three days left until donald trump's inauguration. we're going to take you live to capitol hill where the president-elect will be immediately before and after he takes the oath of office. ♪ audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪
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look where i am, washington, d.c., here to count down to donald trump's national guard race, now just three days away. and we're about to give you a look at the event. chris jansing is live. chris, what are we going to expect to see on monday --
6:53 am
friday. monday is whethn donald trump wl have his first day. >> reporter: this is a city that likes to entertain, that likes social events. this is the one big party they throw every four years. it might rain a little bit on friday. so here we go. donald trump is going to stay overnight at blair house, he's going to go to a church service and then he's gng to go to what they call the carriage entrance. that when they had carriages. he'll come up in a limo and enter the capitol there. s that where he'll take the oath of office starting at noon eastern time. that is where he'll give his inaugural address and then he's going to come out here. this is a significant time because it's where he is going to say good-bye to the obamas and what does all this cost? it's such a big event. $200 million by the estimate of the folks who are arranging this. the biggest cost by far
6:54 am
security, but also you have the balls, you have all these other events like the parade and ultimately it is a kind of a public/private partnership. there are groups raising money for donald trump and there are also monies that are coming from congress, stephanie. >> and where does president obama head? when they bid farewell, where does he go? he's only moving ten minutes away. >> when he took the oath in 2009, there was a break in tradition where usually there's a good-bye that happens right on these steps here, right. the helicopter is going to be over here that's going to be waiting for him. it will no longer be marine one because he is no longer president of the united states. there was a break in tradition in 2009 because he and mrs. obama came down these steps and the obamas, the white house isn't confirming this, but the
6:55 am
word is they're going to be going to palm springs. it's a place where the president likes to golf, where ne hathey a friend who has a beautiful home and the president has said very publicly he plans to not set an alarm once he's there. >> i happen to love palm springs. next, the president of the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce who once called the president-elect a clown will talk about how he's here to be an adviser for the president. mom, i just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now.
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6:59 am
advice for him? >> me? infrastructure. if you want to create growth, biggest bang for your buck. >> infrastructure. >> you know, presidents have to be bigger than themselves. he has to get selfless for a change. >> infrastructure, selfless. norm? >> president-elect trump, give up your foreign business interests. if you don't, you'll be violating the constitution the minute that you take your oath of office. >> and you have violated my request with a one-word answer norm. gentlemen, thank you so much. i appreciate it. that wraps us up for the hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. you can find my any time on twitter. the woman who won the coin toss, she is indoors, hallie jackson. >> and i only give you one-word answers if you ask. i'm hallie jackson on capitol hill where washington is getting back to work but it is moscow making the most news this morning. breaking out of the kremlin,
7:00 am
russian president vladimir putin pointing the finger at president obama, accusing him the undermining donald trump. and we are here on the hill today where two more cabinet nominees will face a grilling from senators. first up, congressman ryan zinke and more controversially betsy devos. i want to get you to the one we brought you at the top of the show here. bill neely in moscow. talk us through what we're hearing from vladimir putin. a bit of a surprise that the russian leader even came out and spoke in front of cameras today, right? >> yeah, hallie, he didn't name president obama by name but clearly there was an implication that the people


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